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File: 1621954650571.jpeg (24.99 KB, 450x215, 450_1000.jpeg)

No. 145051

General Eurovision thread for anything Eurovision Song Contest related, including Junior Eurovision Song Contest and American Song Contest (American adaption of ESC).

The next ESC will be held in May 2022 in Italy.
The next JESC will be held on 19 December 2021 in France.

Previous thread: >>>/m/142465

No. 145058

i love that the esc thread this year was so active a second one was made.i had made one a few years back and it was barely used kek

cant wait to see how much of a trainwreck american song contest is going to be

No. 145059

honestly, I'm a bit excited. if it's a trainwreck at least it'll be entertaining. but im worried it'll just turn into yet another singing reality show. muricans don't understand eurovision.

No. 145060


i meant it in that sense.i should have said disappointing. i havent seen the eurovision movie they made but from what i can tell,they couldnt capture the spirit

No. 145061

Yes same here! I can't believe the thread remained active after the finals too.

No. 145062

i believe corona has partly to do with this,but nonetheless,it was pleasant seeing people talking about esc here

No. 145069

It's going to be a loooot of country pop music, since that's the only thing moving American music show viewers to vote lately.

No. 145072

Oh ew, that's even worse than ballads.

No. 145075

I'm kind of pissed my country (Hungary) doesn't want to participate anymore. Not because I'd like us to win, I usually hate the contestants we pick, but I wanted to vote, and it wouldn't let me. I could've turned the polls around!

No. 145077

ASC is guaranteed to be a shitshow

How will states like Vermont, Alaska and Delaware even find representatives?

Literally nobody lives there kek

No. 145078

Kek >>145072 agreed.

I think I'll test-view the semi finals (assuming it'll follow a similar format as ESC) once they're here, but I'm not sure how interesting a bunch of states competing in a song contest will be..? For me as an European anyway. I'm sure there's some cultural differences between the states but it's still one country. Not to mention it'll all be in English (unless like Hawaii is gonna sing in Hawaiian I guess)

It'll be interesting to see how much they'll change the concept.

No. 145080

If San Marino with 30k and Andorra (coming back in 2022) with 77k people can do it (albeit with international help) then those states with a couple of hundredthousand people will find a way, if they want to.

No. 145081

I'm the most curious about how the voting will be handled; do you have different phone prefix for different state that can be somehow blocked out for voting for said state?

I've made the first thread that got blocked on /ot/ and was so hesitant because I found threads from previous years and they were all so unpopular, thought this time will be the same too and LC just doesn't care for Eurovision much; glad to see anons being more engaged this year!

No. 145082

I believe the US that area codes for each state

Why doesn't Hungary participate anymore?

No. 145086

I wish Turkey would participate again

No. 145087

Hungary has had budget issues in past years, but there's a rumour they aren't taking part now because the country is experiencing a similar political moment to Poland and Eurovision is just too fucking gay.

No. 145088

Just send a dentist like San Marino and make history.

No. 145089

how to win the jury vote
>be fat
>sing cringe fake female empowerment song

No. 145091

Wouldn't be surpised. Isn't that the reason why Turkey boycotted ESC too, because of Conchita Wurst and shit like that?

Is it true he's some random rich guy who decided to fund his own participation because he could? I read that in the comments of a yt video

No. 145092

I think it's the other way around, Hungary is like extreme Poland.
Poland has it's issues with LGBT (mostly just riling older people against imaginary enemy really because youth is pretty progressive) but still wants to belong to the eurofun so much that even conservative, government-owned TV wouldn't be willing to pass on the contest no matter how gay it would be.

No. 145095

hated this song, so glad it didn't win

No. 145101

Are any of you watching preliminary rounds/national competitions from other countries? Mine doesn't hold any but I wanna watch Sweden's Melfest (I think that's held in early 2022) since I hear it's pretty good.

No. 145104

It's so good what are you on

No. 145111

I hope the American Eurovision gets popular so Latin America gets to have an Eurovision as well!!! We have so much talent to show the world, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru… would LOVE to see it

Does anyone know if the Amerivision will have Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico etc as well?

No. 145113

Why? It was one of my favourites that year.

No. 145120

No it's just the 50 American states, Washington DC and 5 territories including Puerto Rico

No. 145123

This is what the wiki page says about ASC
>The program will consist of five "heats" of 10 states each competing for four spots that will advance to the next round. The 20 remaining states will compete in two semifinals, with five states in each semifinal qualifying for the Grand Finals. The 10 finalists will battle for the American Song Contest trophy.

So it looks like they're going to do the whole qualifying thing way different

No. 145124

I like Melodifest but it can be really long and agonizing, especially when they decide to place five ballads in a row. Sometimes you spot the same singers trying over and over each year and I wonder what that's like for their inner peace.

No. 145132

ultimo is that you

No. 145144

Why didn't they make a "far west" Eurovision instead of a USA navel gazing version?

No. 145150

I unironically love this, San Marino is a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 145153

I know this is bait but fuck you anyway

No. 145154

That could either be very cool or very boring

No. 145159

I think it can be fun if the states send a broad diversity of song genres!

No. 145163

it isn't, I genuinely didn't like the song kek

No. 145165

honestly i really enjoyed this years eurovision. i found every other eurovision in the last decade really boring and i was kind of losing interest with each year. i think the last one i found entertaining was the 2009 one.

No. 145188

Most legendary sore loser seethe that I can remember

No. 145259

Yes, same here! I think it was because there were a lot of good acts this year and a relatively low number of boring ass ballads that we usually have.

No. 145281

File: 1622020674701.jpg (34.76 KB, 640x477, 3ugtglir2f171.jpg)

No. 145282

No. 145284

The only impact Sweden hade this year, Tusse is already forgotten by everyone… Hopefully we will send something less bland next year, though I highly doubt it.

No. 145285

Imagine if we sent this instead of Tusse.

No. 145287

way better than his boring song(the guy was fine though).sweden needs to send fun entries too sometimes

No. 145299

Tbh I think Sweden needs to be careful it doesn't get stuck in sending 2010's-esque songs, trying to replicate their success with Euphoria and Heroes. ESC trends do evolve over time.

No. 145308

Yeah, it was pretty obvious this year that Sweden need some changes to keep up. Feels a bit like the late 00's when we also were completely lost in this contest. Melfest is supposed to get some sort of revamp, so there's a miniscule of hope I guess.

No. 145328

Good. There was no point in it, they got their own musical shows anyways. I wish American version would have been cancelled, but I am sure America paid them a lot.

No. 145331

>The money spent by Malta on this year’s Eurovision Song contest is being investigated following concerns that taxpayer money was spent on trying to manipulate betting odds.
>The allegations accuse PBS of spending money to place bets on their selected entry, Destiny, in order to inflate her odds of victory.
>Ludwig, who represented Malta in 2004 alongside Julie Zahra, says that there are individuals who have spent money on artificially inflating the betting market to put Malta as a favourite, paid for positive coverage in reviews, and inflated YouTube views.

Lmao that'd explain why she placed so much lower than expected.

(no screenshot because it's too much text)

No. 145346

kek this is hilarious and sounds legit. especially with all of the ads they bought. this should be a way bigger controversy than damiano "snorting" coke

No. 145355

File: 1622048933086.jpg (236.29 KB, 809x780, Screenshot_20210523-195951_Tum…)

I'm getting really annoyed at the people who keep whining that Switzerland should have won and that it was the superior song. Switzerland wasn't bad but it was boring and the artist looked autistic trying to those weird dance moves with his hands. Jury votes don't mean shit imo and if we look at public votes the guys doesn't even get in the top 5.

I believe it

I still dont understand how she got so many jury and public votes. These people must be deaf.

Same for me, this year had so many good artists and it was really entertaining.

No. 145359

We got a new mini-event in the upcoming days

>I still dont understand how she got so many jury and public votes. These people must be deaf.
It's called Philip Kirkorov

No. 145362

convincing myself my then crush looked like this dude, what was I on

No. 145364

That looks like it could be worth checking out. Hoping for some funny behind the scenes clips.

No. 145381

I just can't see him without hearing the comedian playing Linda Woodruff pronouncing his name as Eric Sha-Day-Day.

No. 145447

>Stop, don't say that it's impossible
>'Cause I know it's possible

The absolute madlad!

No. 145448

i dont remember him being such a bad singer

No. 145489

Why's there a giant pokeball in the backgroud

No. 145503

What was that about, I didn't follow it back then?

No. 145506


No. 145513

File: 1622143425958.gif (1.95 MB, 480x269, messy.gif)

This happened in Sanremo, the major Italian song festival, which Mahmood won so he got to represent Italy at Eurovision. At the time Mahmood really wasn't famous, but this guy Ultimo was and he was the favorite to win. In fact he got a lot of public votes, but the jury voted overwhelmingly for Mahmood's song (based jury for once). Cue Mahmood being really surprised hearing he won, and Ultimo barely congratulating him, seething at the journalists and telling them to fuck off at the press conference, and going on insta to complain about the voting system. He even got the "support" of the major rightwing "politician" saying he would have preferred if he won (because obviously Mahmood is half Egyptian and that bothers fascists). Anyway, Soldi became a hit in other countries after Eurovision so it truly was a good ending and we got drama to keep it spicy.
PS in that occasion Il Volo came third lmao

No. 145515

I thought he was gonna sing Rasputin for a second

No. 145532

The Eurovision movie was a Will Ferrell comedy that is part of why Iceland is so popular now, even if the film is a joke it did a decent job of getting the idea of Eurovision across despite being super focused on specific characters. No movie about something is ever going to be exactly the same as the real thing sadly.

Or conversely
>have gay hair
>sing boring ballad in your native language
which applies to the Swiss and French entries

No. 145595

that face lmao

No. 145601

I never got the hype for Switzerland. Yeah the singer could sing but the song was so boring and lost in the sea of numerous other powerballads. I forgot it as soon as it ended.

Kek this was an interesting piece of information. I personally loved Soldi and thought it was an amazing song so good for him.

No. 145711

I'n trying to remember what Switzerland's song sounded like and I literally can't remember the melody line without listening to it again

No. 145712

What are those live on tape performaces I heard they're gonna air? Are those basically what they showed for Iceland when they had to go into quarantaine? Is it gonna be on YT?

No. 145722

No, these are gonna be performances recorded at earlier time when they were still entertaining the idea of not being able to make eurovision live in person in the Ahoy arena; they were planning to just play these recordings of the songs on a livestream.

No. 145738

File: 1622219936731.jpg (441.8 KB, 1080x1893, IMG_20210528_183824.jpg)

The EBU has suspensed Belarus, this will almost certaintly mean the end of Belarus in ESC

No. 145739

those drug accusations were such a cope lol.

No. 145742

Goethe reincarnated kek
My love for this woman is ever growing

No. 145744

Is Israel going to face the same thing

No. 145747

I believed it because I thought the idea of the winners of Eurovision going coke during the contest to be hilarious tbh

No. 145748

I kinda just vote for the people I find most attractive

No. 145755

>My love for this woman is ever growing

Same anon, same.
It was a real surprise that they made this cover, and of course it rocks too.

No. 145763

Not for the same reason at least

No. 145765

Here's the live-on-tape livestream, starts at 21:00 CEST (~40 minutes from now)

No. 145773

I'm watching, but it's just the semi-finalists again, no extra content?

No. 145774

At the beginning they said there would be "surprises" but I haven't seen any besides super short snippets of behind the scenes/backstage scenes

No. 145778

Samefag, I guess there was that interview with Norway and Russia just now which I think is probably new content (but I didn't keep up with interviews/extra content on the ESC channel so I don't know for sure)

I'm probably gonna click off lmao it's kind of boring, especially since these are just the acts that didn't even make the finals

No. 145819

This since the majority of performers are fairly talented. Mostly just looks and personal taste.

No. 145925

Wow i never knew that, im glad he got a happy ending and that his song was such a hit just to rub it in. His reaction is so funny he looks so suprised he won lol

No. 145951

I'm watching the live on tapes rn and Russia's live on tape is better tbh. I can finally hear the English parts clear enough to understand them.

No. 145953

There seem to be more differences in staging than yesterday's performances. Malta's stage is completely different.

No. 146119

Watching the live tapes, it really made me appriciate that we had the actual competition in Rotterdam. There were a few that I could say were the same or better than their live performance but so many fell flat. The ones that stood out for me was Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy, Belgium, and Poland mainly because it was slightly better than what we saw in the semis.

No. 146125

Lithuania's LoT looked identical to me, super impressive how they did that. (And Lithuania's consistent vocal performance was really impressive too, whenever I heard that song I forgot I wasn't listening to a studio recording) I liked Belgium's too, the difference was subtle but nice. Croatia did NOT try. Malta looked way different, but both the LoT and the actual staging during the finals was trash.

No. 146157


No. 146421

it just seems like they are two of the people hungriest for social media attention, which isn't inherently bad. Tusse was also in that little special about TIX and Efendi seemingly out of nowhere too unless I missed something.

No. 148559

we need a full version of this

No. 149569

Måneskin was in my country and I missed this. I'm so mad!
Look at their cute and slutty summer outfits though!

No. 149573

Nikkie doing his makeup
probably weighing more than the entire band kek

No. 149574

Weird combo there with the Måneskin guys looking cute and having long hair and makeup and still being men, and Nikki. I wonder if he feels some regret.

No. 172820

1st entry for Eurovision 2022 has been revealed. Bulgaria's sending a rock band, not surprised at all. We'll probably get a flood of rock entries after Maneskin won. Thoughts?

No. 172822

Also for my own thoughts: I think it's kinda embarassing to send the blandest rock song by a band of washed up old dudes after Maneskin won. Clearly no one at Bulgaria's broadcaster understood what people liked about Maneskin, the only thing they took from it is "rock = win".

I predict this won't qualify for the grand final.

No. 172830

Georgia's sending this band which apparantly consists of ex-Circus people. No song (or faces) yet.

No. 172849

Well, this is generic af and definitely won’t make it far.

No. 173286

Idk if anyone cares but Czech's national final is going on rn and international people can vote too. Vid is a short recap video. Personally I like Jezinky and Lights off the best. I wouldn't be surprised if Jezinky wins because it's weird af and different.

No. 174109

This song is going to represent Czechia

No. 184463

Spain's entry for 2022

No. 184464


No. 184465


No. 184466

Moldova lol (I feel bad for laughing at this because clearly they have 0 money but at least they're trying and not hopping on the female popsong train)

No. 184467

North Macedonia

No. 184720


No. 184745

Isreal. I hate how gay this is

No. 184748

not surprised this came out of the same country that produced Toy tho

No. 184753

I saw an ad for American Song Contest yesterday and it made me kind of annoyed - I thought it was going to be an announcement about NBC airing Eurovision. I think there’s going to be too much variance in quality since we have 50 states, unless they immediately cut it down to the top 1/2 or something.

No. 184755

why does america always have to copy everything? why do they have to remake and do their own versions of stuff. lame

No. 184769

I remember reading something about ASC having multiple semi finals so the final should have significantly fewer states

No. 184784

Tbf, most countries copy other countries instead of importing the original material.

No. 184792

Isn’t it being produced by the people who produce the euro one? Not really copying

No. 184799

No, it's not. The format was sold, the EBU has no hand in the US version.

Yeah, succesfull tv-show formats are sold all over the world. That's why there's like tens of different versions of shows like The Voice and X-Factor. Everyone does it.

No. 184808

Here's the American Eurovision ad. They specifically talk about "Best Hit Song", so I think it's going to be a very different vibe from ESC. But I guess that makes sense because it doesn't have the history and it's not funded by public broadcasters like ESC.

No. 184809

can '''''euro'''''vision not be mentioned at least here.

No. 184819

No. 184842

this is the shit I want to see at eurovision I unironically love this lmao

No. 186267

Baltics incoming: Lithuania

No. 186268


No. 186269

Curious to know what you think of this one. Funny or maximum cringe? The bleeped out part in the first line is supposed to say pussy

No. 186270

The title is "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". Very beautiful and well done imo, definitely worth a listen.

No. 186278

Anon, or anons, thanks for sharing all of these for me to conveniently click!
So far:
I really like Estonia and Lithuania, they're both really strong contenders to go far, both songs are unique in their own way but also familiar enough for pleasant listening for everyone. Latvia could be a fun cringe, they did their homework on what's liked in Eurovision but the vocal is just boring and unintelligible at times. At the very least the chorus should be really catchy and in the way it's sung I don't think it is, so ultimately a waste of a concept.
Ukraine's entry is not as strong as Jamala or Go_A it will be inevitably compared to being another folk - inspired song but I couldn't help tearing up anyway, it feels genuine. I guess it's my EE soul being just naturally touched by EE culture.

No. 186283

I actually watched the final for the Lithuanian choice last night and Monika had by far the best song (there were some god fucking awful songs). I hope she does well. They said on the show last night that Lithuania hasn't had a non English entry in 20+ years so it's about time.

I feel like I've heard this kind of song a million times before, I like his voice tho

I mean I admire the absolute audacity lmao

This is the kind of shit I watch ESC for. I love eurofolk.

No. 186290

Go_A performed Shum again! They should have won last year - I didn't mind the actual winners, but this song really stayed with me!

No. 186293

File: 1644763984375.gif (3.7 MB, 540x270, tumblr_d814e619ecc672587e2e625…)

Damn, amazing. I love the dark little crown that's braided in her hair, very fitting. I also would've loved Ukraine to win last year. Maneskin was great and they really put up a show but damn Shum is just something else. Plus the staging was very innovative.

>I mean I admire the absolute audacity lmao
lol very true

I agree. It's not as strong as Shum or 1944 but it's still well done and among the better we've got so far. It's definitely going to be a finalist. Like you said it feels genuine.

Also you've gotta appreceite Ukraine for almost always sending a female (lead) artist.

No. 186295

You heard Ding Dong, now get ready for…Ding Dong Worldwide Remix!

No. 186312

fucking hate it, thanks latvia!

No. 186325

I would like this more if this had something more going on for it.they've send this band a bunch of times and this specific song will always be iconic.i wish this year's entry was a bit like this

it's cringe af but the dudes seem to have so much fun it kinda balances the whole thing

No. 186365

Wildly late, but thank you for posting this. Everything about this band is up my street.

This girl is extremely lesbian, and I love her jacket.

No. 279249

What do you think of the entries for this year? My favourite is the Czech one, I think it's a nice touch that they sing in Czech (West Slavic), Bulgarian (South Slavic) and Ukrainian (East Slavic).

No. 279250


I love Finland, it is kind of nostalgic to me and I don't know why

No. 279252

over here nonichkas

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