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File: 1619485574358.jpg (121.02 KB, 735x983, 966260e7e0966bdb4ae20bf27854dd…)

No. 139482

A comfy movie thread where we discuss recent movies that we watched and rate them
We can also ask for recommendations and talk about anything movie related like theories, analysis, impressions, etc.
Animated movies, old Hollywood movies, foreign movies, movies you like and think no one has seen, so movies of any kind are welcome!

No. 139483

Previous thread: >>>/m/2842

No. 139487

File: 1619489263460.jpeg (245.21 KB, 540x540, 8FB9386E-EC9B-4437-9A95-B1333F…)

I recently rewatched midsommar and I’ve decided it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen

No. 139496

This pic is so cozy!


NTA but I’d say I’m kinda meh on Midsommar. I liked Hereditary a lot, but “spooky pagan cult” movies are kinda boring imo. A bunch of Swedes living in the forest is about the least scary thing I can imagine. I also thought the characters were pretty forgettable besides rooting for the lead to drop her scrote.

No. 139497

File: 1619493126934.gif (2.15 MB, 456x212, hereditart.gif)

Lol I deleted because I made a dumb typo but you replied before I could fix and repost. Yeah, I didn't find it particularly scary but I did find it entertaining. I really liked the main character and was rooting for her too. Hereditary is much more disturbing. That entire car sequence is something else. The long shot on his face- amazing.

No. 139499

omg just wanted to jump into this convo to say that this is my fav shot in the whole film. It's the scariest part in the movie and literally made me nauseous. I hate the ending to the movie but it's still my fav horror movie just for this scene

No. 139500

Girl, yes. It has so much emotional impact. Which is what I want in art. My sister almost threw up she was so impacted.

No. 139505

Mother! had some really interesting cinematography and is largely unappreciated imo

No. 139507

I watched it solely for Ed Harris. Aronofsky kind of irritates me. And his relationships with his actresses kind of gives me bad vibes. I also think there is a line between being inspired by and directly ripping off Satoshi Kon.

No. 139515

>It's the scariest part in the movie and literally made me nauseous.
Agreed and the crazy thing is that it's not even really a horror story element. It's just a tragic freak accident, not exactly realistic but certainly not supernatural or unbelievable. And it's still the most viscerally horrifying, shocking part of the movie, specifically because of how possible it is.

No. 139522

For me car sequence was also one of the scariest things especially because the way the movie is built I think you can very vividly feel something bad is about to happen long before car scene even, so when they're already in the car and things are in motion there's just so much tension and this terrifying suspense, I legit had to look away. In general tension buildup is excellent throughout the entire movie.

No. 139530

File: 1619519927842.jpg (75.1 KB, 1280x720, 1619193968145.jpg)

I know what you mean, it's one of my favorite film to rewatch!

On the same topic, does anyone knows some good "day time horror" ? I'm a huge fan of Midsommar and The Wicker Man but I don't really know anything close to it. A lot of movies rely on the dark and the night to make you feel scared and I think it's bold for a movie to go in the opposite direction.

No. 139538

File: 1619529047554.jpeg (232.52 KB, 914x915, Ez63UYvWUAEQZfW.jpeg)

Leonardo Dicaprio will produce and starr in an american production of "Another round" (a 2020 danish film that won the oscar for best international movie) literally why

No. 139539

Hollywood never learns, lmao. They need to stop treating foreign films like incomplete works that need to be made whole by them. In other news Anno wants to do a live action Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. I don't know about that. Doubt Ghibli would allow it.

No. 139540

Did we really get to the point where we remake movies that appeared a year ago? Why DiCaprio anyway? Mads can speak English, why not him lmao

I hate Hollywood

No. 139541

Samefagging to add that has DiCaprio even done anything notable in a long time? All I can think of is the Django meme. Talk about overrated.

No. 139542

Right? He speaks fluent English and has aged way better in my opinion.

No. 139543

Check out under live action movies: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DaylightHorror
Sadly, not all films listed are actually horror, but you may find something you like.
From my side, I would recommend Funny Games - seen the remake and loved it (if you can say so about a rather unpleasant movie). I think it's mostly the same as original (both directed by Haneke).

No. 139548

I don't know how I feel about Funny Games, very unpleasant and gruelling to say the least (both versions). I felt like I was being smugly tortured by the director the entire time.

No. 139586

Thank you anon, I will check it out!

No. 139592

File: 1619542716550.jpg (63.04 KB, 1343x728, 1.jpg)

yall i just watched silence of the lambs for the first time… this was the scariest scene in the whole movie imo

No. 139595

File: 1619542998423.jpg (68.85 KB, 1280x720, silence-of-the-lambs-clarice-e…)

Agree, all those police scenes are so unsettling

No. 139605

movie's really about how men prey on women, both by the extreme homicidal maniacs and just on a daily basis in with regular men. peak horror film on various levels, i don't think male-viewers can ever understand it fully.

No. 139607

I posted this in the last thread
I was really surprised watching the Silence of the Lambs, it was pink-pilled AF, the real villain in the film was the Male Gaze and buffalo bill was the ultimate embodiment of that gaze
In the near end scene where Clarice has him cornered, he cuts the power and the lights go off, Clarice is effectively blind while bill with the aid of night vision goggles has all the power as he can see her every movement, he see's her fear and he revels in it, bill becomes the personification of the male gaze in flesh, he toys with her and he takes his big very phalic gun and aims it at her hear head but the loud sound of when he COCK's his gun alerts Clarice and due to having sharper shooting experience catches him off guard, and unloads on him and her stray bullets damaging the walls and windows which let's the light shine in, and we see Bill as he lay dying, his appearance and even the sound he's making not resembling a man but rather an insect like creature

No. 139610

File: 1619545700712.jpg (329.58 KB, 1000x545, promising-young-woman-focus-fe…)

I so wanted to love "Promising Young Woman" (2020) and I largely liked it but the way they styled Carrie Mulligan was criminally bad. They kept putting her in these ingenue outfits that age her terribly. Picrel is one of the nicer ones tbh, she looked rough the entire film. Just because she has petite features does not mean you can put her in clothes like that. They did her dirty. Looking up her age will convince you to wear sunscreen and that's all I will say about an otherwise awesome actor

Also what the fuck as that runtime? Every scene is gruelingly long, for no apparent reason. The climax deserves to be dragged out and long, I totally vibe with that, but it felt extra long because the rest of the film also had shots that lingered so it had no temporal emphasis for me. Edit your films down man!

No. 139625

Ew why. Dicaprio would just look like a fucking horribly aged creep playing that role. You will never be Mads.

No. 139639

That's a really interesting take on it anon, I need to watch this movie again

No. 139652

They weren’t trying to dress to her features, they gave her a bright and cutesy wardrobe because it was intended to be the character’s way of trying to “to disguise the darkness inside.”

No. 139659

>1h 53m runtime
Wow that's considered long by today's standards? Interesting.

No. 139678

File: 1619577039773.jpg (870.14 KB, 1385x2048, piercing.jpg)

Someone mentioned Piercing in the horror thread and I wanted to bring it up here. It's really overlooked. I adore Mia Wasikowska as an actress. She is so underrated, and great at playing disturbed, complicated, or unhinged women. The "victim is more than she appears"/ "victim turns the tables on her would be abuser/killer" trope is one of my absolute favourites in media.

No. 139686

It's not too long for every film, it's just that this film in particular could have used more of a 90 min runtime imo.

No. 139923

was she autistic

No. 140261

No. 140458

File: 1620073856553.jpeg (117.6 KB, 220x325, AE918649-2136-4A1C-997E-68C89D…)

Has anyone seen this film? It’s an Australian psychological thriller and it’s amazing.

No. 140483

I’ll watch this rn

No. 140509

File: 1620092791821.jpeg (2.73 MB, 2500x1667, 6C3733DA-92D4-4179-92E6-5B7FC0…)

got around to watching Ride or Die, and while I wish it was as dark as the original manga, which I've been reading, I enjoyed it for what it was. I'm kind of afraid I'll be labeled scrotey for liking it because I've seen people criticize aspects of the movie and its treatment of sexuality, but I enjoyed it as a bi woman

i wish there weren't so many sex scenes but that seems to be really common in media nowadays, I liked the lesbian scene but the other scenes were so uncomfortable, even if they were intended to be that way

No. 140527

File: 1620117923425.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 834.99 KB, 1800x1200, P1.jpeg)

She is so based in this movie.

No. 140538

Let me know what you think anon.

No. 140646

File: 1620213098188.jpg (122.44 KB, 500x701, 6975033.3.jpg)

I was scrolling through movie site and chosen this one randomly. Turns out it was pretty good. Weird at first and relly fucked up, but very funny and had nice ending.
But I've never heard of it before, and I feel like I'm missing out a lot hidden gems.

Anons, do you have (good) movies that you feel only you have seen?

No. 140680

I had conflicting feelings on the film as well, but what really stayed me with more then anything is that bo burnham is way too tall, I mean he was massive compared to Carrie Mulligan
Made me lose attraction towards to him somewhat

No. 141606

this is so overly specific and niche but… does anyone have recommendations for movies that were made before the year 2000, dark academia-ish, preferably british (but doesn't have to be)? preferably a movie that references poetry/literature? could be a comedy or a drama, whatever.

No. 141847

File: 1621049243923.gif (595.04 KB, 720x480, B867D3B6-A1ED-4D42-9170-F6CE9A…)

SPIRAL WAS SO FUUUUUNNNN!!! I unironically love the Saw series, this was a delight. The voice took me out every time topkek.

No. 141964

File: 1621133063889.jpg (119.41 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMTk1MTY1NjU4MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)


No. 141966

File: 1621133810561.jpg (50.29 KB, 400x600, large_sbQofoGqJ6AqayGKorNgXjIY…)

There's something about this movie that's creepy and unsettling.I just wouldn't watch it again.

No. 141972

i think it’s the bizarre mix of genres and themes. i mean, i know why it’s the way it is, but the effect is very disorienting.

No. 142055

Any other anons seen Minari yet?

No. 142058

Is this the movie thats kind of like pinocchio but with a robot kid? Yeah i didnt like ot either

No. 142065

The way it gets away with brutally killing characters on screen because they are bloodless robots, like the nanny bot and Jude law, is very upsetting. There is such a feeling of absolute hopelessness that you don't expect to have in a big budget Spielberg film.

No. 142068

I tried but steven yeuns korean really rubbed me off and I am not even a native speaker.

No. 142074

Yeah this movie stuck with me as a kid. It was so unsettling and deeply sad to me.

No. 142232

Is that some Freia milk chocolate I'm spotting? Koseligt!

No. 142235

File: 1621266513689.jpeg (78.4 KB, 366x500, D11DE96A-4976-41D7-BE4E-7ECC04…)

i genuinely love this movie. move tf over, james bond.

No. 142359

Me too

No. 142445

File: 1621355565332.png (1.09 MB, 819x1024, 8322114-11-Back-to-the-Future-…)

It's painfully unfunny and boring,I don't see why everyone likes these movies,the characters are so annoying and I hated seeing the stupid faces Micheal fox makes
I don't care how iconic are,I hate them.the acting also feels forced

No. 142447

everyone doesn't like them, they are moidshit

No. 142451

Man you broke my heart anon lol, these are some of my favourite movies ever, especially the first one. I've seen it so many times yet it literally never gets old.

Can we drop this mentality? It's embarrassing. Just because you personally don't like something doesn't automatically make it moidshit.

No. 142456

nta but no

No. 142457

I saw this for the first time recently and I don't understand why it's so highly praised. I thought it was unintentionally hilarious at best and bafflingly weird at worst. Precisely none of it was scary. The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable. The directors cut also lasted for forever. I liked the main character and the visuals a lot but that's about it. I liked most of Hereditary a lot (it really dropped the ball at the climax) so I had high expectations, I'm dissapointed Midsommar was what it was. What a waste of great art direction.

No. 142581

>The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable
Yeah like, that was the point. Thanks for mentioning the DC, I need to see it someday (saw the movie in cinema).

No. 142666

The killer reveal was dumb, imo. All of the deaths were sick though. Pete's glass bottle projectile trap was my favorite

No. 142708

Really? It was supposed to make you laugh and cringe? I mean I guess that's a type of horror because I get really bad second hand embarrassement from stuff like that, it was hard to watch and I'm glad I was alone when I watched it. Idk I guess I'm just baffled at the tone of the movie because it seemed to flip flop between tense and comedic and I don't know how intentional it was. If it was supposed to be funny then yeah it definitely succeeded in that.

No. 142765

yeah Back to the Future is kinda cringe. Like aside from the fact that the mom doesn't know it's her son why does she even find Marty attractive? Well, the real answer is because Robert Zemeckis wrote it but anyway

No. 142771

Well I don't think that's really a major issue, she fell in love with George who was a complete and total loser as she was taking care of his unconscious body

No. 142827

I'm sure this has been asked before, but can anyone recommend good women-led movies that don't center around men or sexual trauma? Loved Portrait of a Lady On Fire, Black Narcissus, Alien, Wolfwalkers, Million Dollar Baby (more men than I'd prefer in this, but it at least passed the Bechdel test). Don't really care about genre so long as women are accomplishing stuff and the crux of the plot isn't their endless suffering.

No. 142846

Always recommending Heavenly Creatures, as well as Cracks (and maybe Respire if you would like something similar, though I haven't seen that one)… but there is pain and sadness in those. Not as a main component - definitely not as torture porn - but still. So decide for yourself.
Oh and Pin Cushion is a wonderful, but heartbreaking modern fairytale. AFAIR almost all meaningful characters are female (there is maybe a one token boytoy, but he's not very memorable). It's fucking sad tho, especially if you've dealt with bullying, poverty or alienation from others. I loved it a lot, so I mention this movie in case some other anon becomes interested.
Sorry if my post wasn't much help, I mostly watch sad movies. The one fun film with strong female leads that I remember is Kamikaze Girls. It's very campy tho.

No. 142911

File: 1621478156612.jpg (74.15 KB, 600x418, 640328740328432.jpg)

Thanks anon, I'll check all of these out! Pin Cushion sounds a bit like Pan's Labyrinth in that it's about the characters developing a fantasy world to escape the pain of reality. I've seen Kamikaze Girls before but it's been years so I'm glad you reminded me of it. Would probably be liking watching it for the first time again now. I don't mind the occasional sad movie but sometimes it can feel like women-centric films just focus on how much shit we have to deal with minus any subsequent relief or triumph, which can get exhausting. I see enough of that in the real world. But I'd still rather watch movies that show women facing difficult things than anything that further glorifies men.

No. 142929

BTTF1 was my favorite movie when I was around nine or ten. There are obviously cringey things about it, but the special effects are good for the time and the score is awesome. Also Michael J Fox was actually kind of cute when he was young (imo at least.)

It is not moidshit, and if you dislike it, you're actually in the minority because most normies are at least amicable towards it. Stop acting like every other woman on Earth has the exact same opinions as you, Narcissist-chan.

That said, The Secret to my Success is awful, and Ferris Bueller is hard to watch because Ferris is legitimately a horrible human being and I hate that we're supposed to root for him.

Well, I think Lorraine misidentified her affection for Marty as romantic. I think even across timelines, family members would feel connections to each other, and she felt naturally caring towards him for that reason. Also, she didn't fall in love with George because she took care of him necessarily, I think that was just an opportunity for them to get to know each other and realize they were compatible. Also, did everybody just collectively forget about the scene where she kisses Marty and immediately gets grossed out?

Also, Back to the Future benefitted from the fact that people before the internet didn't over-analyze the hell out of things and were more willing to suspend their disbelief. Doc Brown is basically the same age visually despite like thirty years passing, and they literally never explain how Doc and Marty met, but none of that matters because it isn't what the movie is about.

No. 142937

Idk if it was just due to PMS, but the ending made me cry uncontrollably and I felt super shitty afterwards. Not watching it again

No. 142946

File: 1621495305905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.96 KB, 846x480, 1940A015-E4BA-4AAD-87AC-2410CC…)

Kubrick and Spielberg was a horrible combo. This movie was trying to do Spielberg childlike mystical whimsy but Kubrick’s creeping existential horror and bizarre atmosphere kept leaking through.

Plus that face melting scene made me shit a fucking Tricerotops. Spoiler for nightmare fuel.

No. 142957

Fuck that movie, depression fuel.

No. 142970

this movie legit traumatized me as a child, i just lay awake in bed scared my parents were gonna abandon me for weeks

No. 144562

File: 1621781208713.jpg (59.45 KB, 1920x1080, the-misleading-legacy-of-blade…)

I like cyberpunk worlds and aesthetic (like picrelated, I love this colour scheme), can anyone recommend me some movies, cartoons or TV shows?

I watched bladerunner2049, it wasn't honestly as good as I expected it to be for such a long and high rates movie, but nevertheless I still loved the way the world looked like, and basically everything up until MC meets a supposed "father", but it's still not a movie to throw 10/10 at.

However, I loved Cloud Atlas's SONMI story part a lot, no matter how a bit basic it can be.

Don't think I ever really watched any cyberpunk movies, used to read the books a lot tho.

No. 144569

Ghost in the Shell (not the live action remake)

No. 144601

File: 1621793236794.jpg (53.54 KB, 880x495, americanbeautyroses.jpg)

Does anyone else here actually enjoy American Beauty? I know the tide has turned against it because of the Kevin Spacey stuff and people thinking it's pretentious but to me it holds up.

No. 144623

Watched it for the first time this year and I loved it. Fuck Kevin Spacey though

No. 144631

I love it! It’s the perfect representation of life at the very end of the nineties bubble but before 9/11, which was such a fleeting moment in retrospect. I understand why people who didn’t live through that time period think it’s just generic pretentiousness. I really think it has a lot to do with the very specific time it came out.

No. 144655

It definitely holds up. It’s not like Spacey directed or wrote the thing. In any case he’s a creep in the film and thus was perfect for the role. Not my personal fave but cinematically every moving part just works. I still think of that scene with Annette being the neurotic mom and her Italian upholstered couch every now and then

No. 144660

What do you remember most about that time? Just out of curiosity

No. 144664

Isn't the couch scene pretty misogynist? Having said that, I enjoyed the movie despite that. I wanna see it again with what >>144631
said in mind. I have such weird, melancholy nostalgia for the late nineties, before 9/11 happened and everything changed.

No. 144718

no. i thought i liked it a lot in high school but rewatched it in college and absolutely hated it. i hate all that it stands for, such a shallow film and commentary on "america"
after watching some todd solondz films, american beauty means nothing to me.

No. 145007

File: 1621940620064.png (286.6 KB, 589x530, powerpuff.PNG)

Someone allegedly leaked the script of powerpuff girls movie on resetera, if it's real (it's so bad I have hard time believing) then it's good they're redoing it.

No. 145011

Kek this is right up my alley

No. 145022

File: 1621945007941.jpg (62.61 KB, 776x452, 23c5b3c5cad88ca41a3486f7ad048c…)

Brilliant ost and beautiful scrotes. I understand why some people think it's a pretentious movie though.
Another movie that has a nice ost + shots and gives me huge nostalgia is the Virgin Suicides

No. 145023

>beautiful scrotes
Unclean, unbased and absolutely haram, I meant SHOTS. Pls jannies ban me

No. 145401

>Precisely none of it was scary. The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable.
You didn't find the cliff scene disturbing? That's the moment that stuck in my head long after I watched it.

But anyway I definitely prefer movies that are creepy rather than actually scary so it's right up my alley, I think Hereditary is better but it has less rewatch value for me because it scared me more.

No. 145610

File: 1622188075937.jpg (329.25 KB, 1298x730, g_cruella_5_20874_eeb4bd64.jpg)

i just found out this is coming out today and it seems really cool even though i feel like disney will ruin it somehow.i havent really liked their live actions so far

No. 145613

might just watch it because of the costume design

No. 145635

Whether it's good or not, as someone who's fascinated by the idea of a Cruella origin story and loves Emma Stone, I've been hooked into the idea

No. 145897

If anyone sees this, report if it's good. I'm kinda interested since it seems to be more of a Maleficent type movie (which was good) than all the other shitty remakes. Farmers trashed the movie originally, but it does seem interesting from what the creators have to say about it.

No. 146309

Has anybody seen Nomadland? I'm considering going to see it tonight because it's the only movie playing in my cinema by the time I'll going home from therapy. At the same time, it seems like it may be boring and unsufferable at the same time so IDK if I want to subject myself to it.
Scrolling this review
doesn't give me especially high hopes tbh

No. 146312

File: 1622467628873.png (Spoiler Image, 168.54 KB, 680x649, cruella.png)

Haven't watched it but the big plot twist of Cruella is the reasons she wants to skin a bunch of puppies for a coat is because her mom was pushed off a cliff by a bunch of dalmatians as a kid. There, I saved you 30 bucks Premium Access.

Anyway, when do you guys think they'll make Gaston movie where he's a himbo

No. 146316

You have to be joking. How does that scenario even occur?

No. 146321

I thought that was a meme, Jesus Fucking Christ thet shouldn't have even brought it up
The premise of wanting to making a redemption about a woman who wants to skin puppies is very dumb and I don't know who thought it was a good idea

No. 146322

>that spoiler
You have GOT to me kidding me lmfao

No. 146323

No. 146325


wow…all i can say. also the CGI is atrocious

is there any other reason to watch this movie cause i already downloaded it and it's a 2 hour movie

No. 146335

So were they evil hitman dalmatians? Why did they do it?

No. 146356

I found it really shitty anon kek. Aesthetic shots and no substance whatsoever and that's coming from someone who torrented the damn movie, would have been mad if I actually paid money to watch it ngl.

No. 146357

samefag but I just noticed
>by the time I'll going home from therapy
top kek please then, no. Idk just watch some wholesome shit like uchuu patrol luluco or Derry Girls if you're not a weeb or smth

No. 146359

This looks like a parody of live action Disney movies as a whole, it's so absurd. I love the Dangan Ronpa edit of the scene though https://twitter.com/DealDewott/status/1398516301321183232

No. 146360

I cant..and she(the mom) is just like „i guess i die now” like..move? Scream?

No. 146399

Haha, by the time I saw your replies, I have already seen the movie!
>would have been mad if I actually paid money to watch it ngl.
Luckily that's not a concern to me as I have a monthly subscription. The more movies I see, the less money I waste. The cinemas have been open for 4 days here and I've already seen 3 films.
>top kek please then, no. Idk just watch some wholesome shit like uchuu patrol luluco or Derry Girls if you're not a weeb or smth
OMG thank you for being so caring, anon. I was late and didn't catch the first 5 or 10 minutes. IDK if that helped (maybe there was something infuriating in them?), but I ended up liking the movie. Shocking, as I usually hate any road trip movies and I expected Nomadland to be peak schmaltzy, emotionally manipulative cinema. The movie didn't feel sappy or like poverty porn to me. It was nice seeing a story about alienated elders with actors that actually looked the part. Some scenes made me cry a bit, but in a healthy way that made me feel more connected to myself and to humanity at large. Also, I got a healthy kek out of realization that Nomadland has just introduced local normies to two great American concepts:
>roadside attractions in the form of trashy lifesize dinosaurs in the middle of bumfack nowhere
>Derek Humphry's Final Exit JFC, it was NOT written by Dr Kevorkian as the movie claims! What a complete fact-checking fail
I would cautiously suggest giving the movie a chance in case of boredom or if anything about it seems appealing.

No. 146404

File: 1622498687332.jpeg (243.03 KB, 948x711, post_pyw_5e3086f1f1be1-ba31ca6…)

Watched Promising Young Woman again last night, still really liked it. It's by no means a perfect movie but a great first full-length feature. And I know it's wrong but this sequence kills me, ugh

No. 146407

This is not true lmao did no one here watch it even for morbid curiosity??? She doesn't want to kill any dogs in it or even hate dogs, they actually even gave her a dog companion, she just hates the lady who killed her mother and wants to take revenge on her.
That scene is pretty awful tbh but the whole film gives you the impression that it's purposefuly Camp.

Honestly, the movie was average-ish but the fashion is pretty on point, I don't get why everyone is just so against the idea of Cruella getting a redemption arc, like killing dogs is not even close to the worst thing a Disney villain has ever done??

No. 146410

Maybe it isn't the worst, but it's the most real to many people. It's shitty, mundane evil. The whole "why is Umbridge hated more than Voldemort?" paradox all over again.

No. 146413

Is that Burnham behind her? Didn't know he could look hot.

No. 146414

Yep, he's really good in the movie - and I never realized how cute he is before. But heads up this screenshot is basically the opposite of the tone for the rest of the movie lol

No. 146415

Yeah, I remember I was looking forward for this movie when it's trailer came out.

Thank you for sharing this screenshot, anon! It looks aesthetically pleasing because of its colour scheme, I seem to be really into neon lately.

Also, even weirder is that Bo here reminded me of my nice, wholesome ex from the times when I was a teen - brought smile to my face, hope he is having a good life.

No. 146486

File: 1622548387131.jpg (3.2 MB, 1400x2100, MMV94E6DBC233FCDCF24DE18C9997D…)

There is something about this movie that I love so much. I have never seen a single Ryan Gosling other than this movie and I have watched it about 7-8 times. I think it's really impressive how they create comedy without demeaning Lars or his issues and I relate to him a lot. I find it a very comfy movie to watch even if it leaves me a little choked up!

No. 146629

A weird old movie that feels like it comes from another universe, I recommend for anons who like SCP-type stuff.

No. 146743

File: 1622741139199.gif (3.04 MB, 500x282, tumblr_84bb95c6e4765775bf18786…)

What are your guilty pleasure movies, anons? I enjoy watching melodramatic romantic movies with an emphasis on the visuals over the story. Movies like Dirty Dancing 2, Phantom of the Opera and Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann's version). Stoker is another go to, the cinematography is mesmerizing

No. 146767

File: 1622748823841.jpg (141.95 KB, 736x1083, 98d51028f54546baa44c16c3b83480…)

The twilight movies, guilty because they're so objectively shit and cringy but I still rewatch them like two times every year

No. 146768

File: 1622749595372.jpg (131.38 KB, 950x633, 473298047320432234.jpg)

Two ends of the spectrum: Dumb himbo action movies like Predator, 300, Mortal Kombat. Then also flamboyant period films. They're not all bad, but some can be very melodramatic and overly focused on romance over meaningful content like The Dutchess, Belle, Far from the Madding Crowd.

No. 146775

Any chick flick. Mean Girls, Clueless, Heathers, shit like that.
I only really watch these when I'm drunk but fuck if movies like that aren't the most fun I've ever had watching something.

No. 146827

a little late, but i thought it gave a good look at how stuffy the marriage situation was. but just that one scene captured the stuffiness well. it's like that closed in feeling when you see all the cookie cutter houses in the beginning of edward scissorhands. maybe i just don't feel the same sense of nostalgia. the fashion, yes. the regular home burb life spent away from friends, nah. that life felt bleak. idk i guess it is better than the 24/7 state of easily accessible drama we're living in now hue

welcome to the dollhouse is def way bleaker for sure hahaha. damn i really should rewatch that. loved the outfits in that too

No. 146831

File: 1622778378568.jpg (100.54 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nnsxoikRvZ1sba56xo7_128…)

not a movie, but skins. first two seasons. it's so embarrassing, pic related. like why must i like that shit

however, stoker is well beyond a guilty pleasure for me. it is such a great pleasure. same with baz luhrmann. all of his stuff is guilty inducing but it's so good i can't help but not feel shameless about it

No. 146839

Twilight is comfy tbh I like watching it when it's gloomy and rainy outside.

Those particular movies are pretty well regarded, I wouldn't consider them guilty pleasures.

No. 146858

Honestly it's only ever scrotes dunking on chick flicks and they're the reason they have that name in the first place. Their opinions are invalid so I agree

No. 146866

File: 1622801475469.jpeg (202.12 KB, 1237x697, the only movie ever.jpeg)

It wouldn't be my guilty pleasure now if it hadn't become the female Fight Club/Spring Breakers/The Fast & the Furious alongside films like Ladybird.

No. 146868

Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They were insanely popular when the first 3 movies were airing, but then there was sort of a cultural wiplash, and I even heard people dragging the first movie for being too silly and campy, but why does everything need to be gritty and adult. Also the Johhny Depp controversies and people got tired of him playing the same character in every movie over and over, but I still adore Jack Sparrow.

No. 146869

File: 1622803311640.jpg (455.72 KB, 2042x3000, c813269641601a34556ff286d8a3ca…)

And not even in a so bad its good. I just think its fun to watch.

No. 146882

Poor noodle woman, she has no arms.

No. 146892

File: 1622813447850.jpg (56.52 KB, 628x440, 74893274032423.jpg)

These are embarassing now!? That sucks. In any case, it's the same for me anon. I literally saw the first PotC in theaters 7 times. I was absolutely gaga over Johnny Depp, plus I loved pirates and it was awesome getting to see a big budget movie about them. I agree that not everything needs to be serious and gritty, and at least it had a moderately creative plot and characters rather than all this tired capeshit coming out lately. It's too bad about Johnny's personal life, he really did used to be a talented actor and a babe but he's taken a nosedive since. I love a lot of straightforward adventure films from back in the day like the Count of Monte Cristo, Man in the Iron Mask, all the Indiana Jones movies. They weren't brilliant but they were genuine and fun in a way most blockbusters these days refuse to be. Always have to be ironic and make fun of themselves, as if being embarassed of their own campiness will head off audiences doing it. In the end they just come across more monotonous and lack heart.

No. 146903

File: 1622815983119.jpg (53.44 KB, 266x374, merlin 1998 mini series.jpg)

I'm not really ashamed of anything I like to watch, but this one, I suspect, not everyone would understand?.. Like, it's just some old cheesy fantasy film. I loved it as a child and recently rewatched it on tv, and honestly I don't think it looks that bad. I really like the cast, characters and overall atmosphere. The characters are not that complicated though, more like in fairy tales, but I don't mind it. My favorite ones were Merlin and Mordred. Mordred is freaking sexy.

Ooh, I remembered one film that I would call my guilty pleasure: The 10th Kingdom. Also loved it as a child, and now it's kinda different… but still fun and nostalgic.

No. 146904

same anon, have the first 4 movies downloaded and watch them when I'm bored

No. 146910

File: 1622820102721.jpeg (3.38 MB, 1693x2500, 4AA31ED2-97DC-465E-9F3C-C05EE7…)

This movie was such a wild fucking ride. I went into it knowing nothing and high as fuck, which probably made it even better, honestly. I highly recommend it to stoner anons, but don’t read anything about it before you watch for extra enjoyment.

No. 146912

File: 1622821011229.jpg (179.64 KB, 1200x680, dragonheart-1996-fantasy-movie…)

I love cheesy fantasy movies from the 80's and 90's so, I totally get it. saw that miniseries a long time ago (rented it from blockbuster, RIP) but I enjoyed it. I also liked the tenth kingdom when I saw it, I feel like it could have been shortened though.

speaking of which, I really liked dragonheart as a kid, haven't watched it in ages but I would probably still like it lol

No. 146960

File: 1622853076094.png (224.59 KB, 500x384, 849032789754364.png)

God I had the biggest crush on the Wolf as a little girl. He's a complete dork but I wanted to pet him kek. The trolls are still funny to me. My favorite (almost) 90s fantasy movie is Legend. Great soundtrack, the sparkliest set in history and sexy devil Tim Curry.

No. 147052

File: 1622931005502.jpg (84.36 KB, 497x710, Woman-in-the-Window-poster-2.j…)

Has anyone seen The Woman in The Window with Amy Adams?
I really liked it. The plot is mid but the film is very stylish and atmospheric. Great main cast. Definitely curl up and watch during a summer storm.

No. 147072

I really like Amy Adams but I’m scared cause it has 26% on rotten tomatoes which is a terrible score, any idea why critics would hate it?

No. 147081

File: 1622949174006.jpg (55.24 KB, 455x674, zoomertrash.jpg)

I watched The Craft Legacy today and lemme tell you what a waste of time.

Nothing happens for most of the time and the conflict between the girls at the very end feels so forced. Also the way they talk to each other, feels like the writer got all the dialogue from tumblr.

The girls ignore the protagonist, who is nancy's daughter because suposedly she caused the death of a kid and one of the girls talk about "using powers responsibly" like shut the fuck up, you cast a spell on the guy to change his personality completely, the fuck responsibly means. Go burn something or whatever. I hate it so much. Only good thing about it was Fairuza Balk and the Mulder guy but holy shit he's so old

No. 147087

File: 1622952767049.jpeg (286.57 KB, 960x1440, C790F958-23C7-4728-91F9-EE678C…)

I love Manchester By The Sea. The scene where he and his wife bump into each other on the street absolutely destroys me. I just love movies that can make me cry from start to finish like that. Mumblecore, I love you so.

No. 147088

depressed and day drinking, good movie to contemplate this fucked up life to? female centric pls

No. 147106

It was entertaining but to me it was just the best lifetime movie i ever saw, in fact, I'm positive I've watched at least 5 lifetime movies with the same plot.
It was predictable but i liked it.

No. 147114

File: 1622969594903.jpg (474.81 KB, 960x1422, MV5BMGMzZmYzYmUtNTJiYi00MjZjLT…)

Only movie with a female protag that came to mind is Wild with Reese Withherspoon, where she goes on a hike to reclaim control over her life. Warning for a pretty squicky toenail removal scene. Also it's more of straight up about facing trauma than being contemplative iirc.

No. 147115

File: 1622970015849.png (116.5 KB, 220x326, Three_Billboards_Outside_Ebbin…)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

No. 147118

I tried to watch it and I had high hopes for it since the book was a fun read. Well the movie isn't fun whatsoever. IDK how they managed it, but it's boring as fuck. I watched a half of it and gave up. Do not recommend.

No. 147136

File: 1622987772840.jpg (78.83 KB, 1280x720, batmanrobin.jpg)

I would just like to express how much I love the art direction of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. It's so nostalgic for me, very experimental and bold colors throughout the film. The movies themselves are extremely campy, and I love them for that as well. We do not forget Seal's iconic Kiss From A Rose.
Batman 1989 and Batman Returns are also fantastic, but not as memorable. Prince's contributing part of the soundtrack stood out more, including the photo set of him dressed up as half Joker, half Batman.

There's a couple films that have a similar vibe, such as the Super Mario Bros Movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films from the early 90s.

No. 147155

This movie was devastatingly sad but it's really lasted with me, an actual complex and strong female character

No. 147161

It was okay, not as bad as people said. I had fun watching it even though it was predictable.
Not even worth watching for keks ugh.

No. 147162

File: 1623001259577.png (983.4 KB, 1198x802, A Ghost Story.png)

Have you seen A Ghost Story? Maybe I was in a weird place but it crippled me for days.

No. 147163

nta but I have and it also gave me a lot to think

No. 147275

File: 1623078989236.jpg (335.15 KB, 2100x1268, raya-last-dragon-watch-online.…)

Disney has lost its touch, they haven't made a good animated movie since Coco–and if you needed a reminder, that came out in 2017. Even their live actions have not been good at all, but at least those for the most part have been understood to be money grabs baiting people in with nostalgia.

Toy Story 4 was just OK and only because I cared about Bo Peep. Frozen II was contrived and really not great. Ralph Breaks the Internet was bad. Soul was weird. The Incredibles 2 was lame. Onward was OK.
Just watched Raya and it's a stupid, poorly paced mess with a poor message. The dragon looks like a kin of Elsa and so many characters are thrown in that one can't care about any of them.
Nothing is made well anymore, and the only striking things are the visuals. /Didneysperg

No. 147278

That Elsa/MLP dragon was such a dumb design choice, it made not want to watch the movie.

No. 147302

File: 1623081348858.jpg (47.91 KB, 800x453, die-wand.jpg)

Die Wand (2012)
"A woman inexplicably finds herself cut off from all human contact when an invisible, unyielding wall suddenly surrounds the countryside. Accompanied by her loyal dog Lynx, she becomes immersed in a world untouched by civilization and ruled by the laws of nature."

No. 147336

Can't say anything about Raya cause I haven't seen it yet, but I agree with everything you said except for Soul. Soul was the best Pixar movie imho. But not judging you at all though, we can agree to disagree

No. 147350

Does anyone else like to watch insane old Lifetime original movies? They're actually batshit, I love them

No. 147425


Yes! I’ve only watched the insane VC Andrews ones. Any recommendations to start branching out?

No. 147433

File: 1623142757868.jpeg (82.85 KB, 960x540, E6D7102F-B650-4273-806B-6B4B13…)

I rewatched Midsommar last night and it got so much creepier than the 1st time. You noticed so many details you missed or didn’t understand the 1st time you watched it. Maybe it’s because I went into the movie without knowing what it was about, but it felt like I was watching a different movie kek

No. 147439

God they were horrible. They completely ruined My Sweet Audrina. I wish someone competent would make a movie out of that novel. It's trashy, but also really dark (even with societal implications) and fascinating. The Lifetime version left only the trash, and ruined the plot. The Flowers in the Attic movie was better, but not by a long shot.

No. 147496

File: 1623182353371.jpg (793.98 KB, 1707x2560, 2DtlLCHKos8x0i6UD8sakE9oeD1.jp…)

Omg go watch Scare Me (2020)
It's horror-comedy with Stormfront and Collegehumour guy. Didn't think I'd love it so much. Their performances are stellar.

No. 147589

File: 1623241396907.jpg (28.5 KB, 298x445, 51J0S7YCBGL._SY445_.jpg)

late replying but ah I gasped when I saw you mention this film anon. Charles Brusch is a genius when it comes to homage. Lauren Ambrose is a gem too. if you're still around you should def check out picrel asap!

No. 147599

I really want to watch this movie! Where'd you watch it anon?

No. 147600

This is so bad it's hilarious, I actually started cackling.

No. 147603

I watched it on one of the copycat websites of 123movies. Make sure you have an adblock tho lol

No. 147605

It's streaming on Prime. If you're looking to stream
Click on the movie poster 6 times then click play button

No. 147620

No. 147622

File: 1623265027935.jpg (90.65 KB, 451x640, 1405531783631.jpg)

Here to report on Cruella! It was super fun to watch and the costume design is top notch. Emma Stone is a goddess and her Cruella expressions are killer. Emma Thompson's character is a bitch that you can't help but giggle at when she tears people down. There are some cheesy moments scattered throughout the movie which reminds you that this is a Disney movie for kids, but overall I would recommend it.

No. 147627

I watched this based on your suggestion and really enjoyed Mia's performance and the de Palma-esque cinematography. the aesthetic was cool all-around. I didn't really enjoy it in the sense that I would a really good "rape revenge"-style film, which is kinda what I expected. like Hard Candy or something. the writing was kinda scrotey but overall a suspenseful watch.

No. 147628

Hm, I have a chance to watch it tomorrow morning. Maybe I will. Still not sold on seeing it.

No. 147638

I had a lot of fun watching The Favourite recently and want to watch more period dramas set in Europe around the years 1700 to 1900. I’ve already seen a couple. Shows like The Great and Harlots, movies like Emma and Pride & Prejudice. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that come my way!

No. 147651


I really liked Portrait of a lady on fire,(though I might be biased bc if a film has lesbians in it I almost always enjoy it more), it's set on some remote island during the 1800s and is mostly a love story. I remember liking Mary Antoinette with kirsten dunst (granted I was high while watching it) but its kind of quirky and has got a lot of anachronistic details (like, converse with ball gowns levels of anachronism lol) so if strict historical realism is your thing this might be a skip. I also think I enjoyed the Duchess back when I saw it as a teenager but all I really remember was Keira Knightley looking pretty in the costumes.

Other than those and the ones you already mentioned like pride and prejudice and emma, I'm not sure I've seen any other good movies set in England during that time period. For some reason Titanic came to mind before anything else (even though that's technically after 1900) since the style and general vibe still seems very Victorian England, but everyone's seen Titanic so it's not a very good suggestion lol.

But if you're open to ones set in asia there's a great Korean period drama called the Handmaiden that I highly recommend. Just be forewarned that it's very gay and very R rated.

No. 147654

>very gay

I’m a hetero, but I watch movies for the sole purpose of vicariously living a totally different life in comparison to my reality, so I will consume anything way outside of my norm. For perspective sake, you know? I have seen Marie Antoinette, but not for many, many years, so I’ll definitely be rewatching it now that you’ve reminded me! Portrait of a Lady on Fire sounds pretty amazing and I do like Korean films as well, but have strangely never watched any period dramas. Thank you!

No. 147680

File: 1623312205595.png (283.68 KB, 500x335, 64983264987322.png)

>the Duchess
Just a head's up, "Keira Knightley looking pretty" is about the entirety of this movie. It's frustrating because the real woman it was based on (Georgiana Cavendish) was a badass who was a style icon, socialite, supporter of science and literature, big political activist and poet/writer. There was a great amount of raw material to work with but the movie spends about 2 minutes on her meaningful accomplishments then shunts it away in favor of focusing on a hurried romantic affair, love triangle and having her make stupid, overly emotional choices regarding her kids which is out of character after how much she's shown to care for them. Her gross rapist husband is shown to have more development and emotional growth by the end. Focusing too much on "romance" isn't really out of character for period dramas, but again, choosing such a cool woman and then portraying her in a shallow, dismissive way is really unfortunate. It is nice to look at, so if you want something banal but attractive go for it, but wanted to warn anons. I agree Portrait of a Lady and Handmaiden are both great though.

The 2005 BBC adaptation of Bleak House with Gillian Anderson is good, and if you want something fun but not too serious there's From Hell. It's about Jack the Ripper and features Johnny back when he was still hot and doing interesting roles.

No. 147681

File: 1623313126858.png (384.69 KB, 572x345, 1238971248730356.png)

Barry Lyndon is totally worth a watch too. It's considered to have some of the most gorgeous cinematography using natural lighting and was shot to look like paintings. It's a picaresque, so the main character is an antihero who's kind of a terrible person but it's fascinating to watch his life in a train wreck sort of way.

No. 147702

File: 1623336112385.jpg (424.19 KB, 1280x856, MV5BMWEyMWU5ODAtNGNiMi00NjkwLT…)

Would Edwardian Era be okay, even if it's a bit later than your requirements? If yes, I highly recommend Real Life of Angel Deverell aka Angel (2007). I fucking love this movie, it'd criminally underrated. Especially watch if you want a sympathetic portrayal of an authorcow, like melodramas and Michael Fassbender.
Sidenote but if you like the story - it's based on a novel that goes in a different place halfway through and has a much more toned down ending.

No. 147703

Ugh Barry Lyndon is a moving painting

No. 147705

File: 1623337702285.jpg (243.29 KB, 1795x1200, Angel-813711337-large (1).jpg)

another shot from the film

No. 147715

What do we think of Bo Burnham's new special? To me vidrel was the highlight and the rest was way too low energy and "uwu raw edgy honest picture of depression" which is so oversaturated in media the past few years.

The "white woman's instagram" song was also super cringy, really pointless and made it clear he hasn't been on instagram since like 2014…

I get he's big enough that anything he puts out will be moderately successful, but honestly this should've been shelved. It was a mess. I just sat through 80% of it thinking "Man just get the fuck off Twitter and go to therapy, let's see you TRY to heal and put in the work to be a functional human, instead of watching you spiraling in this self-indulgent self-destructive career you could walk away from at any time"

(sorry if this doesn't fit in the movies thread I wasn't sure where to put it)

No. 147720

>The "white woman's instagram" song was also super cringy, really pointless and made it clear he hasn't been on instagram since like 2014…
I wanted to understand what was the point he was trying to make? It kind of felt to me like 'misogyny but woke because it's a WHITE woman', but then the part about dead family or sthg felt kind of heartfelt and compassionate. IDK
I enjoyed the special but it was the only one of his that I've seen, so yeah. How does it compare? Also I felt kind of uncomfortable because all the time I had this thought 'this is what onision thinks he is doing', but that's not Bo's fault lmfao. I think Onion partially ruined that kind of comedy for me
>"Man just get the fuck off Twitter and go to therapy, let's see you TRY to heal and put in the work to be a functional human, instead of watching you spiraling in this self-indulgent self-destructive career you could walk away from at any time"
Didn't he imply going to therapy for 5 years? He certainely mentioned taking the time to work out his anxiety issues over going on stage

No. 147738

I thought it was amazing. And all the songs were extremely catchy and it was a good look into how his anxiety has been affecting him. I loved the “Put your hands up” song, I had no idea about his panic attacks making him quit touring. Also, he looks great

No. 147757

>I loved the “Put your hands up” song, I had no idea about his panic attacks making him quit touring
I enjoyed it too but not sure that I got the lyrics. How did it tie into his mental health issues?

No. 147771

File: 1623359044659.jpeg (363.68 KB, 750x647, D31D0883-C7D0-4E7F-A4DF-213B2B…)

No. 147775

I think he looks horrible, compared to what he was before…
And overall he seems very pretentious now. Not a fan of this era of his.

No. 147779


>misogyny but woke because it's a WHITE woman

Idk if he's gotten more good-boy-woke or if I'm just noticing it now but yeesh, it was weird how much he mentioned being white as like a shorthand for being problematic was weird. I thought the sockpuppet song was going somewhere based about wokescolds, but it kind of fizzled into nothing.

>Didn't he imply going to therapy for 5 years?

I'd have to rewatch to make sure, but my impression was he was "working on himself" after he quit stage performing… I don't remember him mentioning therapy or meds specifically, and he definitely wasn't getting help during the filming of the special. You can just see the depressive hermit aura building throughout.


>he looks great

skinnyfat pewdiepie lookalikes your type? lol. He's not an ugly dude but it's obvious he was neglecting himself. Personally I'm always grossed out by the pubey overgrown beard on anyone, it just screams breakup or breakdown.

I'm glad the half-naked parts of the special were mostly for comic effect so at least he's self aware.

No. 147819

It was really uncomfortable to watch in various places, and I wasn't always sure how intentional it was. There also were quite a few times when I wondered how authentic it was, but I guess that's the point or something.
The "White Woman's Instagram" song I hoped would take a proper left turn after the heartfelt comment part, but it just went back?
He also really needs a shave and a haircut. He's not the most good lucking guy in the first place, and the beard is not helping.

No. 147824

Really cringe at some parts. Other parts I like. I'll write more detailed thoughts after a second watch. I'm kind of a Bo Burnham hoe.

No. 147849

Aw thank you anon! Definitely will check this out. Didn't mention it, but Charles Brusch was my favourite part of the movie.

No. 148181

I loved this movie (miniseries?) Queen Mab and the Lady of the Lake were amazing.

I really liked “Welcome to the Internet” and “Put your hands up”.
“Welcome to the internet” describes the internet perfectly right down to the weird ass circus theme.

White Womans Instagram was so misogynistic it made me wanna throw up.

lol he looks like an old exboyfriend of mine when hes all underweight depressed and shaggy looking. It was weird and freaky how similar they look.

Idk I just feel like the whole thing tried to start out with more of a political message then descended into madness. Which I’m low key here for.
For the record I’ve never been a Bo Burnham fan. I always thought he was kinda a hack. But kinda think he’s alright now. Definitely needs therapy tho

No. 148184

>For the record I’ve never been a Bo Burnham fan. I always thought he was kinda a hack.
I'm with you on the 'never been a Bo Burnham fan', but if he can be considered a hack, I don't even want to think how bad most stand-up comedians are….

No. 148194

Yeah I should have clarified that more…I always thought he was a hack up until Promising Young Woman and Inside. Color me impressed. Still not the biggest fan but I no longer think think he is a hack

No. 148208

File: 1623697595375.jpg (355.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210614-210654_Chr…)

I don't get the White Woman Instagram. Why is he mocking women who just take innocent photos of stuff they like? It really feels like 'female interests are inherently dumb, females should stay quiet and not talk about what they like'.
Expected better from you, Bo.

No. 148211

>implying dogs, lattes or socks qualify as interests

No. 148213

Hate to make it a race thing, but… could it be that no one is saying anything because it targets white women specifically?

No. 148218

File: 1623703616675.jpeg (160.99 KB, 600x314, A73D9B22-0B7D-4D48-938C-312B37…)

Airplane is considered good right? I didn’t enjoy at all but honestly sometimes I am stupidly contrarian so I’m curious of anon’s opinion

No. 148230

Well what would you call it other than interests? No one's calling it hobbies but that's literally what interests are.

No. 148232

Fucking WHO CARES.
If men can boast about liking trash-tier 'hobbies' like the embodiments of ego-pandering (superheroes) or the ultimate form of passive consumption (videogames), dogs, lattes, and socks are basically godtier interests.

Fuck that shit. Don't give into the patriarchal machine of making us hate ourselves. if you wanna be basic, it's still less cringe than male mediocrity.

No. 148236

No. 148237

i thought it wasnt that funny tbh. the naked gun movies on the other hand… peak slapstick.

No. 148242

No. 148250

It's considered "good" among scrotes. For example, my retarded misogynist ex thought it was peak humor. I nearly fell asleep during it. The contrast speaks for itself.

No. 148304

I think that's the only demographic that he as a straight white man can make fun of and vice versa white women are only allowed to make fun of white men and no other single demographic

No. 148325

File: 1623769782997.jpg (42.44 KB, 446x362, lyricclip.JPG)

>It really feels like 'female interests are inherently dumb, females should stay quiet and not talk about what they like'.
Lol come on, that's a bit much. I truly believe you're missing the intended joke. The entire special is mocking certain social media trends, and White Woman's Instagram is just poking fun at the extremely common phenomenon of 'comfy' Instagram pages filled with 'trendy' content, usually curated by a white woman. I didn't interpret it as misogynistic at all; it's the only song from the special with entirely wholesome humour to it, and with a section that's clearly intended to be played straight for emotion (the ode to her mom, which has no joking lyrics picrel), left me with the impression of it being a light-hearted jab at the more basic(and sometimes personal) side of social media.

>>148232 is right. I think any of you here who are genuinely offended by a song joking that women like avocados, latte art and romance are being overly-sensitive, or are insecure about liking those things in the first place.

No. 148351

eh yeah I agree that it's intended to be lighthearted, I saw some analysis on tiktok attempting to explain how the part of her mom shows something about depth or something idk. but it annoys me that brainlet tier scrotes just like the song because hating white women has become a proxy for general misogyny. saying you hate women makes you a misogynist but saying you hate white women makes you woke. I don't think the song is deep enough to be upset about but there's something to be discussed (not here) about how white women are increasingly being used as the dumping ground for misogynistic sentiment.

No. 148358

I liked it… but I think I watched it first as a child so it has some nostalgia factor to it. Some jokes had to be adapted in my language too

No. 148361

>implying porn, soccer or craft beer qualify as interests
Hey, neck yourself the next time you wanna write something like that. Or go post at 4chan, they will like you much more there.
>It annoys me that brainlet tier scrotes just like the song because hating white women has become a proxy for general misogyny. saying you hate women makes you a misogynist but saying you hate white women makes you woke.
My thoughts exactly. I think the song was a confused mess. If it was meant to be heartfelt in the end, it either should have ended on the mom part or the final chorus should be changed to something positive and not mocking. Otherwise, it really was not clear what the fuck Bo's angle was. The problem didn't really exist in other segments of Inside. I get the song MAYBE was intended to be an affectionate parody, but because a man is singing it and singling out women for being white, it feels more like a typical scrote attack.

No. 148396

Ayrt and
>there's something to be discussed (not here) about how white women are increasingly being used as the dumping ground for misogynistic sentiment.
I do agree with you on that point

No. 148658

File: 1623923178877.jpg (59.24 KB, 339x550, Viy 1967 Vij movie poster.jpg)

I watched the Soviet horror movie Viy after seeing a funny gif in the gif thread. Anyone seen it and wanna discuss it?
I'm confused…was the witch young and old? If she was old that man couldn't have been her father, unless he was supernatural too. She was powerful enough to summon demons so why couldn't she stop the mc from beating her to death?

No. 148678

This character was allegedly based on a cousin of Gogol's grandmother that was believed to be a witch. She lived somewhere near Kyiv and there was a legend that old witches could turn into young girls. I suspect it must be common because something like that was also in Grimms' fairy tales? So, Gogol's relative was suspected to transform into a young girl too.
I believe there's a theory that pannochka is old and her father might be a warlock and is even older but makes himself look younger. It's also possible that he knew that Khoma was her murderer and he planned all that to get him killed.
I think her not being able to stop him has to do with his praying. In the church, he manages to protect himself, so I guess there must be a way to defeat evil forces.

No. 148746

nta but kek. You do realize that you're posting on cgl's sister imageboard right. and you do know what an imageboard is, right?

No. 148760

Nta but bitch so? There’s a reason we spit off and thrived without scrotes. /cgl/ has been a garbage for a long time.

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