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No. 133853

I don't see a lot of threads about western animation here and /co/ is fulla coomers.

Lets talk cartoons.(already a thread for this)

No. 133854

neat thread, i hope it goes good

hyped for Tuca and Bertie season 2

No. 133856

Check the catalogue nonny

No. 133858

the owls house isnt too bad but tries so hard to be gravity falls kek

No. 133867

>>133854 Hell yeah,I'm so happy adult swim picked it up. I miss that show

No. 133871

There already is a western cartoon and animation thread

No. 133882

File: 1616820697037.png (25.45 KB, 251x317, animation thread.png)

like these anons are saying, there's already a thread for western animation ( >>>/m/30296 ) that's nowhere near closing yet

No. 133883

incredibly relieved it's being renewed! i was so disappointed when netflix didn't pick it up for a second season. fuck netflix. tuca and bertie is amazing

No. 133887

I really like this guys work

No. 133888

I hope smaller animators start getting noticed for their work.

No. 133897

i have literally no clue who the character is in the OP but i find her absolutely hideous and very, very punchable

No. 133939

Valiskabum is a huge fucking hack YouTuber although I do wonder how true this is. Is cartoon network gonna take the Disney XD route and give gaming YouTubers shows? I wonder if this will work out for them.

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