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File: 1614405677450.jpg (86.5 KB, 614x767, fghf.jpg)

No. 129780

I feel like there isn't enough hate on tropes, so please do it here

No. 129783

Liar revealed

No. 129784

File: 1614410221974.jpg (26.68 KB, 220x328, 220px-Get_Real_(movie_poster).…)

I feel like there are so many LGBT stories where the only two gay kids in school are a nerd and a douchebag jock who bullies him, and then they enter an unhealthy relationship that's doomed from the start. Just off the top of my head, pic related, Geography Club, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and about a shit zillion fanfics. Do westerners not know how to tell any other kind of teenage gay love story?

No. 129785

Where's the male version of this? Literally so many "popular" power fantasy stories are all mary sues for dudes.

No. 129786

>90-120 pound woman who beats men twice her size in combat
>The strong black woman trope who acts either as a mule for her white friends or black partner
>Liar reveled

No. 129790

File: 1614411172657.jpg (116.86 KB, 500x500, sao.jpg)

sorry couldn't think of a better thread image

No. 129793

isekai, harems, socially retarded male love interest who softy abuses the female MC, everything taking place in high school for some reason,

No. 129794

Quirky and shy Girl, Get the guy she wanted without any effort and doesn't get confident after it.

No. 129797

Shy nerdy girl’s entire life turns around because she goes through a magical makeover transformation sequence where she takes off her glasses, wears her hair down and applies basic makeup

No. 129799

File: 1614417247247.jpg (25.59 KB, 225x350, Red_Tiger.jpg)

The "I'm the funny guy ahahah but also mysterious… but funny!!", only Lau from Kuroshitsuji pulled that shit right.

No. 129812

Idk if this is neccesarily a trope, but I am so bored by those 1M note Tumblr comics where a shy girl from some sort of rustic European fantasy setting falls in love with a mermaid, witch, or forest spirit. I just don't fucking care, even if it is lesbians.

No. 129813

Strong, cold woman that doesn't need anybody with a tragic back story of abuse or assault which explains why she's so strong and cold.

No. 129817

>geniuses always speak in chess moves/terminology
It's just such a hack writing move. Another one is genius protag and villain talking in gibberish that no one but the two of them can understand (not even the writer). Or the solution to mystery is always some action that was taken by the genius protag before the chain of events even began, repeatedly, so there's no reason to even try and guess. If you can't write out a proper strategy and thought-pattern then stop writing genius characters.

No. 129818

having british people in every fantasy setting or plot where other people can do just fine

No. 129826

No. 129835

enemies to lovers because they always water down the villain.
>having british people in every fantasy setting
Having British people in every historical setting. I could be watching a period drama about the Romans and everyone would still have British accents. I'm tired of British accent = royalty.

No. 129842

Used to roll my eyes at this trope until I had to reintroduce myself to a man twice in one day because I was in class earlier and I was wearing glasses and my hair up. Still a dumb trope but I can see why it exists.

No. 129844

Pervert with a heart of gold.

No. 129845

especially those supposedly funny perverted old men creeping on women and minor girls

No. 129851

File: 1614449816695.jpg (70.63 KB, 440x500, 1568922367230.jpg)

Almost every brooding emo bad boy type, they come off as an obnoxious whiny incel without a single redeeming quality, are usually the most unlikeable character in the cast, but the author desperately wants you to see them as sympathetic/cool anyway. Everything they do, no matter how shitty gets excused because "muh tragic past" and half the time they're written like Mary Sues.
When it comes to edgy characters in general, if they're at least entertainingly edgy or don't take themselves seriously and get rid of that "woe is me" bullshit then I might tolerate them. Although I think the female versions of this trope are less annoying in comparison.

No. 129854

no wonder he's depressed, he's a manlet

No. 129858

Hes only 13 years old,though.

No. 129859

Pretty boy characters who are the school "prince" and their weird obsessive groupies.

No. 129860

What about enemies to lovers but the hero joins the dark side and they're both evil together?

No. 129861

The dumb Gary Stu male harem protagonist that male viewers can self insert into and that has somehow god like powers in the fantasy world. It disgusts me how many anime with that same plot line exist.

Also everything about the movie and book "Ready Player One". I fucking hate that movie it is such a pathetic wet male fantasy come to life and the author is trash.

No. 129866

same but also Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles and the upcoming tv series. Fuck you Qvothe, go suck a dick you dumb shit!

No. 129872

I've been reading my fair share of shojo manga lately and …
>Girl hates good looking guy in her school because reasons
>They end up living together because reasons
>"Wow, he's actually really nice"
>After many a mishap they end up together

No. 129882

Lol fair, but it should be used to get that point across (that scrotes are absolute retards who can’t recognize the exact same woman with only minor styling differences) over implying that the change in her appearance has now made her a natural social butterfly, one of the popular girls, great at her job, developed new talents and driving the thought that presenting in a typically feminine way will make you better at every aspect of your life. Of course, people do believe that’s the case… incorrectly.

No. 129883

I would dig that but I can’t think of one piece of media that’s done this

No. 129885

File: 1614469610162.gif (559.55 KB, 500x375, A7340F55-57B7-4D4B-BB8E-02A5FD…)

basically just explained golden boy

No. 129890

doesn't justify it

No. 129891

Are you stupid? 13 year olds are still growing.

No. 129892

I hate the whole 'defeat means friendship' trope, especially when the villain murdered a bunch of people and committed war crimes. I also hate pacifist heroes who let villains get away. Just put a bullet through the Joker's head already.

No. 129893

File: 1614472785923.png (459.43 KB, 1318x942, 36en5rC.png)

it's okay, you can say Projared

No. 129909

Batman is a massive retard

No. 129911

Batman would probably get a widdle ptsd attack because muh parents dwiedd

No. 129913

The Canon explanation that most fans agree on for why Batman doesn't kill the Joker is that if he kills one person even the Joker, he'll never stop, he will literally just never stop killing

Honestly I prefer redhood over anyone in the batfam, he's my buff edgy husband

No. 129914

This. Red hood is great.

No. 129916

File: 1614485391174.png (242.2 KB, 860x1571, 301-3012786_geek-cartoon-perso…)

The bullied,wimpy nerd/geek trope needs to die
Being a geek or nerd has already been normalized years ago,it's so outdated and stupid.it doesn't need to exist anymore

No. 129920

Mean popular girl trope
It's alright when the mean girl or girls redeem themselves to the point where they're no longer mean
But when there's no change,it's a boring, overly cliched,predictable trope.

No. 129927

File: 1614492501328.jpg (58.08 KB, 750x934, OB50PXk.jpg)

The character is a absolute irredeemable brat/bitch/ass/etc but they're traumatizeeeeed so 90% of fans will bend over backwards saying it's realistic etc. Him mostly but her actions made me want to punch her teeth in.

No. 129946

Manic pixie dream girl who appears out of nowhere and makes the boring, basic self insert male mc's life all exciting and adventurous. It's such a harmful trope that glorifies mental issues and makes men believe that all it takes to fix their boring ass life is a single quirky girl.
I fit the trope on the most shallow surface level and nothing makes me more angry than men assuming I will fix their boring ass lives, like fuck all the way off with that bullshit

No. 129949

File: 1614509335570.jpg (48.33 KB, 338x500, 7c023eff62ad4529d2a5f00cb0c21c…)

I just came into this thread to say I hate everything those two characters stand for, but you said it way better than I could.

No. 129950

File: 1614510097050.jpg (23.02 KB, 640x360, araragikoyomi.jpg)


No. 129951

Yeah, I hate this. Maybe she's just cool? How bout that.

No. 129952

Not a good example, the characters were based on a combination of the worst people the writer Bryan Lee O'Malley knew in the nerd scene, a lot like the Eltingville club

No. 129967

A lot of men either only watched the movies or just sucked at interpreting Ramona's character, she's a piece of shit but she's not a MPDG at all, she's more damaged and withdrawn than she is quirky. A main staple of MPDGs is that they exist to better the protagonist's life, whereas Ramona doesn't have much to offer Scott and one of the main causes of her problems is the fact that she is afraid of commitment and it causes her to move on from people quickly. I did stop dying my hair every two weeks once men started commenting on it though lol.

No. 129988

lmao i was thinking of Yuki from fruits basket and Tadase from shugo chara but this works too

No. 129990

I hate the Betty vs. Veronica trope were to capable women fight about a very bland and boring guy and that is somehow the whole plot and the Betty always wins because of the madonna/whore complex since Betty is considered "cute" and or a tomboy and Veronica is considered sexy and greedy

No. 129991

I hate the Mary Sue trope. Ofc there are bad written female protagonists but why can men have 100000 of these "male heros journey" "bland protagonist is the most powerful and has a harem" type of hollywood movies, anime and books and we women cannot even have some fanfiction or a ya romance movie or fantasy book without its female protagonist being being criticized like Bella Swan. If Bella was a dude and Twilight was about a bland mediocre dude getting with the hot vampire girl no one would have said anything.

No. 129992

"NOOOOOO, iF yoU KiLL tHEm, YoU'lL bE eXAcTly LIkE TheM!!!!!"
Fuck outta here with this garbage.

No. 129999

you hate the criticism of the trope, not the trope itself

No. 130000

Again this is why Red Hood is the best

No. 130003

I'm pretty sure it's even said in the comic, "these two are horrible people, they deserve each other".

No. 130005

File: 1614539042976.jpg (399.36 KB, 1125x1010, 1534370859734.jpg)

Also Midnighter

No. 130019

This would kinda make sense in comics if the bad guys (mass murderers) didn’t always seem to escape from their superultramax prison. The Joker escapes every week and murders more innocent people. After a while, you can’t justify not killing him. I used to enjoy reading Batman but it’s just too predictable after a while.

No. 130043

This is a result of the fact that stories in cape comics have to be open ended so the publishers can keep making money off the characters. It's why Bruce Wayne's been in his early thirties for eighty years.

No. 130095

I hate the male "this loser is you" trope where all the problems of some loser guy are magically solved because for the first time in his life, a woman is interested in him. Is this really all scrotes think about? Is the validation of women that important to them?

No. 130142

Well what is worse, the manic pixie that solves the males life, or fantasies of a male character (usually a harem protagonist) solving the problems of every girl around him because they're that incompetent (and apparently none of their friends care) but makes the male self-insert feel good?

No. 130240

>Is the validation of women that important to them?


No. 130345

A trope I've always hated is the embarrassing moment that makes the main character get angry at semi-main character for conflict until they figure it out and become happy friends again.
I'm probably explaining badly but for example imagine character A is having a job interview and it's going pretty well but then character B (character B is a retard) comes in and says a bunch of things he shouldn't say and the interviewer changes his mind and it ruins the interview so character A gets super mad.

I've always hated those cuz it's always so cringey it makes me not wanna watch it
> inb4 "that's the point retard"

No. 130346

File: 1614700612583.jpeg (583.38 KB, 1170x675, 4B1E84C1-AF38-4EF5-AC90-181199…)

Grrrrl power bland ass characterization for female heroines / protagonists. The end of captain marvel is so fucking cheesy and quippy, I want my heroines to be badass but also genuinely flawed.

Also hate the new trend of turning classic female villains into victims. Let me have my deliciously evil villainesses please, like Hela from Thor, who has a motivation besides “just evil” but is still powerful and terrifying. Cartoon Maleficent is better than stupid ass wooby live action Maleficent.

I mean I hate this all with male characters too but who cares about them?

No. 130349

File: 1614702646738.png (434.62 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_20210302-213041.png)

What are the odds I was just about to post something similar regarding girlboss characters, It can lead to shit like this where feminsim will end up defending landlord rights

No. 130360

what's wrong with your understanding skills, this is not about landlord rights

No. 130381

I hate that anytime a dark skinned black female character is the center of the story the focus is always on their race or she's in a social justice/political film, like it makes it seem like were not normal people

No. 130391

You reminded me of another trope that I hate
>character A and B are in an extremely close relationship
>character C becomes obsessed with A and pulls off some scheme to break them up and take B's place
>both characters A and B think the other one suddenly doesn't want them in their life
>Despite all odds, characters A and B rekindle their relationship. However they NEVER discuss wtf actually happened, even though it would be impossible to be close again without talking it out.
>Sometimes character C gets immediately dropped and forgotten about by the story. That's lazy writing. Still better than the worst case:
>Because somehow A and B never talked about their great break-up, character C gets off scott free and continues being friends with both A and B.
As seen in Oniisama E. I love Mariko for being a realistic BPD mess, but that plothole drove me crazy

No. 130392

File: 1614715380641.png (272.22 KB, 537x303, 6980432748936270325608.png)

Manufactured melodrama over problems that could be solved within 2 minutes of open conversation. See: every k-drama ever. Let's say character A and B are supposed to meet at a certain time. Character B doesn't make it because they've gotten in a terrible accident and are literally on their deathbed. Character A is sad and when B recovers and tries to talk to A, they're cold because they think they got stood up. Instead of just saying "I was in a life-threatening accident" they will then spiral thinking A never liked them at all, furthering B's belief that they've had a sudden change of heart. Fucking YEARS later someone will say "Hey, did you ever get to see B after their accident?" and A will gasp, wring their hands and sob, realizing they never intended to stand them up and it was all just a big misunderstanding! If you had FUCKING TALKED TO THEM this would've been sorted in seconds, but nooo, you can't open your fucking mouths! Or even worse, you'll have character C who has been blatantly jealous of A and B's relationship the whole time spread gossip about B when they try to explain the accident, and A ends up believing C because drama.

It's such a fucking cheap tactic but I've ended up watching so many series out of pure rage rather than any enjoyment because I just want to see some justice served.

No. 130394

Oh my god same brain waves kek. Clearly we were both triggered

No. 130398

based sisters in hating fabricated drama!

No. 130412

Twins where one is perfect and serious and the other one goes batshit crazy for whatever reason.

No. 130413

That reminds me of the irl Girlboss who got busted ousting pregnant employees …very #thefutureisfemale yabitch

No. 130414

Yeah like in The Great they're Russians but everyone is speaking with a British accent

No. 130432

You two just talking about fabricated drama just reminded me of Naruto, and the Sakura/Ino drama, lmao that crap pissed me of so much even as a tween cuz of how retarded it was. Girls were supposed to be friends but then they become enemies because they both like Sasuke, wich was so stupid cuz Sasuke was supposed to be the crush of every girl in class already.
"Girls fighting over a boy" has potential for a lot of shit-showiness.

No. 130475

I really can't stand that shit, misunderstandings are the cheapest, laziest form of conflict. It's particularly offensive because it's like they want to avoid giving their characters flaws or having them be at fault in any way, even though legitimate wrongdoings and incompatibilities between characters are so interesting in fiction. It's such a waste.

No. 130499

When the guy is a huge asshole who is constantly mean and abusive to the girl yet for some reason they end up together.

"Takahashi Couples". I get slapstick humor, but it's really painful to watch the girl beat the shit out of the guy when he's being oblivious. And the constant fighting and misunderstandings get tiring.

I also hate how in crime series(Criminal Minds probably being the biggest offender) there are more times where they shoot the killer than there are arrests.
I get that there are a lot of cops who like to go pew pew and tons of killers who want to go out guns blazing but how the hell is it possible for like 5 FBI agents have a bigger body count than all 1000 serial killers combined.

No. 130501

>how the hell is it possible for like 5 FBI agents have a bigger body count than all 1000 serial killers combined
based FBI

No. 130560

This trope literally needs to die

No. 130562

One of my main fears when watching any drama really. I want conflict to happen organically, not out of no where just for views.

No. 130575

>part time model
>naturally, he's the most attractive person in the school and knows it
fuckign ROFL @ this, progroomer looks like a fetal alcohol syndrome poster boy. what a massive cope

No. 130604

When an unattractive guy gets with a gorgeous woman without changing at all

Enemies to lovers is lame most of the time

Fake dating/relationship is also lame and I fail to see the romance in it

Woman "fixes" an abusive or just generally shitty man with her love

Love triangles, especially if it's two women fighting over a man

A regular Plain Jane gets with a billionaire

Just off the top of my head

No. 130624

>story involves several disturbing, abusive, violent or criminal men doing incriminating shit constantly throughout the story
>turns out one of the female characters was the villain all along!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's just the most predictable, boring plot "twist" of all time

No. 130631

the over-protective dad trope

No. 139951

I hate the "everyone in this society has brown eyes but main character boi has blue eyes bc hes speahul" trope

For example wheel of time and the giver

No. 139952


No. 139962

>male says to female character "I won't fight you" or "I wouldn't try fighting that" etc
>"Why? Because I'm a woman? reeee sexist"
>"No, because (logical unsexist reason)"
>female character left stunned by this epic takedown, never makes any suggestion about sexism again
>if they spar he easily overwhelms her and ends up on top of her, fight is useless combat-wise or showing their skills and is just about sexual tension
>these characters end up together

No. 139967

LMAO I hate this. I cant even remember anything its been in but I know Ive seen it.

No. 139972

there some tension between joker and batman.
The creators of batman in the beginning of the comics made Joker gay (then they made him straight/bi later) so yeah that says something.

No. 139980

This is a good one. I remember reading a longer discussion about this somewhere and it's so obnoxious how the writers use it to dismiss their (male) character of sexism while being sexist themselves. "Silly women, in this post-sexist world you still actually think men look down on you?" Uuh… what are you doing, bro? And they never acknowledge the reason the female character would have that kneejerk reaction in the first place, precisely because she's dealt with scrotes hurling sexist shit at her all her life. Off the top of my head it happens in A Knight's Tale, but I have to give that movie credit because it actually acknowledges the problem with this trope. Heath Ledger's character is being a piece of shit and trying to goad a reaction out of Kate, so he can get his armor fixed for free.

>William: Excuse me-

>Kate: Don't work for free.
>William: And I can't joust with broken armor.
>Kate: Your problem, not mine. Each droplet of sweat has a price on it.
>William: It's just as well, they said I was daft for even asking.
>Kate: Who?
>William: Oh, the other armorers.
>Kate: Did they say I couldn't do it because I'm a woman?
>William: No, they said you were great with horseshoes, but shite with armor. The fact that you were a woman wasn't even mentioned.
>[Kate rushes over and grabs the armor]

No. 139992

Ugh. This is one reason I didn’t like Memoirs of a Geisha that much when everyone creamed themselves over it back in 2005.

No. 139999

File: 1619746367911.jpg (126.5 KB, 1050x600, Eleven.jpg)

When psychic characters hold out their hand to use their powers. It 1) doesn't make sense and 2) doesn't look as cool as filmmakers think it does

No. 140021

Yeah it's way overused, especially when their nose starts to bleed. Please come up with literally anything else

No. 140036

File: 1619781095358.gif (3.89 MB, 250x188, fc6878464c9f63c61097759547ecfc…)

Made me remember Charmed where in the early seasons she'd squint to use her powers with an very quick zoom, and it always looked so silly. So I'm not sure what'd be a good way to show psychics powers.

No. 140038

lol I even heard the sound effect in my head when I looked at the gif. Ah, the good old days

No. 140043

That's the same reason I liked the villain and side characters from Memoirs of a Geisha kek. They try so hard to make the the protagonist girl so much better and special than everyone else, even giving her almost magical blue eyes that to me looked ridiculous, that they fail and end up making the side characters more interesting.

No. 140904

Game of Thrones in a nutshell

No. 140933

Every ~pure maiden uwu~ heroine trope. I wouldn't even give a shit about the mary sue aspect if they didn't act like literal retards. Even for the intent to self-insert they're not fun, it's one of the reasons why I can't get into most otome games and shoujo works.

Also hate relationship tropes where one character obsessively simps over someone who has zero interest in them. It just looks sad and pathetic. Or anything with a female character putting in all the effort while the guy just stands there looking ~*cool and aloof~*.

Hate the "opposites attract" trope cause it seems too contrived/forced a lot of times and the couple often doesn't have chemistry. If it's a bubbly character + gloomy character it's always the same old "one person solves the other's problems" shit (and once again if it's m/f it's usually the woman who has to be the perfect happy one fixing everything, rarely the reverse)

No. 140935

A weird, out-of-place, socially awkward character shoehorned into any sort of medieval/fantasy setting. Basically every Dragon Age fanfic ever. Bonus points if they're also trans.

No. 140948

Then you get the naysayers crying how "It's fantasy! You can have a trans-disabled black AIDS demimorphic character!"

No. 140949

File: 1620454994895.png (475.37 KB, 489x371, 432840327403275043.png)

Probably already mentioned but shaggy, fat (or gangly), weak-jawed, balding mutants paired up with hot girlfriends/wives. I've literally never seen the reverse, the girl always has to glow up to land a dude first which is laughable since men will settle for anything so long as they're getting pussy.

No. 140951

I feel like it's following "wand rules", which is silly because wands channel magic and psychics don't necessarily need to channel anything to use their psychic powers.

Hand to the head a la Professor X is good imo, makes more sense to show the character focusing inward rather than outward.

No. 140952

I've seen reverse a few times, but young hot guy x old lady is always made as a joke without a punchline

No. 140958

File: 1620468070501.png (903.24 KB, 1600x1067, 2538828.png)

In Ingobernable (Mexican Netflix series) there's a middle aged, kinda ugly female character who's dating an obviously much younger and better looking man. This is the only example I can think of and still she looks more well put together than the man in your example.
Pic related, they're the two in the middle.

No. 140960

The villain who hates the mc for some reason so they spend every waking hour of their life plotting against them. Characters like that appear in novels as cheap conflict dispensers. Just once I want them to say you know what, mc pissed me off but I'm over it and I got other shit to do.

I hate when books aimed at women try to pander to the basic bitch set of their audience. We decided to pamper ourselves that night so we painted our nails, drunk one too many glasses of champagne and watched grease together. Shut up. Are there really adults who meet up to paint their nails?

No. 140970

I think I have an example for you

No. 140972

A female character uses a lesbian character for "experiment" and "finding herself" and the lesbian character has hope for a real relationship, but of course the female character always goes back to dating males and only creates serious relationships with males during the course of a show/movie.
Honestly I've never seen gay men being used like that, male characters "unsure" of their sexuality testing it with gay men and then breaking their hearts. It's always lesbians.

No. 140973

I'm not sure it's a good example, since it's toyed with, as Yusuke noticed "her" padding was off and realized "she" was a "he" and felt him up before kicking him around.

No. 140982

Isn't it a thing happening irl? LMFAO

No. 141264

File: 1620682531902.jpg (101.36 KB, 1280x720, bcs.jpg)

Not sure if this counts as a trope since it's unintentional a lot of the time, but I hate when child characters act wayyy out of their age range. Children written like adults is the most common, where the writers apparently can't tell the difference between a smart child and an actual adult. Like, to some extent I get that 'wise beyond their years' characters can exist, but even if it's a fairly mature kid they aren't going to be this noble and self-sacrificing. Media that's actually aimed at kids mostly gets this right, but with older target audiences smart or wise kids are almost never realistic.

It can definitely go the other way too, with ~10 year old kids acting like they're 6. This one I mostly chalk up to the writers never being around any actual children of that age. They just don't get how stupid it is to see a kid that looks like he should be crudely drawing dicks on dusty cars with his friends and instead he's enthousiastically playing hide and seek and hiding behind a too thin tree.
One character that really bothers me because of this is Kaylee, the granddaughter of Mike in Better Call Saul (and BB I guess). It's this 11 year old girl whose favorite pastime is getting pushed on the swings by her grandpa at the playground and whose entire vocabulary consists of 'yay', 'ice cream' and 'pop-pop'. Like jesus, 11-12 is the age of being obsessed with Harry Potter books and getting crushes on boys and stuff, not giggling like a toddler because your pop-pop is giving you a piggyback ride. She legitimately comes across as mentally retarded and it's really off-putting to look at imo.

No. 141282

>Children written like adults is the most common, where the writers apparently can't tell the difference between a smart child and an actual adult. Like, to some extent I get that 'wise beyond their years' characters can exist, but even if it's a fairly mature kid they aren't going to be this noble and self-sacrificing.
You reminded me of that awful Christian glurge series of supposedly non-fiction novels about a guy meeting a 6 years old (or 10 at tops) waif who is so smart and knows God and loves the man so much. It was actually called 'Mister God, This is Anna':
>Anna, the found child, is an instinctive theologian with a boundless curiosity for physics, biology and mathematics. Much of the book describes her ad hoc science experiments involving magic lanterns, slide rules, voltmeters, revolving paddles in bathtubs and belts with buzzers riveted to them. Fynn portrays himself as a perpetually foxed comic foil to Anna’s pint-sized Socrates. She asks many questions, rejecting his conventional answers and drawing them toward a fuller sense of God’s nature.
>One character that really bothers me because of this is Kaylee, the granddaughter of Mike in Better Call Saul (and BB I guess)
Yeah, Kaylee makes zero sense. I assume she's as old as the plot needs at the moment, regardless of the actress' age or lore (?)

No. 141283

>have a tight knit friend group
>whoops person a & person b have feelings for each other
>this needs to be kept a secret for some reason & becomes the main source of conflict until the relationship is revealed

No. 141318

Cheating as a very common plot device for when the writers want to have The Drama
>long running mutual pinning
>characters finally get together
>no more tension, what to do?? Ah yes they should cheat

>characters in an established loving relationship from the start
>all the other plots start to get boring
>destroy that established relationship with cheating, people love drama!!

Once you start paying attention you realize how much cheating is there in fiction, it's crazy. Might be my own relationship trauma speaking, but I feel like in a way it's romanticizes and normalizes real life cheating because we're growing up watching these stories constantly which kinda may make people think that this is "normal" or even "hot"

No. 141319

I feel this immensely, it really does seem like a lot of people's perception of infidelity has been irrevocably warped by fiction, especially erotica.

No. 141439

Related to this I really hate "misunderstanding" as a trope.
>Characters have been pining for the longest time
>They're finally getting together
>The other character overhears an out of context discussion and thinks the other one doesn't actually love them
>Drama ensues
It's such a lazy, time-wasting way to write cheap conflict. Why did you need to take this weird detour just to drag the story on longer? We know they're going to clear up the misunderstanding and end up together so what's the point?

No. 141511

i know, i can't believe the praise captain marvel got when there is literally a SASSY BLACK WOMAN BFF

No. 141513

ramona isn't really "manic" or even fun though, she's kind of a douche i thought?

No. 141515

dude i know. i get people want to be "woke" but isn't forcing black people to only be in movies about civil rights still kind of racist?

No. 141582

Was gonna post this one. The problem here is they want cheap drama, like you said, but having a couple face an external threat would involve actual thinking in the writing, and why do that when you can make the drama cheap and internal instead?

Also, I don't know if its a trope, but that thing I used to see all the time in HBO shows. Male character and female character look at one another. Show them fucking a few minutes later.

No. 142040

I dislike that so many manga and anime exist where a guy becomes a stepdad or guardian to a girl and eventually screws or had a relationship with them when they’re an adult. This isn’t even exclusive to series written by men, I’ve seen male and female authors do it.

A lot of family manga in general tend to revolve around guys and daughters, the mom’s always dead or gone.

No. 142041

Most annoying josei trope
>I'm 30 and still not married, abloobloo
>All my friends got married when they were literally 12 and I'm the last one!
>Everyone calling the character too old and making a massive deal of her age
>Plot takes place in modern-day Japan where a lot of women are, in fact, unmarried at 30
>MC's love interest is a lot younger than her for some reason, or literally in high school
>People literally won't shut up about her being 'so old'
>Somehow, despite everything, everyone is okay with a thirty year old woman fucking a schoolboy
What the fuck

No. 142044

Almost always male character

>Character does a lot of horrific shit like sadistic torture, killing children, genocide, etc. for much of the story.

>But wait it's eventually revealed that they had a terrible abusive past and the implication is (usually) that their behaviour was an inevitable consequence

Part of the trauma makes you evil trope

No. 142045

File: 1621174825080.jpg (82.98 KB, 480x629, mob-hero.jpg)

>the mean girl dressed like a bimbo
I wish we would get more highly fashionable MCs who are heavily into makeup and who aren't school "mean girls".
I'm so tired of main characters dressed like shit and who are quirky and relatable, but I guess you can blame the early 2000's teen movies for that. It's not even realistic, because I'm sorry but women bullies are most of the time uggos dressed like chavs. Can't we get a pink & sparkly woman as mc who's nice and intelligent for once?

No. 142047

>I'm sorry but women bullies are most of the time uggos dressed like chavs

says who? my idea of it are chicks on their iphone 10 in leggins and a tee or on the toilet just bored.

elle woods did it tho, she was peak stacie but she achieve a lot of cool shit. >>142045

No. 142048

>chicks on their iphone 10 in leggins and a tee
isn't that just the 2015 version of 2009 chavs?

No. 142054

This is Genji monogatari's fault

No. 142056

>This is Genji monogatari's fault
Do you have any source on that or did you come to the conclusion yourself?

No. 142057

Lol anon it's just a joke, since it's the most important japanese poem, written by a woman, and the protagonist basically grooms a young girl and then gets with her when she grows up (he is a manwhore and actually his first lover is the wife of his dad who looks like his dead mom so it's all messed up). Idk if it's /really/ due to that

No. 142060

File: 1621187242706.jpeg (72.14 KB, 633x635, 1616603941240.jpeg)

I'm not surprised this shit was written by a woman, this looks like a typical melodramatic shojo manga with your typical slutty bad boy main character, incest fetish undertones and shitty love triangles lol.

No. 142089

A subtrope of this, ridiculously prominent in shoujo and fanfiction:
Female protagonist is a girl from a poor/middle class family, with no other traits than being nice, naive and kinda pretty. She's as average as possible, in fantasy setting she may have some stupid power like "the heart" or whatever makes her "special" (but she still has to be saved by everyone). Meanwhile her love interest is the school prince from a rich/aristocratic family, who plays the piano like a master, speaks several languages, can recite poetry at a drop of a hat and is always insufferably cool. Or at least he's the bad boy school rebel, who's still insufferably cool and may be secretly rich. For some reason he falls in love with the dumb protagonist, who constantly gushes over his looks, money, status and talents. He may also be a tortured genius for one reason or another, and she heals him with her tender heart.

It always pissed me off, because I wanted the girls to be better educated, worldly and more impressive than guys. My personal theory about the rise of villainess isekai is that people got tired of the average high school student protagonist in shoujo and this is the result, albeit I find the isekai excuse retardedly contrived.

Not a trope, but I hate Batfamily. Aside from Batman as a concept being dumb, him introducing other people to vigilantism makes him look even more like a douchebag moron, considering how badly it often ends. Batman Beyond was actually good in deconstructing the entire concept: years later Bruce is a lonely bitter old man, Tim Drake got fucked over, Dick Grayson broke off completely, Barbara is pretty antagonistic, and nobody trusts Bruce due to him being manipulative dick.

No. 142092

I thought the villainess shit was mainstreaming of femdom-lite content

No. 142095

I hate this 'mean popular girl' trope because they're always super feminine, like pink clothes and glamorous and confident. It's like when a woman owns her femininity, it's a crime, and she's supposed to want to be like a guy. And there's nothing wrong with girls who like to dress down and play sports etc, but it's really 2 dimensional and unfair the way it's shown in movies.

Most of all, I hate the way women in horror movies are shown. The camera shots are often from above and make her look like prey, and kind of treat her like half of a human. Just no personality, but something stupid and there to be looked at and hunted. I hate it and it's dehumanising. But I know there's going to be better horror soon, and maybe we're leaving these tropes behind now.

No. 142106

File: 1621210257978.jpg (74.5 KB, 720x1135, Makima_Vol_10_CSM_Cover.jpg)

Depends, when written by men it's usually their boner for femdom. Some mangaka have literally said so explicitly out loud, lol. Picrel.

No. 142226

Ughh I'm getting Usagi Drop flashbacks

Fuck this trope

No. 142390

File: 1621337063147.jpg (69.43 KB, 700x352, a2W70pY_700b.jpg)

tomboy gf, even worse when they slap on giant tits and ass because why bother being subtle these days?

Depicted as "one of the boys" or at least the only girl that actually "gets" generic male protagonist-chan. Towards him they act like an innocent tsundere princess virgin or dommy mommy hooker depending on the creator, either way they'll have the skills of an experienced porn star. The creator put in the most cliche way they can have tomboy gf scream "I'm NOT like the other girls" with their looks. Typically with a $2 short hair cut and at least one article of oversized "male" clothing. If they do put on something like a dress they "n-never wore this girly stuff before" and make a deal out of it just for generic guy-chan.

You can tell that the guys who obsess over this trope think they're open minded for being "different" than the usual guys who like the same exact traits but with longer hair and clothes that actually fit them properly as the only difference.

No. 142402

I agree, it's obnoxious. You can't call a girl a tomboy and give her a hentai body + hentai mannerisms. I wish they'd make tomboys show their vulnerability in other ways instead of shit to do with men/appealing to the male gaze. It's not cute or endearing, just makes them seem pathetic instead.

No. 142405

File: 1621341977470.jpg (176.47 KB, 1800x554, Perfect Female Lovers Example.…)

Perfect wife/female lover that only exists to fix their angsty and/or cynical male love interest to be decent people. Using these characters as a visual example because after finishing season 4 of Castlevania it's really prominent how shallow the studio writers write their female characters who also get to live in the end.

Their traits are usually defined by:
>Either weaker or at the same level in combat and/or skills as their male love interest
>Isn't considered a "weak" female character because she can actually banter and occasionally throw some lukewarm sass
>Has at least one scene near the beginning where she's actively helping the people around them to emphasis how nice and compassionate they are
>No emotional baggage or notable personal issues they need to work on (only men are allowed to have that, duh)
>No character development, she's pretty much the exact same person from the beginning to the end
>Acknowledges and fixes the flaws of her male love interest mostly through being his personal therapist which she does so flawlessly
>At worst she'd give a "serious" lecture maybe even with finger pointing but forgives him no matter how messed up the guy is
>Male love interest could literally be a violent, anti-social murderer and writers make it out to be something that the female love interest will happily fix or at least overlook

No. 142407


Just realized this current surge of "tomboy waifus" is basically the anime cool girl trope. But usually with extra tits. You'll rarely see tomboy waifus with a boyish figure cuz scrotes has to overcompensate the "maleness" with what they view as "femaleness" (tits and ass)

No. 142413

God yes, I like Sypha but that trope was so blatant and annoying.

No. 142416

it's so popular in us comics i hate it so much… Warren Ellis was writing comic as well no suprise…

No. 144501

I really hate the trope where a man (usually an older man) is a perfect husband, super faithful to his wife, who is an evil cold bitch and cheats on him, usually so he can leave her and end up with someone half his age.

this is obviously done to justify him being with someone much younger, so the audience has to feel bad for him. I can't think of anything this has been in besides the 1994 movie wolf with jack nicholson, but I know I've seen it elsewhere.

No. 144505

File: 1621761222817.jpg (80.94 KB, 800x338, 2007_i_am_legend_008.jpg)

I see a lot of shit tropes that piss me off in horror medias (mainly movies and video games);

>When a pet is needlessly killed and its death is used as an emotional spookiness

I hate it, it's so fucking lame. The only time it worked was with the dog from I'am Legend, because the dog was actually a fully dvp character.

>"Wowee, it all happened in their heads all along!1!1"

A trope that became old real quick and became synonymous with lazy writting, it's the basis for every predictable plot twists in video games and horror psychological movies.

this one is the worst one and only applies to horror video games, especially indie ones
>The father (MC that we play as) killed his entire family and killed himself afterwards. We play through limbo him finding out what he did
It's in so many indie horror games and I'm tired of playing as a piece of shit reading through a bunch of notes around his hq residential house asset

No. 144550

Any examples? I've honestly never heard of this before

No. 144553

Dunno, it only made me remember Rebecca, where the "suspicious" husband turns out to be justified in killing his age-appropriate wife, who takes over his life, bewitches everyone and then cheats on him and gives a maniacal speech about cucking him, how the children won't be his and how he can do nothing against it, which leads to him murdering her out of desperation. Although it's not really a straight example of the trope, and at least is treated like the main mystery, not just a throwaway detail or plotline.

No. 144633

File: 1621800576734.jpeg (63.29 KB, 1280x720, A1319A1F-FC94-4D27-9B0E-0EA222…)

I hate the slutty girl who has a stacking body count who’s a complete bitch and has no redeeming qualities yet somehow gets to end up happily married and with the bashful nice guy trope. You basically see this in every anime, especially shoujo, and it’s annoying as hell. Examples: Kuzu no Honkai, Panty and Stocking, Princess Jellyfish, etc. etc.

No. 144642

what's wrong with it? sounds potentially based

No. 144646

File: 1621802600412.jpeg (48.81 KB, 512x502, 8DD40C66-9F76-432D-9A20-43D278…)

Coomer detected.
Sure it’s totally gonna feel “based” when you catch all of the nasty STI’s she’s got crawling between her legs after fucking 1,000 guys before you. Are you really that fucking retarded that you’d want to marry a slut? Of all people?

No. 144647

moid or tradthot?

No. 144648

What's wrong with birth control? People use it for many reasons
Also, that reasoning sounds scroteish
>all of the nasty STI’s she’s got crawling between her legs
Yeah… no

No. 144651

>Sure it’s totally gonna feel “based” when you catch all of the nasty STI’s she’s got crawling between her legs after fucking 1,000 guys before you. Are you really that fucking retarded that you’d want to marry a slut?
The other anons are right. You absolutely sound like a scrote because you are 100% speaking from a male POV.
>Oh no! As a scrote, I may catch STDs from this girl whoring around like I wish I could! I would NEVER marry a slut, I want a pure virgin waifu uwu

No. 144659

Seeing a rogue scrote on lolcow is so weird, like where did you come from? Go back home

No. 144665

File: 1621810835822.jpg (96.69 KB, 800x609, 800px_COLOURBOX24249179.jpg)

No. 144669

you will lose your virginity to a sad, racist man with a receding hair line you met on discord and kill yourself before you turn 30

No. 144674

Like I said, the only movie off the top of my head I can think of is Wolf with Jack Nicholson. But like the other anon said, Rebecca is sort of like that. Goddamn I hated that book, for multiple reasons.

No. 144688

>you will lose your virginity to a sad, racist man with a receding hair line you met on discord and kill yourself before you turn 30
nta but jesus christ I feel seen and put on the spot KEK

No. 144695

File: 1621826531525.png (4.43 MB, 4000x3554, women on lolcow are whores.png)


I showed this to my virgin fiancee and you admittedly gave him quite a laugh. Last time I checked he has a full head of hair and isn't "racist" in the slightest, considering we're an interracial relationship.
So enjoy your trash media of whores getting their Disney princess fairytale happy ending. That's the closest that you'll ever get to experiencing what it is like to even have a guy who's attention you can get without you having to be spread-eagled on his cumstained bed for him.
Enjoy your Tinder hookup who, after he's done fucking you, tells you that he can stay for an hour and a half at your house to watch a Netflix movie, only to suddenly hear a text message buzz from his phone and that makes him suddenly have to leave, yet convinces you that it's just "for work". But it's really just him meeting up with another girl he finds more interesting and easier to hook up with.
Enjoy being married to a 3-time divorcee who drinks like a fish and is a closet hebephiliac because he remains emotionally scarred by the babysitter who raped him when he was 14 and can't down enough liquor to help him cope with his baggage.
Enjoy your fiction because that's the only semblance of happiness that you're ever going to get in your miserable lives, you worthless whores.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 144699

KEK no one cares, sperg
go jerk off more to jailbait on /b/

No. 144702

You really wrote an entire fanfic because of those replies lmao.

No. 144703

File: 1621828149567.jpg (177.71 KB, 900x675, 1598877046821.jpg)

>I showed this to my virgin fiancee and you admittedly gave him quite a laugh. Last time I checked he has a full head of hair and isn't "racist" in the slightest, considering we're an interracial relationship.
>So enjoy your trash media of whores getting their Disney princess fairytale happy ending. That's the closest that you'll ever get to experiencing what it is like to even have a guy who's attention you can get without you having to be spread-eagled on his cumstained bed for him.
>Enjoy your Tinder hookup who, after he's done fucking you, tells you that he can stay for an hour and a half at your house to watch a Netflix movie, only to suddenly hear a text message buzz from his phone and that makes him suddenly have to leave, yet convinces you that it's just "for work".
>But it's really just him meeting up with another girl he finds more interesting and easier to hook up with.
>Enjoy being married to a 3-time divorcee who drinks like a fish and is a closet hebephiliac because he remains emotionally scarred by the babysitter who raped him when he was 14 and can't down enough liquor to help him cope with his baggage.
>Enjoy your fiction because that's the only semblance of happiness that you're ever going to get in your miserable lives, you worthless whores.

No. 144704

not reading all that shit. daily reminder that your fake boyfriendo will cheat on you the second he finds a different underage girl on your level of retardation. probably already has.

No. 144706

This is autistic but I hate this-
"Susie's daughter goes missing, she calls her husband,David, who tells her that their daughter had died in a car crash. Susie KNOWS that's not the truth, she has flashbacks to the other day when her and their daughter, Jill were playing with dolls. She keeps seeing shit that reminds her that Jill is in fact NOT dead,she's remembering moments they had. Her husband keeps insuring her that Jill is really dead and Susie was harmed in the crash as well, causing her to have memory issues.

David tells her that every few months she has a mental breakdown where she refuses to believe Jill had died. Susie does not believe him.
Susie's on her way to the police station to report her daughter missing. She sees a little girl with blonde hair and a shirt her daughter has from the back, Susie jumps out the car runs towards the girl hugging her, the girl screams and it's not Jill.
Susie breaks down in the street and still ends up at the police station but because she had gotten arrested. Her husband picks her up and provides proof of Jill's death FINALLY.
Susie breaks down and starts to accept it. She starts going to a therapist who explains in details what had happened.Jill is convinced and wants to move on.
About a week later, she finds a picture or some shit that Jill drew, what she found is 100% proof that Jill had not died and there's no way it can be explained away. She knows Jill isn't dead and something is off.
Eventually,Susie finds out her husband is evil and sold their daughter off because he owed some rich and powerful people money. Evil husband David's best friend, John is the only one who believes Susie when she breaks it down. Of course, John is handsome and single.

David goes missing, Susie breaks numerous laws/harms innocent people and gets arrested and breaks out of jail, by knocking out a police officer with a chair or something, stealing her outfit and gun. She's fighting to save her daughter & doesn't tell ANYONE else what is going on. She has to do this herself, with the help of John. No other options. NONE.
Susie learns that an absurd amount of people were in on lying to her about Jill, She kills/seriously harms multiple people with Good Man John to save Sally. Then, when Jill is safe, they flash forward to Susie in a beautiful kitchen cutting carrots. Jill runs into the room asking if she could play outside longer before dinner.
Susie says no, Jill begins to whine and then Good Man David comes in and is like, "Come on baby, just 5 more minutes" kissing her on the neck.
Jill turns around, revealing she's pregnant with David's baby."

I hate every single trope i just wrote. I've watched movies with all of these tropes or some of the; I think I've watched maybe 20 lifetime movies with this same exact plot.

No. 144707

nona reading this makes me want to curl up, they're all painful and i appreciate your effort

No. 144708

i hate that im jealous of that guy's neat decoration skills. would

No. 144800

having a panic attack because im using the exact same desk as that fat scrote

No. 144972

Abusive dad redemption arc. Absolutely intolerable. Often they aren't just your bog standard neglectful or absent bad father either but actual torturous borderline psychopathic monsters who terrorized their kids and wives for years- causing permanent trauma. Oh, but eventually they reflect and feel so so bad and want to make amends and change. And his victims and other characters forgive him and the author really really wants the reader to as well.

I would feel the same way about abusive mother redemption storylines but those are much more rare. I had basically 0 interest in BNHA already but when I heard how prominently this features in the manga and anime I was repulsed and disgusted. I hate abusive/misogynist male characters getting redemption arcs. So lame. They're shit. Stop trying to force me to like them.

No. 144981

Something that frustates me to no end in those arcs is how the child is in the wrong if they don't want to forgive their parents, and are being cruel and imature by not wanting to deal with their pos parents.
Like, being an abusive (physically and emotionally, sometimes even sexually) parent is forgivable, but a child telling their parent to fuck off is over the line? Bitch, fix your fucking moral compass because that shit is spinning more than a yo-yo.

No. 144982

Yes, that makes my blood boil. Somehow the kid is stunted and immature or selfish or something if they say fuck off and want nothing to do with the Dad or get really angry. Like "Can't you see they've changed? Can't you see they have a good side?" After years of being terrorized and held prisoner in their own home. I hate that the characters who jump to forgive everyone who wrongs them (and everyone around them) are considered more morally enlightened and pure.

>Bitch, fix your fucking moral compass because that shit is spinning more than a yo-yo.

Exactly. The fuck?

No. 144984

Adding onto that
>I'm 30 and dedicated a good portion of my life to my career
>you should be a housewife mc-chan
>god mc-chan if you don't settle down RIGHT FUCKING NOW you're gonna die alone
>MC-chan is perfectly happy with her job and has 0 problems with this fact
>bishie co worker or boss enters her life and suddenly mc-chan gives a shit about both her age and the fact that she's a career woman

I also despise the mc trope where being "kind" is a substitute for a personality.

No. 144985

That actually sounds somewhat based, like 30 year old women should have young 19 year old lovers

No. 145028

Unforgivable crime that actually turns out to have been justified and even "right" from a certain POV.
The best example (and one that has stayed with me for over 10 years, sadly) is from The Inquisitor Cycle - a Polish fantasy novel series that's basically a Witcher rip-off, but badly written and even more sexist (see https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/TheInquisitorCycle for details). In one of the stories, there is a scene of a Friendzoned Nice Guy brutally raping a girl he's been in love with forever. To make things worse, the POV protagonist says
>Don't get me wrong, rape is a constant in our miserable times and besides, it's not like women have that body part made out of soap so that they cannot service many men. Still, in this one case I felt kinda bad for the girl because she was so uwu horrified and the guy was fucking her so aggressively
Well, it turns out that the rapist was 'right' because if he hadn't raped the girl, she would be raped/murdered/sacrificed/whatever by some powerful guy. I was a dumb teen when I've read this shit, but I noticed the misogyny in the whole book (OF COURSE the protagonist's best friend is a brothel madame who offers him discounts or free fucks). I was confused by the justified rape plot twist cause I felt that if it was right why did it still feel wrong to me as a reader? As an adult women, I see that the whole plot was an excuse to put rape in that godforsaken book… plus, if sex was the only solution, why did the scrote not talk it out with the girl? Why didn't they look for a different solution? I may have forgotten some plot points, but it doesn't matter since the author still decided to write the story so that the rapist turned out to be a supposedly good person.
I feel like this type of a plot twist may have a name, but I couldn't find it on Tv Tropes.

No. 145037

This kinda reminds me of when Stephen King blasted Stanley Kubrick about how he changed Jack's character in The Shining, saying how he missed the point and that he was actually trying to be a better person and father/husband and redeem himself through the story, but I think Kubrick saw right through that and pretty much gave no excuses for Jack's behaviour in the movie. I read an interesting comment recently, actually, about how the book version of Jack shows the perspective of an abusive father trying to excuse and whitewash his actions, while the movie version shows the perspectives of his victims and how they deal with his abuse. I found that very interesting and accurate.

No. 145047

I thought I was alone in thinking that. I've always found it so insane that King defends his Jack and complains that the movie made Jack a bad and crazy person from the very start. Does he seriously not see how shitty of a person he is from the start? Like the entire reason he lost his teaching job was because he was fired for being a dick. He hates women due to thinking his mom was weak for taking his dads abuse. He had an affair and he broke his kids arm. I can get King being annoyed that his self insert didn't get his redemption arc in the movie. What I don't get is why he tries so hard to convince people the book version wasn't as terrible of a person at the start. Its also weird to me that King himself gets away with self inserting himself into every one of his books as an abusive asshole. Its creepy that he admits the character is based on him. The character is a misogynistic abusive asshole. Why does nobody think it's weird that King says the character was based on himself and that he stans the character and his precious redemption arc so hard?

No. 145049

This shit but also the trope where an evil abusive pos mother is either just "uwu quirky mom" or being possessed/mind controlled/whatever because god forbid we show abusive mothers in media and how awful that can be to have. At least abusive fathers are cut out 50% of the time, abusive moms get forgiveness in media almost every time.

No. 145064

This reminded me of a trope I hate that's sort of similar where it's basically trying to force the reader to sympathize with someone monstrous.

>Character A is introduced as the lowest of the low, e.g. a serial pedophile, a wife beater, etc.
>Main character hates them, as is normal
>Enter some convoluted plot contrivance to justify Character A's crimes and actually their victims are the real evil ones OR a woman is somehow to blame for goading Character A to committing these atrocities

Some examples I can think of off the top of my head are
>The cult leader child rapist in 1Q84 (the victims are actually magic fairies or some bs and they actually rape the poor paralyzed old man)
>Allie's foster father in The Power by Naomi Alderman, another pedophile and rapist (it turns out his wife is actually the one who tells him to rape Allie, and she is the true evil one! #notallmen)
>Ben in Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is a pedophile as well (but he actually never molested any girls! Except for one little girl who he just masturbated over, who becomes a stripper anyway so whatever right)
>Alistair in Woman in the Window (movie) beats his wife and son (but his "wife" is actually his meth addict ex tormenting him, and his son is actually a psychopath who can't stop killing, so he beats them because he is trying to SAVE everyone!)

No. 145093

Based Kubrick

No. 145203

>abusive moms get forgiveness in media almost every time.


No. 145231

I hate when the creator will have a good character or protagonist go evil but they don't sell this transformation to the audience at all. There isn't adequate build up or they will try to simply retcon the character's past actions as somehow red flags or warning signs that they were always deranged when that's dubious at best. Usually they expect you to buy that a tragedy or loss is enough to make a compassionate person with strong morals become sadistic/genocidal/completely indifferent to the suffering of others or at least allies with people who are. I don't oppose "good guys" going bad or switching teams but they have to sell it to me. Obviously this descent into nihilism/madness/evil can be done well. But often I find it shoddy.

Notable exceptions are when a large chunk of the audience misreads a character as a good person who goes bad when they clearly weren't good from the beginning and those dark traits were carefully highlighted by the creator initially (thinking of Walter White).

No. 145234

All of these plot points are satanic.

>Surprise! The rapist/pedo/domestic abuser is actually a good guy or being forced to do it by a woman.

Shut up shut up shut up.

No. 145238

File: 1622005015745.jpg (105.01 KB, 850x1204, sample-8c32f20268017fe5b583147…)

Lusamine is the big recent example that stood out to me. "uwu big scawy pokemon drugs were making her abuse her children!" or "uwu big scawy men from other universes made her do it!" depending on the game and her kids just shrug it off and are like "uwu I hope she is a nice mom soon!" Contrast that with fucking Ghetsis who gets no narrative sympathy for being a piece of shit.

There was also that "comedy" Mom that justified the mother character destroying her child's life over and over again and pushing her into alcoholism because "uwu she had a hard life too, you can't cUt OfF yOuR mOm!", but I honestly don't know if that one got better because watching half an episode of that awful crap made me ill.

No. 147213

File: 1623037525704.jpeg (97.76 KB, 750x1181, C2D70D22-43DE-4293-9E25-EC597B…)

i really don’t like the “it was all a cult/conspiracy” twist, you know, like they did in night in the woods or hereditary (that one was barely a twist but w/e) to give some examples. it’s so dumb and overdone. though admittedly it was kind of funny in hot fuzz.

No. 147368

Agreed, nitw had such a stupid plot twist. It would be much better if they kept it more realistic

No. 147637

idk if this is an actual trope, but just overall when kids or teens (most often girls) in media don't act/talk/behave even remotely age appropriate. i feel like this is in SO many books and movies and series, but the example that first comes to mind, because i recently just finished watching it, is sweet tooth on netflix.

so the main character who is a young boy (like 10-12 i don't remember) is acting very age-adequate from the beginning. just being a kid, dressig like a kid, emoting like a kid and overall being recognized by others as a child.

then this group of "bad ass" kids (age range like 12-16 maybe?) enter the story and all act like adults except they all have animal costumes sometimes and otherwise dress like e-girls, and they play VR shooting games in an arcade (which is also like? why do they have an arcade with pinball games and stuff? this just feels like pandering to men in their 30s who grew up with early video game culture instead of kids today who play minecraft on their ipads). one of these tweens become a central character in the story, and all throughout the rest of the show she is written just like an adult character, except physically she's a kid. she interacts almost flirtily with the adult man helping out the main kid gus, and together it's as if they act almost like his parents taking responsibility of him together, despite her being in the same age range as the other kid and not the adult. another example of this is rachel in 500 days of summer. also that drug dealer child in euphoria, like come on now. these characters are just being casted as kids for no good reason at all. and they don't even get the "it's actually a 50000 year old immortal demon vampire" excuse like they do in anime.

No. 147639

Just your everyday generic anime school girl, running late to school with a loaf of bread hanging on her mouth, clumsy, ass shots everywhere every damn minute she falls or runs into someone. Annoying and forced high pitched voice, love interest of the generic anime boy, and the forced cute personality.

Whenever i see anime that has this character i just click off, its only a waste of time.

No. 147641

god I hate this, there's also the reverse trope of this. a hot woman who is really naive and dumb like a kid, the "born yesterday" trope. I think there's even a youtube video about it.

No. 147657

the trope is called "born sexy yesterday", for anyone whos interested, here's the video about it

No. 147673

Honestly the main boy also acts like he's 5, not 10. He's written pretty badly imo, absolutely idiotic at times. And I don't accept the 'he was shelteted', his dad taught him to be scared of people, run, self preserve and hide. The boy is written like a toddler and it seems to me like he always magically lost half his IQ when the plot needed progressing.

No. 147686

speaking of this channel, anons opinions on this?
all I can keep thinking is that uhh these are written directed and perpetuated by men. their baseline is coombrain even when it comes to other men. jesus christ

No. 147701

I mean yeah, that happens all the time. But it's easy enough to suspend disbelief. Look at the mechanics of pen and paper RPGs. They employ the same storytelling mechanics: the protagonists and antagonists are special. So special, in fact, that their age becomes irrelevant and serves only as set dressing. This underlying concept is as old as storytelling itself. It can be bad, it can be good. It's simply filed under suspension of disbelief.

No. 147710

Men only used the 'male rape is considered a joke!!!' to one-up feminists. They don't actually care, or they would stop writing and directing so many movies/tv shows where men get raped as a punchline

No. 147719

I hate Shonen anime/manga. Idk how people can't see that fight scenes do not make a good anime. It's the same contrived plot over and over again where they fight some baddies but then the stakes are heightened every arc. Yes there is Shonen I watch like yu-gi-oh and Jojo.

Won't be long until Hollywood starts pumping out marvel like anime movies.

No. 147721

>I hate Shonen anime/manga. Idk how people can't see that fight scenes do not make a good anime. It's the same contrived plot over and over again where they fight some baddies but then the stakes are heightened every arc. Yes there is Shonen I watch like yu-gi-oh and Jojo.
>Won't be long until Hollywood starts pumping out marvel like anime movies.
Aren't they already doing this? Capeshit is shonenshit for normies that can't into anime

No. 147725

The fight scenes are the only good thing I like, otherwise, everything else is downright stupid half the time like the stakes getting dumber and dumber until you lose interest quick along with the coombrained fan pandering fanservice.

No. 147812

This is such an ancient trope for Japanese literature, though (and Chinese literature, too). There's always a protagonist, and with his traveling companions, they have to challenge the lord of a castle of something. But first, they have to defeat the lord's generals and armies. Sailor Moon did that, hell, there was a violent dog manga from the 70's called "Silver Fang -The Shooting Star Gin-" that did that, too (with bear generals).

No. 147813

I wonder if we'll ever have a male director who was abused as a kid. I'd like to see how he would respond to this drivel. It feels like men can be so close-minded as to the suffering of other men when they were boys.

No. 147815

Fight scenes can be both the worst and the best part of a series. One with a tonne of build up, a plot twist, an underdog finally rising up, an emotional climax, revealing a new skill, etc etc… that's some chefs kiss shit, it can be really impactful and hype. But too many average fight scenes and I'm just bored, fighting for the sake of fighting is something only a scrote could enjoy.

No. 147827

>Fight scenes can be both the worst and the best part of a series. One with a tonne of build up, a plot twist, an underdog finally rising up, an emotional climax, revealing a new skill, etc etc
All of that sounds extremely boring and cliche to me, so I guess I'm just not an audience for any shonen ever

No. 147848

File: 1623405539852.png (747.81 KB, 450x637, Gdwanime873.png)

Densetsu Weed and Silver Fang Gin are unironically superior to other shounen mangas don't shit on them nonnie kek

No. 148050

Same guys who complain male rape is a joke, also recommend Boku no Pico because its eks dee so funny to see little anime boys raped

No. 148071

Anytime an anime has a cute girl die, people automatically laud it as a masterpiece tearjerker. Bonus points if the death just comes out of nowhere and serves no purpose but to make the audience sad and fake emotional depth.

No. 148081

>Jun Maeda is typing

No. 151546

Fake Deaths. Took several shows from 8 or 9/10 to 4/10 at best for me.

No. 151549

the long stare of two unknown opposite sex character during a talk that gives away the fact they're gonna end up together

No. 156328

File: 1629219865536.jpg (617.58 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

Trap characters
>"I'm actually a boy!"
>does gay things with male mc
>having little to no androgyny but just a drawn flat chest girl with Schrodinger's dick
>having the same uwu personality of being frail or optimistic with girly mannerisms
>having the slim slender feminine body figure sometimes with girl hips and thighs
>having a female voice
>purposely made for coomers to fap to

No. 156329

why did you post it in two threads

No. 156339

One thread could not contain her hatred for femboys obviously

No. 156380

Because traps and femboys are shit

No. 156382

>very intelligent character, usually detective/PI
>poor social skills, few friends autistic
>has one best friend who helps him with things he's bad at like romance/interacting with people
>usually some queerbaiting

Obviously this is from Sherlock Holmes but so many authors and writers have used this trope. It's been done to death. Wish they'd find a different dynamic.

No. 156407

No. 157265

File: 1629733331449.jpg (357.4 KB, 1280x1807, 03.jpg)

Because people were talking about this in Moo's thread and I was reminded of my profound hate: The current iteration of gyaru (and the random characters that get called gyaru for no reason). It's, at best, just a lame watered down version of what gyaru aesthetic. Why did stupid moids suddenly develop a a fetish for it a decade or more past its peak? Why are there even historical and fantasy manga getting tagged as gyaru?

No. 157266

File: 1629733389060.jpg (126.03 KB, 1280x720, g1df9ir.jpg)

And the spineless male leads they are often paired with.

No. 157268

it sucks that any fashion movement that women participate for self-expression gets fetishized by scrotes eventually. gyaru was created to defy the yamato nadeshiko ideal by doing the exact opposite but now it's just another sexualized trope for coombrain otakus. fuck them.

No. 157270

As if a gyaru girl would talk to a nerd loser

No. 157273

It’s part of the degradation fetish, moids want women to lower themselves to the point of actually talking to them.

No. 157282

Isn't that the reverse though? Isn't it about how these guys want to be humiliated as much as possible by confident, attractive women because they know they're shit? Anyway, I don't get what all of this has to do with gyaru fashion.

No. 157329

i think gyaru has always been a popular hentai trope even through the years that the fashion wasnt relevant at all. i guess cause the stereotype of gyaru being like "slutty party girls". also just guys that are into like tanned skin and blonds.

No. 157344

As someone who was really into gyaru when it was still a thing I agree, it feels like they're obsessed with gyarus because they're portrayed as slutty mommydom street girls who bully their pathetic nerd asses by constantly giving them attention. Which couldn't be farther from the truth since most gyarus were based and couldn't care less about being a beta male bangmaid but you know, men need to fetishize every inch of any female thing and turn every female-specific interest into somehow being dedicated to male cooming.

I don't know, it seems to be more about
>How do you like this, Incel-kun? I'm a beautiful, popular girl who's lowering herself to your level and accepting your disgusting dick because deep down I find you being absolutely pathetic adorable instead of thinking you're gross like I would in real life, tee hee!

No. 157367

> 90-120 pound woman who beats men twice her size in combat
this so much, in so many media the ‚strong female protagonist‘ looks weak af, when in reality if she would be a seasoned fighter capable of taking out a stronger oppenent she would look fit with some muscle definition at least. You’re very likely not gonna hit anything or even hold a weapon properly with those spaghetti arms. Those are almost always lazy Mary Sue designs.

No. 157672

File: 1629966260750.jpg (462.03 KB, 1400x2100, Corpse_Bride_Poster.jpg)

Not sure if this counts but
>Male non human character still gets the girl at the end of movie (shape of water, megamind, beauty and the beast, etc)
>Female non human character self sacrifices her love so that the male love interest can end up with a different woman and then dies sad and alone (little mermaid book, corpse bride, etc)

Genuine question is there a single book with an reversed beauty and the beast where the girl actually doesn't die and gets to be happy? Closest thing I can think of is Shrek, which barely counts since they both fall into the 'beast' category at the end, I guess little mermaid disney movie which also barely counts because she turns human at the end and like, if you really want to stretch the definition MAYBE howl's moving castle? Even then all of these end with the protagonist being beautiful at the end with the exception of Shrek.

No. 157678

I don't know honestly, but your post made me think of Lord of the Rings, and how Arwen had to give up being immortal to be with Aragorn. In the extended Tolkien universe that happens more times like with Beren and Luthien or Lothiriel and Eomer and there are probably more. And it's always a female elf giving up immortality to be with a male human. It always made me mildly salty that there were no male elf/human female pairings. I mean, that might exist somewhere in Tolkien's works, but if it does I'm unaware of it as I haven't read all of his works (and probably never will because there's a LOT). A girl just wants to dream of having a beautiful elf prince husband.

>Even then all of these end with the protagonist being beautiful at the end

I mean yeah but at least in Beauty and the Beast the prince became beautiful at the end, at least in the Disney one. I'm guessing that didn't happen in the other two you mentioned but I've never seen them.

No. 157707

Oh my God, don't remind me of The Corpse Bride! I was so fucking mad that Victor chose Victoria (aka the plain, boring character) instead of gorgeous and fascinating Emily. I am still seething when I think about it. Especially since Emily not only had a broken heart, but she got fucking murdered by her fiance. She deserved a happy end! Fuck that shit. Victoria didn't even want to marry Victor (understandable, bit him getting with Emily would be a better story than an arranged marriage working out in the end).
>Genuine question is there a single book with an reversed beauty and the beast where the girl actually doesn't die and gets to be happy?
I know you asked about book, but the sad thing is that it probably only happens in ecchi manga/anime, because Japanese scrotes are into monster girls

No. 157718

>Lothiriel and Eomer
?? Lothiriel wasn't immortal in the first place?
IIRC Tuor (human) became immortal to be with his wife Idril (elf)
> It always made me mildly salty that there were no male elf/human female pairings.
Aegnor and Andreth, though Aegnor went to war and died and Andreth grew old before they could get married. So wasn't really a happy ending.

Sage for Tolkien sperging.

No. 157727

Ugly old man + forever beautiful female = normal but ugly old woman + forever beautiful male is a no go …

No. 157747

Right? I rewatched the movie yesterday since I hadn't seen it since I was like five and I genuinely felt so bad for her! You can tell that if the roles were reversed it would have ended with the dead person winning.
>but the sad thing is that it probably only happens in ecchi manga/anime, because Japanese scrotes are into monster girls
Even then it's pretty much the choice of shitty harem anime or literal shitty brothel anime.

No. 157753

>Lothiriel wasnt immortal in the first place

My bad, i thought Lothiriel was an elf for some reason. Not sure how I got that idea in my head but knowing she's human kind of makes me feel better.

>IIRC Tuor (human) became immortal to be with his wife Idril (elf)

Wait, why does the woman elf have to become mortal for a man, but when its genderswapped the man gets to become immortal? That seems unfair.

No. 157755

File: 1629995838417.jpg (135.3 KB, 900x675, hitomebore07.jpg)

>Right? I rewatched the movie yesterday since I hadn't seen it since I was like five and I genuinely felt so bad for her! You can tell that if the roles were reversed it would have ended with the dead person winning.
Corpse Bride really need a fix fic, or even a retelling in the style of Maleficent. I don't understand, how can you NOT make the most striking and iconic character of your story the winning love interest? Okay, maybe I would get it if the other option was almost as interesting… but Victoria is so bland.
>Even then it's pretty much the choice of shitty harem anime or literal shitty brothel anime.
You reminded me of pic related, a visual novel titled Love at First Sight. It's cute and non-sexualized. The cyclops girl is the only love interest, so of course she wins. The story targets scrotes tho, so it's not exactly what we want. I would love to see a female-targeted story about a monstergirl (or even better, a monsterwoman) getting the scrote of her dreams. I imagine the monstergirl to be sympathetic or strangely charming, but in the same way the creature from Shape of Water is. None of that 'big titty lamia gf' bullshit.

No. 157757

File: 1629996694303.gif (9.78 KB, 271x156, bbhood90.gif)

>or even a retelling in the style of Maleficent
I read somewhere that they're doing a live action version of corpse bride (because they want to ride on the Disney live action remake coattails) hopefully they'll either a. let Emily win and not die miserably or b. give the human love interest an actual personality and not have it be an arranged marriage with them speaking twice.
At least they had the cute piano scene with Emily and Victor, Victoria wasn't even allowed to play the piano because they have to keep her as dull as possible at all times.
>The cyclops girl is the only love interest, so of course she wins. The story targets scrotes tho, so it's not exactly what we want.
Still better than anything I suppose, she is very cute but it brings up how even when there's a monster girl she's never really 'ugly' just has one off putting trait like bird wings or something just look at games like darkstalkers, every playable girl in it aside from Bulleta is a sexy monster or half monster girl.

I pretty genuinely believe that a role reversed version of shape of water won't happen for a looooong time basically.

No. 157772

I'm tempted to browse the entire Cute Monster Girl page on TvTropes to see if there are any stories about female monsters and male hunks, but it's too much lmfao

No. 157821

The more I grow up, the more I start to dislike hypersexualised stories set in High School (Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars). Would it really kill the creators to set the show in college?
I know it's fantasy and all, but the fixation on teenagers' sex life is weird when you think about it, considering this shows are supposedly for adults and don't approach sexuality from the perspective of exploration/discovery.
Also, 30-year-olds pretending to be 15 lol

No. 157834

File: 1630045640684.jpg (47.62 KB, 640x480, 90210 NaomiClarks002.jpg)

Yeah, I tried to rewatch 90210, it was just too ridiculous. I looked up the ages of the actors and the female actors of the teenagers were mostly 18-22 and the male actors were mostly at least 25. It seemed like there was too much sex and shit (and possibly drugs? I don't remember) going on in that show. I had no problem watching that show as a teen myself but as an adult it felt weird, even though everyone looked older. Not to mention the weird casting choices. The woman on the left in picrel is supposed to be the woman on the right's mother. I looked it up and there's only a 14 year age difference. So like, she could technically be her mom, but in the show the mom also had an even older daughter who legit looked as old as her (or older).

And Pretty Little Liars is even worse, even though I've never seen it, but I know of a certain thing that happens in it that makes me cringe.

Actually this did happen, in Highlander I think? But she dies of old age instead of him becoming mortal.

No. 157841

same, and I may be a pearl clutching prude but I hate that teenage shows show raunchy teenage sex scenes, played by adults, and everyone is acting as a complete slut all the time as the norm. And the argument for using adult actors is often "well we can't show actual teens/kids doing sex stuff, that would be wrong" but somehow pretending that they are kids makes it better and less wrong to want to see 16 year olds go at it like rabbits? Not to mention you then get "teenagers" with "adult bodies" which is also really gross when you think about it…

It's so refreshing when you see actual teens in movies and you realize how fucked up it would be for an adult to be into them.

No. 157851

I completely agree with this, was watching Euphoria and a whole chunk of the plot is about what a character did being considered child porn/underage nudes, but like, we (the viewer) saw it all too, so they're trying to act like it's all underage but then also showing us it?? …Creeps me out, why would I want to watch "canon cp"

No. 160155

Maybe weird to fixate on, but just once I wanna read a romance manga that, when it's time for their first time and they have to have the talk, doesn't go "Tomoko-chan, I know you're scared, which is why I'll wait as long as you need me to!" – "Lamp-senpai… if it's with you, I'll be fine uwu" or similar and instead has Tomoko-chan making Lamp-senpai actually wait, because she just isn't ready yet and has to mentally prepare herself.

No. 160238

anon why did you have to use sungwon characters lmao

No. 160267

>Rejected love interest ends up in a rushed, undeveloped relationship as a consolation prize
>Traps. They make zero effort to make the character look androgynous, and it isn't funny
>Relationship dynamic is burdening one of the characters with the emotional baggage of the other one

No. 160279

Character hasn't actually done that bad thing we believed they did, it was all a misunderstanding. And I hate when horror movie characters have no personality and story, they only exist to be killed

No. 160378

I hate the trope of "slutty and less attractive best friend" who's only there to make the main girl (or sometimes male) look prettier and more innocent. I always thought it must be rough to always be cast for those roles.

No. 160559

i hate the tropes in fiction about eating disorders. it's always the same bullshit.
>mc is a generic teenage girl or 20 something woman but if she ever goes to a recovery program or a support group all the other patients there are an overly diverse mix of people to make mc stand out as the attractive one despite the unrealistic premise of it all
>mc somehow develops extreme anorexia from the most trivial hardships imaginable like divorced parents, moving houses/switching schools, fading friendships, being "invisible" among their peers, struggling with grades etc
>either that or they play sports/dance but never on a really highly professional level yet somehow there's soooo much pressure
>mc is "smart" and a special snowflake with deeply intellectual interests such as music and reading
>the disordered behaviours depicted are taken straight from proana tumblr posts
>parents always depicted as evil, selfish and neglectful despite trying their very hardest and being in constant emotional distress caused by the situation
>a concerned friend, love interest or sibling single-handedly motivates mc to get help but the desperation of their parents has zero effect
>all the doctors/psychiatrists/nurses/therapists are depicted as uninterested and lazy or otherwise severly lacking in competence
>insert the magic pixie not-like-the-other-professionals who can see right through mc's façade and is a misunderstood asocial galaxybrain just like mc which instantly cures them

No. 160589

I hate the "tough girl" trope. The one where the girl has short hair with bangs to the side, is super tough and masculine, rolls her eyes at feminine things, etc.
I find them way worse than the overly feminine pink loving stereotypical characters, at least those embrace femininty without being ashamed

No. 162049

I don't like it on principle that there trying to be subversive but failing at it.

No. 162079


No. 162080

I don't think I've ever seen that trope, at least recently, but I have to disagree. I wish we had more GNC characters. It seems like female characters have to be super sexy and feminine and be a boss bitch who can beat men in combat. It's ridiculous.

No. 162117

Oh no, these characters are definitely still sexualized just with the traits of having short hair and looking down on other women and feminine stuff. If they were actually just gnc I'd be down.

No. 162306

Same here to be honest, I'm a feminine woman but I don't mind female characters acting gruff if there still compelling and aren't just a scrote with tits in terms of behavior

No. 162312

File: 1632933359827.jpg (23.83 KB, 615x388, 1632634355193.jpg)

I posted this in another thread, I hate it when they cast 90 pound actresses with no muscle tone as female action heroes and them knocking out giant 200 pound adult men with a single punch
Is it that hard to cast an actually physically built woman for a role, like Christ they cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman, whose supposed to have the physique of an Olympian athlete and they cast a woman who looks like a small breeze could knock her down

Gina Carano is probably the only actress in years who actually looks the part of her badass female character

No. 162333

that's a NLOG, and I don't think anybody likes them.

No. 162387

I hate when writers make NLOGs becuase theyre always either goths, tomboys, or prudish wallflowers that only exist to pick fights with the pretty and popular characters becuase being girly and liking pink is a crime

Whenever I see people who talk about how much they love characters like Sam Manson, I immediately know they most likely had a NLOG phase or are still in it

No. 162389

Hate when female characters are supposed to be the strongest ever, but they're pretty much only powerful in theory since the writers never do anything for them whether its fights or actual storylines

Feels like writers went "Okay, thats enough activism for one day" and people eat that shit up anyways

No. 162629

File: 1633124913570.jpg (561.14 KB, 1192x1194, 3654789325.jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of self-insert MCs whose only character trait is being nice (aka spineless), worse yet when they are " uwaaa I'm a socially autist with no friends, feel sorry for me "

No. 162636

File: 1633128602653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.04 KB, 600x450, Ive seen school days i know wh…)

Picrel is the only example of the trope that I enjoy tremendously

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