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File: 1612351221875.jpg (231.07 KB, 1400x1400, f9afca14882427.5c8b84ba04e57.j…)

No. 125527

Post character designs that you like or deem worthy of recognition, or characters that are universally and professionaly well regarded. Bonus points if you add why

No. 125530

File: 1612351646149.gif (1.33 MB, 500x281, zQRGEpO.gif)

Simple but iconic

No. 125531

wtf no, Yoko is like 14 and runs around in a skimpy bikini with baloon tits.

No. 125532

File: 1612351971496.jpg (102.81 KB, 700x450, ttgl-700x450.jpg)

shit take go back to twitter

No. 125533

File: 1612352085610.png (293.08 KB, 960x800, H4auby4.png)

Then the problem is the writing not design. This thread is about the character designs and gurren lagann's is iconic.

No. 125534

File: 1612352265808.png (1.03 MB, 983x1114, omxDZRb.png)

No. 125535

File: 1612352607393.jpg (63.2 KB, 500x750, q5ougt5pru331.jpg)

I like her with short hair better

No. 125545

isn't the design supposed to reflect writing? The characters are written first and then drawn. Or am I wrong?
I do not like Yoko's coomer bait design, deal with it. The macho guy also suck.

No. 125547

File: 1612355260537.jpeg (180.56 KB, 844x1200, 912CF0C7-3B6E-4672-83E6-9377CA…)

I love all of the designs of this manga, everyone looks amazing.

No. 125548

File: 1612355715142.png (756.28 KB, 1280x720, Y3tGA4L.png)

Go sperg about Yoko here >>124171
There are plenty of macho guy and coomer bait girl designs out there, but very few are as memorable as Gurren Lagann's.

No. 125550

File: 1612355876760.jpeg (187.42 KB, 884x1255, 81FC2B1E-7DB8-4D18-84D6-56114D…)

Samefag, i love the gauchos of this manga too, they’re ugly but they’re also cute.

No. 125553

File: 1612356561579.png (449.43 KB, 2474x1660, P5S_Arsene.png)

if you're going to whine about lines on a screen, then back to twitter with you

Persona has a lot of cool character designs with my favorite being Arsene

No. 125554

File: 1612356771683.png (53.23 KB, 220x290, 220px-SSU_Kirby_artwork.png)

Absolute Classic

No. 125556

Whining about lines on a screen is the whole purpose of the bad design thread tho.
You posted a supposed good design, I disagreed. It's not that deep.
I thought part of a good design is reflecting the characteristics of the character. IE a grandma that looks like a 10 year old would be a bad design unless plot requires it.

No. 125557

File: 1612357229917.jpeg (49.08 KB, 560x639, 637B4F34-001E-4CDA-ADE9-46C96B…)

Holy shit anon I was about to post him. Simple, timeless, cute and easy to doodle

No. 125558

File: 1612357435347.gif (1.5 MB, 540x304, reigen arataka.gif)

I just love his character design so much, it's simple but versatile and extremely expressive!

No. 125559

File: 1612358225540.jpg (82.95 KB, 640x400, eNPUfUE.jpg)

If you want to be pretentious about it, I could say the characters wear little clothing because they're from a hot underground environment. Or that the colors and flame motif is a reference to their team flag.

No. 125561

File: 1612358665616.png (413.58 KB, 708x418, 2081482-405px_fang_.png)

I liked that she was super assertive and strong but also showed her soft side in her scenes with Vanille. Plus I just find Aussie accents really cute in general. She's also sexy but not oversexualized

No. 125569

File: 1612359978044.jpg (139.73 KB, 834x897, Screenshot_2.jpg)

I love that she's dressed practically - she's a runner so she's gotta have comfortable clothes that don't restrict her movements - and doesn't have her tits out to impress coomer players (despite being an Asian woman who are known to be oversexualized). I also loved the game's color scheme in general, very fresh and crisp, althought sometimes to a fault - occasionally I felt like I was running through an Ikea catalogue or something kek

No. 125573

File: 1612360349678.jpg (147.28 KB, 1024x768, jsr.jpg)

need I say more?

No. 125574

File: 1612360728171.jpeg (565.04 KB, 1440x1868, A1492B78-8323-4675-89C0-ACEBF3…)

The complaints in the other thread about Kimetsu made me think that anons don’t like the mangaka’s art style rather than its character designs

Yeah Shadows House is great, and it also has a ton of characters with different clothes and uniform designs

No. 125583

File: 1612361317245.jpg (135.99 KB, 919x490, l3KlfUC.jpg)

Ayami Kojima did everything right

No. 125584

File: 1612361329234.jpg (94.82 KB, 540x810, Tq5TKGv.jpg)

lol buff mice. Character design is the best thing about Kimetsu.

No. 125585

File: 1612361383492.png (1.53 MB, 670x1262, Marcille_Volume_2.png)

I could have posted her in the waifu thread as well, Marcille is perfect. Dungeon Meshi is a stellar manga when it comes to art and designs.

No. 125586

File: 1612361544249.jpg (251.88 KB, 1024x768, 7IqoNjO.jpg)

No. 125599

The jerrys were by far the most enjoyable thing from Soul. I'd recommend watching the movie just to watch them move around, it's so much fun

No. 125600

File: 1612363473902.png (490.77 KB, 1000x419, Jerrys_and_Terry_(Soul).png)

Forgot pic

No. 125607

File: 1612364818655.jpg (341.25 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_03f37c3b5fa1a75f5da1884…)

I really like Kazuma Kaneko's character designs, he's like the anti-Nomura kek. Whereas Nomura likes to keep things crowded and overdesigned - there's so many things to look at, one element is a part of another, which leads to another, and so on - he keeps things simple. Clean, straight lines and few colors

No. 125608

File: 1612364857610.jpg (38.92 KB, 500x1000, 41421084881d9fb53185d75c81c476…)

No. 125609

File: 1612364973655.png (27.42 KB, 348x610, png-clipart-persona-2-innocent…)

No. 125610

File: 1612365086131.jpg (40.44 KB, 500x1050, c6b270fbd92573fe0cbf6633ef2b2a…)

No. 125612

File: 1612365216592.jpeg (525.87 KB, 1930x1453, DNKTBZ8WAAMODDB.jpeg)

IDGAF about Persona and yet I'm in love with Takemi's design. She is literally everything I like in a woman

No. 125615

File: 1612366695659.jpg (96.9 KB, 936x1000, 7e10df705d9b16ef0073b043b6defc…)

I love Amano's stuff. I wish they made him the character designer again instead of being just a logo artist

No. 125621

File: 1612367947749.png (1.24 MB, 774x1011, B3B23CDF-4C1E-453A-804A-380B1E…)

Harvest Moon girls are so precious.

No. 125622

File: 1612367989751.png (1001.67 KB, 523x1195, AA997DB5-5DEF-455B-8FB3-7ED2D6…)

No. 125623

File: 1612368214155.jpeg (60.55 KB, 739x415, images (23).jpeg)

Correct. Most brilliant example of character design that appeals to all ages and cultures and is recognizable in any style or medium. Shows that you don't need to have unique and visionary out of this world concepts, you only need to understand who you're designing for.

No. 125624

File: 1612368953828.jpg (50.44 KB, 500x502, zn45fbqk12o41.jpg)

I really love the switch soft reboot designs for Story of Seasons myself

No. 125627

File: 1612369180976.png (850.49 KB, 708x1140, Ch_Karen_(Harvest_Moon-_FoMT).…)

I kinda hate the new designs and probably won't play the game bc of it. They made the characters too cutesy imo

No. 125628

Nta but if it's so hot there then why does yoko have a scarf and boots? Her design doesn't make any sense.

No. 125630

File: 1612369463049.jpeg (117.87 KB, 730x1000, DB4FB244-3D3E-4245-BEA2-7CC443…)

From children of mana. The art is just perfection in my eyes

No. 125631

File: 1612369473542.jpg (46.5 KB, 340x600, Harle1[1].jpg)

this is good, I love jesters. I don't think I've played Chrono Cross, but I've heard it's good and Harle is so cool.

No. 125636

File: 1612370912657.jpg (172.61 KB, 620x368, jSWOopc.jpg)

sailor uniform + power rangers = sailor moon

No. 125638

File: 1612371107009.jpg (42.08 KB, 322x268, X1JX5OV.jpg)

I like how her hair and moon rabbit thing

No. 125639

File: 1612371119784.png (Spoiler Image,95.89 KB, 450x450, Ella_concept_art.png)

Kek I knew it was the Kimetsu fans complaining in the other thread.

Anyway P5R had some cool new personas.

No. 125640

File: 1612371143427.png (Spoiler Image,110.97 KB, 340x416, Loki_Concept_Art_P5_Render.png)

No. 125642

File: 1612371269610.png (Spoiler Image,299.88 KB, 985x874, Hereward_P5R.png)

No. 125643

people nitpicking instead of posting genuinely bad designs derailed it.

No. 125647

File: 1612372178312.png (217.82 KB, 581x272, unknown-5.png)

I agree about Kirby, He's a spherical miracle. I do think that some of the Knights and newer characters are cluttered designs though.

No. 125649

File: 1612372623407.jpg (432.37 KB, 1254x1900, Ritsu_Namine.jpg)

Seems like a cute manga. I might check it out

Anyways, Ritsu is amazing and I love him

No. 125651

File: 1612372758225.png (630.91 KB, 377x1600, Heather_Mason.png)

thought this thread would pop up as soon as the other started getting derailed.

I love the default designs from FFX-2 posted in the other thread.It was true most dressspheres looked like shit but I hadn't really realised it till now

Probably one of my favourite character designs of all time is Heather from Silent Hill 3. She wears girly but simple and practical clothes and her face has an expression between "I'm scared" and "idgaf

No. 125654

File: 1612372999012.png (937.47 KB, 1448x1736, s.png)

I love this one, I love personas designs.
I am a big jojo nerd and I really think all the designs are great but especially the ones in part 8. In fact I think they look better as sketches instead of as detailed drawings, it shows off the interesting shapes better

No. 125655

Ahh I was gonna post her as well!! I remember the main designer said in a documentary that the original concept was very different - jeans with high heels - but his female coworkers didn't like it and took the matter in their hands

No. 125656

Thank god

No. 125657

Exactly, kek

No. 125665

I love Yasuho's skirt so much.

No. 125666

File: 1612375201184.jpg (857.57 KB, 2203x3000, 581dc966871591d36f23d443d1b9eb…)

Both the characters and the mechas in Five Star Stories were so beautifully designed. They have that proper otherwordly feeling that fantasy should have imo.

No. 125667

File: 1612375283397.jpg (369.02 KB, 1920x1200, Neon.Genesis.Evangelion.full.2…)

Samefag, I also think all of the three OG Eva units wrre absolutely iconic

No. 125669

Me too, I want to make it, but sitting down must be uncomfortable

No. 125670

File: 1612375604339.jpg (325.3 KB, 1440x750, iria-zeiram-the-animation.jpg)

never seen this but this looks sweet, i might check it out. reminds me a lot of Iria's designs. i don't even know if this is considered a trope, but badass woman partnered by pretty mecha / ghostly figure. another duo i'm reminded of is Vampire Princess Miyu

No. 125671

File: 1612375712001.jpeg (730.22 KB, 987x1640, 4F81DEB3-52D3-4574-A985-58220F…)

You forgot the queen

No. 125672

I love how the mecha's "guts" are showing

No. 125677

File: 1612376946311.jpg (286.84 KB, 1000x681, character_design_by_afuchan.jp…)

Not as much mainstream media but I adore the way afuchan designs characters. Especially female characters, they all feel like they have a unique style and personality besides 'pretty'

No. 125678

File: 1612377060608.jpg (538.54 KB, 740x1000, 256282828284838.jpg)

No. 125679

File: 1612377188180.jpg (202.19 KB, 1000x711, 25268193928272.jpg)

No. 125682

File: 1612377846234.jpg (361.2 KB, 680x510, Cuphead_boss_group_680x510.jpg)

No. 125685

File: 1612378318187.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 2D431ED1-238E-4E3C-875E-07C466…)

I just think she looks neat.

No. 125688

so that the sand doesn't get into her mouth and feet? idk

No. 125690

Usually I am not a huge fan of mechas but I always loved the evas. They look so slick and thin as opposed to the usual bulky and stocky mecha design
Plus the 01's head looks so iconic and memorable and the colour scheme is amazing too

No. 125709

File: 1612384584658.jpg (63.08 KB, 1337x726, jerry.JPG)

They are so great to watch ! I recommend this video on the subject:
Around 7:33 minutes you can see the jerrys made in wire, and the way their shadows moves according to the light direction, it's absolutely beautiful, and the cgi captured this movement so well! They have done such a great job!

No. 125710

File: 1612384914393.png (464.68 KB, 778x1500, Cv03vip.png)

I love Ritsu's missiles kek. I think Ruko is cute, I imagine him as a crossdresser like Ritsu

No. 125711

File: 1612385634282.png (89.2 KB, 270x270, tumblr_petq4c6JH41w5jef7o7_250…)

Didn't love this show but I can appreciate the simplicity of this character. I think it made him more memorable than just another generic animal sidekick design

No. 125723

File: 1612389597978.png (599.19 KB, 566x790, f1b2d95641ad07036e87e9fa850ddb…)

No. 125726

File: 1612390180561.png (794 KB, 904x1280, dcx8kct-3a8895db-016a-4e5f-98e…)

No. 125727

File: 1612390457503.jpg (249.55 KB, 2048x2756, a28a2db2319edffe67ebf888012b6b…)

I'm still mad we got to see so little of White diamond. She could have been such a good villain…

No. 125731

File: 1612390920577.jpg (597.11 KB, 1292x1036, Vivi_FFIX_Art.jpg)

Vivi from FF9 and Final Fantasy Black mages in general. I love the cute but mysterious look of a black mage.

No. 125732

File: 1612391003824.jpg (58.9 KB, 450x800, 1611453659981.jpg)

No. 125733

File: 1612391289487.jpg (40.3 KB, 400x400, iZvciGD.jpg)

The Grammeowster for MH Iceborne is one of the best parts of getting ready to hunt her design is just precious kitty grandma

No. 125736

I'm still fucking pissed that they gave her a piss poor character redemption arc. I barely remember anything past them getting off homeworld because I'm so mad they took such a good character and ruined it.

I absolutely love smug, condescending villains with so much power. I love how strong and unforgiving she is, even if what she's doing isn't ~*~*good*~*~. Turning her from basically an evil, all powerful god, to this fucking little piss baby trying to learn manners was pathetic. Not everyone needs or deserves a redemption arc, and White Diamond's was made even worse by the fact that it basically happens in one or two episodes rather than over the majority of the series, like with Zuko or something. They spend the majority of the series building her up and then… some little meatsack from Earth changes her for good? What? I will forever be pissed that WD was disrespected like this.

SU is a children's show but I also hate that she pushes the idea that everyone can change for the better and deserve a second chance. Some shitty people will just stay shitty people for the rest of their lives and they do not deserve a second chance and should be told to fuck right off!!

No. 125738

I just realized the thread pic was holding a phone and not a gun on it's head

No. 125739

File: 1612392739240.png (228.97 KB, 860x1071, justfuckmeup.png)

I share your anger, anon. I loved her design and her vibes so much, there was SO much potential that the su crew just missed out on. Please, I'm just a sucker for a good villain.

No. 125751

File: 1612396338210.jpeg (179.97 KB, 878x1200, 223A3EF3-7A9E-42A5-A414-B2AA37…)

No. 125754

File: 1612396445518.jpg (116.22 KB, 484x752, Ryone_Yami.JPG)


Hell yeah, Ruko's design and voicebank are sick as hell. Yami is another Utau that I adore, he activates my maternal instincts kek

No. 125755

File: 1612396701902.png (121.16 KB, 612x358, for-male.png)

Agreed, magical melody has my favorites

No. 125757

File: 1612396916795.jpeg (2.67 MB, 2880x1800, BD04DDA1-4954-4951-A71B-A997B9…)

I love Worlds End Club’s designs. The colors are so nice to look at the the style is really cool.

No. 125759

agreed, he's iconic.

No. 125760

File: 1612397237265.jpeg (62.41 KB, 265x374, 669B15FB-4351-4AAA-9712-2B90A0…)

I actually dropped the anime but I love it’s artstyle and how pastel it is. It’s iconic.

No. 125761

>it's iconic
>a bunch of forgetteable nothingburger

why are fujoshis like this
>inb4 antifujoshi anon!!!!!!

No. 125763


wrong thread, bad character design is here

No. 125765

Anno good taste

No. 125767

I’m not even a fujo I just watched it because of the character designs and I tend to like detective anime. I’d actually rate what iced watched a 6.5/10. Good but not compelling.

No. 125768

File: 1612397919400.jpeg (888.55 KB, 1118x1000, F202F35C-79AD-4551-9B8E-7090E8…)

No. 125769

File: 1612397946180.jpeg (168.29 KB, 1024x768, D29FB593-B4EB-4F87-A8AF-D2AEBC…)

I wish this kind of style is utilized more

No. 125770

File: 1612397968197.jpeg (48.54 KB, 480x965, 7A7B783A-FA4C-4B72-A523-BADE90…)

No. 125772

I always thought her ponytails looked like giant rabbit feet with toes at the bottom

No. 125781

File: 1612400267456.jpeg (373 KB, 1024x768, D457171D-A833-4B24-8A02-67CDCC…)

The is not a single character in this game that doesn’t look awesome imo

No. 125783

i cannot agree more, anon

No. 125785

good taste

No. 125788

File: 1612401498263.png (153.89 KB, 430x630, RKDFM6G.png)

No. 125789

File: 1612401623323.png (381.52 KB, 759x759, mJdlHMa.png)

No. 125790

File: 1612401692846.jpg (38.49 KB, 563x352, scantykneesocks.jpg)

gimmicky characters but the thick outlines ahhh

No. 125793

File: 1612401936300.jpg (52.04 KB, 500x300, yFJGGIl.jpg)

I liked these two more

No. 125795

File: 1612402464778.jpg (1.52 MB, 3840x2880, andres-rios-ttd01-b.jpg)

Death by Andres riots. He says in the description he got inspired to make it after the sudden death of his mother. She died in a car accident. Check out his artstation if you are interested.

No. 125796

Don’t respond to them, anon. They’re just trying to get a rise out of you.

No. 125797

Andres RIOS
stupid autocorrect

No. 125801

That shotgun leg is fantastic

No. 125809

File: 1612404509592.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1451, 0465b8393780bd87253f79a8391ad8…)

I know bayonetta's first design is obviously iconic, but hear me out I'm not a huge fan of the beehive hair hat she wears. Bayonetta two on the other hand is a better design.

No. 125811

File: 1612405850396.jpeg (288.5 KB, 1920x1080, 4049C5C7-F5B2-4102-BFE0-097A5C…)

I came here to post this. Not technically beautiful, but iconic as fuck.

No. 125814

File: 1612406532644.jpeg (166.84 KB, 672x987, EC34A53E-0F63-4685-A1D4-91157E…)

Okay, this anime is pedo bait, but hear me out
It’s cute and interesting

No. 125821

File: 1612409346431.jpeg (182.8 KB, 1026x1200, 38B86B8D-8B09-4E31-9901-1CD23A…)

She’s the cutest character in the whole series, I love her design so much.

No. 125825

File: 1612411864721.jpg (27.61 KB, 600x300, download (12).jpg)

Kindred from LoL

No. 125826

File: 1612412737825.png (383.51 KB, 851x814, 1600995357995.png)

This show blows but Daisy's pretty cool looking, not gonna lie.

No. 125832

I like Nanachi very much too, she's very cute but also a character that has suffered so much. But the one thing that pisses me off so much is how the only people that like her are pedo scrotes, even though she's the least offensive of the kids. So in my mind I can't even like her because it will label me as a bad person.
Unrelated but, is Nanachi a girl or a boy? I honestly believe she's a girl so I always call her a she

No. 125847

File: 1612418206146.jpg (57.99 KB, 210x300, TON2_Fa.jpg)

I call her a she too, but the series didn't use any discerning pronouns for her! (per the fandom page)

I really like the Diebuster character design.

No. 125849

File: 1612419277247.png (500.45 KB, 783x1000, 574949808.png)

If coomerbait is allowed then so is fujobait.

No. 125851

File: 1612421889878.jpg (34.39 KB, 592x340, koto.jpg)

I like this post because while Mob is my favorite anime/manga series, I've never thought about the designs being particularly good. I love the characters, not the designs. That being said, they're perfect for the themes of the series and suited for everything the animation team puts them through. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Have similar feelings about Koto from Kyousougiga. Love her and her big fuck you hammer, but my like for her character design mostly comes from the animation direction being so fun.

No. 125852

>my like for her character design mostly comes from the animation direction being so fun.
Oh wow, I've curious on kyousugiga for a while because the animation looks so fun, but I think I've heard the anime isn't that good? Idk, I probably heard that opinion from a shitty anituber moid or something. Will I like it by mere animation alone? I'm a big fan of nice animation tbh

No. 125855

only fedora tippers feel bad about calling something good because others find it hot.

No. 125856

It's simple, sweet, and probably could have been paced better, but it's bright and poppy enough that it works, imo. It's 10 episodes so I wouldn't feel too bad spending some time with it if you feel inclined to check it out.
Director and character worked on the Gotcha! Pokemon AMV in the same positions (but with BONES animator firepower), and it has a lot of the energy Kyousougiga has condensed into a short. I want to sperg about the director because she's rumored to be doing a movie at BONES, I can't wait until she's a big name

No. 125857

File: 1612423767868.gif (963.91 KB, 500x220, kyousougiga cut.gif)

sage for samefag, but here's that screenshot but the actual cut

No. 125858

Please nonny sperg to me all you want about animation and anime directors, I love talking about those lol
I'm happy to see someone else in this thread so passionate about these things!!! Also holy shit, I forgot about that pokemon PV. That PV is fucking great!

No. 125859

File: 1612425411271.jpg (17.12 KB, 340x255, nozomu.jpg)

Character designs that give the impression that their world was built around their design usually work really well. I know that's probably just what designs are supposed to give the impression of, but a lot of things just feel like they were put together to look cool not that that's wrong or never creates really great designs. Wouldn't call Nozomu particularly unique or striking as a design in any other style or series, but both the art style and SZS feel like they were built around him. I have somewhat similar feelings about Watashi + Ozu from Tatami Galaxy. They work so well in their original source style, it's almost hard to see them out of it without losing the charm.
that PV led to me finding setteidreams and buying the currently leaked MP100 s2 settei, so that was definitely a plus besides it existing in the first place

No. 125860

oh shit I actually downloaded a bunch of settei some days ago.
any that you like in particular?

No. 125862

File: 1612426784842.jpg (1.41 MB, 1191x1584, callendar2021_144.jpg)

Tatami Galaxy (and 夜は短し歩けよ乙女) character designs where made by Nakamura Yusuke who is originally an illustrator. I think he has a very distinct art style and that really works with tying his characters together.

No. 125863

File: 1612426958451.jpg (1.69 MB, 2329x1637, mob settei s1.jpg)

Anything that gives a bit more context as to how the director wants things done in motion! Mob's settei are a lot different in this way since it's a lot of character movement and special poses compared to a lot of character ref sheets. I think that gives a lot of power to the character designs in general, even if this leads to looser rules on what on-model looks like in the show. They've essentially been primed and perfected for what the team wants to do. This one is actually from an incomplete S1 scan set that hasn't been archived anywhere than a random Google drive, I think. I've been hunting for Mob sheets since only around 4 episodes worth of settei for each season have been found other than a few in dogshit quality that I tracked down on JP Pinterest out of all the places. Gray haired Teru being a thing shocked me. Also random height sheets on Setteidreams that haven't been found anywhere else, including me and other people's purchases of the S2 settei.

What settei did you download? I've been debating on buying some from Yuasa-directed shows once I have some spare cash. Unfortunately don't think I could find Kaiba's for sale anywhere, and the Yuasa books are expensive as fuck. That's what I'd want to get my hands on most if I could.

No. 125865

File: 1612427351504.jpg (2.24 MB, 2329x1643, teru ref.jpg)

Ah, kinda implied here that there isn't a good amount character sheets for the Mob sets. Meant the balance seems to be more bent on displaying motion and a ton of different ways the characters emote and move + providing examples of the animation style for freelancers and the like. From the ~170 scans, most are really expressive rather than being standalone stiff character sheets like I've seen in a ton of other settei sets.

His work is really gorgeous. It's amazing what a nice style can do for a design.

No. 125866

I downloaded some madoka ones, and holy shit I love how passionate about animation you are
That sheet in particular is like hggnn, top notch. Love it.
Unrelated but I wish there was a way to talk to you outside this thread
I loved the art of Nakamura Yusuke since I was in middleschool and found out about AKFG. Love seeing so many people here with good taste.

No. 125869

File: 1612428891100.jpg (2.19 MB, 2329x1648, reigens funny pun name.jpg)

Good shit, love everything visually about it. The witches have some of the coolest looks ever for anything monster-y in anime, imo
If you have a Discord you can send it to nokmas+dsn9eok4tz5pc@sharklasers.com if you feel comfy! I get worried that I sound like I'm talking out of my ass about animation since I haven't been able to learn a lot for a bit thanks to college, but talking about it is super fun.

No. 125876

sent! email starts with a g

No. 125879

File: 1612431059037.png (238.02 KB, 340x787, Mikan_Tsumiki_Fullbody_Sprite_…)

Love the Danganronpa desings, there's a reason why it is succesful and one of those reasons is the characters being so interestingly designed

No. 125885

Sooooooooooooo adorable

No. 125886

File: 1612435441151.png (1.28 MB, 1280x720, 00f83a7d06fb9e587f171826e8e685…)

Obligatory Kusuriuri, perfection right to the tips of his fingernails

No. 125888

File: 1612435768956.png (100.71 KB, 440x222, Sonic_chao.png)

Hero Chao, not so much, but Neutral Chao and Dark Chao are so good.

No. 125889

all of them are good

No. 125895

>because others find it hot.
more like because it's made with the sole intention of being "hot" with no thought put into anything else and no purpose beyond that

No. 125901

File: 1612438206629.jpg (15.87 KB, 831x55, Screenshot_12.jpg)

this and when the character being sexy is incohesive with their personality or with the setting of the material

No. 125902

File: 1612438263151.png (23.86 KB, 176x135, 1469958862757.png)

I wish we'd get a remaster of SA1 and 2 on the Switch. Just thinking about being able to go to the chao garden on handheld mode makes me want to cry. Sega please bring back the chao garden!

No. 125903

File: 1612438419902.jpg (58.93 KB, 331x895, Screenshot_13.jpg)

No. 125906

How is he so beautiful!!

No. 125910

File: 1612441153093.png (933.73 KB, 618x662, M9394gH.png)

>because it's made with the sole intention of being "hot" with no thought put into anything else and no purpose beyond that
Why is this a bad thing? Does having complicated reasons make something better?
Sometimes "hot", "cool" or "pretty" designs just suit the tone more than "practicle" looks. E.g. there's no real reason why the winx characters have their design but it suits the tone more than the "practical" alternative.

But is a hot character in a movie like Promare "incohesive"? All the fujo and coomerbait examples in this thread are from lighthearted things.

No. 125925

File: 1612444423754.png (245.99 KB, 555x374, 1590294A-F5D1-4646-879D-E95DDD…)

I want a purely chao garden game with all the weird intricacies and online content from the SA games. I love these little babies

No. 125932

File: 1612445132356.jpeg (117.71 KB, 1200x1200, D5DD4A95-7F4C-43AE-ADC5-413EAD…)

Whoever designed her deserves a raise

No. 125934

File: 1612445584042.jpg (231.4 KB, 1640x1080, Profile_-_Lock,_Shock,_and_Bar…)

I know Tim Burton's style became a bit too repetitive but it still has so much identity and personality, it's very unique and instantly recognizable.

Picrel not my favorite characters but I like how their masks are actually just like their real faces lol. Also I love how Sally's stuffed with dead leaves. I think small details like that make characters really enjoyable

No. 125935

File: 1612445919645.jpg (120.33 KB, 960x720, tumblr_nkrj3hS08s1ruc976o1_128…)

Can totally relate to Tomoyo wanting to dress her up in cute outfits all the time, I think she's one of the most adorable anime female characters.

I read that they designed her based on Mokona's niece who was 2 at the time, and I can see that. Like there are lots of uwu kawaii characters that are designed to appeal to weebs and look very obnoxious imo but you can tell Sakura was designed with a motherly protective gaze

No. 125937

Yesss she's amazing, one of the best designs from entire SW universe, which is full of good character designs.

No. 125939

File: 1612446175101.jpg (213.51 KB, 1920x1293, walle1.jpg)

I'm not the biggest disney fan but they have some really good memorable character designs

No. 125940

File: 1612446201321.jpg (113.64 KB, 1024x782, Maleficent-Sleeping-Beauty.jpg)

No. 125941

File: 1612446321367.jpg (117.76 KB, 928x523, lion_king_1994_038-928x523.jpg)

I like disney villains who look really evil for no reason, they're fun

No. 125942

File: 1612446378668.png (235.7 KB, 400x450, pic_detail5770682bc9f33.png)

No. 125944

File: 1612447208430.png (1.21 MB, 716x693, marie.png)

This whole manga is just perfect

No. 125945

which manga anon

No. 125951

Innocent / Innocent Rouge

No. 125969

I really like the art style of Panty and Stocking, wish other animes (or even western animated shows) would have an artstyle that's similar to the one Panty and Stocking uses

No. 126055

Ah these colors look so good. Promare in general looks amazing

No. 126065

File: 1612477739853.jpg (124.69 KB, 946x1000, b34a6003a18b98f952f990077461c5…)

I first knew of him through AKG as well! His art is just beautiful and makes me happy.

No. 126073

File: 1612481299238.jpg (294.64 KB, 2048x1151, 20210205_002247.jpg)

No. 126075

File: 1612482372820.gif (987.75 KB, 500x353, mononoke.gif)

Came here to post him and I can't believe it took so long for someone to do it. The art of this series in general is gorgeous.

No. 126112

File: 1612495100359.jpg (471.57 KB, 1280x633, tumblr_n3mhefzM451qeeupdo1_128…)

Drifting into obscure territory here with samefagging, but I love Slap Happy Rhythm Busters' character designs. Gives me a Jet Set Radio vibe to it.

No. 126113

File: 1612495139004.jpg (456.59 KB, 1280x635, tumblr_n3mhefzM451qeeupdo2_128…)

No. 126115

File: 1612495289143.jpg (490.4 KB, 1280x637, tumblr_n3mhefzM451qeeupdo3_128…)

No. 126132

I love Stitch, he is so adorable

No. 126145

File: 1612514713337.jpg (166.9 KB, 1170x780, https___hypebeast.com_image_20…)

so lovable ♥ I just want to give him the biggest hug

No. 126151

File: 1612517737460.jpeg (80.57 KB, 580x628, BC497526-491F-4FBF-B1A9-0542F4…)

Yes anon! ♥ I find Tomoyo to be absolutely perfect I love her design so much

No. 126165

File: 1612520214960.jpg (245.01 KB, 904x1403, 0f557a3ed587c62a46ec8c5d92c943…)

The characters from Super Puzzle Bobble. I want to know the name of the character designer.

These are neat

No. 126168

File: 1612520571266.jpg (96.69 KB, 674x367, bustamove4_ps3_review.jpg)

They are so cool, I like the cat suit tie person. I played bust a move 4 when I was a kid, I love the variety of characters, there were more of them but I can't find a pic with all of them. My favorite was one robot cat. I had a crush on the mermaid boy of course

No. 126170

The baby lizard frog boy and the jester girl are so cute!

No. 126172

File: 1612521573180.jpeg (144.47 KB, 598x800, ghhhh.jpeg)

This figure of him is probably my biggest holy grail when it comes to figure weebshit

No. 126181

File: 1612524690307.jpeg (974.51 KB, 1125x1387, 4193975C-B08E-4FFD-B793-E7E8BA…)

Ohhhh my god be my gf
Yes. Young me fixated on her because of the design, it applied to the others of her species too (Aayla etc) Twi'leks were the best.

No. 126183

Oohh I didn't know he has a figure! I want it so bad now, it looks so pretty with the colorful window thing behind him.

No. 126199

File: 1612535587169.jpg (520.17 KB, 772x1080, iWs9eQ7Z9EU.jpg)

No. 126217

File: 1612543695858.png (238.85 KB, 480x720, Jenny_wiki_icon.png)


No. 126220

No. 126225

girl vivec

No. 126229

Vivec is yellow-blue not blue-yellow get it right smh

No. 126235

File: 1612550841112.jpg (185.7 KB, 1000x635, bl4ze_by_afuchan-db86m8t.jpg)

great taste anon !

No. 126236

I love her weird feet she is like astroboy

No. 126245

File: 1612555972238.jpg (1.13 MB, 3162x1779, 900.jpg)

No. 126247

She was my first waifu, I knew her final speech by heart when I was 3.

No. 126249

File: 1612557508595.jpg (39.35 KB, 662x372, 662px-Hades_charon.jpg)

excellent taste anon. nyx easily has the best design in the game, and one of my all time faves of recent note.

i think charon also has a cool design

No. 126448

File: 1612663077185.png (320.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1000px_Zeena_bio.png)

Just more recognition
Too bad she's a sonic character (and a lesser known one too)
Her appearance reminds me of Disgust from Inside Out.

No. 126453

File: 1612664018150.png (43.85 KB, 600x863, Batgirl.png)

I love this version of Batgirl G1 but in the other DCSHG show they seriously ruined her.almost every character in that show is hyper active and obnoxious.

No. 126483

File: 1612678159616.jpg (877.7 KB, 1240x1748, Mew.Berry.full.2866931.jpg)

Okay but Mew Berry walked so that design could run. Mew Berry was always my favorite Tokyo Mew Mew design. The cream palette is more tasteful than the highly-saturated colors the other Mews had. I also like her poofy little shorts. The really spare, intentional use of red is nice too.

No. 126484

File: 1612678687103.jpg (238.8 KB, 632x960, 5334523-raven-6beb9.jpg)

Speaking of DC, I like Raven's rebirth design. The litter highlights in her hair make her look more like a teenager, and I love the feathered mantle she's got.

Gomen for doubleposting.

No. 126485

She was like some DA's fucking OC. Her genetics weirded me out growing up.

No. 126495

>The litter highlights in her hair make her look more like a teenager
It's a shame this design involved aging Raven down, reversing character development and ruining her chances of getting on the Titans team book.

No. 126503

File: 1612690909132.jpg (306.66 KB, 823x1200, Dx_s8-PX4AA5v5k.jpg)

Good manga and good design all around

No. 126507

Honestly she had the best design of them all. Mew Mew designs were quite honestly hideous beyond belief. Nobody can ever convince me that Mew Strawberry didn't look like a fucking clown.

No. 126508

honestly, she reminds me more of prismo from adventure time

No. 126512

>>126483 her designs cute but she's literally just ichigo 2.0

No. 126515

True. But I'm so used to reboot fuckery at this point that I just compartmentalize in my mind and treat each volume like its own little story/universe.

No. 126516

Yeah her characterization is generic as hell lol. I'm just talking about visuals here.

No. 126554

File: 1612710941764.jpg (38.05 KB, 310x600, IGrxMll.jpg)

You're entitled to your own opinion but I don't share it. Ichigo's was one of the best

No. 126569

File: 1612719693123.jpg (136.08 KB, 1920x855, 27173752_1622706561148315_6473…)

For all my Eva enthusiast anons, let me spam some concept art by Ikuto Yamashita. Aesthetic af.


No. 126570

File: 1612719766984.jpg (1.94 MB, 5235x3528, __eva_03_neon_genesis_evangeli…)


No. 126571

File: 1612719933922.jpg (162.65 KB, 811x1312, 27629266_1622706664481638_8570…)


No. 126572

File: 1612720066474.jpg (292.33 KB, 1787x2048, 27368820_1622706161148355_2786…)


No. 126573

File: 1612720189264.jpg (185.64 KB, 1418x1777, 27355939_1622706017815036_5688…)


No. 126594

File: 1612729753326.png (137.64 KB, 371x345, 73800F31-D466-4FC8-B8F0-3D2A44…)

Im generally a fan of most touhou designs (pre touhou 12) but I love everything about her design and think she’s a fantastic mascot along with Marisa.

No. 126598

File: 1612732218081.png (1.1 MB, 2048x1366, d36xspvmr1w01.png)

I'm biased.

No. 126599

Looking at his design makes me want to watch him get squished all over again

No. 126600


No. 126654

File: 1612768816529.png (692.83 KB, 540x433, 4068275_200x130.png)

i love gengar's design too but marshadow is the cutest poke and i wish it weren't so underrated

No. 126681

File: 1612784203737.png (87.29 KB, 800x800, 2x2-YokaiWatch-KomasanKomajiro…)

I love Komasan and Komajiro, the first time I saw them I wanted to give them hugs. Also Komamama's is a giant squishy ball. The perfect design.

No. 126747

File: 1612813279450.png (113.97 KB, 540x371, oGHq21x9auk2o2_r1_540.png)

every character looked so cool and memorable in this manga, even the freacking motorcycles were great

No. 126759

File: 1612815137713.jpg (74.63 KB, 500x590, zrduhv6drur41.jpg)

I'm so upset about the new Winx designs. Winx is far more deeper than a bunch of girls wearing cute clothes. Their outfits represented their personalities and how they expressed themselves in different ways. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon didn't understand this, and absolutely created some of the generic outfits (and they ruined the story and the characters).

There's a lot more to say about this but all you need to know is that the original creator was really intent on pushing the more darker aspects of Winx and gathering an older audience. That's why all the characters look awful.

No. 126896

File: 1612898795473.png (111.6 KB, 410x919, jfk.png)

unironically a great design

No. 126910

File: 1612904442591.jpeg (396.87 KB, 537x971, 7993BDA8-2E76-4393-8930-493BFE…)

I saw in the bad character design thread that fairy tail has bad character design, sometimes that is true but I really like this character’s outfits even though they are super revealing

this is weeb shit though lol

No. 126913

Flower pot looking ass shoes

No. 126915

samefag but anon please lmao

No. 126923

lol the only characters that have shitty designs are Ichiya, his Edola counterpart, and the Jiggle Butt Gang imo

No. 126950

Yessss I could stare at this shit all day. Love this manga.

No. 126999

File: 1612937851218.png (142.48 KB, 2000x2400, 3lnuki9.png)

Some steven universe designs make good use of pastel colors

No. 127000

File: 1612938017059.jpg (49.77 KB, 564x1000, 1BMzC9c.jpg)

No. 127015

they didn't need to give him a dumptruck ass but thank god they did

No. 127147

File: 1613000497332.png (230.83 KB, 512x384, Velmainweb.png)

The only spider monster girl worth caring about

No. 127150

File: 1613001442143.jpeg (46.36 KB, 445x497, F7543DD0-DF5A-4226-AD95-0AE6D7…)

Also Eris. Loved her tooth gap.

No. 127151

They made me gay lol

No. 127159

Same tbh.

No. 127181

The stuff designed early on by Rebecca Sugar look great, they only started getting shittier as the series went on and other designers did the character designs.

No. 127307

File: 1613069188409.png (2.43 MB, 1216x2776, 5E609593-E74A-4A90-A74F-A9D439…)

I love how even if the OG artstyle itself was god awful, the designs are often very nice. The magic of Touhou!!

No. 127366

File: 1613080663097.jpg (76.81 KB, 696x935, Firekeeper.jpg)

No. 127367

File: 1613080774861.png (1.85 MB, 1600x900, Bloodborne™_20180719231205.png)

No. 127386

File: 1613091163975.jpg (95.82 KB, 640x833, __original_drawn_by_zun_artist…)

>the OG artstyle itself was god awful
You take that back bitch, ZUN art is adorable
You're right though, it's amazing how the designs are iconic enough that they can be reinterpreted by so many artists and still be instantly recognizable.

No. 127447

File: 1613134146255.gif (615.67 KB, 500x281, f43bad99c2f348ea0ca83f93409680…)

The pilot looked so much better. I'll never understand why they didn't just stick with that art style. Budget maybe?

No. 127449

File: 1613134507057.jpeg (25.34 KB, 600x600, F97186BB-06B7-4162-B466-583A87…)

Ultimate plushie! Googles is the best Webkinz ever. I love that his fur sticks out like prickles, but is very soft to the touch. I love that he's full of little beans. Sometimes I carry Googles around on my shoulder or rest my neck on him because he is the perfect shape. I love his cute little eyes and beak and flipper feeties. I love Googles!

No. 127455

I love you, anon.

No. 127497

I agree, the googles must be the most iconic webkinz design out there. The perfect amount of stylization without looking kitschy like other plushies.

No. 127508

File: 1613154957999.jpg (24.73 KB, 300x389, Shego_Kim_Possible.jpg)

No. 127515

File: 1613159856134.gif (1.57 MB, 540x304, thumbnail.gif)

No. 127518

this is such a bizarre concept but its so fucking cute

No. 127532

File: 1613165477214.png (27.52 KB, 626x241, 9ea.png)

Sorry if this is cringe but I genuinely like the character designs in Undertale. Temmie Chang deserves more credit than she gets– Toby would hand her these abstract little doodles and she'd polish them into these iconic designs. I just like how varied and expressive they all are.
I hate that the game has being "ruined" by its fandom, because it's just a really nice little game with cool artwork and music.

Disagree. I hate all the character designs in these ugly-ass Canadian shows (Clone High, TDI, Johnny Test, etc.)

No. 127534

Yes, I agree. I didn't want to play the game at first because I thought it would be dumb because tumblr liked it. But my brother forced me and I am glad he did. All the characters are so memorable and varied

No. 127557

File: 1613175042531.gif (1.97 MB, 361x396, 678115632ad7954d2c8539890f436d…)

This little dude is so cute

No. 127563

File: 1613181010146.jpeg (316.38 KB, 638x825, D68BA4EB-ABA6-4F33-851D-D3A341…)

The silhouettes are impeccable! Undertale has a lot of dramatic moments with the characters in shadow. It's imperative that you can tell who is who just from the silhouette. What a lovely game…

No. 127564

File: 1613181349714.jpg (112.77 KB, 800x800, d5456b1a-5fa3-47a6-853c-faeeb1…)


No. 127567

This pic is so cute omfg
I miss undertale hype sometimes…

No. 127571

File: 1613186050875.jpeg (254.89 KB, 1920x1080, 92386D3A-9CB3-411B-9F01-B24BFC…)

I’m probably biased because I love this show, but I think all of the character designs are memorable and great.

No. 127573

File: 1613186336708.jpeg (208.79 KB, 1920x1080, AAD8D00F-33C7-44DB-9F08-38B50E…)

And if no one has said all of the characters from Over the Garden Wall yet…

No. 127575

File: 1613187489324.jpeg (343.68 KB, 1254x953, 49534125-BB20-431E-814A-FF0BAE…)

Genuinely loved RWBYs original outfits and team design. I enjoy how each design ties into their fairytale/colour scheme so well, yet they look good and cohesive together as a team. I’m probably bias cause of nostalgia, stopped watching it years ago and from what I can see the later seasons outfits/design for the main girls went to shit.

No. 127576

File: 1613187782829.jpeg (348.93 KB, 1998x2048, 8EC1B98C-8BFB-47E0-B9E3-1A4515…)

Just to continue my rant a bit, I think the original outfits/designs were better because of their simplicity too (& I like how saturated other are but that’s more of a personal preference). I guess they thought adding more visual clutter would make them look upgraded?

No. 127579

The show itself looks like shit, though. Was it made in MMD? Because that's what it honestly looks like.

No. 127580

I like Ruby and especially Weiss’s designs, the others look like crap imo.

No. 127587

Aren't the character models stolen assets of touhou characters?

No. 127588

File: 1613191963443.jpg (223.37 KB, 857x1200, EMteiXvVAAEtRMv.jpg)

No. 127593

Yeah, those two are the best. Personally I cannot overlook how weeby (in a bad way) the characters look so IDK if I would call the designs good. They look straight out from a trashy, low budget jrpg. The vibe ruins the character designs for me…

No. 127594

The show is very "how do you do fellow weebs?" in general, like it uses a bunch of anime clichés without understanding why they work.

No. 127613

I still remember when the Red Trailer dropped… I wanted to wear Ruby's outfit so bad!!! She dresses so cutely— she even has a petticoat!— but still kicks ass with that massive scythe. "Little girl with big weapon" will always appeal to me. The cape is pretty cool too, especially when she jumps around. I wish RWBY didn't exist and it was just the Red Trailer because without the dumb narrative attached, Ruby is the edgy magical girl of my dreams.

No. 127627

File: 1613224298988.png (80.16 KB, 250x420, 27CD9345-23BB-4A5B-9AF8-40F797…)

Every detail in Dorohedoro causes little orgasms in my mind. World design, character design, storytelling design. I’d die to get to know Hayashida and be friends with her.

No. 127709

File: 1613257185516.gif (2.99 MB, 268x308, tumblr_puytol9WdK1ri36afo3_400…)

Hollow Knight has a lot of great character designs with my personal favorite being Troupe Master Grimm lol

No. 127712

File: 1613260032718.jpg (197.14 KB, 644x997, a83ee5f28cbb3f7182be7cf22de6e1…)

Is Void like your real ass husbando? This is a new one for me, he has a great design, I'll give you that, but otherwise…
Here is my Berserk fave.

No. 127713

File: 1613260455972.gif (393.95 KB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

My fave childhood villain

No. 127714

honestly rwby was a huge disappointment, I really liked the trailers but never got into the actual show. I hate hate hate hate the fact that it's in a high school-esque setting and I imagined the entire story to be different.
I remember waiting for Blake's trailer and getting a bit disappointed because of the voice acting, then when Yang's trailer dropped I was so turned off by the ending where Ruby talked because her voice was grating

No. 127756

No. 128512

File: 1613604201922.jpeg (149.06 KB, 1714x1198, A89CD64F-1123-4F89-8268-340DF8…)

darling in the franxx is a godawful anime but i really liked the klaxosaur princess design

No. 128516

No. 129234

File: 1614097409305.png (94.45 KB, 256x384, Mkda_BODY_SONYA.png)

3D era Sonya was cute.

No. 129263

File: 1614107630908.jpg (51.95 KB, 803x577, a674e079975ee815a10705f29922d1…)

I love how expressive she is in the movie

No. 129313

File: 1614129506220.jpeg (30.09 KB, 500x356, images.jpeg)

omg I adored her as a kid, also loved her big dress

No. 129314

Bug dress, I mean

No. 129318

File: 1614129847940.jpg (Spoiler Image,245.54 KB, 1080x1346, wefUQaR.jpg)

Severely underrated. This game made ALOT of cool alternate costumes for KOF characters. Cosplay-wise, if a costume like Mai's made you uncomfortable you could've aimed to make one of these alts from Maximum Impact 2. Mai is my favorite so of course I featured this. Spoilered for booty.

No. 129321

Got anymore?

No. 129327

File: 1614132484370.jpg (237.86 KB, 1080x1379, 5AbV6m1.jpg)

Uh for all of the characters or..?
You can find other characters on sites like the SNK/King of Fighters wiki or The Fighters Generation site. Youtube also has videos of them and showcases their ingame models if you search.
B. Jenet's and Mai's are my favorites.

No. 129454

File: 1614225347113.png (513.75 KB, 1024x689, chowder_transparent__by_achryl…)

I will not be elaborating. Thank you.

No. 129467

That was an excellent show, I'm so sad they didn't continue it.

It was unlike anything Cartoon Network ever released and I'm mad af it was slept on so hard

No. 129491

File: 1614267627631.png (412.61 KB, 828x517, ddlmhcg-f9dd74b1-bacd-43f8-a73…)

I personally preferred DCSHG as the characters felt more dynamic to me. Granted I have hate boner for stiff looking art styles so ignore this post.

No. 129502

File: 1614269854944.png (119.42 KB, 374x450, a9b50d182d63a734db06ce8d08e146…)

I'm not a toddler or a mommy, so I know nothing about pic related. Every now and then I see this rabbit on aliexpress though and I think his design is very pleasant and original.
Oh, I love the Lum variant! How cool. Are the other designs inspired by different characters as well?

No. 129595

File: 1614313816825.png (537.08 KB, 1382x740, 79EF7AB6-297B-4735-B759-A9079F…)

I love the designs for the abyss mages of genshin impact, they’re cute but somewhat creepy, I also love the voice they picked for the Japanese audio, that kind of special effects and the sort of slurred-like way of speaking is something I absolutely adore!

No. 129596

File: 1614314684022.jpg (103.8 KB, 649x506, ruby_gloom_ruby_gloom_24650368…)

All of them,especially misery's

No. 129597

File: 1614317764206.jpg (340.01 KB, 1280x720, the-butchers-circus-is-bringin…)

the classes of darkest dungeon are all very lovely and interesting

No. 129629

Me too anon! They're cute and I love the little mask-like face. I especially like the sound they make when they teleport while you fight them. Kind of like a "reeeee-WOO

No. 129644

yes omg, I love them all

No. 129691

Anon they sound the same in all languages

No. 129693

flagellant is bae

No. 130715

File: 1614877955515.jpg (130.9 KB, 960x683, 9003f0436d47ff9caff4652b5f0792…)

The design of Alice in Madness Returns (and the previous game too, tbh) is impeccable. All of her outfits are beautiful and unique, and yet they do not sexualize her. I also like her appearance in the normal world. The only thing one might have against it is that she looks ana-chan, but she's a victorian waif from an orphanage, so it absolutely makes sense. Also the art style is obviously exaggerated and unrealistic, so there's that. I love those games

No. 130716

I love these games too, anon. The level designs were so amazing!

No. 130719

i absolutely love Alice: Madness Returns. everything about it - the art direction, the level designs, the concepts, the dresses, the soundtrack. aaaah it's one of my favorites.

also at the end where you get to murder a serial rapist/murderer by pushing him onto an oncoming train

No. 130724

vaguely related but are you gals familiar with Emilie Autumn? She's an alternative artist who basically ripped of Alice's character for her sad backstory and the world in her novel

No. 130748

i'm >>130719; i was vaguely familiar with her when i was younger, at least when i googled her this song rang familiar to me. idk much about her, but her aesthetic looks neat

No. 130778

File: 1614900050650.png (446.3 KB, 491x750, 96b271ceb2d8b340bd283c42e345fb…)

Have you seen Bayo concept art for the first game. So many STUNNING designs

No. 130779

File: 1614900075821.jpg (51.8 KB, 491x750, EfP5NJ5WkAoQkch.jpg)

No. 130785

File: 1614902541727.jpg (930.51 KB, 1080x1920, Character_Mona_Card.jpg)

I don't play GI but man I do love this particular design

No. 130787

The only thing that I don't like about her is pigtails, I think she would be cuter with a single ponytail or with short hair/pixie cut (but this is probably just my bias speaking)

No. 130794

Every character from that game looks super generic tbh, I don't get the hype.

No. 130799

mona is literally the only design I like from the game. the rest are forgettable and generic, but something about the purple and red with the gold accents is super aesthetically pleasing to me

No. 130802

I just wanna rub his little head.

No. 130903

I think she has too much details, I have no idea what am I supposed to look at. But she's probably still golden compared to most GI designs

No. 130917

File: 1614986910391.png (499.72 KB, 600x800, dramatical-murder-re-connect-a…)

everybody is probably gonna disagree and yell at me but i found the designs of DMMD to be really fun and visually interesting

No. 130918

I agree. It gets a lot of hate because of its popularity but I love the designs being so 2010s if that makes any sense

No. 130972

looking at that pic already evokes nostalgia for me…

No. 131014


ahhh i'm glad someone agrees! honestly if they did a fashion line (but toned it down a little) i'd seriously think about buying it


yeah it's super nostalgic for me too. it's so silly considering the actual content of the game but it reminds me of a more innocent time of my life when i was a freshman in high school and still mostly oblivious to the horrors of life. so i'm biased but i really love it

No. 131024

Nothing to disagree with here, they were a bit over the top but instantly memorable and unique and like you've said, fun.

No. 131032

nah anon all of the designs are pretty good. minus noiz's face piercings and the infamous blue mullet. i always liked that their design indicated parts of their personality/interests

No. 131055

File: 1615063344615.gif (404.67 KB, 500x274, 9d3cc33fd238d88f5ca7f9dba4dee3…)

I came here to post them! I love the beast's, greg's and the pumpkin's design the most

No. 131056

File: 1615063383747.gif (2.67 MB, 400x332, c3b4520c7dad82f3956fbb20bb5368…)

No. 131064

Honestly the blue mullet is a questionable choice but at the time it made him fucking legendary and I ended up liking it a lot. DMMD had such a unique and somewhat weird aesthetic that made it memorable and different from the usual BLs, also the pastel and neon colors gave me such a nostalgic and carefree feeling. Ironic, since the game is full of some of the most hardcore (and violent) porn scenes in BL visual novels, but I guess the contrast is also what makes it brilliant.
Aoba's voice actor? Also legendary. That man's performance is flawless. To this day I wonder how could he have the strenght to do it all.

No. 131458

I'm taking a deep dive in the fandom and read some interesting stuff:

>During development, one of the game's designers asked American McGee what should be seen if the player looks up Alice's dress (i.e. whether or not she should have visible underwear). McGee was annoyed and disgusted this was even a question, especially in a game about perversion, the sexual abuse of children, and considering how Alice is almost raped during the game, and her sister was raped. In the final game, peeking up Alice's dress results in fade-to-black. It is also notable that all of Alice's dresses are non-sexualized and lack breast jiggle.

>The first 'Alice' is still a much-loved and memorable game. What do you think made it so successful and enduring?

>McGee: I think it had a lot to do with Alice as a character. She's somebody that you can empathise with and the story we created by virtue of killing her family really drew a lot of people in. She was seen and still is a very strong female character; very intelligent using her wits to overcome obstacles.

>I see Alice as a very distinct character who has a voice in the discussion about the way she's presented. It's obvious to me that putting her in "sexy" clothes would be at odds with the origin story I created for her. She's been victimized and objectified by a sexual deviant. Having her dressed in revealing clothing would undermine the powerful story of Alice as an individual using her wits and imagination to overcome psychological trauma. (…) Same goes for representing her as an uncaring sociopath who, without justification, goes around murdering random people. The idea of an insane and out of control Alice violates the core narrative, theme, and nature of the story being told. She's not insane, nor is she uncaring. She's been shattered, yes, but she's working conscientiously to put the pieces back together. In the first game she's doing this for herself. In the second she accepts responsibility for others (children) who have suffered similar injustices. She's not seeking revenge at any cost. She's seeking to regain her sense of self and find closure. I believe people are able to see these things when they play the Alice games. They see a whole character which is internally consistent. This is what makes her relate-able and appealing to so many - especially to those who, like myself, experienced physical, psychological, or sexual trauma as children.

From the wiki of (hopefully still) upcoming Alice: Asylum
>Concerns Often Brought Up
>American McGee understands that Alice is age 13 in Alice: Asylum, and will not sexualize her in any way.

I know that the bar for the men is on the floor but it's still uplifting to see a male in game industry who has so much respect for his female character, and all that her story represents. Probably because McGee is an abuse survivor himself (though we all know that a lot of scrotes use that as a justification to abuse others).
I wish more people gave those games a shot. I love them so much

No. 131510

pigtails on adults/teens are always gross. they're only there to add to the child-like "appeal" that pedophilic straight men are into

No. 131512

File: 1615339120646.jpg (53.12 KB, 170x261, 5efeafd199dad9b76bf4ff6fa66460…)

so simple but incredible

No. 131695

> Alice: Asylum
I think everytime they tried to continue their project it always flopped. Tho this time they started getting support off patreon…

No. 131750

Anon it's just a hairstyle

No. 131785

File: 1615494233071.png (454.36 KB, 828x1107, RF5.PNG)

I really like the designs of Scarlett, Lucy and Ludmilla!

No. 131839

File: 1615520851511.jpg (99.85 KB, 850x461, ozen.jpg)

I haven't watched or read MiA but I love love love Ozen's design. I like "spooky" characters in general (like Ougi from monogatari).

No. 131857

i always thought it was a man

No. 131867

No. 132096

No, she's a woman.

No. 133291

File: 1616459228498.jpeg (73.41 KB, 408x600, 98270191-36E8-4424-B1B3-8E9A85…)

I really like not overly sexualised nun or nun-inspired designs, especially when they show hair. I'm not a Christian at all but looking at designs like picrel makes me feel at peace. Does anyone know of any more designs like what I'm describing?

No. 133293

Ozen is a queen and she is way too good for this pedo manga. God I wish she was a character in something else.

No. 133309

hard agree !

seconding this post! we need more good nuns designs !

No. 133313

File: 1616484689878.png (248.74 KB, 461x854, 74683296438206432.png)

I typically find nun habits a bit bland but the soft colors and accents like the tassels on this one are pretty. Ries Argent in the Trails in the Sky game series is somewhat similar.

No. 133314

File: 1616485654373.png (124.16 KB, 210x477, 786432064732743298.png)

If you search for female "clerics" or healer classes in general you'll also get a lot of pretty religion-inspired outfits.

No. 133317

True anon, I didn't even consider that!

No. 133329

File: 1616506082132.jpg (286.51 KB, 1200x1704, Dragons dogma madeleine_625a02…)

I love her so much, her colors are so pretty and she looks so elegant and my name is the same as hers so when my brother played the game when I was a kid, I wanted to be like her (I failed).
I really love this character's outfit even though it's so not practical.

No. 133347

Where do you get that from?

No. 133348

File: 1616517520720.jpg (12.14 KB, 184x274, Tuuuut.jpg)

anon, he is a man, you are confusing him with Too-tiki who is a women (pic)

No. 133349

She has a nice design too. Tove Jansson was not only a great writer but also an amazing cartoonist.

No. 133360

File: 1616523233341.png (47.43 KB, 500x625, 6CCA916F-08B3-40AB-8F0A-15C51A…)

Phryne from Fractale got me into nunlike designs

No. 133361

she looks like a lesbian

No. 133362

She is

No. 133372

She is, she was based on the lesbian creator's own female life partner.

No. 133376

File: 1616531175504.jpeg (125.21 KB, 828x1437, 592DB1A5-7166-42A6-91D6-C666F0…)

Loved Polka from Eternal Sonata - another female char who isn’t sexualized. I loved her outfit and always wanted to cosplay it

No. 133377

File: 1616531411632.jpeg (133.74 KB, 828x971, 1E7FA296-FBEF-4C63-B459-8299BA…)

Snufkin is a man you retards

No. 133386

She's so cute, I can imagine the world she would live in and she would live in a little cabin filled with pretty teacups and polkadot curtains

No. 133876

us lesbians can never have anything for ourselves smh.

No. 135536

I like Mona's design too, for some reason I thought she was a mermaid.

No. 135538

File: 1617765338334.png (832.25 KB, 1178x1001, R0Q9OIj.png)

Even though she's boring I've seen so many rip-offs of her design to put her in this thread,

No. 135539

File: 1617767358620.jpg (30.2 KB, 380x250, irabu_m.jpg)

started the series with no prior knowledge on it, solely because of irabus design

No. 135542

Of fucking course. I knew as soon as I clicked this thread that there would be some Panty and Stocking fag spamming their artwork pathetically revering it like it's God's gift to Earth, even though they have the fugliest looking character designs I've ever seen for a show. Their colors clash,their design is nothing new or revolutionary it's literally just PPG mixed with HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi. And they have loli bodies yet they act like prostitutes. They're fucking disgusting. Hiroyuki Imaishi is a cum-brained idiot.

No. 135547

Pretty sure they look like that because the show parodies western media. Or is this copypasta?

No. 135570

File: 1617784406500.jpg (120.99 KB, 1280x720, Panty.and.Stocking.With.Garter…)

this has to be a copypasta, come on

No. 135706

File: 1617832494802.jpg (258.12 KB, 1280x966, FRaI9q8.jpg)

Maiden Astraea from Demon Souls

No. 135743

>replies to a 2 months old post
cringe, don't you have better things to do?

No. 136910

File: 1618227141440.jpeg (302.63 KB, 1200x848, CEF0974F-1F7B-4693-8C58-63B588…)

I think all of them look really nice and pretty!
My only small nitpick is that human Fluttershy's hair doesn't match her pony versions, and I personally prefer the pony's hair. Though that being said human Pinkie Pie's hair is adorable and fits her even though it's not like the pony's version.

No. 136914

Nope. Iconic designs, iconic satire, iconic music. Not everything is for scrotes (tbh I think a lot of scrotes don’t really like this series and only the retarded weebs from a /co/ who think it’s a sexy coomer anime used to obsess over it because it was the same people who made evangelion). Brain dead if you think stylized versions of young adults/adults are meant to look like children.

No. 136922

>iconic satire
Not the triggered anon and I'm considering watching PaS. Could you tell me what is the show satirizing? The society, western cartoons, anime? I'm very curious

No. 136923

Western cartoons

No. 137883

File: 1618658261609.png (4.58 MB, 3000x3000, xixz5U5.png)

Overrated show but it's been a decade since Moe's took over and the art style still stands out. Simple design with a few hints at the character's personality.

No. 138059

File: 1618747067962.jpg (692.57 KB, 1396x1978, IMG_20210418_135240.jpg)

Ada kinda cute. And that may be my opinion only, but I really like Boruto's art style since it reminds me of Sugar Sugar Rune.

No. 138429

File: 1618924863999.jpg (98.27 KB, 1000x700, Z0NhoBT.jpg)

I love the campiness of it all, looks like something off a runway.

No. 138435

File: 1618925946246.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>liking Boruto's art style

No. 138453

yes well…. anime looks so much worse so at least i have that

No. 138461

File: 1618935016754.jpg (143.19 KB, 700x977, hatsune_miku_vocaloid_3_box_ar…)


No. 138465

File: 1618937393886.jpg (104.65 KB, 480x1097, Akikoloid-chan.jpg)

No. 138466

File: 1618937509328.jpg (149.2 KB, 515x583, o05150583140782148462.jpg)

Very elegant with a nice, cold pallette.

No. 138472

This was by far the best snow miku design. I hate all the ones that are just like "and here's miku in a white and blue princess dress!

No. 138476

File: 1618942911877.png (1001.55 KB, 1000x1465, Luka_v4x_final.png)

I love how vocaloid outfit details are a mix of digital parts and music parts. I never noticed that the hanging thing on her skirt is a cable

No. 138479

File: 1618943725637.jpg (74.62 KB, 515x515, 8830423859230.jpg)

Snowdrop is the best design tbh.

No. 138482

File: 1618945881751.jpg (161.43 KB, 1215x717, Karma_8.jpg)

i love the design of dark star karma so much. the stars in the bg making a lotus is sick. i don't even mind her big ass dome, she looks like she would tear apart a whole solar system before lunch.

No. 138491

File: 1618951332602.jpg (59.78 KB, 400x580, erewq3422.jpg)

while her design is super simple,there is something very distinct about her and i can't tell what it is(she is also very cute)

No. 138495

File: 1618952241228.jpeg (115.19 KB, 500x500, 5749050D-5144-44FD-9513-606A6F…)

I really like the Matryoshka designs. The grit, the colours, the expression, etc. Visually, it adds more enjoyment to vocaloid for me. Especially because it was different in an uncommon way for pv design. I think the design adds a unique tone to vocaloid characters, I wish there was more done like it.

Emon, excellent taste anon! I love her design too, I think the expression and plainness compliment well with the art style. That’s why her design is so easily recognizable.

No. 138496

File: 1618952577714.jpeg (378.81 KB, 1200x1019, ACD9E58E-6C2A-4B0F-B65A-B46FEB…)

samefag but I also love Your Turn To Die’s character design for similar reasons aesthetically, I like how they look so grainy and textured, with thick and clear lines. The medium to light colours are nice, too. They all look different from each other without having to overdo it.

No. 138497

File: 1618952591159.jpg (74.94 KB, 600x406, matryoshka.jpg)

omg I agree anon I really like lon - matryoshka

No. 138517

i really love the girl with the fluffy red hair on the right!! shes so cute

No. 138720

File: 1619054344352.png (426.58 KB, 493x1280, HeartGold_SoulSilver_Karen.png)

simple and iconic. love her

No. 138774

Their hair colours are so nice and look good together. However it reminds of cotton candy so when I see them I want to eat them.

No. 138776

File: 1619091037030.png (176.2 KB, 298x1200, FC840FF3-5EB6-4195-9774-40DFA2…)

Fun fact! Luka's skirt is longer on one side to represent the fact she was the first bilingual vocaloid.

No. 138777

File: 1619091106854.png (856.54 KB, 601x1173, 4CB6383A-D54D-4570-98B2-BE1EE7…)

Samefag with more cute facts. Rana's design has rainbows as the creators wanted producers to be 'able to choose their own colour' for creative freedom. Her V3 design contains 5 numbers on her cheek, and each time someone buys her, that number is randomised and specific to them!

No. 138778

File: 1619091284640.png (512.08 KB, 643x1242, 4BEB1CB5-8C2B-4043-8BB7-97F430…)

So much yes anon. This is an absolutely elegant and gorgeous Snow Miku, definitely my favourite. She looks even better in Project Diva. Speaking of Vocaloids, Haku is my favourite (inb4 fanloid don't care). I think white hair and red eyes go well together, purple is my favourite colour and I like how she looks sad often. I want to protect her.

No. 138808

Tons of scrotes hated it when it first came out because the main characters weren't pure enough lmao.

No. 138938

File: 1619149103702.jpg (115.28 KB, 736x938, 433efd1b7641b196074592d573bb45…)

No. 138940

File: 1619151064289.jpg (1.15 MB, 1364x1864, Oliver.jpg)

Of all vocaloids, you chose the one that looks like she works at best buy ?

No. 138954

File: 1619156199503.png (48.44 KB, 481x700, dixie.png)

Dixie Kong, mainly because her hair is a weapon and a tool to fly

No. 138956

File: 1619156684820.jpg (213.83 KB, 1920x813, atlantis-explorers.jpg)

The best designed cast in any Disney movie. Love how all the characters look unique

No. 138991

YESSS. Atlantis is massively underrated btw

No. 139017

>The best designed cast in any Disney movie
Hell yeah anon !

No. 139018

File: 1619206168043.jpg (76.58 KB, 500x500, pocoyo!.jpg)

this little guy brings me joy

Vincenzo's outfit is sick, I would unironically wear it in public

No. 139027

Including that crotch armor?

No. 139036

Blessed Mike Mignola

No. 139039

File: 1619215490577.jpeg (215.24 KB, 992x1403, 251CE24D-E92A-4202-B107-52B8FE…)

The demon designs from Madk are great

No. 139040

File: 1619215567252.jpeg (238.28 KB, 992x1245, 309B8D23-3BD0-4D37-B1D4-045CF0…)

No. 139041

File: 1619215615933.jpeg (588.16 KB, 1570x2048, 2A0FFA7B-AFCC-4066-A74C-F400F0…)

No. 139042

File: 1619215670017.jpeg (279.88 KB, 992x1403, 63882881-4451-4425-8205-6359F4…)

No. 139045

If I didn’t hate yaoi I’d check it out just for these designs because my god

No. 139072

File: 1619222354145.jpg (111.61 KB, 600x800, Queen_Poppy.jpg)

It's refreshing to see a cute 3d protagonist have small eyes,since 3d female protagonists are usually bug eyed.

No. 139074

File: 1619222615686.jpeg (271.96 KB, 661x871, 1E368067-ADDB-413F-96A6-39FD24…)

best character design I’ve ever seen in my entire life. the style, the form, it’s simply immaculate

No. 139075

True it gets so tiring seeing the same repackaged disney princess face, not that I watch these things anymore but you feel bad for kids having the same replica characters over and over. I like her small eyes big nose, different teeth, I think it's more visually interesting and fun for a kid's character

No. 139080

This better be sarcasm.

No. 139082

File: 1619226832263.jpg (30.41 KB, 600x255, 90452601b496bfaaa4e3620e1d4ef8…)

Samefag but I also remembered the ship designs for this movie being very iconic. I still remember that submarine and the things that looked like sea scorpions to this day.

Mike Mignola did some of the character designs for this movie, he also worked on Hellboy, I see a lot of influence there

No. 139215


No. 139223

File: 1619315254825.jpeg (424.56 KB, 914x1300, D101037E-F07F-42F4-A0BD-67739A…)

No. 139231

No. 139232

File: 1619322540843.jpg (18.31 KB, 441x349, 48b688322ebba73f8bc748a3f950a3…)

Tells you everything you need to know

No. 139233

No. 139248

File: 1619339278515.png (648.28 KB, 1900x1900, shitty and fucking with cancer…)


God you sound like some 13 year old Twitter stan you fucking braindead mongoloid.
You sound utterly predictable. Let me guess, are you also some tranny Tumblr user that has a Hazbin Hotel character as their profile picture on one of your alt accounts?
There is nothing "iCoNIc" (God even talking in your Twitter language is sickening as fuck)
about Shitty and Fucking with Cancer.
It's a coomer anime and just because it's supposedly a parody (a shitty one at that)
doesn't excuse it from criticism.
And this is coming from someone who actually LIKES edgy humor and cartoon parodies.
The writing was complete shit, using the word fuck in every sentence in your show doesn't enhance your second-rate comedy and make it funny
(see Hazbin Hotel)

Shitty and Fucking are about two whores (the most unlikable breed of people known to mankind)
and how they try to be as much unlikable cunts as they can possibly be.
And the fact that some Japanese coomer thought it would be a good idea to rub his two braincells together to conjure up such a mess
to "paRoDy WeStErN cArTOonS" is even more cringy and pathetic.
Where do you think anime even originated from? Animation definitely wasn't invented by the buckteethed Japs.
Westerners have been the original ones who invented animation.
Without OUR cartoons, the slit-eyed Japanese gooks wouldn't have been able to create shit.
Yet complacent weeaboo retards like you throw your nuts and balls on the ground for Japanese animators to walk all over, you give ANYTHING
to worship Japan and their misplaced debauchery that they somehow claim belongs to us. Panty and Stocking isn't a "Western parody". It is the fever dream of an overzealous brain-defiecient Japanese coomer gook who was so jealous of Western animation, he felt the need to create such a spiteful bastardized mess.(calm down)

No. 139249

File: 1619339366255.jpeg (197.77 KB, 490x1300, c6214ce70861d359e78dd167550431…)

I want to kiss you anon(s?)

That's a shame.

No. 139251

File: 1619339802680.png (726.4 KB, 894x880, tsuchi my good boi.PNG)

samefag but people from Ashidaka the Iron Hero (same author as MADK and it's a shonen) also look amazing.

No. 139263

File: 1619348799052.png (442.13 KB, 853x480, 1570062205205.png)


No. 139264

File: 1619349227292.gif (1.92 MB, 540x304, 02D0B65B-6EF9-4544-AF4B-7365EA…)

Ugh another screeching retard aren’t they anon. It’s probably a very angry newfag or aggressive troon.

No. 139265

is it a pasta or anon is american and on meds?

No. 139285

>is it a pasta or anon is american and on meds?
clearly a burgerfag off her meds cause she cannot afford them kek

No. 139295

Did we watch the same anime?
Honestly, it's not that deep. It really is a derpy parody of shitty western cartoons. The whole project was made for lulz, and they even fooled everyone with "S2 soon" at the very end (been 10 years btw). I think you should spend time butthurting about something actually more important than an anime "sketch show".

No. 139296

File: 1619365760856.gif (3.2 MB, 400x224, tenor (1).gif)

>Shitty and Fucking with Cancer
anon please my sides

No. 139525

File: 1619516625852.jpg (74.09 KB, 354x500, 5EqGgQZ.jpg)

Remember her? I like how she looks like a teenage girl's edgy OC because that's what she was.

No. 139526

lmao imagine writing this thesis over a Trigger anime.

No. 139795

kek i was obsessed with her when I was young wtf was wrong with me

No. 139796

nothing, that was totally age appropriate obsession. I would be more worried if you were crying at the Black Rock Shooter anime (any of them) in your 20's or even later

No. 140082

File: 1619804489820.jpg (314.72 KB, 1280x724, Tumblr_l_631893853681032.jpg)

No. 140119

File: 1619817186708.jpg (78.84 KB, 770x1084, d9eeb260bd3940f1ad7c95eba997d9…)

opheliac era ea aesthetic was fucking based

after that it kinda went downhill

No. 140120

understatement of the year

No. 140127

File: 1619820140278.png (262.43 KB, 840x859, image-of-captain-amelia-amelia…)

one of my favourite disney movies ever.shame it's so underrated along with treasure planet.captain amelia is probably one of my favourite disney characters

god what a throwback.i remember how she was everywhere around 10 years ago and i loved her design but couldnt get into the anime

No. 140131

vocaloids look stupid

No. 141413

File: 1620792293762.jpeg (43.53 KB, 600x339, 8E35F98B-E776-48A8-B9F5-B62B30…)

I didn't keep up with SnK after season 1 and I know it's got some questionable ideology from the creator, but I love its character designs. First of all I think Eren's big eerie eyes are beautiful, but the main thing I like is the presence of different shaped noses. Love that female characters like Hanji and Annie get to have big noses! In most anime they are nonexistent even though Japanese people can have them (I know anime is hardly realistic but cmon). Blogging for a sec because when I was a young teen, I took it kinda personal how noses like mine were barely represented even in western cartoons. SnK having a beautiful character like Annie was a confidence boost. But on top of that I think it's an easy and good way to have differing character designs without giving them hair the colors of the rainbow and shit. You know she's Annie because of her distinctive nose and fanart that omits it looks like someone else entirely.

No. 141414

File: 1620792395787.jpeg (65.07 KB, 720x720, CA8BB52E-E30D-4DDF-B472-E5D47F…)

barely represented positively* I mean. also here's another pic of her sorry I'm obsessed

No. 141419

I can see it, Vocaloid desings are very hyper-specific and tacky sometimes.

No. 141426

I have no way to explain why I think they are both good and bad

No. 141482

They look like any other anime-style design to me tbh, don't get what the big deal is

No. 141589

File: 1620872496013.jpg (16.44 KB, 305x500, pearl big nose.jpg)

If big noses are what you're going for, here's another big nosed character

No. 141931

File: 1621112086021.png (174.48 KB, 580x684, Justice1Idle.png)

No. 142049

Is this a joke?

No. 142051

File: 1621177962365.png (538 KB, 1831x661, justice.png)

no… i like the games artstyle and how simple it looks

No. 142063

It's nothing special or good, therefore it doesn't belong here.it looks like some Tumblr artist's artstyle,next.

No. 142069

the omniscient and completely objective lolcow dot com art style judging entity has spoken

No. 142080

This character has a very, very punchable face

No. 142094

ntayrt but that's what makes it good. emoji looking motherfucker

No. 142097

How can people judge it when someone literally posted Peral above? Kek

No. 142099

I don't really like any of the Steven universe designs but the ones posted recently aren't better
They don't belong here at all,this is not the "bad character designs I like" thread.

No. 142105

File: 1621209539115.png (41.94 KB, 168x240, Cherry (1).png)

No. 142120

she's so cute! where is she from?

No. 142121

this girl > >>141589

No. 142125

File: 1621216142469.jpg (300.36 KB, 951x1101, magician's quest charas 2.jpg)

nta, Magician's Quest, fantastic game, very Animal Crossing-like, tragically only one has been translated from Japanese though

No. 143660

File: 1621677176729.jpeg (170.15 KB, 1152x2048, 2B2BD34A-2B4C-4137-A693-8CF60B…)

I love her outfit, eyes and hair.

No. 143681

File: 1621687583453.jpg (111.34 KB, 640x952, quanxi.jpg)

Yeah her design meshes well. I also like the suits most of the female characters wear (less cool when you realize it's probably Fujimoto's femdom fetish). It is funny though that her boobs get bigger as the bomb fiend. Quanxi also looks badass.

No. 145573

File: 1622165829611.jpg (35.21 KB, 366x879, 61cRx6SVCJL._AC_SY879_.jpg)


No. 145575

tranny pls

No. 145581

I don't get where the tranny meme came from, menhera bitches are depressed and anxiety ridden not tranny ridden.

No. 145583

Nta, but this character design looks like something a tranny would find top tier. Looks like a typical waifu. I think that's what they were getting at.

No. 145585

she's disproportionately popular among troons (and also an eyesore)

No. 145592

File: 1622175791446.jpg (45.37 KB, 750x646, 1769a851afb8c5c338338b6a6e7658…)

No. 145597

File: 1622180933920.jpg (99.71 KB, 640x800, Riamu_sr2.jpg)

I love Riamu because of how stupid her story and character is; she is made based off typical NEET idolfags, menheras and 2channers just to mock the shit out of them. Riamu is mental as fuck and kids fear her. She is literally the clown of Im@s and that's hilarious.

SJWs and trannyfag who only draw her because they claim she's automatically a troon don't know a thing about her. Trust me, if they ever played Cinderella girls they would have cancelled her and her fans right away.

No. 145598

4chan trannies like her because she's a neet coomerbait, anon. She even has the ~kinky tranny~ classics like striped thigh highs and chokers not saying women can't like those, but it adds up
Also her color scheme is the same as the trans flag, not that hard to associate her with it

No. 145604

File: 1622187006582.jpg (72 KB, 400x533, tumblr_39bed9c4f0190598982d193…)

>classics like striped thigh highs and chokers
Is her more traditional menhera outfit better?

No. 145608

Trannies appropriated striped thigh high socks and the pastel menhera look like men always do. And because she's a big titty waifu with the troon flag color scheme so it's pretty obvious. However I think she's cute and her psychotic terminally online NEET clownery is actually funny.

No. 145611

This makes sense because scrotes ruin everything. My favourite type of designs are the rare ones that men claim have no sex appeal or are manly or "dykey" and get psychotically angry over. I want them to be deprived of waifus. But I guess even then they will just make fanart to "correct" them.

No. 145612

I honestly hate that men sexualize literally everything about women. Menhera was originally a cope for mentally ill, lonely girls who turned their depression and anxiety to a cutesy aesthetic to make it more bearable in an environment where therapy was inaccessible or not helping them enough and of course scrotes had to appropriate it as their stupid aliexpress gear tranny vogue.

>My favourite type of designs are the rare ones that men claim have no sex appeal or are manly or "dykey" and get psychotically angry over.

Any examples? I would love to see characters like this, except I'm afraid that moids will turn tomboys and butches into their fetish soon enough as well.

No. 145654

Menhera is fucking ugly so

No. 145698

Holy shit that's one ugly fit kek. I much prefer her maid/nurse dress with her meme programming socks
menhera is basically fairy kei for edgelords and yandere wannabe weebs

No. 145718

nta but sakura from danganronpa. most of the character designs in that game are ugly & over the top, but sakura is subversive & a badass

No. 145734

File: 1622219577692.jpg (150.35 KB, 500x535, elyon.jpg)

These are so good.

I've always loved the outfits W.I.T.C.H characters wore. Their magical forms are alright but those daily outfits and how the artists drew new ones for every day was so cool. No cartoon, same-wardrobe in this comic. Each character was interesting looking partially due to how they dressed, it said something about them.

No. 145736

File: 1622219851637.png (3.64 MB, 5312x1061, collage.png)

I was gonna make a collage of my own but I don't have time so here's a thing I stitched together off Google Images instead.

No. 145740

File: 1622220548126.jpeg (87.8 KB, 853x1024, 017E0D1D-E4FF-44B1-B7A8-904744…)

I’ve always loved Lightning’s design, >>125561 reminded me how much I think FFXIII is so hated on because the lead character isn’t over sexualized and is motivated to save her sister, doesn’t give a shit about anything else and certainly isn’t uguwuuu kawaii with revealing clothes and definitely doesn’t rely on men. Like Fang, her sexiness doesn’t need to rely on coomerbait.

No. 145749

Love her design and personality. I would be a big fan but I don't play idol games. She isn't in any anime yet, right?
Do you know any other examples? I need more insane female characters in my life…
Is it worth playing Cinderella girls just for her? Also, was it ever translated into English?
Menhera is fucking adorable and based. Also, genuinely fascinating.
Elyon best grill forever and ever. All of the Halloween costumes were great, but her was the best IMHO. I wonder what would become of her had the original creators weren't kicked out. She was supposed to be a big bad for much longer, if not until the end of the series. Wish we at least got more of her relationship with Cedric, it was unsettling in a realistic way.

No. 145750

>I think FFXIII is so hated on because the lead character isn’t over sexualized and is motivated to save her sister
KEK sure, and people hate Zelda Skyward Sword only because of Ghirahim's hot gay costume.
I can't tell if this is bait or not

No. 145757

Ughhhh you reminded me how much I loved WITCH when I was young. I even made my mom buy a pendant that looked like the Heart of Kandrakar and I pretended to have magic powers lol
>the original creators weren't kicked out
Wait, what are the details on this??? I noticed a change in the quality of the later issues (mostly the faces started to look inconstistent and the proportions were frequently off) and it made me stop buying the comics

No. 145759

I don't have all the details, but they got kicked out before the first saga ended. Not sure exactly when, but the last episode (in which Phobos gets owned) looks really badly drawn. Elyon reconnects with Cornelia when we still have original artwork, so IDK.
You can notice that the artists have been constantly changing. Most of the sagas start with okay artwork and devolve to worse at the end (or at least that's how I saw it, I could be wrong - I remember not liking how Nerissa was drawn in the final comics with her, though the artist put some effort into a full-page spreads, so IDK).
The original artists went on to draw Sky Doll (a NSFW though not pornographic) comic. I'm gonna read it soon since I knew about it forever, but when I was in my teens, only the first issue was available online.
Okay, I checked wikipedia for more info:
>W.I.T.C.H. (stylised as W.i.t.c.h.) is an Italian fantasy comics series written by Elisabetta Gnone, Alessandro Barbucci, and Barbara Canepa. (…) In 2004, series creators Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa unsuccessfully sued Disney for the initial rights to W.I.T.C.H. after issues with management at the publishing company. As a result, Canepa founded her own comics company.
>Upon seeing the success of PKNA - Paperinik New Adventures with young male audiences, some of the writers began thinking of a similar concept that would work for young female audiences. Elisabetta Gnone, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa came up with the original concepts and designs. Gnone co-wrote the first issue of the series with Francesco Artibani.
>Gnone and Artibani originally created a concept that would last nine issues, but upon seeing the impressive sales numbers, a further three issues were ordered, rounding out the 12-issue first saga.
>In 2004, tensions arose between the W.I.T.C.H. artists and Disney's publishing (Buena Vista). Series creators Barbucci and Canepa unsuccessfully sued Disney for the initial rights to W.I.T.C.H., with Artibani acting as a witness in support of the two artists in court. After the lawsuit failed, Artibani and other artists decided to end their working relationships with Disney due to the "difficult management and company". Around the same time, Disney filed an unsuccessful copyright infringement lawsuit against Rainbow SpA, the studio behind Winx Club (a series cited as the main competition for W.I.T.C.H.). In its April 2004 suit, the corporation claimed the Winx Club concept copied that of W.I.T.C.H.; all of their claims were rejected in August, and Rainbow SpA won the case against Disney as they provided proof that the Winx Club production began before the W.I.T.C.H. comic was available.
>After breaking off with Buena Vista and in the middle of her trial against them, Canepa created her own comic book company, Soleil. She described it as a way to become "more sincere and uncensored" with her comics. Soleil was unable to secure the rights to W.I.T.C.H. from Disney, and instead focused on original projects. Canepa stated that she intended to keep all the rights to her comics; she said, "After my experience with Disney, it's important for me to protect myself."

No. 145764

File: 1622225839195.jpg (763.77 KB, 1074x1642, image (2).jpg)

Sorry for the autism, but have a comparison of episode 1 (both top) and episode 12 (finale of the Elyon saga, left) and episode 13 (right, the intermediate chapter between Elyon and Nerissa sagas). I should have probably gotten one of the middle chapters when Barbucci and Canepa were still responsible for the comic and gotten more used to the W.I.T.C.H character designs, but hopefully my point is clear anyway. lol
The artwork has probably gotten even worse in the Teach 2B W.I.T.C.H (I feel horribly even typing that name out) saga, but IDK if there was any other moment in which art has went downhill so fast.

No. 145767

Yeah, the contrast is stark. The first issues had really vibrant colors, dynamic compositions and had a nice flow overall and the later ones just felt static and lifeless

No. 145770

File: 1622228363308.jpg (27.83 KB, 200x636, 879bed35c8cba04956baff49553b95…)

I loved their outfits so much. Pretty sure it wouldn't fly nowadays "muuh they're too skinny" "muuh they show too much skin for teens

No. 145779

I've already seen someone complaining about 'sexualization of teens' because girls are suggested to be nude when transforming (and in that scene of Will's nightmare). There is some nudity but it's not detailed at all or drawn to titillate the reader? WTF
>"muuh they're too skinny" "muuh they show too much skin for teens"
The funny thing is that they had adult bodies when transformed (IDK, probably 20 years old), but the creators haven't pulled any weird shit under the guise of that (like some pedos would). Also Irma was drawn as remarkably chubby (for the time aka early 00's and in comparison to her friends). In your screencap she specifically transformed to go to a music club because she looks older and thinner. Her crush (a few years her senior? Not sure) then attempts to forcefully kiss her in a car, and she turns him into a frog LOL sorry if you remember all that, I'm more mentioning it for other farmers who may read and don't know all the W.I.T.C.H lore

No. 145790

> I also like the suits most of the female characters wear (less cool when you realize it's probably Fujimoto's femdom fetish).
Makima's fujimoto's femdom outlet. The suits were inspired by Reservoir Dogs

No. 145793

File: 1622233898668.png (180.46 KB, 650x1250, YQLizJ0.png)

I do not like this character but I gotta admit the design clues you in on her character
gamer headsets = egirl
heart motif = love/attraction related powers
cape = superhero

No. 145794

I don't know man, they could have done the same things in a way better non ugly design

No. 145796

idk who that is but ye she's cute

No. 145805

idk if it was intentional but the eye shadow kinda look like pairs of lips

No. 145807

Not bait. I genuinely thought it was a good game and is my personal favorite out of the series for a lot of reasons—if you think coomers are better than hating on a game just for that reason, I don’t think you’ve seen how low IQ they can get. Inb4 “it was linear” because FFX was too.

No. 145817

File: 1622241631998.jpg (580 KB, 2627x2627, apz7sm8az5031.jpg)

Imo it was a mediocre, forgetable FF which doesn't tell you a lot considering they've all been shit since X. Even though FFXIII is pure stale bread I'd rather replay it than replay "FF7 remake sabotage edition".

I guess you're far from being the only one who likes Lightning design considering she was used as a "model" for Prada and LV. Lightning kinda looks like your average anime bishie guy to me weirdly enough

No. 145834

File: 1622247466658.jpg (166.01 KB, 993x1308, 03de7f2fa15eaece3ca2e28f4e6ccd…)

That's totally fair, especially if you're someone who enjoyed pre-X Final Fantasy games. It's just kind of hypocritical that people enjoy X or XV and then dunk on XIII for no real reason besides parroting "it's linear."

Even as someone who loves Lightning's design, the LV campaign was really ugly but I hate LV's designs as a whole and that's a personal problem.

No. 145883

File: 1622271975637.jpeg (41.04 KB, 350x370, my ship.jpeg)

>Elyon was gonna be the big bad
Ah hell, I would have liked that. As you and another anon said I did notice art style inconsistencies later on but I didn't know there was a creative change in the team writing-wise.

Random aside, I always felt Cornelia's storylines were more interesting. She was also deeply connected to Elyon, Caleb, Irma. I don't get why Will became their leader at all, it would make more sense for Cornelia since her PoV is actually more relevant to the main plot rather than Will.

NTA but you just reminded me how Irma is the chunky one. Nice to see, she is healthy and cute but also kinda husky. Hay Lin always read as the skinniest to me, not sure if true. Cornelia was the tall one ofc. I wish they made Will really muscular, she was an athlete afterall. It's nice to see different types of bodies that are still pleasant to look at unlike Tumblr art.

No. 145888

File: 1622274078378.png (137.71 KB, 278x684, f3ca02733c29756e4b344c495e073f…)

I actually never noticed that Irma was chubbier than the other girls.
However I remember being a bit weirded out at Cornelia's design in some panels because of her Alien-ish 5head kek. Was also loosing my shit at how good the art in Witch Magazine was, it was really cute.

I also liked Winx charadesign a lot, especially Flora's, she had the best casual outfit imo

No. 145896

>the LV campaign was really ugly but I hate LV's designs as a whole and that's a personal problem
I don't know much about LV but every picture looks like Lightning's head was poorly shopped into a picture of a real model. It's super jarring. I guess nobody could do it better at the time?
>Lightning kinda looks like your average anime bishie guy to me weirdly enough
She was created with a 'female Cloud' in mind
Now that I think about it, I don't really have a source on that info about Elyon not changing sides early on. I'm not sure if it came from creators or is only a fandom headcanon. I do think her reconnecting with Cornelia could have been planned for the final battle instead. Doubt she would have been just killed off, since from the start she seemed like a sympathetic, misguided villain (mostly thanks to her bond with Cedric and her brother).
>I don't get why Will became their leader at all, it would make more sense for Cornelia since her PoV is actually more relevant to the main plot rather than Will.
I see your point! Maybe Will was the leader to kinda subvert the expectation of the lead being the most important person to everyone. Kinda like Taranee has fire and Irma has water powers, even though you would expect the opposite from their persoanlities. Plus, Cornelia could be bitchy as hell and kinda unpleasant. The story would be different if she became the leader. I guess they also wanted to have the story about a girl hading to grow into the role. Cornelia would have 0% problem bossing the other guardians around (I guess that would be her story arc). I also cannot imagine Will being a 'rival' to Cornelia in the same way she was for her.
Having said that, I loved the Cornelia plots. Can't believe she broke up with Caleb because that's what the original Italian readers voted for LOL.
I also thought that Hay Lin was the thinnest, especially since she's a short one. Agree it would be nice if Will was more muscular, but I guess she was supposed to be a skinny tomboy… it would work more if she didn't look like Cornelia, but shorter.
>I also liked Winx charadesign a lot, especially Flora's, she had the best casual outfit imo
I also liked the original Winx designs (especially Bloom and Flora's), both the civilian and transformation ones. The Trix were also good! The problem was that the artwork in both the cartoon and the comix never did them justice. They always looked kinda bad… Also, maybe I'm being biased, but most of the other transformations seem ugly and mostly unnecessary beyond being an obvious cash-grab.

No. 145915

File: 1622294452979.jpg (48.12 KB, 349x500, 51FBdYJrJ2L.jpg)

>Maybe Will was the leader to kinda subvert the expectation of the lead being the most important person to everyone.
This, but it also makes sense because Will seems much more relatable to girls reading it. Will had a tomboyish side but was still feminine, sometimes clumsy, well intentioned but didn't always know how to do the right thing. Cornelia gave off this effortlessly elegant, self-assured vibe that's a lot harder to relate to, especially for a tween girl.

Yeah, Hay Lin was skinny, short and the least curvy, Cornelia had the tall thin modelesque build, Taranee was kind of athletic looking, Irma was shorter and not quite chunky but more sturdy if that makes sense. And then Wills body type was a bit of a middle ground.
I don't think a muscular Will would have worked very well because even though she was a swimmer, a visibly buff body type on a 14/15(?) year old girl is very uncommon.

As a kid Hay Lin was always my favorite (alongside Elyon), also because I loved her fashion sense. I've recently reread some of the comics and nowadays I like Irma the most.

No. 145923

i hate how irma reminds me of the 'assigned male' artists self insert nowadays. its the hair exclusively

No. 145924

Yess all of their outfits were so fucking good. Normal clothes, yet super cute and stylish. Love w.i.t.c.h.!

No. 145926

>Can't believe she broke up with Caleb because that's what the original Italian readers voted for LOL.
This is why Italians deserve no rights! Caleb dumps Cornelia for being young and then dates her bff who is a year younger than her hmMMMM

I disagree about Will. She could have abs and some defitinion on her arms and legs. I'm not talking beefcake but muscular in the way Irma is chubby, just a little distinct.

No. 145957

Too be fair, Caleb broke up with Cornelia mostly because he couldn't handle her being a normal girl from a different world. There was a W.I.T.C.H comic special which explored the issue by showing what would happen if Cornelia gave up on her life in Heatherfield as well as being a Guardian in order to move to Meridian and what if Caleb tried to live among humans. The artwork was shit and the stories were very melodramatic, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Though the Caleb drama always felt like it was pulled out of nowhere for me, I guess maybe it was healthy that the comic subverted the fairytale romance cliche. Cornelia and Caleb felt like an endgame after their first meeting, and yet their love crumbled under reality. She eventually went for Taranee's sporty chad of a brother, a more realistic choice. Good for Elyon for bagging the cutie, even if someone could criticize her for dating Cornelia's sloppy seconds LOL. The whole double identity problem didn't exist with her, since she had zero interest in going back to the normal world

No. 145967

I mean… no. The breakup only happened because of the fan votes to split them up. Everything else is a cope.

No. 146075

That was the in-story justification. I do think the voting was retarded, and the comic didn't exactly pull it off, but they tried I guess

No. 146419

File: 1622505100582.png (194.46 KB, 500x315, sw.png)

Lobelia and Kanna are my favorite Sakura Wars girls design-wise

No. 146447

File: 1622514516179.png (100.6 KB, 559x714, makapng.png)

I always loved Maka's design! her hair and eyes and her Short Skirt Long Jacket/Scythe thing is neat

No. 146454

File: 1622516969364.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1365x1920, 603E06D9-2070-4BBD-94E7-DDA539…)

Re-reading Berserk, it has so many great character designs but I think my favorite was Zodd

No. 146525

File: 1622567914168.jpg (1.14 MB, 1642x951, BERSERK.(Kentaro.Miura).full.6…)

Yeah, Miura could draw monsters like nobody's business. RIP.

No. 146597

Meh Zodd is generic as hell.

Hell yeah these were sick.

No. 156402

I have to agree but then there are also shirtless guys too so it's kinda fair I guess.

No. 156405

File: 1629248278393.jpg (199.58 KB, 1280x777, Tumblr_oxmap6h3lp1so49byo1_128…)

Claire from The Summoning. I love this character as a whole of how cute, creepy and gothic she is. She's a wood elf with witch vibes and I like how she's kinda cat-looking too.

No. 156423

she looks related to the little green mouse girl from OK KO

No. 156461

File: 1629287002944.jpg (41.22 KB, 400x750, king2 Capcom vs. SNK 2.jpg)

I don't even play that game, but I like her design so much

She's so cute! I want to see that show now

No. 156462

File: 1629287035568.jpg (55.87 KB, 550x1200, king Capcom vs. SNK 2.jpg)

No. 158999

File: 1630817480506.png (131.06 KB, 500x500, 001.png)

i'll always like street fighter designs, especially the way they make the women look like they could actually beat the shit out of you. too many fighting games make their women little sticks.

No. 159000

sorry to reply to something so old but i absolutely hate final fantasy clothing, it's horrendous

No. 159367

File: 1631035263305.jpeg (52.15 KB, 268x320, 1B234897-DCA1-49CA-A93B-A50380…)

Everything about his design and personality was cool— even all his attacks. And he’s a Yakuza boss

No. 159369

i want to fuck him so bad

No. 159371

ok coomer

No. 159378

God me too.
Anon. Do you even know what coomer means

No. 159413

are you 12

No. 159556

File: 1631164638529.jpg (155.51 KB, 540x837, Taazf6X.jpg)

I think that Sarvente is pretty nice looking, there's something so elegant and flowy yet simple about her desing that matches very well with the flute-like sound of her songs/voice.

No. 159809

File: 1631290591782.jpg (193.72 KB, 1080x1350, E-4OR5rWQAcX9oZ.jpg)

I liked her design in the first God of War game, but there's something about this more weathered version that I love. It's also cool to see a game where the female characters are dressed up in layers and cool fabric design while the men tend to be more dressed down or plain shirtless. Kratos' thighs are a treat.

No. 159831

shes cute but i hate when people make nuns sexy. it seems disrespectful

No. 159836

God I love her. She's so beautiful. Her face and clothes… wow. Is the GoW reboot good aka less misogynistic and gorey?

No. 159838

Yeah, I get you.
That's pretty much one of the reasons why I dislike her remastered version made by a different artist. But that's a thing for the other thread

No. 159874

It has a fair amount of gore, but the story is nice. It's not the game you play for big feminist takes, but I think Kratos is very anti-misogyny as a male lead. Dealing with overcoming his misogynistic past, learning to become a good father, protective of his son and respectful and devoted to his wife of which you can tell he loved very much. Worth playing if you enjoyed "The Last of Us" and games in general that explores themes of parenthood.

No. 159918

File: 1631339193066.png (954.26 KB, 2250x798, Skullgirls_Peacock_Reference_.…)

Peacock from Skullgirls. Never played or have intrest over this male coomer game other than her, the art style and animations. I just love her cartoony design, her brash personality and the way she fights along with her gang. Easily the best girl of Skullgirls for me.

No. 159954

File: 1631366754491.gif (529.11 KB, 334x320, 4D7474B4-DB1A-4286-A6EE-433F12…)

I love peacock so much.

No. 159981

It’s a great game. Also a girl did the animations and designs

No. 159993

File: 1631387219724.jpeg (45.67 KB, 606x1024, BRS.jpeg)

is it possible to feel turned on by a jacket?

No. 159994

File: 1631387245256.jpg (117.06 KB, 1210x544, Kiki.jpg)

No. 159996

File: 1631388543027.png (469.51 KB, 669x1080, Aeon.jpg.png)

Some of the designs are amazing and unique! I also generally like the artstyle tbh. Last time I played it was 5years ago tho

No. 160075

File: 1631431611205.jpg (99.31 KB, 736x641, tumblr_phtb48IdC01v1ob3a_1280.…)

I love Kiki for as long as I can remember. Super cute, modest and a relatable character. I want to dress up like her for cosplay and Halloween.

No. 160089

File: 1631441545406.jpg (528.04 KB, 2272x1280, 1631264783646.jpg)

I know it's simple but I really like it, nostalgic fashion

No. 160098

File: 1631445806866.jpg (804.55 KB, 2292x1593, Subaru.(.hack..Sign).full.2848…)

Can't believe .hack//SIGN is so forgotten I could not find a better pic, but I've always loved Lady Subaru's design. It's just perfect to me.

No. 160099

File: 1631445940707.jpg (42.54 KB, 225x350, 85930.jpg)

she doesn't usually have an eye wonk going on

No. 160116

File: 1631452703390.jpeg (79.78 KB, 598x747, F7E770C9-5136-4B42-BAD0-B0B8F9…)

I’m honestly in love with Thor’s design on the new God of War and I love how it shows that it doesn’t even depend on sexual attraction, but men will always be pissbabies seeing how panicked they are because is not your super-chad-physique.

No. 160117

All I can think of how he is Varg's dream man. He must eat a lot of refined sugar.

No. 160128

Where is this from? I love it

No. 160134

File: 1631463656263.jpeg (86.52 KB, 615x882, D94588D4-88E5-4688-86DC-884C62…)

It’s funny because this look is closer to what strongmen look like than the chiseled Instagram chad look. Picrel is Eddie Hall in 2017 when he won World’s Strongest Man.

No. 160136

File: 1631468268720.jpg (553.73 KB, 2272x1280, SC_P_Tanaka_Mamimi_SR04.jpg)

She's Sakuya Shirase from Shiny Colors. The game has some cute card art.

No. 160174

everything from friday night funkin and its collaborations looks incredibly stupid

No. 160219

I love dotHACK, anon. I think I hated her as a character but I loved her design.

Iirc, offline she was disabled in a wheelchair ?

No. 160247

Finally a game were the ladies are covered and the men got their tits out, kek.

No. 160287

File: 1631557543656.png (305.26 KB, 603x747, Img_illust_(5).png)

You are correct about the spoiler!
Fuck, tell me about your favorite .hack things. It's almost impossible to run into someone who's also into it. I want to get back, I haven't played/read/watched many things from the series yet. Fuck SAO for killing the OG series about people trapped in MMO. I will forever seethe about it. .hack// had so much more to give, but I guess we will never see it now. I wish at least the first series of games was remastered and ported to PS4 and PS5)
Anyway, have I already posted Endrance yet? He's so based, I wish figures were made of him.

No. 160289

Too bad they're fat moobs and not hot at all.

No. 160290

File: 1631558682896.gif (37.7 KB, 372x340, shugo.gif)

Wow, saw this on the front page and had to comment. I always thought the Legend of the Twilight designs were great. Looking back I think most .Hack characters had a lot of thought put into them.

No. 160299

File: 1631562758490.jpg (38.96 KB, 437x363, mireille.jpg)

girl please, silver knight was a better dresser.
to be fair the best looking characters in that were preexisting, but damn if the art style wasn't cute.

No. 160355

File: 1631599390843.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x643, d6043e11223fbc94da9d3825e8bf32…)

Yeah I agree Thor is unappealing as fuck. Kratos got some nice definition, though.

No. 160399

Yeah, so bad I can enjoy my designs even when they are not sexually appealing to me.


No. 160407

Are you having a stroke?

No. 160432

File: 1631651972574.png (1.97 MB, 1409x1373, WHA.png)

All characters in witch hat atelier. The outfits are amazing.

No. 160538

File: 1631726217777.jpeg (75.46 KB, 600x800, 79F88A62-7FED-483E-9AC0-F36262…)

I’m so glad! I’m a huge fan. I pretty much read all the books and played all the games. I was happy to see GU got a remaster on PS4. For Subaru I’ll have to rewatch SIGN now that I’m not a women hating fan girl bc I feel like I’d enjoy her as a character.

Endrance was such a glow up from Elk and made sense considering how Elk grew up. His insecurities, his obsessions, ect. I hate that SOA is the only anime ppl think of when it’s characters in an MMORPG. Hated Alkaid’s ENG voice but loved her design

No. 160625

File: 1631774726332.jpg (177.46 KB, 1920x1080, kisaratalesofarise.jpg)

She's really pretty

No. 160629

I've never heard of this series, is the story good? Because the art looks lovely and makes me want to check it out.

No. 160640

it's pretty good and the art is amazing.

No. 160692

Oh, and apparently the author is a woman? Definitely going to check it out, thanks for showing me anon.

No. 160746

File: 1631867293882.jpg (40.53 KB, 416x414, 2b87dd6740d8d6b93a6e601ac75c24…)

Give it a chance, the manga it's very comfy but it does actually have a story, it's not a slice of life. I keep mentioning this but I was so happy to not see sexualized kids and 0 fanservice, it's been a breath of fresh air tbh. You would expect the quality of the art to go down but it remains amazing. Plus the mangaka is female, fun fact she was a regular cover artist for DC Comics.

No. 160749

File: 1631871458428.jpg (1.02 MB, 2883x2048, RDT_20210917_06293252440933249…)

Holy shit she's the same artist that did the SW comic covers and kotobukiya ARTFX statues design concepts
Her art is absolutely beautiful, I guess I'll need to read Witch Hat Atelier also!

No. 160754

that art of kylo ren is gonna make me into a driverfag

No. 161001

File: 1632021215734.jpg (596.23 KB, 4096x3277, YunjinModel.JPG)

I am so obsessed with this design that I have started learning how to draw purely to draw more of her. I absolutely love her.

No. 161068

File: 1632088672608.jpg (47.93 KB, 728x410, dj-max-dj-dj-max-respect-hd-wa…)

Clear from DJMAX, I like how the art looks like PSG.

No. 161071

based djmax fucking rules dude

No. 161073

File: 1632090859405.jpeg (37.25 KB, 739x415, 00540DF7-BFFC-48A0-AF14-A047C0…)

Did someone post her yet?

No. 161075

File: 1632091076704.jpeg (40.06 KB, 266x700, FF68D6DD-411A-4FC2-8DF5-6B460B…)

Time for spam.

No. 161076

File: 1632091144664.gif (1.2 MB, 160x250, KXY8.gif)

No. 161077

File: 1632091246698.gif (1004.06 KB, 500x288, 6ObW.gif)

No. 161078

File: 1632091284785.gif (979.78 KB, 500x281, 6MnZ.gif)

No. 161079

File: 1632091317470.jpeg (33.52 KB, 739x415, B98AEF66-C7B5-4BB3-B6ED-5AD5BA…)

No. 161081

I love these dresses so much, especially the hatter and queen of hearts one. and just the game design in general.

No. 161082

File: 1632091362051.gif (622.44 KB, 245x388, tumblr_m76ik9xtca1qatcfzo1_250…)

No. 161083

Same anon. It really has stood the test of time, the game design looks really good. And >>161076 is peak performance, I actually want to learn sewing/tailoring so I can make a similar dress.

No. 161084

I just finished this game about 2 weeks ago and I already want to replay it again, def one of my favorite games

No. 161085

File: 1632092265049.jpeg (53.06 KB, 783x391, 8A389052-F7A9-414A-8647-A72714…)

More dresses for you, anon!

No. 161086

File: 1632092306717.jpeg (56.55 KB, 849x361, FBF516D9-8CC3-406B-9584-EEAB61…)

No. 161090

File: 1632098466796.png (536.3 KB, 709x860, LaMUERTE.png)

I think she's pretty

No. 161091

File: 1632100035159.png (1.97 MB, 2292x5015, Godot.png)

characters with prosthetics and eyepatches, even fucking wheelchairs when done right (and not for the sake of muh representashun) are phenomenal

No. 161098

File: 1632105130406.png (463.88 KB, 1200x989, FFD15817-C952-431F-B675-603564…)

Have you read Bicycle Boy? Starring boy with too many prosthetics for his own good.

No. 161113

File: 1632115706601.png (3.8 MB, 2564x1196, 狐狸精.png)

Made a shitty paint collage of this character, because I couldn't find her full body. I just really like her, she's from the movie Jiang Ziya and she's a nine tails fox demon, she's in the movie most of the time in her demon form except for the start of the movie which is 2d animated and she's just really pretty in her fox form, she's not sexualized at all and I love the way she fights with her tails. Also the poster art for the movie is really pretty too!

No. 161115

ty, these are lovely

No. 161120

File: 1632124567241.jpg (175.31 KB, 1047x500, the gangs all here.jpg)

All of them, including the Administrator and Miss Pauling.

No. 161125

File: 1632128767023.jpg (264.41 KB, 1920x1080, 132260814246.jpg)

Yeah. I have this image of all their heads, I think it's really fascinating

No. 161127

File: 1632129427264.png (472.27 KB, 1207x505, teeth.png)

Also scout's teeth are more orange than the others', because he drinks so much soda. Who would even notice that? They really put so much thought into these characters

No. 161128

File: 1632132143466.png (95.01 KB, 587x900, E5F41329-3129-4A1D-BA2C-5173B7…)

Agree with the tf2 characters, they’re all unique/have a sort of goofy appeal about them.

My pick is Cypher from Valorant though. Biased since I find his voice attractive kek but I love the colour combos/use of his hat as his ult

No. 161188

File: 1632178137987.gif (660.05 KB, 740x939, 456b52c26f9e4a3c13b63aa280bc75…)

I dont know anything about this game aside from the silly Jack O pose and that it seems coomerish. But I like her design.

No. 161190

guilty gear is really fun tbh the only reason i played xrd was bc i wanted to see jack-o. its a fun fighting game if thats ur type of game i recommend strive!

No. 161201

File: 1632192289959.png (605.8 KB, 512x724, S084_Stage2.png)

I don't play or know anything about Fate but Arjuna is so damn beautiful and divine.

No. 161605

File: 1632442881625.jpg (110.65 KB, 1200x800, 338x2uS.jpg)

I like the puffy shoulders they added. She looks like Marie Antoinette in Black

No. 161609

File: 1632446609550.jpg (277.09 KB, 713x799, mgs2fortune.jpg)

I loved her design, and the fact that she carried around this gigantic gun.

No. 161610

I once took this college class about fantasy novels, young adult novels, that sort of thing. The teacher (a guy) once made a comment that Kiki's red bow was supposed to represent her period. That creeped me and another girl out to hear him say that. I'm glad I spent the rest of that class goofing off and reading the wrong assigned books, lol

No. 161616

I like that with every game they cover her up more.

No. 161618

File: 1632453440059.png (4.85 MB, 2343x2343, Bayonetta_SSB4.png)

I liked her bayo2 design and aesthetic the most, bayo3 design kinda feels like, childish? if that makes sense. I feel like it doesn't fit her like the previous designs have.

No. 161623

the braids are… ugly to me. kinda disappointed tbh. the foutfit and rest of her look is awesome but those weird braids are just not flattering.

No. 161624

I agree actually! I don't think the braids fit her like the beehive ponytail did in bayo1. Maybe if she wore her hair down kinda like jeane in bayo2 (without the sidebangs of course) it would have looked a lot better?

No. 161704

File: 1632515750710.png (115.49 KB, 491x750, Tumblr_mpzexuScQ11swj1xwo4_500…)

I think she might be another version of Bayonetta like from a different timeline or something? She seems more cutesy and the braids are reminiscent of Cereza, also there was first game Bayo in the 2017 teaser

Anyway you should check out early Bayonetta concept designs by Mari Shimazaki, they're really cool to look through!

No. 162393

Isn't is supposed to be Bayo when she was younger in the first place?

No. 164922

File: 1634517292692.png (302.4 KB, 600x570, 1613312443757.png)

I'm not sure where this character is from or where I even found the photo, but they look very pretty.

No. 164931

File: 1634518675420.jpeg (51.14 KB, 480x439, 339FAFB8-FD5B-47A3-8B41-DF7501…)

It’s the male concept for Aigis from Persona 3

No. 164950

Started reading blue period. Watched some of the anime. Wow yuka is cool. A cross dressing guy who is tired of everyone expecting him to be gay and fruity. He is a bisexual who is doing his own thing.

Go to wiki to find out his birthday and height and shit.
> 9000000 comments from 15 year olds screaming about how she is a trans icon

Why even live. I want to end it all.

No. 164965

These are really nice, reminds me of bloodborne somehow

No. 164968

File: 1634548779932.png (986.36 KB, 875x1217, bayo.png)

the more I look at it, the more I love it. I agree that the braids looked weird at first and makes her silhouette less readable imo but I love how they are tied around her body. I'm really excited for this game!

No. 171840

File: 1638122939883.jpg (157.36 KB, 1215x717, jinx.jpg)

No. 171842

No. 171846

File: 1638123518024.jpg (88.17 KB, 500x500, kiki.jpg)

she is perfect

No. 171847

File: 1638123650567.jpg (106.7 KB, 1172x1060, 71H2q4SJ6bL._AC_SL1280_.jpg)

my sisters

also fuck that teacher. kiki is not for moids

No. 171849

dumb coomer "pSyChO gIrL" fantasy

No. 171850

I hate this trope. Give the psycho girls clothes at least.

No. 171851

File: 1638123943459.jpg (146.54 KB, 1474x924, 1236547893862.jpg)

I like how their hair is realistic and how they manage to stay distinct. Much better than the eye bleeding pigmented candy color and ridiculous hairstyle many anime characters have.

No. 171852

File: 1638124280796.jpg (157.13 KB, 1443x574, 563214562163.jpg)

Unlike SJW art, this show has appealing realistic and ugly characters. Tumblrinas think people dislike their drawings for being racist, when they actually just can't draw for shit

No. 171864

"she's so wacky and crazy i bet she's WILD in bed" is the moid version of "he's a psychopath and has killed people but he makes an exception for me!

No. 171873

grate taste nonny, I love SZS.

No. 171926

not a big fan of the same-face and repetitive female bodies

No. 172015

File: 1638224977448.jpeg (788.9 KB, 2427x3093, A9D372AE-2FBC-43C1-9549-399C37…)

I adore the clothes and design of characters in shadow of the colossus. Even tho the game is well known surprisingly there isn’t enough material online to stare at or art books published. Shame.

No. 172070

I hate how the female calves are drawn it looks like a fetish

No. 172077

File: 1638282186050.jpg (323.98 KB, 1280x720, journey.jpg)

Yes I also loved it. The folk aesthetism of the clothes reminds me of Journey. "travellers" are one of my fav design, they're so cute
Kek, reminds me of Omori

No. 172110

File: 1638313352468.jpg (94.11 KB, 1200x675, FEQiCQyXMAQob1Y.jpg)

These are some random characters from some crap mmo Bless Unleashed, I'm mad that they are not the main characters in their own game, I don't even mind their big breasts I love them I want to be a lizard amazonian please god in the next life make me into one

No. 172113

I haven't seen this anime but I remembered it was kinda coomerish

No. 172118

File: 1638321637562.jpg (28.43 KB, 408x679, 614i-Yto1bL._AC_SY679_.jpg)

same anon. love how simple yet memorable all iterations of their design is. also the only cosplay costume i successfully completed so its extra special for me

No. 172154

Yes i loved that design too! And i’m glad you gave it some sort of label so i can search for more. I love this aesthetic so much.

No. 172492

File: 1638504306968.jpg (410.16 KB, 3840x2160, eugeo.jpg)

Haven't watched SAO (very bad from what I heard) and don't know this character at all, but I really like their design especially the sword. Honestly a lot of the character design from SAO is admittedly very pretty.

No. 172496

File: 1638510594124.jpg (550.2 KB, 1200x1200, zelda_botw_guide_naborisprep-1…)

Gerudo women. So visually interesting and I love the architecture and their social structure.

No. 172504

File: 1638516246593.jpg (41.5 KB, 311x603, Final-Fantasy-Crystal-Chronicl…)

Clavats from Chrystal Chronicles. Very cute, no coomerism, the clothes look so comfy too.

No. 172507

File: 1638516417474.jpg (61.26 KB, 720x242, Clavats-Concept.jpg)

2/2. Always loved the one with her hat.

No. 172532

they are based except the "the male born once in a 100 years automatically becomes a king" rule. Or was it only some Ganondorf prophecy?

No. 172540

I dont think they were well thought out tbh.. the narrative changes every game

No. 172607

File: 1638577018772.png (1.21 MB, 1000x2146, Male_Viera_from_FFXIV_artwork.…)

bunny bois are the best thing to come out of endwalker and the fact that they're shorter than bunny girls is just chef's kiss

No. 172608

Please use the FFXIV thread, anon. It's so dead and lonely in there.

No. 172613

No. 172615

File: 1638578473533.jpg (85.91 KB, 768x400, oh shit it's galko-chan.jpg)

i think the funniest thing about this thread is that alot of the images used here are in the "Character Designs You Hate" thread

anyway, i really like the design choices in "oshiete, galko-chan", especially the use of blue lineart in bothe anime and manga

No. 172631

File: 1638591849259.jpg (42.63 KB, 563x738, asdv.jpg)

I'm so happy Arcane put more on her and gave her a rougher feel.

They could have pushed the design more, but at least it's not the original skin's outfit, ugh

No. 172657

I still feel bothered that they still had to pander to male needs in some episodes…

No. 172676

it is what it is; there are still nice moments, and it isn't as bad as most other anime in the genre imo

No. 172758

File: 1638659854617.jpg (1.02 MB, 3194x4042, Sakura.jpg)

One of Sakura's many cute outfits. Why aren't there more characters wearing this round type of hat? It's so fraking adorable.

No. 172765

File: 1638663086410.jpeg (109.27 KB, 800x600, CD889335-2CDB-4585-898E-D78013…)

her design is simple and iconic

No. 172790

File: 1638681979997.png (667.76 KB, 834x1049, 989f81de63e7eac1d27971faf91042…)

I love the Watery card battle outfit, along with the Thunder card outfit where she looks like a cat.

No. 175660

File: 1640471825354.png (738.34 KB, 844x1234, P3_Chidori_Render.png)

atlus doesn't make them like this anymore…

No. 175661

I was excited when I saw the design for Manananggal in SMT V because I thought they were trying to design more old-school style demons. Of course they only turned out to be an exception

No. 175663

File: 1640474850446.jpeg (54.5 KB, 1024x576, DVtodPiU0AEiizO.jpeg)

I've never watched TTGL and I never will but Nia is one of the cutest anime girls I've ever seen. It's the cloud hair and the pink flowers on her eyes for me.

No. 175664

>I've never watched TTGL
correct that

No. 175671

>and I never will

No. 175701

File: 1640487347924.jpg (271.22 KB, 1000x1000, FEQLHE6VIAU4Kq7.jpg)

Most of the new SMT 5 demons belong in the bad design thread. I don't know what's going on with Doi but his art has become hideous in the past few years. Picrel and Zeus are the worst offenders. Fucked up that we're at the point where FGO can do better than SMT.

No. 175742

Never even noticed this eye detail. I agree she has a very nice design! You mostly see Yoko in the merch though, for obvious reasons.
Why should she? Lol
absolutely based, I agree

No. 175752

File: 1640522742616.jpg (168.6 KB, 900x1800, 67dceb329ed3ccf5a54a7e71d4b1a6…)

Looks like a coomer maid version of bunad, as a Scandinavian I'm offended.

No. 175754

Oh boy, there is some awful designs in that game. I don’t play it so I’m not going to dig them up but I’ve seen some stuff worse then when it was just banana tits Raita making the weird designs

No. 175763

I love her design so much, good taste

No. 175793

File: 1640540377829.png (825.37 KB, 1612x1066, SMT_Angels.png)

I like the Angel's redesign more than the bondage one. Fanboys and coomers get mad.

No. 175801

I'm glad the bondage angel is gone too but then Abdiel came to take her place and her design is even more offensive since she's a high angel. The only female one. Sad that they were still so triggered by bondage angel's removal after doi also gave them nuwa, idun, loli demeter, that god awful mermaid now in 3D, etc. on top of abdiel.

No. 175822

The left is such a good design. The right is straight up offensive.

No. 175823

I honestly love Chidori's design so much

No. 175825

Honestly think both are meh.

No. 175828

File: 1640551355578.jpeg (57.98 KB, 896x504, Shin-Megami-Tensei-V-Abdiel-Le…)

this. the copper face on the left one is ugly while the outfit is stereotypical angel garb, then the right is a more interesting design but it's far too sexy for an angel. abdiel is truly shit tho.

No. 175899

I like the copper face, it's a bit creepy like a statue come to life.

No. 176110

>>159556 I disagree, looks like a country human OC

No. 176166

File: 1640752674651.png (1.43 MB, 2000x1627, 776E67C3-3FF4-4EF2-A5AC-C71E20…)

Just look at him.

No. 176167


No. 176440

hell yea some more Kirby appreciation

No. 177433

Tf you're talking about? The new Angel design looks beautiful and holy-like. Honestly better than the bondage one though it does has some sort of meaning to its design but it looks pretty fetishy.

No. 177449

Weird metallic face isn't what comes to mind when I think of 'angel'. Neither is BDSM.

No. 177455

File: 1641434846854.jpg (274.38 KB, 720x1018, Angels_of_Paradiso.jpg)

I like how it looks like a statue that came to life just like what >>175899 said. I might have mixed ideas of what angels look like. Either pure and innocent looking or guardians that will attack whenever they're threatened or have a duty. Like the ones from Bayonetta.

No. 178568

File: 1641842537111.jpeg (224.79 KB, 1920x1080, aA47CI0.jpeg)

i liked her eyecatch

No. 178813

File: 1641935747089.png (436.55 KB, 499x746, fatgum.png)


No. 178841

he looks like gru mixed with a minion but yes

No. 183466

File: 1643801200451.jpg (25.78 KB, 564x576, 0dd1388768e66e0e41cbb49f743a26…)

Bee's design is super cute especially for a chubby girl.

No. 183756

File: 1643846405863.jpg (94.76 KB, 563x775, dd2572424d7e8dbfff51da559747d4…)

I don't give 2 shits about Fate, but I love Hokusai's design. I love hanafuda and I like her art aspect since she's Hokusai, after all.

No. 183849

File: 1643872286553.png (10.25 KB, 418x551, 3796A0FA-B5B0-4BB4-B13F-6DCE78…)

I love all of the Ralts line. They're so elegant and cute. The only thing I dislike is the weird tube thing Gallade has. Wonder why they went with that choice? Their shinies are nice too and Kirilia reminds me of Hatsune Miku.
I always keep them all in my team as a happy family.

No. 184087

i like this line too but the internet has sorta ruined it for me with all the annoying coomer fetish art people draw of them

No. 185131

File: 1644287560114.jpeg (91.7 KB, 750x711, 6F78EEB5-6A1D-4FF9-9651-BA2657…)

There’s this casual little anime called Oh Suddenly Egyptian God that stars these cute little personifications of the different Egyptian gods. I can’t handle how cute and unified and iconographic their designs are. Whoever designs the next Olympics mascots needs to go through this designer.

No. 185189

This is insanely adorable and I love mythology, thanks for sharing nonny

No. 185205

I love you, nonnie, this is so cute that I will die.

No. 185286

My exact thoughts when I saw this post kek. I always got Gardevoir for my team as a kid but after Internet tainted the design with the overwhelming amount of coomer art I just can't look at them the same anymore

No. 185539

File: 1644478281416.png (56.18 KB, 218x250, 1E38B390-65A1-4A5A-9D99-064299…)

I just think he's a neat little guy. I love monster designs like this.

No. 185540

I simply just don't let the internet ruin things for me.

No. 185541

Who is this adorable fellow?

No. 185543

this is too cute to cope with, i love him. is there more??

No. 185611

He's a vocaloid. His name is Neumaf/Neumafu.

No. 291905

File: 1682393414166.png (133.22 KB, 480x400, 480px-Dejiko_A.png)

dejiko. i just love cats. she's also easy to draw. but the bell in her bow is a key point, and so are her ahoge pig tails.

No. 291911

File: 1682396826905.jpeg (17.18 KB, 201x298, B655F5D4-0421-4140-89B6-CAFA1A…)

Everyone in digi charat is so fucking cute. I love these characters to hell and back.

No. 291914

File: 1682397495096.jpg (5.03 MB, 4460x5292, Di.Gi.Charat.full.401282.jpg)

high quality taste anonnettesses

No. 291917

File: 1682397713854.jpg (183.15 KB, 1474x2048, __dejiko_di_gi_charat_drawn_by…)

i wish the newer anime had kept the og art style
the modern look removes a lot from the girls

No. 291918

File: 1682398151481.jpg (106.85 KB, 831x600, rt6y78ui321330.jpg)

It does! I wonder why they decided to change it in the first place, the og one looks even easier to animate.

No. 291925

File: 1682403710871.jpg (152.24 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_bccdd5623f9e130004ce102…)

I hate how I really love female character designs in western media like ramona or Jenny from my life as a teen robot, but the male designs from the same franchises are lazy, samey and bland. Scott pilgrim's got knives and Kim pine who look sick but young Neal and William Wallace look like literal who's. Makes me want to fuck the gender swapped version of the female character. Can't find any good gender swapped ramona art, but her design is memorable yet down to earth

No. 291926

Agreed, replayed this game recently and I spent a lot of time just looking at the screen during the Garudo part. Easily the most visually beautiful characters in the game.

No. 291927

I've always fucking hated this show's art, even as a kid I couldn't watch the show because of it. The characters are interesting and unique enough it's just the artstyle that puts me off

No. 291960

File: 1682410452636.png (2.26 KB, 211x138, Kim-Pine.png)

surprised to find ramona here because i just assumed everyone hated scott pilgrim here lol.
personally adore kim

No. 292553

File: 1682620291941.png (2.67 MB, 2490x1406, tao.png)

He reminds me of Taokaka. I also think she's good design, even if she's in a coomer game.

No. 292819

File: 1682717260470.png (66.39 KB, 615x1047, Balan_2d_art.png)

If the game wasn't dogshit I think people would have really liked this design also probably would have been a tumblr sexyman I don't hate it he reminds me of a mix of Cappy and Knights into dreams

No. 293561

File: 1682971993697.jpeg (236.66 KB, 1200x675, nBJGAgw.jpeg)

what makes a good male character design to you nonnies? i've always liked Ensemble Stars simplicity

No. 293565

They really just have anime girl heads on top of anime boy bodies though

No. 293580

File: 1682981858995.png (1.54 MB, 1500x845, 9c511a2d93d0c17e1dcf2169688456…)

maybe that's why i like it. I am a yumejo. the only reason i draw is to draw cute anime boys, yet 99% of yumejo media filters the fuck out of me. I hate how the male characters always look so overly manly, i prefeer when the style is more subtle and soft. I also hate the visual kei aesthetic that most anime boys targetted at women have. I dont know, it reminds me of Im@s cinderella stage, where the characters are also fairly simple looking, but not generic.

No. 293583

They all look so fucking boring and generic.

No. 293588

Nta but huh, I like them more masculine but hate the shitty overdesigned ("visual kei") aesthetic most modern designs have. In fact I think they aren't masculine enough for me, plus they all look like lazily designed garbage that the artist made by throwing design elements at random for shitty cash grab games and anime

No. 293589

I love the designs especially UNDEAD

No. 293595

enstars is a shit game with forgettable designs. the one word of praise i can give it is how amusing it is that in spite of that and the sea of waifu idol games with 100x the quality, budget, and effort put in, it's still the highest earning rhythm game on the market. it stands as a harsh reminder that female consoomers are where the money resides and japcels absolutely despise it. now imagine what would happen if there was a good male idol game.

No. 293777

File: 1683074474567.png (92.73 KB, 567x1013, springfield.png)

Not only idol games, but twisted wonderland is also doing really well. I wonder why we dont have more husbando games. The waifu shit game market is already saturated, so it seems like the natural next step. If i had money to spare i would invest in a Girls Frontline-esque husbando game. Speaking of GF, i like Springfield's design.

No. 293796

File: 1683078353982.png (3.86 MB, 1420x2128, EF72B425-9CAB-4B60-B0D8-141183…)

>I wonder why we dont have more husbando games.
I feel like there was a lot of bishounen idol/gachashit a few years ago, maybe the market became too saturated? Companies like to kill off games every couple years by making new ones for the players to spend more money on.

No. 293801

>I wonder why we dont have more husbando games
you don't have to, it's because the industry is full of incels who want everything to pander to them and them alone. jap moids are the only men in the first world so sexist they're willing to put their hatred for women before capitalism. not a tinfoil either, do a little digging and you'll see they don't even try to hide it.

No. 293804

File: 1683078795469.png (119.58 KB, 564x825, 1EC2FAF7-01AF-4740-8141-9E4083…)

This thread made me realize how much I miss I-chu…so much husbando material in one game

No. 293814

so full of anime…

No. 293818

File: 1683080610053.jpg (98.17 KB, 1200x675, Featured-Twisted-Wonderland-Be…)

i feel like its the opposite, or at least i didnt notice because i dont know Japanese. But it makes me happy a lot of yume pandering games in english are popping out. I relly like TW designs.

No. 293842

i thought this was the good character design thread

No. 293847

Shut up, twisted boys are well designed. It’s easy to figure out what are they supposed to represent as long as you know a bit about the source material (Disney movies) And they don’t have sameface syndrome like the average anime series/game.

No. 293851

File: 1683086547067.jpeg (49.52 KB, 749x614, 685230D3-073E-483E-8B2C-9B9F11…)

Mikazuki Munechika is seriously a greatly designed character. But I also want him to fuck me so I guess I’m a bit biased.

No. 293875

That market became saturated in a very low-effort way, just like waifushit. I really wanted the joseimuke market to become bigger but instead we ended up with even more generic and designs.
But to be fair, I think that's a problem with commercial anime art in general these days.
The first Twisted Wonderland I ever saw was Leona and I really wanted to know where he was from because his design was so interesting to me, and I'm really picky when it comes to bishie deigns. But some of the others like that Cheshire cat guy and the tiny guy in this pic are pretty shitty.

No. 293881

oooh, my bad for not knowing the complex and profound disney lore that makes that eye-searing neon bullshit sudfenly appealing

that seriously looks like evey other low effort anime-inspired western game that came out in the last 10 years. but i guess it's ok if it's disney uwu(infighting)

No. 293897

Okay then, anon, tell me what’s 100% better than twisted wonderland, I’m sure that with your keen eye for tasteful character design you can find an amazing game with great characters.(infighting)

No. 293917

I think some of you are filling this thread with your husbandos or something because so many of these designs are generic or not notable but maybe that's just me

No. 293918

File: 1683100816687.jpg (46.34 KB, 736x414, 5243a585ee1ff6c40c3bd957fa9e1e…)

I always liked these sorts of simple clear designs that feel real. All the characters in Kiki you can sort of tell who they are from just a glance I really like that in a design. There's clarity of purpose in these and they feel like real people

No. 293933

File: 1683111339714.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, Card_Idia_SSR_Broomquet_Birthd…)

true strength is admitting your husbando is an ugly faggot with bad hair

No. 293951

nah, i just wanted to know what kind of male design other nonnies like

No. 294051

My comment was not aimed at you specifically anon lol

No. 303288

File: 1687203618398.png (1.45 MB, 1049x1185, IMG_161.png)

Early Gen Pokemon Designs were near perfect imo.

No. 303300

File: 1687204891079.jpg (25.27 KB, 543x620, 1457163241193.jpg)

Based. I wish pokemon were real so I could have a jigglypuff and hug it all the time.

No. 303303

The Pokémon world(from the Anime) was literally my idea of ​​heaven (when I still believed in it), like when I die I could be reborn as a kid living in that world and go on adventures.

No. 303336

Reminds me of the time I was tutoring a kid and one of his school assignments was about what he wanted to be when he grew up and he insisted on being a pokemon trainer and nothing but a pokemon trainer kek.

No. 303361

File: 1687219854762.png (314.44 KB, 850x838, cAgdISc.png)

it's painful to compare them to new gens. the first two gens were so kino. now they're overdesigned yet with gross rounded proportions and my tinfoil is so that it's easier to make them into toys to sell.

No. 303444

It's not a tinfoil, it's obvious when you see how often they release new games, how important the anime is to market garbage to small kids, how they sell pretty much everything in Pokemon centers. It's Disney 2.0 in terms of marketing, now they're counting on oldfags like us to make their kids become new fans so they can sell them merchs from their birth to their death.

No. 303513

Joke's on nintendo then, Pokemon fans have significantly fewer children than everyone else. There's barely any Pokemon shit in the toy section at stores, it's all in the tech section with the Funkos.

No. 303608

File: 1687294446120.png (342.2 KB, 1480x722, ddd.png)

i really like the ring eyes

No. 303679

File: 1687318867910.jpg (22.68 KB, 1080x607, p1tpigkd159a1.jpg)

u wot m8

No. 304631

File: 1687692523444.jpg (170.95 KB, 900x1266, zodd.jpg)

Great pick! Not sure if it was intentional, but I like how Zodd has a more animal like "classical" even majestic beast look instead of the freudian, nighmare-ish look of other apostles. It's like most berk demons are humans that turns into disgusting, degenerate monsters, but Zodd is almost like a pure beast that can turn into a human.
Also ironic how the most barbaric looking apostle in human form is also one of the most "classy"

Also I want to pet him

No. 304652

except the humanoid ones like golduck and electabuzz. i feel only disgust when i see them.

No. 304956

File: 1687825581164.png (592.42 KB, 560x746, Urusei-yatsura-lum.png)

she is so adorable. i love when women create sexy female characters, there is a lightness and cuteness you dont get from coomer garbage made by neanderthal moids

No. 306985

>neanderthal moids
why was this so funnt

No. 309693

File: 1689896472354.jpg (48.94 KB, 400x600, winterstyle.jpg)

The Winter Style outfit for Dawn in the generation 4 remakes is so cute. I honestly wish this was her original outfit in platinum to fit with the winter redesigns.

No. 309756

this is ugly as shit nonna do not slander original platinum

No. 309769

That long skirt would do you no favor in a mountainous and snowy region.

No. 309775

Looks comfy but I don't like the colors. And her clothes in Platinum are way cuter.

No. 309906

File: 1689981058992.jpeg (20.25 KB, 739x415, images (4) (1).jpeg)

Hollow Knight designs are adorable! I think it is one of the best media that properly captures the dark but cute aesthetic. Not edgy, not overdesigned gross anime shit, just cute little bugs.

No. 309917

File: 1689990214897.jpg (28.9 KB, 300x300, Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-and-…)

I like both outfits to be honest, but this one looks warmer and more comfy.
Gives me first and second generation vibes, tbh.

No. 309920

File: 1689991118909.png (342.33 KB, 325x517, rosario.png)

I love when they mix cute + sort of gothic/dark, pink haired anime girls are my favourite, I love her design it's so sad the anime is coomerbait, though

No. 315707

File: 1692332949496.jpg (1.84 MB, 1981x3752, Mgrp.jpg)

Magical Girl Raising Project has some really cute designs, though a few are a hit and a miss.
Though it is too bad that some don't get much time.

No. 344179

File: 1703236267580.png (4.17 MB, 1978x4627, teto.png)

(Reviving this thread damn it!)
Perfect example of updated design in my opinion
>Still recognizable as original character
>But adds more personality and originality to them while keeping the design streamlined and not overdone
>lovely updated art style to go along with
I honestly think most Miku designs get more and more lackluster, but Teto looks absolutely gorgeous.

No. 344279

File: 1703283262757.jpg (1.12 MB, 2490x1353, mysims1.jpg)

Maybe it's kind of nostalgia speaking but I unironically love the designs from MySims games, I think they managed to make the style simple but very cute and appealing and I really appreciate how diverse, expressive and goofy the characters are.

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