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No. 113313

Thread to talk about comics, since the previous threads are dead

Feel free to talk about
>What genres do you normally gravitate towards?
>What's your favorite comic series?
>What are you reading currently?
>What comics do you recommend?
>what artists/writers do you like?

Previous threads:

No. 113314

File: 1603888826936.jpg (161.41 KB, 1053x1500, samandaal.jpg)

How many people here have read something from samandaal comics? Are any of their comics good?

No. 113320

We don’t make new thread just because previous thread dies here, newfriend

No. 138047

File: 1618740697333.jpg (164.46 KB, 620x877, 048.jpg)

I don't know what thread to post in, there's multiple and none are locked. I wanted to recommend this comic, Gone with the Blastwave, the art is so cool and it's funny

No. 138049

File: 1618741415097.jpg (240.42 KB, 620x877, 250k_003.jpg)

Here is a newer prettier page

No. 138078

Oh I remember these!
Is there any place you read them online?

No. 138079

File: 1618766265618.jpg (129.47 KB, 620x877, 28.jpg)

Yup here it is, http://www.blastwave-comic.com/index.php?p=comic&nro=1 and I am using this opportunity to post another page (sorry)

No. 138090

Oh it's still going? I thought it ended? They turned out to be in an observation dome for eternal war and there was a peaceful utopia outside

No. 138096

Haha that was just an april fools joke

No. 138163

Hell yes, thanks anon!

No. 138275

anon thank oyu so much, you unlocked a secret memory in my brain

No. 156192

File: 1629166052205.jpg (28.48 KB, 452x678, Saga.jpg)

What are you guys favorite comic book cover?

No. 156197

File: 1629168635572.jpg (33.46 KB, 333x500, 51DIlcNG4RS.jpg)

This shit is hilarious

No. 156206

scrote alert

No. 156270

as someone that doesn't know anything about this comic, why? what's wrong with it?

No. 156308

Pointing out this is crap makes me a scrote, got it

It's a shitty self insert comic (look up the author) with a generic plot and an insufferable goth fatty as Starfire's daughter

No. 156354

The icing on the cake was the sudden "Dick totally isn't her dad" and then full force leaning into it right at the end. But god was it was terrible and funny. Its really brings me back to the days of peak fanfiction.net.

No. 156368

A ginormous amount of cape comics boil down to self insertion and generic plots but no one gives a shit when it's for men. Men have decided to throw a giant temper tantrum over this book as a result. That's why I assumed you were a man. You don't have to like this book–it's probably not my thing, personally–but the insane degree of scrutiny it's getting is obvious and stupid.

I'm a hardcore New Teen Titans fan who fucking loves Starfire but holy shit, people acting like this is uniquely terrible, like comics haven't been fucking around with characterization for going on 100 years, are idiots. YA OGNs aimed at tween girls make bank right now–definitely more than that Conner/Palmiotti Starfire run from a few years back did. DC publishing this makes sense on every possible level. And for fuck's sake, superheroes as a fictional conceit depend entirely on the reader being able to identify with them. Clark Kent is a fucking loser who can't get laid. Kyle Rayner is a goddamn cartoonist. Literally the entire premise of Kick-Ass. But oh no, a woman did it, and we all love to lambaste women for writing dumb mary sue shit exactly like men do all the time, and also the girl is fat, boo hoo. Who fucking cares. As a comics retailer, I get up close and personal with everything that comes out on a weekly basis, and one thing is abundantly clear: men publish naked, garbagey self-inserts all the fucking time and no one pitches a fit about it.

No. 156435

IMO, It's actually a cute coming of age story. Sure the pacing is a little off but people are only upset because it's an all woman team working on it, it's Starfire, and her kid isn't conventionally attractive. People aren't getting angry at Gabriel Picolo for making a self insert Beast Boy comic so why get angry over this?

I think the best comparison I can make for I'm Not Sarfire is the movie Edge of 17. The lead is shitty and selfish but she learns to do better and to be more understanding to those around her. Realistic teen story for teens.

Also its worth it to watch men seethe that they can't jack it to a teenager since that seems to be the biggest point of contention with the story.

No. 156606

File: 1629341322484.jpg (48.44 KB, 512x238, unnamed.jpg)

Edge of 17 is a really good comparison. I'd also urge anyone even remotely interested by IANStarfire to check out This One Summer and Skim, both of which are by Mariko Tamaki and her cousin, Jillian Tamaki–it's so weird to see people acting like Tamaki is some mary sue hack, when she won a pile of awards and made a shitton of money for Summer, a book explicitly about how shitty, non-ideal, and complex teen girlhood is. Cape comics are basically slumming it for her, and I say that as a bigtime capeshit fan.

No. 156970

I'm bumping this thread because I just remembered a Comic/graphic novel I read when I was a kid where it was a coming of age memoir of a girl.

All I really remember is:
>she was embarrassed that she used to play with Barbies well into her late teens and she would give the dolls make overs by dying and cutting their hair (she gave a whole tutorial on how to dip dye with markers.

>she had a whole chapter dedicated to the ways Jewish people celebrated Christmas by going to the movies and eating Chinese food.

If any anon can help me find the title name I'll be forever grateful.

No. 156979

File: 1629528157668.jpg (782.98 KB, 1458x2241, STL190810.jpg)

>What genres do you normally gravitate towards?
If the cover looks good I'll buy it. That being said I don't like capeshit or any fakedeep memoirs about the author being ~so lonely~ or whatever. Also, gore is always fun.
>What's your favorite comic series?
Basic, but Saga. Special mentions to Umbrella Academy, Watchmen, and Invincible but only the first ~30 issues. Fucking purple baby ruined everything.
>What are you reading currently?
Just picked up a copy of UltraMega, it was alright. Dialogue was kind of cheesy and trying to insert animu tropes into western comics never seems to work that well. Nice art though, and I liked the cover.
>What comics do you recommend?
Gather Ye Power by logmore is great, hilarious writing and god tier art, especially for a webcomic. Kid and his pet rat travel the magical realms on a quest to collect all the magic powers.
Tapas link: https://tapas.io/series/Gather-Ye-Power
>what artists/writers do you like?
Wes Craig's art in Deadly Class.

based saga enjoyer

No. 156989

It sounds so interesting! I have no idea but I would love to read it. I'll try googling
So Saga is really good? I wanted to read it, but never got too. Kind of worried it's some scrotey shit since everyone loves it

No. 157067

File: 1629601366371.png (108.46 KB, 528x600, tumblr_oov3x3msq61qkq3ido8_540…)

I liked it, it can get kinda preachy sometimes though. Lots of cool, well written female characters, so probably safe from scrote shit unless I'm forgetting something. picrel best character alana is overrated

No. 157153

I'm desperately hoping the Will/Gwen thing just gets dropped and Gwen can just go on being a ruthless bureaucrat married to her cool unicorn wife.

No. 157163

Oh god I forgot about his ass, absolutely pathetic. Always thought it was interesting how he seems like the 'knight' archetype but all the women in his life hate his ass and don't need his protection kek

No. 157639

I just want Brian K Vaughan to psychically absorb these messages, because goddamn every woman in the Will's life has turned out to be so much more compelling. Including Lying Cat! Fuck, I wish the Brand hadn't died SO BAD!!!

No. 157700

File: 1629979584148.jpg (148.68 KB, 940x529, 56058bfc5a763.jpg)

I'mm a huge marvelfag lol

>What genres do you normally gravitate towards?

Anything that is character driven, I don't care much about genre but I usually read capeshit

>What's your favorite comic series?

My favourite comic series is Moon Knight, just general Moon Knight. However my favourite MK series are the classic series, West Coast Avengers and the Lemire run. I also love classic Spiderman and whichever run where Peter was a teacher.

>What are you reading currently?

Right now I'm reading the current MK run…it's..ok.. and I'm also finishing Hawkeye freefall because I didn't realise it finished!

>What comics do you recommend?

Any Moon Knight but the Bemis run! Hawkeye 2012, X-men stories are fun but I haven't read any recently so I can't remember specific ones i've read, most classic comics are also just fun!

>what artists/writers do you like?

I don't pay attention to specific writers or artists but I like Greg Smallwood, David Aja and a few more

No. 157798

I knew nothing about MK before the Lemire run, but man, once I read it, I fucking GOT it. You have any recs about what MK stuff to read next?

No. 157820

Most modern fans will read the 2014 run next, and I really like that run, the stories are more self contained to a few issues rather than being throughout the whole run and the art is beautiful!

Obviously if you like MK read the 80s series, I think they hold up well, and further the WCA is great, I think he's in it from issue 21-41, kinda silly and most issues not MK centric but I like WCA anyway. People like the 2006 run, I don't, can't stand the art but it's there if you want…The Bendis run was not very good but it's better than the Bemis run, and in general the rest of the comics you will read over time if you like MK, he has so little single runs that I read them all in a week and a half in high school lol! Tracking down his appearances in Avengers and other crossovers is harder and also more annoying, the way in which writers treat him as a crazy psycho gets real annoying real quick especially after the Lemire run, which treated him so well. Avengers are generally mean-spirited towards him for some reason, and so is Spiderman! I'm sperging now but that's my rundown

No. 157997

I quit following comics after Johns run on Green Lantern and the whole Annihilation saga in Cosmic Marvel ended. Because than all my favorite parts and characters got messed up or forgotten by the following writers.
Retcons are the absolute worst.

No. 160140

File: 1631472552274.jpg (154.62 KB, 585x898, mirka-andolfos-sweet-paprika-1…)

Bought because I wanted to ride the guy on the cover and was not disappointed.

No. 160143

I love Mirka Andolfo, is that a spin-off of Un/Holy (or whatever that is called)? It's a cute, if coomerish, comic. I didn't read the whole thing since it seems repetitive, but it's nice

No. 160317

File: 1631574725210.jpg (166.4 KB, 949x912, wd-pg-14-pn-11.jpg)

I reread WicDiv last month from beginning to end and I think I might not like it anymore. I think I might actually just not like Kieron Gillen's work anymore as a whole, although I still find it appealing, if that makes sense? But man, I think WicDiv's ending might not make much sense, and I don't love how he writes women.

No. 160319

But why does his chin and jaw look like a swollen tumor

No. 160320

I didn't like it very much, so I dropped after some issues. I don't know why though but something really put me off this comic. I can't remember much of the plot either.

No. 160335

OP, and man, I read the whole damn thing and that's still kind of how I feel too! There's just something rubbing me the wrong way. I'm hoping some smart anon will come along and articulate it for me, lol

No. 184142

File: 1643955111096.jpg (25.04 KB, 250x375, Deadly_Class_1_by_Rick_Remende…)

Has anyone read Deadly Class? I liked it a lot but Marcus' philosophical droning would go on for a bit too long in some parts.
They made a TV adaptation and it was ass. These adults look their age and it's ridiculous trying to see them pretend to be 15/16. The cast don't look like their physical characterizations. Saya in the show looks too innocent and babyfaced and Chico and Maria look too old.
in the show they redeemed Master Lin who was a major antagonist in the comic by giving him an ebil sister that's ACTUALLY doing all the evil shit, not him. And they made Lin a "family man" because American media can't help itself

No. 184157

Damn, I was just rereading this. I agree, Marcus's journal is absolutely im14andthisisdeep tier shit on multiple occasions. It gets painful to read. Remender's writing is mediocre but Wes Craigs inks and the colors make up for it imo. And I didn't know about the TV show, that's fucking stupid. It's less effort to just have it play out like it did in the comics, why do execs feel they need to change things arbitrarily?

No. 184162

File: 1643957995643.jpg (31.55 KB, 343x499, 51jCo-S1GsL._SX341_BO1,204,203…)

lately i have been reading this, very captivating, the author has an absolute of a scrote of a father.

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