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No. 63871

Thread to talk about comics. Opening a new one since the old thread is dead

No. 63872

File: 1535225690285.png (149.36 KB, 477x734, Injection_01-1[1].png)

What's your favorite currently ongoing/recently published comic? I really like Injection. It's written by Ellis, and it's about a team of superintelligent assholes trying to fix the messes they created

No. 63873

injection looks really cool actually!

i'm kind of new to comics, does anyone have suggestions for getting into them? imo its pretty intimidating to get into long running series that are linear/somewhat linear. i'm reading some of the wolverine comics now but sometimes they reference other issues and i end up stop reading whatever volume i'm on.

No. 63874

I think that this frequently happens with a lot of Marvel/Dc/mainstream superhero comics, which end up having lots of different timelines or something like that. I prefer other comic types so I can't really help you anon if you're looking for long-running superhero comics.

Also, has anyone here read Monstress?

No. 63875

File: 1535400523708.jpg (772.77 KB, 950x1550, Alan_Moore[1].jpg)

Superheroes comics (capeshit for short) were designed to make as much money as they can off kids, so they're based on always referencing a previous issues, so that the readers are enticed to buy even more comics, or to keep reading them so that they're not thrown off the plot.

What makes a good comic isn't the franchise or the character, but the writer. Some eminent names in the field (with some of their best pieces) are:

>Alan Moore (The Killing Joke, Watchmen).

Writes fantastic villains, a bit verbose but not too hard to read. Weirdly has to include a rape or rape attempt in every story. Loves the occult, always do a lot of research to do his comics (every character in League of extraordinary gentlemen comes from a 19th century novel, even never to be seen again bystanders)

>Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, The Authority).

One of the few to have refreshing diverse casts in his comics, of genius antiheroes fighting against enemies much stronger than them.

>Brian K. Vaughan (Y the last man, Saga)

Really good at unique storylines and universes, surprising plot twists and entire one-case pages of people fucking

>Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted)

Responsible for most comic-based violent movies. Very edgy and not too clever but fun

>Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum, The Invisibles)

Sworn rival of Alan Moore and (for real) chaos sorcerer. Reading his works will either open your third eye or leave you a bit confused. His stories are as researched as Moore but he's suspected to invent most references.

>Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hitman)

Storylines involving God (or lack of), villains doing really trashy actions, and somehow always ending up talking about the irish conflict (he's Irish)

>Neil Gaiman (Sandman, American Gods novel)

Big fan of mythology, his works are poems best described as "Grant Morrison but actually understandable". Rather low level of violence, A Dream of A Thousand Cats is a very good way to show comics can be great ( https://imgur.com/gallery/VBHoG )

>Mike Mignola (Hellboy)

Writes and draws very well, maybe not as deep as Moore but much more stylish. Mainly known for Demon Indiana Jones vs lovecraftian shits & Hecate

>Frank Miller (Dark knight returns, Sin City)

Stories of really strong men that hit really hard their puny enemies while getting also hit really hard. Very stylish (don't watch the movies)

All of these authors dabbled in capeshit to start their careers (doings some great works) but blossomed when they could put their hands on their own universes. Superheroes get their reboots of varying quality from time to time, word of mouth will sadly be your best guide here. Never hesitate to start reading an off-putting series, you'll get more good surprises than bad ones

No. 63876

Watchmen is amazing.

No. 95315

I guess I would really go for comics that are self contained or made to be a complete stand alone story or anthologies instead of going for trades that are collections of an existing run.

The other thing is probably go to the beginning of an author's run since they don't really reference much out of their own stuff.

No. 95323

>Weirdly has to include a rape or rape attempt in every story

This is my main issue with Alan moore as a writer. Why does there always have to be rape or sexual assault? I legit had to pause Watchmen because of it. And it was hard to finish killing joke. Even worse when Jokerfags glorified it. My issues are that so many comics are pretty good, but women are constantly there as props. It's how i even learned the term "women in refrigerators" or being 'fridged.'

No. 95328

File: 1591674544505.jpg (174.72 KB, 1300x559, 0Blacksad-bnr-e1558121893887.j…)

any anons read Blacksad? I got the game forever ago on sale on Steam and I just booted it up today. It runs kinda janky and the VA work is hit-or-miss but I got invested in the story really fast. Plus the artstyle seems cool. I might buy one of the books, anyone recc?

No. 95404

File: 1591735623027.jpg (517.77 KB, 800x600, 1512798672288.jpg)

I bought only #1 because it was quite expensive, so can't tell u much, but I liked it. Now that you reminded me about this, I'm really curious what happened in other vols and I should probably invest in them.
And I love these two so much

No. 95410

It's weird, that there is two threads for the same thing. >>>/m/32684

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