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No. 63092

Old thread: >>44951

For anyone seeking advice about their problems or anything.

No. 63093

The old one hit 1200 posts, so i made a new one.

Are there any anons with excellent grades, like straight A students?

In order to get a job with the major i'm taking, i'd really need very good grades. In total i have 9 semesters and i'm in my 4. now. So far i wasn't that good.
My problem is, that i simply don't know HOW to study… I haven't really managed to find friends in uni, so study groups are not an option, also (maybe because of the reason above) i've been feeling really depressed and anxious, to the point of not being able to go to classes. It's the absolutely worst feeling, then i manage to pull myself together despite feeling really down and study, and in the end get only mediocre results.

My next tests are in about 5/6 weeks and so far i already started summarizing my notes a bit, but i don't know if this is the right approach or if it works for me… Any advice?

No. 63102

File: 1497621665593.jpg (934.22 KB, 1080x1080, 18949599_1789523048044982_6868…)

>guess I'll transfer mine over here too

I always thought I was straight until I met of couple experimental girls in my middle school. I had never thought of girls in that way beforehand. Only thinking of boys made me giddy. However, flash forward to high school, I started watching lesbian porn. I started to look at girls more often and I feel nothing around boys I find attractive. I feel nothing when watching straight porn too. Did I change my sexuality? Also, how can I change it again. I can't imagine myself actually settling down with a woman. Not because of societal pressure or my parents. After I cum, I feel disgusted and feel "straight" again. I think I'm emotionally attracted to boys but sexually attracted to girls. How can I fix this?

No. 63139

stay away from it and remind yourself that it's wrong (for you). Give it time and see if your feelings revert on what you find attractive and have feelings for.

No. 63225

File: 1497711685944.jpg (204.44 KB, 736x1104, 9cda41ac61055f7e2ef2a33c775ef6…)

I know this isn't the answer you're looking for but honestly it's worked wonders for me.

Similar to your story, I began watching lesbian porn and having sexual feelings towards girls in middle/high school but never felt like I could seriously pursue girls romantically. I understand the dilemma.

Turns out I really enjoy having relationships with more "effeminate" guys (what represents femininity in males will be subjective to you). In my case, I like skinny guys (no macho bulk) with minimal facial/body hair, long hair that passes their shoulders (don't really care how they style it as long as it's attractive) and I prefer their clothing style to be a little less conventionally manly (not drag or anything, just light t-shirts and skinny jeans that won't add much bulk to their physique).

At the end of the day, personality matters the most in a relationship but whether i'm fooling around or taking things seriously I still only feel comfortable with non-manly types. I'm in a long-term straight relationship now and quite frankly my boyfriend is not at all the sjw/lgbt type you might be picturing. He's not a cucc and doesn't really care about whether he comes across as effeminate because he's comfortable with his sexuality. He still dominates in bed as I enjoy being submissive but doesn't mind switching things up like any regular couple that experiments. Ultimately, it's the best of both worlds for me. I get to cuddle with this cute, soft person during the day and still get to fulfill my biological desire for dick at night.

No. 63243

File: 1497727498418.jpg (306.03 KB, 960x1280, 86deda73-e2f5-4001-8d1b-1cf2ca…)

I want to buy nice clothes and style myself but I don't have the money. I work hard but I'm not in college/don't know if I'll afford college and I use all of my money to pay bills and necessities. I feel really stuck in life because I can't treat myself or do anything because I have no money. I've never felt so bad and so stuck I have clothes from 8th grade and I'm 18 out of high school. Does life get better? Is there a way to make good money? Are there any jobs that I can make good money with? I'm not so bright so I don't think I'll be able to work as a doctor and whatnot so I want to know if there are any easier jobs that make enough? I don't want to be stuck like this forever

No. 63254

Im also 18, attending community college for the heck of it until i figure out a better game plan

I dont rlly have a job, just freelance art so all i have is 200 bucks in the bank leftover from my last commission
but i like buying accessories and clothes (may have a impulse shopping problem) as shopping therapy
So my advice is thrift shopping/garage sales, you can get so much for so cheap if you play ur cards right and look around enough
>i wish i could go to more garage sales but theyr hard to locate when u can't drive
Maybe try selling some of your nicer items you never wear / I sold 90% my dresses b/c I hate wearing dresses

No. 63260

Where do you sell them? I've tried to sell things online but nobody ever wants them and the only way I could sell them is if I sold them for super cheap which doesn't help

No. 63264

theres a thrift store that sells stuff for you, but i don't know if you have anything like that in ur locale

Im also going to sell a marble desk i don't use on a fb local garage sale, you go to the thrifty ppl u don't wait for them to come to you

No. 63265

this is exactly my boyfriend too & i just want to high five you so badly anon

No. 63267

anon just install depop or poshmark or mecari theres tons of shit people get rid of cheap. and designer labels marked down because of return policies

No. 63284

i use depop and so far no luck but ill try the others too

No. 63311

File: 1497780398225.jpg (169.54 KB, 1572x1129, pravilnaya_osanka.jpg)

Has anybody gotten the feeling they should work on their posture? Nobody's ever told me to but I feel like it needs to be fixed, i just don't know how
I feel like I'm pretty straight when I'm talking to ppl who are taller than me since i have to look up a little

but i think the rest of the time my slouch creeps in

No. 63317


go to an actual pilates class for some time, first thing they teach you there is how to stand right.

No. 63318

How do I get rid of an abusive guy I used to be with? I was 15 and he was 19 when we started online dating because I was lonely.i told him I liked his brother originally but He got pissy and somehow me and abusive guy started dating. He manipulated me and would freak out randomly on me about nothing and he made me feel like shit. I had horrible depression so I can't remember some things that he did. When I first showed him my face he was disappointed and told me so and took the picture I sent and photoshopped me to look Asian. I couldn't deal with him later on because he freaked out and said a bunch of bad things about me and told me to kill myself so I blocked him. He later messages me on his brothers account so I had to block that too. I do regret that I sent nudes and said nasty things with him and I was just so depresses I didn't care what was happening and didn't realize he was taking advantage of me. He would tell me I'm ugly and worthless and that he would kill himself if I didn't send pics which made me scared I almost went to a mental hospital because of panic attacks. Flash forward 2 years I have a new online bf who is amazing and treats me perfect and we meet and everything is amazing. I readd abusive guy because idk why but it was a bad decision. He constantly makes sexual jokes about me and relies on me to message him all the time and spans my phone. He always tells me that if me and my bf don't work out I can move there. He's needy with me and if I'm in a call with friends and he's there and I mute my Mic for a second I get 10+ messages saying WHAT HAPPENED WHERE DID YOU GO WHY DID YOU MUTE. I remember I had my Mic on and was talking to my mom and said something about our old apartment and he flipped and texted YOU LIVED IN AN APARTMENT WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME HELLO WHAT APARTMENT!! Recently he messaged me something sexual again when I told him fucking stop it makes me uncomfortable I have a boyfriend and he just says yeah I'm a bad person you hate me i don't blame you nobody likes me!! I got mad at him and ignored him and told him to fuck off and he's still playing the victim. He had an old gf and still has her nudes and plans on using them against her so I stay in contact with him so he doesn't do the same to me. He said he deleted all of mine but I'm terrified. I don't know how to get rid of him. I'm laying here crying because my bf is ignoring me and I feel like it could be because abusive guy said something to him because I got mad at abusive guy and ignored him. If my relationship ends with my bf I might actually kill abusive guy I'm not joking. How do I get rid of abusive guy though he's in my discord friend group and I don't want to get rid of that group because I don't have many friends. What can I do? Sorry for the wall of text

No. 63319

I've got scoliosis so yea, I sort of have to. It sucks but eventually you won't have yo really force yourself to stand straight.

No. 63320

It was really silly of you to re-add this guy, but your only real options are to block this asshole on every platform you can. If need be, change your phone number. Message your friends outside of the Discord group and tell them what's going on, block and remove him from Discord too. I'm sure your friends will understand. If he's blocked everywhere you probably won't be able to see if he's trying to send friend requests to you either, just keep him out of your thoughts. He sounds super gross don't let him come between you and your boyfriend.

I hope it works out for you, anon

No. 63326

File: 1497812736934.gif (1.21 MB, 720x584, ePUNCEe.gif)

My friend has pretty much stopped talking to me ever since her FWB became her boyfriend about half a year ago. We used to be pretty close, and I like to think that I helped her when she had problems, but now… She's not texting or contacting me anymore, and the few times I've tried, I feel like she seems uninterested.

Maybe I'm she didn't even think of me as a close friend and I was just overestimating my worth to her. I don't know what happened. I thought I was being understanding the first few months when she got her boyfriend - honeymoon phase, right? - but I'm feeling pretty hurt now.

No. 63328

So my overly flirty boss invited me to go clubbing with him last week, with the pretense that our mutual friend coworker would be there. But that was not the case, and my boss told me that the friend bailed and it would be just us. Throughout my summer at this place, he has been making somewhat questionable comments of a flirty nature to me, I kind of brush them off and I haven't been very stern. So the night involved us getting pretty drunk and dancing together, and he has made multiple attempts to kiss me but I was too drunk to shrug him off.

I told my boyfriend that my boss has tried to kiss me, but without telling him that I was too scared to shrug him off. Multiple kisses happened during the night in which each time I would pull away and he would try again. So shit ensues and my boyfriend messages my boss over Facebook. So I talked with my boss over the phone, and in a way he kind of makes me out to be the "bad guy" and sold him out to my boyfriend and he is nervous that his girlfriend will see these messages.

Anyways I feel like telling my other supervisor that my relationship with this greasy boss has been kind of weird, and I would not like it to overshadow my work. I'm scared of my greasy boss Honestly, I'm on good terms with all my other coworkers and they are eager to help me out in getting a future summer internship so my main priority here is to not start shit. So I am thinking of telling my supervisor this before my greasy boss starts spreading rumours.

Any advice as to if I should speak to my supervisor and what to say so I don't come off as the office whore and be able to net a job in the future from my network?

No. 63330

also my supervisor is a pretty big feminist so I guess it's likely he will be on my side.

No. 63332

I've experienced something similar as well.
I think there comes a point in time when (certain) people begin prioritizing romantic relationships over friendships. It isn't that your friendship matters less now, but that their romantic relationship matters more.
To be honest, I'm a prideful scorpio, so when people cut me off or put me on the back burner, I do the same. When I'm less bitter I just try to think of them as extended family, people who I love, but don't see or speak to that often.
I would say that if you've extended the olive branch and they haven't reciprocated it's better to leave it be. It will suck for her if she breaks up with them and finds that she's alienated everyone else.

No. 63333


same. let her go despite the pain. look for new friends who will treat you better. It may be a wait, and lonely, but when you find that new friend or group that you can tell really cares for you, it'll be worth it.

Don't try to rekindle a friendship with someone who so easily threw you away.

No. 63342

I have a long history of friends putting me on the backburner or blowing me off for their boyfriends and to be honest, I don't tolerate it anymore because why should I? Call me a bitch but it's true. If you're gonna treat me like I'm invisible just because you're getting some new dick, don't expect me to come running when a guy breaks your heart.

No. 63344

Do you have a human resources department anon? If so, you should go talk to them. That's sexual harassment. Tell them that he's being inappropriate with you, making unwanted advances, and making the workplace hostile. If you are a US anon they cannot retaliate against you for reporting this and you cannot be fired for it. I'm sorry this happened to you anon. I hope it resolves.

No. 63357

I feel like I'm not especially good at or interested in anything. I'm supposed to be applying to universities but nothing grabs me. I feel like every field I could study I either won't care about or won't be good at.

I really don't have a direction with my life.

No. 63359

Any anons have recommendations for brand name bags (aka not from chinese sellers on ebay) that don't have obnoxious logos on them? I'm looking for a leather backpack that doesn't look like a typical schoolbag, but almost everything I find is either stupidly expensive, tacky, or in ugly colors.

No. 63361

yup. me too. :\

No. 63374

I think it's the fault of the internet and all those fakely happy people that are like CHASE UR DRIMZ #motivation. No, you don't have to find something that will be the fucking core of your existence. Do you have hobbies? Drawing, gaming? Family? Friends? Do you like nature? Then you'll be happy in life and you don't have to have some dream job to achieve it. You gotta make money and use it to do what you love. So fuck this whole "I need to find something I want to do" because you don't have to. I'm sure you already have something you like doing, and as long as you have that, it's okay. It's great if you do find your dream job, of course, but it's just not possible for everyone, and no biggie choosing WHATEVER. It's better than taking a gap year to think and then never going for higher education.
Sorry I got a bit heated, but I've seen too much of my friends wasting their lives waiting for some epiphany that did not happen. Just pick whatever seems corresponding to your abilities, skills. And go with the flow. Maybe you'll grow to like it. Or discover you DO actually like it. You can change it. You can complete uni and then do something not related with your field. And it's okay. Fuck that pressure to "choose right". Just choose.

No. 63378

>Fuck that pressure to "choose right". Just choose.
Agreeing with this anon, so many people get stuck in trap of needing to follow their dream as a career and always be inspired every second of the day, and it leads to people missing out on decent degrees /careers because the reality doesn't match up to it. You can always leave a job for a better one, but if you sit at home waiting for the perfect opportunity it will never come.
Most importantly is finding out what your ideals are, whether that's financial gain, that you get on with your colleagues (or are left alone if you like that) or just have a sense of security. Obviously it's great if you can makes artisan teaspoons funded by Patreon, but if you fall into something more normal there is no reason why you can't work hard and keep moving companies until you find somewhere that feels like home. So far my favorite jobs have been low income but steady with good colleagues, rather than being exciting work, helping support my colleagues and actually wanting to talk to them gave me a reason to get up in the morning. But at the same time, I have introvert friends who are happy to quietly get through the workdays in jobs they don't care about as long as it facilitates their out of hours lifestyles.

No. 63379

No there's no HR at the company, it's an extremely small firm. I think I've decided that I kind of have to clear the air before things hit the fan. Thanks anon.

No. 63383

So, this friend of my boyfriend (my friend too somewhat by extension) is an Alex Jones supporter. He's cool other than the bat shit crazy things he really believes. How can I convince him that 1) we do not give a fuck if Sandy Hook was faked or not, 2) get him to see how retarded some of the shit he thinks is. The guy dropped out of high school, so I don't really have high hopes of getting to him, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

No. 63385

Let him believe what he wants? It's not your job to change other people's opinions. It's one thing if it's your bf, but it's just his friend.

No. 63396

I wouldn't care what crazy shit he believes if he didn't constantly try to proselytize me into believing it as well.

No. 63420

What's the best way to politely kick a person out of a meetup group? There's a person who after 2 months (5 meetups) everyone wants her to gtfo, and everyone's complaints about her are legit. however, she's the baby of the group (aka 19 while everyone else is 22-early 30s) so I also think that hanging out with us for a bit longer might make her realize to grow the fuck up?

>she's a nondenominational christian, so when we brought up religious stuff once she was rather uppity about "her kind" being more welcoming of others

>our group tries out different cafes all the time, the one time we went to a vegan-friendly place she was surprised that not all vegans and vegetarians are people with eating disorders

>mentioned reddit once as a offhand comment once and regretted it, because that how we all found out about how she's kind of obsessed with tumblr bashing, cringepics, and the like

>she yelled "YEAH I'M DOING GRANDMA STUFF, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM" at a group of middle schoolers who just happened to be passing by, and afterwards started a rant about "basic" girls and how she hates having female friends because drama

Also a personal opinion, but one shouldn't have their main way of being social in an irl group like this be showing internet drama posts/"mainstream?"memes on their phone and then bashing it while giggling to yourself.

Luckily I didn't follow her on social media or whatever but she does have our numbers. tbh i kinda wonder if she's lowkey a female robot lmfao

No. 63424

Maybe she posts here…

No. 63437

I'm going to give head with a guy for the first time, I'm nervous, not because it's my first time, but because I have low confidence
Already I have shitty confidence as it is, but I probably look like shit while giving head. What do

No. 63438

Don't worry about it, just do it. Guy is probably excited as hell to get head.

Just think about it as if he was giving you oral for the first time. Obviously you'll enjoy it despite him probably not being the best at it.

No. 63445

I sort of missed the subject here I realized. You really can't look bad when giving head to a guy. At worst it'll be awkward when you're fumbling around trying to find a comfortable position for your neck, but don't care too much about that. Have sex for the fun of it.

No. 63462

she groups cosplayers, furries, and j-fashion enthusiasts as freaks and complains why people can't appreciate american culture, so I highly doubt it lol

tbh what you look like when you give head shouldn't matter if you're giving good head

No. 63467

If everyone else is 22 or older, just have the meet up at a bar or a 21-and-up venue. Even if you don't drink, you can still order food.

No. 63472

Not that anon, but you're wonderful. Thank you for posting it. I was in a similar boat and I found a job I am really happy with, even if it's not my biggest interest or my original dream/plan, and it helps me fund a happy life in a way I can tolerate. That kind of life is fine too, often a little bit less stressful even. So I completely agree with everything you wrote, thank you for wording it so well. <3

No. 63485

What are the chances of breast size growing vs just getting a round tummy and ham arms if I gain weight? I've been considering trying it.

I'm skeletal so I could afford to gain a bit elsewhere. Above all I just want to grow some boobs since I'm flat.

No. 63487


Depends on genetics. Do you know where your parents store their fat?

For ex, both my parents have the body type where extra weight goes straight to the tummy area. So when I gained depression weight, it went directly to my tummy first. I did go from a B cup to a F, but it wasn't noticeable because of the tummy. When I lost the weight, I went down to a D, but they have a sag.

No. 63676

Hey anons I have two questions:

1, if you work a job that's entry level but isn't retail/fast food/etc what is it and how did you get it?

2: How do you make friends when you're 26?

the second one i especially want help on. I'm just kinda lonely. All the fucking time. I'm married, but my husband has his own friends. He had a death in his family recently (Godfather's father, he didn't want to go visit for it) so he's been dealing with it just by playing video games and hanging out with his friends and generally avoiding thinking about it and i'm okay with that but it also is making me jealous and making me realize I don't really have any real friends.

I have 4 girls I know where we live (We moved from another state so started from scratch). One of them I don't always get along with and is more of my husband's friend, the other is always on a vacation with her boyfriend (He makes bank doing work with computers, i'm only slightly jealous), one of them is a mom so hanging out with her also means hanging out with a baby (Which I personally can only do in small doses) and the last one is always busy working and says she'll hit me up when she's free but she either forgets, doesn't want to, changes plans last minute to hang out with someone else (Usually her boyfriend which I understand) or just plain doesn't seem to remember i exist despite us being 'best friends.'

I used to have tons of friends online growing up because I had trouble talking to people. Now I can talk to people fine but i can't seem to make friends either way.

Where can I go to make new friends? I tried making some at college but it's an art school so they're literally all SJWs and i'm really not into making friends i can't talk to about my points of view on the world and the few friends I did make quietly unfriended me on facebook without saying anything so clearly there's something wrong with me.

What do I do? Does anyone else feel the same? Where can I even go to make friends online nowadays?

No. 63677

Weight gain, like weight loss, can't be targeted like that. Even if your parents have good fat distribution like >>63487 this anon suggested, you're still going to gain weight everywhere. It's also WAY harder to keep weight off than it is to put on (There's a science behind it but i don't remember it right now)

I have good fat distribution (Ass, tits, and hips) but that doesn't mean my arms, belly and legs aren't fat too you dig? I look better than someone who's distribution is only in the tummy (I've seen some chicken legged girls with BIG bellies, not a good look) but it's still obvious i'm fat.

You're better off getting a nice push up bra (They're cuter too) or saving up for implants if it's what you want, anon.

But it's also good to just embrace your body for how it is too. There's nothing wrong with being flat and honestly with my back problems i'd kill to be smaller in the chest (Grass is always greener).

Also if you're basically skeletal you might have too high of a metabolism to gain weight anywhere regardless. I also heard girls with this bodytype that DO gain weight eventually have a harder time getting it back off, which is even more reason not to do it imo.

If you wanna give your body more shape, try lifting weights. Girls don't get bulky without steroids but you'll get some definition so maybe it'll help you feel better about your body overall?

No. 63678

>(There's a science behind it but i don't remember it right now)

I think it's because when you gain weight, you gain new fat cells, but when you lose weight, the fat cells shrink but don't go away. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it's been years since I've taken a health class lol.

No. 63679

Same anon here, you're right it's something like that. I don't remember all the specifics but that was the key detail i was looking for

No. 63689

You make friends by talking to people and planning doing things with them.

It feels like useless advice because you've heard it before. Make an excuse to talk to someone like a hobby or an interest. If you like them, exchange numbers or something, plan to meet again or something. I've found out it's easier to get into an existing friend group than try to initiate things 1-on-1.

No. 63703

You're right, weight gain is difficult for me which left me pretty shapeless during puberty and makes me feel insecure as an adult woman. This is some good advice thank you. I would kill for a few more curves especially around the bust and hip area but I don't want to fuck up my body permanently beyond my control so I'll try to love what I have.

No. 63704

Um where lmfao. Like where are you going that you're meeting people with introverted hobbies?

Like do i just go to a fucking starbucks and start hitting on a girl to be my new bestie?

Please make the absolute assumption that i'm socially retarded because I kind of am.

just remember somewhere out there is a girl who'd die to have your bodytype (Like me) and it starts to help you appreciate it a little more. Focus less on what you don't have and more on what you do! Like chances are you'll probably never be fat if you don't gorge yourself in your 30s, that's pretty handy when everyone else's metabolisms are slowing down and making them fat.

Plus learning to dress to enhance your shape will help too.

I had a tiny skinny little manager at a department store once. Her favourite motto was "Everything fits with a belt." As in, is that shirt too big? Put a belt around your waist, now it's perfect. Most of the time, especially on her tiny body, it worked.

No. 63718

Can't you join a dodgeball league or something?

No. 63736

File: 1498164549819.png (819.61 KB, 580x632, b9f2186437407d2b9c87d692dd9b70…)

I recently met this guy online through a game and I found out he lives in the same town as me. He's just a year older and pretty much has his life together which I respect. He's pretty much my type when it comes to appearances as well as a little extra bonus for myself. I've met up with him about two or three times and we get along well. We both talked about relationships but decided to go against it for now because I just came out of a really bad mentally abusive relationship. He invited me to come over to his place to drink because I told him I've never been drunk and I want to live a little but I'm concerned.

Not because I don't trust him but he's still a relatively new person in my life. The paranoia of being a girl being kidnapped/killed/raped at any time has been instilled in me very early in life. Should I go do it? If I wait, what seems like a good time or signal to go for moments like this? Thanks in advance, anons!!

No. 63761

>Not because I don't trust him but he's still a relatively new person in my life. The paranoia of being a girl being kidnapped/killed/raped at any time has been instilled in me very early in life. Should I go do it?

This is contradictory anon. If you trust him, then you know your fear is irrational right now. I'd say: id you go to his house, don't drink the first time. Let him unwind with drinks, and see how he behaves after a few. If he's still a lovely guy then that's a good sign.

Since you've never been drunk before, I would advise going for a drink at a pub. Give yourself a time limit (say from the start that you've got to be up early the next day or w/e so you'll just have a few) so you don't get carried away. I'd always recommend drinking in a public place first, rather than round the house of a guy you're not very familiar with.

No. 63765

File: 1498210680652.jpg (42.3 KB, 640x369, IMG_4230.JPG)

My crush keeps liking other dudes flirtin comments on my posts. I don't know why he keeps doing this. He does not even say anythin afterwards or mention it or mesage me. I never respond to them. I'm unsure if he's doing it to get my attention or take the mick because they are ugly and hitting on me. Is this even normal behaviour for guys?

No. 63768

maybe he's a cuckold

No. 63777

Holy shit anon, do not go to a stranger's home and get drunk there. Anyone can be deceiving. The fact that he mentioned coming to his house to get drunk first instead of out somewhere is already a red flag. If you're gonna drink, bring a friend and tell somebody what you'll be doing.

No. 63781

Agreed! Sounds like me plans to make you drunk and vulnerable. Would be a bit different if a group of you went to a bar and drank.

Also even though you met him a few times and he seems nice don't be fooled. I met a guy a few times and he seemed so sweet. I went to stop with him for a few days, he said we would watch anime and he would treat me like a princess (I know lol am I 12?). When I got there he became abusive and rapey probably because I was basically stranded until my return ticket and I couldn't go home, tried to fight his way in to my underwear even though I told him not to. Then was horrible to me because I wouldn't sleep with him and slept the whole time I was there and didn't bother with me. When I said "you said you would treat me like a princess" he responded with "I will… during sex". At one point I was certain he was going to actually murder me and I can honestly say never ever ever EVER again will I put myself in that position ever again. Sorry for blog post but seriously always prepare for the worst thing that could possibly happen. Alcohol is definitely not advisable unless you want to possibly sleep with him???

No. 63782


I think your crush is trying to get your attention tbh he's going about it in a vague way but this way he doesn't risk rejection and can pass it off as a joke if it doesn't turn out how he wants. Does he know you like him? If not, take a risk and ask him anon.

No. 63805

Thank you for telling me what I need to hear.

I'm so sorry, I realized I wrote my feels when I was feeling a little sad and lonely which really took a toll on my common sense. Looking back, I definitely will force a change of plans and won't go over and push plans to drink in a public place. The reason why he pushed it to his house is because drinking out is expensive and I just come from a extremely conservative household so it couldn't be at mines. I just wasn't sure if doing what I was going to do was okay because there's people like that who just go over and drink as social activity or if my paranoia was getting the better of me. It's just better safe than sorry.

I wanted to do something that is considered fun and spontaneous but realized it could end up bad which leads me to oh my god >>63781 don't apologize for the post but I am so glad that you're safe and I truly hope you never get locked up in that kind of situation ever again. I can't help but relate because I would want to feel like a princess too. It doesn't help that I'm not in good financial standing and he's paid for everything so far when we went out which seems like a common thing to do but the guys I have dated in the past had limited income or no jobs so just paying $6 for a meal makes me feel spoiled. I'll definitely keep your story in mind and hope things just go better planned with him and I in the future. Thank you again.

No. 63811

I've been with my s.o for about 4 years or so and my main problem with him is that he cancels plans to see me often. It hurts my feelings. It makes me feel so unimportant and disrespected. I have addressed it multiple times, but nothing changes. Its to the point that breaking up is likely. Its just that he's actually my first boyfriend ever and it just all sucks how this stupid shit is playing out. Im going to hurt and I'm afraid.

No. 63812

He has a really big ego though. Scared if I confront him he will reject me and move on because the 'chase' is over.

Hahahaha never considered that but now that you mention it… hahaha

No. 63815

What the fuck, that kind of shit doesn't exist where I live. We don't all live in hipster capitals anon.

No. 63816

So sometimes this is a red flag and sometimes it's not. If you're bros, then this is a bro thing to do.

I suggest going out in public though to drink. A good first step if you haven't drank before is over some dinner. Go to buffalo wild wings or some other casual friend place if you're not looking for a relationship, get yourself some booze, and have a friend pick you up (If he suggests driving you home just tell him "They're already on their way."

Don't let paranoia keep you from hanging out with this guy but be cautious too.

No. 63819

No. 63821

File: 1498271818254.png (38.9 KB, 500x430, 1488910457660.png)


No. 63846


most of it, and i'm not happy but enlightened.

No. 64441

File: 1499183582882.jpg (119.01 KB, 394x700, fashionable-male-winter-outfit…)

My boyfriend dresses like shit and HATES shopping for clothes, so he's basically put it up to me to buy him new ones. I want him to start dressing cuter/more fashionable, but the issue is, he's 6'4", 260 pounds (not muscular) so he wears big and tall sizes. Regular sized men's shirts are much too short for his long torso. Anyway, does anyone here know of website with nice, not totally generic, big and tall clothing? I've checked all the majir department stores. Their selection really sucks.

No. 64442


No. 64447

Land's End. It sounds dorky, but they've done a of of work on their fit in the past few years, and they have good basics. Their clothing is durable and straightforward, and the size charts are accurate. They will hem pants at your desired length for free. Their styles do lean more towards well-dressed dad than hip young guy, but there is a range. Keep an eye out for coupon codes. They have a great return policy, too.

No. 64450

> met a guy a few times and he seemed so sweet. I went to stop with him for a few days, he said we would watch anime and he would treat me like a princess

You accepting an offer like this, to him, and to most men, means you want to have sex.

Once he found out you don't want to have sex, he realized you're just wasting his time, and you basically tricked him.

Pro-tip: No guy on Earth wants to be friends with you, other guys make much better friends, and they're 1000x easier to make friendships with. Any time a guy voluntarily wants to spend time with specifically you, he is competing with other men for access to your vagina.

Women are a costly thing men must struggle to gain access to, and it's getting to the point where it's just not worth it for many men. That's why a lot of men are just dropping out of society, becoming NEET, and not even attempting to get females. They have quit the game, they have quit the competition.

These NEETs do more to benefit society than people who work, why? Because more men dropping out of society will:

1) Reduce hypergamy, in other words reduce the insanely over-priced cost of pussy, and lower women's extremely entitled attitudes
2) Reduce feminism
3) Raise wages

No. 64452

>man here

No. 64456

Reduce feminism? Fucking lol

No. 64457

Women have all the power in the world of sex, they get to select which men get to have sex, and which men don't.

If there is a large enough decrease in available men competing for women, then women will be forced to change themselves to become more desirable to men, and one of the biggest ways they could do that is by reducing feminism.

Men are terrified of getting married, living together (common law marriage), or having children now, because women are rewarded for divorce and destroying men's entire lives.

90% of the time the state will give women custody of the children, and force the man to pay for her stealing his kids.

The man loses his wife, children, financial security, and sometimes house, all at the same time. This often happens even if the wife cheats on him, and was the reason for the divorce. He is forced by the state to pay for this demonic ex-wife's new lifestyle.

This is the nightmare scenario that guys are terrified of, they've seen it happen to many men they know in real life, it's enough to drive men to suicide/murder.

My main hopes of reducing feminism is that it will fix these marriage/divorce laws that reward women to divorce, allows them to divorce for any reason, and completely ruins the man's life and everything he worked for. It is the reason that the family structure is completely destroyed, the reason we have >50% divorce rates, and general decline in civilization.

No. 64459

Dont activate that trap card

No. 64461

Thanks you so much, anon. I was thinking that since we're obviously a female majority site that I wouldn't get any suggestions. I'm going to look into it now, but they sound like a good company.

No. 64463

I'm starting to be attracted to this guy, however I already have a boyfriend. I don't want to cheat or break up, but I still want to be friends with the guy. Bad idea or is it possible to get over those feelings of attraction?

No. 64464

Flee temptation. This is how cheating starts.

No. 64467

You can't anyway, it's the 5 pieces of Exodia, I instantly win.

No. 64469

Yeah you're right. Am I foolish for holding onto the hope my feelings will fade? He's a great guy and he's going through some rough things so I wish I could at least be of a bit of friendly support to him.

No. 64483

Feelings fade with distance, if anything you'll just fall for him harder if you spend more time with him.
I had a similar situation before and the more I saw the guy the more I couldn't stop thinking about him so I decided to completely stop talking to him and eventually the feelings faded. It was difficult but it was the right choice in the end.

No. 64582

My irl friend is talking to older men online and leading them on because he is trans. he really wants attention and im drifting away from him because of this. apparently hes in a d/s with this guy from denmark and he keeps posting things on snapchat instagram and fb about it and its disgusting. he is keeping the guy in "chastity" and keeps talking about it and posts pics of other guys he talks to in underwear and i feel really bad. this was my good friend who was disgusted by this and seemed like they were actually "trans" but now im sure its for attention because they wear makeup for pictures and wear girl clothes yet still want to be called a guy. i dont know what to do i dont know how to get my friend back. i feel really uncomfortable because they keep posting about their personal stuff and i just feel like this isnt the same person i once knew

No. 64603

Has anyone tried a research and development funding opportunity for a grant? If so, what was it like? Is it difficult? Is there a lot of pressure?

No. 64642

The unfortunate thing is you probably can't change them.

You can attempt to talk to them intervention style. Could even just have a talk about what should be private (Like pretty much everything you described) and what's okay for him to post publically (Him dressing as a girl for instance should be fine if it's nothing sexual).

It's not unusual for someone discovering themselves especially gender wise to not feel comfortable making the full leap to female pronouns and names. A few years ago, way before this dumb transtrender trend began, I was struggling with my sexuality and my perception of myself. So I began wearing men's clothes and acting more like a guy. Online i'd introduce myself as a guy or not correct people when they made the assumption that I was but offline I wasn't comfortable with that. Even though I wore men's clothes around my family and friends and all I wasn't comfortable coming out and saying "I think I might be a guy." I wasn't comfortable with them calling me a guy or using a guy's name for me.

Eventually I grew out of it as I realized I was uncomfortable with my body due to sexual abuse at a young age and developing early (Massive tits at age 11. First boyfriend only dated me for my tits). This is also the reason I doubt a lot of young transboys because they probably are experiencing similar things.

Just try talking to him anon there's nothing else you can really do besides that.

And sometimes you just end up losing a friend. That's part of life and it sucks but it's not going to be the only friend you lose in your lifetime.

No. 64696

File: 1499715069802.jpg (54.74 KB, 639x434, IMG_0108.JPG)

Anyone have any advice on how to get my sex drive back. Bf and I used to have sex at least once every day but now I only ever do it because I feel I need to please him. Usually can go weeks without it. It feels like a chore to me even though it's always good.

No. 64697

Are you me?
Try this: say yourself you will have sex in a few hours when your bf comes home.
Put some hot clothes on and doll yourself up.
Watch a sexy movie were two people have passionate sex.
Be ready for that sweet action.

But I don't know how to get that libido back all the time ;(

No. 64701


That's a real good tip actually. See since we're always busy and his visits are usually impulsive it can be difficult somtimes. I looked up online that the hormones responsible for sex drive are at their highest during your period. Nature is a cruel mistress.

No. 64707

Maybe thats something for you:
Push him onto the bed, sit down on him and fuck his brain out. Even if you don't feel it in the first place, it will be fucking hot after a few minutes. It's even better if he struggles and say things like: 'uh oh but I have things to do.' But you will fuck him anyways.

No. 64714

Thank you. I also have the same issue. Only thing that's worked for me so far was putting distance between us (had to visit family for two weeks across the states) but that's starting to fizzle out.

That's rape, anon.

You can do what above anon said but just make sure you don't rape him, anon.

No. 64721

What the fuck are you on about anon? Nothing about the anons you quoted said anything about having sex against her bf's will. If anything she would be raping herself because she's making herself get into it.

>inb4 whatever bs you're going to spout about rape.

It's all fucking nonsense. No one is raping anyone in this scenario.

No. 64724

If you masturbate, stop. If you don't masturbate, start.

No. 64795

I'm in the same position right now as he has to travel away for a week for work, so I'm already feeling things improving now that I don't get to see him. Also I kind of get what >>64707 was meaning and of course you can have that kind of sex without it being rape. We have very good communication and understanding so I imagine it wouldn't come off as too forecful

I go through spells of doing it and not doing it so I'm thinking I should start making it a regular thing

No. 64798

>Flash forward 2 years I have a new online bf who is amazing and treats me perfect and we meet and everything is amazing.
>I readd abusive guy because idk why but it was a bad decision.

Tldr: worthless slut gets bored with his good bf and goes back to the abusive guy.
You deserve all the abuse for being a retarded cunt.

No. 64890

I think I just had a fucking panic attack, again.
My pulse was at 163 for a short time got better then went up again to 99 or so and now it's better again.
I never had problems with panic attacks (at least I hope those are panic attacks sometimes my chests and right arm feel reeally uncomfortable but I'm only in my twenties so a fucking heart attack doesn't seem very possible) and I've never been diagnosed with anything like that. But ever since I started this fucking job I got some..
I had around 5 already in like 6 months which doesn't sound too bad but considering that it was never a thingfor me I'm freaking out a little bit when I get them.
They feel so fucking horrible like I'm going to die. It also feels like my throat is getting squeezed so I have trouble breathing for a while.
I just hate it so much. I read on the Internet that saying 'stop' over and over again can help.
Since I've never been diagnosed with it I don't even know if those are panic attacks but the symptoms always feel like one.
Any anons here that have similar problems? What do you guys do when you get one ?

No. 64916

File: 1500124573939.png (44.01 KB, 400x205, 1499294303823.png)

hi anon. i have issues with panic attacks, too. is your new job really stressful?
they feel the same for me, plus my hands and arms get all tingly. it feels really scary.
when i get a panic attack, i try to find a place to myself as soon as possible, like a bathroom. then, i try to take deep breaths really slowly. when you're having a panic attack, you're basically expelling all your carbon dioxide, which can make you feel horrible. by breathing in deeply and slowly, you're keeping the carbon dioxide in you. i know it can be hard to remember, but breathing slowly is really, really helpful.
good luck with everything <3

No. 64944

Thanks anon that helps me a little bit. Maybe I'm freaking out so much because I'm not used to it and I don't really know what to do. I'm basically staying on the stairwell in case I can't breathe no more to get help.
Do you knownif there is a special breathing method when having an anxiety attack?

No. 64949

you can try this breathing pattern. it's actually for insomnia, but i've found that it's really calming in other situations.

No. 64998

File: 1500312998757.jpg (417.71 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nymj1rQOH51qla6e4o3_500…)

Hey there, gals.

I have to projects due (deadline is the 30th), and I am super unmotivated to do it.

Do you have any advices on how to stay focused/discipline yourself? From meditation to apps to whatever.

I've tried prizing myself before, but it's not working anymore, like.. I guess the prizes are not that interesting to me anymore.

Much appreaciated.

No. 65001

I'm not sure how many anons here struggle(d) with self harm but I have a question.

How do you come out of your shell when it comes to finally wearing items of clothing that reveal past scars? I've lost a lot of weight recently and want to start wearing shorts since its really hot, but my thighs are really gross from years of cutting. On one hand I feel like I should just keep hiding them, but on the other hand I feel like I need to learn how to get over it? When I think of my scars showing in public though I get so uncomfortable. I want to move on with my life but I feel like stupid shit like this is holding me back.

No. 65004

Start slowly if you can, so you get used to it. Wear them at home or outside for a few hours and try not to worry about it. If people ask (they usually don't, from personal exp) just say it doesn't matter, or something similar. I usually just ignore the question and people take the hint.

Bio oil is also supposed to help fade scars, in case you want to look into it.

No. 65007

Thank you very much! I'm definitely worried about people staring or trying to bring them up in conversation. I'm also worried about being labeled as some kind of attention whore, even by strangers because a lot of the scars aren't big - there are just a lot there. Like a "oh she clearly only wants attention, look how small/light her pathetic scars are" or something. I feel like most of them being smaller scars is going to bring more negative attention? I really psych myself out about this stuff I guess.

I'm going to try to slowly become more comfortable with it just like you said though. It's time to make a change so I can feel comfortable in my own skin 100%.

No. 65019

like what other anon said, start slow. when my scars were at their worst, i would literally never leave the house without a jacket, even in 100 degree heat. eventually as my scars faded i'd go out occasionally in short sleeves and now i hardly ever think about my scars showing. eventually you get so used to it you forget they're there. i've been asked about them before, but it's rare. i usually ignore it too or just say an accident. people don't press about it. some days i feel insecure about it but i try not to focus on it too much, and if you don't focus on it other people usually won't.

No. 65028

Can't speak for myself but some friends have very big scars.
They necer get asked about them maybe little kids will ask you and then you can just say something corny like "these are my battle scars"

No. 65035

Personally, I haven't self harmed in years, and I cover my scars no matter what in public, and at home because I don't live alone. Summer is a challenge.

No. 65041

My friend was very self conscious about hers and got tattoos over them. Might not be an option you would want but now she's proud to wear shorts again and people don't really notice the scars.

No. 65543

File: 1501033247430.jpg (97.57 KB, 1200x675, DFdJpyeXUAA4nLQ.jpg)

My coworker seems to have a liking of me and I will always catch him staring and he grins easily over

We went to his today to watch a film and ended up cuddling on his sofa, I kept dozing off and he would pull me a little tighter or stroke my arm gently or wrap his arm around me and his heartbeat kept going insanely fast, this went on for two hours at least

When I woke up he didn't know if I was or not and as i was laid on his chest he was properly stroking my hair, what does it mean when hedoes this? It was proper fingers running almost soppy

I could hear him smile and make a little happy noise too and he nozzles my head a bit

But then when I'm up he's very nervous and when we hug bye it's a quick distant one and I can't tell if he's trying to figure his emotions out

Help please

No. 65552

i have no advice but thats the cutest shit ive ever read

No. 65553

He obviously likes you but is just shy/nervous. Ask him out!

No. 65557

File: 1501057070216.jpg (72.63 KB, 640x640, 1494312829869.jpg)

Decided to see the therapists/counselors my school provides for "free" because it's the summer and I don't have much else to do aside from work and I've been meaning to do this for a while

I have pretty severe anxiety (actual panic attacks) and am in general just extremely apathetic and depressed. I know for a fact prescriptions help quite a lot as I borrow xanax from a friend for when it gets particularly bad (for anxiety at least), so I've made a point of not telling my therapist about my drug use/addiction. I've read on a few forums that if you admit to taking any sort of recreational drug then you are pretty much disqualified from getting anything from a psychiatrist.

It's been two sessions with the therapist and she doesn't seem to be showing any signs of sending me to a psychiatrist, so should I just tell her or is that a bad move? Drug addiction is a pretty serious problem for me as of late (mostly opiods and cough syrup when I'm on a budget), but I feel like if I can get the anxiety under control with meds then I'll have much better chances of stopping my drug use

No. 65558

is he a QT and are you both single? if so get it and take him out

make sure he isn't some creep though

No. 65562

Out of curiosity; do you use opiates to be high or to function and to feel normal?
I have GAD and I just use it to act like a normal person.

No. 65564

Reading this relaxed me so much lol
Anon, he's a keeper, and you two seem on a good path so don't worry, if you're into him too just go with it. He seems shy or inexperienced, so just proceed with caution. Little steps

No. 65565


Op here
I thought the same but also a few days ago when I asked who he likes he said he's afraid of developing romantic feelings for someone at work before he goes to uni

I'm quite sure he meant me as he was apologetic so I'm wondering if the reason he seemed a little dazed after was that he was realising he's developing feelings for me possibly?

It was cute though
Today we are on the same shift so I guess just see how he reacts or if he seems cold

No. 65579

Where can I buy pharmaceuticals online without a prescription? I really need some more Acyclovir pills for oral herpes simplex virus, but I don't have the insurance to pay the arm and leg to go to the doctor. (American here, obviously.) I wish you could just get a lifetime prescription for something because I'm obviously not going to be cured of this shit.

No. 65581

Opiates are for the high for the most part, it's the way I pass the time
I use benzos to act like a semi-normal person. I know they work for me, but I'm just trying to get a prescription so I don't have to keep buying marked up/pressed pills

No. 65588

You shouldn't tell them you take drugs. You wouldn't have a chance to get any benzos.
I didn't get benzos when I had a complete breakdown. They even told me that they can't give it to me because of my "drug history". Only took valoron at this moment

No. 65607


Okay never mind, at work today he grinned at me when I came in, knowingly and we agreed to watch the sequel to last night's movie

His friend was there and he was sk determined to make sure the friend went home first as he was going to get drunk and he seemed protective of me and we cuddled again when we watched the film and then he put another on and we kept making excuses for me to stay longer

I ended up falling asleep on him again and if I tried to apologetically wake myself up he'd go shh and stroke my hair and let me sleep some more

We both woke at 4am and he walked me halfway home and seemed the same again, the walk back very quiet but he gave me a more sentimental goodbye hug

So I think you guys might be right!

Also he reminisced little things tonight and admitted how he will do things specifically for me like how if he comes in he tries to catch my eye to smile at me and get a smile out of me or the excuses he will make to come over and talk to me

It's hard to tell if he sees me as a little sister but then I'm thinking the cuddles are different

This time he gently went to hold my hand too if that's progress

No. 65610

I don't get it, are you unsure if he likes you or something..? He's not doing this because you remind him of his little sister.

No. 65612

In highschool I was pretty good friends with a girl but we had a falling out and haven't talked in like a decade. We recently became friends on facebook, and I was thinking of inviting her out for coffee just to catch up. She's busy with a family and job though, and I'm only here for a few more days, and I'm worried it'd be weird or that she wouldn't even want to meet. Should I?

No. 65616

You should.

No. 65618


I am at times yeah
I mentioned last night I felt him stroke my hair and he was worried and asked if it was okay and I said yeah I find it relaxing and he mentioned how he used to stroke his little sisters hair all the time to make her sleep

So I don't know if he meant he sees me as a sister no

He held my hand and his heart was beating fast but I don't know if he's being platonic sometimes

No. 65630

wow… its pretty obvious he likes you, making excuses for you stay over longer, trying to catch your eye, finding reasons to talk to you etc. tbh the sister thing just sound like something he said in passing, I'd ignore it. He sounds like a fucking qt anon go for it

go for it, worst case scenario she says no. that's it

No. 65678

I had underweight all my life. But I felt good and didn't push it to the limits. So no ana for me, I just ate not that much.
But out of nowhere everyone tried to convience me to gain weight. And at this point I started to feel like a freak. My Doc told me I'm anorexic and I should just admit it etc.
So I fucking gained weight to show them fuckers I'm not ill.
But now I feel fat as fuck. I lost wrinkles around my mouth BUT I look older because my jawline dissapeared and my face looks sunken because of the fat.
I get so depressed when I look into the mirror. I actually start to cry.

Should I lose weight again and stop listening to anyone? Should I start to workout (more) to get a lower bf? Or is there a chance I developed BDD and am going nuts?

No. 65679

Depends, what is your before and after BMI?

No. 65681

Before 17, now 22.

No. 65704

BMI is a shit system that accounts for the entire body mass and not fat mass.

No. 65716

If I were you, I would have asked for some clarification by now… Because that's confusing af. You don't go cuddling, holding hands and playing with hair with just a coworker/a friend. I agree that sounds cute and shit, but also weird. Either say something - what you feel, what you want - or hands off, dude. Because it sounds like he is leading you on. He won't commit, but he still gets what he wants from you (closure, the touch, whatever). Respect yourself, even sweet guys can hurt you/

No. 65728

File: 1501277551735.jpg (28.2 KB, 698x420, emotrump.jpg)

Hey everyone. So…I just want advice on how you deal with bad anxiety and emotional baggage/being pulled in a lot of directions. This might go better in the relationship advice thread, but it's about me, so I thought it fits here more.

I'm semi-informally secretly engaged to my bf, might announce it soon, but he lives in another country, and is really sad and sexually frustrated about it lately. He seems to feel impatient trying to find a way to see/live with me because he misses me so much. I have a lot of relationship baggage, and my first ex dumped me over feeling sad about me living far away, besides other things, as I learned later…he also went on to date my best friend, which gave me some trust issues because I thought he was into her and could cheat on me with her when we were together. I've dealt with emotionally unstable family and a fucked up partner who have both made me have issues with my sense of stability. I don't think he'd leave me unless he flew off the handle from anxiety issues, and would regret it later.

I've been dealing with my grandfather's cancer diagnosis as well, and plus my legitimately clinically crazy home life, and it's putting family pressure on me that's showing up in my relationship and close friendships and making it harder for me to work and look toward my future.

I'm having occasional issues feeling emotionally safe and secure because of my relationship and family-related emotional baggage. I've got a diagnosed anxiety disorder and am on meds. I'm a lot better than I was in the past, but I want to keep improving myself.

Any other anons have similar experiences or have gotten better who can help?

No. 65773

Similar experience but no idea how to get out of the horror show.

It gives me hope for myself that you are better, even if you are not there where ypu want yet.

Sorry, that I have no advice. I wish you the best.

No. 65799

>My parents constantly call me idiot, piece of shit and etc
>When i don't "fuck up" they are just normal parents, everyone else likes them.
Ever considered that they might be right?

No. 65802

I'm in a very similar situation. I'm considering dropping out of university so I can get a job and finally move out. It's the only solution for me at the moment.

Do you have any friends you can stay with for a while when things get heated at home? I had to leave home a couple of times and stayed with a friends for a few weeks, it definitely gave me a break from my mother's instability and also meant that she had time to calm down.

Also, if you do get into university maybe things will get a little better. You could occupy yourself with studying and join societies/clubs/whatever which would mean you would be at home less. This also helped me a little.

On what basis did you make that assumption? For my mother, who is mentally ill, something as simple as not washing a dish counts as a "fuck up" and often leads to physical punishment or verbal abuse.

No. 65803

>On what basis did you make that assumption?
If they behave normally when you do everything right and as you described it you have depression and BDD then the problems seems to lay on your side

No. 65804

Great reading comprehension, I'm clearly not the OP.

Once again, making assumptions. I can't speak for the OP but I can explain my own situation. My mother has BPD and a host of other illnesses. In public and around friends she seems normal. When she is having a good day she seems normal. When she is having a bad day any "fuck up" no matter how minuscule will set her off.

Also, abusive parents are also often a cause and aggravator of depression and other mental health issues.

No. 65815

jesus fucking christ, anon
what kind of monster are you

No. 65816

there is nothing really that you can do.

ive used to empty myself since being 15 years old. When they started verbally abusing me, I imagine staring on a blank wall of stone and behind it are all my feelings and thoughts. If you need put them into a casket, chest or anything too. It's a dissociation method. It needs to be trained but it works.

else: Dont trust them. Dont share anything emotionally important with them. And move out as soon as you can.

No. 65817

bullshit. bullshit. bullshit.
only because they might love the other anon, doesnt mean what they are doing is right. Abusing one is never a way to show love.

No. 65818

it's not your fault, anon.
abusing you has no justification. youre parents are just abusive assholes. thats everything. Guard yourself as much as you can.

and dont listen to the shithead from

No. 65820

that's like saying:
"there is a reason why a guy molested you as a child"
no, there's not.
the responsebility for abuse always lies with the abuser.

No. 65821

do you derive some sort of pleasure from coming into this thread and acting like a cunt?

No. 65823

sounds like you where abused in some way and didnt got over it. how sad.

No. 65900

So I think I found my estranged father's facebook and I've been sitting on it for a year thinking about what whether I wanted to message him or not.
As I'm pretty sure its him (uncommon name and location match up).
I also found some of his siblings/relatives and I was thinking of messaging them instead of him to see if I can confirm its really him.
I was wondering if this is a good idea at all or is it bad?

No. 65919

My life has derailed so much i cant find any kind of meaning on it anymore.
My days are uneventful, the only jobs i have in line for me are meaningless and drone-tier (as well as terribly paid) and im stuck in a small town where everyone my age is either engaged or in long term relationships.

My only comfort till now is spending the days reading the classics of philosophy (kierkegraad, schopenhauer, etc) and listening to medieval compositions. Sometimes i go for sunset walks wich brings me some sort of "content joy" but in the end its all so meaningless.

I feel like i came to a life's end where all my ambitions were just a lie…
I understand that life in its pure essence is a mistake

No. 65924

I'm in a similar position, though I prefer to listen to classical compositions more than medieval ones and read books on history. And I would recommend reading earlier philosophical classics. In my case, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (though not really a philosophical work in a strict sense) and other stoic philosophers helped me to cope with such thoughts that you described.

Life is meaningless, but that's why it ultimately doesn't matter. What you think is expected from you, what you think that matters, everyone that you know will die and that makes our mistakes and actions so meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
You should try to draw joy from certain subjects, try to find something that you like doing and try to be best at it. Forming a passion to a certain hobby or even a profession will immerse you into your own little cozy world. At least, that's what helped me. I wish I could provide you with better comforting words but I can't. I just hope you find peace as I know how tormenting a mind can be faced with the futility of it all.

If you were near me I would hug you and comfort you as much as I could. Stay strong anon!

No. 65929

Sounds like you would benefit from some optimistic nihilism, anon. It's the only thing keeping me going. Well, that and kawaii weeb shit.

No. 65931

Time is all that we really, truly have. Everything you "own" now will end up in a landfill somewhere or rot where it is or be disentigrated into particles upon the apocalypse of the far future. Why spend such precious time moping and fretting? Understanding how short our lives are is the tip of the ice berg. Be as happy as you can WHILE you can since you won't be around for long. Make lasting impressions on people. Spend time with the ones you like and/or love because it's obviously so limited. Stop being afraid of things in general. Sorry if this reads like an inspirational Facebook post or something, but I've also been through this kind of existential crisis and want to help you get through it too. It fucking sucks feeling so small and like nothing. Existence is 100% meaningless, so do whatever you want.

No. 65940

File: 1501564538309.gif (4.59 MB, 600x600, _mmd_animation_practice__miku_…)

How do you get around lewding an underage character?
I don't want it to come off as cosplaying a child, because I ain't about that Moomoo life but I wanted to do a boudoir shoot with what wigs I have(specifically a Miku Hatsune wig).
I never viewed her as having an age but she's 16.

No. 65942

Go for it, people do way worse with cosplay for Yoko from gurren lagann and shes suppose to be 14.

No. 65948

Miku has so many variations and is so widely cosplayed that you can get away with it, but other characters who are definitely underage and don't have much cosplay attention aren't worth the risk. Miku is fine to slut up.

No. 65949

google "sexy miku hatsune cosplay" on google. everyone lewds her up, i say go for it.

anyway if you're still insecure about it cut some straight bangs in the miku wig and say it's Meme-chan kek

No. 65953

I think there's a little more leeway with sexually mature characters. Most anime characters are in their teens so it's almost impossible to fine one of age/adult. Momocunt's problem is she takes actual child characters and tries to lewd them up. You'll be fine with Miku Hatsune, go for it.

No. 65959

So I asked a guy out like "do you want to go for a quick drink" when we were walking home. (first time I've ever done that, always just wait until they ask me). He said "sorry I can't right now, my flatmate locked himself out so I've got to go straight home". Maybe he was genuinely busy, maybe he just isn't interested, who knows.

Dont think its a good idea to ask again, hard as it is, I guess the ball is in his court now?

Anyone asked a guy out and they didnt jump with yes? More wondering how to not feel awkward, act normal and not let it affect my confidence/self esteem?

I've been single a year, after a long term emotionally abusive relationship, which changed me from a confident outgoing girl, to thinking I was useless and wanting to kill myself. Really dont want all the hardwork I've done feeling better to be destroyed over something pretty innocuous!

No. 65973

seems like a lie. I know it's humiliating, but the best you can do is pretending like you believed him and it's completely not bothering you. Soon you'll believe it yourself. Rejection is an inevitable part of our lives, it always hurts, but also makes us stronger. Consider it just a small challenge on a path to become someone more confident and strong

No. 65975

File: 1501622187884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.41 KB, 720x405, women are nothing.jpg)

Her boyfriend decided he wanted to be her emotional tampon instead
you had nothing of value to her
there are millions of others who would do the exact same
You are expendable and replaceable
The faster you learn females don't give a fuck about you unless you're worth for something in their eyes(being their close friend :))) that they can always talk to : ))) isnt ((( : )
the better you'll feel in the long run(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65976


Thanks! I'll bear that in mind for when I face him in the morning. I'd like to think his excuse was genuine, but Im under no illusion he's interested. I've had guys ask me out when I've honestly been busy, I immediately say something like "not right now, how about tomorrow".

the fact he just said after "see u tomorrow!" all cheerfully like he always does, suggests he just wants to stay friends to me.

No. 65983

Make another attempt, just to be sure.

No. 65990

anyone who uses contacts here? I'm tried them out for the first time at the eye doctor today, and I struggled so much with putting them in and out. Taking out wasn't as bad but I only was able to put one in, once. Anybody have any tips for me? I'm going back in a day.

No. 65992

it gets easier and easier the more you do it. pretty sure everyone has a hard time at first. used to take me like 30 minutes. remember to relax. use your middle finger to hold down your lower lid, and balance the contact on your index finger. while balancing it, carefully use the same index finger to push your top lashes up and place the contact in enough that it comes off your finger. then move your eye around until the contact is comfortable. good luck! just takes practice

No. 65996

File: 1501661413177.jpg (1.79 MB, 2000x3000, 01-alice-and-olivia-fall-2017.…)

was i in the wrong?

(pic unrelated)
I lost my best friend a month ago due to a falling out, and two other subpar friends with it.

>give her less attention and time after dating incredible bf

>she angery i guess? never expresses it to me except for insinuating im rude to her at times
>i apologise to her, tell her ill work on it, and follow on my word
>shes been constantly complaining to male friend #1 in our group (group consists of me, her and 2 boys)
>on the last day of school, shit goes down
>we argue about the ethics of a depressed man who took time off work and allowed his 16y/o to pay bills which lowered her attendance. i said it was wrong, and she blasted me for being insensitive and saying "BUT U CANT GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING BLUHHH" which is obvious bullshit (no derailing). if u have a child its u have to overcome that or get on welfare. she doesnt have depression and i do so its nice to see shes arguing with me about my own illness
>she walks out of the last day school assembly, idk why, maybe cus of previous strop
>male friend #2 is waiting in a room while male friend #1 is searching for her, we're waiting for her to get over herself so we can enjoy the last day
>we all reunite and hang out
>she goes off in a strop again and then male friend #1 starts telling me im a terrible friend to her
>"mate, you've been manipulated"
>cant comprehend, takes it as an insult to his mighty intelligence, flips shit, cusses me out and tells me to leave
> i leave

in the evening

>i get a message from her sister saying hi

>dont wanna b rude so im like hey
>we start talking abt relationships and then she suddenly lays into me
>admits she hacked into my facebook and read all my messages with people to find out i , shockingly, wasnt happy with her behaviour
>i believe its her using her sisters' fb at this point, or team effort at least
>what the fuck.jpg
>she starts claiming her strop earlier was a ''panic attack' and that i neglected her and it was my fault blah blah
>sure jan.jpg
>i block both sisters on all social media and unfriend male friend #1, havent spoken to male friend #2 since either
>change facebook password
>Creepy fucks

this happened 2 months ago. i messaged said friend just now saying hi, can we talk.
her reply is >no stop messaging me
kek because she was the one who betrayed me and manipulated my friends against me by exploiting their empathy and appealing to emotions. lmao boys are gullible as shit
>i texted her just now saying "okay" even though i wanted to say "u betrayed me, but okay"

Was i in the wrong? should i have followed her when she went off in a strop? (she went to bin something, so we assumed she was doing that so how could we have known?)

My thoughts:
there was nothing i could have done to have changed the outcome of this situation. she didnt wanna be friends, and she didnt want me in the friend group and had been anticipating the split for a while.

can i just say id been an incredible friends, always been ther ewhen she cried, stayed up to talk to her, got her food some days, idk how i could have been a better friend.

No. 65999

uh… were u in high school just a month ago? the whole thing sounds petty as shit.

your friend is a retard who doesn't know how to communicate with you for what she wishes and how to resolve the problem which is important in any type of relationship. the facebook thing is just ridiculously immature and nuts and i doubt she really cared for you if she had her sister fuck with your online account. that's not a normal way to end it at all. she's got major emotional issues and whatever was going on with her little tantrum, was not your problem. how can you know what shes thinking if she doesnt tell you.

not only is her behavior out of wack, but after the facebook thing, i wouldn't even try making up with her or talking to her ever again. she sounds like a terrible person overall who needs time to work out her issues and sometimes, that never happens for people no matter how old they become.

No. 66000

just hold your lower lid down and pop them in. they'll adjust on their own over your iris after a few blinks. it's a bit scary/weird at first but youll get used to it.

No. 66072

Thanks for reading and replying.

Seems pretty spot on, not gonna argue with that.

When I finally calmed down (took me two months) after the betrayal and reached out, she immediately dismissed me which was so hypocritical since she was the one who did me dirty, not the other way round. So you're right about not talking to her ever again. Fuckin crazy shit. Shame, we had such an incredible friendship, we were basically soulmates. </3

No. 66075

Well, like someone else said in the thread you made, you guy's would've most likely separated eventually anyway since you guys are just school friends. And no matter how much you get along with someone and how long, there's no guarantee of anything. Last year I split up with the only person I've ever cared about and known for a decade over a petty fight.

And not to get all spiritual or whatever, but a soulmate will only stick around for so long. If you happen to find your twin flame, that shit is forever which I believe only really lucky people will find.

No. 66112

All those "kek" make me think you never really cared about your friend. How easily and quickly you became bitchy confirms it. Not saying she wasn't petty and acted shirty, but you were quite the asshole too

The icing on the shitcake is definitely how you're trying to be logical about someone's feelings and acting pissed about their not being logical. How socially retarded are you?

No. 66116

I'm failing U.S Government (college course) with a 48 and I only have five days to do something about it. Idk what to do anymore, I'm scared of failing for this semester and will most likely have a hard time transferring. Is there anything I should do or just accept it?

No. 66119

>fell for the college meme

No. 66127


im sorry this is word salad. what?

No. 66131

your friend was an asshole, but you're probably an asshole too.

find other friends

No. 66134


take the class over

No. 66139

In all seriousness What does this even mean? What else are people supposed to do

No. 66146


Would I have enough time to do so? I'm graduating in May of '18

No. 66155

You've got this upcoming fall semester and the spring one after that (if your school does semesters idk) to retake it before graduation. A single failed class won't bring down your entire semester, unless all of your other grades are barely passing then idk what to tell you. I can't really figure out what exactly you're worried about, but with 5 days left all you can really do is take the L and redo the class or take an equivalent instead.

No. 66156

I'm an asshole for not enabling her childish bullshit? Sounds like you've got a guilty conscience, anon. Do you cry and throw trantrums when you don't get you own way?

No. 66158


Yes, my school does semesters and it's possible to take it during the spring since I'm mostly free by that point.

I'm just worried about this bringing my GPA down when I worked so hard to bring it back up from the previous summer (I failed accounting at that time) and if failing the second time will interfere with my graduation. Other than that, I've passed all of my classes for the year.

No. 66161

How many other classes did you take? It won't be as bad if you had like 4 other classes to cushion yourself, but your GPA will unfortunately go down.

If you pass the class the second time around you wont have to worry about it interfering with anything.

No. 66186


I'm currently taking three this summer and I've almost completed taking 16 (15 if you count taking the previously failed class twice and passed) classes in total as of today, will be taking four this fall and will be taking one or two classes in the spring; assuming if I passed this one with barely a D (I've been told).

No. 66201

Don't know if this should go here or in the relationship thread; would it be weird to contact someone you haven't spoken to in 6 years but ended the relationship on good terms with? Now that we're both older and more mature I've been wondering if it could work.

No. 66413

does anyone have experience with intrusive thoughts? every single time I let my mind rest my brain goes "kill yourself" and it's pretty fucking annoying because I'm not actively suicidal. I just don't know how to stop it.

No. 66421

Believe it or not intrusive thoughts are really normal. Ever have oneof the fucked up ones where you're driving and you suddenly imagine just ramming into oncoming traffic or turning off a bridge despite the fact you'd never do it? It's apparently really common, I don't think theres a way to turn it off.

Turn it into a joke instead if it'sonly annoying.

No. 66448

i really want to killmyself. i spent 99% of time alone. i have no friends. i haven't made a friend in about three/four years. i don't have a real relationship with my family. i'm alone all fucking day long.

i was abused by one of my sibling while growing up + i have a lazy eye = i never developed any real social skills. i'm completely unable to talk to new people. my new semester in college started recentley and i thought things would be better (since i've lost like 30 lbs and it did wonders to my self esteem). things are the fucking same. i'm just as miserable as last semester. i'll never bond with anyone ever. there is no point in continuing living.

i don't know what to do. since i don't really know anyone, i can't just buy drugs and end it. where i live they don't sell guns either. my only real possibilities are to hang myself or bleed to death, and i still haven't figured out the quirks for those things yet. i'm pretty fucking stupid, so i don't want to fuck it up and end up in a hospital. i just don't care, man. i'm a failure. i need to end this. i serve no purpose in this society. i can't stand being alive. i thought that the diets and the exercise and trying to meet new people would help. but it feels like i've jut wasted the past year or so. it all means nothing. i'm just as miserable and alone now. i can't stand it.


it's l'appel du vide and its a universal thing http://pimediaonline.co.uk/science-tech/lappel-du-vide-the-call-of-the-void/ "Standing at the top of the Eiffel tower on a beautiful, sunny day in Paris, my first thought was ‘I could jump’. Not ‘What a stunning view of a culturally rich metropolis’ or ‘I wonder what the City of Light looks like at nighttime’, but ‘I could jump off of this tower in just one leap’, and I wondered why." they happen to everyone. if the rest of your day you're happy and you don't actually plan on commiting suicide, its meaningless tbh.

No. 66450

Any book or website recommendations for dealing with alcoholic family members? I already have Toxic Paretns but if there's anything else that would help it'd be great.

No. 66458

Menstruation issue but idk where else to post. Before you say 'see a doctor,' I have no money and no insurance.

My period was August 1 - August 4. Now for the last four days (August 10 - August 13) I've been spotting, gradually getting heavier. At first it was just dark brown clumps but now it looks like fresh blood. I'm changing a panty liner every couple of hours.

Risk factors: I'm 22, drink a lot (every day), have a shitty diet, BMI 22.5. Also some stress.

This is just really freaking me out, my period has always been completely regular and fairly light. Anyone else have this happen or any ideas as to what it might be?

No. 66465

Where have you tried making friends? There are usually some meet ups on reddit, meet up .com and etc. it's worth using them to practice. A lot of the times people don't care about what you say, but talking in a positive energetic manner makes everything more interesting, even if what youresaying is horseshit. It's hard to talk in that manner if you're bitter though..

You could also try to see normie things like movies and perhaps games or thrones and general popular things, it gives you something general to talk about that people will generally know.

No. 66467

File: 1502629089921.jpg (66.13 KB, 1080x1287, 77b42ad9a8512d7fba053dd07d7ed1…)

Pierced anons, what are some good websites for buying jewelry? I found a bunch on Google obviously, but who knows what their quality is like.

No. 66471

I started a new job at the beginning of may, good pay, great fun, super coworkers. I'm eating more than twice a week, being able to pay bills, and sleeping regularly.

I have also had constant double vision and no period since I started. I'm trying to pretend everything's fine because I don't want anything to ruin my perfect life right now. How bad is it to ignore a lack of a period? (Not sexually active so no worry of a baby)

No. 66476

i like bodyartforms! if you stick to surgical steel you're good

No. 66477

i really love https://store.painfulpleasures.com/ the site layout and searching is a bit nightmarish, but theyre very reasonable priced for basic metal and acrylic jewelry. great for replacement balls and barbells in weird lengths. i have snakebites that i have to take in and out on a daily basis for work, so i love that they have a ring that's a screw-on ball on one side and flat ended on the other so it can just be twisted out easily with no screwing/unscrewing

No. 66478

samefag to agree with this anon for fancier jewelry

No. 66479

Might be because of stress, a cyst, you don't eat enough or are just too skinny. Maybe everything together.

I hadn't my period for half a year, everything is fine now.
Friend didn't get her period for a year because she had to take hard pain killers, but now she is fine.
Another friend didn't get her period for two month because of a cyst.

So I think it's not too bad, but you should go to a gyn, I don't think that one appointment would destroy your new life.

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