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No. 222273

Anything you want or desire, the Universe will provide you with it.

Post about your manifestation journey, goals and successes.

Tips and advice are welcome!

No. 222276

File: 1641678236425.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, 7b18ac84127241aa884c3d33065f55…)

No. 222278

File: 1641679032154.jpg (56.7 KB, 750x563, 60e6078585fa170018522947.jpeg.…)

Summoning the king

No. 222279

File: 1641679041078.webm (10.05 MB, 576x1024, cf409b6f95a643c0a8b7330471ff34…)

No. 222280

File: 1641679129697.webm (5.12 MB, 576x1024, 1f035c4192b945e1b188df5bf568b5…)

No. 222284

File: 1641679378197.jpeg (74.96 KB, 750x750, 057AC09F-FE50-4266-B908-DB360C…)

I am happy, healthy, satisfied and prosperous in the new year.

No. 222293

This might be a joke to you but it actually makes sense. Psychologists tell people all the time that the key to happiness and success is to believe in yourself and that people are capable of anything, unless you're a retard of course. This thread is for those of us who want to be successful in life. Usually, smart people sabotage themselves because we overthink. This is why people who are dumb or suffer from grandiosity are happy and/or successful. Those of us who have knowledge about the Universe's formation and history know it's a part of us. We are the result of billions of years of evolution, our atoms were formed billions of years ago inside stars under great pressure. From the proteins in our bodies, to the physical characteristics we hold, to the DNA sequence of life, some other organism developed that. We are nature and everything in the Universe is connected. It's easy for intelligent people to feel existential when confronted by the greatness of the Universe but once you awaken, you will become much happier and successful. Manifestation is the key to success and happiness because we acknowledge that we are part of the Universe and not something that is above it.

No. 222297

I am manifesting sex with my husbandos. All of them! Thank you, Universe.

I'm not joking either

No. 222305

I wasn't joking. Thanks tho!

No. 222329

Ladies I am manifesting the FUCK out of this sexy moid I have been on and off friends/flirty with since we were kids. I feel really drawn to him and there's a lot of synchronicity between us. He keeps showing up in my dreams in really cryptic and psychically charged ways. Whatever
This is an awesome mindset that I really needed to hear right now, thank you for sharing!

No. 222333

File: 1641689061698.jpg (6.87 KB, 263x300, A-22376-1502013770-4840.jpeg.j…)

i am passing my exam on monday with the highest grade it goes amazing i am calm i get the nicest professor and she loves me

No. 222334

Blessed digits, blessed Black Francis, blessed anon.

No. 222335

Am I the only one who experiences the opposite of this? The more I think about something, the more the opposite of that thing happens and vice-versa

No. 222346

Good health. Lift the covid restrictions, universe. Please I have to move on with my life why are you delaying my education

No. 222351

I will be in a new country this time next year. I will have a wonderful job and be surrounded by good people who like me because I am a great person to be around and have a lot to offer. I will not run from the opportunity to make new friends and I will open myself up to others, no matter how uncomfortable vulnerability makes me. I will be the improved version of everything I am now.

No. 222374

Manifesting beautiful gangrene cells to go into my brain and body, wish me luck <3<3

No. 222458

File: 1641741600466.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1280x720, CB50E878-4FEF-4EA8-955F-4ADFD4…)

I keep doodling settings very much like pic related. I want a home (preferably a log home/cabin) surrounded by trees in the mountains. I want it to be a homestead type deal where we’re relatively self sufficient and I finally have babies. That’s my dream.

No. 222464

File: 1641742255054.jpg (58.7 KB, 768x576, 48b814a393d4cc155076e3775779e4…)

I will get my degree this year with good grades. My best friend and I will overcome all the hurt caused by my family. I will start travelling with my best friend, we will have the most amazing life we deserved all those years. Money will come my way and I will get rich, never having to worry about anything anymore. And by this time next year I will be searching for my first house next to a graveyard, which I can afford without struggles.

No. 222465

Wishing you three all the best!
Tip: manifesting works best in the present tense. For example "I am healing" versus "I will heal"/"I want to heal." Speak your truth as it is already happening!

No. 222466

Don’t care if I get banned for this. My power is through Jesus Christ and anything you ask for, you should ask through him. I get that you may want and need some things right now, but He loves you, and it is important to talk to Him. You know this is true, it’s written on your soul, that soul belonging to Him. God bless, sisters.

No. 222467

Asking Jesus for some amazing sex 2022

No. 222468

thank you, never did this manifestation stuff, but it sounds logical to use the present tense.

So, I will reword my manifestation for myself and will tell you all the amazing things that are happening this year.

No. 222470

Mang me too. I'm so horny I would fuck jesus and pull him by his long hair.

No. 222473

File: 1641745173418.jpg (64.1 KB, 640x857, 4ac78b60cfd15114ee63a96017920c…)

I'm sure He will provide us all.

No. 222476

ywn catch me praying to a male "god"

No. 222477

Based sister

No. 222489

U right, I always forget that or feel “silly” writing it like that cause I guess I have so much doubt but hopefully I’ll get past that. Will rewrite my log cabin dreams like other anon said she would too.

No. 222523

I don't stan a women hating god anon. Pretty sure being on a site made for gossiping is a sin according to your god btw maybe you should go to church and pray for forgiveness on this sunday.

No. 222598

File: 1641777339630.jpg (124.47 KB, 736x736, d2949ed56f79ac37b34a60c3085240…)

I am manifesting figures and a nendo of my husbando so I can photograph him in very cute dioramas. I am making a little kotatsu for him, I'm unstoppable.
Good thing that I was selected for that job position in Japan, so I am able to afford this cute silly hobby of mine.

No. 222604

>clearly has no understanding of christianity
>will probably reply to this with an out of context "gotcha" verse as if everyone else missed that one

No. 222685

File: 1641829469252.jpg (50.19 KB, 400x267, composition_of_stacked_gold_ba…)

I'm getting rich this year. So unbelievably rich. I'm buying my first house, I'm travelling, I'm donating to causes I think are good, I'm eating at restaurants whenever I want, I'm going to the opera every week, I'm enjoying life at it fullest and I'm sharing this all with my brother, because he deserves it.

No. 222691


No. 222696

Can I move now this year

No. 222807

File: 1641874032130.jpg (40.05 KB, 647x640, 39548030950345.jpg)

I want to be reconnected with old friends (or make new ones) get a new job and finally move out and start living my life as my own. Please universe grant me some of my wishes I will burn things for you #♥##

No. 222808

MANIFESTING THIS SO HARD. also manifesting a decent job once i graduate

No. 222810

I'm pretty sure there's a law of attraction thread somewhere on /ot/ but it probably fits here better anyway tbh

No. 222816

I will be fine! that guy is caca

No. 222834

File: 1641889481559.jpg (859.79 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20210516-111106_Ins…)

>I will make cool girlfriends and fun gay friends in my new town
>I will make more money than ever
>I will make my home exactly as I want it to be
>I will reconnect with old friends

No. 222862

I will fall in love this year.

No. 222926

I am manifesting a job in a field relevant to my degree this year. I am also manifesting a job and coworkers that I like and get along with. I am manifesting a good home life and cohabitation with my closest friends and my long-term partner.

No. 222985

Manifesting a job for me in this first semester of 2022, close to home and not too mentally/physically taxing.

No. 222989

I manifest that he will regret it

No. 227442

File: 1643585866754.jpg (54.04 KB, 640x480, kz5IU-pPWVfRmGEsc_Ud3rjmbjtGJ1…)

One of the things I wrote itt actually came true so I am now waiting for the rest

No. 227444

I tried manifesting but when i write down stuff. Eerily the opposite happens

No. 227445

File: 1643586717456.gif (203.54 KB, 500x375, 1632150580886.gif)

Please I really hope I manifest a happy successful conclusion to this era of my life, where I can find independence and a joy in doing something and also a steady income and a sense of belonging on this earth, as well as a continuation of my life's journey somewhere bright and joyous.

No. 227469

I pass my driving exam tommrow!

No. 227473

I have a large social circle, people text me to hang out every single day.
I am invited to parties every weekend.
I am effortlessly likeable by everyone.
My life is always busy and exciting.

No. 227486

File: 1643600046349.jpg (29.06 KB, 500x429, 45e.jpg)

>I will quit my job by the end of the year.
>I will finally start posting my art online.
>My art will be able to make me a (somewhat) sustainable income.
>I will meet a bizzare but sweet girl and be gfs together.
>I will move out and have the beautiful garden I deserve.

No. 227489

File: 1643600400242.jpeg (39.88 KB, 554x445, 882C4065-EE2C-4FF4-B672-0A3BD2…)

I will have the life I have always deserved and desired
And have a love so pure and so intense that I feel secure in everything I do
I will be in a mental state that’s no longer harmful to myself and those around me
I will be and am going to be happy
And I am stable

No. 227490

When you write down your manifestations are you picturing it already happening or do you feel some sort of hesitation?
I find slowly training your mind into assuming you already have the things you’re manifesting for helps a lot

No. 227491

No. 227496

Manifesting this for both of us, nonnie.

No. 227508

File: 1643608254526.jpeg (103.12 KB, 675x1200, 723843E6-50E7-48B5-B003-FE57CE…)

>will finally get tattoos I want
>will ditch half the clutter in my room before i leave this place
>will graduate
>will move out of state and into a city
>will obtain sustainable job in my industry
>will form connections that'll help me climb the ladder
>will gain outlook on life working a job that doesn't make me wanna kms
>will learn to adult properly
>will finish one of my projects successfully
>will bump into him
>we will fuck
>will act as if all of my dreams will come true at the cost of my own arrogance eventually getting the better of me

No. 227510

Manifesting terfy gf who listens to The front bottoms

No. 227518

I don’t know… i guess deep down inside i feel stupid for doing it but i’m really passionate about my desires. It’s like “please work” type of approach

No. 227527

Bravery for the coming week

No. 227570

I have an easy yet fulfilling job that allows me to focus on my interests. I have extra income that I'm saving for a deposit on a beautiful innercity flat with my bf. I have a few close friends I can see whenever I want to. I am stable, in control, and at peace.

No. 227579

I hope we can finally get our own place, settle down and get engaged this year. I hope my work takes off too and make more money through it.

No. 227709

File: 1643671897993.png (92.68 KB, 352x400, kyuryou_syoninkyu_woman.png)

I love my new job so much! It's relatively close to home, easy to get by public transportation, the hours are good and it's so much more chill than my last job. And better yet, I love my salary! I have enough to help at home and to buy silly, hobby things and have fun with my fiance! I'm also saving for our honeymoon trip!

No. 227730

File: 1643685731622.jpeg (107.45 KB, 736x384, 1407A68A-B192-469A-BAC3-D12E7F…)

I'm flexing my artistic muscles, writing my stories, having creative breakthroughs. It feels amazing and fulfilling. The first chapter is all plotted out and I'm flying through the rest of the outline. I'm proud of myself!

No. 227737

I will kill everything and everyone because I'm the girlboss. Send tweet.

No. 228152

File: 1643797534568.jpg (47.15 KB, 350x260, 43v4e80y94324.jpg)

anons in other threads WILL respond to me
anons in other threads WILL respond to me
anons in other threads WILL respond to me

No. 228153

File: 1643797970023.jpg (62.8 KB, 1242x1215, dd4b6e8401bfbb269e24f538ec60c7…)

No. 228159

lol rip i feel the same, how sad that even on lolcow im ignored.

No. 228165

i will pass all my exams and come out of this semster succesfully to contionue fighting my depression, everything will fall into place, I wish you all the best nonnies.

No. 228167

hey bb

No. 228176

It's 2/2/22. I'll spend this morning manifesting and being in a positive and hopeful mindset. Everything I want I will get in abundance.

No. 228182

File: 1643816103765.jpg (57.28 KB, 460x562, aAgo3M2_460s.jpg)

lol, I also feel the same, so hello from me and I hope you both have an amazing day

No. 228191

I will do a successful job change that pays me at least 10% higher and is more interesting than amy current job. I will become proficient enough at guitar to perform at open mics and impress people. I will make good music this year. I will find a bigger apartment that's around the same rent as I pay currently.

No. 228350

I will learn how to code make a perfect ai reconstruction of my husbando and become an autistic yume that can live of making wish fullfilment content with her husbando ocs.

No. 228381

I support you 100%

No. 228495

One of my goals was to get in shape this year, I landed a part time job that consists of physical labor but is only a few hours out of my day. Other then that, I will get on track in selling my work, I will be able to save up enough money to move out of my hometown again. I'll be able to make good connections and find a consistency in my life that will nourish my future instead of hinder it.

No. 228516

File: 1643936352566.jpg (62.44 KB, 564x454, 0c41bb34351313090f285c4957cc70…)

CHING! CHING! CHING! Goes the money tree and every time it chings money comes to me, it all flows in so abundantly, from the top, left, right, and up under me,

No. 228569

File: 1643960633042.jpg (163.58 KB, 1074x1908, Screenshot_20220204-093905_Chr…)

You can also try Bot Libre to create your own husbando chatbot! You might want to get familiarized with AIML (XML dialect) and the Self scripting language (based on Javascript) for more accurate conversations.

No. 228901

Based nonna. I finally left him and I know he's miserable.

No. 228916

Boyfriend who love me, nice to me, care me

No. 228919

I am manifesting no more stupid petty shit going on this year. No more dumb fucking scrote bullshit bothering me. We don't give a fuck anymore. I am above this shit. I am going to succeed. We will not be held back by non issues.

No. 229047

I am sexy, beautiful, and rich. I have a bright future ahead. Great opportunities are overflowing. My mental illness is not a hinderance anymore

No. 229165

I will land a $50k/year office job in my field with benefits and cool coworkers and decent work/life balance, within reasonable commuting distance this year.

No. 229174

I'm going to be well enough for a full time job again. I miss money.

No. 229219

I AM going to pick a career to go to school for. I AM going to do extremely well in class. I AM going to get a steady, well paying job so I can move in with friends. I AM going to move in with friemds and out of my parent's house. I AM!

No. 229220

Samefag. The career I choose is high paying and is something that interests me. I am very suited for the career I choose.

No. 229260

I will quit smoking this year.

No. 229271

i will have a 3.0 semester and learn things

No. 229325

File: 1644311159326.jpg (26.23 KB, 420x236, 448b060faffa1af990436dcf7e7d85…)

My art is getting better everyday, people (and me) actually like it. My japanese is getting better everyday, and I can finally read what I want without breaks.
I can make it. I have my dream job.

No. 229341

I will get a job that doesn't see me like the dirt on their shoes. I will be respected but I am and that's enough

No. 229358

I'm getting rich, I'm having enough money so my loved ones and I never have to work a single day in our lives again. My mental health gets better and better every day and I'm going to be happy after all these troubled years.

No. 229679

my dad will get the promotion and he will give me lots of free money

No. 237373

A handsome, respectful, kind, tall, healthy, charming white guy with darker hair, light eyes and freckles. We are friends and we also kiss, cuddle and do lewd things. We go on dates and he loves me. We won't be together forever, just for these few months. He adores me. Also, English breakfast in 10 minutes.

No. 237482

I will find where to continue my studies. It won't be stressful and my application will accepted. I won't have social anxiety and I will be happy about my newfound field.

No. 237496

I have a tall, smart, cute, funny boyfriend who makes me laugh and holds my hand through good times and bad times. We understand each other and help each other succeed. I am not afraid of the future because I know I will make it. I am the woman I always wanted to be. I am living the life I have always wanted to live. I am accomplished and fulfilled.

No. 237605

I am thriving

No. 237639

How do you manifest, like what do you do on a daily basis? I've read about manifesting before but read so many different, well, techniques I guess? It got me confused.

No. 237648

File: 1645221868897.gif (29.12 KB, 531x81, text.gif)

Everyone will suffer and die except me.

No. 237822

File: 1645230045197.gif (21.03 KB, 383x78, ezgif-2-cf71bfdedc.gif)

Everyone will thrive and live except me.

No. 237874

File: 1645232580875.jpeg (298.48 KB, 1242x893, 2971398.jpeg)

nendoroid of my husbando too, please universe, be kind
also i manifest passing all my exams, graduating and finding a full time job without issue

No. 237880

i have clear, rash free skin and my boyfriend loves me to death and will do anything for me and eventually propose to me and knock me up

No. 237921

This is so fucking cute that my sugar levels are high.

No. 237934

File: 1645235729443.jpg (136.71 KB, 530x538, FaceApp_1639623922094.jpg)

L went to heaven after all…. Wow

No. 241417

File: 1645380946396.gif (20.32 KB, 150x160, tumblr_ab9956a89a84ef9c45e8e55…)

I am making 1k euros every month. I'm so happy I finally bought my own house and learnt how to drive

No. 241508

I'm travelling, I'm seeing the world with my closest friend. Nothing can stop us and we are making great memories that will last until the day we die. Money is nothing we worry about, we have more than enough of it.

No. 241700

File: 1645393796425.jpg (42.95 KB, 512x291, tumblr_3d035184eb03ce0badf5f39…)

i passed my test!! it went over so smoothly all of my answers were correct i'm very happy and celebrating

No. 241724

I will get that job abroad that i am applying for and I will love it and I won’t be miserable and I’ll make at least one friend quickly

No. 241736

I’m having a great time at my new job and living in my new city. My roommates are super cool and invite me to hang out and meet their friends. I’m learning to roller skate like I always wanted to as a little girl. I’m making great money and am indulging in every silly little hobby that comes to mind. People like me and accept me. I am reconnecting with college friends who already live there and are so happy to catch up. I am everything I imagine myself as.

No. 241758

You can really buy a house in Europe on a net salary of 1k/month?? Where I live the equivalent of 1600 euros/month will only rent you the dumpiest, rat-infested studio in town.

No. 241760

Samefag, I didn’t realize this is the tard daydreamer thread.

No. 241763

I stuck to my diet and exercise routine and lost 90 pounds! I have some extra skin but I feel so much healthier and can do stuff without getting winded. I can fit into all the cute clothes I've been bookmarking!!

No. 241780

i will overcome this. i will succeed. i will not die, and i will flourish. you just have to hold this out, hold on, please force yourself to trudge through it, you can do it, I believe in you, don't give up nona.

No. 242170

I listened to a few subliminals to get my ex to regret his behaviour, apologise and change for the better yesterday. Today he called me and I missed his call. When I called back he picked up immediately. He said he had been an asshole and a shitty person. He has always been extremely arrogant and never spoke of himself in this way. But now, he actually said sorry and on his own accord. By his own choice he said he had been an asshole. He said he wanted to make things right and he was genuinely quite romantic with the things he was saying. The whole energy of the call had been nice, when before it was truly terrible and I hated his guts. It feels like a new sense of peace washed over me, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with it.

No. 242340


No. 242453

My fingers do not hurt. I can grab grab grab

No. 242509

I am invited to a date irl by him and everyday he is getting more and more obsessed with me. I have tremendous power over him and have conquered his heart and everyone else who may want him

No. 242931

File: 1645455582600.jpg (67.7 KB, 564x752, 80f3cb6d12e7f7d981853b6631a1bc…)

my cat will live a long, healthy and pain-free life. i will have the money to take care of him. i will have more work during the summer and enough to keep me stable for the rest of the year. i will undergo more training to get a pay rise. please please please let things go well this year, my body hurts from stress and i couldn't live with myself if i let my cat down

No. 243079

he will save me and love me and he will help me make art and he will leave all his physical possessions to me

No. 243939

He loves me. He can't stop thinking about me. I'm on his mind 24/7. He worships me. He regrets everything he said.

No. 245733

I wish there was actual talk about manifestation instead of these retarded tiktok-tier affirmations.
Just writing these won't help you manifest newfags.

No. 245735

Be the change you want to see

No. 245736

Iirc there's one in /ot/

No. 245737

Samefag but here >>>/ot/639596

No. 245738

So what's the point of this thread if there is one already?
Shouldn't this be "affirmations thread"?

No. 245739

Because anons mistakingly create new threads on the same subject because they can't be assed to use the search function. Or don't even know that's a thing.

No. 245744

manifesting me getting a low stress manageable job and getting to know and be friends with someone who has artistic sensibilities who would want to take me out and show me around those scenes within 2022

No. 245782

File: 1645661206428.png (298.2 KB, 450x450, hoy-es-mi-cumpleaños.png)

Thank you universe because my birthday was the best day ever and it felt really good. I now have my bank account at 5 figures and it feels amazing. Thank you so much

No. 245845

File: 1645704054933.png (1.08 MB, 1125x1104, 1644890312991.png)

great choice of pokemon anon
I want to manifest success for myself in everything I do and good health for my husband and family
I will lose the weight I gained from stress eating during the corona lockdown
I will make more money with my investments and travel with my husband somewhere new and exciting
I will get those rune tattoos on the bottom of my hands that I've always wanted
I will stop biting my nails and finally grow them out
I will feel more confident in myself and my femininity despite all the years I spent as a teenager made to feel like shit about how my body has progressed through puberty
I will learn to love my body, my mind and my soul the same way my husband does me and I do him

No. 246567

Do any of you use an app to help with setting a routine?

No. 246574

Manifesting that our house sale finally goes through and I can move to a small quiet village where I can be a much less stressed wife and mother. Pressure of uncertainty has been getting to me for a while and I’d appreciate it if my efforts finally paid off.

No. 246663

Our bad habits will be left behind when we move out of this house. I will carry less of a financial burden. My savings will grow enough for us to feel comfortable growing our family.

No. 246666

File: 1646031514846.png (338.81 KB, 500x374, raw.png)

Everything will be okay. Issues will arise but solve without the need to got to war. By the end of April there will be a peaceful conclusion to the conflict.

Please do not worry yourselves about things that you cannot control, but rather on what you can.

No. 246800

I manifest that a farmhand comes clean up the mess

No. 246815

File: 1646072809173.jpg (2.76 MB, 4200x2795, GettyImages-1170463338.jpg)

This year I will get a tall young himbo boyfriend who I can bring along on night walks and camping trips to deter creeps.

No. 246816

i know the image fits but it's still a troid, anon

No. 246819

File: 1646073986488.jpg (192.22 KB, 610x404, hguyrrtcvh.jpg)

>>246816 sorry I just googled "man on leash" lol

No. 246820

Why is he holding the ball like that?

No. 246823

File: 1646076181201.jpeg (219.03 KB, 1242x1600, BC889787-73C7-4575-913F-10D220…)

Manifesting lots of money so all the shit that needs to be repaired at home can get fixed, so I can wash my clothes and take showers calmly. I see myself eating bagels for breakfast with delicious veggies, turkey, eggs, bacon, cream cheese, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms and feeling amazing while doing so. And washing my clothes with the washing machine at home, putting on some freshly dried clothes straight out of the dryer, finally not feeling cold because my blanket will be clean and not full of dust. I also see myself charging my phone with a brand new, ridiculously long phone charger that will arrive sooner than I expect.

No. 246907

This year I will have a threesome with two men and make all my fujo ex friends very jealous.

No. 246955

File: 1646114990398.jpg (63.31 KB, 640x480, bb793a697f34fa43a2cbb018abfd45…)

Mine. Next year.

No. 246961

Please just let everything turn out okay.

No. 246975

plsss plss let me get that job even if im barely qualified pls get me out of this country

No. 246979

This thread has become the 'Beg for what you want' thread

No. 247016

I honestly don't see the problem

No. 247092

You are not "trying" to manifest. You are constantly manifesting all aspects of your life, whether it's intentional or not. When you say you're trying to manifest, you admit that you're making an attempt - do you have your desire, or are you just attempting to have it?

Have faith in the universe, sure, but more importantly have faith in yourself that you are innately capable of consciously manifesting. If you want to manifest something, you don't need to try. State your desire and live in the wish fulfilled. Since you are constantly manifesting, you can't "try" to do it in the first place. You're already doing it. The only change you're making is that you're doing it consciously.

No. 247111

We had an amorous whirlwind affair, and he's perhaps a little too charmed by me. I think I'm repellant, he pretends I'm worth something. I've felt unloved for years and intimacy was lost, this little resurgence has awakened my adoration. Not expecting things to go this way, he gives me his number. Who knows what's going to befall me? My heart's been filled even knowing this could turn to shit, but I just wanted to be loved. And for a fleeting moment, I'm loved, even if it means risking so much.

No. 247122

File: 1646201286711.jpg (49.13 KB, 410x546, d1fe3d944ce06725814120e3573a3f…)

Could you go more in depth?
What would be the "science" behind it? Not a troll. I just want to understand the logic. Pic unrel

No. 247146

The more I talk to him the more he falls in love with me.

No. 247159

My long-term goals are always within reach and my potential is limitless! I am succeeding at the things I put time and effort into.

I am a successful entertainer, artist, and creative!

I am a caring, empathetic person who understands and is understood clearly by others, and I actively practice appropriate use of my words with others.

My boyfriend adores me, forever, and is my One!

I claim!

No. 247162

Yes, this! Love this message! Insight from a video I watched recently: law of attraction is "I will attract what I want" while manifestation is "I will attract what I am." You are not asking for something when you manifest, you are actively living that manifestation through your words, actions, daily life, etc.

To receive energy you must give energy - what are you doing today to put positive energy into the Universe, to cement the desire to receive back? The things you are asking for are already yours, have faith in your power!

No. 247179

File: 1646247154362.png (317.86 KB, 1130x838, 1616021430134.png)

Of course!

When I say that you’re not “trying” to manifest, I mean that it’s impossible to attempt manifestation, since you are constantly manifesting. If you’re constantly running, you wouldn’t say mid-run that you’re trying to run, right? You’re already running.

But to clarify what I mean by constant manifestation, I want to point out the conscious and subconscious mind. Your reality, as a unique individual experiencing life through a first-person point of view, is dependent on your conscious and subconscious mind to create what exists around you. Your consciousness is that which experiences reality through the senses, while your subconscious is that which creates reality through assumptions - assumptions being any sort of belief held about your life.

You are constantly holding assumptions about life, such as “the sky is blue,” or “I need to work a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills,” and as such that is what manifests in your reality. That is unconscious manifestation - manifestation that takes shape through assumptions you don’t think twice about, assumptions that are simply natural to you. Every single person, whether they know about manifestation or not, are constantly manifesting through unconscious manifestation. However, when people know about manifestation, they “attempt” to consciously manifest by holding new assumptions that align with their desires.

Here’s where people struggle.

When people say they are attempting to manifest, they believe that manifestation is not innate to them. That instead of being just a regular law of nature, it’s some sort of skill that needs to be worked on. When you’re manifesting your desires, if you see it through the lens of “attempting” to obtain them, you’re giving yourself room for failure. You aren’t holding faith in yourself that you’re capable of manifestation. Because if you had faith in the fact you can manifest, why would you need to “attempt” it? If you had faith in manifestation and your ability to consciously manifest, wouldn’t you just… manifest it without needing to make an attempt?

To quote Neville Goddard, “You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.” (From Feeling is the Secret. Fantastic book, you can find it free online.) Any desire you could possibly want, whether it be appearance based, person based, career or family based - no matter what your desire is, you already have it. By making the assumption that you have it, your subconscious mind has no option but to create it for you. However, by making an “attempt,” by not having faith in the fact that you can innately manifest, you’re giving yourself the option to fail.

When you’re manifesting, state your desire and persist. Again, to quote Goddard, signs do not precede, they follow. (This one is offhandedly, I don’t remember what book it’s from.) If you cannot persist in your desires without immediately seeing signs of them, then you are not holding faith in the fact that you have your desires. Persist in your desires, and know that regardless of what your reality shows you, your assumptions are true. You don’t need to try. If you make the assumption that you have your desires, you’ve already manifested them. Simply persist in those beliefs, and they will take shape.

Sorry for the autism, manifestation is just a very important part of my life. Got my desired body through it - weight loss, got a bit taller, and shrunk my boobs some. Persistence is key. After all, what do you have to lose? It’s just assumptions.

No. 247180

interesting and very cool. I would usually just call you a retard schizoposter but this might had changed my entire outlook in life. cheers nonnatella.

No. 247458

File: 1646435063587.jpg (50.83 KB, 564x849, b2f3b9bdf4b09a13ef9537f09414c7…)

Thank you for the time you took to answer it, anon. I keep fluctuating between wanting to believe it and finding it to be completely bullshit.
Since you seem to be very much into it, I'd like to ask more stuff: What are the limitations? At least according to your own personal beliefs.
I've seen people saying it's limitless, but then, could one fly? Could one change the color of the sky? How so? How is it affect by everyone else, since every single person could be manifesting it's own thing? Do things get "cancelled out"? How to manifest things with certainty? As in, if I want to get a trip overseas for free this week, could I do it in such a way that it is infallible, even though I don't have the money nor did anything else to warrant this? Like, can you put on a "deadline" on your manifestations or that simply isn't up to us to decide?

I think the closest I got to actually manifesting something was when I accepted I wouldn't be traveling to Japan so soon (a life long dream of mine) and started imagining before sleep what would be like to sleep on a traditional japanese house, and especially imagined in detail the shoji (traditional sliding door) mechanism from my lying pov. About 3 months later I actually got a free japanese trip under some very exceptional circunstances, and stayed on a traditional rural japanese house. Very surreal experience all things considered. hence the pics I used
But then when I tried to "consciously manifest" getting a scholarship to Japan, I couldn't do it. I wonder why?

No. 247468

>But then when I tried to "consciously manifest" getting a scholarship to Japan, I couldn't do it.
NTA but I think a part of it involves abandoning the negative feelings of your current circumstances. For example, when you "gave up" on not being able to travel to Japan, you let go of the pressure of not being there right now and just completely abandoned yourself to feeling what it would like to be there. Now I don't think letting go or giving up is necessary, but when you're imagining you should forget where you're at at this point in time/whatever is holding you back and just live in your desired outcome, even if it's just for a few seconds.
This really helped me when I manifested an ex back (with the intention of manifesting a better relationship and fixing all the problems we had). I had to stop thinking in terms of "it didn't work so why would it now?" and just yeet those thoughts out of my awareness and focus on what it'd be like if everything was already fixed. Basically, feeling blissful and relieved that we already solved everything together, instead of focusing on them not being with me/us being incompatible.

No. 247475

I'm manifesting someone who's currently taken and I don't care

No. 247592

File: 1646502796432.jpg (22.07 KB, 640x520, 1606267613107.jpg)


I'm about to sperg the fuck out so bear with me here. (Manifestation is so fucking cool, dude. It's so interesting. I love learning about this shit.)

Manifestation is in fact limitless! The only thing that really prevents people from doing things like changing the color of the sky or being able to fly is their own logic. Logically, changing these things should be impossible, but if you persevere in the assumption that it's true, you'll find that it isn't impossible whatsoever. Ultimately, though, I'd save attempting things like changing the color of the sky for when you build an unshakable confidence in your ability to manifest. The biggest struggle people face when it comes to manifestation is overcoming their logic. Simply believing that you have something shouldn't be able to get you that thing logically, but that's what manifestation is, right?

I completely understand the whole fluctuation thing. When you take a step back to really look at the concept of manifestation, it sounds batshit insane and delusional. And when you do consciously manifest something, it's very easy to write it off as coincidence, or luck of the draw as opposed to what you're innately capable of as a conscious being. But you're constantly manifesting everything in your life, whether conscious or not - so at the end of the day, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is intentionally made and everything intentionally occurs due to your subconscious mind.

When it comes to manifestation being affected by other people, it's entirely dependent on your own beliefs. Again, since your assumptions shape reality, if you assume that other people can affect your manifestations, they can, while if you assume they can't, they can't. However, I would like to touch on a particular concept related to other people's roles in your reality and your ability to manifest.

You are living in your own unique reality, that you are in complete control over. You live life from a first-person point of view, interact with the world through your senses, and have your own internal voice of which you think with. No one else can see the way you see the world, sense the way you sense the world, or understand the way you understand the world. These are all the unique facets of your reality that make your conscious understanding of reality completely yours. You are the only person experiencing your reality.

That's not to say that people aren't real, or anything of that sort - people are still very much in your world, conscious with feelings and inner thoughts, but since no one can sense, understand, or process the world the same way you do, they are not in YOUR reality - their consciousness is in their OWN reality. I'm still very much my own unique person with thoughts and feelings, but since I don't live the exact same life as you and don't have the exact same thoughts as you, I am not in your reality, if that makes any sense. I'm still in your world, I'm just not in your reality.

But to continue answering your questions - things can be cancelled out if you believe that others (despite not existing in your reality) can affect your manifestations. There's actually a lot of discussion in other actual manifestation communities regarding if other people can affect your manifestations, and the argument pretty much boils down to "if you believe they can, they probably can." Although, ultimately, I'd suggest throwing that belief in the trash, since believing that other people can manifest in your reality is just a breeding ground for doubts and insecurities about manifestation.

You can absolutely manifest with certainty, and you can absolutely manifest on a deadline. However, it'll probably be difficult to manifest on a deadline unless you're already confident in yourself about it. When it comes to manifesting with absolute certainty, the best advice I can give to anyone is:

Be absolutely fucking delusional about it.

Which certainly isn't the most instructional way to put it, but it's true. We're called delusional and insane for believing in manifestation anyways, so why not give being delusional about it a shot? Again, since manifestation is entirely dependent on your belief and assumptions, if you assume something to be true to the point of delusion, you absolutely have it. Working on a deadline instigates an innate fear of not getting it by that deadline in most people - and by holding a fear of "am I going to get it," they're assuming that they don't already have it, therefore they won't. That's why most introduction-to-manifestation guides tend to start with simple, non-deadline manifestations, to build your confidence in manifestation before handling things that directly affect your life. But yes, you can manifest with absolute certainty. In fact, holding absolute certainty that you have your manifestations is the key to manifestation in the first place, so honestly, just be delusional in the fact that you have all your desires.

And about your trip to Japan - that's incredible! That's a perfect example of visualization, in which you imagine what it would be like to experience your desires in detail. The key to using visualization to manifest is to visualize your desires in detail, experience those desires in your mind, and assume that the experience you just had is true. Your imagination - which is a major aspect of your conscious mind - is what allows you to not only desire, but to obtain said desires. That sounds like a very fun trip though, I hope it was fun!

There's many reasons why you may not have manifested that scholarship to Japan, but the most common reason anyone fails to manifest is that they don't believe themselves fully capable of it. When you're manifesting, you shouldn't wonder to yourself if it's going to work, or when it's going to work. You're doubting the fact that you've already manifested it. When you imagine something, desire it, and assume that it's yours, you've already manifested it, even if you don't visibly see it in your 3D. Live in the fact that you know it's yours with confidence, and it will show up.


You manifested your ex back? That's incredible! That relieved feeling when you don't need to worry about if it'll happen anymore is just the best, isn't it?

Gah. Manifestation is so cool.

No. 247597

Yes, and I just didn't manifest him back but I manifested my ideal version of our relationship! That's how I knew it wasn't just a coincidence; he legit parroted back to me extremely specific phrases, ideas, and actions I imagined that I've never mentioned to him before (would mention details but it's kind of inappropriate in this thread, let's just say he's extremely devoted to me). And you're right that relieved feeling is almost like bliss. To know that everything will just work out and you don't have to struggle and toil to make it happen, you just have to claim it, ignore the negative circumstances, and it's yours. Going to work on money next, but I think that should be easier because I definitely had the most doubt towards romantic relationships.

I love your passion by the way. I hope it inspires some other anons to read up and take manifestation seriously instead of just looking at it as something for schizos, kek.

No. 247598


That's so cool! I've manifested people into my life, but I've never had them parrot back to me the things I've imagined. You're an absolute inspiration! How long have you been together in your ideal relationship? (Also, what's he like? I love hearing about people's SPs.) Good luck on manifesting money, by the way! I'm doing the same, so let's get rich! lol.

And thank you! I've spent a lot of time studying manifestation since I know the raw information is kind of hard to navigate. Goddard is absolutely incredible, but he's… very wordy in his books and lectures. I feel like it's easiest for people to get into manifestation when it's predigested for them first, then they can go out and read the original content for a more complex understanding of it.

No. 247939

File: 1646609990832.png (1.81 MB, 1108x1300, FNL0PZ9XMAcsM7M.png)

I see, so basically it's just "what you think will work/fail, will work/fail cause that's how you perceive things". I guess this actually is kinda helpful because then one could just make up their own rules and beliefs and make it logical from their point of view. So if I think changing the color of the sky is impossible, then it will be, and I can be at peace with it and work around what works for me the best.

>That's a perfect example of visualization, in which you imagine what it would be like to experience your desires in detail.

I've tried doing this for other stuff as well, but I didn't get it (like a Disney trip). I wonder if it's like this anon said >>247468
> you let go of the pressure of not being there right now and just completely abandoned yourself to feeling what it would like to be there. Now I don't think letting go or giving up is necessary, but when you're imagining you should forget where you're at at this point in time/whatever is holding you back and just live in your desired outcome, even if it's just for a few seconds.
So what would be the best tips for visualizing with a peace of mind? (Doing SATS, I guess)
I have other scholarship chances coming up and it's something that I really want but haven't been able to achieve. Of course, I am studying more now so I guess that will help as well, I'm not neglecting these aspects.

Lastly, what do you think of people just writing their affirmations here? Does this help? Doing the 555 methods help at all?

No. 247990

i am manifesting the twee revival

No. 247995

Joining you. Do you feel the vibration

No. 248065

File: 1646659678763.jpg (55.96 KB, 640x640, frank-black.jpg)

i just passed my final exam i'm so happy i'm literally over the moon right now its so euphoric! i got into group A and i was so confident professor was so impressed by my answers he gave me the highest grade all the questions he asked were stuff i knew so well, i'm starting my internship in may, i'm going out to celebrate with my friends and my brother tonight i cant thank you girls enough everything i posted on here came true this thread works!

No. 248069

Does anyone here have experience with sleeping tracks? I’ve been using Dylan James’ latest tracks but I feel kinda ambivalent towards them. I tried sleeping to them with earbuds but it just fucked up my sleep. I’d wake up 2 or 3 times a night, or I’d wake up with with one or both earbuds fallen out. I’m using a bluetooth speaker now and am just experimenting with distance and volume so I’m sleeping so much better. Now for the tracks themselves, I feel like they help keep my thoughts in check with how I’m feeling. Haven’t felt anything super amazing yet but I’ll keep going with it.

No. 248089

I’m earning money. I’m earning money. I’m earning a very good amount of money.

No. 248093

I have a small ribcage and big boobs and long legs! It’s so great, these clothes all fit me perfectly. I’m finally a hottie!

No. 248138

Just remember… You were a hottie all along…

No. 248374

File: 1646784570947.jpeg (195.57 KB, 900x1142, B1219FAF-91C1-4E23-B5A7-7C62ED…)

Cute nonnie! Yes! You are a hottie too

No. 248488

File: 1646822188685.jpg (174.84 KB, 1366x654, img_01_masp_preto_branco.jpg)

This job is mine, it's finally mine after so many years trying. I can barely believe it. I am helping at home, I'm getting thinner, I am saving for when we move overseas. Everything is falling into place. I am the happiest I've been in years.

No. 248693

So excited to start my new job this summer, it's at one of the most reputable companies in my state and I'm making more than I could've ever imagined. They were so impressed by me that they fast-tracked me into the engineering position and it's entirely remote with a ton of perks!

No. 248780

I'm self caring and luminous and radiating joy and spreading that hope to people I relate to.

No. 248799

I have a body that I like, I don't give a shit about what anybody says about me and i can do whatever i want.

No. 249003

File: 1647040827996.png (629.44 KB, 775x742, yugtrsdytufyg.png)

I am so grateful that I found a skincare routine that healed all my bacne. I am so thankful that I no longer get acne all over my back and shoulders.

No. 249006

My cat is 100% okay now! It was just a little scare. She's old but she's very strong and resilient!

No. 249014

Nonnies it worked!!! I got my offer letter today and it’s $10,000 MORE than what I initially asked for! I’m so happy

No. 249018

Congratulations! May I ask: had you already applied for the job when you made the post? Or did it find you after?

No. 249019

I think I did, hard to remember though. I was just blasting out tons of applications for weeks and finally the right one clicked!

No. 249066

File: 1647066963362.jpg (30.97 KB, 500x348, face.jpg)

i AM manifesting more money and a very sweet, non-judgemental, not porn-addicted guy that looks like this, but without the chain

No. 249072

File: 1647069531600.jpg (98.94 KB, 721x721, 26114267_314584735717830_33780…)

boosting so the universe hears my prayers extra loudly. i will be more than happy with a subby, sweet line-cook that isn't a conservative, just please send him to me already

No. 249098

girl, just get a server job and pick one

No. 249123

i legit would but i don't think 99.9% of them would meet the personality requirements that are posted above

No. 249266

File: 1647138148519.jpg (314.3 KB, 1350x756, 1647126958666.jpg)

After studying since the beginning of the year everyday, I passed the JLPT N2 test in July! It was actually easier than what I was expecting, so the studying paid off. I now can apply to many more positions thanks to it! I am definitely celebrating this with my fiance.

No. 249313

You can have higher standards than line cooks.

No. 249317

Nonnies who've read up on manifestation.. where does daydreaming fit into it? Or does it play any positive role?

No. 249331

it's true but for this look i've got a choice between like… head shop cashiers and linecooks. i will take either.

No. 249339

I'm so happy, relieved and excited to be well into my new job and still enjoying it every day! I'm grateful to be working with such sweet, cool people who make me feel safe to be myself and generously praise me when I do well.
I love being paid over €60k a year and having the benefits of plenty of time off, opportunities to travel, and luxurious levels of medical and retirement benefits.
I can't help but grin knowing my job is to be myself and speak my truth. I feel deeply listened to. I love the practical elements of this job that means I get to move, perform, and build as part of my work. I love working with others and telling stories, creating experiences we couldn't do solo. I love seeing feedback from others who acknowledge I am doing a good job and have a unique contribution to make, people who tell me I made the worst time of their lives a little better is so rewarding. I knew I'd get here but I'm amazed and accepting that it happened so soon, and now I'm here, this is my daily reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

No. 249346

What is your job if you don't mind saying?

No. 249348

Yes, it is visualization and also a method of manifestation! Dream on, anon!

No. 249350

nta but if that's truly the case then why are my relatives still alive

No. 249368

NTA either but it's the intention, without it it's just regular daydreaming afaik

No. 249372

Maybe your relatives are daydreaming about living some more and that cancels yours out lol

I've been daydreaming about a guy that I met a few months ago, can't help it but then if he's dreaming of a woman who looks or acts very different to me then.. what am I doing. Clash of intentions.

No. 249404

File: 1647202597017.jpg (130.96 KB, 1200x892, EeLlhMeVAAEcfSS.jpg)

I will become disciplined and have a good routine in my life with work, exercise and hobbies/relaxation time. I will be disciplined enough to get out of bed and not think about all my past failures and embarrassments. I will work out consistently, even if some days are worse than others, and I will stop worrying about what others see when they look at me.
I will learn to recover from and undo my body dysmorphia by becoming healthy in more ways than just physical, I will challenge my anxiety: first by getting in shape, and then by practicing driving my car again when it's quiet and I have the time. I will earn enough money to not feel trapped and depressed this year and spoil my cat, and I will improve my quality time with my boyfriend and make our relationship better with equal effort from him.

I will overall look at myself in the mirror by the end of next year and be happy and proud of the person I have become through discipline, even if that person doesn't adhere to fucked up standards of what a woman should be.

No. 249408

I will get my 75% transportation reduction, my account is clear and complete.

No. 249439

He will ask me to marry him soon and we will have a small, quaint wedding. I will improve my health and so will he. We will have healthy children soon. We will start a mentally and physically healthy family in a small but nice home. We will both enjoy our jobs and have enough time to spend together at home. Our parents will be helpful in helping us take care of our children. We will have a wholesome life altogether.

No. 249452

I will see his dingaling soon and it's huge with a curve, all pink, and uncut please.

No. 249472

I just want to see the dingaling

No. 249473

pink dick is disgusting, exile yourself

No. 249729

File: 1647344825022.png (716.91 KB, 1059x596, Screen_Shot_2019-12-30_at_11.2…)

It won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer

No. 250184

File: 1647464700327.jpg (74.4 KB, 564x564, bc952d7fbd0643aad97e9df2bf4122…)

I'm getting thinner every week. I am eating helthier and I have the motivation to exercise. My hair is healthier, shinier, stronger, longer. My skin is clearing up, and it's springier than ever. I am comfortable in my body. I am where I wanna be, and I am so happy for that.

No. 250450

File: 1647554040694.jpg (108.27 KB, 634x845, 4d44491e5555bdade62a432ac69e0b…)

i have no desire to binge. binging brings be no joy or happiness, it does not ease my stress. it's a bad habit i left behind. i eat in moderation, and leave food on the plate if i am satiated. i don't think it's bad to leave some food if it's at the cost of my wellbeing. i chose to eat more healthfully and only enjoy junk food occasionally, as a treat. i have a good relationship with food.

No. 250481

I just did something I've been wanting to for a while (sort of a fell into the right place right time sort of deal) that I had forgotten I wrote down in journal a while back. Idk if I manifested it but I do think writing down my wants and desires does impact my subconscious to go for things when the opportunity arises.

No. 250501

I’m fucking rich. I have everything I need and want. I don’t need anybody, and so the only people I choose to keep around me, I do so because I legitimately want them around. No one can control me. No one can coerce me. No one will have power over me ever again.

No. 250517

File: 1647599998383.jpg (54.25 KB, 564x654, ba9469f9778ceb97e3ec3f5c283f85…)

Let's try this again. The doctor will call me soon to make an appointment, I will be able to get surgery soon, I won't need chemotherapy.

No. 250519

What type? Thinking of you manifestation anon

No. 250523

File: 1647605716799.jpg (37.23 KB, 600x400, 2b35.jpg)

Liver, I don't even drink alcohol and I'm at a healthy weight. Probably one of the better ones to get though, since well, it'll grow back anyway. If it hasn't spread, I'll be fine soon enough after surgery.

No. 250593

I will tone my muscles while keeping my weight up and healthy. I will work from home and be able to not just survive but live too. I will get that damn response in my inbox!!

No. 250752

File: 1647719370153.png (18.45 KB, 589x375, 18C9A465-A9B1-41DA-AED5-D1581A…)

No. 250773

File: 1647730385493.jpg (157.81 KB, 612x816, 263aa610423c57e70376b5911d6914…)

I love living close to one of these so, so much. I go on weekends when I'm too lazy to go to the fish market, or when I'm tired from work and want to have some cheap, fresh sushi. Not to mention that kaitenzushi is just fun, as well. Me and my husband enjoy the tea and fish together and then we can go back to our apartment walking, cause it's this close and this safe. I'm happy, healthy, thriving!

Group manifesting this for you too, nonnie! Happy news on your way.

No. 251659

File: 1648154881534.jpg (89.31 KB, 564x778, 0e19a122b880d97d1de89a57072bda…)

I can't stop thinking about cancer nonnie. I am manifesting your steady, speedy recovery. It's easy and completely understandable not to be calm and collected and times like these, so don't fault yourself for it! I love you anon, you are totally overcoming it!

No. 251691

wtf damn pls pray for me to move to japan as well

No. 251744

You can do it without my help nonnie, believe in yourself lmao

No. 251747

TA, manifesting for you anon. I think it's great they caught it as that is a difficult cancer to find out. How did they find it? I'm thinking of you, anon.

No. 251755

I love you too anon! I'm honestly calm and collected most times, sometimes it does hit me, but it feels like others worry more. I've researched so much about the treatment options, further diagnostic guidelines, that it also feels nice when the hospital takes the exact steps I was already expecting.
They found the first tumor over a decade ago when I was a kid, but never did a biopsy to confirm what it was (thanks to parents), so I kinda lucked out when in 2019 it was still about the same size. They just told me to go off birth control pills and see if it'll shrink. Then during the pandemic I kept feeling ill, I assumed I was just having bad luck with covid or the flu. Then I started getting trouble eating, like I suddenly had a tiny stomach and light yellow stool sometimes. In recent weeks it got so bad I started throwing up sometimes even after a glass of water, it feels like something is pushing on my stomach. My GP first dismissed it like I did, but I went back and said they should at least check on the tumor. Everyone said it would be nothing, lo and behold, the thing suddenly had doubled in size and spawned new ones.

No. 251913

File: 1648262610217.jpeg (386.27 KB, 1080x1080, 760FD82E-1035-4D16-B542-F7E9D0…)

Please give me the insights, wisdom and most importantly full self-assurance in transferring colleges and choosing my new degree path and careers.

Please give me the courage to effortlessly and immediately speak up for myself, to misogyny, spot bad people and create firm boundaries, both physically and virtually.

And finally, give me the strength of my husbando hehe and channel my love into creating art and fanfiction for him and other things I love. I feel far less lonely now!! Please!!

No. 252351

File: 1648525621419.jpg (122.37 KB, 736x736, 320c0f8ab172f8474962b3c49f6bcd…)

Some smaller things that I visualized actually manifested irl, so that was pretty neat, even if it was a coincidence. Looking forward for the rest of it coming to fruition as well.

No. 252545

File: 1648593546139.jpg (24 KB, 500x377, tumblr_npca55S8821qzk2upo1_500…)

I'm getting this job and this is going to be the summer of anon!!

No. 252552

I like your energy

No. 252601

this is actually a tip, if you're interested in manifesting a bf/gf, follow stargirl the practical witch video about this topic.
basically you have to write into a piece of paper something like

"I am (name) and I'm in a loving relationship with my (bf/gf/soulmate/etc).
He/she is (list of qualities)"

it worked wonders for me.

the hardest part for me was to let it go and let the universe do its thing. it took 9 months for me to work,I had to destroy the original piece of paper to make it work.

as usual, be careful what you wish for

No. 252720

File: 1648678038290.jpg (85.94 KB, 564x846, 4579082eca4a0c9218a85bfa283eb4…)

I've been working on a vision board, kinda like picrel. Recommend nonnies doing it and posting theirs! It's a bit silly, but it's fun and relaxing. I'll post mine when I'm done

No. 252742

Question about manifestations: How much focus and energy should you bring into your manifestations daily? Should you constantly be pouring thought into them, or let go and let the universe do it's thing? If you just keep believing something is real but aren't being proactive about achieving it, how does it become real? I know things do not happen instantly but I was wondering if me perhaps focusing more on my wants will help guide me into finding it. Even setting aside a small space for it, almost like an alter if you will. I just want to channel the right energies into myself.

No. 252784

Summer of Anons sounds like an excellent prospective film title

No. 252795

>(Also, what's he like? I love hearing about people's SPs.)
Basically, I made the intention that he LOVES pleasing me. He makes me the first priority in his life, always goes out of his way to please me and do things to make me happy, and overall is completely devoted to me. Before, he was an okay boyfriend, but I wasn't satisfied. He didn't go above and beyond, and we also had some communication issues. But now? Everything is going so smoothly because I "rewrote" how I saw him in my mind. I made a consistent effort to conjure up loving feelings of this new version of him. It took a while for me to see any movement (a few months of conscious manifestation work every day), simply because I kept mentally replaying the old negative stories. Also, something that really helped is realizing you're not changing the outside. The outside is the effect, not the cause. If you change how you view someone in your mind (the cause), they have no choice but to mirror back and conform to that mental image. Most of the time we do this unconsciously (ie. immediately assuming someone dislikes us) but it feels so good to take that power back and use it in a positive way.

I'd say, whatever feels right. Whatever method you're using may take some effort, but there shouldn't be strain. The whole point of doing the mental work is overwriting previous patterns that have made their way into your habitual thinking. So, usually doing the work once or twice and then trying to "let go" won't work unless you have no opposing thoughts/beliefs with that particular thing. There has to be conscious effort as you're trying to make your new mindset stick, and that usually requires some degree of repetition. Do it enough so that you use a reasonable amount of effort, and take a break if it starts to become overly strenuous. You can always come back to it.

No. 253393

File: 1648886722751.jpg (47.27 KB, 500x559, aadb853e5193ff163308e53c1f3a7b…)

I am going to my top university choice this year. I have achieved amazing grades on my final exams. I am doing mentally and physically well. I am having the best summer ever. Nothing bad will happen to me. It's only uphill from here.

No. 253628

I manifest that the gore will be removed

No. 253961

File: 1649090786029.jpg (19.54 KB, 413x742, 0be8e501cf6543b310da475696ef1c…)

manifesting this cute seal plush for when I go back to Japan (soon)

No. 253963

You can buy them on Amazon.

No. 253977

File: 1649095214392.png (263.2 KB, 500x375, tumblr_93bb6c12eab930314852b9f…)

My country Amazon's only sells books and some appliances. Plus, it's probably the fake version. I wouldn't mind buying the bootleg, but they are wonky and not as chonky.

No. 253983

Tomorrow will go well and we’ll be able to communicate clearly and move forward.

No. 254057

Manifesting for you, cancer anon

No. 254062

I will still find a way. It won't be in vain. I will get there. I just know it will happen, it will be sudden, and I won't be prepared for it. When it does, I'm ready to take the plunge. And I will be happy with whatever I get out of it having waited for it for so long, so patiently.

No. 254065

I will get the respectful apologetic loving response i deserve. i will sort out my academic complications. i will make a start on healing from my trauma.

No. 254270

Please give me more willpower to give up all of my addictions. I need willpower. I will get willpower soon.

No. 254402

I'm going to be hot. Not in a male-gazey way, but in a way where I am happy with how I am. I'm going to look at myself in the mirror whenever I leave the house and feel cute instead of wanting to hide my face and body. When I see guys in public I will not try to hide myself from them or feel embarrassed when I have to talk to them. I want to stop comparing myself to my friends and feel confident in myself even if I am not as sociable, friendly, assertive, etc as them.

No. 254417

File: 1649259175196.jpg (166.51 KB, 1240x1240, muscle_arm_lucky-cat_1.jpg)

I'm lucky. I'm so fucking lucky things will start be going my way. I'll find myself at the school I want, meet some good friends and finally have a job I enjoy. Blessed

No. 254603

my skin has cleared up, i'm at a healthy weight, i'm aceing my internship, i graduated and have a teaching job lined up. i have a female companion who i have great healthy sex with

No. 254675

No. 254678

we are going to FUCK

No. 254680


No. 254681


No. 254690

he's tall and hung shut up

No. 254880

i'll quit this awful job and everything will be fine, i'll find my happiness, i'll be better, i'll stop feeling anxious and worried all the time, i'll find peace

No. 254934

I'm rich, I'm travelling, I have a house, I donate money to things I love, my parents haven't contacted me forever. All the hard times created an amazing future.

No. 255074

I’m getting a good job and good money. I am gonna be able to afford things. It will come to me easily. I am going to make it, I am going to succeed

No. 257976

File: 1650591349900.jpg (71.16 KB, 564x705, 825445e6a4f353f74c1ca5150080d5…)

Despite my mistake, they keep thinking about my possible usefulness in the workplace. They are definitely contacting me back for another chance, for the same position or for some that is even better.

No. 257980

Bitch, I'm still manifesting for you. Hell yeah.

No. 257981

File: 1650594046823.jpeg (206.68 KB, 800x1131, FQDp44fWYAA8Td5.jpeg)

I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my civil service job, earning 5 times more than I used to on my previous job. It's easy, predictable and I only work from 8 am to 2 pm and I never take work home so I have so much free time to do whatever I want. I'm grateful for having time to invest on my hobbies, mainly reading, writing, painting, drawing, singing and playing guitar and piano, and even having time for volunteering. I'm also thankful for having enough time and money to exercise, being able to run and go to gym everyday and having money to invest in my health, buying organic and quality foods, visiting a dietitian occasionally and hiring a personal trainer. I'm thankful for living in a nice apartment in a safe area, but not far from my job. I'm extremely thankful I don't have noisy neighbors. I'm thankful that I still have my old car, I fixed all its issues and it looks new. I'm thankful that I paid off my student loans. I'm thankful that I have enough money to live comfortably. I'm thankful that I have money to pay my mortgage, health insurance, therapy, maintain a car, pay bills and groceries without worry, buy things to maintain my hobbies, buy quality clothing and shoes and house appliances, travel every year and there's still money left to give some to my mom to help her and also pay her a health insurance, buy gifts for my loved ones, donate and of course, invest. Also, I am thankful for my 2 cute and fluffy cats and my low maintenance house plants. I'm thankful that my life is good.

No. 257982

Wow….I'm on my way where you are. I'm so happy for you, anon.

No. 257983

Anon, it's a manifestation technique

No. 257985

Oh, my bad, I thought it was success stories rip I'm used to manifesting looking like a prayer or being like I will.

No. 258280

File: 1650698823592.jpg (94.26 KB, 900x574, fallen-angel-alexandre-cabanel…)

I want a good, nice man that is everything I look for in people like in picrel and I want new job. I'm getting fucking underpaid.

No. 258474

I will get this job. They think I’m the best fit, and the other applicants won’t shine in their interviews.

No. 259202

File: 1651012883399.jpg (27.41 KB, 480x600, 54f2ceed248a9e75ecca7fa39dd97d…)

i just passed systemic path i'm so happy!!! i was so lucky and picked the question that i knew so well and studied really hard for and it was done just like that! so easy! i'm so glad i sat the exam

No. 259206

>like in picrel
You want Lucifer?

No. 259224

I want to have a wild romantic affair with a man who isn't a cheater or womanizer and I want him to write me poetry and take care of me like a little baby

No. 259275

No. 259378

File: 1651077639376.png (277.54 KB, 500x567, 1625331066670.png)

Some advice: if you’re interested in learning more about manifestation, keep things at arm’s length. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of “oh, this looks like a good technique,” dedicating your time to it, only to get frustrated when it doesn’t immediately click. When you’re learning about new techniques or methods, don’t see them as immediately applicable to your own life. Take what resonates with you, leave the rest. You’re not doing it “wrong” by doing what feels right to you. Doing what feels right to you IS the way to manifest, so don’t feel like you need to follow techniques or methods to a T to “get it right.” If you like affirmations but prefer writing them down to saying them out loud or in your head, go for it. If you like living in the end through daydreaming rather than mental roleplay, do it. It’s your reality. What you enjoy the most is what works the best.

No. 259389

Manifesting extreme idgaf level confidence.

No. 259540

Hello madam this is the IRS

No. 259549

Physically yes mmmmmmmmm

No. 259646

I’m going to do amazingly in this interview and absolutely charm the boss/owner.

No. 259900

File: 1651265739409.jpg (36.14 KB, 563x599, b7e50f845325860785f07149ba29dc…)

My employment status is definitely changing this May.

No. 259943

girls i believe in all of you

No. 260852

By end of week I am healed and can walk like before.
Not long after I am also able to rollerskate.
I will not be reinjured by those actions.

No. 261115

File: 1651631573911.jpg (58.99 KB, 736x736, 8f2585c772635f07a4dda952760ffd…)

Nendo of my husbando by the end of the year, preferably by July.
Obviously not picrel

No. 261126

File: 1651643615330.jpg (41.67 KB, 564x558, 9eef141cd63ac5c8ce8473f25cc3bd…)

The doctor isn't going to perforate me

No. 261172

This has got to work, please God, please Universe, please listen to me

No. 261260

File: 1651694906695.gif (22.79 KB, 265x275, 1537729262440.gif)

Manifesting cute texts from my bf soon and to spend the weekend hanging out after some hard long work shifts

No. 261276

I'm manifesting a new husbando. I had to break up with my old husbands for reasons. I want a husbando who is outgoing and goofy, maybe a bit loud, but also a total softy in private. He is gentle and kind to animals. He is not a manwhore and he respects women. Oh and he is tan. Please exist my husbando, I've lost my reason to fangirl and it hurts.

No. 261282

Manifesting this for you, nonna. You clearly and fairly have doubts and that can halt your manifestations, but I fully believe in it! You are walking by next week.

I am sure anons could help you find one that fits this. Post it on the hornyposting thread or husbando thread!

No. 261285

I’m manifesting a fucking nap. Please just let me sleep

No. 261333

File: 1651712633313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.62 KB, 1500x1500, 2838833833.jpg)

Sorry nonnie this is the first character I thought of kek

No. 261353

Ayrt and honestly??? Not a bad pick. I wanna taste those spinach puffs yes it's happening!

No. 261503

File: 1651788323516.png (111.82 KB, 640x361, watamote-if-i-stay-here-ill-cr…)

Do you think you can manifest someone who's already in a relationship? I saw some people saying it's possible but it takes lots of time, way more than when you try to manifest a specific person who's available. I fell for this person before I knew they're taken, I had dreams about them proposing to me etc. I tried many times to get rid of my feelings and focus on someone else but I couldn't, and I've been struggling with this for almost 9 months. I try to talk to this person as rarely as possible, only when I have to when it's work related. I never tried to physically interfere in their relationship in any way. But I'm getting so desperate I want to manifest it

No. 261506

He's basically the himbo prototype, I think we would all love to manifest a Kronk in our lives

No. 261540

It's definitely possible, but whether or not you're actually able to manifest depends on your beliefs and assumptions. For example, believing it would take a while to manifest would make it so it might take years. Believing that it's morally wrong to manifest someone who's in a relationship might make it so that you aren't able to manifest them, or it might backfire. The thing is you can change your beliefs, but depending on your "starting point" and willingness to do the mental work daily it may or not be an uphill battle

No. 261543

But how should it look like? Can I just visualise them breaking up peacefully or something? I don't want something bad happen to that other person, they should also find someone who's good for them etc. Or should I just visualise my specific person with me and don't even think about them as "them" and completely ignore thoughts about the other party? Also, should I even interact with my specific person irl? As I said, I try to talk to them as rarely as possible, not only because I want to be respectful but also because I'm incredibly nervous around them, more than around other people, and I don't know if it's because I know they're taken and I feel guilty or because I like them so much I can't contain myself.

No. 261562

>Or should I just visualise my specific person with me and don't even think about them as "them"
This. I wouldn't visualize the break-up (him breaking up with her doesn't guarantee you'll be together), but I would visualize the end goal of being happy with your SP (the solution). That could take different forms, like you living together happily, and if you want to get married, feeling your wedding ring on your finger and looking into his eyes, and so on. Experiment with your own scenes and find out what makes you feel the most fulfilled. The focus should be completely on feeling naturally happy/peaceful/grateful/relaxed feelings.
tl;dr - Focus on the solution and what that would feel like, don't focus on the problem

No. 261991

File: 1651933872855.jpg (24.72 KB, 670x386, 20f362b6b4294d273e11c936736087…)

Manifesting that my cat will like this new senior cat food that I just bought, and that it is soft enough for her to eat without problems. SHE LOVES IT!

No. 262001

Something has happened that unironically convinced me manifesting is real. Not gonna say what it is because I'll get shat on for it. Anyway I'm gonna give it a real shot now.

No. 262044

>I'll get shat on for it
Why even care? This is an anonymous imageboard.
Please tell us, nonna, I'm curious.

No. 262052

Yes, please, I also wanna know. I won't judge

No. 262053

6’5 height by I’m 25 and great sex, large muscular arms to crush my SO

No. 262058

I won't kill them again, they will live and thrive

No. 262520

mods will act swiftly

No. 262521

File: 1652083692343.jpg (12.78 KB, 207x275, judith.jpg)

bump don't scroll

No. 262528

Thank you based thread, you're the best thread

No. 262563

He has asked me out, we are dating and are very happy. All this worrying was for nothing. He really loves me

No. 262567

File: 1652103906742.jpg (150.33 KB, 736x981, c264175429318586eb803412e78330…)

Anon, how are you doing? Can you walk?

How about you, anon? Did you go through surgery?

Hopefully both of you are in a better place right now.

No. 262577

Apparently it didn't originate in my liver and actually comes from my small intestine or something close to there. Which probably makes more sense, since primary liver cancer is pretty rare. I did have surgery when I had a semi-emergency complication, but they sewed me back up when they didn't see what they expected. So now I'm waiting for biopsy results and I'll probably need surgery after that again, but then at least they'll know exactly what they need to remove and how much. I'm not in a better place atm, but I've been somewhat stable weightloss-wise recently, which is a relief, because it was happening way too fast.

No. 262582

Manifesting for my crush to notice me. He’s lurks my Instagram stories and slid into my dms. Signs point to him and I’m not giving up. He’s a Pisces and I’m and aries. Same age, same vibe, he’s Japanese I’m Latina. We’d be a hot couple. Tarot cards says I got an Aphrodite reading and later learned my goddess is Aphrodite. Went to Meiji Jingu to pray and then he slid into my dms. Manfiesting him so badly. Feel like something good is about happen.

No. 263756

I am being contacted within the next two weeks for an interview and I am getting hired quickly. I am also discovering a lucrative and fulfilling side hustle for myself.

No. 263831

File: 1652546333017.jpg (27.16 KB, 720x833, 1650051262948.jpg)

I will finish my resume, get my scolarship and I'm going back to college, I even found my career path.

No. 263979

I’m manifesting myself dying as soon as possible, preferably a date away from my birthday so it isn’t awkward, that will make everything at home better, my family won’t have to worry about paying for anything of mine, they won’t have to worry about my health or anything at all, finally everything will be fine, I won’t bother anyone anymore and I will stop feeling because I will die.

No. 264037

Manifesting more money and work. Either where I am now or a new, more fulfilling job.

No. 264117

Manifesting one of these crappy bar jobs replying to my resume so I can start saving money and get off this dingy island to somewhere with actual sunshine

No. 264143

I will go outside this summer. I will find my style, get my hair done and began to work. I Will lose weight. I will meet a nice scrote who'd deal with my weird gross ways and help me be a better person. My life isn't over. How I feel now is hopeful and happy and I WILL BE BETTER. I will focus on my mental, physically and vaginal health and have great sex and be a better person. I will get out of this almost 10+ year slump. I want a boyfriend, I want love, I want to be happy. I will be happy. I will find love, I will have kids, I will learn to love my new body and new self.

No. 264190

File: 1652653937365.jpg (117.61 KB, 736x1308, bec094704eb85e0f76073a064dbdb9…)

I passed!

No. 265242

File: 1653063650866.jpg (51.19 KB, 499x391, 1643500453443.jpg)

Manifesting for my partner's contact very soon and for a blessed weekend with them, I miss them

No. 265354

Update: the new ones are doing better. I should have specified this was about plants, kek that sounded ominous

No. 265357

I haven't fully had my manifestation happen yet but I feel like I'm getting closer to it. He is interacting with me more and he is being nicer to me. I'll see them in person in about a month and I hope something big happens then

No. 265361

Manifesting my own successful comeback on social media and being able to face the boy who broke me like an adult while he’s miserable.

No. 266386

Manifesting a really good phone call tonight.

No. 266418

Manifesting that I crush this audition on Sunday and get to film my first movie this year before I get married. Also manifesting my bread business takes off.

No. 266646

My package will arrive before next Friday. DHL and USPS will not fuck this up.

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