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File: 1641677810811.jpg (296.81 KB, 500x334, 9163041689428305129.jpg)

No. 222273

Anything you want or desire, the Universe will provide you with it.

Post about your manifestation journey, goals and successes.

Tips and advice are welcome!

No. 222276

File: 1641678236425.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, 7b18ac84127241aa884c3d33065f55…)

No. 222278

File: 1641679032154.jpg (56.7 KB, 750x563, 60e6078585fa170018522947.jpeg.…)

Summoning the king

No. 222279

File: 1641679041078.webm (10.05 MB, 576x1024, cf409b6f95a643c0a8b7330471ff34…)

No. 222280

File: 1641679129697.webm (5.12 MB, 576x1024, 1f035c4192b945e1b188df5bf568b5…)

No. 222284

File: 1641679378197.jpeg (74.96 KB, 750x750, 057AC09F-FE50-4266-B908-DB360C…)

I am happy, healthy, satisfied and prosperous in the new year.

No. 222293

This might be a joke to you but it actually makes sense. Psychologists tell people all the time that the key to happiness and success is to believe in yourself and that people are capable of anything, unless you're a retard of course. This thread is for those of us who want to be successful in life. Usually, smart people sabotage themselves because we overthink. This is why people who are dumb or suffer from grandiosity are happy and/or successful. Those of us who have knowledge about the Universe's formation and history know it's a part of us. We are the result of billions of years of evolution, our atoms were formed billions of years ago inside stars under great pressure. From the proteins in our bodies, to the physical characteristics we hold, to the DNA sequence of life, some other organism developed that. We are nature and everything in the Universe is connected. It's easy for intelligent people to feel existential when confronted by the greatness of the Universe but once you awaken, you will become much happier and successful. Manifestation is the key to success and happiness because we acknowledge that we are part of the Universe and not something that is above it.

No. 222297

I am manifesting sex with my husbandos. All of them! Thank you, Universe.

I'm not joking either

No. 222305

I wasn't joking. Thanks tho!

No. 222329

Ladies I am manifesting the FUCK out of this sexy moid I have been on and off friends/flirty with since we were kids. I feel really drawn to him and there's a lot of synchronicity between us. He keeps showing up in my dreams in really cryptic and psychically charged ways. Whatever
This is an awesome mindset that I really needed to hear right now, thank you for sharing!

No. 222333

File: 1641689061698.jpg (6.87 KB, 263x300, A-22376-1502013770-4840.jpeg.j…)

i am passing my exam on monday with the highest grade it goes amazing i am calm i get the nicest professor and she loves me

No. 222334

Blessed digits, blessed Black Francis, blessed anon.

No. 222335

Am I the only one who experiences the opposite of this? The more I think about something, the more the opposite of that thing happens and vice-versa

No. 222346

Good health. Lift the covid restrictions, universe. Please I have to move on with my life why are you delaying my education

No. 222351

I will be in a new country this time next year. I will have a wonderful job and be surrounded by good people who like me because I am a great person to be around and have a lot to offer. I will not run from the opportunity to make new friends and I will open myself up to others, no matter how uncomfortable vulnerability makes me. I will be the improved version of everything I am now.

No. 222374

Manifesting beautiful gangrene cells to go into my brain and body, wish me luck <3<3

No. 222458

File: 1641741600466.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1280x720, CB50E878-4FEF-4EA8-955F-4ADFD4…)

I keep doodling settings very much like pic related. I want a home (preferably a log home/cabin) surrounded by trees in the mountains. I want it to be a homestead type deal where we’re relatively self sufficient and I finally have babies. That’s my dream.

No. 222464

File: 1641742255054.jpg (58.7 KB, 768x576, 48b814a393d4cc155076e3775779e4…)

I will get my degree this year with good grades. My best friend and I will overcome all the hurt caused by my family. I will start travelling with my best friend, we will have the most amazing life we deserved all those years. Money will come my way and I will get rich, never having to worry about anything anymore. And by this time next year I will be searching for my first house next to a graveyard, which I can afford without struggles.

No. 222465

Wishing you three all the best!
Tip: manifesting works best in the present tense. For example "I am healing" versus "I will heal"/"I want to heal." Speak your truth as it is already happening!

No. 222466

Don’t care if I get banned for this. My power is through Jesus Christ and anything you ask for, you should ask through him. I get that you may want and need some things right now, but He loves you, and it is important to talk to Him. You know this is true, it’s written on your soul, that soul belonging to Him. God bless, sisters.

No. 222467

Asking Jesus for some amazing sex 2022

No. 222468

thank you, never did this manifestation stuff, but it sounds logical to use the present tense.

So, I will reword my manifestation for myself and will tell you all the amazing things that are happening this year.

No. 222473

File: 1641745173418.jpg (64.1 KB, 640x857, 4ac78b60cfd15114ee63a96017920c…)

I'm sure He will provide us all.

No. 222476

ywn catch me praying to a male "god"

No. 222477

Based sister

No. 222489

U right, I always forget that or feel “silly” writing it like that cause I guess I have so much doubt but hopefully I’ll get past that. Will rewrite my log cabin dreams like other anon said she would too.

No. 222523

I don't stan a women hating god anon. Pretty sure being on a site made for gossiping is a sin according to your god btw maybe you should go to church and pray for forgiveness on this sunday.

No. 222598

File: 1641777339630.jpg (124.47 KB, 736x736, d2949ed56f79ac37b34a60c3085240…)

I am manifesting figures and a nendo of my husbando so I can photograph him in very cute dioramas. I am making a little kotatsu for him, I'm unstoppable.
Good thing that I was selected for that job position in Japan, so I am able to afford this cute silly hobby of mine.

No. 222604

>clearly has no understanding of christianity
>will probably reply to this with an out of context "gotcha" verse as if everyone else missed that one

No. 222685

File: 1641829469252.jpg (50.19 KB, 400x267, composition_of_stacked_gold_ba…)

I'm getting rich this year. So unbelievably rich. I'm buying my first house, I'm travelling, I'm donating to causes I think are good, I'm eating at restaurants whenever I want, I'm going to the opera every week, I'm enjoying life at it fullest and I'm sharing this all with my brother, because he deserves it.

No. 222691


No. 222696

Can I move now this year

No. 222807

File: 1641874032130.jpg (40.05 KB, 647x640, 39548030950345.jpg)

I want to be reconnected with old friends (or make new ones) get a new job and finally move out and start living my life as my own. Please universe grant me some of my wishes I will burn things for you #♥##

No. 222808

MANIFESTING THIS SO HARD. also manifesting a decent job once i graduate

No. 222810

I'm pretty sure there's a law of attraction thread somewhere on /ot/ but it probably fits here better anyway tbh

No. 222816

I will be fine! that guy is caca

No. 222834

File: 1641889481559.jpg (859.79 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20210516-111106_Ins…)

>I will make cool girlfriends and fun gay friends in my new town
>I will make more money than ever
>I will make my home exactly as I want it to be
>I will reconnect with old friends

No. 222862

I will fall in love this year.

No. 222926

I am manifesting a job in a field relevant to my degree this year. I am also manifesting a job and coworkers that I like and get along with. I am manifesting a good home life and cohabitation with my closest friends and my long-term partner.

No. 222985

Manifesting a job for me in this first semester of 2022, close to home and not too mentally/physically taxing.

No. 222989

I manifest that he will regret it

No. 227442

File: 1643585866754.jpg (54.04 KB, 640x480, kz5IU-pPWVfRmGEsc_Ud3rjmbjtGJ1…)

One of the things I wrote itt actually came true so I am now waiting for the rest

No. 227444

I tried manifesting but when i write down stuff. Eerily the opposite happens

No. 227445

File: 1643586717456.gif (203.54 KB, 500x375, 1632150580886.gif)

Please I really hope I manifest a happy successful conclusion to this era of my life, where I can find independence and a joy in doing something and also a steady income and a sense of belonging on this earth, as well as a continuation of my life's journey somewhere bright and joyous.

No. 227469

I pass my driving exam tommrow!

No. 227473

I have a large social circle, people text me to hang out every single day.
I am invited to parties every weekend.
I am effortlessly likeable by everyone.
My life is always busy and exciting.

No. 227486

File: 1643600046349.jpg (29.06 KB, 500x429, 45e.jpg)

>I will quit my job by the end of the year.
>I will finally start posting my art online.
>My art will be able to make me a (somewhat) sustainable income.
>I will meet a bizzare but sweet girl and be gfs together.
>I will move out and have the beautiful garden I deserve.

No. 227489

File: 1643600400242.jpeg (39.88 KB, 554x445, 882C4065-EE2C-4FF4-B672-0A3BD2…)

I will have the life I have always deserved and desired
And have a love so pure and so intense that I feel secure in everything I do
I will be in a mental state that’s no longer harmful to myself and those around me
I will be and am going to be happy
And I am stable

No. 227490

When you write down your manifestations are you picturing it already happening or do you feel some sort of hesitation?
I find slowly training your mind into assuming you already have the things you’re manifesting for helps a lot

No. 227491

No. 227496

Manifesting this for both of us, nonnie.

No. 227508

File: 1643608254526.jpeg (103.12 KB, 675x1200, 723843E6-50E7-48B5-B003-FE57CE…)

>will finally get tattoos I want
>will ditch half the clutter in my room before i leave this place
>will graduate
>will move out of state and into a city
>will obtain sustainable job in my industry
>will form connections that'll help me climb the ladder
>will gain outlook on life working a job that doesn't make me wanna kms
>will learn to adult properly
>will finish one of my projects successfully
>will bump into him
>we will fuck
>will act as if all of my dreams will come true at the cost of my own arrogance eventually getting the better of me

No. 227510

Manifesting terfy gf who listens to The front bottoms

No. 227518

I don’t know… i guess deep down inside i feel stupid for doing it but i’m really passionate about my desires. It’s like “please work” type of approach

No. 227527

Bravery for the coming week

No. 227570

I have an easy yet fulfilling job that allows me to focus on my interests. I have extra income that I'm saving for a deposit on a beautiful innercity flat with my bf. I have a few close friends I can see whenever I want to. I am stable, in control, and at peace.

No. 227579

I hope we can finally get our own place, settle down and get engaged this year. I hope my work takes off too and make more money through it.

No. 227709

File: 1643671897993.png (92.68 KB, 352x400, kyuryou_syoninkyu_woman.png)

I love my new job so much! It's relatively close to home, easy to get by public transportation, the hours are good and it's so much more chill than my last job. And better yet, I love my salary! I have enough to help at home and to buy silly, hobby things and have fun with my fiance! I'm also saving for our honeymoon trip!

No. 227730

File: 1643685731622.jpeg (107.45 KB, 736x384, 1407A68A-B192-469A-BAC3-D12E7F…)

I'm flexing my artistic muscles, writing my stories, having creative breakthroughs. It feels amazing and fulfilling. The first chapter is all plotted out and I'm flying through the rest of the outline. I'm proud of myself!

No. 227737

I will kill everything and everyone because I'm the girlboss. Send tweet.

No. 228152

File: 1643797534568.jpg (47.15 KB, 350x260, 43v4e80y94324.jpg)

anons in other threads WILL respond to me
anons in other threads WILL respond to me
anons in other threads WILL respond to me

No. 228153

File: 1643797970023.jpg (62.8 KB, 1242x1215, dd4b6e8401bfbb269e24f538ec60c7…)

No. 228159

lol rip i feel the same, how sad that even on lolcow im ignored.

No. 228165

i will pass all my exams and come out of this semster succesfully to contionue fighting my depression, everything will fall into place, I wish you all the best nonnies.

No. 228167

hey bb

No. 228182

File: 1643816103765.jpg (57.28 KB, 460x562, aAgo3M2_460s.jpg)

lol, I also feel the same, so hello from me and I hope you both have an amazing day

No. 228191

I will do a successful job change that pays me at least 10% higher and is more interesting than amy current job. I will become proficient enough at guitar to perform at open mics and impress people. I will make good music this year. I will find a bigger apartment that's around the same rent as I pay currently.

No. 228350

I will learn how to code make a perfect ai reconstruction of my husbando and become an autistic yume that can live of making wish fullfilment content with her husbando ocs.

No. 228381

I support you 100%

No. 228495

One of my goals was to get in shape this year, I landed a part time job that consists of physical labor but is only a few hours out of my day. Other then that, I will get on track in selling my work, I will be able to save up enough money to move out of my hometown again. I'll be able to make good connections and find a consistency in my life that will nourish my future instead of hinder it.

No. 228516

File: 1643936352566.jpg (62.44 KB, 564x454, 0c41bb34351313090f285c4957cc70…)

CHING! CHING! CHING! Goes the money tree and every time it chings money comes to me, it all flows in so abundantly, from the top, left, right, and up under me,

No. 228569

File: 1643960633042.jpg (163.58 KB, 1074x1908, Screenshot_20220204-093905_Chr…)

You can also try Bot Libre to create your own husbando chatbot! You might want to get familiarized with AIML (XML dialect) and the Self scripting language (based on Javascript) for more accurate conversations.

No. 228901

Based nonna. I finally left him and I know he's miserable.

No. 228919

I am manifesting no more stupid petty shit going on this year. No more dumb fucking scrote bullshit bothering me. We don't give a fuck anymore. I am above this shit. I am going to succeed. We will not be held back by non issues.

No. 229047

I am sexy, beautiful, and rich. I have a bright future ahead. Great opportunities are overflowing. My mental illness is not a hinderance anymore

No. 229165

I will land a $50k/year office job in my field with benefits and cool coworkers and decent work/life balance, within reasonable commuting distance this year.

No. 229174

I'm going to be well enough for a full time job again. I miss money.

No. 229219

I AM going to pick a career to go to school for. I AM going to do extremely well in class. I AM going to get a steady, well paying job so I can move in with friends. I AM going to move in with friemds and out of my parent's house. I AM!

No. 229220

Samefag. The career I choose is high paying and is something that interests me. I am very suited for the career I choose.

No. 229260

I will quit smoking this year.

No. 229271

i will have a 3.0 semester and learn things

No. 229325

File: 1644311159326.jpg (26.23 KB, 420x236, 448b060faffa1af990436dcf7e7d85…)

My art is getting better everyday, people (and me) actually like it. My japanese is getting better everyday, and I can finally read what I want without breaks.
I can make it. I have my dream job.

No. 229341

I will get a job that doesn't see me like the dirt on their shoes. I will be respected but I am and that's enough

No. 229358

I'm getting rich, I'm having enough money so my loved ones and I never have to work a single day in our lives again. My mental health gets better and better every day and I'm going to be happy after all these troubled years.

No. 229679

my dad will get the promotion and he will give me lots of free money

No. 237373

A handsome, respectful, kind, tall, healthy, charming white guy with darker hair, light eyes and freckles. We are friends and we also kiss, cuddle and do lewd things. We go on dates and he loves me. We won't be together forever, just for these few months. He adores me. Also, English breakfast in 10 minutes.

No. 237482

I will find where to continue my studies. It won't be stressful and my application will accepted. I won't have social anxiety and I will be happy about my newfound field.

No. 237496

I have a tall, smart, cute, funny boyfriend who makes me laugh and holds my hand through good times and bad times. We understand each other and help each other succeed. I am not afraid of the future because I know I will make it. I am the woman I always wanted to be. I am living the life I have always wanted to live. I am accomplished and fulfilled.

No. 237605

I am thriving

No. 237639

How do you manifest, like what do you do on a daily basis? I've read about manifesting before but read so many different, well, techniques I guess? It got me confused.

No. 237648

File: 1645221868897.gif (29.12 KB, 531x81, text.gif)

Everyone will suffer and die except me.

No. 237822

File: 1645230045197.gif (21.03 KB, 383x78, ezgif-2-cf71bfdedc.gif)

Everyone will thrive and live except me.

No. 237874

File: 1645232580875.jpeg (298.48 KB, 1242x893, 2971398.jpeg)

nendoroid of my husbando too, please universe, be kind
also i manifest passing all my exams, graduating and finding a full time job without issue

No. 237880

i have clear, rash free skin and my boyfriend loves me to death and will do anything for me and eventually propose to me and knock me up

No. 237921

This is so fucking cute that my sugar levels are high.

No. 237934

File: 1645235729443.jpg (136.71 KB, 530x538, FaceApp_1639623922094.jpg)

L went to heaven after all…. Wow

No. 241417

File: 1645380946396.gif (20.32 KB, 150x160, tumblr_ab9956a89a84ef9c45e8e55…)

I am making 1k euros every month. I'm so happy I finally bought my own house and learnt how to drive

No. 241508

I'm travelling, I'm seeing the world with my closest friend. Nothing can stop us and we are making great memories that will last until the day we die. Money is nothing we worry about, we have more than enough of it.

No. 241700

File: 1645393796425.jpg (42.95 KB, 512x291, tumblr_3d035184eb03ce0badf5f39…)

i passed my test!! it went over so smoothly all of my answers were correct i'm very happy and celebrating

No. 241724

I will get that job abroad that i am applying for and I will love it and I won’t be miserable and I’ll make at least one friend quickly

No. 241736

I’m having a great time at my new job and living in my new city. My roommates are super cool and invite me to hang out and meet their friends. I’m learning to roller skate like I always wanted to as a little girl. I’m making great money and am indulging in every silly little hobby that comes to mind. People like me and accept me. I am reconnecting with college friends who already live there and are so happy to catch up. I am everything I imagine myself as.

No. 241758

You can really buy a house in Europe on a net salary of 1k/month?? Where I live the equivalent of 1600 euros/month will only rent you the dumpiest, rat-infested studio in town.

No. 241760

Samefag, I didn’t realize this is the tard daydreamer thread.

No. 241763

I stuck to my diet and exercise routine and lost 90 pounds! I have some extra skin but I feel so much healthier and can do stuff without getting winded. I can fit into all the cute clothes I've been bookmarking!!

No. 241780

i will overcome this. i will succeed. i will not die, and i will flourish. you just have to hold this out, hold on, please force yourself to trudge through it, you can do it, I believe in you, don't give up nona.

No. 242170

I listened to a few subliminals to get my ex to regret his behaviour, apologise and change for the better yesterday. Today he called me and I missed his call. When I called back he picked up immediately. He said he had been an asshole and a shitty person. He has always been extremely arrogant and never spoke of himself in this way. But now, he actually said sorry and on his own accord. By his own choice he said he had been an asshole. He said he wanted to make things right and he was genuinely quite romantic with the things he was saying. The whole energy of the call had been nice, when before it was truly terrible and I hated his guts. It feels like a new sense of peace washed over me, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with it.

No. 242340


No. 242453

My fingers do not hurt. I can grab grab grab

No. 242509

I am invited to a date irl by him and everyday he is getting more and more obsessed with me. I have tremendous power over him and have conquered his heart and everyone else who may want him

No. 242931

File: 1645455582600.jpg (67.7 KB, 564x752, 80f3cb6d12e7f7d981853b6631a1bc…)

my cat will live a long, healthy and pain-free life. i will have the money to take care of him. i will have more work during the summer and enough to keep me stable for the rest of the year. i will undergo more training to get a pay rise. please please please let things go well this year, my body hurts from stress and i couldn't live with myself if i let my cat down

No. 243079

he will save me and love me and he will help me make art and he will leave all his physical possessions to me

No. 243939

He loves me. He can't stop thinking about me. I'm on his mind 24/7. He worships me. He regrets everything he said.

No. 245733

I wish there was actual talk about manifestation instead of these retarded tiktok-tier affirmations.
Just writing these won't help you manifest newfags.

No. 245735

Be the change you want to see

No. 245736

Iirc there's one in /ot/

No. 245737

Samefag but here >>>/ot/639596

No. 245738

So what's the point of this thread if there is one already?
Shouldn't this be "affirmations thread"?

No. 245739

Because anons mistakingly create new threads on the same subject because they can't be assed to use the search function. Or don't even know that's a thing.

No. 245744

manifesting me getting a low stress manageable job and getting to know and be friends with someone who has artistic sensibilities who would want to take me out and show me around those scenes within 2022

No. 245782

File: 1645661206428.png (298.2 KB, 450x450, hoy-es-mi-cumpleaños.png)

Thank you universe because my birthday was the best day ever and it felt really good. I now have my bank account at 5 figures and it feels amazing. Thank you so much

No. 245845

File: 1645704054933.png (1.08 MB, 1125x1104, 1644890312991.png)

great choice of pokemon anon
I want to manifest success for myself in everything I do and good health for my husband and family
I will lose the weight I gained from stress eating during the corona lockdown
I will make more money with my investments and travel with my husband somewhere new and exciting
I will get those rune tattoos on the bottom of my hands that I've always wanted
I will stop biting my nails and finally grow them out
I will feel more confident in myself and my femininity despite all the years I spent as a teenager made to feel like shit about how my body has progressed through puberty
I will learn to love my body, my mind and my soul the same way my husband does me and I do him

No. 246567

Do any of you use an app to help with setting a routine?

No. 246574

Manifesting that our house sale finally goes through and I can move to a small quiet village where I can be a much less stressed wife and mother. Pressure of uncertainty has been getting to me for a while and I’d appreciate it if my efforts finally paid off.

No. 246663

Our bad habits will be left behind when we move out of this house. I will carry less of a financial burden. My savings will grow enough for us to feel comfortable growing our family.

No. 246666

File: 1646031514846.png (338.81 KB, 500x374, raw.png)

Everything will be okay. Issues will arise but solve without the need to got to war. By the end of April there will be a peaceful conclusion to the conflict.

Please do not worry yourselves about things that you cannot control, but rather on what you can.

No. 246800

I manifest that a farmhand comes clean up the mess

No. 246815

File: 1646072809173.jpg (2.76 MB, 4200x2795, GettyImages-1170463338.jpg)

This year I will get a tall young himbo boyfriend who I can bring along on night walks and camping trips to deter creeps.

No. 246816

i know the image fits but it's still a troid, anon

No. 246819

File: 1646073986488.jpg (192.22 KB, 610x404, hguyrrtcvh.jpg)

>>246816 sorry I just googled "man on leash" lol

No. 246820

Why is he holding the ball like that?

No. 246823

File: 1646076181201.jpeg (219.03 KB, 1242x1600, BC889787-73C7-4575-913F-10D220…)

Manifesting lots of money so all the shit that needs to be repaired at home can get fixed, so I can wash my clothes and take showers calmly. I see myself eating bagels for breakfast with delicious veggies, turkey, eggs, bacon, cream cheese, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms and feeling amazing while doing so. And washing my clothes with the washing machine at home, putting on some freshly dried clothes straight out of the dryer, finally not feeling cold because my blanket will be clean and not full of dust. I also see myself charging my phone with a brand new, ridiculously long phone charger that will arrive sooner than I expect.

No. 246907

This year I will have a threesome with two men and make all my fujo ex friends very jealous.

No. 246955

File: 1646114990398.jpg (63.31 KB, 640x480, bb793a697f34fa43a2cbb018abfd45…)

Mine. Next year.

No. 246961

Please just let everything turn out okay.

No. 246975

plsss plss let me get that job even if im barely qualified pls get me out of this country

No. 246979

This thread has become the 'Beg for what you want' thread

No. 247016

I honestly don't see the problem

No. 247092

You are not "trying" to manifest. You are constantly manifesting all aspects of your life, whether it's intentional or not. When you say you're trying to manifest, you admit that you're making an attempt - do you have your desire, or are you just attempting to have it?

Have faith in the universe, sure, but more importantly have faith in yourself that you are innately capable of consciously manifesting. If you want to manifest something, you don't need to try. State your desire and live in the wish fulfilled. Since you are constantly manifesting, you can't "try" to do it in the first place. You're already doing it. The only change you're making is that you're doing it consciously.

No. 247111

We had an amorous whirlwind affair, and he's perhaps a little too charmed by me. I think I'm repellant, he pretends I'm worth something. I've felt unloved for years and intimacy was lost, this little resurgence has awakened my adoration. Not expecting things to go this way, he gives me his number. Who knows what's going to befall me? My heart's been filled even knowing this could turn to shit, but I just wanted to be loved. And for a fleeting moment, I'm loved, even if it means risking so much.

No. 247122

File: 1646201286711.jpg (49.13 KB, 410x546, d1fe3d944ce06725814120e3573a3f…)

Could you go more in depth?
What would be the "science" behind it? Not a troll. I just want to understand the logic. Pic unrel

No. 247146

The more I talk to him the more he falls in love with me.

No. 247159

My long-term goals are always within reach and my potential is limitless! I am succeeding at the things I put time and effort into.

I am a successful entertainer, artist, and creative!

I am a caring, empathetic person who understands and is understood clearly by others, and I actively practice appropriate use of my words with others.

My boyfriend adores me, forever, and is my One!

I claim!

No. 247162

Yes, this! Love this message! Insight from a video I watched recently: law of attraction is "I will attract what I want" while manifestation is "I will attract what I am." You are not asking for something when you manifest, you are actively living that manifestation through your words, actions, daily life, etc.

To receive energy you must give energy - what are you doing today to put positive energy into the Universe, to cement the desire to receive back? The things you are asking for are already yours, have faith in your power!

No. 247179

File: 1646247154362.png (317.86 KB, 1130x838, 1616021430134.png)

Of course!

When I say that you’re not “trying” to manifest, I mean that it’s impossible to attempt manifestation, since you are constantly manifesting. If you’re constantly running, you wouldn’t say mid-run that you’re trying to run, right? You’re already running.

But to clarify what I mean by constant manifestation, I want to point out the conscious and subconscious mind. Your reality, as a unique individual experiencing life through a first-person point of view, is dependent on your conscious and subconscious mind to create what exists around you. Your consciousness is that which experiences reality through the senses, while your subconscious is that which creates reality through assumptions - assumptions being any sort of belief held about your life.

You are constantly holding assumptions about life, such as “the sky is blue,” or “I need to work a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills,” and as such that is what manifests in your reality. That is unconscious manifestation - manifestation that takes shape through assumptions you don’t think twice about, assumptions that are simply natural to you. Every single person, whether they know about manifestation or not, are constantly manifesting through unconscious manifestation. However, when people know about manifestation, they “attempt” to consciously manifest by holding new assumptions that align with their desires.

Here’s where people struggle.

When people say they are attempting to manifest, they believe that manifestation is not innate to them. That instead of being just a regular law of nature, it’s some sort of skill that needs to be worked on. When you’re manifesting your desires, if you see it through the lens of “attempting” to obtain them, you’re giving yourself room for failure. You aren’t holding faith in yourself that you’re capable of manifestation. Because if you had faith in the fact you can manifest, why would you need to “attempt” it? If you had faith in manifestation and your ability to consciously manifest, wouldn’t you just… manifest it without needing to make an attempt?

To quote Neville Goddard, “You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.” (From Feeling is the Secret. Fantastic book, you can find it free online.) Any desire you could possibly want, whether it be appearance based, person based, career or family based - no matter what your desire is, you already have it. By making the assumption that you have it, your subconscious mind has no option but to create it for you. However, by making an “attempt,” by not having faith in the fact that you can innately manifest, you’re giving yourself the option to fail.

When you’re manifesting, state your desire and persist. Again, to quote Goddard, signs do not precede, they follow. (This one is offhandedly, I don’t remember what book it’s from.) If you cannot persist in your desires without immediately seeing signs of them, then you are not holding faith in the fact that you have your desires. Persist in your desires, and know that regardless of what your reality shows you, your assumptions are true. You don’t need to try. If you make the assumption that you have your desires, you’ve already manifested them. Simply persist in those beliefs, and they will take shape.

Sorry for the autism, manifestation is just a very important part of my life. Got my desired body through it - weight loss, got a bit taller, and shrunk my boobs some. Persistence is key. After all, what do you have to lose? It’s just assumptions.

No. 247180

interesting and very cool. I would usually just call you a retard schizoposter but this might had changed my entire outlook in life. cheers nonnatella.

No. 247458

File: 1646435063587.jpg (50.83 KB, 564x849, b2f3b9bdf4b09a13ef9537f09414c7…)

Thank you for the time you took to answer it, anon. I keep fluctuating between wanting to believe it and finding it to be completely bullshit.
Since you seem to be very much into it, I'd like to ask more stuff: What are the limitations? At least according to your own personal beliefs.
I've seen people saying it's limitless, but then, could one fly? Could one change the color of the sky? How so? How is it affect by everyone else, since every single person could be manifesting it's own thing? Do things get "cancelled out"? How to manifest things with certainty? As in, if I want to get a trip overseas for free this week, could I do it in such a way that it is infallible, even though I don't have the money nor did anything else to warrant this? Like, can you put on a "deadline" on your manifestations or that simply isn't up to us to decide?

I think the closest I got to actually manifesting something was when I accepted I wouldn't be traveling to Japan so soon (a life long dream of mine) and started imagining before sleep what would be like to sleep on a traditional japanese house, and especially imagined in detail the shoji (traditional sliding door) mechanism from my lying pov. About 3 months later I actually got a free japanese trip under some very exceptional circunstances, and stayed on a traditional rural japanese house. Very surreal experience all things considered. hence the pics I used
But then when I tried to "consciously manifest" getting a scholarship to Japan, I couldn't do it. I wonder why?

No. 247468

>But then when I tried to "consciously manifest" getting a scholarship to Japan, I couldn't do it.
NTA but I think a part of it involves abandoning the negative feelings of your current circumstances. For example, when you "gave up" on not being able to travel to Japan, you let go of the pressure of not being there right now and just completely abandoned yourself to feeling what it would like to be there. Now I don't think letting go or giving up is necessary, but when you're imagining you should forget where you're at at this point in time/whatever is holding you back and just live in your desired outcome, even if it's just for a few seconds.
This really helped me when I manifested an ex back (with the intention of manifesting a better relationship and fixing all the problems we had). I had to stop thinking in terms of "it didn't work so why would it now?" and just yeet those thoughts out of my awareness and focus on what it'd be like if everything was already fixed. Basically, feeling blissful and relieved that we already solved everything together, instead of focusing on them not being with me/us being incompatible.

No. 247475

I'm manifesting someone who's currently taken and I don't care

No. 247592

File: 1646502796432.jpg (22.07 KB, 640x520, 1606267613107.jpg)


I'm about to sperg the fuck out so bear with me here. (Manifestation is so fucking cool, dude. It's so interesting. I love learning about this shit.)

Manifestation is in fact limitless! The only thing that really prevents people from doing things like changing the color of the sky or being able to fly is their own logic. Logically, changing these things should be impossible, but if you persevere in the assumption that it's true, you'll find that it isn't impossible whatsoever. Ultimately, though, I'd save attempting things like changing the color of the sky for when you build an unshakable confidence in your ability to manifest. The biggest struggle people face when it comes to manifestation is overcoming their logic. Simply believing that you have something shouldn't be able to get you that thing logically, but that's what manifestation is, right?

I completely understand the whole fluctuation thing. When you take a step back to really look at the concept of manifestation, it sounds batshit insane and delusional. And when you do consciously manifest something, it's very easy to write it off as coincidence, or luck of the draw as opposed to what you're innately capable of as a conscious being. But you're constantly manifesting everything in your life, whether conscious or not - so at the end of the day, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is intentionally made and everything intentionally occurs due to your subconscious mind.

When it comes to manifestation being affected by other people, it's entirely dependent on your own beliefs. Again, since your assumptions shape reality, if you assume that other people can affect your manifestations, they can, while if you assume they can't, they can't. However, I would like to touch on a particular concept related to other people's roles in your reality and your ability to manifest.

You are living in your own unique reality, that you are in complete control over. You live life from a first-person point of view, interact with the world through your senses, and have your own internal voice of which you think with. No one else can see the way you see the world, sense the way you sense the world, or understand the way you understand the world. These are all the unique facets of your reality that make your conscious understanding of reality completely yours. You are the only person experiencing your reality.

That's not to say that people aren't real, or anything of that sort - people are still very much in your world, conscious with feelings and inner thoughts, but since no one can sense, understand, or process the world the same way you do, they are not in YOUR reality - their consciousness is in their OWN reality. I'm still very much my own unique person with thoughts and feelings, but since I don't live the exact same life as you and don't have the exact same thoughts as you, I am not in your reality, if that makes any sense. I'm still in your world, I'm just not in your reality.

But to continue answering your questions - things can be cancelled out if you believe that others (despite not existing in your reality) can affect your manifestations. There's actually a lot of discussion in other actual manifestation communities regarding if other people can affect your manifestations, and the argument pretty much boils down to "if you believe they can, they probably can." Although, ultimately, I'd suggest throwing that belief in the trash, since believing that other people can manifest in your reality is just a breeding ground for doubts and insecurities about manifestation.

You can absolutely manifest with certainty, and you can absolutely manifest on a deadline. However, it'll probably be difficult to manifest on a deadline unless you're already confident in yourself about it. When it comes to manifesting with absolute certainty, the best advice I can give to anyone is:

Be absolutely fucking delusional about it.

Which certainly isn't the most instructional way to put it, but it's true. We're called delusional and insane for believing in manifestation anyways, so why not give being delusional about it a shot? Again, since manifestation is entirely dependent on your belief and assumptions, if you assume something to be true to the point of delusion, you absolutely have it. Working on a deadline instigates an innate fear of not getting it by that deadline in most people - and by holding a fear of "am I going to get it," they're assuming that they don't already have it, therefore they won't. That's why most introduction-to-manifestation guides tend to start with simple, non-deadline manifestations, to build your confidence in manifestation before handling things that directly affect your life. But yes, you can manifest with absolute certainty. In fact, holding absolute certainty that you have your manifestations is the key to manifestation in the first place, so honestly, just be delusional in the fact that you have all your desires.

And about your trip to Japan - that's incredible! That's a perfect example of visualization, in which you imagine what it would be like to experience your desires in detail. The key to using visualization to manifest is to visualize your desires in detail, experience those desires in your mind, and assume that the experience you just had is true. Your imagination - which is a major aspect of your conscious mind - is what allows you to not only desire, but to obtain said desires. That sounds like a very fun trip though, I hope it was fun!

There's many reasons why you may not have manifested that scholarship to Japan, but the most common reason anyone fails to manifest is that they don't believe themselves fully capable of it. When you're manifesting, you shouldn't wonder to yourself if it's going to work, or when it's going to work. You're doubting the fact that you've already manifested it. When you imagine something, desire it, and assume that it's yours, you've already manifested it, even if you don't visibly see it in your 3D. Live in the fact that you know it's yours with confidence, and it will show up.


You manifested your ex back? That's incredible! That relieved feeling when you don't need to worry about if it'll happen anymore is just the best, isn't it?

Gah. Manifestation is so cool.

No. 247597

Yes, and I just didn't manifest him back but I manifested my ideal version of our relationship! That's how I knew it wasn't just a coincidence; he legit parroted back to me extremely specific phrases, ideas, and actions I imagined that I've never mentioned to him before (would mention details but it's kind of inappropriate in this thread, let's just say he's extremely devoted to me). And you're right that relieved feeling is almost like bliss. To know that everything will just work out and you don't have to struggle and toil to make it happen, you just have to claim it, ignore the negative circumstances, and it's yours. Going to work on money next, but I think that should be easier because I definitely had the most doubt towards romantic relationships.

I love your passion by the way. I hope it inspires some other anons to read up and take manifestation seriously instead of just looking at it as something for schizos, kek.

No. 247598


That's so cool! I've manifested people into my life, but I've never had them parrot back to me the things I've imagined. You're an absolute inspiration! How long have you been together in your ideal relationship? (Also, what's he like? I love hearing about people's SPs.) Good luck on manifesting money, by the way! I'm doing the same, so let's get rich! lol.

And thank you! I've spent a lot of time studying manifestation since I know the raw information is kind of hard to navigate. Goddard is absolutely incredible, but he's… very wordy in his books and lectures. I feel like it's easiest for people to get into manifestation when it's predigested for them first, then they can go out and read the original content for a more complex understanding of it.

No. 247939

File: 1646609990832.png (1.81 MB, 1108x1300, FNL0PZ9XMAcsM7M.png)

I see, so basically it's just "what you think will work/fail, will work/fail cause that's how you perceive things". I guess this actually is kinda helpful because then one could just make up their own rules and beliefs and make it logical from their point of view. So if I think changing the color of the sky is impossible, then it will be, and I can be at peace with it and work around what works for me the best.

>That's a perfect example of visualization, in which you imagine what it would be like to experience your desires in detail.

I've tried doing this for other stuff as well, but I didn't get it (like a Disney trip). I wonder if it's like this anon said >>247468
> you let go of the pressure of not being there right now and just completely abandoned yourself to feeling what it would like to be there. Now I don't think letting go or giving up is necessary, but when you're imagining you should forget where you're at at this point in time/whatever is holding you back and just live in your desired outcome, even if it's just for a few seconds.
So what would be the best tips for visualizing with a peace of mind? (Doing SATS, I guess)
I have other scholarship chances coming up and it's something that I really want but haven't been able to achieve. Of course, I am studying more now so I guess that will help as well, I'm not neglecting these aspects.

Lastly, what do you think of people just writing their affirmations here? Does this help? Doing the 555 methods help at all?

No. 247990

i am manifesting the twee revival

No. 247995

Joining you. Do you feel the vibration

No. 248065

File: 1646659678763.jpg (55.96 KB, 640x640, frank-black.jpg)

i just passed my final exam i'm so happy i'm literally over the moon right now its so euphoric! i got into group A and i was so confident professor was so impressed by my answers he gave me the highest grade all the questions he asked were stuff i knew so well, i'm starting my internship in may, i'm going out to celebrate with my friends and my brother tonight i cant thank you girls enough everything i posted on here came true this thread works!

No. 248069

Does anyone here have experience with sleeping tracks? I’ve been using Dylan James’ latest tracks but I feel kinda ambivalent towards them. I tried sleeping to them with earbuds but it just fucked up my sleep. I’d wake up 2 or 3 times a night, or I’d wake up with with one or both earbuds fallen out. I’m using a bluetooth speaker now and am just experimenting with distance and volume so I’m sleeping so much better. Now for the tracks themselves, I feel like they help keep my thoughts in check with how I’m feeling. Haven’t felt anything super amazing yet but I’ll keep going with it.

No. 248089

I’m earning money. I’m earning money. I’m earning a very good amount of money.

No. 248093

I have a small ribcage and big boobs and long legs! It’s so great, these clothes all fit me perfectly. I’m finally a hottie!

No. 248138

Just remember… You were a hottie all along…

No. 248374

File: 1646784570947.jpeg (195.57 KB, 900x1142, B1219FAF-91C1-4E23-B5A7-7C62ED…)

Cute nonnie! Yes! You are a hottie too

No. 248488

File: 1646822188685.jpg (174.84 KB, 1366x654, img_01_masp_preto_branco.jpg)

This job is mine, it's finally mine after so many years trying. I can barely believe it. I am helping at home, I'm getting thinner, I am saving for when we move overseas. Everything is falling into place. I am the happiest I've been in years.

No. 248693

So excited to start my new job this summer, it's at one of the most reputable companies in my state and I'm making more than I could've ever imagined. They were so impressed by me that they fast-tracked me into the engineering position and it's entirely remote with a ton of perks!

No. 248780

I'm self caring and luminous and radiating joy and spreading that hope to people I relate to.

No. 248799

I have a body that I like, I don't give a shit about what anybody says about me and i can do whatever i want.

No. 249003

File: 1647040827996.png (629.44 KB, 775x742, yugtrsdytufyg.png)

I am so grateful that I found a skincare routine that healed all my bacne. I am so thankful that I no longer get acne all over my back and shoulders.

No. 249006

My cat is 100% okay now! It was just a little scare. She's old but she's very strong and resilient!

No. 249014

Nonnies it worked!!! I got my offer letter today and it’s $10,000 MORE than what I initially asked for! I’m so happy

No. 249018

Congratulations! May I ask: had you already applied for the job when you made the post? Or did it find you after?

No. 249019

I think I did, hard to remember though. I was just blasting out tons of applications for weeks and finally the right one clicked!

No. 249066

File: 1647066963362.jpg (30.97 KB, 500x348, face.jpg)

i AM manifesting more money and a very sweet, non-judgemental, not porn-addicted guy that looks like this, but without the chain

No. 249072

File: 1647069531600.jpg (98.94 KB, 721x721, 26114267_314584735717830_33780…)

boosting so the universe hears my prayers extra loudly. i will be more than happy with a subby, sweet line-cook that isn't a conservative, just please send him to me already

No. 249098

girl, just get a server job and pick one

No. 249123

i legit would but i don't think 99.9% of them would meet the personality requirements that are posted above

No. 249266

File: 1647138148519.jpg (314.3 KB, 1350x756, 1647126958666.jpg)

After studying since the beginning of the year everyday, I passed the JLPT N2 test in July! It was actually easier than what I was expecting, so the studying paid off. I now can apply to many more positions thanks to it! I am definitely celebrating this with my fiance.

No. 249313

You can have higher standards than line cooks.

No. 249317

Nonnies who've read up on manifestation.. where does daydreaming fit into it? Or does it play any positive role?

No. 249331

it's true but for this look i've got a choice between like… head shop cashiers and linecooks. i will take either.

No. 249339

I'm so happy, relieved and excited to be well into my new job and still enjoying it every day! I'm grateful to be working with such sweet, cool people who make me feel safe to be myself and generously praise me when I do well.
I love being paid over €60k a year and having the benefits of plenty of time off, opportunities to travel, and luxurious levels of medical and retirement benefits.
I can't help but grin knowing my job is to be myself and speak my truth. I feel deeply listened to. I love the practical elements of this job that means I get to move, perform, and build as part of my work. I love working with others and telling stories, creating experiences we couldn't do solo. I love seeing feedback from others who acknowledge I am doing a good job and have a unique contribution to make, people who tell me I made the worst time of their lives a little better is so rewarding. I knew I'd get here but I'm amazed and accepting that it happened so soon, and now I'm here, this is my daily reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

No. 249346

What is your job if you don't mind saying?

No. 249348

Yes, it is visualization and also a method of manifestation! Dream on, anon!

No. 249350

nta but if that's truly the case then why are my relatives still alive

No. 249368

NTA either but it's the intention, without it it's just regular daydreaming afaik

No. 249372

Maybe your relatives are daydreaming about living some more and that cancels yours out lol

I've been daydreaming about a guy that I met a few months ago, can't help it but then if he's dreaming of a woman who looks or acts very different to me then.. what am I doing. Clash of intentions.

No. 249404

File: 1647202597017.jpg (130.96 KB, 1200x892, EeLlhMeVAAEcfSS.jpg)

I will become disciplined and have a good routine in my life with work, exercise and hobbies/relaxation time. I will be disciplined enough to get out of bed and not think about all my past failures and embarrassments. I will work out consistently, even if some days are worse than others, and I will stop worrying about what others see when they look at me.
I will learn to recover from and undo my body dysmorphia by becoming healthy in more ways than just physical, I will challenge my anxiety: first by getting in shape, and then by practicing driving my car again when it's quiet and I have the time. I will earn enough money to not feel trapped and depressed this year and spoil my cat, and I will improve my quality time with my boyfriend and make our relationship better with equal effort from him.

I will overall look at myself in the mirror by the end of next year and be happy and proud of the person I have become through discipline, even if that person doesn't adhere to fucked up standards of what a woman should be.

No. 249408

I will get my 75% transportation reduction, my account is clear and complete.

No. 249439

He will ask me to marry him soon and we will have a small, quaint wedding. I will improve my health and so will he. We will have healthy children soon. We will start a mentally and physically healthy family in a small but nice home. We will both enjoy our jobs and have enough time to spend together at home. Our parents will be helpful in helping us take care of our children. We will have a wholesome life altogether.

No. 249452

I will see his dingaling soon and it's huge with a curve, all pink, and uncut please.

No. 249472

I just want to see the dingaling

No. 249473

pink dick is disgusting, exile yourself

No. 249729

File: 1647344825022.png (716.91 KB, 1059x596, Screen_Shot_2019-12-30_at_11.2…)

It won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer, it won't be cancer

No. 250184

File: 1647464700327.jpg (74.4 KB, 564x564, bc952d7fbd0643aad97e9df2bf4122…)

I'm getting thinner every week. I am eating helthier and I have the motivation to exercise. My hair is healthier, shinier, stronger, longer. My skin is clearing up, and it's springier than ever. I am comfortable in my body. I am where I wanna be, and I am so happy for that.

No. 250450

File: 1647554040694.jpg (108.27 KB, 634x845, 4d44491e5555bdade62a432ac69e0b…)

i have no desire to binge. binging brings be no joy or happiness, it does not ease my stress. it's a bad habit i left behind. i eat in moderation, and leave food on the plate if i am satiated. i don't think it's bad to leave some food if it's at the cost of my wellbeing. i chose to eat more healthfully and only enjoy junk food occasionally, as a treat. i have a good relationship with food.

No. 250481

I just did something I've been wanting to for a while (sort of a fell into the right place right time sort of deal) that I had forgotten I wrote down in journal a while back. Idk if I manifested it but I do think writing down my wants and desires does impact my subconscious to go for things when the opportunity arises.

No. 250501

I’m fucking rich. I have everything I need and want. I don’t need anybody, and so the only people I choose to keep around me, I do so because I legitimately want them around. No one can control me. No one can coerce me. No one will have power over me ever again.

No. 250517

File: 1647599998383.jpg (54.25 KB, 564x654, ba9469f9778ceb97e3ec3f5c283f85…)

Let's try this again. The doctor will call me soon to make an appointment, I will be able to get surgery soon, I won't need chemotherapy.

No. 250519

What type? Thinking of you manifestation anon

No. 250523

File: 1647605716799.jpg (37.23 KB, 600x400, 2b35.jpg)

Liver, I don't even drink alcohol and I'm at a healthy weight. Probably one of the better ones to get though, since well, it'll grow back anyway. If it hasn't spread, I'll be fine soon enough after surgery.

No. 250593

I will tone my muscles while keeping my weight up and healthy. I will work from home and be able to not just survive but live too. I will get that damn response in my inbox!!

No. 250752

File: 1647719370153.png (18.45 KB, 589x375, 18C9A465-A9B1-41DA-AED5-D1581A…)

No. 250773

File: 1647730385493.jpg (157.81 KB, 612x816, 263aa610423c57e70376b5911d6914…)

I love living close to one of these so, so much. I go on weekends when I'm too lazy to go to the fish market, or when I'm tired from work and want to have some cheap, fresh sushi. Not to mention that kaitenzushi is just fun, as well. Me and my husband enjoy the tea and fish together and then we can go back to our apartment walking, cause it's this close and this safe. I'm happy, healthy, thriving!

Group manifesting this for you too, nonnie! Happy news on your way.

No. 251659

File: 1648154881534.jpg (89.31 KB, 564x778, 0e19a122b880d97d1de89a57072bda…)

I can't stop thinking about cancer nonnie. I am manifesting your steady, speedy recovery. It's easy and completely understandable not to be calm and collected and times like these, so don't fault yourself for it! I love you anon, you are totally overcoming it!

No. 251691

wtf damn pls pray for me to move to japan as well

No. 251744

You can do it without my help nonnie, believe in yourself lmao

No. 251747

TA, manifesting for you anon. I think it's great they caught it as that is a difficult cancer to find out. How did they find it? I'm thinking of you, anon.

No. 251755

I love you too anon! I'm honestly calm and collected most times, sometimes it does hit me, but it feels like others worry more. I've researched so much about the treatment options, further diagnostic guidelines, that it also feels nice when the hospital takes the exact steps I was already expecting.
They found the first tumor over a decade ago when I was a kid, but never did a biopsy to confirm what it was (thanks to parents), so I kinda lucked out when in 2019 it was still about the same size. They just told me to go off birth control pills and see if it'll shrink. Then during the pandemic I kept feeling ill, I assumed I was just having bad luck with covid or the flu. Then I started getting trouble eating, like I suddenly had a tiny stomach and light yellow stool sometimes. In recent weeks it got so bad I started throwing up sometimes even after a glass of water, it feels like something is pushing on my stomach. My GP first dismissed it like I did, but I went back and said they should at least check on the tumor. Everyone said it would be nothing, lo and behold, the thing suddenly had doubled in size and spawned new ones.

No. 251913

File: 1648262610217.jpeg (386.27 KB, 1080x1080, 760FD82E-1035-4D16-B542-F7E9D0…)

Please give me the insights, wisdom and most importantly full self-assurance in transferring colleges and choosing my new degree path and careers.

Please give me the courage to effortlessly and immediately speak up for myself, to misogyny, spot bad people and create firm boundaries, both physically and virtually.

And finally, give me the strength of my husbando hehe and channel my love into creating art and fanfiction for him and other things I love. I feel far less lonely now!! Please!!

No. 252351

File: 1648525621419.jpg (122.37 KB, 736x736, 320c0f8ab172f8474962b3c49f6bcd…)

Some smaller things that I visualized actually manifested irl, so that was pretty neat, even if it was a coincidence. Looking forward for the rest of it coming to fruition as well.

No. 252545

File: 1648593546139.jpg (24 KB, 500x377, tumblr_npca55S8821qzk2upo1_500…)

I'm getting this job and this is going to be the summer of anon!!

No. 252552

I like your energy

No. 252601

this is actually a tip, if you're interested in manifesting a bf/gf, follow stargirl the practical witch video about this topic.
basically you have to write into a piece of paper something like

"I am (name) and I'm in a loving relationship with my (bf/gf/soulmate/etc).
He/she is (list of qualities)"

it worked wonders for me.

the hardest part for me was to let it go and let the universe do its thing. it took 9 months for me to work,I had to destroy the original piece of paper to make it work.

as usual, be careful what you wish for

No. 252720

File: 1648678038290.jpg (85.94 KB, 564x846, 4579082eca4a0c9218a85bfa283eb4…)

I've been working on a vision board, kinda like picrel. Recommend nonnies doing it and posting theirs! It's a bit silly, but it's fun and relaxing. I'll post mine when I'm done

No. 252742

Question about manifestations: How much focus and energy should you bring into your manifestations daily? Should you constantly be pouring thought into them, or let go and let the universe do it's thing? If you just keep believing something is real but aren't being proactive about achieving it, how does it become real? I know things do not happen instantly but I was wondering if me perhaps focusing more on my wants will help guide me into finding it. Even setting aside a small space for it, almost like an alter if you will. I just want to channel the right energies into myself.

No. 252784

Summer of Anons sounds like an excellent prospective film title

No. 252795

>(Also, what's he like? I love hearing about people's SPs.)
Basically, I made the intention that he LOVES pleasing me. He makes me the first priority in his life, always goes out of his way to please me and do things to make me happy, and overall is completely devoted to me. Before, he was an okay boyfriend, but I wasn't satisfied. He didn't go above and beyond, and we also had some communication issues. But now? Everything is going so smoothly because I "rewrote" how I saw him in my mind. I made a consistent effort to conjure up loving feelings of this new version of him. It took a while for me to see any movement (a few months of conscious manifestation work every day), simply because I kept mentally replaying the old negative stories. Also, something that really helped is realizing you're not changing the outside. The outside is the effect, not the cause. If you change how you view someone in your mind (the cause), they have no choice but to mirror back and conform to that mental image. Most of the time we do this unconsciously (ie. immediately assuming someone dislikes us) but it feels so good to take that power back and use it in a positive way.

I'd say, whatever feels right. Whatever method you're using may take some effort, but there shouldn't be strain. The whole point of doing the mental work is overwriting previous patterns that have made their way into your habitual thinking. So, usually doing the work once or twice and then trying to "let go" won't work unless you have no opposing thoughts/beliefs with that particular thing. There has to be conscious effort as you're trying to make your new mindset stick, and that usually requires some degree of repetition. Do it enough so that you use a reasonable amount of effort, and take a break if it starts to become overly strenuous. You can always come back to it.

No. 253393

File: 1648886722751.jpg (47.27 KB, 500x559, aadb853e5193ff163308e53c1f3a7b…)

I am going to my top university choice this year. I have achieved amazing grades on my final exams. I am doing mentally and physically well. I am having the best summer ever. Nothing bad will happen to me. It's only uphill from here.

No. 253628

I manifest that the gore will be removed

No. 253961

File: 1649090786029.jpg (19.54 KB, 413x742, 0be8e501cf6543b310da475696ef1c…)

manifesting this cute seal plush for when I go back to Japan (soon)

No. 253963

You can buy them on Amazon.

No. 253977

File: 1649095214392.png (263.2 KB, 500x375, tumblr_93bb6c12eab930314852b9f…)

My country Amazon's only sells books and some appliances. Plus, it's probably the fake version. I wouldn't mind buying the bootleg, but they are wonky and not as chonky.

No. 253983

Tomorrow will go well and we’ll be able to communicate clearly and move forward.

No. 254057

Manifesting for you, cancer anon

No. 254062

I will still find a way. It won't be in vain. I will get there. I just know it will happen, it will be sudden, and I won't be prepared for it. When it does, I'm ready to take the plunge. And I will be happy with whatever I get out of it having waited for it for so long, so patiently.

No. 254065

I will get the respectful apologetic loving response i deserve. i will sort out my academic complications. i will make a start on healing from my trauma.

No. 254270

Please give me more willpower to give up all of my addictions. I need willpower. I will get willpower soon.

No. 254402

I'm going to be hot. Not in a male-gazey way, but in a way where I am happy with how I am. I'm going to look at myself in the mirror whenever I leave the house and feel cute instead of wanting to hide my face and body. When I see guys in public I will not try to hide myself from them or feel embarrassed when I have to talk to them. I want to stop comparing myself to my friends and feel confident in myself even if I am not as sociable, friendly, assertive, etc as them.

No. 254417

File: 1649259175196.jpg (166.51 KB, 1240x1240, muscle_arm_lucky-cat_1.jpg)

I'm lucky. I'm so fucking lucky things will start be going my way. I'll find myself at the school I want, meet some good friends and finally have a job I enjoy. Blessed

No. 254603

my skin has cleared up, i'm at a healthy weight, i'm aceing my internship, i graduated and have a teaching job lined up. i have a female companion who i have great healthy sex with

No. 254675

No. 254678

we are going to FUCK

No. 254680


No. 254681


No. 254690

he's tall and hung shut up

No. 254880

i'll quit this awful job and everything will be fine, i'll find my happiness, i'll be better, i'll stop feeling anxious and worried all the time, i'll find peace

No. 254934

I'm rich, I'm travelling, I have a house, I donate money to things I love, my parents haven't contacted me forever. All the hard times created an amazing future.

No. 255074

I’m getting a good job and good money. I am gonna be able to afford things. It will come to me easily. I am going to make it, I am going to succeed

No. 257976

File: 1650591349900.jpg (71.16 KB, 564x705, 825445e6a4f353f74c1ca5150080d5…)

Despite my mistake, they keep thinking about my possible usefulness in the workplace. They are definitely contacting me back for another chance, for the same position or for some that is even better.

No. 257980

Bitch, I'm still manifesting for you. Hell yeah.

No. 257981

File: 1650594046823.jpeg (206.68 KB, 800x1131, FQDp44fWYAA8Td5.jpeg)

I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my civil service job, earning 5 times more than I used to on my previous job. It's easy, predictable and I only work from 8 am to 2 pm and I never take work home so I have so much free time to do whatever I want. I'm grateful for having time to invest on my hobbies, mainly reading, writing, painting, drawing, singing and playing guitar and piano, and even having time for volunteering. I'm also thankful for having enough time and money to exercise, being able to run and go to gym everyday and having money to invest in my health, buying organic and quality foods, visiting a dietitian occasionally and hiring a personal trainer. I'm thankful for living in a nice apartment in a safe area, but not far from my job. I'm extremely thankful I don't have noisy neighbors. I'm thankful that I still have my old car, I fixed all its issues and it looks new. I'm thankful that I paid off my student loans. I'm thankful that I have enough money to live comfortably. I'm thankful that I have money to pay my mortgage, health insurance, therapy, maintain a car, pay bills and groceries without worry, buy things to maintain my hobbies, buy quality clothing and shoes and house appliances, travel every year and there's still money left to give some to my mom to help her and also pay her a health insurance, buy gifts for my loved ones, donate and of course, invest. Also, I am thankful for my 2 cute and fluffy cats and my low maintenance house plants. I'm thankful that my life is good.

No. 257982

Wow….I'm on my way where you are. I'm so happy for you, anon.

No. 257983

Anon, it's a manifestation technique

No. 257985

Oh, my bad, I thought it was success stories rip I'm used to manifesting looking like a prayer or being like I will.

No. 258280

File: 1650698823592.jpg (94.26 KB, 900x574, fallen-angel-alexandre-cabanel…)

I want a good, nice man that is everything I look for in people like in picrel and I want new job. I'm getting fucking underpaid.

No. 258474

I will get this job. They think I’m the best fit, and the other applicants won’t shine in their interviews.

No. 259202

File: 1651012883399.jpg (27.41 KB, 480x600, 54f2ceed248a9e75ecca7fa39dd97d…)

i just passed systemic path i'm so happy!!! i was so lucky and picked the question that i knew so well and studied really hard for and it was done just like that! so easy! i'm so glad i sat the exam

No. 259206

>like in picrel
You want Lucifer?

No. 259224

I want to have a wild romantic affair with a man who isn't a cheater or womanizer and I want him to write me poetry and take care of me like a little baby

No. 259275

No. 259378

File: 1651077639376.png (277.54 KB, 500x567, 1625331066670.png)

Some advice: if you’re interested in learning more about manifestation, keep things at arm’s length. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of “oh, this looks like a good technique,” dedicating your time to it, only to get frustrated when it doesn’t immediately click. When you’re learning about new techniques or methods, don’t see them as immediately applicable to your own life. Take what resonates with you, leave the rest. You’re not doing it “wrong” by doing what feels right to you. Doing what feels right to you IS the way to manifest, so don’t feel like you need to follow techniques or methods to a T to “get it right.” If you like affirmations but prefer writing them down to saying them out loud or in your head, go for it. If you like living in the end through daydreaming rather than mental roleplay, do it. It’s your reality. What you enjoy the most is what works the best.

No. 259389

Manifesting extreme idgaf level confidence.

No. 259540

Hello madam this is the IRS

No. 259549

Physically yes mmmmmmmmm

No. 259646

I’m going to do amazingly in this interview and absolutely charm the boss/owner.

No. 259900

File: 1651265739409.jpg (36.14 KB, 563x599, b7e50f845325860785f07149ba29dc…)

My employment status is definitely changing this May.

No. 259943

girls i believe in all of you

No. 260852

By end of week I am healed and can walk like before.
Not long after I am also able to rollerskate.
I will not be reinjured by those actions.

No. 261115

File: 1651631573911.jpg (58.99 KB, 736x736, 8f2585c772635f07a4dda952760ffd…)

Nendo of my husbando by the end of the year, preferably by July.
Obviously not picrel

No. 261126

File: 1651643615330.jpg (41.67 KB, 564x558, 9eef141cd63ac5c8ce8473f25cc3bd…)

The doctor isn't going to perforate me

No. 261172

This has got to work, please God, please Universe, please listen to me

No. 261260

File: 1651694906695.gif (22.79 KB, 265x275, 1537729262440.gif)

Manifesting cute texts from my bf soon and to spend the weekend hanging out after some hard long work shifts

No. 261276

I'm manifesting a new husbando. I had to break up with my old husbands for reasons. I want a husbando who is outgoing and goofy, maybe a bit loud, but also a total softy in private. He is gentle and kind to animals. He is not a manwhore and he respects women. Oh and he is tan. Please exist my husbando, I've lost my reason to fangirl and it hurts.

No. 261282

Manifesting this for you, nonna. You clearly and fairly have doubts and that can halt your manifestations, but I fully believe in it! You are walking by next week.

I am sure anons could help you find one that fits this. Post it on the hornyposting thread or husbando thread!

No. 261285

I’m manifesting a fucking nap. Please just let me sleep

No. 261333

File: 1651712633313.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.62 KB, 1500x1500, 2838833833.jpg)

Sorry nonnie this is the first character I thought of kek

No. 261353

Ayrt and honestly??? Not a bad pick. I wanna taste those spinach puffs yes it's happening!

No. 261503

File: 1651788323516.png (111.82 KB, 640x361, watamote-if-i-stay-here-ill-cr…)

Do you think you can manifest someone who's already in a relationship? I saw some people saying it's possible but it takes lots of time, way more than when you try to manifest a specific person who's available. I fell for this person before I knew they're taken, I had dreams about them proposing to me etc. I tried many times to get rid of my feelings and focus on someone else but I couldn't, and I've been struggling with this for almost 9 months. I try to talk to this person as rarely as possible, only when I have to when it's work related. I never tried to physically interfere in their relationship in any way. But I'm getting so desperate I want to manifest it

No. 261506

He's basically the himbo prototype, I think we would all love to manifest a Kronk in our lives

No. 261540

It's definitely possible, but whether or not you're actually able to manifest depends on your beliefs and assumptions. For example, believing it would take a while to manifest would make it so it might take years. Believing that it's morally wrong to manifest someone who's in a relationship might make it so that you aren't able to manifest them, or it might backfire. The thing is you can change your beliefs, but depending on your "starting point" and willingness to do the mental work daily it may or not be an uphill battle

No. 261543

But how should it look like? Can I just visualise them breaking up peacefully or something? I don't want something bad happen to that other person, they should also find someone who's good for them etc. Or should I just visualise my specific person with me and don't even think about them as "them" and completely ignore thoughts about the other party? Also, should I even interact with my specific person irl? As I said, I try to talk to them as rarely as possible, not only because I want to be respectful but also because I'm incredibly nervous around them, more than around other people, and I don't know if it's because I know they're taken and I feel guilty or because I like them so much I can't contain myself.

No. 261562

>Or should I just visualise my specific person with me and don't even think about them as "them"
This. I wouldn't visualize the break-up (him breaking up with her doesn't guarantee you'll be together), but I would visualize the end goal of being happy with your SP (the solution). That could take different forms, like you living together happily, and if you want to get married, feeling your wedding ring on your finger and looking into his eyes, and so on. Experiment with your own scenes and find out what makes you feel the most fulfilled. The focus should be completely on feeling naturally happy/peaceful/grateful/relaxed feelings.
tl;dr - Focus on the solution and what that would feel like, don't focus on the problem

No. 261991

File: 1651933872855.jpg (24.72 KB, 670x386, 20f362b6b4294d273e11c936736087…)

Manifesting that my cat will like this new senior cat food that I just bought, and that it is soft enough for her to eat without problems. SHE LOVES IT!

No. 262001

Something has happened that unironically convinced me manifesting is real. Not gonna say what it is because I'll get shat on for it. Anyway I'm gonna give it a real shot now.

No. 262044

>I'll get shat on for it
Why even care? This is an anonymous imageboard.
Please tell us, nonna, I'm curious.

No. 262052

Yes, please, I also wanna know. I won't judge

No. 262053

6’5 height by I’m 25 and great sex, large muscular arms to crush my SO

No. 262058

I won't kill them again, they will live and thrive

No. 262520

mods will act swiftly

No. 262521

File: 1652083692343.jpg (12.78 KB, 207x275, judith.jpg)

bump don't scroll

No. 262528

Thank you based thread, you're the best thread

No. 262563

He has asked me out, we are dating and are very happy. All this worrying was for nothing. He really loves me

No. 262567

File: 1652103906742.jpg (150.33 KB, 736x981, c264175429318586eb803412e78330…)

Anon, how are you doing? Can you walk?

How about you, anon? Did you go through surgery?

Hopefully both of you are in a better place right now.

No. 262577

Apparently it didn't originate in my liver and actually comes from my small intestine or something close to there. Which probably makes more sense, since primary liver cancer is pretty rare. I did have surgery when I had a semi-emergency complication, but they sewed me back up when they didn't see what they expected. So now I'm waiting for biopsy results and I'll probably need surgery after that again, but then at least they'll know exactly what they need to remove and how much. I'm not in a better place atm, but I've been somewhat stable weightloss-wise recently, which is a relief, because it was happening way too fast.

No. 262582

Manifesting for my crush to notice me. He’s lurks my Instagram stories and slid into my dms. Signs point to him and I’m not giving up. He’s a Pisces and I’m and aries. Same age, same vibe, he’s Japanese I’m Latina. We’d be a hot couple. Tarot cards says I got an Aphrodite reading and later learned my goddess is Aphrodite. Went to Meiji Jingu to pray and then he slid into my dms. Manfiesting him so badly. Feel like something good is about happen.

No. 263756

I am being contacted within the next two weeks for an interview and I am getting hired quickly. I am also discovering a lucrative and fulfilling side hustle for myself.

No. 263831

File: 1652546333017.jpg (27.16 KB, 720x833, 1650051262948.jpg)

I will finish my resume, get my scolarship and I'm going back to college, I even found my career path.

No. 263979

I’m manifesting myself dying as soon as possible, preferably a date away from my birthday so it isn’t awkward, that will make everything at home better, my family won’t have to worry about paying for anything of mine, they won’t have to worry about my health or anything at all, finally everything will be fine, I won’t bother anyone anymore and I will stop feeling because I will die.

No. 264037

Manifesting more money and work. Either where I am now or a new, more fulfilling job.

No. 264117

Manifesting one of these crappy bar jobs replying to my resume so I can start saving money and get off this dingy island to somewhere with actual sunshine

No. 264143

I will go outside this summer. I will find my style, get my hair done and began to work. I Will lose weight. I will meet a nice scrote who'd deal with my weird gross ways and help me be a better person. My life isn't over. How I feel now is hopeful and happy and I WILL BE BETTER. I will focus on my mental, physically and vaginal health and have great sex and be a better person. I will get out of this almost 10+ year slump. I want a boyfriend, I want love, I want to be happy. I will be happy. I will find love, I will have kids, I will learn to love my new body and new self.

No. 264190

File: 1652653937365.jpg (117.61 KB, 736x1308, bec094704eb85e0f76073a064dbdb9…)

I passed!

No. 265242

File: 1653063650866.jpg (51.19 KB, 499x391, 1643500453443.jpg)

Manifesting for my partner's contact very soon and for a blessed weekend with them, I miss them

No. 265354

Update: the new ones are doing better. I should have specified this was about plants, kek that sounded ominous

No. 265357

I haven't fully had my manifestation happen yet but I feel like I'm getting closer to it. He is interacting with me more and he is being nicer to me. I'll see them in person in about a month and I hope something big happens then

No. 265361

Manifesting my own successful comeback on social media and being able to face the boy who broke me like an adult while he’s miserable.

No. 266386

Manifesting a really good phone call tonight.

No. 266418

Manifesting that I crush this audition on Sunday and get to film my first movie this year before I get married. Also manifesting my bread business takes off.

No. 266646

My package will arrive before next Friday. DHL and USPS will not fuck this up.

No. 267317

I'm getting closer. He has started messaging me first and we are growing closer. I'll be seeing him in person soon and I can't wait to see what happens

No. 267327

Can I date someone else while manifesting my specific person? I don't even want to have sex, just date, hug, kiss etc. I'm so lonely and I can't take it anymore, but do you think dating someone else may interfere with my manifestation?

No. 267793

im manifesting that the next week goes extremely smooth and well next week.

I’m working and living at a summer camp as apart of a staff and the other staffer my age is a guy we kinda had mutual attraction to and it fizzled out, and ever since we have interacted its been aquward but over the past few days our interaction has been better and more smooth, so thats good.

Iim manifesting our relationship to improve and for the week to go well

No. 267796

I'm manifesting mental and housing stability and a bed I can sleep on at night in silence every night

No. 268591

Manifesting that tomorrow onwards we are in touch again and that things are easier and happier. I miss you

No. 268836

He loves me and he will ask me to be his wife. He cannot stop thinking about me and only me. I know there is no one else in his life other than me.

No. 268914

Tip for anyone manifesting an ex back or for any unrequited love to be returned: instead just manifest someone new who actually wants you and is hotter/richer too.

No. 269498

File: 1654869928832.jpeg (48.39 KB, 495x619, D4E70391-C2A4-4076-8628-64B89A…)

He will be in my city before December. He and I will meet coincidentally. He will be uncontrollably drawn to me like a planet towards a star, and he will ask to take me home within an hour of meeting me. The things we do to each other will be both so beautiful and so filthy that even if it’s only a fling, neither of us will ever be able to exorcise the memory of our time together so long as we both live. He will erase all memory of everything that came before and leave me wanting for everything that comes after.

No. 269499

File: 1654870234676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.31 KB, 633x484, BE2EC5C4-C4FA-46B3-B28B-366EDB…)

Samefag - and pulling him will be no trouble whatsoever because I’ve caught bigger fish with far less bait. We will be in the same place at the same time, we will meet, he will fall for me, I will match his energy, and together we will reach the eventual destination of two people who are deeply enamoured with each other.

No. 269549

File: 1654883899206.jpeg (80.6 KB, 736x736, 473304AF-BA3A-44F4-AE8B-7FCAA3…)

he will be here before or in august. he will see me and it'll be an instantaneous attraction

No. 269640

i’ve just won the Powerball Jackpot!!! I’m truly lost for words, everything seems like a blur.

No. 269643

I want male internet culture to be more normal and less sociopathic, to attract sane people into my life that aren't burdened by me and to just feel happy and safe again. I want to jump into a different universe thats more like a disney channel original movie universe and more innocent.

No. 269644

>more normal and less sociopathic

No. 269990

File: 1655060947470.png (616.86 KB, 500x633, 1.png)

We finally reconnect again and we will be who we once were. Our dreams we had will finally come true and I will leave this town for good. Shes coming with me to travel the world and soon I will take my first steps to move countries. Its gonne be us against the world. The change I am waiting for will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Blessing all of you nonnies

No. 269992

Manifesting a simp who gives me money for existing, medical bills are draining

No. 270027

I have wonderful health. I excercise regularly and I love it. I'm excellent at maintaining my diabetes. I am very good with conversation and talking to people is no problem for me. I'm very confident in myself and steadfast in who I am. People are drawn to me. People think I am funny and a good friend. I love my friends and I love to make new friends. I attract positive energy and wonderful people.

No. 270029

File: 1655076166578.jpg (19.19 KB, 260x260, black-frank-1-rcm260x260u.jpg)

im happy. i dont burst out crying randomly during the day or night. i dont get panic attacks anymore. i can go to sleep and sleep well, not too much not too little. i dont depend on alcohol or alprazolam to calm myself down. weird stuff on my hands went away. everyone at the lab loves me and knows im super hardworking. i sorted out my thesis. i passed my english test with 400 on each subset i can easily apply for my license. i finished my barbra streisand shrine. i love my life and i love myself ive never been happier.

No. 270039

I'm rooting for you, Francis-chan. Manifesting myself walking in the breeze on the plains of old Sedona, Arizona.

No. 270049

Manifesting a nice job,a safe place for me and my wife to live, and for her to be able to afford treatment so she can be healthy and happy again

No. 270055

I will get the job I have applied for. My partner and i love eachother and are in a happy fulfilling relationship. I love myself.

No. 270094

File: 1655108133661.png (149.79 KB, 1280x1280, kim.png)

no matter what happens, no matter what i go through, no matter what life throws at me, i'm going to be okay.

No. 270135

I will be great at this accountancy job once I take over as the man (or woman soon kek) in charge. I will be really fucking good at this, I cannot miss this opportunity and also the money. I will succeed, i will not be an anxious sperg mess. I can do this.

No. 270150

you are.

I am too.

No. 270292

manifesting a job so i can stop relying on my parents.

No. 270302

File: 1655229354603.gif (166.36 KB, 220x220, cinderella-disney.gif)

this year i'll be happy, i'll find a new guy who is caring, funny, good looking, emotionally available, likes travelling, has good taste in music and food because i deserve all that, and i'll find an amazing room for next semester

No. 270325

Every cryptocurrency is crashing permanently. As a result, every smug crypto asshole is now jumping off a tall building. I will never hear the word bitcoin ever again.

No. 270327

I will find a big hairy terfy butch to be my teddy bear. She will show up in my life through a happy coincidence sometime before the end of the year. She will be immediately attracted to me and we will fall in love. Inshallah om mani padme hum my will be done amen.

No. 270345

I will meet and awesome gym buddy who will encourage and help me grow, we will both become the buff stacies of our dreams

No. 270497

File: 1655349032389.jpg (91.05 KB, 736x711, 1c73e11741af4a999d5d53a7ca25dd…)

We're eloping in October! Our first anniversary will be spent in Japan. I'm so excited.

No. 270609

I like to sprinkle some stuff I already got into the mix

I can’t wait to fall in love with the girl of my dreams. It feels so natural to hold her hand and kiss her. I’m grateful to have her in my life and she appreciates little things I do for her.
The sex is great.
I’m also grateful for my friends and family who support me no matter what. My social circle is active and full of interesting people.

I had courage to pursuing my dream career and it paid off. I’m motivated to finish my degree. I’m confident in my skills and that makes it easy to people appreciate my work. I’m positive that I will find a job shortly after graduation. I’m well connected and people see me as a valuable acquaintance.

No. 270617

No. 270630

For my ex girlfriend to leave me the fuck alone. Not a scrote just not digging that she's obsessively making shit up about me to strangers and we haven't spoken for six years, by her own hand.

No. 271435

I will call the doctor's office tomorrow and they will tell me it was their mistake to send me a bill I already paid three years ago. This isn't a scam where I will keep getting these bills, they just messed up and after talking them tomorrow I won't hear from them again.

No. 272317

Has anyone used manifestation to get back at someone? Did it work out? I need to know.

No. 272320

Not a good idea. There’s no strict religion or belief system around “manifesting” (which is really just focusing on something you plan to take action on anyway), but in some ideologies there’s the idea that whatever bad you wish on someone else will come back to you threefold.

At best you’re just wasting your time dwelling on someone you’d be better off forgetting about. At worst you’re inadvertently hurting yourself.

No. 274113

Please let the job offer come through so I can get out of my shitty household. I’m tired of living in the shadow of my narc mom. I’m 25 now and I’m ready to live my own life. I’m capable of achieving things and I know that I’m good at what I do!

No. 274120

Format this mentally as "The job offer will come through and when it does I …." And so on

"Please let.." is too vague and takes the control out of your hands.

Hoping all the best for your nonny, I want you to succeed and I know you will.

No. 274198

File: 1657313294751.gif (812.82 KB, 220x220, cat-cute.gif)

I will conquer my BPD. My boyfriend will not be afraid of me. Our relationship will be fulfilled. I will be able to laugh at my myself. I will be able to accept my mistakes and not fear the fact that I make them.

No. 274244

I will build my savings to $15k by the end of 2023. I will make the trip I’m thinking of making. I will own a home one day.

No. 274261

I will do great in nursing school and I will build a career for myself so I can be a self sustaining, comfortable and confident person. And yes, I will be an artist on the side and I will sell my art.

No. 274568




No. 274581

File: 1657500658006.jpg (110.88 KB, 736x766, 757f651a81007a188282b11f02ca96…)

I'm successful, content, and happy, living in the city of my dreams with my amazing husband. Life is wonderful since I can afford what I want and pursue the hobbies I want. I have an amazing career, and am always surrounded by my loving friends and family.

No. 274717

File: 1657568987611.jpg (36.94 KB, 640x412, 1618393015488.jpg)

I will overcome my dermotillomania, I will have healthy skin. I will get fit and gain muscle and healthy weight. I will have a happy future with my girlfriend.

No. 274730

You and me both anon, dermatillomania sucks.

No. 274920

File: 1657665511213.jpg (17.24 KB, 278x301, 3db7253a80bc419c1155a432452f44…)

i WILL find a guy who is cute and funny, dresses well and likes me. he will respect my need for personal space and we will date and have lots of fun and good times together. this will happen because i have been working hard on myself and deserve nothing less!!

No. 274922

The duck gets what it wants

No. 274927

I will do great in my job interview on monday, I will get hired and will be assigned to a wonderful team where I'll learn a lot and will become a valuable asset. Then I will start getting competitive job offers with wonderful benefits and opportunities.

No. 274929

Manifesting that I will be happy, successful, finally feel like I have my shit together, pay off all of my debts and afford to finally save money

No. 274931

manifesting an all clear, a nice winter and a fresh fucking start. it's all gonna be okay and I will rise.

No. 274962

File: 1657681082348.jpeg (21.69 KB, 500x500, 780D34D7-4A47-464A-A9CA-EA3C3C…)

I WILL get a girlfriend. I WILL stop being lonely. I WILL get a better job.

No. 274971

She and I get to bond. We will bond and it will be beautiful.

No. 275145

My hair grows naturally thick and bouncy and healthy and beautiful. I'm amazing at my job. I exceed my manager's expectations. I'm at my goal weight and I love to eat healthy and excercise. I'm a wonderful friend, I make people laugh and I am a great listener and I offer sound advice every time. I am thriving in life, I've finally decided what to go to school for. I'm living my best life and it is only going to get better. I am filled with love and laughter. I am confident in myself and my abilities. I've started to date and I have found the one. Love comes to me easily.

No. 275258

File: 1657822706808.jpg (83.65 KB, 540x480, Black-Francis_The_Pixies.jpg)

i passed my test! i scored more than the minimum score i needed on each section!! it was a breeze i was freaking out for no reason it was so easy i did so well i am so glad i do not need to sit this exam again i passed and i am going out with my brother to celebrate i am filled with euphoria i have never felt this happier this was the biggest weight off my shoulders

No. 275294

File: 1657837014267.png (5.15 MB, 3840x2160, 1648260771838.png)

I will make new and lasting friendships with people who aren't my bf. I will keep my existing connections alive and become comfortable with new people and enter their worlds

No. 276567

File: 1658280036154.gif (1.44 MB, 250x254, 2CC988DB-018A-43C5-A136-E6E6E7…)

I will impress everyone I work with. I will excel in my current job. My scrote proposes to me. I manage to find a nice place to live with a backyard for my dog. I manage to make some new friends. I’m able to manage my money better. I gain a big follower count with mutuals who interact with me. I stop being dependent on alcohol.

No. 276595

I will have less social anxiety and I will get my own place

No. 276927

I will get the apartment I applied for
I will pass my 2 exams
He will come back to me begging and I will say "no, I have a boyfriend, BYE"
Said boyfriend I will meet at my new job. He is kind, smart, funny, is passionate, has great teeth and sculpted like a Greek God.
Heaven beyond, Universe mother please award me with these realities. I promise I deserve them and I will cherish them with my soul.

No. 276942

I will find a cute, loving, stable and monogamous gf who's a perfect match for me, doesn't live far away and doesn't have mental illnesses, emotional baggage, avoidance issues or obsession with her exes

No. 277734

I will get this job. I will move to the city of my dreams. I will meet him.

No. 277829

I'm living in a nice house in a village with my husband. We have everything we need and my mind is at ease. I'm loved and love people in return, and I enjoy being part of my community. The gardens grow wonderful food and flowers and I know how to use every plant that grows around me. I create art and stories that make people feel happy and warm inside. We sing and build things and we enjoy the wonders of nature all around us.

No. 277877

File: 1658782677173.gif (2.28 MB, 640x800, 5bab019ab2d2e1c8aad073d8302e00…)

I got the job, they'll be calling later this week, around Thursday or Friday. They know I got the job, it's just that it's a bit time consuming to fill all the paperwork and such. It's so close to home, I can't believe it. And I won't have to stand up most of the day. I'm thankful for my current job as well, but it just doesn't compare to this new position.
I gotta thank her also, she helped me so much! Maybe I'll buy some chocolates as a thank you gift.

No. 278666

File: 1659129102593.webm (2.62 MB, 480x854, fp0nhEp2o1vmobp0.webm)

My depression will be gone by the end of summer. I will no longer suffer.

No. 279667

File: 1659652855510.png (427.25 KB, 514x662, 1624230566688.png)

She's seriously into me and we will become a couple by the end of summer, and everything will be great exactly how I want it to be.

No. 280021

File: 1659865646478.jpg (23.49 KB, 564x563, 56855be81b67a1604db67aabe41bb7…)

My blood disorder will get better, my mental health will improve and no longer take over my life, my job applications will get accepted and I WILL move out of my mentally ill mother's home.

No. 280121

File: 1659906951782.jpg (100.96 KB, 750x895, tumblr_92521a9e51a14ceeec35e0c…)

my gums grew back
eugenio asked me out on a date i'm so excited
i exercise every day i am rarely home i am always outside doing stuff

No. 280125

File: 1659908884064.gif (330 B, 35x29, Tumblr_l_1751553966778.gif)

I successfully saved up for a good human hair wig. It's cute and it looks natural and it compliments my features incredibly well. I got over that problematic crush relatively quickly. I've become so confident and happy. I've been pursuing hobbies: writing, drawing, listening to music, watching films, educating myself on flowers, butterflies, and catholic iconography (my three special interests). I've become so much more outgoing and funny since I've become more confident. I don't care what people think of me anymore, I do not care if I'm being weird or annoying or stupid, I've become very happy and satisfied just being myself. I am happy and satisfied in life. I love my family, my friends, my pets. I have started to explore what I'd like to go to school for. I have finally become whole, I feel like a real person. I love life, things are going so well for me.

No. 280130

>special interest
Kek alright

No. 280148

Thanks for encouraging my manifesting journey, nonnie.

No. 280405

My little buddy is going to be okay, he's just sick for a bit, but he will be better soon

No. 280455

Good for you anon!!

No. 280489

Go Nonnie!!

He'll be okay Nonna!

No. 280839

I will be able to draw cringe husbando art. My motor issues will be a surmountable roadblock and nothing more.

No. 280866

I live the life 10 year old me would be so proud of. I live in my beautiful home that I have had recurring dreams of, looking out that window, curtains billowing. I got the job, with a perfect work-life balance for me and I'm independent, free to do and pursue as I please. I found love - I no longer look at all of my friend's companionship and feel yearning.

No. 280872

That something unexpected will happen, something positive that I can't even imagine, so I can look back at now and think what an idiot I was

No. 282104

File: 1660624032436.jpg (31.74 KB, 330x412, b344b54ba0d39257bc19708fc0bc40…)

You're impulsive [in a good way] You get the things you want because you go for it at the time. You have no anxieties about the present state of yourself because you know every day you are evolving and getting better. You no longer wallow in the regrets of the past

No. 282107

I’ve successfully moved into a better country, my work ethic is excellent and there are no overdue pieces in my work queue. I look outside the window and there’s plenty green and sunshine. I’m happy and proud of my work and everything has worked out so well. I’m so so happy for me.

No. 282140

I have paid all my tuition and we are living in peace and traveling around the world. I feel so happy and safe. My life is untouchable and perfect

No. 282239

I love my cushy office job downtown. I love my safe cozy home nearby. I love waking up full of energy and leaving work ready to enjoy the rest of my day. I love the professional development opportunities that my employer fosters. I love having enough extra money to really plan for the future.

No. 282304

I've finished my PhD and have a 3 figure salary with a career I can be proud of and take satisfaction in. I've saved up enough to live in a good home. I am in a healthy relationship with a partner that loves and supports me and whom I can share the rest of my life with. I've finally found my place in life and I'm so excited for the future.

No. 282312

The phone call will go well and I will get that interview for next week

No. 282336

i'm disciplined and have value, i work out every day, eat healthy, my skin glows and i have a toned curvy body. my hair is luscious and thick. i am tanned from my regular visits to the beach.

i have money saved aside, i spend carefully and make enough to not depend on my parents. i have a plethora of projects always coming my way and i'm known for my creative skills, ability to get things done, and reliability. i can sell my artwork.

i have people in my life who are smart and help me grow. i don't drink like i used to, i am not constantly overthinking and i can focus on things for hours at a time. i am constantly using my brain to its maximum capacity and ive learned to be efficient.

i'm thinking of starting my own studio soon. i'm gauging situations and places. i want to create a place for all the misfits. i want to teach. i have people in my life who can help my achieve this goal. we want to create shit that is crazy.

No. 282420

File: 1660803381467.jpg (17.96 KB, 378x450, 34df58e4928c49dd0f6434dc21cc5d…)

If you're so good at manifesting, how come none of y'all manifesters ever won the lottery?

No. 282530

My parents want to go with me on day trips. We're going to see gorgeous landscapes and talk about inane stuff that helps us be closer. Mom will relax and trust me on a mountain road long enough to enjoy herself, maybe even enough to put down her phone for five minutes. Dad and I will sperg about plants and geology, and I will find something, anything, for Mom to love talking about. If I'm really lucky, they'll slow down a few hours each week for me and we'll have a few good years doing this together. Thank you Universe, blessed be.

No. 282553

I will get over my ex. I will improve myself and my life. I will find someone who loves me and shares the same values, interests, and ambitions as me. One day, I will think about this time and how incredibly stupid I was to get so hung up over my loser ex who dumped me.

No. 282557

I am confident at work and feel satisfied that I am trying my best and doing a good job. I have hobbies that I do in my free time off of work and friends who I meet with on the weekends to de-stress and hang out. The guy I am talking to right now enjoys hanging out with me and spending time with me.

No. 282561

But I did

No. 282637

File: 1660922494541.jpeg (708.53 KB, 828x1207, C4CCC247-8DAB-45BF-AEFF-ACC708…)

I have already been notified that I was selected for the job. It is already mine.

No. 282797

I will continue to grow. By this time next year I will have more self confidence and a better job. I will have opportunities to live in a city that come to be.

No. 282813

I have the resilience to endure life's ups and downs and maintain inner peace. Love surrounds and flows through me

No. 283652

I am making a living wage working from home. I get up every morning to have a coffee and be productive. I take care of myself and spoil myself with my earnings. I am relaxed and happy, my skin is clear, I am able to enrich the lives of myself and my loved ones.

No. 283709

Manifesting that you find a new work opportunity fast, nonna.

No. 283750

I am learning how to communicate in a new way, and my loved ones will finally be willing to listen. I'm not going to be too fussed about this verbal loss thing. My vision will always be correctable by lenses.

No. 284223

Excited for loved ones to listen to what you have to say, Nonna. God speed for your good vision.

No. 284226

I live in a space that I feel comfortable in. In this space, I am increasingly creative and finish my novel's first draft on the planned date. I have returned to my exercise routine and am eating foods that I enjoy that fuel my body.

No. 284258

I wanna pass my exams. Please universe

No. 284260

I’m mentally stable with someone who loves me as much as I love him. My new apartment is gorgeous and I get new opportunities for my career. I love doing art and I’m improving steadily.

No. 284266

My brother moves out this year and me or a sister gets his room.

No. 284566

She takes an interest in me after I interact enough. We start talking and become friends. She likes me. She really does. Maybe we both start liking each other a lot.

No. 284599

I continue to have an organised schedule and life. I continue to keep only what is important to me in my life. I get the role I applied for and eventually find a role that is part time or obtain work through my passion. My partner takes example from me and improves his sleep cycle and dedicates time to what is important to him.

No. 284606

I am happy and healthy with lots of money and people who love me

No. 284610

did my 2 exams for my vocational baccalaureate on monday.. i think i failed pretty hard.. if i dont pass i will have to drop out of uni and enter next year after i re-take the exams in next july.
i will lose my part-time job because its dependent on part-time studying at uni
idk what to do. ive been crying at noon in the toilet @work and i just want to end my life :(

No. 284715

File: 1662002039288.jpg (22.05 KB, 400x400, hcYxn7hP_400x400.jpg)

Tomorrow I'm going to be a self-care queen. I'm going to wake up at 8:00AM, spend the first hour of the day getting ready for work and the second hour making and eating my breakfast. Then I will go to work, kick ass and actually get shit done, make time for myself to eat lunch at around 1:30PM (not skip like I usually do!). When I come home from work, I will make dinner and only do stuff for self-care. I will not do any work after hours because my day will be so productive that I won't have much left over anyway. And I will go to bed at midnight and feel happy and proud of myself for having a good day.

No. 284716

She will be there, she will give the all clear for now, I will get rid of this thing and will fucking thrive at that workshop and not be a failure.

No. 284740

I see myself as beautiful and find ways to explore that concept. I follow the inner voice my mother always tried to smother. I am spontaneous sometimes. I'm reflective enough that I don't regret my decisions and when I do I use them to learn. I'm not afraid to look unordinary.

No. 284749

Tomorrow I will call my (shitty) psychiatrist after putting it off for a month and get my Adderall and Wellbutrin refilled and then stop being the only bitch in the world who can eat fatass foods on prescription stimulants.

No. 284777

I will get through this unscathed. A windfall of money will come my way. My DMs will be noticed.

No. 284780

don’t worry nonna, i can also still eat an ungodly amount of food on my vyvanse. once i’m home for the night i simply get high as fuck and eat twice my ideal daily calorie consumption a mere hour before going to bed

No. 284933

File: 1662136531253.jpeg (32.55 KB, 256x256, 7CFC4E1D-76E9-4D34-AC46-AF71E5…)

777 GOD WILLS IT 777

No. 284955

I've always been eccentric, but lately I have been a little self-conscious about it for no real reason. I will veer back into self-acceptance and keep my head up. I will also get better at ignoring snide comments from nobodies I will never see again.

No. 284968

I am relieved my annoying, picky, 4 o'clock appointment no call, no showed

No. 284973

I volunteer today and then ask them to remove the remainder of my shifts. I prioritise myself on my weekends.

No. 284999

Hello, I am your spirit guide and I want you to know that his ass is dead meat

No. 285001


No. 285036

A job and a really nice apartment I can afford! I want to start living life now!!!!

No. 285316

So I've been trying to manifest a relationship with a guy I know. And the other night my mind was wandering during my manifestation to what if we got married. Then the next day he just mentioned that he would wear a certain thing to his wedding. He has never spoken about weddings or anything before. I'm taking that as a sign it is working

No. 285338

Manifesting the ability to study for a course for once and manifesting a lack of political shite being thrown around the classroom, for gods sake just let me do my math.

No. 285340

Something is about to happen that changes my whole life

No. 285590

File: 1662411978436.jpg (50.67 KB, 300x368, 08121_144110_frankblack_PA-2.j…)

i passed obgyn with 29+ and i passed imaging on the first try with 27+ i knew all the answers and they were all correct all of the questions were repeated in both exams im so glad i stayed here to study all august because it was worth it i finally have time to relax for a second i'm going out with friends to this event i always wanted to go to tonight!!

No. 285591

based frank black nonnie

No. 285619

File: 1662423027102.gif (1.31 MB, 250x187, 5EF73FD8-11CC-4BC5-8904-B73A34…)

I will get special consideration and be allowed to continue on my course.
I will forget him and my emotional wounds will heal.
I will make money and move out to somewhere I love.
I will achieve a state of emotional peace and never think of suicide again

No. 285832

My volunteer position will unlock a new found confidence in myself, give me direction towards a career/further employment opportunities, and i will FINALLY be able to maintain a semblance of structure and routine. This will confirm i'm on the right path.

No. 285874

I am manifesting that I finally get the fuck out of this sorry excuse of a house and finally get my own living space away from my family.

No. 285887

Peter Gerard Scully was "found" dead in jail
The other inmates made shivs with cans and metal bars. They scooped his eye out first, then they gutted him like a fish and curb stomped his intestines and ribs while shouting "No limits fun!". The guards turned a blind eye on it, and probably cried thinking about their own children. He will be the first of many.
The world breathes a little better today.

No. 285931


No. 285954

Women will prevail.

No. 285962

I'm getting that ap dress next month

No. 287218

I am not afraid of the dentist
I am not afraid of the dentist
I am not afraid of the dentist
I am not afraid of the dentist
I am not afraid of the dentist

No. 287221

I was about to beg you for the source before realizing the title thread… sigh i’ll be manifesting this as well

No. 287222

She loves me back. She loves me. She loves me so much.

Also please let me get that job I’m going to be good i promise please i need help with all this debt…

No. 287273

My kidneys will still be working by the time I’m 45

No. 287329

My ex will come back to me, forgive me, give me another chance, and love me again. I will try so much harder this time to foster a loving and caring relationship with her. She will be the happiest woman in the world.

No. 287333

File: 1662927372094.gif (316.21 KB, 256x275, 1627603916634.gif)

I will lose 50+ pounds.
My small business will take off.
I will get that job I've been applying for.
I will get everything on my wishlist.
I will finish every book on my reading list.
I will gain 10 pounds of muscle this year.
My anti-psychotic medication will continue to work for me.

No. 287336

I love my body, i feed my body well, i nourish it, i am healthy and active and strong

No. 287346

They contact me regarding the role today. I get the role after receiving a stellar reference. The role has less work than my current one and more pay. I have five days off to do as I wish. I'm less stressed. My sleep is better.
In the event I didn't get the job, I speak to my supervisor and handed in my two weeks notice. I have time to recharge before looking for a new job.
My skin continues to remain clear.
I see the neurologist. Nothing is wrong with my brain.

No. 287352

I want her to make a move toward me. I want her to come and talk to me and ask to marry me. I am ready for new growth. I will pass my exam and get my job. I will make money enough to move out and have lots of happiness everyday.

No. 287392

Bumping for cp spam

No. 287426

I just want to manifest positive mental health this week

Positive grades

And i hope i dont get too overwhelmed with school

No. 287578

She's serious about dating me, we will become official within a month from now and we will be very happy together.

No. 287595

First parts DONE and well deserved

No. 287597

I understand the concepts well enough to adequately complete my unit finals when the time comes. I can easily progress past this stuck point.

No. 287760

Instead of shitty affirmations thread can we talk about manifestation in general? I'm tired of how toxic 4chan thread is.

I'm into manifesting for 3 years now but I barely manifested anything. I read a lot of books and followed a lot of different teachers. At this point I'm just tired.
How is your luck anons? Is it manifesting easy for you?

No. 287771

I've posted a couple of things in this thread recently and they've started to happen. I don't know if manifesting is easy for me, but I just work towards the things I have control over, and hope for the best on the things I don't. Posting about it here tends to make me worry less about what I'm manifesting though, that's always nice. Reading books and following teachers about it seems like a lot of effort, I'd prefer to just do whatever I want to manifest

No. 288143

We fall in love with each other

No. 288146

because it's not real.

No. 288819

File: 1663614569300.jpg (6.05 KB, 320x180, 5HdMy4uGULRVeUMP4agdTK-320-80.…)

i passed clinical surgery with 29+ on my first try he asked me something i knew very well and went over several times, i submitted my application and everything went over so smoothly i had no reason to stress over this exam it was very chilled, i dont feel burnt out anymore im fully rested and happy, dont need to think of exams until december, i am going on a vacation next week to madrid life is good.

No. 288841

Manifesting a WFH job and the confidence and motivation to learn how to drive

No. 288860

Yesterday morning i was visualizing about getting the perfect car and having all my requirements met. Not two hours later my mom tells me she wants to give me her car. I feel like the girl from teen witch.

No. 288964

Manifesting becoming much better at my job and having my crush reciprocate my feelings. We will fall in love and move in together one day.

No. 288970

Love comes my way in all directions. I welcome it with open arms. I welcome it with warmth. It nourishes me. It is what I deserve. I am worthy of it. I am loved.

No. 289134

She will accept my main offer.
He will madly fall in love with me, obsesss over me and die for my attention.

No. 289464

I will find somone who loves me

No. 289652

Same here nonna

No. 289844

I will finish a marathon under the cut off time.
I will finish a marathon under the cut off time.
I will finish a marathon under the cut off time.
I will finish a marathon under the cut off time.
I will finish a marathon under the cut off time.
I am strong and can do it.
I am strong and can do it.
I am strong and can do it.
I am strong and can do it.
I am strong and can do it.

No. 289845

The man of muh dreams will find a way to just fall into my hermit arms, somehow.

No. 289846

I will find a person who loves me entirely and can't think of anyone else but me. We get married and they become a person who I can finally rely on. They're the person I've been waiting for my entire life.
My ex also will grow up to be a great person and she will stop hurting herself. She will grow up to be emotionally intelligent and available and she will not cheat on her partners. I sincerely hope this for her and she heals.

No. 289875

I ghostwrote these

No. 289877

Wishing you and your manifestations to bare fruit. Best of luck to you.

No. 289880

we will make a shit load of money at this festival!!!!

No. 290021

She will stop feeling weird and going out with loser scrotes who she clearly despises from the get go and make her feel like shit and we'll get back together and be happy again.

No. 290582

I will welcome a wonderful and powerful soulmate who will not cheat on me. I will overcome the pain from my ex and my ex will learn from her mistakes and become a better person and find inner peace and love.

No. 290896

My crush will start reaching out to me more, will open up to me, and develop strong feelings for me that will lead to us becoming more than friends. I will become more confident socially, more charming, and finally start the hobby I have in mind, becoming successful at it.

No. 290946

I will break these patterns and I will find someone who actually cherishes me!

No. 292085

The person I want falls in love with me, I succeed in my upcoming plans, I become better at my job, I make new friends. Life gets much better for me.

No. 292105

I will win tomorrow.

No. 292765

Manifesting the phone call to schedule my tubal ligation tomorrow

No. 293364

My crush has feelings for me too and will confess them soon, I will finally start my side gig and be successful, I will make more friends.

No. 293372

Wenn ich gehe, manifestiert sich mein Wille, wenn ich atme, manifestiert sich mein Wille, ich bin, was ich bin. Meine Ziele wurden erreicht und nichts kann sie jetzt rückgängig machen.

No. 293404

We can work through this and can get back together.

No. 293512

Manifesting this again, fuckkkk

No. 294103

I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love
I will find healthy love

No. 294173

The person I want feels the same as I do, we start interacting a lot more, our friendship turns into a relationship.

No. 294174

manifesting that he likes me back

No. 294192

manifesting that he will be obsessed with me

No. 294205

Manifesting that she will change and she will come to me with an offer

No. 294222

File: 1665891880893.jpeg (522.96 KB, 828x616, 73CCB735-C813-4927-A4E0-8D56A1…)

I am so grateful for my beautiful sexy model boyfriend. I thank goddess every day that he is so hot and also smells amazing.

No. 294369

Manifesting that I'll still feel good in the morning!

No. 295312

File: 1666446044475.jpg (87.46 KB, 736x1032, 14761c21755c566a698c7d33b308f3…)

I don't work retail anymore. I finally have a cozy office job that has good hours and pays more than my current job. My career is also growing because I'm communicative and creative.

No. 295385

File: 1666476946021.jpeg (24.2 KB, 501x750, 2728737338.jpeg)

I'll get this job I want. I will meet cool coworkers and have fun everyday at work. I will pull myself out of neetdom come

No. 295533

Manifesting that I'll spend the rest of my life with her. She chooses me over everything. She comes to my door with flowers. Well get married in october.

No. 295536

She comes to me with an offer I can't refuse.

No. 295537

One of everlasting love and commitment!

No. 295827

File: 1666660739134.jpg (205.06 KB, 736x884, 062702b996c4d34b00c900e5fac6a0…)

can't help but think my ex turning out to be shitty was a manifestation of me getting intrusive thoughts that he was without evidence or reason and expressing them accusatorily nonetheless. I would periodically get outbursts accusing him of being just this awful person from miniscule things because of insecurity. I would read so much into tiny unimportant things. I always felt so bad afterwards, because I would do everything in my power to cumb through things, get nothing, and get reassurance from him. I know absence of proof isn't proof, but I was very sure I was wrong. And then somehow, in a turn of events, I was so right. What are the odds?

No. 295867

love and attention are coming my way !

No. 295874

I develop stable friendships and meet new cool people. I am not alone anymore. Thank you.

No. 295875

That’s intuitive: if you were feeling and seeing that something’s off, that means there were indeed some reasons for that, I think so

No. 295977

File: 1666732717501.gif (212.26 KB, 400x478, 1646867017076.gif)

I am eating healthier and making time to exercise. I have a sleep schedule that leaves me feeling refreshed and energized. I am receiving job offers that pay me more. My life is full of love and attention galore.

No. 296020

That we will be able to work things out.

No. 296122

The one I want feels the same. We are together. We are in love. We are happy. Life is good.

No. 296208

For all the moids who post/make/watch cp to kill themselves amen.

No. 296273

That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do That we work out and stay together

I want you to love me like i do

No. 296457

Manifesting this for you and myself. Good luck.

No. 296808

Manifesting that the useless, disgusting, jobless, retarded manchild of a scrote in my house dies of ill health already (he's fat as fuck), finally freeing my brother and mother from his emotionally abusive shuckles.

No. 296812

Samefag I meant shackles. Lolcor doesn't want me to delete the previous post for some reason.

No. 296814

It's gonna be an easy fix, I am not in trouble. It's an easy fix and I am gonna be okay, it's not that big of a deal! Gonna laugh about it in 3 weeks time.

No. 297541























No. 297544

my stuff will arrive in the post safe and nice and i’ll have a great time. i’ll have the confidence to do what i need to do and i’ll be able to let go

No. 297545

everything will work out how it’s meant to and the circle of life will continue on.

No. 297546

I will have at least one irl friend by the end of next year. At least one.

No. 297548

I will finish my essay before 5pm tomorrow afternoon and get ihop pancakes to celebrate.

No. 297551

File: 1667538020000.png (849 KB, 690x709, AEE9EC4F-4C63-4168-9AF7-E83AAC…)


No. 297605

File: 1667578046011.jpeg (126.13 KB, 1080x1034, 6DC5483C-1CC6-4EDD-AB59-9D47B6…)

I will be selected for that study program. I will start in January. I will do well and not waste any time. I will no longer be a loser neet!!!

No. 297640

File: 1667591309527.jpeg (465.49 KB, 828x543, 51473F87-9BDF-4AE6-8A5F-8AA3F6…)

I have already passed the fundamentals exam and then the professional exam, both on the first try. It made me feel so proud that my scores were way above passing.

No. 297821

everything will go back to normal and this was just a misunderstanding

No. 298209

I will ace my upcoming internship interview and get that position. I will make money so I can move out and start living my life. I won’t allow my past to prevent me from taking opportunities and pursuing my greatest passions.

No. 298930

File: 1668274243190.jpg (70.71 KB, 600x989, 37786d0deea0761a30f9b7fed15e91…)

I have met the first part of this. Now I am working on the second part, hopefully this new opportunity I will meet new friends and gf soon.

I will have an awesome wardrobe with all the clothes I love and cool outfits.

No. 298935

I will stop being depressed today. I will return phone calls. I will feel better and more human.

No. 298936

File: 1668277060014.jpeg (9.66 KB, 300x168, 18D2A2E8-8872-42C2-B04D-EE73BC…)

he will text me and i will feel better and i will not hate my body so much

No. 298968

>All nonas get their desires instantly
>I am satisfied with myself and never compare myself to anyone else
>I am popular and have lots of genuine friends in the new year
>I have a good sense in fashion and am financially secure
>I stop thinking of random embarrassing memories at 3am
>I will be productive and have hobbies that I actually like
>My art improves drastically and I never give up, even on gloomy days
>I am surrounded by happiness and driven people

No. 298991

i will get all my desires instantly, i will do my art project and i will do it well so i don't fail. i will lose 50lbs and will stop hating my body, and i'll get over my trauma

No. 299010

i'm so happy to be coming out of my shell. it's easy for me to relate to other people and talk to them, and i am grateful for the new people in my life.

No. 299035

I'm more than a best friend to her. I'm the love of her life.

No. 299076

She returns to me and we work things out, she is very insistant in working together to be committed.

No. 299108

File: 1668358724223.gif (2.83 MB, 348x270, 1596809036537.gif)

I am confident and capable. My presentation goes perfectly and my analysis is convicing and well researched. I present it with ease and get a perfect grade.

No. 299112

File: 1668359889462.jpg (204.89 KB, 720x720, olga-of-kiev-did-not-mess-arou…)

My Thursday appointment will give me all the answers I seek and be the first step on my path to being well again.
I will gain back my energy.
I will be the strong woman I always was.
I will be kind, courteous and fierce.
No one will take advantage of me.
No one will control me.
The warrior long dormant within me will awaken.
I will become physically strong.
Mentally strong.
Spiritually strong.
Men will be intimidated by me.
I will use my strength to lift up my sisters.
My life is not over.
My life has only begun.

No. 299236

File: 1668419837678.jpeg (72.78 KB, 540x653, D1CC3870-86DE-4ED9-9EB1-93AFB0…)

he will email me back and invite me over

No. 299254

File: 1668429746817.jpeg (166.05 KB, 749x840, 7B646006-D26B-4A7E-AA37-8A8D2A…)

I effortlessly complete my goals for this week
I remain motivated and content
My short term efforts bleed into long term habits

No. 299348

he likes me back and will ask me to be his girlfriend

No. 299365

some success i've had manifesting in the past ~1 year
-manifested getting into top choice law school with (even with shitty grades)
-manifested a new best friend who is perfect for me
-manifested a FREE CAR
-completely changed negative self-talk into positive talk (sounds stupid but i would constantly say things like "i hate you" "you're an idiot" outloud to myself, now it's the opposite)
-tons of other smaller things like seeing a certain car color, getting a free treat, etc.
i fell out of the groove but looking at past success makes me feel really pleased with myself. also, as a tip: i see a lot of people here saying stuff like "I will be confident" or whatever. it's always best to phrase things in present tense or even past tense, like "I am confident" or "I was confident all the times I needed to be." just my $0.02.

No. 299543

Every morning I wake up and know that I will do a good job at work. I am happy with the way I look and have fulfilling hobbies that add to my life. I love my friends and am grateful to have them in my life. I don't feel alone anymore. I am no longer depressed and have the capacity to love and care for others.

No. 299556

Manifesting a boyfriend who loves me. Also I want sex again so give me it universe

No. 299557

manifesting good tickets to taylor swift's new stadium tour

No. 299594

Manifesting that for you and me

No. 300204

I will be brave enough to ask him out and he will say yes. We will have a healthy, happy relationship.

No. 300524

File: 1669096802843.jpeg (67.42 KB, 340x286, AEF04DCA-061F-4EA1-9E0D-B1A7FF…)

I have achieved my goals
Nothing distracts me from what I want
I do not give in to temptations
I rest easy

No. 301095

I’m writing my MA thesis with a lot of motivation, it’s going smooth and my career path will go well.

No. 301231

Studying comes easily to me.
I memorize everything I need.
I ace my test and get perfect grades.

No. 301232

he’ll text me
he’ll come see me this weekend
we’ll work everything out whatever that results in
It will give me peace of mind

No. 301234

I was brave enough to ask him out and he said no… Goddamn it

No. 301272

File: 1669619192898.jpeg (115.56 KB, 750x1000, CB64E1DC-F7C1-4524-8B07-27E307…)

Something will happen by Christmas. Or be still my wasted time.

No. 302078

File: 1670074650499.jpg (54.74 KB, 736x414, 949ccd4555a94197f1ce3f8c0b13f9…)

I work in a very boring office job. So boring, in fact, that I sometimes wonder why I did even bother getting up early and leaving the house if I'll be mostly clicking on excel to them be free the rest of the day. I have time to draw and browse the internet, even. My boss is kinda annoying but we don't even interact that much anyway. My coworkers are mostly on the older side, which makes the office atmosphere very quiet, serene even. No loud music blasting, just the tapping of the keyboards. When I leave, there's still a bit of sunlight. I work kinda close from home, so I don't have much hassle with commuting.
My weekends are completely free. I can enjoy watching movies every Friday with my fiancee.

No. 302156

His life falls apart without me.
He realizes I am the best thing that will ever happen to him and he ruined it.
He comes crawling back desperate for things to be how they were.

No. 302182

Echoing this for you, nonnie. I know that he will be miserable without you, because he was always a miserable person.
When I got sick of my abusive ex's crap and moved on with my own life, he descended into substance abuse and eventually killed himself to avoid a pending court date. After everything he put me through, this brings me peace, and I am happily married with a baby on the way. I hardly ever think of him, but when I do, all I feel is relief. I want that for you.

No. 302183

I've been there. The more you acend, the more disgusting that last part is.

No. 302189

File: 1670122797841.jpeg (904.83 KB, 1300x1000, 14C4B866-5BD0-4892-AFD4-B7E534…)

I will have a job where I feel comfortable and safe. I will work every day and will meet my goals. I will help my husband and lift the guilt off my shoulders. I am confident and brave.

No. 302285

I have a fun and fulfilling job that pays enough for me to live very comfortably and eat sushi every weekend. I have hilarious coworkers that make me enjoy going to work everyday.

No. 302351

I will be brave tomorrow and do what I need to do.

No. 302360

I will be good at this business. I will study accountancy. I will be financially comfortable. I will be confident in myself. I will be physically strong and healthy. My life will be better in 2023.

No. 302542

File: 1670288887849.jpg (43.52 KB, 540x540, fdaa9f0bb98b5d4cb2243858e6227d…)

I will power through today and send questions to my teacher soon.
Then I will nap.
I will get my stuff done in time even if I have to pull near-all-nighters but I will not worry myself silly because it will be done eventually. A little missed sleep isn't the end of the world. I will not let the anxiety eat me. It's okay to be overwhelmed, sometimes time slips through our fingers, but I will get through it. It doesn't mean I'm a bad student if I still work hard, even if I'm a little bit late. Everyone makes mistakes and does something less efficiently than they should have.
This is a part of learning and growing.

I will be okay and next week on Friday I will have the loveliest relaxation day for the semester's end.

No. 302548

I needed to read this, thank you. You are clearly very smart and observant and you will definitely do everything you need to do very well.

No. 302564

File: 1670302443257.gif (12.76 KB, 90x90, dsfdfs.gif)

Awww, nonnie! You're so sweet, I didn't think anyone would reply. If you're in the same situation as me… Let's do our best together and get through this! I'll be sending you psychic good vibes!

No. 302613

She messaged me back and we hit it off right away. She showed the songs she wrote and they were beautiful. I showed her some of my old poetry and she used some of it for a new song she started writing.

No. 303266

Why is that when I try to manifest something bad it happens, but when I try to manifest something good, be it for me or someone else, it doesn't happen? I believe I literally manifested life threatenig illnesses to people I wanted gone from my life, in a quite short time, like 2-4 months kek. I didn't want them to get cancer or MS, I just wanted them to disappear from my life what the fuck

No. 303273

Forgot to add, around that time we had a weird housemate who was into new age kind of shit and he totally randomly called me a very powerful witch and said he can sense I was someone powerful in my past life kek

No. 303279

It's January, and I just got back from winter break. I am happier and look better than ever. I recovered from bulimia over break and started seeing a therapist. I have been working out consistently and am in great shape. I am so excited to start this new semester. I will do great in all my courses and stay on top of my work and excel this semester. I have changed for the better, and can finally start to reach my full potential!
I don't have breakdowns over guys anymore or blow up their phones. I give them their space so they can chase me. The guy who I was talking to last semester comes back and is ready for a relationship, and invites me to his formal.
I believe in myself and I am confident I can achieve this.

No. 303280

I will gain discipline and eat better,

No. 303595

File: 1670797483519.jpg (2.09 MB, 1632x1024, frank-black-the-catholics0001.…)

I'm so happy I got full marks on my internal medicine exam! 30L! It was my 3rd 30L so now I get to have an extra point added on my graduation grade. I was sure I would ace it and I did! I studied consistently for months and it paid off. Written part was very easy, I knew I would not miss a single question there. Oral part was super chill and easy too! I gave very clear and thoughtful explanations and differential diagnoses, Prof. was extremely impressed by me she could not help but give 30L. I'm so thankful that I started taking medication for my anxiety it really helped me cope with stress better and improved my grades tremendously.

No. 304267

File: 1671205231338.jpg (201.68 KB, 736x1107, 674592e1e0918a8aa34d4635ad71fa…)

I sometimes draw stuff that I want (like objects or scenarios)
I guess that counts as manifesting as well, right?

No. 304282

Same but so far I haven't seen any of the guys I've drawn fucking each other

No. 304295

I will meet someone who will love me the way I love everyone else. Who will tell me I'm beautiful and I'll believe them because I can see it in their eyes. My forever person who will hold me in their heart

No. 304300

Kek maybe it did happen and you just wasn't there to witness it

No. 304335

File: 1671236662352.png (37.84 KB, 430x389, insanity 7.png)

He will become less shy. He will talk to me because he wants to. He will turn out to be normal and not secretly a freak abomination Y chromoid disaster. We will go from there.

No. 304352

I will try every day to be kind and understanding of everyone’s situation. Try to see the view and position they are in. I will be thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life. Be more thankful for my family and friends and actively seek them out. I won’t use people and take advantage of them anymore. I don’t want to lie and live a new healthy open inviting positive life. I want to spread positivity and appreciate everything. I won’t be selfish anymore. I don’t want to be the terrible person I’ve been. I’m a spoiled ungrateful person that needs to be thankful for all the special people I am blessed enough to love and love me back.
stop being a hypocrite to god and live to strive to be understanding and loving like god. I need to believe in a healthy faith and appreciate god. Beg for forgiveness and mean it. Say prayers for everything and everyone I’m thankful for everyday. Not just praying but actively putting into motion.

No. 305330

Post your birth chart, this sounds interesting. Stuff like that can be seen in aspects to the south node.

No. 305332

It's January. We just got the call - you got the job. We are going home. It's going to be stressful to move again, but it'll be worth it to be home. By the time February rolls around, we will be on a flight home. We will land, and it'll be cold and it'll feel great. We will be happy again, where we belong, and I will finally see you smile again. Everything will be ok. I am going home next year, before the thaw. We are going home.

No. 305352

They only have 3 or 4 more candidates for this position. I'm easily the most qualified and prepared, and also enthusiastic. They really like what they are seeing and judge me perfect for the job. They'll still interview some others, but they know it's going for me. I start in January.

No. 305355

I got diagnosed with a terminal illness. Death is swift. The suffering is over.

No. 305709

I'm so sorry, anon.

No. 306112

File: 1672703944921.jpg (120.66 KB, 736x981, 5cab9ff1327ca10e8cf567d16127cf…)

This week is going to go amazingly, to start off 2023 great. I know exactly what is to come, and I claim it all, I deserve it after all of my hard work.

No. 306134

File: 1672716248355.gif (2.6 MB, 640x578, jerma985-jerma-eats-bird.gif)

I get a better paying job. College goes smoothly. I make better friends. I get a fucking break from all the stress.

No. 306150

Im gonna be more productive.
Me and my bf will get engaged in the end of the year and our love will keep growing.
I am healthy and my skin is glowing
The universe loves me and works on my favor.
Things are good.

No. 306152

Yeah, you're out of your funk this year, and for the coming years. You're doing great and you're deemed capable of that position you want. You'll learn so much, do well in college, get that override you need, and get an internship — you'll end their smugness soon. You'll be happy with who you are at this moment, and you're certain of the direction you're going. You're proud of yourself. Your parents will be healthy. You'll find where you belong.

No. 306164

File: 1672748232088.gif (3.52 MB, 360x202, 1669496650258.gif)

I manifested getting the highest grades for my college assignments and exams!

No. 306180

What the hell. I posted this and got a call back this morning from a job I had been eyeing for a while. 2023 is looking good!
So happy for you anon!

No. 306243

File: 1672783975006.gif (1.38 MB, 320x218, c5bacb4b9aea33d6b935ea8999b3e8…)

>mfw I randomly saw a video yesterday about "Grabovoi Codes" and I repeated the "Unexpected Money" number one outloud for shits and giggles and today I got a random bonus from my boss
Anyway I've been feeling really good lately, sending the good energy out to everyone itt
the numbers were 520 741 8

No. 306482

im manifesting an illness, i can't kill myself because of my family. terminal illness or a freak accident is my only way out.

No. 307510

They'll choose me. They definitely will. Tomorrow afternoon I will get the call and they'll tell me that I got the job.

Other jobseeking nonnies manifest with me now:


No. 307521

I'm manifesting the people in my life treating me better. so many of the people I really thought had my back just straight up forgot my birthday this year and I still feel depressed about it. I want to be important enough for them to remember

No. 307522

We got the job, anon! Let's celebrate!

No. 309614

File: 1674161596771.jpg (29.85 KB, 337x480, Pixies.black.francis.jpg)

I got the highest possible mark on the SJT! I'm ranked in the top percentile! The exam was a breeze, all of my answers matched perfectly with the rationale. Now I don't worry about deaneries! With my score, I can get in anywhere I want. I'm so happy, this has been my literal dream and now it came true!!!

No. 309662

My tear troughs will disappear. I will start writing again. My brain tumor will shrink.

No. 309688

My cat is healthy and he does not need surgery. He's fine. And the vet did not make me pay any extras. Because my cat is perfectly healthy

No. 309722

I will make new friends at this event that will be as autistically enthused about the subject as i am. I will make new friends at this even that will be as autistically enthused about the subject as i am. I will

No. 309836

He will reach out to me and we'll reconnect, closer than ever.
I will stick to my exercise and diet routine.
I will improve my skin.
I will do great this semester.

No. 309854

I will have a house and it will have a pool in the garden, and I will swim every day in the open air and sunshine.

No. 309862

I'm a happy, rich, successful, well-known working film and voiceover actress. Money comes to me quickly and easily, I can afford everything I want now and life is immensely satisfying. My baptism and wedding will go quickly and easily without a hitch. I'm easily able to enforce boundaries with my mother and I finally have agency and control over my life.

No. 309971

I'm not retarded anymore!

No. 310027

File: 1674477587870.jpg (22.42 KB, 564x549, 07b77a9c37ded490e6cd837df8cbbd…)

I'm manifesting that this retarded scrote texts me back and agrees to meet up one last time so that I can leave him with blue balls, drop him like a hot potato and block him after.

No. 310033

I will go to all my classes today. I will go to the gym today. I will not binge eat today. I will wash my sheets today.

No. 310060

I will not unblock my ex. I won't text or call him. I will get over this. I will study for the exams every day and I will pass all of them.

No. 310070

You can do it nonie!!

No. 310073

I will get better with managing my finances. I will learn to cook. I will be consistent with my workout routine. I will be more consistent with my skincare routine. My skin will become flawless again. Therapy will help with my communication skills with my boyfriend. My boyfriend will propose within the next year and a half to 2 years (we've been together for 8 months and my friend who got together with her fiance got engaged on Dec 31 and is pushing for me to get engaged, and I'd love to because he's perfect). I will get promoted in November. I will get my septorhinoplasty within the year. I will read deeper books. My scalp issues will go away.

No. 310074

Oh… well in that case, I'm still sorry.

No. 310137

File: 1674559087382.jpeg (60.64 KB, 680x679, FdkzZcXWQAERPbv.jpeg)

You and me both <3

No. 310208

He messaged me because he misses and wants me. He realizes what he did was wrong.

No. 310370

we talk more often and he will invite me to the college ball

No. 310485

I'm doing great at my job and my coworkers appreciate me and enjoy seeing me around the office. I'm doing a good job of balancing my work life and personal life. Outside of work, I have a good handful of friends who care about me and who I can talk to about whatever is going on in my life. I've met a guy who I really get along with and we motivate and support each other in our goals for the future.

No. 310492

I believe in love again.

No. 311069

File: 1675294160636.jpg (15.24 KB, 320x212, 35natures7.jpg)

I will fucking ace the job interview tomorrow. They're gonna sign me up on a full time office contract and I'll say goodbye to the part time waitress job.
Life will get better because I'm about to make so much money.
Currently manifesting this but also shitting myself a little

No. 311070

i find my ring

you'll do great anon!

No. 311071

File: 1675295119145.jpeg (37.23 KB, 595x368, 71EC53CE-FFC8-48A4-9393-FFAAE2…)

I will get over my ex-boyfriend, I will stop crying over him almost every day and I will meet and fall in love with an amazing new guy. I will be happy again. Everything will be okay.

No. 311077

he will talk to me tomorrow

No. 311122

We will hang out and I will get a kiss soon

No. 311123

I'm very new to manifesting and I'm realizing that I should be studying up more. I have a hard time calming my mind and I feel that that is distorting my intentions.

I tried the 17 second exercise on something really harmless. Like "there will be pasta for dinner". This was on Tuesday. I was also really upset with a coworker. I had to deal with an emotionally immature older woman who always has to dominate every conversation I have with her. Its obvious that she doesnt see me as an equal to her and it frustrates me. My mind was full of anger despite how much I tried to calm myself.

In the next day I found out that her family actually had pasta for dinner. My coworker did not eat it that night but her daughter did and she got violently ill with food poisoning. I feel a little freaked out.

No. 311149

I'm so glad what I'm doing is finally working and my skin is clear.
It's also lovely that we've startd talking regularly and it seems she's returning my feelings.

No. 311170

I am on my way to being skinny again. I have recovered from binge eating for good. I am skinny now.

No. 311172

File: 1675384567631.jpg (106.15 KB, 720x959, IMG_20230202_051724.jpg)

i will graduate from nursing school and pass the state board exam and start my career.

No. 311174

I will lose 100kg within a year and save up for a nose job. I desire a smaller nose… a prettier face. I will do both of these.

No. 311206

I will lose at least 40lb by the end of the year.

No. 311244

you should strive to become a kinder person this year

No. 311298

File: 1675464638105.jpg (134.44 KB, 1200x1200, 8e92d417a03c4c609ffc929a14e148…)

I will give my room a makeover with a more aesthetic look. I will organize and clear up all junk in our house and yard. It's already the second month of a new year and I'm so tired of living in clutter with old ugly stuff with my family.

No. 311425

File: 1675551684772.jpg (79.34 KB, 457x640, EU7x4b-X0AAyxoY.jpg)

I passed emergency medicine with 31/30. It was very chill and easy I overstudied per usual but it definitely paid off because I answered all of the questions correctly, seeing 100% correct with a full green circle on the screen at the end of my exam was the most satisfying feeling in the entire world. Another exam out of the way! I'm super happy and relieved. I'm going out with my friends to celebrate the exams we've passed!

No. 311438

they will both call me for an interview very soon

No. 311513

File: 1675622350815.png (413.83 KB, 624x692, a604rad7j4651.png)

I no longer feel guilt and regret for not living the life my younger self thought I would have, and for not doing the things I thought I should have.
I have healed from my past trauma and no longer hold resentment towards the things that have happened to me.
I am content with myself, but know that I am capable of becoming so much more and am deserving of such growth.
I forgive myself.
I respect myself.
I love myself.

No. 311518

This made me cry nonna. May all your dreams come true.

No. 311529

this worked, i found it!

a friend of mine will offer me a spare room.

No. 311631

File: 1675678397584.gif (324.35 KB, 400x276, 77C9FCE2-0015-4599-8112-4D115B…)

In the year 2023 I am at my goal weight, I finished school and have a chill job with flexible hours. I improve my art skills enough to have a cute side business I can run with my art buddies.

No. 311819

File: 1675817838698.jpeg (149.24 KB, 1072x1200, Pixies_black_francis.jpeg)

I passed public health with 31/30. It was by far the easiest written and oral exam I've done so far, I knew everything by heart. Hearing them announce our grades and me getting the perfect score on the written test was incredibly satisfying. Oral lasted 2 minutes and she gave me 30 e lode. I finally finished all my exams from this year! I'm incredibly happy and proud of myself. I'm going out to see this gig tonight with my friends to celebrate our win!

No. 311823

We will talk to me on Thursday and I will see him at the party
he likes me and i like him back
we are happy

No. 311866

I find out the truth about why he treats me the way he does and why the type of guys I go for never seem to be into me
I meet someone I'm very attracted to who finds me equally attractive

No. 311881

File: 1675870113424.gif (1.03 MB, 530x401, 1-5955cafe79.gif)

I've moved to a new country. I live in a nice, cozy, safe, and quiet apartment of my own, surrounded by the things I love with no one to disturb or yell at me. I have a stable and fulfilling job with pleasant coworkers, as well as hours and a salary that allow me the time and money to devote myself to my self care, hobbies, interests, and my side business that utilizes my artistic skills.

I'm a successful artist and am constantly striving to improve my art skills. I post my art online and have a decent following. I make a sustainable income from my art. I feel fulfilled in my artistic journey.

I reconnect with old friends and meet and befriend interesting people from all walks of life. I even meet the man or woman of my dreams, who looks and acts exactly how I've always pictured them. We slowly but surely fall in love and go on nice dates together.

No. 312029

I am beautiful. I am divine. I deserve the nicest things in life. No moid will ever make me ugly. Moids are parasites, looking for a host to latch onto. They are useless. Moids are dispensable. I am a goddess. Naturally beautiful, divine, confident, kind to all, I radiate beautiful girl energy. A male is a demonic entity that only becomes relevant when I give it relevancy by paying it any mind.

No. 312040

File: 1675960091327.gif (671.21 KB, 220x293, 48CC083D-D5DF-4C54-8852-106F76…)

I'm beautiful, my skin is clear, my hair is perfect, I'm losing weight and getting to my goal weight. Everyone likes me and my art. I'm getting better at my art. My flat is always clean and everything works well. My girlfriend lives with me and we are happy. Job is looking for me and not the other way around, pays well and i barely have to do anything. World stops going to shit and it gets better. My mental health is in perfect condition, nothing makes me sad anymore. I'm doing great at uni and not stressed at all.

No. 312828

File: 1676423308641.jpg (108.58 KB, 735x573, f22c03c14da3a78df711897ba3a531…)

On thursday he will follow me back, everything falls into place and it will always work out on the end

No. 313519

from now on, he talks to me everyday

No. 313522

i ace the interview, they recognize that i am the best candidate for the job, and they give me a great offer

No. 313530

I am healthy I don't have any diseases my skin is clearing up my hair is growing back my skin is tightening up I am losing fat Im building back muscle my organs are okay I'm pretty my teeth are healthy I am okay I will live a long life and I will run again

No. 313629

File: 1676928278437.jpg (337.51 KB, 880x1172, yes.jpg)

Each day brings me something new, I always have something fun to do. No day is the same, no day is monotone. I am happy and secure. People care about me. Thank you.

No. 313635

tomorrow won't be a disaster and won't end in humiliation

No. 313648

I will not do that thing I’ve been doing for years anymore.
I’m naming it now. I know I need to stop, if I continue as I am I know it will just get worse and I may have to openly admit the problem which will be embarrassing.
If I stop now in a few months there will be no evidence I even had the problem.
I can do it, I am capable of doing it, I will do it.
(It’s not drugs or alcohol just so you know!)

No. 313725

I meet the man the universe promised me in 2017.
If not I have the courage to go into the ocean 2023.

No. 313821

File: 1677039864133.jpg (33.11 KB, 780x438, entries-1.jpg)

the manifestation didn't work

No. 313850

You're not supposed to focus on the undesired outcome (no disaster and humiliation) in your manifestations. Do some reading about manifesting if it interests you so you understand the basics.

No. 313885

The weather gods will fuck my shit up hard when I next drive through a storm.
I will have one or more instances where my safety is not guaranteed.
I will feel actual fear at least once before that part of my brain deteriorates for good.

No. 313899

File: 1677088325388.png (1.56 MB, 898x892, my purple ipod nano.png)

It's May, and I've lost a significant amount of weight already! I feel more confident in my body and i look great in cute clothes. I have a job that I don't hate and that makes enough money to pay the rent. I've ruled out all the options for university I have and I'm positive I'm getting into one of them! I've already met some great female friends in uni, and studying is nothing like in high school. Oh, and my bf and I have a good plan to get tf out of this country kek.

No. 314421

File: 1677441131824.jpeg (43.29 KB, 430x320, 091209-winston-calling-main.jp…)

I passed Clinical Immunology, Rheumatology and Dermatology with 31/30. I knew I would get 30 e lode because I overstudied like I always do. I answered every single question she asked in a milisecond. Hearing the professor say she's very impressed by my knowledge was so satisfying and it made all the effort I put in this exam worth it. Today is my birthday, and this was the best gift and the perfect way to start the day. I'm filled with immense joy and happiness and I've been smiling and giggling all day. I'm so relieved I feel light as a feather. I'm going out to dinner with my closest friends to celebrate!

No. 314499

File: 1677485896458.jpg (76.21 KB, 1024x622, aygb5za9scs61.jpg)

He calls me, apologises for taking so long and gives me the job. I am really happy and relieved, I can focus all this good energy I've accrued on my home and my pets. I even get offers on my other applications even though I don't need them anymore, I have options. My work is appreciated ! I take good decisions for the uni I want to attend for the last year of my Masters degree wether or not I enter this prestigious program and I am really proud of myself. I feel great, my pets are healthy, my boyfriend is loving and kind and everything is good on this sunny spring morning

No. 314648

File: 1677573182009.gif (81.89 KB, 319x240, 25C0BCFF-581E-4927-9D37-212D99…)

i smash all my deadlines and choose the best uni for me. my art is awe inspiring. my mom is finally proud of me. also i meet a whole new radfem friendgroup theyre all nerdy like me and they love me. my skin is clear. im a skinny legend with amazing style and no one knows i have autism.

No. 314683

i will brush my teeth twice a day and floss after EVERY meal. i will go do it right this second

No. 315016

he answers my ig story

No. 315427

He texted me back because he misses me! He just needed a little time to think things over - and it made him realize how much he wants me and cares about me and that I care about him. Yes, he realizes he this was all a misunderstanding. We talk everyday. It's so much fun. We kiss and hug and fuck and live happily every after!

No. 315441

File: 1678050392384.jpeg (258.58 KB, 836x600, 2012FrankBlackPA-7442991231112…)

I passed Pediatrics with 31/30. It was truly the easiest exam I've ever done. I answered all of the questions correctly because I overstudied like I always do, working so hard this month has paid off. The last exam out of the way! I have officially passed all of my medical school exams and I won't think about exams for a long long time. Signing my grade for the last time was the most satisfying feeling ever. I'm extremely happy and incredibly proud of myself for accomplishing this. I genuinely felt this huge weight coming off my shoulders the moment I signed my grade. I'm so ready to enjoy the rest of the year. I'm going out to this pub I've been wanting to go to for a long time tonight to celebrate finishing all of my exams!

No. 315444

He’s actually truly been working on himself during the time we’ve been apart, admits he’s been stupid and a fuckup, apologizes and does the work to earn back my trust, and we live happily ever after and he doesn’t act like a retard ever again

No. 315464

He really needs me, needs me, he needs me
He needs me, he needs me, he needs me

No. 315618

File: 1678131008480.gif (1.68 MB, 500x281, 1663397851324.gif)

I get invited to house parties every weekend like in those corny early 10s hipster music videos and I am living a fun college life! Thank you ♥

No. 315638

File: 1678141658344.jpg (34.42 KB, 320x320, img.jpg)

I am eating wingstop right now. I'm so grateful to be eating wingstop.

No. 315654

File: 1678151202189.jpg (44.67 KB, 400x400, a10fa591906eccb4a29da64c5df6cc…)

He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
His love is sweet
His love is pure
His love is strong
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me
He is in love with me

No. 315660

happy 4 u

No. 315664

She finally wakes up to life and falls in love with me for good and forever.

No. 315716

The period of life I'm in is a transitory phase, and the doors to have healthier connections/social life will open very soon.

No. 315795

He missed me, he wants me, he texted me. I'm going to see him next week. I'm going to look so beautiful and he'll be putty in my hands.

No. 315819

I am successful in my weight loss, I am gorgeous, I am successful, I am thriving academically and I am the happiest I've ever been.

No. 315927

I feel much more positive now and know what to do to change things. I'm so grateful.

No. 315959

I will learn to organise my life and be able to motivate myself to be productive. I will stay on top of my tasks so that I do not need to feel anxious about them.
I will lose weight and feel happy with my body.
I will feel energized and enjoy myself without being dependent on substance use.
Social opportunities will present themselves to me and I will make full use of them.

No. 315979

File: 1678318343223.jpeg (44.68 KB, 1000x666, d1135d-20150406-frank-black.jp…)

I just found out that I got into Severn and that Dr. Colombini has signed the document accepting I'll do my internship with him in April I'm over the moon. I'm going to bike to my favorite movie theatre in the city and watch the new cate blanchett movie! Freaking out was so pointless everything went exactly how I wanted it to go at the end.

No. 316057

File: 1678369973533.jpeg (326.1 KB, 736x1077, F155F784-7079-4770-8CCB-017936…)

I’m so relieved and grateful that the meeting is today. If you’re reading this, then today will be the best ever for you too!

No. 316224

I'm so grateful for my friends and all the fun we have together

No. 316816

File: 1678732142032.jpeg (30.05 KB, 250x334, cff3b69f-229b-5a1b-8895-e32d3c…)

I have a wardrobe full of old school Victorian Maiden items and I'm so very grateful for it I cry every day and more

No. 316818

I hope all of the anon's job contracts will be renewed to ensure financial stability

No. 316835

I was about to say I’m jelly af but then I realized which thread this is. Joining in

No. 316891

File: 1678813255733.jpg (61.98 KB, 640x729, IMG_20230116_154611_644.jpg)

isnt it so nice that he asked me to the dance nonnies?

No. 316922

Ugh that dress…with lace up boots, black lace gloves, ringlets and a red ribbon…i want to larp

No. 317080

I will raise the rent effortlessly, I am pleased to be a capitalist. It is me who has the upper hand, this makes me glad.

No. 317085

I will make a very good impression in Japan. I will start drawing my comic book soon. I will start making my own money, and lots of it.

No. 317086

It's my birthday and I'm having a lovely day! The guy I like has feelings for me. He's taking me to his spring formal. Sometime this month we'll have a serious talk about the future and he'll introduce me to his sister and parents. I am so hopeful about the future. I am ready for my exams this week and feel at peace with the world. The weather is great and my friends are all well. My friend who used to have financial/family troubles talked to her dad about it over spring break and the situation is much better now. She is feeling relieved and isn't so down. My grandma and the rest of my family is healthy. My ex boyfriend finally found a therapist to work on his depression. My dad is getting clean and sober and is looking for a real job. My mom is giving herself a break instead of overworking herself so much.

No. 317087

It's my birthday and I'm having a lovely day! The guy I like has feelings for me. He's taking me to his spring formal. I am so hopeful about the future. I am ready for my exams this week and feel at peace with the world. The weather is great and my friends are all well. My friend who used to have financial/family troubles talked to her dad about it over spring break and the situation is much better now. She is feeling relieved and isn't so down. My grandma and the rest of my family is healthy. My ex boyfriend finally found a therapist to work on his depression. My dad is getting clean and sober and is looking for a real job. My mom is giving herself a break instead of overworking herself so much.

No. 317088

It's my birthday and I'm having a lovely day! The guy I like has feelings for me. He's taking me to his spring formal. I am so hopeful about the future. I am ready for my exams this week and feel at peace with the world. The weather is great and my friends are all well. My friend who used to have financial/family troubles talked to her dad about it over spring break and the situation is much better now. She is feeling relieved and isn't so down. My grandma and the rest of my family is healthy. My ex boyfriend finally found a therapist to work on his depression. My dad is getting clean and sober and is looking for a real job. My mom is giving herself a break instead of overworking herself so much.

No. 317300

I will get the summer research assistant position I applied for with my favorite professor!

No. 317355

File: 1679099293665.jpeg (28.15 KB, 897x713, 7B873B07-8B25-473B-9A50-12759F…)

I met my ideal boyfriend at the show I’m going to next week.
I have a great time and everything goes exactly how I want it to.

No. 317457

File: 1679148885523.jpg (47.43 KB, 640x640, EWaJbeEWsAACuQR.jpg)





No. 317460

It's funny cause since my favorite manga series had a game released by Sega, a lot of people got into it solely because of the game. I thought the game would become more of a niche thing for fans only, but I guess the RGG style of gameplay drew people in. I'm not complaining though, more merch for me. Also thank fuck they ported it to switch, unlike the RGG series. I hope this means that those will be ported as well, after the success of the manga game.

No. 317534

im grateful he answered my dms and he thinks the msg is very cute

No. 317536

I will make my comic, learn German, and get a boyfriend with a pleasant smell to him

No. 317627

I will get a new fully remote job by April. I will glow up and start taking vitamins.

No. 317628

File: 1679254221785.png (130.23 KB, 664x680, .png)

Let's talk about success stories.
I feel like a lot of my manifestations were accidental, this is a recent one:
>really into those small 90s shades but don't want to get the plastic crap that will ruin my eyesight and can't afford actual good stuff
>keep thinking about it for like two or three months then forget about it
>noot soon after my dad tells me he found his old Polaroid shades he used to wear in the 90s and that I can have them if I want to
>they look exactly like the one's I've been eyeing online
>mfw I manifested without intent
Probably the most specific thing I manifested. Other things that I can recall from last year up to now are (all accidental too):
>an ex friend reaching out to me
>meeting specific people when volunteering
>getting offered acid
>getting invited to a rave

No. 317638

I will find peace in any waking moment,I will be disciplined in any waking moment,I will be cute-looking in any waking moment.

No. 318050

Not sure if this counts since they tend to go down that route anyway, but I manifested the ultimate euphoria surgery for a tranny I know and two weeks later he announced he was going for the chop. He's since been MIA because of 'personal health reasons'. Personally I count this as a success and I'm manifesting this for many other brave and stunning specimens.

No. 318573

i will sit next to him tomorrow, we will talk and it will all be ok

No. 318575

File: 1679856779408.jpg (269.34 KB, 1200x1200, a2012758074_10.jpg)

In a few months I'm moving to the country of my dreams with my girlfriend, I feel content with my life.
My art is doing better than ever.
I'm ready to move on from my past and forgive myself.
I'm healing.

No. 319147

I want to manifest me passing the exam i just had and the last one for the semester so I can graduate, get my licence and break free from the cycle of having shitty part time jobs where I'm treated like shit everyday by staff. Once i get my licence to practice i will make so much money and be comfortable. I will never have to deal with bitter Karens who have nothing better to do than to invalidate and shit on me. I will never have to deal with them ever again or feel the anxiety of not having enough money for rent and food so much so I have to go to a workplace where i dont feel welcomed. Amen.

No. 319295

File: 1680267713733.jpg (193.03 KB, 736x1033, 8cc477b264092bb85f5282e159ba34…)

I am so happy this game got a Switch revival! Probably due to the huge Animal Crossing New Horizons success and Hogwarts Legacy hype as well - I guess they could even spin it as a wholesome, non problematic alternative to that. The new graphics are very cute as well, akin to the PuffPals Island Skies one, but it's oozing with personality because of its fantastical weird world. Posts on Twitter everywhere really excited about how you can actually date the townfolk as well, and lots of ACNH crossover art. Everything in the game has been improved and they took a lot of notes from ACNH as well for the customization aspect. I can't wait to play it, and people that had Animal Crossing fatigue are also picking it up and loving the interactions and charm.

No. 319401

File: 1680296959228.gif (9.04 MB, 1500x933, suncat.gif)

They thought I sounded smart and capable and hot in my interview and they are putting together a great package that will pay me more than I've ever made at a job before. They will email me next week to start ASAP and I can quit my stupid mall job. I will find the work rewarding and if it's hard then I will rise to the challenge. I will find a really nice chair that I love and I will be able to afford it.

No. 319425

Where did you hear about it? When I search I only get the ds and 3ds versions, nothing about the switch

No. 319455

Soon you'll see

No. 319896

What is this game?

No. 319989

He feels better. He's ready to talk to me again, and when he does, he'll realize how much he missed me. We have an amazing spring and summer. He loves me. I love him.

No. 320711

File: 1680965138180.jpg (103.21 KB, 710x473, 30-pisspig-2.w710.jpg)

He loves me too and we have a healthy, loving relationship. We will last forever because we love each other. He's been flirting with me, I think he likes me.

No. 320767

He reaches out to me soon, before the end of the semester. We have a heartfelt conversation where he explains his feelings and why he was so upset. He realizes I never meant to hurt him and he apologizes for overreacting and for all the pain he caused me. He kisses me, hard and passionately. We begin dating and we fall in love. We go to the graduation dinner together. He can't keep his eyes off me. He can't stop thinking about me. He loves me. I love him. We have amazing sex, go to amazing places, and have a beautiful life together.

No. 320769

I have gained an aura of beauty, warmth, and attractiveness. People are drawn to me because I'm so alluring. I'm charming and easy to talk to, which makes people trust me and want to befriend me. Men see me as an earthly goddess they must worship, or as a sweet, lovely princess they must serve. I am beautiful.

No. 320921

I’m so loved. And I love so much. I put in the hard work for myself and others. I’m nurturing and caring and I give everything I have and I get so much more back. Every morning I wake up with passion overflowing my being. I’m thankful that I promised myself to never give up.

No. 320937

File: 1681133892463.jpeg (90.2 KB, 569x520, images (3).jpeg)

Magician's Quest series (Tongari Boushi to Mahou no series)

No. 320946

Being my new best me

Nose job
Dying hair
Changing name
Deleting old people from life permanently
Starting an online persona for art project and for profit
Getting a cozy apartment and a chinchilla

Now if I could just figure out how vtubing works

No. 320958

I will meet a rich, successful and good looking person soon who is obsessed with me so we will get married and I can stop working and be a stay at home wife who has all the time in the world to have lunch with her friends and go to pilates classes at 10 am

No. 321060

I had a dream about what I manifested, which I take as a good sign, so I will continue manifesting it until it comes to fruition.

He misses me, so he texts me to talk things over. He realizes he made a mistake and apologizes for everything. He wants to meet me to discuss all of this. It's perfect, we reconcile, we kiss passionately. He's overflowing with joy just to be in my presence. I express my joy easily and naturally. We love each other.

No. 321075

My orders will arrive!!! I will have my cute cardigan!!! And my cute headbands!!! Yes!! And my new bra cause I really need one! This will happen!!

No. 321359

File: 1681367459816.png (111.68 KB, 680x652, goback.png)

I wish anons would actually doscuss LoA here because half of the posters here don't know how manifesting works and write things like
>I will have x
instead of
>I have x
which makes it pointless. And I wish we could guide them and help them actually manifest their desired reality. I just want a female only LoA thread without coomer fags plaguing the thread on /x/

No. 321362

I've given up on /x/ because even as a schizo it's full of useless schlock

also the sites problem with commonplace casual antisemitism and racism just nauseates me, I forgot how bad it fucking was

No. 321375

Every day is sunny. The cities are beautiful. The people are friendly. My fellow travellers are so happy to meet me. I'm partying hard but going home safe and sound every night. This is the best decision I've ever made.

No. 321398

I think that I manifested the recession by imagining all the smug techcels I know losing everything and being humbled. No regrets though lmao, get a real job

No. 321408

I have exactly what I want. I am contented. Nothing can harm me, committed to projects, employed at a great new job, clear skin, beautiful, unbothered.

No. 321452

File: 1681421997672.jpg (105.83 KB, 736x1308, 289c35451f1b75f51326c4b55afc19…)

Be the change you wanna see, yadda yadda

No. 321677


Update, even though I was less than qualified and kind of bombed the interview, I got the job! I practiced putting my intent 100% behind it but also fully surrending to whatever happened (basically, being honest and clear with myself about really really wanting it but making complete peace with all possible outcomes.)

No. 321695

Congratulations nona, hope you enjoy your new job!

No. 322095

Wow, congratulations! So happy for you.

No. 322319

he wants me and thinks of me every day. he messages me first.

No. 322365

nonna, please love yourself instead :/(. :/)

No. 322410

There are no pests in my home. My room is pest-free. No unwanted guests. I'm the only one in here. My house only has my family and invited/cherished guests in it. Anything that'd creep or gross me out is GONE and that's it.

No. 322471

File: 1681937915447.jpg (96.13 KB, 885x961, p070qo25ksz71~2.jpg)

Therapy is working. I'm in a better place now. I'm happier and making friends again. I have a gf! I will not be a neet

No. 322687

File: 1682032942560.jpeg (254.1 KB, 1280x1280, D8C60FFD-3FEB-48CF-8BB5-7000FB…)

things will get better
things will get better
things will get better

No. 322694

I hope I have a good time at this concert and that my body feels good

No. 322940

I passed! I want to manifest doing well on the next exam. I'm studying hard and leaving no stone unturned. I go into the exam hall well prepared, calm and confident and do well. I will graduate.

No. 323084

i’m happy and everyone wants to fuck me

No. 323129

File: 1682264122314.jpeg (105.89 KB, 1134x850, 325503FD-46F9-44D0-9CC1-32FE2B…)

Im gonna finally get a job that's interesting and rewarding and makes €€€€

No. 323150

File: 1682272816867.jpeg (84.83 KB, 638x640, 71D304A0-2B23-44C1-870C-A40820…)

I don't wake up and want to cry. I'm happy, have a job I'm contented with, am building my career. I am graduated, have clear skin, normal friend circle and social life, away from my family, and people love me.

No. 323154

File: 1682274059985.jpg (111.37 KB, 715x960, 7e4bc9eedc35a16f95fe2a78ec111a…)

I got the scholarship! This is equal parts exciting and equal parts scary. I'll be moving countries, and I know my parents are super happy for me, but there's still a bit of anxiety. I doesn't even feel real right now. I can't even believe I did it. I am so thankful for everyone that helped me and is still helping me. It all paid off.

No. 323162

I am waking up at 6am every day again

No. 323198

I get the job and it’s rewarding both financially and socially.

No. 324650

He just texted me! I'm so glad. He wants to see me as soon as possible. He missed me so much. He's so happy to see me and thinks I'm beautiful.

No. 324656

I get an apartment. And a rose gold ds.

No. 324657

I have total control over my lucid dreams.
I have no reason to fear nightmares.
My dreams can't show me anything that I don't allow them to.
My dreams offer an escape from reality.
Every night I look forward to a vivid dreamscape of my own creation.

No. 324727

Why are you manifesting fear and anxiety?

No. 324736

I live in a lovely little house with a big garden that’s thriving and abundant with the tastiest fruits and vegetables. At night, I can see the starry night sky in its full beauty, the air i breathe is fresh and clean and the water tastes amazing. I hear the wind and the rain, the birds singing and insects buzzing around. I read and craft and paint a lot, and my mind is full of knowledge and nice things to do. My body has never felt better or stronger, I explore and climb and run and jump with ease and always find something wonderful on my walks. The people around me are amazing and im happy with the community i’m in. I see my friends and family often and we do and make so many nice things together. My heart feels full and light, and the things I create bring joy to people’s lives.

No. 324767

File: 1682951280694.jpg (75.32 KB, 564x681, 9c95d604a3ccaa81f6da0d00c37b38…)

He loves me and protects me and is endlessly patient with me. We get along so well and have so much fun together! He also looks like this.

No. 324814

Being exciting and a new experience that's a bit scary does not equal "fear and anxiety", though. I wanna go

No. 325160

I wake up in my little wood cabin in the pines and it's so quiet. I have no neighbors and the smell of the woods comes in through my cracked loft window. I sleep in a little until it gets warm and I can feel the sun hitting the glass. We're together and I roll over and we fall asleep again and then I make you coffee. We sit outside eating breakfast and listening to the quiet. Everything is ok.

No. 325582

I'm not necessarily a super manifestation believer but I did the two cups method because I'm desperate, I should know within two weeks or so if it's worked

No. 326455

I'll pass my final exam and be so happy, I'll stop working this shitty part time job with uneducated morons who think they're better than me. I'll get a high paying job because I'm now licenced to practice. I'll find my husband this summer and live in a well off area far sway from these low income low vibrational morons. I'll break free from the burden of being highly educated student who has to work shitty part-time jobs with people who can't even solve 2+2. I will never have to experience this pain, stress and humiliation again. I'll wear cute outfits and be so hot, drink mimosas and enjoy my mornings.

No. 326461

he will text me asking if I want to have dinner with him this week. he is obsessed with me. he is dreaming about me right now.

No. 326597

I get to go abroad this year and make a new friend!

No. 326662

He misses me. He thinks about me often. He wonders how I am and what I am doing. He wants to reach out to me. Each day that passes brings him closer to doing so. He reaches a point where he must talk to me, despite everything. He wants to see me. He asks me to meet him. We see each other. We embrace.

No. 326666

I will be super cute, smell good always and be successful. I will continue to job hop to better places, move out into a nice cute studio/one bedroom, and my cuteness will make everyone fall in love with me

No. 326668

Desperation prevents manifestation. You need to believe and let go.

No. 326805

File: 1683602168089.jpg (27.98 KB, 563x542, f018913be55a204aa4737e6b8ccf2e…)

I hope they fight again, I hope she realizes he doesn't respect her. She already senses how things were better without him and how manipulative the whole thing is. She isn't listening to me, so I'll be waiting for the moment she finally understands he shouldn't be here, ever again.

No. 326858

I will get my stuff sooner, my things will arrive next month no problem

No. 326874

File: 1683636337736.png (11.28 KB, 528x401, Screenshot_442.png)

my husbando package isn't lost

No. 327619

Nailed my exam. Let's go. I'm ready to manifest my rich life far away from these disgusting weirdos.

No. 328196

Manifesting my dad will die before I turn 27 and I can fund the rest of university with his leftover money and estate. I will finish my degree and thrive. I will live a happy life with no daddy issues and a steady job.

No. 328197

I'm focused, energetic, I manage to fix my health issues. I make consistent improvements in my art and I create a fantastic portfolio that makes people notice me. I'm courted by both men and women.

No. 328347

I manifest that the guitarist I see in a few days will fall in love with me and I’ll get to give him the bracelet I made him. I manifest that the guy I have a crush on likes me back and he and his gf break up. I manifest that I’ll get to be with him and that he thinks I’m really cute

No. 328361

my favorite fic gets updated!!!

No. 328365

I will have a safe trip next month and it'll be great and I'll get to have a nice, long conversation about music with the guy I'm gonna see hehehe

No. 328473

I have great living situations this autumn semester. I live with great friends and enjoy my time.
I have a trip planned to NYC to see my best friend this Christmastime. I get plane tickets for around £200. Everything falls into place.
I pass all my modules with a first this autumn semester.
I get a great internship.
I find a really good dissertation topic.
I find university so easy and simple this upcoming academic year.
I have the Return to Tiffany's necklace I wanted.
I manifest everything from my desired Pinterest board.

No. 328524

File: 1684165155922.png (446.39 KB, 384x600, IMG_8579.png)

I’m living in my dream city while still being able to work remotely from my current job. I’m making lots of new friends and acquaintances, and have become a regular to the local cafes and stores. I’m able to walk to most places and don’t mind the occasional drive because the surrounding nature is beautiful. I continue to wake up grateful for the things and people in my life. I know my life is on the right track.

No. 328616

File: 1684184050949.jpg (20.4 KB, 524x574, Fmbh1fFaMAEzyqC.jpg)

We're actually talking and plan to hang out.
Me and my roommate find a great new flat.
I become more active with drawing and no longer have a burn out.
I hang out with my friends a lot on warm days.
Job got less worrisome.

No. 328630

i get to successfully avoid this manlet creep during company event

No. 328905

He's ready now. He feels better now. He talks to me.

No. 328913

File: 1684286390858.jpg (57.09 KB, 650x867, 39bc7de2318cd3550c6a627aceac23…)

he wishes me a happy bday when I post about it

No. 328918

Dear universe arbiters, please let me pass my exam next week.

No. 328922

File: 1684288467551.jpg (149.07 KB, 720x1280, 49962ba7771d72c298d15456a98168…)

I'm getting thinner and thinner everyday. I barely have any cravings. Mostly green/matcha protein shakes.

No. 329111

Manifesting new neighbours above me. Old ones are gone, new ones are nice, quiet, responsible

No. 329116

Nonnies I’m actually in tears lol just came back from the concert n I met him before the concert outside his tour bus and got to hug him n give him my bracelet n he dedicated the entire fucking show to me and said I have a beautiful face this shit fucking works nonnas omg I am in tears

No. 329122

My record breaks even, does really well and gets good PR. He notices again and decides to work with me. We sleep together again and become proper fwb's.

No. 329133

His relationship with her crashed and burned. He was so upset and distraught over it. It took him to a new low. His life plans crumbled and he couldn't stay in Chicago any longer. He hit rock bottom. He came back and lives at home now. Now I am his only friend and the only one for him to lean on. He is deeply, obscenely in love with me and the jealousy he feels when he sees me happy and in love with someone else kills him every day. He obsesses over me constantly and has never been as in love with someone as he is in love with me. He knows he could never measure up to the person I am and it kills him inside. He thinks I am the most beautiful, smart, and funny woman he has ever met. He needs me like his life depends on it. He will never love someone like he loves me.

No. 329136

Anon this is so cute, I'm so happy for you

Getting the implant tomorrow will go well! I won't have any bad side effects and my period won't go absolutely bonkers. I'll be able to handle the hormonal changes

No. 329281

Manifesting that someone will go see Käärijä live with me.

No. 329316

Manifesting that it will be me

No. 330224

I met a cute, tall, muscular guy with nice hair this Tuesday during the lesson! He's showing so much interest in me, keeps checking me out and we have such witty, playful banter. He obviously likes me, emotionally and physically. We get to know each other over the next few weeks.

No. 330813

I'm getting interviewed for the job I applied for. They see I'm confident and competent and hire me. I'm quitting my current job the day before training starts. I'm enjoying the job training and spending every day that I can in their gym. I'm spending at least an hour running every day. I start drawing again by practicing exercises outlined in art books. My side hustle becomes lucrative. I'm eating better. My body feels better. My mind feels better. I am better. Customers are happy they're talking to me. I'm happy that I'm being social and talking to them. My savings are growing faster and faster. I've found my soulmate and they cherish me as much as I cherish them. They show me to new places. We cook together. We listen to music together. We spend occasional nights holding each other close, dancing slowly to our music after a fulfilling dinner. Our dreams are real, stable, and successful. We move to the Netherlands. We start a family. Our children are happy, safe, and follow their dreams. Our children love us. Our grandchildren love us.

No. 331752

He's ready. He texts me soon. We meet.

No. 331795

Before 2024 starts ill be happy with a boyfriend that respects me and wants to spend the future with me.

No. 331923

it will all work out for me in the end

No. 333350

Okay I'm done manifesting for now because over the past few months it didn't do anything for me, and then the last thing I manifested, I literally got the OPPOSITE which was upsetting. And this was based on a neutral situation where anything could happen, but of course exactly what I didn't want ended up happening.

No. 333392

File: 1685971761228.jpg (215.56 KB, 1024x768, love.jpg)

I will find a girlfriend who loves me. Who let's me spoil her, who spoils me back, who supports and encourages me. With whom I feel like I'm home with, who wants to share her life with me. ;__;

No. 333569

We'll still be friends. It'll be okay again and we'll talk like we used to.

No. 334734

File: 1686488773688.jpeg (20.32 KB, 297x360, 536d4dd32c09058cd142d986ddaa8d…)

I passed the final exam, my thesis presentation. It went so smoothly I was calm and charismatic, I did a great job. Words can not describe how relieved I feel and how at peace I am right now. I am celebrating my graduation with my family and closest friends tonight!

No. 334898

File: 1686569894832.jpg (38.94 KB, 591x461, 98e8a333fc0db87b9dff9d018f2854…)

i get into the void state so easily. every time that i do, i manifest everything i want exactly how i want it. i will enter the void state tonight and manifest everything i want. i'm always safe there, never scared, no sleep paralysis, no intrusive thoughts

No. 334922

File: 1686578345481.jpeg (22 KB, 843x779, 72C24F8B-94B3-44FD-9ED8-86778D…)

He will ask me to lunch tomorrow. He wants to hang out for a while after meeting with Prof. We will get together. He’s attracted to me. He is my boyfriend.

No. 334925

We fell in love and it’s such a beautiful trip I have tears in my eyes because I cannot believe it

No. 334927

I am so thankful that I met a based female business partner and IRL friend. We are the same age and compliment each other so well. All we ever do is stack money, ruin scrotes, and go to brunch. Don’t know what I’d do without her!

No. 335013

I have done such a good job saving money, I have doubled my savings and cut down on needless expenses. I don't make impulse purchases and track my spending carefully.

No. 335053

File: 1686607399506.jpg (36.96 KB, 568x561, 7.jpg)

This world isn't real. Tomorrow I am in my AU fantasy. I am finally resting in my beloved's arms. I'm beautiful, healthy, and no longer crying. All my mental and physical issues are gone. There are no money problems. I eat whatever I want whenever I want. My husbando loves me with all his heart and never leaves me. We went to the same school together and are getting married. We live in a beautiful large home surrounded by greenery.

No. 335388

File: 1686744556575.jpeg (197.26 KB, 1158x1911, francis.jpeg)

NONNIES I DID IT!!! I passed every single uni exam I posted on this thread and graduated. I studied really hard for every single one but as crazy as it sounds I truly believe in the magic of this thread because the one and only time I failed an exam this year was when lolcow was down and I couldn't post my black francis-totem here. I love you all and I geniunely hope and believe all of your dreams and aspirations will become true.

No. 335389


No. 335499

File: 1686783014868.jpg (45.63 KB, 750x750, Tumblr_l_6110499189747.jpg)

Is manifesting someone who's currently in a relationship wrong and is it even possible? I'm trying to interact as little as possible with this person because I don't want to force anything and I never gave them any hints, I'm not even sure if they know I like them as a colleague. Also I fell for them before I even knew they're taken, back then I also had dreams about that person, like about our wedding, even before I had a conscious realization of being attracted to them. It's been almost 2 years, I tried manifesting for a short time but I became too obsessed with it and I constantly felt like I was forcing something, thinking about it every single day. Is letting go the key to manifestation? And again, is it even possible in this case?

No. 335587

File: 1686829217914.jpeg (132.37 KB, 933x913, 4868B4FC-B69B-4947-9389-E63CB3…)

I will get the balls necessary to quit this job. I am happy, I stopped crying (and my mom too). My father stops drinking and is more present spiritually in the family and my parents are getting along better than before.

My stomach issues and anemia are gone. Quitting this job will take off a boulder of off my shoulder and fix my stress levels. The thought of feeling like a burden stops.

No. 335624

He is obsessed with me. All he thinks about is me. He wants to be with me.

No. 335640

Omg congratulations nonna! You did it and I'm so proud of you!

No. 336219

File: 1687087447983.gif (1.42 MB, 500x366, hypnosis.gif)

He wants to text me soo bad

No. 336258

Those last 5kg will fly off me. I'm gonna be looking at the scale and feeling so happy.

No. 336699

My father gives up on alcohol entirely and will be happier because of that and my mom's mental health will improve, no more tears

No. 336703

File: 1687261911139.jpg (106.61 KB, 564x983, 8759c59762f5db015dbb93651cd66c…)

He shows his love for me, he cannot hide it any longer. He loves me and we are together, holding each other, delivering sweet, tender, attentive kisses. He tells me everything he loves and hates. He opens his heart to me and it's warm. He loves listening to me, as we share our lives.

No. 336708

Are you >>324767 ?

Nice pics anyway

No. 336712

Yes, kek, I am still waiting. I've been seeing repeating numbers a lot lately, triples and quadruples, mostly 111 or 1111 and I think it's possibly a sign

No. 336714

Lol I wish the best for you and your nangel then nona, may digits rain upon you

No. 336747

File: 1687280449784.gif (497.35 KB, 275x275, 6BBF6AC7-CD4E-4C86-91FE-F81225…)

He comes back to me ready for something real and sticks to it. He hasn’t been fucking anyone else since we’ve been apart. He takes his time and earns back my trust and doesn’t immediately bail once the intimacy becomes strong again.

No. 336765

He slowly realizes that I'm the best thing he has in his life. He feels grateful to have me. He starts to make an effort to make me happy.

No. 337121

I get to the hotel safely tomorrow and then back home when it's time to go. The drive will be peaceful and I won't have to worry about anything car-related this weekend.

No. 337496

File: 1687643973330.jpg (108.75 KB, 828x1015, 0bc90e5afeb6da5205dd05c38409dc…)

I am capable of passing this exam i have in a couple of hours. The subject isn't hard and it's just everything i know. I absorb all info on it quickly and know how to answer the questions on the paper

No. 338422

This summer I get clean. I have the willpower to control my use and I am proud of myself for asserting control over my life this way. I never look back and am happier for it, knowing that I'm fully capable of functioning and living a happy life without needing drugs. Every day feels fulfilling as I develop my skills and my relationships with others. It's easy for me to complete tasks without substances and I gain a complete sense of agency over my actions. I am mindful of my environment and genuinely enjoy the little things around me.

No. 339045

He texted me.

No. 339073

My period is done and my body has completely healed. I am no longer ill or fatigued. My bf and I get a wonderful dinner with the steak and mixed veggies I've been craving. I'm able to get my life back on track.

No. 339181

I will get amazing grades next semester and a decent job

No. 339324

He wants to talk to me. He's been thinking about me. He responds to my message positively and quickly and asks how I'm doing. He's happy to hear from me.

No. 340943

I will get that job. It was meant for me. I will make money during the summer and be able to purchase a new set-up.

No. 341244

I am completely healthy and so are all the nonnies in this thread

No. 341572

I will get the job

No. 341617

Not sure if anyone will find this useful but loa and manifestation can change your life and I want other nonas to know about it too. Before anything, the first thing you should start with is the ladder experiment. Essentially, before you go to sleep you should visualise yourself climbing a ladder until you sleep. The next day, you need to tell yourself that you will not climb the ladder. Repeat this process for 3 days and give it a week. If you don't climb the ladder, you should try again, but for myself, it worked the first time. This bolsters your belief in the law, and it gives a framework for how you should manifest. Along with this framework, scripting is hugely helpful. I suggest writing your manifestations in especially flowery language because the goal here is to feel a sense of warmth, fulfilment and just generally achieving this click in your brain where you know, you've made it. The best times to read your script is when you've just woken up or anytime you can let it sink into your subconscious. If you manifest for 3 days a week, the other days you should aim to not think about your manifestations or the law at all. After all, you've already achieved everything, you wouldn't obsess over it. I hope this helps someone!

No. 341683

It's gone. The cramping has gone away and I am completely healed before August.

No. 341690

I am magnetic, my energy is irreplaceable
I attract love and abundance

No. 341786

I'll hear back from them this week. They want to hire me. I get the schedule I want and can start soon.

No. 341900

just any ladder?

No. 341908

File: 1690313937042.jpg (100.44 KB, 650x960, ebddd334bdd738223f0531d455d911…)

A kitten has appeared in my life. She's a tortoiseshell, so must people rejected her because she's "ugly". I take her in to shelter her one night and she just ends up growing in our home, very loved. She's fills my heart with joy again, a hole that hasn't been filled since my late cat's passing in the beginning of the year. She's polite and cuddly.

No. 341927

After I graduate in 2 weeks I will find a fully remote job. My visa gets processed successfully and in a timely manner. The man I am with now will either improve and turn into the man of my dreams, or the man of my current dreams will show up. I will be saved from myself.

No. 341929

Yes, you'll eventually come across an opportunity when you're forced to climb a ladder for some reason or another. You can replace the ladder with something like seeing a pink tennis ball.

No. 341932

The people who are posting affirmations are missing the point. You are supposed to do them throughout the day, not just once and then forget about it. Also, don't think contrary to your desire throughout the day.

No. 341936

>tell yourself that you will not climb the ladder
> If you don't climb the ladder, you should try again
do I want to climb the ladder or not?

No. 341941

So lovely anon, you attract goodness into your life

No. 341968

Tomorrow on my birthday… my wish comes true

No. 341991

The point is to demonstrate that once an affirmation is set in your subconscious, thinking contrary to it will not stop your manifestation

No. 342651

I am going to make soooo much money tonight and pay off my debts and charm the judge and live stress free and blissfully happy with no more psycho obsessive thoughts, begone thots, amen.

No. 343508

It worked.. I guess? Maybe? I didn't do it properly so it's probably just coincidence. I only thought of the ladder 1 night and not until I fell asleep, but I did climb a ladder (upon someone else's request) within the week. I didn't realize it until later.

No. 343534

Congrats nonnie!!! I wouldn't call that coincidence unless you climb ladders regularly for work or something. The point of the exercise is to help with your belief in the law so manifesting comes easier, so I wish you success in your future manifestations!!

No. 343581

File: 1691383992571.gif (2.11 MB, 540x280, 86501e959dda1629c489da012a85f2…)

I refuse to be sad, I will not cry anymore, I will be happy, we will move past this and be happy again! everything is gonna be okay, things are gonna be great and I will not give up!

No. 343585

I will get the apartment I desire. It will be a peaceful and relaxing paradise that will aid me in my mental health journey.

No. 343831

Thanks! I don't normally climb ladders so I'll chalk it up to having manifested it instead. I want to experiment further but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've read about it some but there seem to be so many different techniques, for lack of a better word, I'm not sure what to do. I wish there was like a default daily routine I could just follow.

No. 343890

well, this flopped

No. 344383

He will come back to me soon

No. 345400

File: 1692423043795.jpg (52.17 KB, 800x399, art-deco-look-bedroom-800x399.…)

I will have good dreams this week and get good sleep. I will have good dreams this week and get good sleep.

No. 345406

File: 1692427279959.jpeg (273.3 KB, 828x826, IMG_5997.jpeg)

What if before you could manifest everything, you inadvertently stopped having any desires at all? If it’s true that everyone and everything is just more you, then what’s the point? What is there to attain?

No. 345807

File: 1692647179073.jpeg (66.06 KB, 400x400, IMG_9863.jpeg)

Ronan farrow will write a most excellent exposé on my worst enemy

No. 345810

He'll invite me to the party.

No. 345812

An enormous sum of money will fall into my lap before the end of this year.

No. 345816

Come back to me, I love you, I love you, I love you, baby

No. 345818

Manifesting winning the lottery or marrying a rich man

No. 345823

This picture is so beautiful.

No. 345830

I'm happier and making friends at school and getting my drivers license and working part-time somewhere nicer than my current job. Also I'm going to the gym and taking care of myself. I am!

No. 345863

We'll be hanging out in a couple of weeks! He'll be free and happy to see me, and we'll hang out all day. We're going to talk so much about so many different things and become a lot closer.

No. 345883

You think about me every day. Little thoughts of me creep up in your mind until you find yourself absorbed in thoughts about me, unable to concentrate on anything else. In the morning when you wake, your first thought is of me. At night you soothe yourself to sleep with me. Deep in sleep, you are plagued by dreams of me. Good dreams, magical, fantastical dreams where you feel pure joy and ecstasy just from being in my presence, in the presence of your goddess. Other times, you have nightmares where you feel my anger and hurt overflowing and agonizing you. You wake up drenched in sweat after these dreams. You regret the way you treated me. You torture yourself with the memories of your own insolence, with the mistakes you made. You're brought to tears over it. Small, silent tears that slip down your face softly, deepening into painful sobs that tear you apart from the inside. Your cries are wretched; you feel as though you will vomit from the agony. As you go about your days, you feel little whispers of me, reminding you of my being. You feel more and more empty, meaningless, without purpose or direction. You feel that you are truly nothing. Everything, everyone else fades away. The people around you see that you are no longer yourself, even if they say nothing. Your face is like the soulless visage of a marble statue. You abandon your morals, your wants and desires, your direction in life. You feel as though you will die without me. I consume your mind, body and spirit until you need me above all else. God will not offer you relief, now matter how much you beg.

No. 345923

I am going to spend less money, and I am going to get a good paying job

No. 345944

File: 1692736241513.gif (21.83 KB, 140x96, tumblr_dea677f80c28630d1a7b108…)

I found my necklace and it was all a misunderstanding.

No. 346628

I communicate what I want and always get it. I've been given 2-3 shifts a week at my current job.

No. 346844

File: 1693359509322.jpg (16.2 KB, 424x424, 402deae2824abc701a2c9160340887…)

I'm going to make the money I need to buy my game. I want to make a gift for myself. I want to enjoy playing something.

No. 346846

Dead in my sleep. All is well with the world.

No. 346849

I found someone that takes care of me in every way, coddles, supports, enables, spoils and pampers me always. Also everything is great with our family financial situation.
Feel it

No. 346851

I was just young and made some mistakes. I have my whole life ahead of me and I will succeed no matter how long it takes. I will to stand my ground to make myself happy.

No. 346904

I'm going to find someone who loves me, I'm going to have a really fun year and I'm going to be fulfilled.

No. 347654

File: 1694020662896.jpeg (16.36 KB, 275x244, 1685702385129.jpeg)

I found it and all the commotion was unnecessary.

No. 347776

I'm going to be the best at work, my skin will grow thicker and I won't cry so easily anymore, I'll be happy, I will enjoy every day and I'll stop having suicidal thoughts.

I'm going to have a happy mundane life, I'll enjoy work.

No. 347778

He will stop looking at other naked girls. Suddenly he’ll be disgusted by every naked body that isn’t mine.

No. 347784

Anons will stop being delusional about their nasty nigels and learn some self respect

No. 347806

He will like me. He will think I’m cute. He will want to be with me. He will notice me.

No. 348108

He has time and can hang out with me. Even for just a quick bite to eat, we still get to see each other.

No. 348164

File: 1694396423108.jpg (98.18 KB, 563x751, Heart Pizzas.jpg)

I'm living a fulfilling, stunning, life that nobody else could replicate.

I work hard for myself, and joyously receive all the benefits of my hard work.

I have the female friendship I've always wanted. We make each others lives better just by being in them.

We go on so many adventures and always have the best time. We wish we could spend every day together!

No. 348173

I love my best friend and all my close friends and we're going on a friend group road trip!

No. 348188

I will have the willpower to keep improving my health

No. 348216

File: 1694435625117.jpeg (721.44 KB, 828x718, IMG_9715.jpeg)

Imagined reality is just as real as 3D reality. The feeling created by picturing your desire in your mind right now is just as good as the feeling that you will have seeing your desire in the 3D. You and I already have instant access to anything we wish to experience. No more waiting, sweetheart.

No. 348576

File: 1694646277895.jpg (44.13 KB, 736x655, 316088ea2cf49b8a667dea73e5cd46…)

We will meet again, it will be soon and you will ask me for my number so we can get to know each other better

No. 348642

He talks with me and thinks I'm funny. We enjoy talking together. He wants to get to know me.

No. 348725

I will get good sleep tonight and be at peace.

No. 348727

We have eradicated their evil presence from our lives and sleep peacefully every night knowing we are capable of defeating demonic entities

No. 348730

File: 1694753067345.jpg (50.7 KB, 422x482, Fwancis.jpg)

oh my god I can't believe I missed this, so happy for you Black Francis-chan, you have always been one of my favorite posters because I also love Black Francis. I hope you bossa nova every morning and every day for the rest of your life.

No. 348743

File: 1694763096725.gif (4.44 KB, 91x204, cutecat.gif)

I have the courage, ability, attention to detail, and determination to execute my mom's estate this year. I will contact the lawyer. I will carry out my duty.

No. 348839

my new eyebrow piercing is perfect, healed so quickly and smoothly, it's never irritated, and makes me look hot af

No. 349049

File: 1694982537191.gif (1.42 MB, 300x300, 6cf2fbe4f2615d9e5b2517e71cd939…)

I have bouncy, shiny, silky hair. All strands work harmoniously.

No. 349063

I don't even visit this thread but I'm very happy that you've graduated! You seem like a very dedicated and smart person! All the best to you!

No. 349111

I am a famous artist, author, and musician. I am fully wealthy and independent. I am a muse. I inspire and I cause change. I open doors for the ones who deserve the opening. I am successful. I am brilliant. I am beautiful. I am one of the most iconic beauties of the world. I am the receiver of bountiful, ever lasting love. I am a matriarch. I am proud mother of healthy and well adjusted children. I am that girl.

No. 349270

happily engaged to my perfect husbando and we have sex every other day

No. 349980

File: 1695646847530.jpeg (78.71 KB, 828x821, IMG_9902.jpeg)

Anyone else ~in the sabbath~? Part of me feels like I’ve finally lost my mind for good, but in the calmest, most contented way. So I’m not mad about it!

No. 351193

with you nona

No. 351633

Selling my car is a positive experience. My independence is not challenged by this decision. I buy a van and travel the country when I am ready. My boyfriend stops wanting to hang out with my friends and starts hanging out with his own friends. He lets me drive the car to visit them and does not try to tag along. I use the money from selling my car to go sky-diving with my friend. I continue writing. I get an agent and get my novel published. I win the fellowship. I travel to England and Scotland in 2024. My late father's spouse takes her share of the money and leaves without incident. I clean the statue of a cartoon character he has in his hallway and move it to my home.

No. 351634

I am manifesting with you, nonna. In a similar situation at the moment. Let's make this happen. You're going to do it.

No. 351639

Checking in one year later. I'm still fat as hell, physically weak, unemployed, and my reading backlog is long, but at least I stopped hearing voices and I have my own money to spend on what I want now.

No. 351775

I would like for this to work out

No. 351852

It's the small victories. I'm glad you got those wins. Sometimes the others will just take time. Keep striving forward even if it's hard. You'll do it.

No. 352829

File: 1697267244783.jpg (1.18 MB, 2772x4398, Peasant Woman with Basket at t…)

I will have a long sultry night with my celeb crush.
Later, I am marrying a wonderful woman, have beautiful childrens with her, we will live in my home country for a few years at least. My extended step family is incredible too.

No. 352845

I will do well in this exam. I will enjoy the writing task and have plenty of time to check my spelling. I will come home and eat a pice of cake. Tonight I will fall asleep fast.

No. 353038

We meet, we fall in love, we get together, we get married, we have children and we die together in each others arms.

No. 353045

I feel sorry for you lol

No. 354112

File: 1697892895097.jpg (29.38 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

I feel happy and content, all my dreams will come true, and nothing can ruin this time for me. I will be absolutely happy, the happiest, the most excited, the lightest, the most beautiful and attractive, and I will stop worrying about everything, because things will fall into place beautifully. There won't be an abrupt end to anything, anyone, or our relationship, our love will grow immeasurable levels up and feel loving, happy, real- like they always have felt, but now even more real, with commitment, passion, understanding, soothing love, comfyness, and everything good between us becoming a higher self couple, the couple we already are but even better and full of love. I'm very happy and content, my mind is at ease, no one and nothing physical or spiritual can ruin this, no one's words of any kind will break this up, people's well intentioned, bad intentioned, or insignificant words and magick can't even penetrate this relationship because I'm protected against all odds. I'm manifesting this. No break up of any kind will happen, that's not what I need, want or will happen in my life- what I need is my partner, what I need is love, relaxation, cheerful excitement, to be my light self, my higher self, to provide love to my partner, and for them to bring peace, love, and passion to my life, with everything good and happyness between us. I love them so much and nothing will go wrong, both of us will be happy and understanding. When they are not physically here anymore, but they will always be with me through our incredible connection, I will draw more but only because I'm more motivated to do so for healthy loving reasons after they shower me with love, sex, and passion, and my love for them and their love for me will be unaffected. It can only grow upwards and fill all the room with love in a higher level. Everything is going to be okay and my relationship will be unaffected from everyone's words and actions because it's protected against all odds, and the only way to go from here is to grow and love even more. There's nothing more holy and real than our love connected by fate, they are the one for me and I'm the one for them. So be it on heaven and earth, with the Holy Will, Protection and Power of God's Holy Bubble and the Mythical Love Hummingbird. Amen. Clap. Clap.

No. 355626

I'm manifesting that James Cameron hires a new composer (preferably someone like Ludwig Göransson) for the Avatar sequels. A2 soundtrack made it feel like it was a high budget SYFY channel movie. No wonder, because the new guy only composed Disney park background themes and small time film soundtracks prior to getting the gig. Anyways, this is what we would have had if James Cameron cared about the music of his films as much as he did the CGI.

No. 357480

i will receive the email tomorrow morning and it will make my day

No. 357481

I will hear back from the jobs I applied for

No. 357561

A question for nonnas here, what's the most unlikely thing you were manifesting hard for and it actually came true?

No. 357612

Getting a cushy well-paid job in my field years after graduating and with no relevant experience. It took about 6 months of consciously using various law of assumption techniques. My career field is notoriously small and all about connections, which I didn’t have. Plus, I don’t live in a major city with some huge job market. Every one of my now-colleagues already had graduate degrees when hired but I only have a bachelor’s with pretty poor grades. I didn’t network at all. I had a shitty LinkedIn account from years ago with zero contacts. One day I saw the job advertisement in my city in a LinkedIn automated email. I usually never read those emails but somehow I saw it. I applied even though I didn’t meet the experience requirements—something I never had the guts to do before. It’s been over a year now and I’ve already been promoted. Recently I asked my supervisor why she and the other managers took a chance on me, and she just said that they all really liked me right away lol.

No. 357696

I'm manifesting that we will meet unexpectedly and I will be surprised. An opportunity to chat will arise and we will be exchanging info so we can keep contact getting to know each other better until it develops into something more.

No. 357746

that's amazing

No. 358071

I will go to sleep on time every night.
I will get in 10k+ steps every day.
I will lose weight and get my body back.
I will become the woman of my dreams.
I will have control over my life.

No. 358505

Manifesting I get that cinnamon stick in November

No. 358516

Girl you and me both

No. 358520

He's my best friend

No. 359005

File: 1700093105260.jpg (449.31 KB, 1080x1762, IMG_20231115_210300.jpg)


No. 359010

That person won’t commit suicide.

No. 359162

File: 1700168876500.jpeg (367.11 KB, 1040x979, IMG_0369.jpeg)

He thinks about me all the time, he thinks I look cute in class, he wants to talk so badly to me, he daydreams of me all the time, he thinks I’m so cool, he will get the courage to talk to me, he thinks I’m so beautiful and pretty whenever he sees me

No. 359165


No. 359166

I can manifest a baby in your womb bbg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359172

He will contact me.soon.

No. 359175

I can contact you bbg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359537

Stupid question, but how can you manifest somebody's suffering and death?

No. 359946

I think this thread is my comfort thread. Manifesting to everyone here a kind life.

No. 359973

What did they do to deserve it? Manifest their actions back at them.

No. 359989

Can you walk me on how to do that?

No. 359999

I just want her to try harder with me. I want her anxiety to heal and for her to feel how much I love her. I try so hard.

No. 360024

nonna teach me the ways, please
You are very sweet nona, sometimes I see nonas here all the time wanting to improve their lives and some nice goals and I can't help and wish that I had the power to grant those wishes in a whim kek but I manifest that they get their goals as soon as possible
(and I manifest that I get a nice internship)

No. 360078

File: 1700470261912.jpeg (131.49 KB, 1500x1500, 5C7D27A2-6716-453A-9605-03DD30…)

when I see him I feel as if our bodies would dance together like when you’re on a roll with puzzle pieces magically fitting together he is incredible and so am I and I hope to someday do this dance together

No. 360094

I will become competent and confident at my job. I will forge strong local connections and appreciate them even when we don't always agree. I will form secure attachments with people I meet in the future. The partner I've been looking for is currently deciding to get back into dating and we will meet this winter. I will not sage this post even though I usually would.

No. 360095

Wow one of them already came true!

No. 360211

I will stay sober and sane and save lots of money in 2024.

No. 361483

nonnies who has advice on manifesting a job/ monetary gain? I have a second interview at a medical spa this week, and I really want to both get the job and be successful. I feel like in the past when I’ve focused on wanting a job I haven’t gotten the job or been successful, so I’m looking for advice at how to direct my thoughts towards a job!!

No. 362295

I’ve been wanting a remote work, non phone job for a long time. This year i learned about conscious manifesting so I’ve been working on changing how I view myself in relation to the things I want. I visualized a job in social media moderation that pays a living wage while I continued doing gig work and looking passively for the job I wanted.
I just happened to reach out to a friend to catch up after a couple years, and it just happened to be that he had a job exactly like that in a management position, and they needed to fill a position on their social media team.
There were some snags but I kept positive and got hired!! Best job I’ve ever had and the company is so cute, they donate most of their profits to children’s charity and making sure the employees have a living wage and it makes me feel good about working for them. This is the most money I’ve ever made for the least effort AND all the benefits like paid holidays, weekly and monthly bonuses, free insurance. It’s great. I reached out to my friend with no intent and it ended up being my inspired action to get the job of my dreams (for now) manifestation is so cool. Can’t wait to see how else I can improve my life just by changing the way I think.

No. 362304

I love that for you anon! how do you do conscious manifesting?

No. 362996

File: 1701789364214.jpg (77.63 KB, 736x1308, e4f805bbfb7510fc979c826cbe3f12…)

I am once again the hot athletic girl I once was. I can wear crop tops comfortably because I have some and peaking. Cargo pants don't make me look frumpy. I like sweating everyday to maintain it. I don't waddle, and my posture is amazing. My digestion has also improved.

No. 363030

I will get a new job soon. I will be able to hang out with my boyfriend for new years. He will be less busy with school and work.

No. 363069

Thank you!
I don’t know if law of attraction talks about this but I’m studying law of assumption and it’s very solipsistic but also involves the collective consciousness. (Everyone is you pushed out) From what I understand, conscious manifesting is the idea that we are always manifesting from our dominant subconscious beliefs/thought patterns, but once you discover this you can consciously reprogram yourself and take control of it instead of creating on autopilot based on patterns you’ve seen or childhood experiences.
Say for example you want to manifest love but you seem to run into the same types of people who seemed different at first because your subconscious creates a story based on environmental cues (even something as simple as having a story that “I always get used” or “all men suck” will create more of that) so you’d have to consciously change your inner beliefs and self concept, which is the purpose of affirmations and subliminals, and it feels delusional as fuck until one day it doesn’t and you start to see your new beliefs reflected back via thought transmission. For example, I had a bad story/concept in relation to work and money (I’m always broke, I’ll have to work my ass off at a shit job) and my job didn’t manifest until I let go of those old thoughts.
It all sounds insane until you’ve been there yourself. I’ve seen thought reflection happen immediately. You can do the usual little things to test it and become more confident in your abilities.
I can’t fully explain it but there’s a lot of information out there.

No. 363137

In 2024 we will reconnect, I am done with part 1 of my therapy and I am going back to work, and he is getting help through therapy and his family. We are happily and slowly reconnecting on a new level. We are changing. We are having conversations about our past and are ready to believe in us.

No. 363190

I will get a first on all of my assignments. I will figure out what I want to do with my life after uni. My surgery in two weeks will go well and Christmas at home will be lovely.

No. 366835

In 2024 I will pass my professional exam, heal my rosacea, pay off my student loans and find a cute little house that I will be able to buy because mortgage interest rates will decline to a reasonable level.

No. 369088

manifesting a huge lottery win. i want to solve all of my problems so damn much! i want to build a home, buy all of these books, magazines and music cds I want and all of other shit i want to allow me to pretend to live in 2001 and never be forced to live in current year and use modern internet anymore.

No. 369168

I will get a new job. This job is relevant to my college major.

No. 369195

He will come back, we will be together again soon.

No. 369833

File: 1703891318342.jpg (149.52 KB, 657x1024, 2222.jpg)

i will pass all of the subjects early so i'll be able to come home for the break this time, also i'll get pretty flowers for my birthday

No. 369837


No. 369876


No. 369887

You yell and seethe because you are incapable of controlling yourself, you rage because you're a narcissist, your need for this narcissistic supply is why your downfall is completely inevitable and unlike you, I don't have to manifest harm on people who are constantly harming themselves every day with abandon because of their overpowering need to abuse others

No. 369960

Everything has come true, I can't believe it. He ruined his life irrevocably and he's a bottom-feeding loser. He is beneath me and he knows it and he is suffering. All who stand against me will suffer horribly.

No. 369962

I want to find love, deep, reciprocated and safe love. I want my cats to stay healthy. There are so many other things i want but if only i could have just those two things, i'd be at peace. I don't want to continue being a mentally ill piece of garbage. I want to belong with someone. I want to feel like my existence matters. So, love and my kitties it is.

No. 370116

File: 1704016499824.jpg (134.67 KB, 1290x1663, 20231229_080521.jpg)

aLl wHo stand aGaiNsT mE wIll sUfFeR hOrRiBlYyyYyyy

No. 370191

File: 1704048155868.jpg (42.76 KB, 563x544, ce6650124b8cdf5f59c3504ea19c54…)

2024 will be a year of health and growth and comfiness as well.

No. 370339

Bitch kill yourself you fugly smegma scented cunt. You just killed yourself. You just died. Hope the manifestation works out you worthless piece of moid sucking shit.(a-logging)

No. 370351

I want to keep my career. The industry for it is getting worse. I would love to keep going because i love this job and I've only been in it for 3 years. Retail is fine since I enjoy people but I don't make nearly enough. Please give me a contract for 2024!

No. 370579

I am happy, healthy, successful in this year. Also, rich af, so I can spoil myself and my mom inally.

No. 370611

I will meet a real partner this year and experience real love again

No. 370616

I WILL FIND A JOB!! I will find success again!! I did it once, I can do it again!! I will be better than those who ruined me!!

No. 370618

File: 1704237746591.jpg (165.24 KB, 736x1016, a230deb5cbc0b7d45362c2d15ee654…)

I pray that I get a job this year and that I can sell the clothes that I have posted on vinted, I really want to have some savings by the end of this year

No. 370624

I have a girlfriend who loves me very much, she wants to go with me everywhere, we share similar thinking viewpoints and morals, we have similar tastes, we have a blast every time we’re together! I love her & she loves me!

No. 370731

I WILL get a friend group and I WILL get a best friend

No. 372495

File: 1704919318286.png (1.89 MB, 1241x1177, rrABYFM.png)

I will pass all of my exams and manage to finish my assignments on time. I trust that I will have the energy necessary to joggle between my workplace and uni and have the capacity to absorb and memorize all of the material for these exams. I am confident I have the discipline and attention span to read all materials.

No. 372521

I no longer get repeatedly sick. I continue to be fit and active. My hair grows beautiful and long. Mt partner also gets his health into check and loses weight. I read twelve books this year. I finish writing my second book, and it is celebrated when I submit it for review. I don't linger over shit people or opportunities.

No. 372674

The transgender suicide rate goes to 100%

No. 372718

I have friends who understand me.
There are people who care about me.
I am getting better.

No. 372769

I will get better grades
I will get my driver’s licence and a car
I will get admitted into dental school next year,
and I will be happy


No. 373153

File: 1705137249071.jpeg (200.8 KB, 900x563, IMG_0229.jpeg)

I want the life of a rich or at least financially independent woman working in tech. I want to be able to afford the luxuries of life, including a nice apartment in a nice city and be able to afford nice clothes and eat cute foods. I want to work on something useful, I want my name to be known. I wish I had a TEDTalk. I feel like since I didn’t get into a good school or networked with he richest of the rich, I don’t stand a chance for that kind of life. I want to be in a relationship with someone who loves me, shows me off and can afford the nicer things in life. I’m currently a NEET, and I’m getting to my rock bottom right now.

No. 373155

Me too Bonnie, manifesting this for the new year!

No. 373216

File: 1705165945933.jpeg (233.71 KB, 750x974, IMG_6565.jpeg)

I'm not just surviving, I'm not just living, I'm succeeding and thriving

No. 373219

You will get this.

No. 373228

File: 1705169235987.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, giphy.com-media-GeOOQRtWXBLiud…)

This is my year. Everything is converging, coming together. It’s fruitful and abundant, I am living the best life I can as the best version of myself I can possibly be, and I finally am ready to receive the love I deserve from someone I am wildly attracted to and who is my as close to perfect as possible complement. My work is fulfilling, my body continues to be in excellent condition, and I’m looking better than I ever have in my life overall. My dog’s diabetes remains stabilized and she continues to regain strength and joy for life. AND EVERY OTHER NONNA ITT IS GONNA GET HERS TOO LETS FUCKEN GOOOOO

No. 373229

I'm content. I'm healthy. My friends appreciate me. I create time for people I love and I get the same back.

No. 373292

I want to achieve something similar to this but in PR/management. You got this nona

No. 373302

thanks you queens, I will get serious this year

No. 373670

File: 1705344290236.jpeg (45.01 KB, 596x562, hii.jpeg)

technical support is doing everything to solve my issue right now, i'm eternally grateful to you, W

No. 373684

File: 1705347575697.jpeg (460.32 KB, 1237x999, IMG_7274.jpeg)

i keep my job and move in with my best friend. i find an additional source of income that doesn’t take too much of my time and energy, something easy and fun. i manage to finally get rid of all my debts and close my credit cards forever. finally i’m saving money too! 2024 feels like a great time.

No. 373749

I will be hired within the next week.

No. 373874

yesss worked

No. 374305

File: 1705601822925.jpg (57.42 KB, 960x720, 1702813554822654.jpg)

Holy shit he and his gf broke up. I posted this 1 year ago, a few months ago I finally stopped caring about him (and I stopped manifesting like 10 months ago) and they broke up and he acts like he's interested in me, I mean he was looking for reasons to be around me for the last 6 months already and I didn't really get it back then. I don't know when exactly their relationship ended though. I don't want to be a rebound but I can't stop thinking about him and I feel he likes me and liked me for some time. I can't sleep at night because I think about him ughhhhhh

No. 374354

not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but I think you nonas here will be the most understanding. Did you ever feel magical energy or a momentum before your manifestation came true? I have been manifesting for real love and I just feel like he could be around the corner soon.

No. 374376

Yes, I often feel a bodily heave before something I predict or manifest comes true. Or if the opposite happens, but either way it relates to my prediction. I tend to have extremely strong sensory feelings that go beyond normie autist shit that does make me think I'm a little clairvoyant or witchy. Just not always on the money, and I don't know how to control it. But I can feel it rumble within me.

No. 374387

op here - thanks for getting back to me nona. I've also been keeping a little journal of my manifestations as well over the last few weeks, just writing down my hopes and fantasies in order to further bring that law of attraction.

No. 374403

Wishing you luck and sending some energies your way!!

No. 374463

File: 1705692469006.gif (2.81 MB, 370x277, spinbabyspin.gif)

i'm passing math, the support is always there

No. 374465

still manifesting a lottery win

No. 374469

My love will get a better job with a less toxic work environment, this years holidays will be great, my friend will find the perfect place, I will have real pain management and I will be taken seriously by doctors

No. 374470

He ruined his situationship in the dumbest possible way and everyone took her side in the split leaving him with no friends left.

No. 375707

I will acquire a new source of income without having to dip into my savings.

No. 375961

File: 1706369253840.jpg (132.34 KB, 736x911, f29f9f0debfcf0f6c442b1811cf46c…)

When the 50k reaches my account, I'll do the following:

>Pay all of the debts in my name on their entirety

>Invest around 1k-2k on safe investments
>Save a bit for emergencies
>Use around 100 in in similar raffles
>If there's money left to spare, buy myself a steamdeck

Also, celebrate with some nice food, that I'm yet to choose. I won't tell my mom, only after all of the debt is paid for.
The investments would also help to pay for my parent's debts as well, but I don't know how much they own. Hopefully we can start 2024 on a clean slate!

No. 376001

He will leave me alone and I will finally be free again

No. 376068

I got to create but not the man.

No. 376073

My new apartment is my ideal home. Not only did I get over her as soon as I stepped over the threshold, but after I settled in I met the woman I’m truly meant to be with and now I have the perfect place to grow my new relationship into a lifelong mutual spiritual and physical connection. We are comfortable on the couch right now sipping red wine and having a conversation that makes us both feel so engaged, excited and understood…

No. 376276

File: 1706539106596.jpeg (125.12 KB, 300x300, IMG_1584.jpeg)

My bitchy, gossipy, anger issues scrote coworker is long gone because he was arrested and convicted of a crime. He has to serve some time in prison. He will never land a good job again due to his criminal record. He ruined his life. The office is so peaceful now and none of us will ever see his catty crybaby yokel ass ever again.

No. 376362

My work and the clients at work respect my boundaries. I am strong and unrelenting in what I want. I am able to return to a stable writing routine. I graduate this year. I develop a healthy relationship with my grandmother. I begin piano lessons.

No. 376373

My appointment will go well and I won’t wait months for the next one

No. 376662

These sporty people have read my message and they like me the most out of all candidates. Tomorrow they will contact me and invite me to check the room out SOON. The room will be perfect and I will get it and I will get along very well with my new flatmates.

No. 376732

Everything in this case will succeed and I will be free again. I won't have to worry anymore and me and my boyfriend will be happy.

No. 377306

File: 1707047750618.jpg (93.05 KB, 748x538, 1000002311.jpg)

Lord, i do not ask you for much.

No. 377724

He is reading my message and responding RIGHT NOW. He will agree for me to come today and he will like me and we'll make a deal today before 6pm.

No. 377970

File: 1707334012331.jpeg (92.52 KB, 500x418, IMG_0514.jpeg)

He wants to talk to me. He has an insane crush on me. Eventually he gets the balls to talk to me, or there is a situation that occurs where we can talk to each other. He’s really cute and normal. He doesn’t use reddit. There’s nothing that turns me off. He’s obsessed with me. He doesn’t know how to act when he sees me in class.

No. 378019

Stwabewwy switchbwade. Love you.

No. 378144

File: 1707416647162.jpeg (59.07 KB, 736x739, jpeg.jpeg)

Both sellers will refund me the money before I leave

No. 378146

File: 1707418085756.jpg (32.32 KB, 374x376, 221afbe538298bc0307e16ac371593…)

I will memorize every line of the course book and I will pass, I will get a 5 out of these exams at least. I will finish my projects on time and will finally be free for this semester. Perhaps teachers will cut me some slack kek.

No. 378157

I got into law school. I did incredible in law school, and passed the bar. I own a house and have a family and am financially comfortable.


No. 378158

I AM special, I deserve the best, good things happen to me because I am meant to live an easy life. God loves me, god chose me, I am his champion and I will fight for his cause.

No. 378251

Didn't work, the parcels arrived early enough for me to pick them up. Glad it went this way but disappointed in my manifesting abilities

No. 378858

So I want to manifest an internship that I'll love and will turn into a job opportunity once I graduate. What's the best way of going about that? There's so many manifestation techniques, I feel lost what I should do and how often etc.

No. 378881

File: 1707769232901.jpeg (113.22 KB, 586x524, IMG_0378.jpeg)

farmhands will post the hellweek stats, as promised. then cerbmin will take action to improve this board by actually listening to reasonable suggestions in /meta/. farmhands will stop banning anons for retarded reasons, and lolcow will be an active and healthy community.

No. 378888

File: 1707770111132.jpeg (17.21 KB, 317x364, Do you want to attract Good Gr…)

The exam, which I am taking in 84 days, will go very well

No. 379069

File: 1707844643542.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, 1663973865300.gif)

He will fall in love with me, he will want to start a romantic relationship with me and he'll start to feel what i feel! (that it's fate between us)

No. 379653

he and his gf will break up and he will realize his love for me and will forget about her and love me forever prayge

No. 381475

Nonnies, a word of advice. I have been manifesting about a particular person and recently was playing around with filters on TikTok. It's a simple filter that just shows you a random date and I saw that the people uploading videos with it were asking themselves questions like "when will be the best day of my life in 2024, or what is my soulmate's birthday " etc. So in my head I was thinking of when is my soulmate's birthday and the date stopped on this person's birthday (day and month). The odds of it stopping on this particular date are literally 1/366, so was it a coincidence or a sign that things are progressing and I'm manifesting correctly?

No. 381534

File: 1708809817076.jpeg (63.91 KB, 735x751, happy.jpeg)

I will receive the money after all because I'm welcome here

No. 381553

Already manifested two of the things on my list for the year, and one was a pretty big one. I’m kind of in awe. Positive energy and mindset is fucking everything!!!!

No. 381565

I would take it as a sign personally but definitely don't fret over it, part of the manifestation process is letting go/apathy towards the manifest target.

No. 381582

They break up and he’s forever alone. He ends up on the sex offender registry. I find the love of my life and get over my traumas.

No. 381751

Thanks! I'm not sure if I'm doing the 'letting go' and apathy part correctly though. Whenever I'm thinking of this person; my manifestation target, I feel more giddy and excited than apathetic.

No. 381803

I will get the job offer.

No. 381946

Going to tie him up in my own apartment this summer. And he'll enjoy it. And I'll feed him after.
It will happen. It has to, I don't give a shit.

No. 382245

File: 1709188855585.jpg (39.61 KB, 720x707, 2b86ec405e44bb1f9f15f1a989478e…)

I'm gonna win that giveaway, I know I will, it's welcome in this economy. My friend will as well, I firmly believe that the universe will make it so that I win.

No. 382248

I graduate in 2024. I graduate with high marks.
I get a job where I am treated like a professional.
I buy an apartment or a small house.
A dog comes into my life when I have my own place.
I begin waking up early once I have a place of my own.
I grow my hair and get my natural colour back.
My life is aesthetic as fuck.

No. 382297

I will write something of worth.

No. 382319

She will invite me to hang out soon and we will have a fun girls day

No. 382345

File: 1709238775539.jpg (58.03 KB, 828x827, 48b554088696aedeebb9da4c3aec79…)

I will find a friend to go to tea/coffee/boba places together with REALLY SOON

No. 382346

File: 1709239346136.jpeg (659.72 KB, 1200x1972, IMG_9174.jpeg)

Everything will be alright. I'm happy, in love, prosperous, financially stable, and safe. My health is good, I look good, and I've found a career that's meaningful and beautiful, everything I wanted and more.

No. 383225

please accept my application

No. 383280

I hit my goal weight. My facial muscles fully heal and I never have trouble eating again and I'm no longer in pain. I enjoy sweets and caffeine in moderation.

No. 384973

I am healthy
I am wealthy
I am rich I am that bitch

No. 384992

I will overcome this mental block!

No. 385049

My cluster B "mother" feels a strong, permanent sense of shame for the way she abused me under her care, so she changes her behavior, learns honesty, and gets therapy. And my "father," too.

No. 385088

He gets exactly what he deserves: the realization that he's a massive retard, and all of this bullshit has sprung from his own retardation and shitty personality.

No. 385210

has any nonna here managed to change her appearance?

No. 385697

File: 1710692345320.jpg (30.78 KB, 720x652, 687474~1.JPG)

Holy shit I think this is working. I've gotten a lot closer with a friend recently, and I also contacted a group of nice women in my area. Still early but I'm hopeful.

Manifesting that I will find a nice new job in this hellish job market.

No. 385742

i finally stick to a routine
i finish my projects
i don't let my mental illness cripple everything i do

No. 385801

I get to go to California in a few months from now to work and live there for a while… possibly even the rest of my life!

No. 385906

It took 4 months but he said we were best friends yesterday. All I do is win win win no matter what

No. 385908

I will get out of here within the next few months, she will finally ask me out, and I will get into the program I want. Everything will go well, and I will not need to go back on meds. Also I'll get fit and stick to my plans for once.

No. 386009

The cyst just popped

No. 386081

I get the call and I start working, my coworkers are nice to me and the Ukranian girl doesnt give me the stink eye anymore

No. 388414

I just bought an amazing secondhand dark cherry honda accord with extremely low miles 2,000 dollars less than my budget. It's an amazing, wonderful car. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful car to take me to work and back every day, and to take me wherever else I may go. It's extremely smooth on highways and it is so sleek and shiny looking. It looks brand new. All of my friends think it's an amazing car and that I am incredibly blessed and lucky, even my boyfriend who doesn't car much for cars thinks it's perfect. His car hobbyist friends think I scored the deal of the decade and commend me for my purchase. The engine has been perfectly maintained by its previous owner and the tires have been recently replaced and are brand spanking new. There is no rust anywhere on the body and the transmission is bulletproof. This car takes me to and from my classes reliably. This car carried all of my things from my parents house and to my and my boyfriend's new, amazing, spacious and affordable home. This car is my love and my life and I owe her more than she could ever know. Her name is Miss Westwood. She has cute sparkly license plate frames I picked up from walmart. She has pleather cow hide seat covers and a cute fluffy cowhide steering wheel cover I got from temu. She also has comfy fuzzy headrests also picked up from temu. The rearview mirror hangs a dangly charm my boyfriend got me from his music festival vacation a year ago. My life is amazing and it only gets better and better. Thank you deeply, universe. Thank you for grantimg me such an amazing and wondrous life. Thank you for my healthy self-esteem and my charming nature. Thank you thank you thank you.

No. 388658

File: 1712006027308.png (512.62 KB, 1000x1000, image_2024-04-01_134830139.png)

I have the best boyfriend ever.
>he loves me unconditionally no matter how i look.
>he makes good money and financially supports me.
>he plays all my favorite shitty videogames with me
>he's a skinhead and isnt a bonehead poser
also im hot as fuck with big tits

No. 388666


No. 388904

How do I stop feeling like men are worthless and have nothing to offer me? I want to date a man, so this way of thinking is not serving me. I've been reading Neville Goddard and I have so many negative assumptions about men. It seems like a curse because every time I find a guy who seems perfect, he turns out to have some major flaw that I can't overlook. Anyone have experience changing negative assumptions when you've been shown proof of them your entire life?

No. 388905

why do you want a man if you feel like they are worthless?

No. 388908

File: 1712129249748.jpg (81.09 KB, 564x1002, qtpieomg.jpg)

im very epic and cool and smart
also i will pet a cute nice and friendly dachshund before the week ends

No. 388922

Because I want to be in a nice romantic relationship and eventually get married, and I'm straight.

No. 388956

I know it sucks but I think these “negative assumptions” are realistically doing you a favor in the dating pool. Women who operate off of positive assumptions about men are prone to sticking it out with moids who have obvious red flags and actually taking them for their empty words. You know the reality and that’s something I wouldn’t take for granted, as pessimistic as it sounds. You can still find a man, the difference is that you will be pleasantly surprised when the right one comes around and probably will have put him through a proper vetting process.

No. 390090

I will get an A in my class despite having a useless lab partner.

No. 390842

They email me my payslip before tomorrow! pretty please dear universe? im kind and nice

No. 390919

File: 1712970826953.jpg (64.38 KB, 736x736, 1000005326.jpg)

I will find my card, my card will come back to me, if anyone got my card they will return it to me inmediatly.
Nonnas if you can plz help me woth this one or i might die wtf
I 100% HAVE MY CARD with me like right now and all the time

No. 390934

Please come here, I will get married in 2028

No. 393506

She didn't get an autism diagnosis, she got a BPD and anxiety diagnosis. That trans woman she is pursuing finally peaked her and she realized she threw her whole adolescence and early adulthood away for meaningless gender ideology and that none of it mattered and every trans woman is nothing but a moid playing pretend. She hates how she was such a pickme loser and feels like shit because she dropped out of community college to cam for pennies. She quit her retarded camgirl side hustle and goes back to school to earn a career to elevate her useless, but ass into an actual adult. She stopped pretending to have autism, she stopped ebegging and falsely claiming she was disabled, she stopped believing in retarded bullshit like ghosts and spirits and gender. She finally grew up and fixed her shitty, slobby life.

No. 393522

File: 1714060351155.jpg (36.15 KB, 563x375, 32490d31e8796a6280ebaef69d63e1…)

I open my eyes slowly. It's a sunday, so I'm not working, but I still wake up somewhat early due to habit. I feel him by my side, still asleep. I take in the moment for a few minutes, breathing in and dectecting the hay-like smell of old tatami. The fluffy natsubuton is hugging us nicely, as the blue tinted morning light hits my feet. I am so lucky to finally get this. When we are fully awake, we are going outside, grab a canned coffee and iced tea and walk around our city, maybe go to the park or find a new place to eat. I really love this place, because it's big enough that we have everything we need within walking distance, but now so big that it's constantly crowded and thecost of living is insane. And I live one hour from the biggest city in the province, if I ever need something from there.
Despite all the work during the week, the living is very comfortable. I text my family everyday, telling them the news. Coming home by night after a day exploring the city is so comforting. The lights look amazing. We laugh and talk while cooking dinner, something simple but healthy. As I lay down to sleep again, I look to all the little things that I got so far while living here. And I treasure it all.

No. 393646

He will be there with friends and will say hi to me

No. 394324

I will have my first child by mid-2025 at the latest.

No. 394328

File: 1714334665672.jpg (66.67 KB, 736x736, d56e5761b966d346b6c261840bf581…)

I actually had a full body goosebump after thinking about what I'm manifesting. I think that's a good sign.
519 7148

No. 394368

He will return all the money with interest, and never fuck with my shit again.

No. 394370

I will study hard and pass my exams.

No. 395749

File: 1714960504350.jpeg (47.52 KB, 828x485, IMG_2480.jpeg)

The corporation has a position that’s almost tailor-made for me. They feel so lucky to have found and quickly recruited me. I get to travel around the world as my job. I even have the option to move abroad one day.

No. 395756

It will all work out in the end

No. 395759

i manifested the man of my dreams, literally he looks like if you ai image generated my version of a perfect man and we align ethically and politically better than anyone i’ve ever met before but he wants kids and i don’t and so he doesn’t want me and i don’t know how to get over this. it’s like the matrix gave me precisely what i’ve always wanted and then said “and you specifically can never have it”

i’ve never been so hung up on someone but it really feels like if i can’t have him i just don’t want anyone else. he’s so smart and passionate and kind and good in bed, i don’t know how i’m supposed to move on when everyone i compare to him is utterly worthless. it’s like i got to have a glimpse of what it could be like to have a partner i actually respect and admire and now i can’t pretend to be interested in the usual burnout losers who want me. i feel 10x more resentment towards men because they aren’t him. i’m so fucked.

No. 395902

I will end up in California by the end of August.

No. 395920

Manifesting specific men is dangerous business imo. They can seem absolutely perfect at first but there’s always some monkeys paw flaw with them.

No. 395921

Wtf do you want to be in California of all places?

No. 395952

You will get what you deserve. You will get what you deserve. You will get what you deserve.

No. 395960

What if you manifest the monkey paw flaw yourself? Wouldn't that just give you what you kind of want? So it would be kind of like this:
>I will get a pretty boyfriend who will want to marry me
>He's a polyglot
>He's graduated from a very nice university
>He's a healthy man
>he doesn't have any vices
>He's my type physically
>he loves working out with me
>his music taste is a bit shitty though but I can handle it
>He's close to my age
>he loves dogs like I do
>he loves learning about new things
>he doesn't like doing drugs
>but he doesn't mind some moderate social drinking from time to time
>he doesn't consume porn
>he sucks at picking cute nicknames but he's funny so that's okay
>he loves to travel like I do
>he loves to eat different kinds of food
>which means he even eats weird stuff from time to time, like during a trip to china he would actually eat spiders or cockroaches for the sake of trying some different type of food
>he doesn't mind if I tease him or if I tell him what to do
>He's responsible and does chores, he never complains about it
>he wants to have 1 girl with me
>He's taller than me
>he has freckles
>he wants to raise our girl the way I want to raise her
>He's a loving man
>He's a bit religious like me, he isn't batshit insane about religion.
>we share the same religion, we believe in the same things
>he has nice and healthy hobbies like arts and crafts, He's into them in a moderate way, not obsessed with them but he also doesn't treat them like some meaningless thing to do
>he really likes the theoretical parts of the hobbies so he's really into the learning process of things
>he has green/amber eyes
>he doesn't believe in gender woowoo bullshit
>he barely uses social media like me
>he has nice friends that are healthy people with healthy lifestyles like him
>they're kind of boring even, his friends don't even drink socially and are into stuff like old cinema and 2deep4u series
>he never cheats
>He's respectful
>he respects me
>he loves me dearly
>he loves my friends
>he loves my family
>his family is nice even though it's a bit small like my family
>his family is easy-going and cheerful, they love parties like brunches and wine tasting diners
>they like going to museums and traveling together
>him and his family are economically well-off and are responsible with their money
>no one in his family believes in gender cult woowoo shit
>He's not racist, his family isn't racist either, they're like me and my family ideologically
>when we meet up it's always fun and relaxing for all of us
>Sometimes it's noisy but it's because we're having fun
>He's a calm man that has never raised his hand to harm anyone
>He's charming
>He's sweet
>he enjoys my shitty jokes
>he thinks I'm cool
>he thinks I'm beautiful
>He's a bit obsessed with me but he can handle being apart from me when we need to do stuff separately, whenever we meet again he tells me about the stuff he saw that reminded him of me, that he missed me, he kisses me a lot and hugs me tightly
>he doesn't mind my IBS and gastric issues
>he wants us to have an insurance
>He keeps track of his spending habits and knows how to manage a budget
Kind of like that, I hope that by adding the monkey paw stuff myself, I don't get any weird shit.

No. 396048

File: 1715102257366.jpg (117.26 KB, 700x700, 700_84329875_1052226011811226_…)

I will get the job that I want!

No. 396051

You don't seem to understand how manifesting works? You have a belief that there's some monkey's paw or that something has to go wrong, that's also a manifestation. You can manifest him not wanting kids.

No. 396069

i'm glad to see borzoifag is still around

No. 396144

I will get a call back for the job. I will get an interview and hired.

No. 396307

Fuck it, no realism! No pragmatism! No playing devils advocate! This month is going to be fantastic, we’re going to go somewhere nice and get a full months worth of good sleep. We’re going to explore a new area, have some new experiences, probably get sunburnt but it’ll be fun. Then at the end of it we’ll say our goodbyes, finish packing up the apartment and finally move into a house we don’t have the furniture for.

No. 396333

I hope the manager at Waitrose that interviewed me yesterday and rejected me dies. I hope the manager at Waitrose that interviewed me yesterday dies. I hope I get a good easy summer job which can earn me a lot of money. I hope I get invited for interviews. I hope I get the jobs.

No. 396416

I will ace my test tomorrow, get my payslip and the cute guy at work will talk to me.
I deserve it because its my birthday month

No. 396613

File: 1715299358321.jpg (120.34 KB, 720x960, GLd4xxLWwAEmSQZ.jpg)

He'll be back, he'll give me another chance and we'll start a long term relationship