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File: 1548488226520.jpg (22.18 KB, 564x564, ea6acfee243ad71cdc123f0bf1fde2…)

No. 106527

Ask questions, post cute nail art and polish swatches, discus trends, techniques, products, professional services, etc.

What's on your nails right now, farmers?

No. 106528

File: 1548489883644.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x750, c160cfb3baef76cd05f6c7f831e251…)

No. 106529

File: 1548489954703.jpg (27.73 KB, 480x480, d813151e2c8a32cbb988a9991bd911…)

No. 106530

File: 1548490009066.jpg (37.25 KB, 564x844, 37ebdba99c31ca311bd58103e31769…)

No. 106531

File: 1548490174645.jpg (27.82 KB, 564x564, 366348fe3f358801aa431328eb8bef…)

No. 106532

File: 1548490425558.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3024x3024, 9013743A-A568-414F-B7B9-D06075…)

No. 106535

The cola red nail polish from opi, the shade is perfect for that bright, classic red nail look imo. I’m just frustrated because my nails grow out pretty quick so they get long in no time, but won’t stay long because my nails break like nobodies business, they have no strength. I would try being more careful in day to day life but I don’t really have time to slowly and gingerly pick everything up so I don’t accidentally snag my nail on something. Polish definitely helps but I still need something to actually make my nails stronger. I’m kind of tired having a lesbian manicure.

No. 106540

File: 1548493534215.jpg (284.21 KB, 650x650, TB2tydqhBfH8KJjy1XbXXbLdXXa_!!…)

Wakemake's Hard Rock (middle color) is fucking gorgeous irl. I think you can get it online outside of S. Korea.
It's a fine glitter, this pic makes it look chunkier than it is.

No. 106548

File: 1548511101692.jpeg (161.95 KB, 750x1334, 5956309B-5FFB-4EA6-900F-2A872A…)

Does anyone have any recommendations of nude shades for really light pale skin?

No. 106550

File: 1548511967272.jpg (79.76 KB, 883x1024, 199c65842716ad5e4ba7e9ec164c69…)

I really like Clay by Sally Hansen!

All the nails posted are extremely adorable anons

No. 106551

File: 1548512065590.jpg (103.47 KB, 750x750, 615ee51f-2839-46c0-af17-15e8b4…)

Pulled from my inspo folder; small image dump incoming

No. 106552

File: 1548512144392.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264, lk6psscrt76z.jpg)

No. 106553

File: 1548512181454.jpg (100.34 KB, 640x640, 120662819581.jpg)

No. 106555

File: 1548512678910.jpg (46.5 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nuiu18ZYAE1qmxhtqo1_540…)

No. 106556

File: 1548512714055.jpg (38.86 KB, 340x360, 56739872727.jpg)

And of course, who doesn't love a good holo??

No. 106557

i love looking at nail art, i wanna get my nails done up all cool and holographic, but my job requires i have nude polishes only.

No. 106558

File: 1548520223976.jpg (57.16 KB, 736x751, black-matte-nail-polish-best-2…)

I recently got a matte topcoat and I've been putting it on everything. I love pairing dark matte colors with something sparkly or metallic. Pic related, once my current polish starts chipping off I'm trying matte black with gold next.

No. 106560

Maybe try getting gel nails? It's just a layer of UV cured gel varnish over the top of your nails and it'll keep them stong.

No. 106565

File: 1548531979389.png (400.32 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190126-114459.png)

Btw here is the Amazon link for the 2 pack of Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

No. 106575

I work in a cafe so we aren't allowed nail polish and I bite my nails from stress, but I'd kill to have healthy, beautiful nails and have such cute designs on them, this thread is so cute

No. 106578

File: 1548546278792.jpg (49.43 KB, 550x825, 1024d3582642b53a4d89feef6fedc8…)

Does anyone else have trouble with Essie polishes? I have a few and every single time they don't dry. I've painted Bobbing for Baubles (pic related) 10 mins ago and it's still a tacky mess. I try to paint a thin layer. The polish itself isn't thick or in need of thinner so wtf?

No. 106580

File: 1548548062766.png (1.23 MB, 866x869, nails.PNG)

the nails inc brand on the sephora website is my favorite
they have a pretty big flat applicator, so it's really easy to just swipe each of your nails once and be done with it (the polish itself is thick so you only really need one swipe)

No. 106581

Love a good brush!!
Thanks for the rec; this thread has me jonesing for a new bottle

No. 106583

Huh, that's weird, I've never had a nail polish do that. Honestly though, I think Essie is overrated. It was always such a hyped up brand but their performance disappointed me, especially for the price. My $1 Wet n Wild nail polish lasts way longer than my Essie polish.

No. 106590

File: 1548558982423.jpg (412.98 KB, 1076x1084, Screenshot_20190127-031058_Ins…)

Haven't noticed issues w drying time but I do use quick dry top coat (cally hansen one) and that bitch sucks all polishes completely dry in like a minute, however I have noticed that easier polishes tend to be very sheer?? I have only creme ones, both light and medium toned and they take 3 coats to be opaque.

I absolutely hate my nails tbh because my nail beds are shallow so my nails must be quite long for them to appear normal-sized (if this makes sense), additionally, they are very thin naturally and I always end up breaking them at work even when I have polish on as a protective layer. Have been thinking about trying out gel nails but am afraid that it would make my own nails even thinner or if I ever break a nail I'd manage to break it on the bit where it's attached to my skin. Also it would be an extra expense and I have lots of normal nail polishes that would be pointless then.

No. 106591

File: 1548559045291.jpg (520.3 KB, 1078x1081, Screenshot_20190127-031121_Ins…)

some more piccies from my ig bookmarks lol

No. 106592

File: 1548559097991.jpg (575.58 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20190127-031154_Ins…)

idk how tacky it is but i love hearts drawn on the tip of pointed nails, so cute imo!

No. 106593

File: 1548559194005.jpg (316.25 KB, 1067x1081, Screenshot_20190127-031926_Ins…)

No. 106594

File: 1548559245659.jpg (321.67 KB, 1078x1078, Screenshot_20190127-032029_Ins…)

No. 106595

File: 1548559283915.jpg (538.71 KB, 1072x1080, Screenshot_20190127-032107_Ins…)

No. 106597

File: 1548559397183.jpg (515.48 KB, 1077x1073, Screenshot_20190127-032209_Ins…)

No. 106598

File: 1548559429267.jpg (505.66 KB, 1077x1076, Screenshot_20180827-035944_Ins…)

No. 106600

I really want to like tortoiseshell nails but it just looks diseased to me!

The only solution I can think of is to keep your nails short so maybe the tips won't hit against stuff and break? But you say you like them long bc you have short nail beds… Such is life eh anon?

No. 106602

I love this. I'm a sucker for anything nature related

No. 106604

File: 1548568166162.jpg (152.16 KB, 1024x1024, ac20e6ce749021c35c29e9f6e91307…)

Essie is my least favorite brand. It doesn't stay long at all for me. But I feel like different brands/formulations might work for different people! Also the polish you have could possibly be old/expired

On the contrary, my favorite line of nail polish is the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. The colored polishes and top coat are great, and they're sooo cheap. Like $2.50. They stay on my nails without chipping for so long.

No. 106606

Such is life indeed ;-;
Maybe I'll be able to get a graduate job and move away from part time manual labour lol, just 2 more years!

No. 106612

File: 1548588432550.jpg (189.02 KB, 866x866, tumblr_ne58j0AnkF1rg24l0o1_128…)

Have this saved for idk how long now but I feel I won't be able to re-create it on my own.

No. 106613

File: 1548588507154.jpg (282.27 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n9i1d0Tv3m1tgjedoo1_128…)

No. 106615

File: 1548588821570.jpg (32.41 KB, 529x657, 97a41e6ad7885c483be7e27eaefca3…)

No. 106616

Oh fuck these are so cute. I wish I was in any way talented so I could do this.

No. 106621

File: 1548596940360.jpg (56.06 KB, 640x640, marvelous-nail-idea-from-angel…)

Do anons have any specific nail artists/studios they like to follow? I mostly just look up specific styles of nails and can find a few really pretty ones.

No. 106625

File: 1548604703521.jpg (29.19 KB, 564x564, 105b04453bfc836f434a3b3beb1c7f…)

Incoming dump from my pinterest board
Pinterest is great for nail inspo!

No. 106626

File: 1548604754012.jpg (25.92 KB, 480x479, 925173e5dae147bc53981e0a0df100…)

No. 106627

File: 1548604791310.jpg (33.07 KB, 564x564, ae49dcb27db06d4f2db3a5cb799ff3…)

No. 106628

File: 1548604817604.jpg (54.49 KB, 564x558, 6df53cede867381222618b8c4833b5…)

No. 106629

File: 1548604877731.jpg (34.94 KB, 564x564, 6e18cf4f240bca6070cab886fd345e…)

No. 106630

File: 1548604954268.jpg (30.69 KB, 563x483, 1b918350648f4348750862131ba204…)

No. 106631

File: 1548605016436.jpg (51.68 KB, 474x474, bee744ff55dc1ea1641a6f004a1074…)

I think jelly nails are weirdly cute

No. 106633

File: 1548605756847.jpg (50.53 KB, 640x640, 223b56166b366f2e753ca70545f6dd…)

these are so gorgeous

No. 106634

File: 1548606110320.jpg (417.58 KB, 1076x1066, Screenshot_20190127-162006_Ins…)

not sure about other anons but i mostly just use my Insta explore page (have finally managed to purge all slime vids from it lol), from individual artists/studios I follow vanityprojects, amivnails, pink_rose_window, nailsbymei, nailitmag (compilation acc), best_nails_riga, nailthoughts and sweetandsavvynails

No. 106635

File: 1548607131708.png (796.62 KB, 591x600, ami.PNG)

thank you, anon!

No. 106644

OT but how did you purge your explore page? I'm so sick of babies and people gorging themselves with food and popping pimples. I never even look at any of that shit so idk how it got there in the first place

No. 106649

File: 1548614375826.jpg (76.99 KB, 1080x1080, 7751021b3590dbf2341b38204ed6bb…)

I really like these nude designs. I wonder if I can get away with doing my nails like this and go to work. I feel like it's not obnoxious so I bet my higher ups wouldn't mind.

No. 106653

File: 1548619284898.jpg (446.41 KB, 1074x1071, Screenshot_20190127-195458_Ins…)

reported every post i hated as not interested in and scrolled far on every suggested post i liked. took me like a week but all those "satisfying" slime posts are gone!

i think it should be alright, they look very elegant and subtle

No. 106654

these look dope. got any more?

No. 106668

How do I make my nails look good when I have a short nail bed? It sucks because I can't have nice long polished nails unless I grow them super long/ get acrylics (which I don't like)

No. 106677

This is a really dumb question and I feel ashamed for asking, but for some background, I do my own uv gel nails because I never found a technique that worked for getting long-wear out of regular polishes, but I am sick of all the prep involved with it. What products can I use to actually have more than a day-two days out of my nail polish before it chips and I just get rid of it all. How long do said products last for you? Thanks so much for this thread.

No. 106678

One thing that I found helps my polish last longer is washing with soap and water after removing the previous polish with remover. I always skipped that step when painting my nails at home and it turns out it helps a lot.
Another thing you can do is to gently file the whole nail with a soft nail file to create texture for the polish to stick to.
Also, a clear "no-chip" base coat can also help the decoratove polish to adhere better to the nail.
Also paint the free end (aka the edge) of the nail and even paint the underside of the nail if they are long enough bc nail polish tends to shrink as it dries.

Hope this helps!

No. 106680

Also, no need to feel ashamed! Besides "hurr durr color nail with paint," it's not super intuitive. I learn new things all the time and I've been painting my nails semi-regularly for a long time.

*decorative, whoops!

No. 106683

File: 1548642943391.jpg (36.6 KB, 640x480, nail-art-pastel-latest-itus-tw…)

No. 106701

File: 1548662789666.jpg (36.89 KB, 564x564, 2603dd0df0f08023bfb0bdece208fe…)

No. 106702

File: 1548662836333.jpg (27 KB, 564x564, bb35b0b60152336528bff1898b3d0d…)

No. 106703

File: 1548662874095.jpg (27 KB, 500x600, 068f769eac808eef715c687b04b8e1…)

No. 106704

File: 1548662958499.jpg (26.73 KB, 564x561, d534b3042f509c78fc1fb566ca0171…)

No. 106705

File: 1548663110174.jpg (120.52 KB, 1229x1537, 4f0f4d260cd54b344f495257111cc1…)

No. 106706

File: 1548663212065.jpg (112.02 KB, 1080x1350, b12d1ab932512ee95755df0e41ab80…)

No. 106707

File: 1548663292399.jpg (100.34 KB, 1080x1080, 3bf86ac3c31c61f10205c685ef4c5c…)

No. 106709

As always, you guys have such great taste. I love all of these looks on clear/pale nails.
I have a really bad habit of destroying my nails when I'm stressed but I'm going to use these as inspiration to let my nails grow. Thanks anons!

No. 106758

File: 1548716907122.jpg (481.12 KB, 1061x1071, Screenshot_20190128-230735_Ins…)

absolutely gasped when saw these

No. 106760

File: 1548718002113.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x640, 0bc49528f170ceca8fd6ecc11924c5…)

Does anyone else have nails that sort of flare out towards the ends? My nail beds are kind of deep on the sides but get shallower towards the edge, so they have kind of a v shape and I hate it.
Is there a way to kind of "train" them to be more even?

also, pinterest dump incoming

No. 106761

File: 1548718036387.jpg (30.77 KB, 480x360, 0c072d433fc76b22d19b290773f3ab…)

No. 106762

File: 1548718093032.jpg (23.88 KB, 349x349, 6c583a7762ee66bec1ccaf30d6d90e…)

No. 106763

File: 1548718141446.jpg (41.37 KB, 500x419, b396a93f673b870d53eeba3ffb113f…)

No. 106764

File: 1548718203966.jpg (61.29 KB, 375x500, f79a02089577eb22584c47c206c090…)

No. 106765

File: 1548718235529.jpg (100.02 KB, 736x736, 35db506b78134d105650af5bbc0191…)

No. 106766

File: 1548718326120.jpg (52.69 KB, 604x607, fabcd0b4d8225d23f6ac97f91a6ecc…)

No. 106767

File: 1548718462847.jpg (78.02 KB, 736x736, ce883c74dec514ef0a3d62461312fd…)

last one

No. 106768

ugh this is such a perfect vampy look

i have the same issue and idk what to do either. normally i just file the sides somewhat and it looks passable but then when they grow out a bit it looks dumb.

No. 106770

File: 1548719354539.jpg (52.63 KB, 600x800, 90-Pretty-Simple-Japanese-Nail…)

No. 106801

File: 1548741703080.jpg (289.03 KB, 1600x1195, CND Shellac Negligee, VIP Gold…)

so simple and gorgeous

No. 106830

We already have an old nail thread.

No. 106841

File: 1548784612785.jpg (119.51 KB, 735x906, 7ffcdc6f8fb7f6a395a2349324d311…)

I don't know how it's possible to function with this much shit on your hands, but goddamn I love looking at it

No. 106863

I have baby hands with short fingers and rather short nails. Not short as in "i bite them off and they look disgusting" but they're just not long, they grow way more "up" than other women's nails. (Idk if I'm explaining this well)

On top of that, I study art so I always end up with acryl/oil paint on my fingers, I spend time with hammers and screws etc…

I really really wish I could do cute manicures though. If someone has advice, I'm taking it.

No. 106897

yeah, this is the third one made on /g/

there's also one in /ot/ too

No. 106914

File: 1548827475824.jpg (120.63 KB, 771x842, cool-rhinestone-bow-nail-art-t…)

No. 106915

File: 1548827603570.jpg (140.29 KB, 1024x1435, cf7753c2d8c62328.jpg)

No. 106916

File: 1548827651574.jpg (205.79 KB, 1600x1600, 19b0c511e077933bdc3f4ee5856b67…)

No. 106917

File: 1548827721413.jpg (59.69 KB, 667x667, summer-nail-colors-are-always-…)

No. 106949

lmao these aren't even that long, anon.

No. 106951

File: 1548859199936.jpg (47.95 KB, 1080x1080, 42529426_2270932073134872_3468…)

No. 106952

File: 1548859262390.jpg (66.13 KB, 1080x1080, 35986837_2187877648106982_1873…)

No. 106953

File: 1548859299729.jpg (110.36 KB, 960x960, 12798965_1766744403553644_5150…)

No. 106954

File: 1548859353790.jpg (93.28 KB, 1439x1424, 13442489_1810732859154798_8610…)

No. 106955

File: 1548859880616.jpg (208.54 KB, 810x760, IMG_20190130_155045.jpg)

No. 106960

File: 1548866615987.jpg (75.87 KB, 736x736, 081f51ee68157a675bcb51891cb643…)

No. 106963

File: 1548867974860.jpg (27.85 KB, 564x564, 33e304993b58caa2a76562dd4109a6…)

No. 106964

File: 1548868598063.jpg (33.18 KB, 564x564, aefcee002c3c643e6617302d1ce7eb…)

No. 106965

File: 1548868666398.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x500, ee3f4cd6edad81f66061404ee8290e…)

No. 106966

File: 1548868865826.jpg (88.31 KB, 564x564, 5a495fd080c3f20bfe261d932e0410…)

No. 106967

File: 1548868967610.jpg (36.4 KB, 564x564, 80-Cute-Winter-Nails-Designs-T…)

No. 106968

File: 1548868989958.jpg (28.19 KB, 564x564, f573fb5cf1cd6053e804ab799bf14f…)

No. 106990

Love these. So cute and tasteful

No. 107000

so awsome

No. 107207

does anyone have any basecoat recommendations? I've been using sally hansen double duty and a catrice one that i think has been discontinued. Not in love with either.

No. 107210

I have a base coat/top coat set from Butter which is great

No. 107211


I have the two of these and got chipping within a day. Argh. I can't do nail polish.

No. 107212

File: 1549076550416.jpg (69.02 KB, 640x628, 7c0dced3b49d99c1f726419472d1e8…)

In the name of jesus

Just get a lamp and convert to UV gel polish. IDK how people still do regular polish.

No. 107214

NTA but I've been considering switching to gel nail polish. Any recommendations for an affordable but still good lamp? There's some stuff on Amazon but I'm afraid it'll be cheap Aliexpress junk that won't cure the polish.

No. 107216

NTA, but my nails grow too fast and I have to change my polish in a few days anyway so gel is pointless. It sucks

No. 107218

>use clear glitter gel
>fill the ends when you need to instead of changing the color out

That's what I do! I usually change the color every month or so. Also gel just needs to be soaked off and you can change it, it's less annoying in my opinion than the traditional polish because it only takes 1 minute to put on.

No. 107219

Idk, I'd rather just do my nails once a week. It's not a big deal, and I like to change the color regularly since I have like 100 nail polishes. Thanks though

No. 107220


Yeah, I do UV gel on my toes. I prefer it for longevity, but I hate setting everything up and wish normal polish stayed on sometimes.

No. 107229

File: 1549111761628.jpg (65.8 KB, 686x1049, heart.jpg)

No. 107230

File: 1549111825895.jpg (75.96 KB, 960x960, cute floral nails.jpg)

No. 107245

File: 1549126234874.jpg (74.99 KB, 640x640, 1280_q85[1].jpg)

No. 107302

File: 1549192766101.png (707.96 KB, 720x822, Screenshot_2019-02-03-06-42-43…)

I love those

No. 107399

do someone know where i can get colors like that?

No. 107401

what part are you asking about, and what type of polish?

No. 107402

does anyone have tips for filing nails? i have to keep my nails short since i play the piano, luckily i have long nailbeds so they still look nice but i feel like i'm doing something wrong. i switched from a metal file to paper ones and my nails are far less damaged now but using a paper file drives me insane, it's so bendy and takes a loooong time to finish all nails

No. 107403

File: 1549310034123.jpg (204.16 KB, 725x830, imgrc0070132584[1].jpg)

sage, but upon inspection it looks to be a semi-translucent gel polish. those are pretty popular in japan marketed as "milky type".


pic related is the link. i bought that brand before and it's pretty good!

No. 107406

No. 107421

I just cut mine into a nice shape, they smooth down on their own after a day or so. I gave up with filing, it never worked for me.

No. 107426

Get a glass file. They're the best for your nails, durable, and work quickly.

No. 107438

those are so cute and pretty! i need to try these. which ones have you tried? G-5, L-5 and J-5, I-5 look super cute!

No. 107444

How do I stop biting my nails and the skin around my nails when I'm so stressed?

No. 107448

Well first understand why. You've trained your brain and body to react to stress by nail biting so it's now basically an involuntary reflex. It's a habit you learned so now you have to make it a habit to stop, perhaps with another distraction (like a stress ball) or perhaps snapping yourself out of it with sensory alerts like smell and taste so you can try applying a strong smelling lotion on your hands (or if you're worried about eating lotion, make your own edible type with oil and lemon juice). Or wear breathable gloves or put tape on your fingernails.

No. 107451

i have tried a glass file years ago actually, but mine wasn't exactly durable, the surface peeled off pretty quickly. maybe i just got a shitty one though, will give it a shot again.

No. 107459

I used the hot sauce method. Not that I hate hot sauce, but I started to not bite my nails because the notion of putting crusty, old hot sauce that had been under my nails in my mouth was massively gross.

Not to mention I just wanted pretty nails and I was so fed up with bitten ones because everyone would know that, on top of being unsightly, it's an immature habit.

The first time I grew out and painted my nails I was so proud. Turns out I had gorgeous beds, and I get a lot of compliments and peoole asking if they're real because I grow them without trying. I never went back.

No. 107460

i've used G-6 and I-5 before. they're pretty nice, a bit thicker than other polish (which is good imo) and they blend super well! would recommend this brand in general.

No. 107464

File: 1549392083509.jpg (471.66 KB, 1077x1072, Screenshot_20190205-183715_Ins…)

for the anon that liked nudy nails!

No. 107466

Seconding the glass file. Once I made the switch my nails stopped peeling all the time.

No. 108215

File: 1550169983117.jpg (239.63 KB, 1080x1080, 317bb167-177c-4453-96dc-0215b9…)

No. 108263

File: 1550209300756.png (1.56 MB, 1440x1217, Screenshot_2019-02-14-23-41-27…)

Aww I love the cat!

No. 108364

File: 1550288628299.jpg (5.38 MB, 1920x3415, inCollage_20190215_194028564.j…)

One of my favorites– Essie's 'Shine of the Times'. It looks different depending on the base color. It can go from warm on top of red to cool on top of beige and everything in between. My favorite base is black but rn I have it on top of Sally Hansen's 'Clay' and it's gorgeous.

No. 108365

File: 1550288951871.jpg (1.79 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190215_194658131.j…)

Whoops, not 'Clay', but 'Make My Clay'. Seen on the left. The brush is so good too. The perfect width to get right up to my cuticle and when you press down to swipe the polish it forms perfectly to the nail. Right pic is a different color but illustrates my point.

No. 108400

File: 1550340347975.jpg (11.57 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1141361500_8ln0.jpg)

How does one function with long nails? I had nails about the length of pic related for about 2 days until I had to rip them off because I couldn't stand it. But I love the way they look and I love cool nail art. I want to try again but I don't know how to make it more bearable.

No. 108404

it's not that hard. you just need to use extensions or something that's reinforced and you can safely use them like you would your real nails. i find they don't really impede anything and actually make some things easier!

No. 108429

is it okay to request that a nail tech not push or cut your cuticles? I really hate the feeling and I dont mind the look of uncut cuticles

No. 108432


I love them too but I can't stand doing skin routine with long fingernails. lose so much product under the nails and I am not digging that shit to reuse out bc disgusting

No. 108435

the polish won't stay on if you do that.

No. 108436

>not using the back of your nail/finger to get product out instead
git gud girl

No. 108441


no ty, it's a hotbed of bacteria under there

No. 108856

She meant use the backs of your fingers to apply your products, not to reuse what's clumped up under your nails.

No. 108865

File: 1550787951983.jpg (149.22 KB, 1058x1019, fd2c2313d2a74b981b0ca818e0574b…)

tempted to try a england polishes but they're so expensive

No. 109120

I like wearing nail polish but got scared after hearing about all the harmful ingredients. I have been looking at water based polishes now, has anyone here used that and could you recommend a good brand? Sophi and Aquarella are two that I know of.

No. 109139

i meant >>108856.

>hotbed of bacteria

do you not scrub under your nails? nasty.

No. 109148

Come on now you're just being bitchy now because the anon misunderstood your post. Even if you do scrub under your nails every five minutes, it's still right to call it a hot bed of germs. Even if you wash a floor you're not going to lick it.

No. 109160

she's in the middle of cleaning and moisturizing her face, anon, why would she be doing it with dirty ass hands? if anything you sound more like anon being butthurt that you misunderstood something.

No. 109189


okay, seriously. regardless of how well you wash your hands there is still going to be stuff under your nails. do us a favour and check out google.

No. 109394

your nails are just dead keratin, they don't really absorb much from polish (unless you're buying led paint from china kek)

No. 109402

Dude calm the fuck down. I'm not even that Anon but damn you annoying.

No. 109403


just like you, I wasn't the original anon. imagine! there really ARE multiple people in this thread

No. 109405

No. 109414

Stop infighting.

No. 109454

Here's an awkward question:

How do these nontoxic brands taste? I have a friend who only ever uses acrylic nails for special occasions because she has a bad finger-sucking habit.

No. 109489

File: 1551533619090.jpg (303.42 KB, 1364x1600, IMG_4372.JPG)

Is there any way to apply those star/heart/flower/etc. glitter top coats (like pic related) without them to stick out that causes always after a day to get caught in all kinds of fabric or hair? I own a few and I think they can look really cute but I always end up removing them after a short while because the rough surface gets annoying really fast. Any ideas or tips?

No. 109490

Let that top coat dry and put on another top coat that doesn't have glitter in it.

No. 109491

I ordered some Sophi nail polish so I guess I can give you a review when it arrives.

No. 109492

glitter polishes aren't meant to be used as topcoat, just because it's used over other polish doesn't mean it's a topcoat.

No. 109496

different type of glitter being used in this video, but the principle is the same.

No. 109498

i don't like this video tbh. there's different ways to apply it based on what you want personally. you can keep the glitter sparse and if you're applying like she's doing, you want to use loose glitter anyways and not a polish. either way topcoat is always going to be different than glitter polish which seems to be the OPs issue.

No. 109500


I should have mentioned that I always seal my finished nails with a clear topcoat, even when I use the glitter topcoats as described. Last time I applied 3 coats of clear topcoat on the top of that glittery one (similar as in the picture I posted) and it was still not a solution to this problem, because the sharp edges were still there after it dried.

Made me think if it comes to this kind of style, it's better to do gel or acrylic nails to avoid this …

No. 110615

Thanks anon

No. 110631

Hey anons, hope yall can help me on this ;_; my nails have been fucked for a while now… at first it was pretty clear due to my abuse of acetone so i stop applying nail polish for quite some time, until recently i start applying nail polish again. They were peeling, staining my nails and incredibly soft/weak. The staining has gone now but they are still peeling and very weak, is there any way to fix this? Thanks yall in advance

No. 110639

how do i make my toenails look better? they're just barely not-disgusting atm and i hate it

No. 110643

I'd ask your GP or a derm about that, there are a few diseases/deficiencies that can be identified with nail health. Despite what many have said, constant use of nail polish doesnt affect the health of your nails. I have eczema on my hands which causes nail pitting/splitting and my derm said I could keep painting my nails and using acetone remover.

No. 110645

Literally the same you'd do with your hands

No. 110660

File: 1551650771329.jpg (15.36 KB, 480x240, 1-M-na0110StndGlssNls-OpLR.jpg)

I've been wanting to get my nails done soon. I want them to have a theme, like a gothic vampire in a chapel. These look so beautiful and simple. I think they're pretty much what I'm aiming for.

No. 110748

File: 1551739267117.jpeg (1.91 MB, 4032x3024, 0A63562C-58E0-4003-BD19-41ACC9…)

No. 110753

Make sure the place you go can do inlays because that's what that is. If they don't know what you mean leave.

No. 110827

I got the Sophi polish and I can't recommend it to anyone. Smelled bad (odourless my ass) and looked terrible. Didn't taste it because I don't want stomach issues. Maybe I got a bad one but I think I'll stick to toxic polish.

No. 110851

whenever i get acrylics i get 2/3? fill ins on one set before my nails get this insane downward curve. my nail tech (i’ve only been to one) says this is unavoidable and i’ll have to pay 60 for a full set vs 30 for a fill in. does anyone know how to avoid the curve?

No. 110852

go somewhere where they do forms instead of tips, or get them to use a different tip. even with the tip it won't happen unless they're doing it on purpose.

No. 111037


What? They should be asking if you want your nails shortened every time you go for a fill. If they're not, maybe you should find a new nail tech, anon. Good luck!

No. 111129

okay so i’m really new to getting them done, not sure if i’m explaining this right but they come out how i want which is a certain shape/length because of my field of work. the curve is from my natural nail? from what i understood the artificial tip grows off at some point and they’re doing fill ins over the natural, so to get rid of the curve, i have to get new tips, new set.

No. 111141

hm do you know anyone else with that name?

No. 111154

File: 1552573883477.jpg (88.04 KB, 707x1000, temp.jpg)

the tip doesn't grow off in 2 fills. it's the type of tips they're using. even if your natural nails are curved a lot, they make nail tips that are shaped different. and even if they are curved, you can shape them during the filing process so they don't look as bad. and if it's that your nail is too weak to hold up the extension, they've done something else wrong.

cheap places use cheap shit, just remember that.

No. 111205

Unless nails are made of cheese I think I can take your word on the taste. I'll find my friend some other birthday gift, thank you for your help, anon.

No. 111549

File: 1553180429511.jpeg (131.8 KB, 1080x1349, F61A50D2-A486-4240-9A83-77D281…)

Just go slow. Don’t get any extensions. Get gel on your natural nail and grow the length yourself so you can gradually adjust.

No. 111782

Are nail salons supposed to grind off the natural growth that comes under the acrylic? How can I tell for sure that the salon sucks?

No. 111844

Love all of the nails in this thread! I miss having long nails. I have strong natural nails but I've been working in a kitchen since last year so I can't have them anymore, which is why I'm seriously considering buying press on nails I can use on my days off.
At first I thought it would be tacky, but I've found some sellers that I really like! And I realised how amazing it is that I can wear nails by amazing artists from the other side of the world, artists much better than anyone I can find close by. The only thing I don't like is the look of a nail that is pressed on, I think it looks obvious. It probably is more noticable when you know though, so I think it will be fine.

Does anyone have any experience with press on nails?

No. 111845

For your situation those IMpress ones by Broadway are very thin, easy to get off and will stay in awhile if you prep your nails properly. I haven’t used them in a long time but when I did they didn’t have any long styles at all

No. 111847

what do you mean?

No. 111928

File: 1553708795032.jpg (34.74 KB, 564x554, 85baabcdcb437c4381a737b75bd1d9…)

No. 111929

File: 1553708854811.jpg (32.63 KB, 564x564, 54925fa768d6e453342b26a31c7baf…)

No. 111935

i love this idea! the honey nails are amazing.

No. 111959

Paging Trixie Mattel

No. 112012

Those nails look pretty sweet.

No. 114584

File: 1557463024786.jpeg (78.52 KB, 703x579, 92D428E0-962B-4AF4-946E-C76634…)

I hopped on that honey nail train.

No. 114597

File: 1557493433267.jpg (46.41 KB, 564x652, 737b7b272fd01b16d6433f2b619ce7…)

I wish I could get pretty nails, like those on this thread. Where I live, it's impossible to find someone good enough to do something similar.

No. 114665

File: 1557618806026.jpeg (638.59 KB, 2048x2048, 32407209-C676-4E16-A63E-3F7725…)

You could always get yourself a light and some supplies and give it a whirl. There’s YouTube tutorials and stuff. I used to do my nails myself before I simply ran out of time in the week to do them.

No. 115447

i'm so fed up with how brittle my nails are. it's unbelievable, they don't get better no matter what i do. i eat healthy, drink enough water, take a vitamin supplememt that contains biotin, don't wear nail polish often and keep my nails relatively short. i don't know why they're this way because my hair is actually very strong and healthy. can anyone help?

No. 115463

I believe milk helps. I drink skim. I also trim my nails right when they get to the point they usually break. If think they get longer and stronger each time.
I have good nail genetics though.

No. 115637

does anyone here do their own nails? i really want to have nice nails all the time, especially in the future once i quit this job at the bar, but i'm not sure i can afford to have them done every 3-4 weeks.

i don't really like hard gel, i prefer acrylics, and am currently in japan.

has anyone tried buying a set from wish and learning that way? a friend of mine keeps saying wish is fine and quality but i highly doubt it.

i just want to have long, clicky, well-manicured nails :(

No. 116480

I was a life long nail biter, to the point that my nails were literally little stubs and looked like a deformity or something. I've recently kicked the habit and for the first time in my life my nails are approaching the end of the fingertips. But this has made me realize- I know absolutely nothing about nail care. In particular how to keep them from getting dirty. I by no means work a job where my hands touch anything dirty/grimey yet underneath my nails gets so damn dirty in the course of a few hours. Is this normal?? also any advice for someone who basically has fingernails for the first time in the life would be greatly appreciated

No. 116488

File: 1560155421272.jpg (62.45 KB, 640x640, nailbrush.jpg)

It's normal for grime to accumulate if you don't scrub under your nails. A nail brush will be your new best friend.

No. 116489

Learning how to properly do acrylics is way harder than learning to do gel. I used to do my own gel and trust me, that’s the way you want to go. I got my light and supplies all off Rakuten— I’m also in Japan. But the process is so time-consuming that I went back to getting them professionally done. I work six days a week. No time for that.

No. 116490

File: 1560156923486.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3024x3356, C994728F-9C52-4FB0-BDB1-012B65…)

No. 116496

The nails in this thread are so pretty. Looking at them made me decide that I finally have to do something about mine, but I don’t know how to start. Should I start going to a salon and get them done there? That means I have to pay for it every month, right? Or should I try doing gel nails at home?

My nails are short (like >>106529) and small in general. They also are thin. I want to let them grow a bit, but I am looking for something cute and natural.

No. 116499

File: 1560173758358.png (560.6 KB, 564x564, gel`.png)

i also do my gels and i just do glitter/shell embedded tips and back fill them every week.

No. 116501

hi everyone!! i am trying my best to strengthen my nails and i have no idea on what method is best… i switched from gel, to shellac, and now im on regular polish but it chips immediately bc of how WEAK and thin my nails are :( any tips on strengthening nails that really work? im feelin lost lol

No. 116502

I stopped using polish for a month-two and it helped a lot my nails to recover. Try to look up if you have any deficiency

No. 116522

File: 1560210503711.jpg (325.37 KB, 960x1240, nail-envy-original-ntt80-treat…)

Could be total placebo but eat some walnuts everyday and I find this polish helps tremendously with my papery nails.

No. 117355

What do you do to get a clean polish look and have it chip off more slowly? I do a lot of work with my hands and I always seem to fuck up and make my polish look lumpy or imprint on something. I wait for it to dry and think it's dry, but when I go to bed, it's got bedsheet prints, or I cut into it by accident.
I'm really bad at doing my nails and just want to make them mostly pretty tbh. I don't know if some sort of gels would be better for my lifestyle.

No. 117356

samefag, but I should've mentioned, I'm also a string musician and it means that besides my preference for short nails, I cannot grow them out. I have a bad habit of curving in the nail where I hold down the string because I play pretty far down the tips of my fingers. Besides that, again, I do a lot of work with my hands. I don't know if anyone here with a similar lifestyle thing knows what works.

No. 117369

I had the same problem! My solution is to build up using really really thin layers, and I also wait a longer time between each layer, maybe 5-10 minutes depending on how impatient I'm feeling lol. I also have short nails, and it's really easy to put way too much polish and get it lumpy so I try my best to make my layers as thin as possible.

Depending on how often you like to have your nails painted it might be worth it to invest in DIY gel nails. I've been considering getting a small lamp and kit because it seems so much more convenient. It's not as expensive as you would think and if you really like having painted nails I'd look into it if I were you.

No. 117388

for the slow drying problem, thin layers and quick dry top coat, Sally Hansen is my fav! I thought it is a marketing gimmick but they really do get dry in less than 5min.

No. 117393

Take a prenatal vitamin daily and make sure you're getting plenty of protein.

No. 117463

thank u for this suggestion!! i finally found this and i applied it last night… hoping that this works !

No. 117464

omg samefag i tried to reply to u i made a mistake im so sorry

No. 117860

hey all, so i'm here for advice. i very rarely get my nails done, but my coworkers treated me to a manicure for my birthday last week. i decided to get acrylics with sns / dip powder. the salon is amazing and the only one i've ever been to that only puts the acrylics on the end of your fingernail rather than down to the cuticle, which i appreciate.

my main concern with the dip powder is that i'm not sure how i'd get a fill on the acrylics in a couple more weeks because of the dip powder. googling was no help, oddly enough. i'm inclined to believe that i'll just have to get an entire new set the next time i go in, so i figure i should just call the salon and ask how they do it when the time comes.

tl;dr - i got dip powder acrylics and am unsure of what the process for a fill and color change would be.

No. 117866

It doesn't matter if you have acrylics, Dip powder (which is acrylic powder applied with gel resin!) Poly Gel or hard gel extensions. The fill process is the same. File product to reduce bulk and add extra product where needed. You can get gel extensions on top of dip powder, acrylic extensions on top of poly Gel. It doesn't have to be the same substance to do an infill. With dip powder, the enhancement will be filled down a bit and resin will be applied over the entire nail, and new powder will be added on top (probably)

No. 117882

File: 1561921811262.png (731.52 KB, 720x728, Screenshot_2019-05-22-14-01-13…)

Same! I do my own shellac nails now. I hope to start making stuff like pic related soon, but i'm taking it easy for now while i learn the proper tecniques.
I know nails like these aren't everyone's cup of tea but i love geo designs.

No. 117885


none of this is correct…please do not spread misinformation.
dip powder doesn't usually use gel, it uses cyanoacrylate which is a glue polymer related to super glue. the "gel" they refer to is the texture and look, not the nail gel (which is resin). you can use gel but most salons don't because it isn't the standard and doesn't adhere as well. don't assume anon's is like that.

you cannot get a backfill with different types of enhancements. hell, you sometimes can't even backfill with a different brand!

you need to use the same kind of enhancement because they don't adhere to one another properly. you can use acrylic with gel in small quantities for 3D deco, and vice versa, but you need to backfill with the same enhancement. also you cannot create a stable overlay with a different enhancement. we couldn't even mix gel and acrylic (polygel) to form a stable enhancement until very recently, it's an exact science.

also the fill processes aren't even the same with all of them, you need to use different kinds of dehydrators and bonders for different enhancements. things like acrylic will have a seam, gels will not etc.

please don't just parrot info you got on reddit or wherever.


most places don't recommend backfilling dip nails because the brand that pioneered the system, SNS, reccomends soaking it off to keep it from lifting and damaging the nail. a good salon won't even let you fill them. if you like them get them again, but make sure to always get them fully soaked off and reapplied.

source: i have been doing nails for 6 years and doing my own nails for 3.

No. 117887

They look like the nasty Bertie Botts beans.

No. 117888

What's a good system for doing your own nail extensions at home that's affordable? I saw people on youtube using Kiara Sky dip acrylics and it seems like something I could get the hang off but I'm not sure if I want to invest a whopping 120+ euro in a starterkit

No. 117889


NTA but i agree. those don't even look "geo" they look poorly marbled/tortoise shell.

No. 117890

nail dip has a pretty low learning curve imo, basically the same as learning to apply regular lacquer polish. most issues have to do with pooling near the cuticle, and putting the base on too thick. and it's easy to do with your non-dominant hand since basically self levels. and you should get used to what thickness you like/need fairly quickly.

you can get pretty cheap dip kits online and the materials don't really vary. if you let me know what country you're in i can recommend some good kits that are available to you!

No. 117891

File: 1561928649967.png (591.16 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_2019-05-23-15-43-17…)

Afaik those are geo nails, nothing to do with marble nails or anything like that.
I have only ever seen japanese salons do them so idk if these have other name in english.
The fact that you don't like them does not mean they're poorly done, it's just not for you.

No. 117904

File: 1561940273430.png (464.17 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190630-171745.png)

I actually just did my second-ever application of the $13 KISS starter dip kit. It's easy and looks great imo!

No. 117910

that's not what that style is called lmao. are you even on nailbook?

No. 117911

File: 1561945489361.jpg (33.38 KB, 640x640, 1280_q85.jpg)

>>117891 and >>117882 aren't even both the same thing

大理石 (marble) pic related

No. 117914

>>117891 and >>117882 are the same tecnique with different colors. Neither of them look like marble like what you posted?

Idk whats the tecnique to achieve >>117911 but it looks like each thing is painted on a different layer and doesn't have a natural mixed effect imo. It's different to me, but it ok if you disagree, idrc.

No. 117920

lol, just admit you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. the nails you posted don't have mixed colors either. geo nail isn't a thing in japan either, you're an idiot.

No. 117932

nta, i'm one of the anons that called those nails hideous, but you came at her really hard over it, so i'm not surprised she's a little taken aback. the nails are truly hideous though and i think if someone were to go to work with those nails, people would think they have serious problems with their nailbeds/some kind of chronic condition/potentially fungus

No. 117935

Wtf? are you bored? I've been watching videos to replicate those nails and have only seen that style in japanese salons sadly. So yea, they are a thing?
None of what i posted look like marble nor do they have anything to do with marble so idk why you insist on that either. If anything they look closer to geode but are not quite the same, although geo might as well just be a diminutive for geode, idk, i don't think they look quite like geode either.
They do mix colors on the same layer. Bitch idk why you fighting about that, my first post literally claims that i've been working to replicate those nails and that i know people don't like them, you included, i get it, but like why are you fighting so much about it? It's fine that people like different things, why does it hurt your butt that someone likes something you don't, you sound 12.
>Hurr durr you dk wtf are you talking abut
Bitch ppl create new nail styles and name them, it's nails, not rocket science. Different people might give them different names, idgaf, i first found them online as geo nails so i call them that, if you find the same style with other name please feel free to post it so i can find similar nails easier.

No. 117939

And before you get your jimmies rustled about geode too i mean nails that replicate a single geode rock (shiny in some parts, rough in some other parts), not the ones that replicate a full geode formation.

No. 117942

it just annoys me when weebs lie about shit as if they're the only ones capable of using the Japanese internet.

again, the stuff you posted is not done in the way you're claiming. why don't you post any videos/sources? you just sound like a pissed weeb who got called out.

No. 117951

File: 1561984041091.jpg (30.36 KB, 500x500, IMG_5695-500x500[1].jpg)

also the only other style i can possibly think of your posts being is ニュアンス which means nuance. so try looking that up. nuance is a kind of broad style though, but it generally looks like pic related.

No. 117953

dude man, why are all of these japanese nails so ugly

No. 117956

i have no idea. tbh this style slipped my mind because i never get requests for this kind of crap.

No. 117975

File: 1561995726715.png (655.58 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_2019-07-01-11-12-19…)

Because idk how to download instagram videos and honestly idc that much.

It's similar to this:

You are the only one that looks like a huge weeb sperg getting so serious about i don't even know what. I was expecting people to not like the nails but i wasn't expecting fucking nail gatekeeper spergqueen.

It's just nails… i've been finding these as geo nails, idk what the big deal is with you…

No. 117976

Thank you for the info though, i like those too.

No. 117977

from the (image) thumbnail I honestly thought this was a gross gore picture of someone who had their fingernails severely injured, like crushed under something heavy or torn off in a dog mauling, and become badly infected. both ring finger nails even still look like that when the image is opened lul

No. 117978

You okay anon?

No. 117979

That sounds good! I'm in the Netherlands

I'm going to look into that kit, thanks!

No. 117984

i work in a japanese nail salon in a big city, and hate weebs, that's it.

>inb4 weeb!

i'm haffu and studied nails in japan sooooo…

No. 118005

Does anyone here work as a nail tech? Do you like it?
I’m considering going to school for it, but I kinda want to know the reality of the job before throwing money at it lol. I like doing my own nails and have fun trying out new colors on my boyfriend (he’s so patient w me). I just don’t think I have what it takes to go to college for years and I’d like to maintain my individuality a bit.

No. 118011

i'll be honest, i'm glad i learned it, but as a job it's not as fun/glamorous as you'd sometimes like. i got into nails because i admired detailed nail art, enhancements and 3D nails, and sometimes it sucks to just do boring simple manis most of the time. but at work we do designs during our downtime so customers can select from our original designs, which is cool.

actually going to school to learn the technical aspect is really fun though and i cannot reccomend it enough, even if you just watch youtube videos! there's a lot more that goes into doing nails than just applying polish/learning enhancements, it's interesting to learn the science around it.

also where i live, the schooling for certification only took about 2 months, but you need to go to a more in-depth academy if you're wanting to learn more than the basics about products. cert schooling is basically a hygiene test. also all i can say if you're going to try it is be careful with where you work, learn the wage laws in your area and don't get the wool pulled over your eyes.

No. 118034

You have issues

No. 120055

File: 1564058722095.jpg (510.6 KB, 3024x4032, 81cd835.jpg)

How do I stop this from happening? If there even is a way.

No. 120056

File: 1564060285795.jpg (26.48 KB, 390x285, maxresdefault-200-390x285.jpg)

This is probably a clueless post but I've noticed a huge increase in the popularity of gel nails/acrylics/gelish etc, but especially long nails. A lot of the other girls in my workplace have them and they look cool but they're generally pretty long and impractical and we work in a sort of hands-on retail environment so it seems wildly impractical and their nails will occasionally snap while lifting something or doing something around work.

Is there a current trend everywhere of people getting nails like pic related or is this just a bubble in my are? Girls I know my age with fairly nice natural nails get super stressed if their nails aren't done with acrylics and I'd say half of the girls I know have them at this stage.

I'm also not hating on them or anything, just honestly curious. I'm interested to hear from other people on how practical they are day-to-day and what it's like using a nail brush and stuff.

No. 120059

when i was in retail, i worked with a lot of girls with nails like this (and even longer). they made it work, but i could never.

No. 120061

> Is there a current trend everywhere of people getting nails like pic related

In lower social classes, sure. You will see a lot of those if you work in retail, or like at a gas station. Also it seems that black women really like long nails, especially the pointy shapes and I don't know why that is.

No. 120103

i love cute nude-ish pink stuff like >>106531 and >>106530 but i'm scared of using light colours because i'm afraid my hands will look dark or dirty. are there any nail polish brands that make 'tinted' nail polishes? how do i achieve nails that look like these?

No. 120104

tinted polish is usually called jelly or milky polish

No. 120106

File: 1564105312049.jpg (414.64 KB, 800x800, rBVaSVt6xI2AfGOSAAZ6kaXQzwc188…)

i see! thank you anon, i like the look of jelly polish

No. 120107

That bottle looks like it says sweet colon

No. 120109

File: 1564110355379.jpeg (870.43 KB, 1125x1117, DE5946A8-EC49-48C1-AC03-11CF3D…)

This has always been a trend in the hood (source I lived in the hood for a while)

I’ve mostly seen nails like these or similar earthy tones now that the 70s tends are back.

No. 120110

File: 1564110592135.jpeg (500.6 KB, 1125x1077, C48107B6-8E33-401B-96CD-8D2680…)

No. 120111

File: 1564110826398.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1411, 750AE2EE-9F3C-4DBE-B6C6-C85C95…)

No. 120112

File: 1564111022981.jpeg (143.02 KB, 1125x329, 62EE7818-9EB1-4447-B493-DAA0C3…)

Eat collagen based foods and take multivitamins

Do this in the meantime

No. 120131

My nails always tear or top layer(s) peel of at the edge. When I use nail hardener they stop tearing but start breaking or chipping little bits off at the slightest impact. I'm sick of it, I want to grow long nails.

Does anyone know if these are signs of a specific issue that is causing this? I tried biotin before but after finishing a whole bottle I didn't find it had any effect on my nails.

No. 120153

File: 1564169599622.png (980.11 KB, 1045x904, Screenshot_20190726-143050(1).…)

I love the colors, but these look like they're so uncomfortable. I'm not a big fan of jolly ranchers shaped things on nails lol

No. 120174

File: 1564181853771.jpg (85.92 KB, 794x794, nails.jpg)

any recommendations for glue for press-on nails? or just tips in general, bought these to try for the first time

No. 120188

Is it weird I want to design my living room around these patterns? They're so pretty and congruent.

No. 120189

use the adhesive tab kind. glue is harder to apply and some types of press on sets have too steep of a curve to adhere with glue well. tabs are easier to apply and are slightly squishy so you can put the nail on tighter.

No. 120192

every time I mention wanting to try out fake nails, a close friend of mine says that they’re trashy and never look good.

idk if I agree with her and am wondering what others’ thoughts are on them? I think they can look cute.

No. 120196

my reason for using them is wanting fancier nails than i'd bother getting in polish or gel for an upcoming trip, so i don't have to wreck my nails with acrylics for just 1-2 weeks of wear. sizing is a big factor in trashy or not trashy too imo, if they can pass for natural/acrylic or not.

No. 120211

Anyone here watch Nail Career Education? I'll admit I never really got into nails being an avid nail biter but watching her series makes me want to grow them out and do all kinds of designs. She even has a seires where she shows the progress of nail biters nails with acrylic over them. Now if only I wasn't ashamed to go to the salon…

No. 120212

Ive been wanting to do fake nails because my job doesn't allow me to wear nail polish that isn't nude colored and have long nails. There's tons of reasons why someone would prefer to have fake nails. Not risking getting written up at work is a common one.

No. 120229

Try press ons. You can paint them as well and they‘ll keep you from biting.
Tbh I think gel and acrylics demage the natural nail too much, especially if its already fragile from nail biting.

No. 120230

Try gels

They are a lot better and softer

No. 121827

does anyone know of a good dupe for Off With Her Red!?

it was part of an OPI collection for alice in wonderland (i think the live action movie) and it was honestly my ideal red!

No. 122620

File: 1567365243029.jpeg (59.2 KB, 480x360, A254D782-6484-4E18-8E4E-8754A3…)

does anyone else's nails "warp" when they try and grow them out? are there any ways to prevent this from happening? mine typically end up curling downward and always have. pic related is a good example pic i found.

No. 122628

might be weakness of the nail, id try vitamin e oil. you apply it like nail polish and it helps with strength. do u feel like your nails are kinda flimsy?

No. 122634

this happens to me too, I think it might be a result of biting my nails when I was a kid. I also have really tiny nail beds.

No. 122734

Do you swim a lot or wash your hair every day? Try some oils and hand creams and always keep both sides of your nail covered in a clear varnish (including the underside). Also, from experience, little issues like this with your nails can indicate a deficiency or thyroid problem, so maybe something to check out next time you see a doctor.

I dont currently, but I used to grow my natural nails very long so idk if anyone has any questions on how to achieve and maintain it hmu

No. 122751

why didn't you just read the article you lifted the picture from?

No. 122892

File: 1567806399103.jpg (27.43 KB, 564x564, 94fe9d0871d4621e51a27a0b428af3…)

Anyone else completely over the extremely long faux acrylic nails look? I've been loving short(er) natural nails lately. Imo it looks fresh and it's much more practical

No. 122896

only looks cute if you have long nail beds, mine are very small (same width as length really) so if my nails aren't considerably grown out it just looks sad and sloppy and "that emo girl in 8th grade"-core. my mom has really nice nail beds and she rocks this look and I'm so jelly ugh

No. 122897

File: 1567814991647.jpg (205.67 KB, 1080x1345, 468bd7e526544c82ba50cc96ed90c9…)

I'm from the hood and I've seen some ridiculous shit out there, I can see how one can get some press ons and it would look good for a night, I don't see how some people can live with them though

I personally an inbetween thing because as >>122896 it depends on your nail beds

No. 122901

It's unsanitary. I hate when people in food service have long acrylics. A restaurant I used to work at banned them lmfao.

It grosses me out that Momokun has super long acrylics on 24/7. You can even see crap under them in some of her pictures. Fucking vile.

No. 123465

I messed up with nailpolish and now my fingertips are stained. Acetone free nailpolish remover isn't removing it and I don't have any remover with acetone or pure acetone. Are there any tricks for removing the stains off my skin?

No. 123467

Lemon juice might do it.

No. 123558

my nail beds are super short, small, and irregularly shaped. some of them are squared and some are ovals. what's the best way to make them look nice without resorting to acrylics? i keep them short for work, but it makes my fingers look stumpy. i hate them.

No. 123584

push your cuticles back maybe?

No. 123799

File: 1568935330768.jpeg (81.25 KB, 700x700, 2F1B2E61-6E22-449F-8C79-7F8CF8…)

Has anyone tried ILNP polishes? I just discovered them today and found out they have my dream nail polish: Sweet Pea. I want opinions before I buy it.

No. 123801

Lovely colour anon. Can't comment on the brand but looks v pretty

No. 123826

ILNP is pretty damn good. I highly recommend them.

No. 123838

oooh I love that color damn

No. 123878

How do I fix my nail-bitten fingers and toes aside of not biting them? My fingers looks okay ish but my toe looks like a fucking dwarf.

No. 123881

wait, you bite your toe nails?

No. 123883

I can't stop cackling

Anon wth how does that happen. I'm not even that flexible

No. 123885

do you mean your fingers itself, not the nails, have been affected by the nailbiting?

No. 123900

Not that anon, but it's easy, just lift up your leg but rotate it outwards - like when you lift it to touch the top of your head.

I'm more concerned for anons teeth, toenails are hard.

No. 123901

File: 1569105664213.jpeg (4.68 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Idk what I'm doing wrong? I bought a UV/LED combo nail lamp for gel polish. I bought professional polishes that can only be used in salons. But several things go wrong. The first thing is, my nails BURN like hell. I put on a top/clear coat but it still burns. Then when I put on my first coat of color polish, it will be streaky. So I end up doing 2 or 3 coats in between light cures to get a solid color. But it ends up really thick and peels right off at the corners once cured. (I also used a top coat and cured it). any tips?

No. 123906

If you feel a heat peak remove your hands quickly from the lamp and let them cool off. You might be applying a layer that's too thick. Try to apply layers that are as thin as possible. If the problem persists try buying a weaker lamp, it will take longer but it won't burn you.
It's normal having to apply 3 layers of color to achieve full opacity, if the color was 100% opaque it would not cure.
There are a few things that might be causing your nail polish to peel off early. Maybe you aren't using a base coat. Maybe you didn't dehydrate your nail plate before putting on the base coat (remember to clean them well with alcohol and dehydrate them with a ph balancing solution). Maybe your nail plate is too smooth, you might need to buff it gently to make it matte before applying the dehydrating solution.
I'm not a professional but i've been doing my with nails gel polish for a few months now. Hope this helps.

No. 123919

Ugly truth, I did. Basically >>123900
I mean the nails.

No. 125173

anyone knows how to promote nail growth?

No. 125213

Take a multivitamin

No. 125261

Who has tried biotin? Does it make your nails stronger?

No. 125343

Anons, how often do you use nail brushes? I wash my hands a lot and always make sure to get under the nails. But for whatever reason, dirt accumulates under them so quickly, and I find myself constantly scraping it out and even using a nail brush every time I wash my hands. Is that excessive? I'm not outdoorsy and don't work with my hands that much so I have no clue where the gunk comes from.

No. 125349

For me it caused breakouts

No. 125361

I've had flaking nails my entire life, could not grow them at all. Tried all those strengthening polishes and all that, didn't work. Biotin is the only thing that made a difference. My nails never flake anymore. I don't even need to take the supplements daily anymore.

No. 125375

I don't take care of my nails whatsoever, but lately I've noticed they've been breaking way more easily (usually due to clumsyness and accidentally karate chopping things)
Is it a diet thing or do you think I need some sort of reinforcement product?

No. 125376

diet can def play into it if it's a recent development. also maybe you have started to wash your hands more? I noticed my nail became ridiculously brittle after interning at a lab where I had to wash my hands like every hour or so.

No. 125377

My nails are long, so I use the nail brush whenever I cook (nothing grosser than ground beef under your nails…yick) and whenever I shower. I don't notice an acumulation of dirt very often (hermit NEET pretty much) but if I did, I would brush every time I saw it. Sounds like you're good anon.

No. 125409

eww gross. you should use gloves for cooking incase you break a nail.

No. 125412

who the fuck cooks with gloves, is this an actual thing when cooking in a private setting? wtf

No. 125422

I coat my nails in acrylic dip powder so they don't break, but thanks for the concern dear anon

No. 126021

File: 1571966519013.jpg (87.94 KB, 415x180, Acrylic-Tip-French-14.jpg)

Let me try to explain this without sounding retarded…
Is it possible for a false nail to pull up on the sides of the nail and cause a bruise-y pain?
Pic related from Google calls it a "c-curve"– so is it possible that the false tips aren't as curved as my natural nails and since my natural nail is glued to the false nail, the natural nail is being painfully pulled upwards? This is where I'm noticing a lot of lifting as well. I'm totally switching to gel polish as soon as I can afford to…

No. 126022

are you using tips or full falsies?

No. 126023

Tips. Plus acrylic dip powder, if that's relevant.

No. 126026

File: 1571969107459.jpg (29.92 KB, 350x350, 504PCS-Case-0-1mm-Super-Thin-C…)

slightly yea. do you have a link/pic of the type of tip you are using. tips like pic related are an old standard going for something thin with less curve will help you adjust the c-curve better. you should try to pinch at the area where you applied the glue after it dries, and then do it when you finish curing the base layers of the dip powder.

another thing to note is that much of the time nails will feel really sore when you apply new extensions to them, even if you've had them long right before that.

No. 126052

File: 1572025310553.jpg (61.77 KB, 800x800, eveline-8in1-total-action-inte…)

Has any of you anons try this product before? Its the eveline 8 in 1 therapy, i heard its quite popular and because its quite cheap so im a little skeptical

No. 126081

Really interesting information, thank you. The tips I'm using are from the KISS kit pictured in this post: >>117904
They are thicker than the clear ones in your pic. I'll keep that in mind for future applications!
My nail isn't hurting any more so idk if that was actually the issue. I must've bumped it or something…

No. 126084

i've found that acrylic, even dip powder is really heavy compared to gel enhancements and my fingers always felt more sore the 1st evening or so.

No. 126097

It works extremely well for a lot of people that I know. I also like using it as a base coat, or just by itself. I'd say give it a try since it's cheap.

No. 126103

Yeah I don't think dipping is for me. I started doing it a few months ago bc my natural nails break when they get long. I thought gel polish was just a new finish or something, I didn't realize it can add strength. I'll be trying that next but I can't afford to buy the supplies rn.

I have a green spot on one of my nails from where I did a fill before and missed some lifting. I want to die this is sooooooo disgusting. Fuck this I'm never doing acrylics at home ever again. I just wanted to reinforce my natural nails… kms

No. 126104

dip kits are really bad for fills. most brands advise against it, so you're supposed to redo it every time, which is a huge pain for enhancement style dip.

if you're getting into gels let me know if you need recs!

No. 126114

Ohhh I didn't know filling w dip kits was ill-advised. I understand why!
Yes, gel recs please! Are there any decent, cheap kits? I do have a UV light nail dryer thing already. Thank you kindly anon!

No. 126116

yea, filling dip powder doesn't work as well as filling traditional acrylic because of how dip kits work.

not to shill nail hub but especially if you're doing it yourself i really recommend link related. (there is also a tutorial on youtube)


it is for enhancements and acts like hard gel, but is thinner. it self-levels really well and application is easy. fyi clarity is the "clear" just in case you want to use a different brand of color polish. another thing that i find easy, but is a bit pricy is japanese gels. you can also get the thicker gels that come in the pots rather than the ones with a brush. they make for much easier application and use less product to do a full coat. my nails are super fancy though so i just may be biased.

No. 126118

Their Education Center looks like a good resource, thanks. I'm sure I'll have a ton more questions in the future once I get started. I can't believe I overlooked gels as an option because it sounds like precisely what I've been looking for. D'oh

No. 126126

it's great! also i wouldn't feel too bad, information is hard to get, especially when there are new fad systems. it's all really about finding out what you can do the best and what suits your lifestyle.

No. 126164

Anybody tried fiberglass extensions? I have this kit arriving today, I'll be using it with the gel kit I already own and love. I'll report back results if anyone is interested!


No. 126373

Update, wow what a mess! I may try again but I'll need to block off several hours to get it done properly. I got one nail to look nice but didn't feel like doing it 9 more times.

No. 126709

is there any point to actually pushing back/removing/trimming etc etc your cuticles? or is it just to make the nail look larger and 'cleaner'? allow space for more polish?

i have super long natural nails, never had acrylics/otherwise professionally bonded false nails, maybe it's more relevant to them? idk

No. 126713

They can become overgrown and completely overtake your nail, especially if you're a nail biter and bite your nails to the root.

No. 126718

bullshit, my bf doesn't touch his cuticles and they don't grow over a certain, fairly small, size.

No. 126720

How likely is that to happen though? I'm fairly certain the vast majority of people would be just fine leaving their cuticles alone.

No. 126774

anon you replied to - thanks!
i googled it and sure, it does look like they can become quite long, although as other anons said too i've never really seen 'over the whole nail'. is it just for appearances or does it have any tangible benefit? i feel like i'd just end up with swollen, mangled fingers from having small open wounds from tugging at the surrounding skin.

No. 126782

I’m a chronic nail biter and my cuticles creep halfway up the nails if I don’t push them back. They’d overgrow the entire nail if I let em.
Why would cuticles growing be bullshit?

No. 126855

Anybody have some tips to help control nail psoriasis? My toenails have been cursed. Somehow I fixed one of my big toenails and I don't know how. The nail barely grows now, which is nice, but the rest of my toenails just get thicker instead of grow longer.

No. 126982

I'm about to soak off my acrylics and cut my nails significantly shorter. The acrylic is on top of natural nail, no tips. Should I cut my nails down first or soak the product off first?

No. 127006

Soak off first

No. 127067

Thanks for your input! Can you elaborate at all?

No. 127082

OP of >>123878 here.
managed to grow my nails somewhat, and the longest toenail to approx 2 mm ish and the fingernails to around 0.5 mm-ish on the longest.

Do cleaning your undernails brittle them?

No. 127088

nta but they're not correct, you can shorten or trim acrylics first (depending on how long they are they maybe too long). you don't have to use a file, you can just use a larger nail clipper. you'll also want to file down the surface a bit beforehand so the acetone can break them down better.

No. 127090

Cleaning gently with a nail brush shouldn't damage your nails. Scraping under them or using harsh cleansers might not be the best thing for them, though, but a necessary evil at times.

No. 127097

Mine used to do this so much. Now this just may be my experience so don't take this as a guarantee but I take a collagen powder every morning along with cold pressed flax seed.

My nails now are incredibly thick and strong.

No. 127427

File: 1573623989847.jpg (52.19 KB, 800x800, green-nails-for-xmas.jpg)

it's probably a little premature but I'm starting to get really excited for Christmas coming round, mostly because I have the biggest nailboner for Christmas nail art. My nail porn folder is looking very festive.

On that note, in anticipation of recreating attached: any recommendations for a matte top coat (non-gel formula)? The one I'm using is kinda lumpy and takes centuries to dry.

No. 127440

the only matte top coat i've tried was from L'oreal and it was perfectly serviceable albeit the bottle was bit small. as a side effect it also sped up the nail polish drying time!

No. 127458

Thanks for the rec! I've only ever tried the Barry M one, and whilst their nail stuff isn't usually particularly bad the matte topcoat definitely performed at the price point. Scuffing it is still a risk even after 4~ hours. I'll check out the L'oreal one.

No. 127465

ayrt, i've had the worst luck with barry m nail polishes, all 3 i've tried bubbled like crazy. are there any good lines?

No. 127472

Some of the glitter topcoats are really pretty, especially if you're sponging it on. The cremes in the 'gelly' (not gel, just high shine) line perform well. Can personally vouch for Black Forest, Tangerine and Banana Split. The Molten Metals line was nice too (or the two I tried anyway, Pink Ice & Bronze Bae).

Didn't love the Under the Sea line.

No. 127573

Is it even worth going to a salon if you want basic polish and your nails to look neat?

I'm a poorfag so I'm worried that if I get gel/extensions/whatever I won't have enough money to get it off or fixed lol

No. 127576

Nah. You'd be better off doing it yourself. Granted, as an infrequent treatment (and only having regular polish painted on) it's still a nice thing for you to enjoy the experience of.

No. 127600

I didn't know where to post this, I guess this is probably the best place? I'm honestly just kinda trying to get advice for something.

I inherited a nail biting/picking habit a long time ago from my dad. For as long as I can remember I've gnawed on my nails. It's always been a habit but Its also linked to my anxiety/possible OCD at this point. I honestly don't know what to do. It's so embarassing and unsanitary, but I've never been able to stop. I've tried the nail polish that tastes like shit, but I'd bite through it. I've tried being super aware of it, but it's very subconscious and often I don't notice until I'm like 5 minutes in. It's become associated with reading, every time I read i bite pretty much nonstop. If i can snack it stops the urge, but often I'll still pick. My nails are absolutely destroyed, honestly I might post photos so I could maybe be ashamed into stopping?? That might honestly work idk. I know its gross but I've never had anyone straight up been like "you disgusting bitch knock that shit off." My nailbeds are tiny and I've bitten them so far down my nailbed has shortened and skin has grown over where they would be. The skin around my fingers is picked/bit away, and as a result of so many hangnails/irritation around my fingers they're kinda inflamed and idk, wider than they should be? I'm not sure how to explain.

Anons please help, I'm so ashamed and I know its so gross, I feel so powerless and helpless because it's become a cope instead of just a habit, and sometimes I can't even bring myself to stop even when I'm aware of it because it kinda soothes me. I could really use some advice/tips on how to stop. I can't afford therapy or to get my nails done, would a cheap set of stick ones maybe help, since i couldn't access them? I'm at such a loss here and I'm really tired of biting my nails for 20 years and being stuck in a loop.

No. 127613

You could try to hold something, like a squishy toy or something to keep your hands busy?

No. 127620

Depending on where you live you might be able to get the stop biting polish. It tastes really bitter if it gets in your mouth.

No. 127625

I've tried that stuff, for a couple years even. Doesn't work for me unfortunately.
>>127613 that could work, I've tried things like it but I don't really have small trinkets anymore. I'll probably pick up a little stress ball or something and try that again. This was actually one ththe ways I had the most luck with.

No. 127753

the false nails idea might work - but definitely buy a little extra glue (because you'll probably pick them off and want to reapply). maybe your brain will register the feeling of picking false nails off with the same sensation it gets when you're biting them? granted it's not the best way to restore nail health but it's at least a relatively inexpensive thing to try.

good luck to you, anon. i was also a chronic nail biter but i seemed to just randomly stop doing it one day so i don't have any experiential tips!

No. 127931

shoudl I cut my side of my nails?

No. 127933

Look into fidget spinners or fidget cubes. They could possibly help.
This may be overkill, but when you start set a timer every few minutes or put a picture or Post-It on something by you to serve as a reminder to check what you are doing with your fingers.
If it's hard, try delaying it. "I will not bite my fingers for the next 5 minutes." Set an alarm to patrol yourself, then repeat. "If I made it 5 minutes, I can make it another 5 minutes"

No. 127942

Cuticle picker support group? I can't help it and I kind of hate it and I feel bad going to get my nails done when my fingers look like I stuck them in a wood chipper. I used to be a chronic nail biter, so I started getting my nails done professionally to dissuade me from biting them off, but now when I'm stressed out I find myself picking around them. I wash my hands a lot because I work in a large office where people are always passing colds around, which leads to dry hands, which leads to little peeling bits of cuticle, which leads to me picking at them. I keep Lubriderm and cuticle oil at my desk to try to keep them hydrated so I won't be tempted, but I can't seem to kick it completely. Anybody else?

No. 127943

Cuticle picker support group? I can't help it and I kind of hate it and I feel bad going to get my nails done when my fingers look like I stuck them in a wood chipper. I used to be a chronic nail biter, so I started getting my nails done professionally to dissuade me from biting them off, but now when I'm stressed out I find myself picking around them. I wash my hands a lot because I work in a large office where people are always passing colds around, which leads to dry hands, which leads to little peeling bits of cuticle, which leads to me picking at them. I keep Lubriderm and cuticle oil at my desk to try to keep them hydrated so I won't be tempted, but I can't seem to kick it completely. Anybody else?

No. 129404

I want to get acrylic nails for the first time but do they have to cut my cuticles?

My cuticles aren't big but salons always want to cut them or push them back until they bleed when I get a simple polish, so with acrylics maybe they straight up banish them.

Also, how do long nails affect your life? Will the acrylic nails fall off if i'm not careful?

No. 129406

try going somewhere that will e-file the cuticle. they have to remove the cuticle on the nail regardless because the product won't stick. no type of product will stay on with the cuticle on the nail because it creates oils. the salon you're going to sounds like shit, you shouldn't bleed ever.

No. 129407

The life of the nail will depend on how often you use your hands vs what you do with them. Someone working retail where they might throw heavy trash bags at the end of the day and constantly wash hands/clean with chemicals can wear away the nail faster than someone who types or writes at a desk all day. If you do more hands-on work, you might go for a simple short nail to prevent breaking off the whole thing, but if you’re in a more casual relaxed work setting, you can go for a longer nail.

I do that a lot. I work at a gas station currently and wash my hands constantly through the day, so my cuticle are always peely. They looked nice for a while, but the cuticle near my thumb has been ravaged because it’s really dry and scabbed over from the last time I picked at it. Shit sucks tbh.

No. 129485

File: 1576873578295.jpg (53.89 KB, 736x736, 89363f8aa940f1156dc399673f2c1f…)

I love these sheer/jelly-ish nailpolish in pictures, but do they look good irl? Or does it just look like stained nails?

No. 129617

hit and miss imo. you have to be super careful with application because otherwise they come out "patchy". like the color will be more opaque in the areas with more polish, so you have do 2-4 very thin layers to get anything like the picture you posted.

i prefer doing a "jelly sandwich" with those style of polishes. polish - glitter - polish - gitter - polish then top coat. makes for a pretty dimensional look and you don't have to worry about ti becoming patchy.

No. 129625

these only work as gels tbh.

No. 130625

how do I shape my nails evenly and get them to be the same shape on all of them? I swear I can't even get one nail to look even let alone all of them coherently

No. 130662

Where do you work, the CIA?

No. 130686

File: 1578669464702.jpeg (247.19 KB, 2249x1798, B295CC3C-1B04-4303-96CB-DD598D…)

I got rose marble stone nails done for the first time and I hate it. The concept is so cool in theory but IRL it looks like a bad case of onycholysis. I actually got asked if there’s something wrong with my nails kek. Never again.
(not my pic but it looks similar)

No. 130687

Are your nails short? I think longer lengths make it more obvious that it's a pattern, since it extends past the pink part of the nailbed.

Also, maybe a touch of metallic gold or another color would make it look less fleshy?

No. 130689

they look good in literally every other color. i've done them before in white with black and gotten nothing but compliments. maybe the color is too close to your skintone? i think the marble design looks posh, maybe try another color next time or have them add a little gold/silver foil to enhance.

No. 130690

I think some places where food is handled or some medical professions you can only have certain colors of polishes. And chipped nails are a no-no because bacteria can get under the polish or something.

No. 130693


Yeah, maybe I should grow out my nails a bit and try more vivid colors next time. I wish I had thought about it before I paid for this manicure though lol.

No. 130700

Hospital or more likely kitchen. I used to work in a kitchen and I couldn't have nails longer than the length of my actual finger, or any nail varnish on. And gloves on all the time.

No. 130702

So I've managed to almost completely stop biting my nails after years of destroying them and they're finally at a length that looks presentable. Except for one. The middle finger on my right hand is still a comfort for me and I unconsciously still find myself tearing pieces of it off. It looks so short and out of place with the rest of my nails even if I paint them. I know I could probably wear a fake nail over until it gets longer, but where I work we move a lot of boxes and I'm afraid it would snag and get ripped off & possibly cause more damage. What can I do to make it look 'better' while it grows out?

No. 130721

If the only problem is you're biting it unconciously you could get a bottle of that nailpolish with a gross taste that reminds you you're biting

No. 130891

Any way to make 3D nail stickers stay on longer besides just putting an extra layer of top coat? I got a sheet of super cute ones from Daiso and while I definitely didn't expect a ton of wear from them, 3 of the small gems already came off after a day. ;_;

No. 130892

i've never had deco come off. what kind of polish do you use?

No. 130918

File: 1579001862342.jpeg (86.89 KB, 750x750, 35888E97-4091-4E6E-87B4-BFB00F…)

No. 130919

File: 1579001898080.jpeg (77.95 KB, 564x735, F2FA75DE-B076-4D44-8264-4E0F9F…)

No. 130928

I use an Essie gel couture one that usually stays for around a week without chipping. I feel like it's washing my hair etc that make small things come off…

No. 131077

Has anyone else noticed that nude nail polishes are absolutely ass when it comes to staying power? Reds and dark colors stay on my nails forever, while nudes, particularly beige ones for some reason, sometimes start peeling off the same day. I mean, maybe it’s just a coincidence that all my nude polishes are garbage but idk, it’s just a pattern I noticed. Which sucks, because nude nails are my favorite.

>inb4 just wear gels

I can’t, they destroy my nails

No. 131209

also gelphobe

yeah, my nudes peel up at the sides a little (i never wear anything long enough to chip it), but mostly i've never found a nude that gets anywhere close to an appropriate opacity without 3+ coats & quick dry. it feels like a lotta work to make my nails nail coloured

No. 131256

Ironically my experience with gel polish has been the opposite, light colors dry the quickest and last the longest, nudes would last me more than a month if it wasn't for the growth.

No. 132667

in need of a new quick dry top coat, been using sally hansen insta dry for years but my local drug store is carrying seche vite quick dry. is it any better or should i just stick with the sally hansen?

No. 136079

Sorry for necroing this thread, but I have a question. My nails are thin and brittle and I break them very easily, so I usually don't bother with growing them out and manicuring them. Since lockdown, I haven't done any kind of manual work, so I'm giving a try to have long and polished nails, and I realized that they tend to turn yellow, especially on the thumb and middle finger. I wash my hands frequently (childhood habit, not induced by corona) and I don't smoke, do you have any idea what it could be?

No. 136081

File: 1586351782995.png (31.12 KB, 392x476, Capture.PNG)

I really wanna get cute nails art and paint it but the problem with my nails is that whenever I try to grow it out but the free edge of the nail is fucked basically. It becomes super hard for the nail cutter to cut it. I can't describe it but heres the best drawing i could do

No. 136983

>state orders salons closed the weekend of my appointment
>now up to my semi-long acrylics plus a month and a half of growout
On one hand I am calling myself lucky to have such a good tech that they still look pretty good and haven't broken or lifted. On the other hand I am feeling like those "periodt" reaction images.
I've seen a lot of "quarantine day 32: tried to cut my own hair" fails, but anybody else being forced to figure out how to do their own nails? I have a nail drill for other purposes so at least I can take my own off. I ended up ordering some dip powder and a kit off amazon to at least give them something to support until this is all over.

No. 145562

can this thread help me with my nail biting habits?
anything work for any of you when it comes to that, I'm getting desperate here

No. 145563

The only time when I somehow manage to stop myself from biting is when I paint them some nice color and don't want to ruin the paint by biting. Glad to see I'm not alone with this awful habit tho.

No. 145564

not even that stops me anon
ill like not bit for a few days and as soon as it starts to chip i peel it off with my barely there nails just to bite again
fuck me for this shit brain

No. 145566

No no, I feel you 100%, I'm exactly the same, thats why the second it starts to chip you gotta fully remove and immediatelly paint over a fresh layer. Theres no other way.
I remember when I was a baby my parents bought a bitter tasting polish that was supposed to definitely prevent me from every biting because it will be to unpleasant… joke on them, mere bitter flavor could never stop me.
I wish it did tho.

No. 145567

but taking off the polish the normal way and putting a new coat feels like such a chore
god why am i such a lazy fuckhead…i guess the only way to fix this about me is to make it a habit to change my polish every 3-4 days max
how have your nails been lately anon? have you found a routine that helps you?

No. 145572

File: 1596059282306.jpeg (122.89 KB, 1920x1920, xl_maximum-growth_maximum-grow…)

Yea, removing the nail polish is especially annoying, I'm trying to fit in painting the nails to some timeslot in the day when I watch some youtube or something so at least it's multitasking, not spending time on this one activity.
I'm trying out pic rel recently, can't see much growth but it peels of in a really satistying way so i'd give this product 4 stars out of 5. Also even though it's transparent it has this glassy reflections so it looks actually v nice even on very short nails.

No. 145825

Anyone else play the guitar here? I can't have long nails because of it :(

No. 145995

i used to complain about the same thing and cut my nails twice a week, but then i was away and didn't play for a while, about a week, and when i got back tried playing with longer nails and it wasn't hard at all. but i'm talking about slightly longer natural nails, if you mean longer than that or acrylics or anything yeah that's impossiblle. unless you wanna have them on only one hand and play fingerstyle lol

No. 146002

Yeah, I guess you just have to make your fingers more flat when playing.

No. 146027

what brands of gel polish do you guys use? I have a lamp but I can't decide what brand of polish to get and I'm scared of getting a bad one

No. 151096

File: 1599857859734.jpg (37.23 KB, 564x846, c72d86784ac0a9b679e12de59e11b5…)

I really like these slightly transparant/milky/jelly-ish nailpolishes but the ones I've tried all ended up either streaky or uneven.

Is there a certrain trick to applying these or did I just get bad bottles? Does anyone have recommendations for me?

No. 151099

samefag, sheer nailpolishes was the term I was looking for

No. 151101

Try applying a base coat first. I bought a Sally Hansen base coat/top coat 2-in-1 and having a base coat has made a world of difference in my polish application and longevity. Tho fair warning, I haven’t tried it on milky polishes, but it would be what I try first.

No. 155973

Can a good top- and basecoat save a really shitty nailpolish? I have this one nailpolish that chips within a day tops but I love the color so much. I very rarely use top or basecoats (and don't have any rn) so I have no real experience with them,

No. 155978

Any advice for serial polish pickers? I can't even keep professional dip or gel manicures on long enough to get them removed professionally–the longest I've had them last is 2 weeks, and now my nails are brittle, thin, and short again gdi

No. 156538

a decent basecoat can def help with longevity. for toy coat i actually like to use a no wipe gel topcoat. i know it’s a nail tech’s nightmare but giving your nails at least a few hours to dry completely and then use the top coat (and wrap the tip!) can make your polish last a lot longer.

No. 159926

File: 1605473467686.jpg (51.06 KB, 229x600, ImgW.ashx.jpg)

Hi anons! I would like to try some fake nails like picrelated. Can anyone suggest a good starter kit that will help me 'glue' them?

No. 159929

Just get some nail glue, damn anon.

No. 159963

Will storing my nail polish upside down cause issues? I bought these plaatic cosmetic displays with little individual spots for lipsticks, the bottom of my bottles wont fit but the top does.

No. 170055

File: 1612360505855.jpg (104.54 KB, 564x1184, ec70cfd026630b1b8ee5c50cd5082c…)

Anyone else think Essie's nailpolish are very hit or miss? They're hyped up but I haven't found them to be consistently better than my cheap 3 euro Catrice polishes. Too bad because Essie does really pretty colors.

Euro-anons, what's the best price/quality nailpolish brand in your opinion?

No. 170056

I use those eco-brand ones like boho and benecos but in the past I've used the tiny Mavala ones and they're fine

No. 170161

Essence, mavala and catrice.

No. 172897

File: 1614152616108.jpeg (427 KB, 2048x2048, 928256CB-C90E-4238-BB7E-F269CB…)

Dumb question, but I don’t often do my nails and have only painted them in a really basic, simple way, so any tips on how to achieve something similar to picrel without going to a salon?

No. 172912

Yes but that looks like nail rot. Is the zombie look something you're going for? (Genuine question, you could be doing it for cosplay purposes).

It's possible, you need to figure out exactly what technique you're wanting to apply to your nails and go from there.

No. 172930

File: 1614188344667.jpeg (200.29 KB, 749x1039, 2F5771A6-83F8-4428-B517-FEA358…)

I would imagine this could be achieved by following the technique for crystal/geode nails, which involves several layers of sponging on various shade of color to create the depth and whatnot. Pic related has good tutorials on it.

No. 173071


Slam your fingers in a door and then wait about a month.

No. 174234

File: 1615038371344.png (242.33 KB, 428x450, 9EZT9cE.png)


You should look at getting these watercolor ink polishes (you can find them on aliexpress, born pretty is a good brand) to create that smoky affect. tbh, the application in your pic is really sloppily applied, you should be able to do better. then you can apply some loose nail glitter on top or i'd recommend using some marble nail foils instead, it'd give you a much neater, prettier aesthetic.


bumping this shit, the free edge of my middle and index finger on my right (dominant) hand is permanently fucked and has been like this for over a year. it makes my nail polish chip off super easily, i hate it. i've tried growing it out but when i cut it off with a clipper it just splits and continues to peel. i'm just going to keep it long and hope it miraculously goes away.

i've also NEVER had acrylics, gels, falsies etc. only normal nail polish. i've also tried using OPI Nail Envy which doesn't seem to be helping those two problematic nails. i've also tried religiously applying nail oils but these two fuckers keep splitting! the rest of my nails are super duper healthy, its just these two.

No. 174244

don't order polishes from aliexpress dumbass

No. 174259

Agreed. Products straight from China are not regulated whatsoever, anything you order could very possibly pose health risks.

No. 174264


unfortunately my nail splitting issue isnt caused by anything obvious like dodgy chinese nail polish. i exclusively use indies or whatever drug store polishes i have, and using watercolors is a very new development (which i layer over other cremes i have). i found somw forums that suggested formaldehyde could be causing my issue but i seem to tolerate them on every other finger so i am starting to wonder if its just some really bad trauma ive inflicted on those two nails and i just have to persevere until it grows out completely.

that is a good reminder for though - ive heard that born pretty nail polishes can cause similar issues to what im currently experiencing. so i guess your mileage may vary! i do vouch for other nail products ive gotten on there like stickers, foils, stamping plates and brusues though.

No. 174274

I really didn't mean your nail-splitting issues when I said they could pose health risks..

No. 174740

do you have any recommendations for self-adhesive fake nails? i use kiss impress rn but they ran out of stock and its getting pricy, maybe nail glue? i could be applying the glue wrong but it doesnt even last a day with me when self adhesive nails last for weeks, what are some good options for fake nails besides gel/acrilyc?(they weaken my nails)

No. 178165

File: 1617746396371.png (348.59 KB, 454x380, Capture.PNG)

I'm completely new to nail art so sorry for the noobish question. How would one go about doing this blushy look at the tip of the nail? I love the gradient look where the natural nail color is uncovered at the base.

No. 178173

I think you can do that by applying nail polish to a cosmetic sponge and then dabbing that onto the nail

I'm not an expert though so take this with a grain of salt, I never tried that. Maybe you can find something on youtube if you look up gradient nails?

No. 178179

I've seen this done by applying colour with a cosmetics sponge, and I believe there was clear stuff layered beneath.

Isn't it just the cutest look ever?

No. 179315

File: 1618329568555.jpg (78.82 KB, 1500x1500, kissnails.jpg)

Does anyone know of any false nail brands (aside from kiss and random aliexpress sellers) that sell short length nails in styles other than square french tips and plain colors? I have tiny nail beds that make any length past small a nightmare for doing everyday tasks, so any help from other people with a similar issue would be greatly appreciated

No. 179334

These are sooo cute

No. 204422

how do I stop biting my nails?
the most I can go without biting is 2 weeks but as soon as my nails start growing a bit too long for my liking I start fidgeting by touching them a lot with my thumb
which then makes me get annoyed with them and I either cut them way too short or bite
I can't stop obsessing with my own nails instead of just ignoring it

No. 204437

Have you tried acrylics or sth like that? They're too hard for your teeth and you won't be able to bite them

No. 208123

File: 1633445155366.png (708.08 KB, 675x675, ECE30C40-BDED-4354-BF64-CD2734…)

just got some nude gel polish and some interesting fall colors in so I'm attempting something like picrel in a bit

No. 208295

File: 1633528300093.jpeg (150.71 KB, 800x800, 183008BC-4E03-4920-B535-430CC1…)

Behold, ORLY x LISA FRANK confetti nail topper. I had to purchase it upon sight for I have not been blessed with something so timely in such a while.

No. 208305

Unironically adorable. It appeals to part of me that misses fun fashion

No. 208310

please this is so cute i'm on the edge of tears

No. 208351

File: 1633558111995.jpg (800.27 KB, 800x800, Hfa46548b7cb8443590c528bae7f27…)

What is the difference between this and regular nail art sequins? Not trying to be a smart ass or anything, legit asking.

Link, if anyone is interested: aliexpress.com/item/1005002460859344.html

No. 208585

I impulse bought a gel nail kit even though I've never even had gel nails done at a salon and generally suck at painting them. Do you guys have any particular youtube videos or guides that might help me learn?

No. 208589

I don't know any videos off the top of my head, but please make sure you get a nail dehydrator (or just regular rubbing alcohol) and primer if you actually want them to last long

No. 208613

there isn't a difference other than branding and the fact it's mixed already. those colors are an exact match!

like the other anon said, nail dehydrator/alcohol and cuticle cleaning are really important with gel. I always thought just pushing the skin back was enough but after learning how to use a cuticle clippers my life has changed

No. 208693

No worries I bought some alcohol, and cuticle oil/remover/pusher too. I've never really worried about my cuticles before so that's a helpful video. Thanks anons.

No. 208795

File: 1633791832448.jpg (74.13 KB, 600x600, 7_000000000538.jpg)

Deborah Lippmann's red blooded woman is the nicest nail colour I've ever used. I get complimented on it all the time

No. 208822

File: 1633804033308.jpeg (75.41 KB, 1024x1022, 8B41539C-64FF-4038-BB01-863228…)

I just did cloud nails like picrel in gel and they turned out so cute!!

I used
-OPI Samoan Sand
-OPI Angels Flight to Starry Nights
-IBD Whipped Cream
-China Glaze Fairy Dust (not gel)
-OPI gel base + top coat

No. 208823

This video helped me achieve a deeper look to the base color by mixing nude and blue under the clouds. I was overthinking how to paint the clouds at first but it's so easy.

No. 209039

This is blowing my mind. In vid related (starting @ 2:09), the woman says the angle in which you tilt your file will give you different nail shapes. Flat for square, slightly tilted for squoval, and deep tilt for oval, and deeper still for almond. I didn't believe it until i tried it. I filed pretty much underneath my nails and they all came out perfectly, uniformly almond.
No more spending an hour shaping my nails!!!!!!
I'll let you know if they all break off in a week lmao

(also in the comments of the video some people pointed out that the lady in the vid may have mislabeled the round/oval styles but idrc)

No. 209043

omg bless you for sharing this video, I also spend way too much time trying to get them to be almond shaped by filing the sides and they always come out a different shape each kek

No. 209046

kek You ever make the peak point off-centered? I hate that so much!!

No. 210617

So I just attempted my first gel nails, they turned out atrocious as expected. I'm not sure it's 100% my lack of skill though, or if I got dodgy polish? The brush tips were weirdly solid and hard, and bent strongly to one side. idk if that's normal or not but it made it really hard to apply neatly.

Also is there anything I can do about neatening up the edges of my nails and at the cuticle? Or should I just re-do the whole thing?

No. 211152

not sure if this is the right thread or the plastic surgery one but is there any way to make your nails narrower ? i seriously have the widest thumb ever ( got told that by a beautician, my aunt, and several males from my school when i was younger ) and it isnt even a toe thumb. like its a normal sized thumb lengthwise just really wide, even wider than every male i have ever met that has thin fingers like mine. i know this is ridiculous but i want a way to fix this, could i get surgery or something ?
also in my teenagehood my father told me that the only beautiful fingers are the ones that are fatter on the bottom and thin at the tips and mine are NOT like that. they are skeletal thin but my tips arent narrower whatsoever, i feel like a tran.
also i file them regularly into an almond shape and i keep my nails long too but none of that helps with the illusion whatsoever since i still got remarks

No. 211237


Anon please post a pic so we can reassure you of how normal your thumbs look. This is not sarcasm or bait at all.

No. 213801

File: 1637268738403.jpeg (439.34 KB, 750x923, DF6322CC-81D4-431D-8BCC-C95849…)

I got my nails done like picrel yesterday and I loved it all day but now I’m looking at it and I might hate it. Also they had almost no green polishes so the thumb is more seafoam green and I think that’s what’s fucking with me. Does it look dumb?

No. 213802

99% of women are dumb I wouldn't worry about it(moid)

No. 213803

no, I really like it. don't mind the moid passing through. he is just mad the man at Popeyes stole his girl after she started getting her nails done

No. 213804

Thank u anon, needed that. Also that’s what u get for taking ur girl to popeyes other anon. Like step it up, Cheesecake Factory at least

No. 213813

File: 1637274464584.jpg (1.14 MB, 1000x1000, Choco-Rocks_1000.jpg)

I think they look adorable anon and they remind me of those chocolate rock candies.

No. 213816

I've had a very hard time growing out my natural nails and was wondering if anyone here had any nail strengthener to recommend?

No. 213821

File: 1637276155959.jpg (40.86 KB, 736x736, a350c156f79be44e6056514b35c796…)

Nail strengthener makes your nails harder, sure, but it also dries them out and makes them more prone to breaking when they do grow out. Before you do that I'd recommend first making sure you have a balanced diet with vitamins and a biotin supplement. Then make sure you avoid soaking your hands in water unnecessarily. You can use nail polish to "protect" your nails too, it helps with keeping water off of them. Nail and cuticle oil is good for keeping the nails moisturized and not brittle (but not soggy either ofc) Another thing to avoid is chemicals like nail polish remover, those can fuck your nails up too.

No. 213822

I should clarify: avoid excessive chemical use, using polish remover once in a while is fine of course

No. 213827

Thank you! The exact kind of advice I was looking for, ur an angel!

No. 213882

Adding onto this, use acetone instead of nail polish remover. It takes off nail polish easier and evaporates quicker than removers and thus damages your nails less. Using it once a week is fine. The only kind of cuticle oil worth looking into is jojoba, no other oil can actually penetrate into the nail. You can try this https://www.nailcarehq.com/anas-3-day-hydration-treatment/. Their nail oil is ok, but pure jojoba works just as well.

No. 214350

I don’t know if this is the right thread to post this to but oh well.
I am severely anxious about getting my nails done for the first time later. What scares me is that the nail tech is going to judge me. I am small, look younger than my age, like I don’t look like a grown woman that is hyper feminine and gets her nails done. I am so terrified I don’t know how to calm down. Is she going to care? And judge me or be mean? Over the phone she sounded very nice but I am still so terrified.

No. 214354

Not sure where you live but I doubt they care. You don’t need to be a mid 20s Stacy to get your nails done. I get mine done bi weekly and I see all kind of people in the salon. Old, young, children, fat, dyke-y, whatever.

Where i live, if they’re talking shit they do it in Vietnamese so I don’t have a clue.

No. 214358

they really don't care you're short look young for your age and are not hyper-feminine, what? as long as you're not rude and pay them.

No. 214360

Anon wtf? No offense but your self consciousness is pure ego, you aren't so special anyone will judge your uwu baby face and the audacity to get your nails done while not being a barbie doll. Nobody gives a shit least of all some nail tech who's probably thinking about what's for dinner while going through the motions.

No. 214377

How long does it take for nail polish to fucking dry? Every time I apply at least two layers of top coat and the polish still ends up smearing hours later. I've tried dipping my hands in cold water and it doesn't work either. Could it be the brand I use(essie)? I just want red nails…

No. 214381

I think like 30 minutes for each layer. You should try gel.

No. 214408

Yes it's the brand and Essie has a horrible drying time. Try OPI. Although you still have to give it a good amount of time to dry because of layering. My nails usually take 3 hours for base layer, 2-3 coats, and then a top layer.

No. 214412

File: 1637686272661.jpeg (47.13 KB, 612x612, 37446b01-db84-4019-a0b9-ec87c9…)

1000000000000% picrel. it's changed my life. i went thru dip nails, gel polish, basecoat strengtheners, silk wraps, etc. etc. before i realized moisturizing the nails so they are bendable but not brittle was key. this shit makes my nails so strong. i almost don't want to share my secret lel

No. 214413

I stopped buying essie for this reason

No. 214414

Right? Shit brand, it never dried on me. You get what you pay for

No. 214417

Just get a quick drying topcoat. I do 3 layers and they dry in 20 ish minutes.

No. 214434

nta but Essie's 10 euro a bottle here, is it a budget brand elsewhere or something?

No. 214471

Yeah it's like 1 dollar at the dollar store. 10 euro? You guys are being ripped off.

No. 214474

what really? it's like $12 in canada. I actually really like their polishes. their speed setter top coat is great and my manicures last a while.

No. 214530

Anons probably confused with another brand or the nail stick on strips. Essie bottles here are 9$

No. 218663

nonas how can i make my nailbed long and normal looking again ? my nails keep breaking at at the middle of my nailbed and now it looks as though i have some mismatched serial nail biter nails (LOL you can go ahead and laugh). i feel absolutely horrid, can i do something about this or am i doomed for life ? i broke a nail the same way about 4 years ago and it stayed the exact same hideously short length and never changed. please help !!!

No. 218667

why's it breaking in the middle? are they too soft? if so, nail hardeners might help, i think that's probably what you'll need to resort to in order to get them to a normal point. just make sure you stop when your nails are still strong but flexible. if you continue using it, they'll begin snapping again.

use nail creams/balms too so they're conditioned. it can also be your diet too, make sure you're eating enough nutrients. you can try biotin supplements since some say they make their nails grow faster but that's up to you and costs money.

No. 218675

that's $50 surely there's a product cheaper taht works as well?

No. 218768

File: 1640183404278.jpeg (24.58 KB, 500x500, 81E5D803-5AFC-4AFC-A576-4731DB…)

Toenails with a free edge: Y or N?

No. 218771

one of the most concentrated and distilled evils of the world, frankly

No. 218779

I don't like how long toenails feel in socks and shoes.

No. 218796

File: 1640193729577.jpg (227.05 KB, 736x981, 2f07803b631f34c2a5b145130b2fd2…)

I like long-ish fingernails but never toenails. It really attracts the foot fetishists online though, holy shit

No. 218801

Yeah, pure jojoba oil.

No. 218874

I didn't know "homeless guy sleeping on the 2AM L train" feet were in style.

No. 219251

File: 1640407996239.png (728.28 KB, 724x483, goth nails.png)

I tried to let them grow and filed them in a stilleto shape once (not nearly as much as picrel obviously)
Would be cool if they didn't bend because of wearing shoes

No. 224051

File: 1642357864685.jpg (32.37 KB, 564x564, 2e933bb70506194f6f04e7ed07c492…)

DAE have nails that tear really easily? I've tried hard as as nails, but I still really struggle to grow my nails past the ends of my fingers. I'm thinking about taking biotin, but I heard that if you have a normal diet you just piss it out.

I keep my hands moisturized and wear gloves if I'm cleaning or doing dishes.


No. 224054

I like this color but these are heathen toenails wtf. How do you even wear normal shoes?

No. 224055

Yep, I do. I've tried various supplements (including biotin), nail hardeners (did harden my nails but made pieces snap off instead of the edge tearing), using oils and moisturizers and changing my diet. Nothing worked. I wonder if weak nails can just be genetic or something. Biotin didn't do anything for my nails tho I did notice that it made my hair grow faster (including body hair unfortunately). I've just settled for keeping my nails short but in a nice shape and sometimes I treat myself to acrylics.

No. 224071

File: 1642367093930.jpg (12.42 KB, 419x257, 842c627c5ecca6a1694dd3f6fe1bd7…)

Kek anon I love these. This would be me if I didn't have to wear shoes like a civilized being

No. 224095

The second you stub a toe you are DEAD.

No. 224121

Nail hardening polishes that contain formaldehyde seem to be the only thing that work or at least work the best by far. The problem is a lot of them don't contain it now due to some concerns about formaldehyde effects. You should research it and see what you think. If you decide on buying, find one with it and you'll have strong nails. I've never had luck with nail hardeners that didn't contain it.

No. 226250

File: 1643219834622.jpeg (869.63 KB, 1242x1212, 7B41021B-DB92-47BC-94E5-63C20E…)

Anyone here do their own acrylics? I want to try and do my own. I’m so tired of paying a ton of money for my nails to come out lumpy and half assed half the time. I don’t do anything crazy or extra so I figured I’d give it a try.

What are some good products to use to start with? I’ve done a little bit of research and found some products I think are good to start with but want to get some opinions.

No. 226573

gonna tell you now, shit is hard af, even nail techs dont like to do their own. I bought all the shit, tried my best, and in the end made a mess that wasnt easily cleaned up. But I learned an easier diy method; I love builder gel polish.
You can simply apply it on natural nail like a strengthener and let it grow out or do vid related

No. 226598

Oh this is cool, thanks Nona.
Yea I’m not expecting it to be easy. I know my way around a brush and thick goopy mediums so I think I’ll do better than I think but not expecting anything perfect. I’ll try for a bit and if I don’t improve or it’s an absolute shitfest, I’ll try this gel stuff.

No. 226764

I'm giving nail hardeners a chance again, this time one with formaldehyde. I'll strictly stick to the instructions. Pray for me it works.

No. 226939

I am this anon and I came back to report that it actually went really well for my first time. Everything was even, not lumpy.
I do lay it on a bit thick but I know eventually I’ll get the hang of it. And a drill can aid in that department.
I also keep getting it too close to my cuticle.

No. 227484

I can't believe it… they raised the price. SMH I paid $8 for mine. I see it for sale for $30 now and tbh it's still worth it. I bought my tub 6 months ago and half of it is still left. Hopefully the price goes back down– I see it was featured in a few magazines and publications. Maybe that's why the price went up. BAH!

Congrats on your first set nonna! I got into dip nails a while back because I was sick of my natural nails breaking (which lead me to Hard as Hoof but I digress). Be very very very careful if/when you do a fill. If there are any pockets of air/oil/moisture in between the old acrylic and your nail, it will get moldy and turn green. Trust me…..

No. 229819

would using nail hardener both as a base and top coat be harmful?

No. 229884

No. 229885

thank you smooch

No. 230247

File: 1644684578821.jpg (6.05 MB, 4032x3024, 20220212_084713.jpg)

Hard as Hoof anone here. It's $8 at Walmart rn
Picrel yes I am live posting

No. 230262

Thanks Non

No. 230410

It can be harmful though, if it has formalhyde in it. That chemical is sketchy as best health-wise and using it too much will only make your nails brittle. Why would you want to use a nail hardener as a top and base anyway? It doesn't function as such, just buy a proper top and basecoat.

No. 247031

I’m getting started doing my nails at home. I bought a set of gel polish and one of the curing lamps already. The thing I’m worried about is just how BAD I am at painting my nails with my non dominant hand. Are there any tips/hacks I can get?

No. 247043

Gel won't dry as you paint it, so you can go as slowly as you like and be super careful. It kinda blends together as you paint so you won't get streaks anyway and it tends to look even all over. Use a small amount for each layer.

I'm crap at applying nail polish but my gel nails turn out much, much better than regular polish (once I figured out how much polish to apply, I was using too much at first). And weirdly enough my dominant hand ended up looking nicer most of the time, maybe because I was just more cautious while painting it.

No. 260436

Nailpolish hoarders, what's the bestest cream or off-white nailpolish you can think off?

No. 261309

How do you guys moisturize your nails/cuticles? Any particularly good products? I usually use either cuticle oil or hand cream after washing my hands but they still seem so dry most of the time.

No. 261354

I like to use the Burts Bees Cuticle cream, the lemon one.

No. 261356

I bought some nail art brushes, what would be a really easy design I could start with? I thought of doing a daisy maybe, it looks easy.

No. 261360

Bf's mom gifted me a manicure with her for my birthday (my fault for complimenting and asking about her nails. I'm so nervous but kind of excited. We've never hung out 1 on 1 before anyway lol.) I've never had my nails done before, usually they're just cut short and I rarely wear polish. Is there anything I should know or do beforehand?

No. 261361

That sounds really nice anon, it sounds like she likes you and wants to spend time with you. You don’t need to do anything special, just make sure your hands are clean and don’t have open sores (like if you bite your cuticles or something). You don’t need long nails or anything. A good idea would be to have a color in mind before you go, that way you’re not standing at the wall of nail polishes looking confused (like I often do kek).

No. 261368

Go all out and get a full set of acrylics (don't need to be long - try short coffin shape)

I don't like when people recommend newbies to get get a simple polish at a salon, you can do that at home and it's hardly anything special

No. 261406

Not everyone wants acrylics, and that’s pretty shitty advice for someone advice for someone who’s never had a manicure before. And coffin shaped, lmao

Anon >>261360 you should listen to >>261361

No. 261408

Jojoba oil is the only thing that can penetrate nails and nourish them. Don't bother with anything else, it's a waste of money.

No. 261409

File: 1651754817167.jpg (237.52 KB, 1080x1024, short_nail_design_-spring_coff…)

NTA but what's wrong with short coffin shape? It's difficult to get right on your own so perfect suggestion imo.

No. 261445

NTA either, nothing wrong with that if you want it (your pic is gorgeous), but not everyone likes acrylic nails. It’s a bit of an adjustment to get used to them, especially if you normally have short nails. It’s not easy to remove them at home if you don’t like it or you break one. Short, well-manicured nails like the OP pic look amazing imo.

No. 261463

ayrt, I agree with that but I also don't see a point in just getting color done at a salon. It's an opportunity to get something fun and different, something you can't easily do yourself. At least that's how I look at it, but I've doing my nails myself for years so a salon visit is always the time I go ott. Eitherway, hope anon has a nice time and enjoys herself.

No. 261484

I recently got my nails done for the first time. I went with oval French tips using gel polish and I'm really happy with them. They look pretty but not too crazy, and they are lasting a long time. I highly recommend it for your first time too.

No. 261541

File: 1651797417322.jpg (28.49 KB, 679x679, 81D 5gTilKL._SX679_.jpg)


No. 261620

File: 1651820788262.jpg (148.6 KB, 1080x458, Screenshot_20220506-090612_Chr…)

Nta, and idk what's in that but I guarantee you it's not better than straight jojoba oil. Your nails and cuticles can only absorb really small molecules, like those of jojoba.

No. 262452

File: 1652037792138.jpg (909.71 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20220505-185923_Tik…)

It's got jojoba oil in it but I believe you anon. Although perhaps the additional ingredients are even more strengthening and moisturizing? I like this stuff cause it's like a lotion instead of an oil if that makes sense. It also has shea butter! You do you tho girlie I'm just blown away by Hard As Hoof kek

Is there a name for this kind of blue (besides the name the brand gave it obv.) ? It almost glows

No. 262453

Samefag I guess that might be purple? idk

No. 262455

File: 1652039250263.jpeg (88.67 KB, 828x372, DE438645-E606-4552-AC35-9369F4…)

No. 262456

File: 1652039289862.jpeg (87.47 KB, 828x414, 3B88F847-2C3D-4D38-8DD4-CB99ED…)

The closest I can think of without just calling it a blue violet.

No. 262462

Blurple? But I think it's too purple for that tbh

No. 262491

I keep seeing this recommended. I wanna get it asap but it's always out of stock at my local Walmart.

No. 262493

Love that color anon! If you’re looking for a similar type of “glowy” color, look for neon polishes. I used to have a bottle of a similar color (from either OPI or China Glaze?) and I remember it being from a neon collection. The color was so vibrant.

No. 262511

I don't wear nailpolish, posting to bump, be careful with scrolling. How can I keep my nails healthy?

No. 273459

File: 1656953061852.jpg (98.02 KB, 835x1024, FPxbXfKXwAE0dCI.jpg)

I've never been into nail art until I saw this…

No. 273460

File: 1656953152784.jpg (475.54 KB, 2048x2048, FPxgf2YXIAQp-L5.jpg)

I want this so bad, it hurts me…

No. 273461

File: 1656953425735.jpg (701.31 KB, 3063x2164, 5bce29587e2a063c6d756e7d15bcb6…)

I just love the idea of having ridiculous historical nails

No. 276777

I have a disgusting habit of biting my nails and I don't know how to cut nails properly. How should I cut them?

No. 276788

File: 1658356901082.jpeg (33 KB, 720x720, images (2).jpeg)

I stopped after years of doing it to my hands (though I still pick at my toenails) What helped me most was using a clear coat nail polish and a metal nail file to smooth the edges. I found I would constantly pick/bite when they were jagged so I try to keep them smooth. If I have the urge to pick at them I scrape under them gently when I had enough growth. I got a pack of 10 pic rel and help them scattered about in my bag and house so I always have one on hand. It really helped to replace the bad habit with something else. Don't go too aggressive filing on the first time though

No. 276789

When I was younger to help me stop biting my nails, my mum bought me this nail biter thing and it was a liquid that you basically paint your nails with but it has a really bitter horrid taste of you bite your nails with it on

No. 276802

could you explain the history referenced nonna?

No. 276804

File: 1658364649706.jpg (250.54 KB, 575x847, l_cps_w322118v_fp_dd_ed19.jpg)

Nta but I think they're just stylized like medieval artworks

No. 278687

I realized I have two instances on when I would bite my nails:
1. When I am anxious, I would start biting the sides of my nail
2. When I'm asleep but not in a deep sleep state I usually will bite off my fingernails
Oh well, I think I'll get acrylic fakes for now.

No. 278693

The "1066" one refers to the Battle of Hastings, aka when French noblemen (then called "Normans") invaded England and conquered it, changing the course of history forever.

No. 287460

File: 1662978697043.jpg (50.34 KB, 760x452, IMG_20220912_033149_551.jpg)

I finally bought one of these to swatch color combinations on after years of painting swatches on the lid of my nail polish box (too messy-looking), plastic bag my cotton balls come in (peels off), and false nails (tried glueing & taping them down to paper, does not work). I love sheer opalescent colors and I like to test swatches of them with different colored bases. I can label the ones in picrel with the polish names, I'm excited to have a legitimate way to document the color combos. I also tried making a gif of my current manicure to post because it's beautiful, but it doesn't look the same on camera. RIP. I just love making my nails look like pretty little opal gemstones!

No. 287463

that sounds beautiful, I love opal!

No. 287469

File: 1662981882997.jpg (299.3 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20220508-133014_Chr…)

Def check out Cloud Rainbow from PIColors! I put it on top of a baby blue & it's so pretty and dimensional.

No. 287470

aww thanks nonnie, they don't deliver to where I live but I'm glad you have this pretty colour.

No. 287480

I was just thinking of getting my mom this for christmas, she loves to paint her nails but spends so much time trying to figure out what would look like what lol. I was thinking of painting them for her too

No. 287494

NTA but If you live in Europe check out hypnoticpolish and nailland.hu for indie brands

No. 287506

File: 1662996982685.jpg (240.65 KB, 1077x834, Screenshot_20220912-083636_Chr…)

That's so sweet nonna, I got mine super cheap on Amazon! Literally like $4. Kinda want to get a label maker also to do picrel, maybe your Mom would appreciate that, too!

No. 287709

Do ballerina nails (not coffin, it is said that there is a small difference?) look good on medium long nails? I am rather new to this stuff and all the pictures I saw either showed coffin nails or were too zoomed in

No. 287740

ballerina and coffin are the same. anyone saying otherwise is wrong. also, they should look fine, you just need them to be long enough to show off the shape.

No. 291060

My ADHD ass just bites my nails and I notice too late. I want to fix this desperately, especially in time for a huge date next month and I just promised myself I'd be done once and for all. WHAT DO my homegirls???

No. 291303

you can buy nail polish that tastes vile to stop yourself from biting your nails. maybe look into that?

No. 293271

I can't stop buying beautiful nail polish!! Maybe I don't want to… I only have 30-ish bottles kekkk but fr some women have hundreds and that's weird.

No. 295058

any recs for UV lamp and other at-home stuff for an anon who wants to do gel nails at home? any cheapish gel polishes anyone can recommend?

No. 316848

File: 1678780221861.jpg (162.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

I don't think it's most people's taste, but I have been doing my own nails for a few years now and lately I've been so inspired by Asian nail channels that do these type of nails. I love the sparkly, blinged out, maximalist designs. I bought a ton of stuff to do these kind of things, I've already fantasized like a million sets that I can do. Picrel is actually more toned down compared to the other designs I like lol.

No. 316960

File: 1678836074919.jpeg (92.3 KB, 1000x1000, 66E64403-1375-4D9D-8E88-3099BC…)

I want to learn how to do nails like this because I love this style too but no one here can replicate it properly
Some of the ones I like are a little more simple but they can’t do them either

No. 316966

File: 1678840820916.png (344.61 KB, 519x477, yellow.PNG)

I actually think your pic would be pretty easy to do at home (with some practice if you've never done nails before, of course)! They're super pretty and I love that green.

No. 317076

I would be so intimidated/distracted by these if I played Bridge with you

No. 317342

I want to get my nails done, I've never had them done professionally though. Do nail techs care if you've got hangnails? My situation isn't too bad at the minute but I generally have one or two despite my best efforts to keep everything nice.

No. 317376

A part of a (good) nail techs job is to care for the health of the nails and the skin around the nails, so they'll probably just cut the hangnail down during the prep or leave it alone. I doubt it'll be that big of a deal. Hangnails are a part of life so they definitely deal with them all the time.

No. 317398

File: 1679114358168.jpeg (37.84 KB, 480x640, B5852F12-363D-4A8C-96EE-4B1877…)

I really like the look of medium-long naturally grown nails now with a simple light pink or clear topcoat.

I find that whenever I paint my nails a certain color it bugs me so much by the next day that I can’t wait to take it off.

No. 317409

I hate this type of overgrown unshaped nail so much. I knew a lady with similar hands and I cringed so hard when she touched me. Ew.

No. 317964

File: 1679461751178.jpg (45.81 KB, 800x800, 43985624_1292665970882386_7101…)

I love the look so much but I'm afraid if I tried to do it I'd end up making the white streaks asymmetrical and crooked

No. 317971

looks like licorice

No. 317997

File: 1679492804765.png (5.87 KB, 685x136, nailpolish.png)

Schizo anon passing by just to remind you that nail polish is posion, just like most make-up, hair dye and perfume. The cosmetic industry doesn't give a shit about our reproductive organs and overall health. They know they are using harmful ingredients for products aimed at young girls and women. Stay safe, anons.

No. 318003

You anons are so annoying with your constant negativity and seething over what other women are doing. If you don't like nail products then just hide the thread.
Btw, that screenshot you grabbed off a Google quick answer (that doesn't even come from any sort of reliable medical or educational source) is bs and fearmongering. There are plenty of women who get their nails done, even while pregnant, and they're not having miscarriages and deformed babies because of it. Women are not suffering from poor reproductive health because of nail polish, and quite frankly it's pretty disgusting of you to try and use that as a reason for not liking it.

No. 318004

oh no! anyway

No. 318009

Schizos always ruin the mood. Never make friends with a schizo because they have no sense of fun, it's always shit like "oxygen is made up of nanobots do not breathe because the Chinese will invade your lungs and you will become an unwilling soldier in the Sino-World War on the side of the Chinese".

No. 318026

Male hands typed this post

No. 318029

So it's bad for your health but because you think it looks cute you're going to do it anyway. It's toxic for your body and when it gets released in the enviroment it pollutes. Libfems stay losing.

No. 318030

So you mean I don't have to pay for birth control if I just eat my manicure once I'm bored with it?

No. 318035

there are nail polishes out there that are far less toxic than walking down a very trafficked road or sitting next to a smoking person, but you won't know, because you don't care.

kek, but, wait, schizo anon will tell you that birth control is toxic, too.

No. 318039

It's always men who make up lies that somehow nail polish, push up bras and makeup are all slowly killing us… Conveniently enough the shit that's "toxic" is stuff men hate and consider ways women use to decieve them.

No. 318048

>kek, but, wait, schizo anon will tell you that birth control is toxic, too.
nta but there are actual proven bad side effects of it to be fair (many reported by women so not just studies). i honestly don't get why acknowledging that or what the op said is even considered "schizo"..

No. 318098

I was being sarcastic, sry. I think most women know that birth control can have horrible side effects and most women here know that nail polish isn't the most healthy thing ever. And that being said, I needed a new black nail polish and I found one that isn't as unhealthy as the others, so there are possibilities to have fun and stay healthy.

No. 318181

Yeah I don’t.

No. 318238

That anon is an absolute retard for not reading the room and sperging about how nail polish is bad in a thread about nail polish of all places but you two still managed to out-retard her.

No. 318311

File: 1679686578177.png (239.98 KB, 999x1000, il_fullxfull.4321676924_2lc6.p…)

I did pop art nails on myself, similar to picrel. I'm not good at painted nail art so it took sooo long just for one hand. Regardless, it still has the effect of not looking real so I'm happy with it, and I just tell myself that my shaky and uneven lines add to the "hand-drawn" vibe. I definitely will not be able to achieve the same design on my other hand though lol.

No. 318737

i got two of these L.A. color polishes that are labeled "mermaid magic" but when i try to find the colors online literally nothing comes up??? i have one called jellyfish that's a almost like a jelly polish, in a really pretty iridescent purple; the other is called starfish wish and it's a chunkier glitter with little pink and blue stars in it. and they were only $2 at wal-mart but the quality is actually really solid. they both need to be built up with two or three coats depending on the opacity you're going for but they're really smooth and layer over other polishes really well, and dry-time isn't bad at all.

but why can't i find them online?? like i guess i'll go back to the store and hope they still have some in stock but i'm so confused, it's like i cannot find any trace of these colors

No. 318761

I think these were printed out, which is why they look so perfect. I can't tell if it's the photo itself, but it looks like there's some jpg artifacting on the nail's "shine"

No. 318799

File: 1679982205841.jpeg (34.63 KB, 700x700, 2674AE1F-12FE-4941-A2F0-FD1CFD…)

what colors specifically are you looking for anon? I found a listing on their site for mermaid magic, is it any of these


if it's not, then maybe you stumbled across an old color collection?

sidebar: I really wish there were more color varieties of the insta dri, which is my favorite polish, I'm in desperate need of a purple. ready to flush $5 down the drain yet again to buy peeps purple polish for no reason even though I should use up the rest of my reds and blues

No. 318814

You sure it's not L.A. Splash? They have a Pretty Jellyfish shade which is a sparkly purple. Can you take a pic?

No. 318834

File: 1680013089586.png (929.36 KB, 1656x1750, 93C842D4-A2F6-40AC-9A78-AE29C7…)


No. 318857

File: 1680027094709.jpg (51.09 KB, 563x695, 87ba745f346bd4dbbf41fe65db1553…)

Asian manicures are so pretty. I love painting my natural nails and growing them out but if I had a place near me that did this style I'd do it in a heartbeat.

No. 319402

File: 1680297270066.jpg (346.03 KB, 1876x996, water droplet.jpg)

Got bored of my last set, so today I did a mix of pink "aura" nails and water droplet nails. They were super fun and quick to do and I feel like they fit the spring mood, but I do wish that I did a test nail for the water drops. Less is definitely more for the water and on the first nail I did I did round blobs instead of irregular ones and had to file them off, which was a pain in the ass even with my e-file. Anyway, I still love them and I'm already addicted to feeling the texture.
Hmm, I can't see what you see but perhaps you're right. I've seen people do perfect hand-drawn pop art nails though so I'm definitely still jealous of other artists lineart skills kek.

No. 319605

Anyone know how safe those super duper cheap Chinese store nail polishes are? Should I wear a good quality base coat underneath?

This massive Chinese warehouse opened in my city and they have the most beautiful polishes (pastels!!) and I wanna get a whole lot but I don't want my nails to die kek

No. 319606

File: 1680420868725.jpg (131.79 KB, 1080x1309, IMG_20230402_093343.jpg)

These press on nails from Shein are so pretty. Any nonnas have experience nail shopping on shein?

No. 319633

Not worth it imo, many cheap brands have great pastels. Eu recs: barry m, essence, catrice, she stylzone, trend it up, flormar, golden rose. Us recs: sally hansen, la colors

No. 319634

I'd recommend flormar, super cheap and the only polish that didn't make my nails go yellow or chip super easily.

No. 319740

Press on nails in general are shit, they're for 14 year olds who can't afford a proper set of acrylics.

No. 319742

No way, Essence nail polishes are trash. Goes on fine but 0 lasting power even with proper base and top coat.

No. 319820

I have before, just buy a good glue and do proper prep and they'll last fine. Read the reviews and see if they look like the photo and if anyone says they're thin. A lot of them seem to be pretty thin because they're so cheaply made.

No. 319823

I use Seche Vite, Essence polishes last me 2 weeks with it

No. 324199

File: 1682694299429.jpeg (312.56 KB, 1582x1748, BD15677A-28B2-4E95-94F1-3A45E5…)

Just posting my nail situation to make you all feel better about your nails

No. 324200

Lol. It looks like maybe you caught the edge with a kitchen knife while chopping?

No. 324213

scrolling past I thought this was a dickpic

No. 324229

my apologies for my micro peen

No. 324334

File: 1682748729543.png (106.72 KB, 828x762, 3e3b6989b54a37e925fe34bced1e77…)

Owie anon, that looks like a bad chip. Here, lemme give you cute bandaids to match your cute vibes

No. 324369

It's not a chip, I pick at my nails and it got halfway through before I said fuck it I need to cut the nail and start over. Then I cut my other nails to match. I brought this upon myself

No. 324413

I’ve been gardening so my nails are fucked up right now. I need a nail brush this dirt is permanent!! My polish is gone!!

No. 331484

late reply, but nonna, wear gloves while gardening, not only to protect your nails, but because of stuff like the hantavirus and toxoplasmosis. There are cute gloves out there and your nails will love you.

No. 338647

File: 1688338741202.jpg (470.99 KB, 1200x1200, summer-2023-set-1200x1200.jpg)

Anyone else into indie polish? The Cadillacquer summer collection is seriously calling my name. Can't believe I'm considering dropping $130 on nailpolish.

No. 338651

my nails have grown out so nicely but they look so goofy when naked cuz short nails beds </3 thank god for cuticle pushers , tho has anyone found any other way to make the nail beds look longer?

No. 338652

File: 1688339932356.jpg (30.09 KB, 564x564, y.jpg)

anyone else basically just stick to 1 or 2 colors? my nails are always either dark red (usually some dupe polish for chanels vamp because pulp fiction vibes) or black kek but i wanna get myself to be more adventurous with my color or design choices

No. 338708

oh, I love that colour. I'm the same, always black or dark red. Tried light rose the past months but the colour I tried didn't fit my skin tone, so back to dark nails, kek. You could maybe try adding some sparkling elements, a metallic look or go for a dark green or blue. What also looks nice is combining matte and shiny polish. For me, many nail art things just won't work as I can't work with stuff on my nails or them being too long.

No. 338757

File: 1688411097743.jpg (114.48 KB, 1019x573, IMG_20230703_080252.jpg)

So is it true that men find pure white, light pink, and red nail polish attractive? I'm seeing it on TikTok and Pinterest. In my personal experience I get the most compliments from men when I wear red nail polish. My most complimented polish is Orchid Jungle by Essence

No. 338763

There’s no way to know and also who cares.

No. 338767

File: 1688418727641.jpeg (778.68 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0088.jpeg)

Are the nails inc polishes and stickers any good? Would love to know if anyone has tried them, I am attracted to their sets but something tells me it’s just marketing

No. 338772

File: 1688420647826.jpeg (353.74 KB, 1068x633, 778B373F-DFDB-43E0-BEFA-2310BC…)

I tried to recreate picrel. I used a bobby-pin. And failed. I will keep on trying because it’s so cute. Anyone has tips and ideas for a easy diy manicure?

No. 341500

ive been growing out my nails again finally , theyre looking so pretty but it sucks how i cant wear them naked because my short nails beds look awful

No. 341592

File: 1690181538514.jpg (87.66 KB, 1080x1080, 4-4.jpg)

No clue but if you're looking for the lightest baby pink that almost looks white I recommend in a blush sally hansen insta dry
And this is another shade I love called rose petal, it's sheer unlike the other one which is opaque, so you can do just one coat for a jelly look or build up

No. 341668

Does anybody here climb and also have cute nails? I've seen pro climbers (Sasha Digiulian comes to mind) who have them and even some girls at the gym who at least paint their nails regularly so I'm sure it can be done if they're kept at a reasonable length. I just wish there was some magic scuff-free polish or topcoat, since mine tend to get scuffed up when I boulder.

No. 345727

What do you all think of GelX nails? I got my nails done with a full set of gel x and I'm liking them but they were rather pricey. I use my hands a lot for work so they help up pretty nicely and seems to be just as strong as the acrylics. I'm kinda confused though on gel x nails, do they not do fills on them? I see some nail salons say they have to remove the nails and then put new ones on which just seems stupid expensive.

No. 345929

File: 1692723320484.jpg (144.2 KB, 1600x1065, Essie Muchi Muchi Nail Lacquer…)

I have two of those white/light pink milky Essie nailpolish and I just can't get them consistently non-streaky or uneven. You can even see it a bit in this picture but mine are worse. What am I doing wrong?

No. 345930

i remember once posting a pic of my cat here two nonas said i have nice nails and it actually made me very happy. i thought it was sweet

No. 345931

So what are "the" nailpolish brands these days? I remember back in the 00s/10s every nail blogger and beauty guru raved about O.P.I. and China Glaze, are those still the go-to nailpolish brands?

No. 345933

I don't use nail varnish, but I think Essie has some lovely shades but idk if they're really popular? i remember sally hansen used to be really big too

No. 345937

Ok ao if it's very translucent, you should apply it very thinly and it should just look shiny with no color/a lighter version of your nail. If it's half translucent, you probably need several layers.
Idk about brands in different countries but check ingredients no matter what. Some polishes stain(polishes should never stain) and some have literal carginogens.

No. 345951

It's still the same since you can only do so much with nails. OPI is the best. Great color variety and dries fast. Essie is cheap garbage. A lot of indie brands are popular too like Cirque Colors for more unique colors and color shifts.

No. 345952

Shit brand is what's wrong kek. Most you can do is layer up.

No. 345976

for me its Zoya

No. 346245

For me, I adore ILNP. I love their range of holo and color shifting polish, and they're just starting to get into magnetic polish as well. I pretty much always get compliments when I'm using something of theirs.
They have very few solid color polishes, and I think it's only neons at the moment.
For more normal colors, I go with OPI.

No. 346801

File: 1693330842284.jpg (6.49 KB, 225x225, Z(13).jpg)

Does anyone have the pictured nailpolishes? Are they decent? They look really cute in the pictures but I can't find ANY swatches online.

No. 346802

File: 1693330880657.jpg (5.89 KB, 225x225, images(14).jpg)

No. 346803

okay I need that

No. 348404

File: 1694560238074.jpg (431 KB, 1170x650, Blank-1170-x-650.jpg)

All polishes stain to some degree because that's the nature of pigments.
OPI is overpriced and overrated. Fast dry top coat is your friend. Indies today are doing amazing stuff, Cirque is fairly basic by indie standards lol

No. 348615

How do I take care of my cuticles?

No. 348630

Slather them in pure, cold pressed jojoba oil. Moisturizer with any cream you like. Done.

No. 348789

I could use some help.

I just recently decided to try overcome my hand related insecurities and get acrylics.
In preparation I’ve already tried growing out my own nails and filing them into shape, and wearing press ons. However, I’ve stumbled upon an unexpected problem:

I have no idea what shape looks good on me?
The biggest problem is that especially my pointer fingers seem to have a very oval shape, whereas the rest of my fingers seems to be more on the square shaped side.
I’ve tried wearing all oval/almond shaped, but it feels and looks wrong on my middle/ring finger. Wearing them all square shaped makes my pointer fingers look totally off.

I’m also starting to think that my nail bed is too short for acrylics to look good on them. But that might just be me having looked at them for too long.

I’m struggling nonnas.
Any advice for a total nail novice?

No. 348888

Try some shortish squoval nails! They are classy and no-fuss and elegant looking (not that almond and oval etc can’t also be elegant) but they look good on most nail bed types imo. Good luck nonushka!

No. 349170

File: 1695071246471.jpg (126.83 KB, 597x942, starrily-citrine.JPG)

any idea where I could get some orange glitter flakes to make myself a nail polish like picrel. I can't justify paying 40€ shipping for one nail polish, but I want something like that for October (and other topcoats with glitter in them, that I can make myself easily if I know where to buy good glitter)

No. 349246

Are you from EU? There are European shops that stock indies from America and other countries. I think there's one from Netherlands and one from Hungary.

No. 349273

I did look for that, the Hungarian shop doesn't have that colour and the Dutch shop is offline as they are moving. It would be way easier and cheaper to mix something like that myself, as I have a preferred topcoat and would only need to add some flakes to it.

No. 349285

It's not that easy just making a glitter topcoat, there's a reason people pay for them. Getting the distribution of the flakies right is hard and it depends on the formula. Also you wouldn't use an actual topcoat for that, but a clear polish since top coat and normal lacquer have completely different properties. You'd put a quick dry top coat over any "topper" to seal the mani. But anyway, I'm sure you could find pigments on Alixpres, TKB Trading or Etsy. If you google 'clear polish with orange flakes' you get some results for nail supply stores but they're probably just resellers.

No. 349301

any1 else exclusively wear one color only lol? ive been a oxblood girlie since 2016 with no signs of stopping

No. 349302

95% of the time black, and 5% dark red, kek. Thinking about trying something nude for future things were it might have to be more natural, but I don't want to.

No. 349331

yep, every single time it will be (mulberry?). If I have to switch it up it'll be a darker red or blue of some sort.

No. 349346

Yes…I’ve been doing an understated milky pearl/“glazed donut” or a pale peach pink with a hint of pearl/shimmer nail since around 2014, I just think it suits my nail bed shape and nail length while making my hands look elegant and understated. A lot of my friends used to make fun of me and say I chose grandma/mom colors but now the turn tables and it’s trendy kek. One of my go-tos has always been Shanghai Pearl by OPI and anything like it. I LOVE dark colors on other people but I think bc my beds r small it makes them look stubby even when the nail is long.

No. 349418

File: 1695195942412.jpg (1.65 MB, 2562x2562, lake_it_easy_chicago_2022-2.jp…)

No, over the years I've collected around 80 polishes in all colors of the rainbow. I get really bored if I have the same polish for longer than a week. However I'm partial to blues, jewel tones, rosy browns, purple multichromes and neon reds. Those are my go tos anytime I can't decide what to paint my nails.

No. 349426

It used to be a classic red, it looks good on me. It didn't always match what I was wearing (never actually.)

Now I do the same as >>349346 because I have to keep my nails short for work and my gloves tend to rub off the tip of my nails a bit, but it's only visible if I wear a dark or unnatural color.

No. 354528

is it tacky/outdated to have your ring finger as an accent nail?

No. 354529

yes but it's cute so I would do it anyway

No. 354530

They are still cute imo. I like to do my middle finger as the accent nail so when I flip scrotes the bird when they catcall or I get road rage at them it really pops kek like a glitter nail to gleam in the sun

No. 354556

I think it’s cute, in my country it’s still very popular because getting literally anything else is too expensive kek.

No. 355050

I’m trying to let my nails grow but, whenever they start to get long, the sides crack and my progress is gone. What can I do to avoid this?

No. 355071

I think the only real answer to this is eating better- this happens because of malnutrition usually

No. 355104

I have the same problem, my nails are so thin. Try taking biotin supplements, using nail oils, and keeping them painted (with base + top coat). Ultimately eating better is the best solution though

No. 355131

Could be a sign of iron deficiency. Women are susceptible to iron deficiency even with a reasonable healthy diet because we lose a lot of blood on our periods. And it can sneak up on you without other (more) obvious symptoms. Might be worth getting your blood tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

No. 355144

Yeah, my diet hasn’t been great lately. Incredible how I didn’t think about it even though it’s an obvious answer.

I ‘ve tried doing the things you mentioned, it helped but eventually my nails crack once they reach a nice length. I’ll try to be more mindful with my nutrition.

Some time ago I decided to donate my blood but it ended up not happening bc the avaliation showed that I was kinda anemic. I decided to get checked and in the end it was iron deficiency. Yeah, I guess it has something to do with that. I didn’t think it was anything serious at the time, very neglectful lol.

No. 355521

i want to know if there are inexpensive nail polish brands that specifically have more nude/milky esc colors that give me the "sheer nail" look, which i've been interested as of late. i don't want anything gel because i dont have a UV light and dont feel like buying one, i just want a simple nail polish that can dry over time and i can easily replicate every two weeks.
not too familiar with any east asian brands, since those style of nails is popular over there, but if there are cheap brands that ship fine overseas, please do tell!
i also need help for general tips on general manicure tips, i clip my nails and file but they are often dry and flakey. i dont know what products to use, other than rubbing some chapstick on my nailbeds. please help with any tips, since im trying my best to try to better take care of myself.

No. 355528

I have naturally strong nails but once they have a set length past which they won't grow and start cracking on the sides. I don't think there's anything you can do to remedy it. But here are some general nail care tips
>eat a varied diet with enough fats, carbs and minerals
>treat anemia and similar conditions(check hormone and thyroid function if you have other symptoms like hair loss)
>ditch nail strengtheners
>apply pure jojoba on the nails and cuticles 3 times a day minimum
>never ever have your nails naked
>apply two coats of color, wrap the tips and side, apply topcoat
>never cut your cuticles, don't file the surface, don't use your nails as tools

No. 355727

ntayrt, and I know nothing about nails, but why shouldn't you keep your nails naked? I have pretty fragile nails and whenever I wear some polish, it cracks in a day and starts peeling off, thus taking out the top layer of my nail. It felt useless to do nail polish and also damaging, so I'm curious what the reasoning is.

No. 355787

Polish protects your nails from water, cleaning products, drying out etc. The added layers make your nails structurally stronger as well. But you have to paint your nails properly - completely wrap the tips, sides and underside with two or three layers of color and a top coat. Topcoat is super important! A good one can extend your manicure for up to two weeks. I love Seche Vite and regularly go 2 weeks without significant chipping.

No. 356094

Thanks, nona, I'll apply those tips.

No. 361616

If I have thick, strong hair, but thin and brittle nails, amd I out of luck when it comes to making them thicker? Like then its just shitty nail genetics and not a deficiency, right? I eat a fuckton of cartilage, gristle, proteine etc but my nails are as thin as paper and always have been

No. 361617

I love Christine! And the Holotaco nail polish are always so good!

Probably shitty nail genetics. I have strong nails but thin hair. Are you sure there isn't something in your diet that lacks of? IE Vitamin D, calcium, etc? You can drink tons of milk for calcium but most of them goes away when you pee, even if it does help your bones.

No. 361729

I was in Burgerland for a vacation and I got to tag along with a friend to a manicure/spa salon, and I discovered the dip powder manicure. I'm not a regular nail salon goer where I live so I don't know if we already have that in the EU but it was a discovery for me.
The only things that were kinda meh is that we were supposed to be sitting next to each other to have girly time with my friend and I got sat on the opposite end of the nail counter and the guy who did my nails, whenever he was done with the one hand would shove it like a kid shoving his plate away at dinner cuz he doesn't want it anymore, it was kind of rude.
I do however already have some cracks in the dip manicure cuz I have had to manipulate big luggage heading back home etc. but otherwise they still look decent.

No. 363441

Has anyone used both Holo Taco and mooncat? Is one better? I’ve only really used Holo Taco but I’ve heard their magnetic formula isn’t as good as other brands. mooncat’s magnetics look so beautiful, they’re tempting me.

No. 366820

Yes to both but not magnetics unfortunately. I think mooncat is miles better than holo taco formula wise.

No. 367761

So I've seen some youtube shorts here and there about rubber base and from what I gather it strengtens the nails, which I very much need mine are brittle. Can you apply rubber base at home or is something with quite the learning curve like doing your own acrylic nails?

No. 379059

File: 1707840228782.jpeg (188.44 KB, 1440x1148, IMG_2510.jpeg)

No. 379061

No. 379118

File: 1707870410641.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2538x2906, IMG_3411.jpeg)

No. 382902

File: 1709511368992.png (144.5 KB, 384x339, nomorebiting.png)

This caught my eye and I got it because I have a horrible habit of biting and peeling my nails, and I want to grow them out so I can paint them cute colors in spring/summer. It definitely works by smelling and tasting HORRIBLE. The problem is if I put my fingers on my lips and then lick them it's unbearable though a flavored lip balm cancels it out. I was eating fried chicken and I got a faint taste of it as well which wasn't so appealing. If you have a problem with eating your boogers this will help immensely. With some cons, I still think it's worth it.

No. 386417

File: 1710954556983.jpeg (41.55 KB, 1080x700, F6C2D47D-A0A0-4AE0-AA34-11C753…)

Do any of you do your own gel nails at home? Do you use fake nails or your natural nail? If you use fake nails, what’s the best way to attach them?

I want to get into using gel and I’m currently trying to collect all the supplies I’ll need. I’ve read about the possibility of developing an allergy to gel polish if it gets on your skin which is partially why I’m interested in trying fake nails just so there’s an extra barrier. But I might be getting too paranoid about the allergy possibility

No. 386461

Yeah I wouldn't worry about having a reaction, it only happens if the gel gets on your skin and doesn't get cured properly. You can avoid it pretty easily.

No. 386633

Honestly the best thing I did for my nails was just using bio olive hand cream after every time I wash my hands. They grow so much faster and stronger now.

No. 386679

I do! When you say "fake nails" do you mean press-ons/gel-x or extensions made with material like polygel?

As for gel allergies, you're inevitably going to get the product on your skin at some point but the real important thing is to avoid overexposure to gel products. I would say just be careful (you can use liquid latex for nails around your cuticles and nitrile gloves to minimize contact with your skin), research the brands before you buy and look into HEMA free products. HEMA-free can be a little more expensive, but they do not have the chemicals that cause allergic reactions. If you're not willing to spend a little more money, then just be wary of what brands you buy. Some brands have a higher concentration of the chemicals that cause allergies in them than others. I have an allergy, and Beetles is what triggered it for me. I'll break out if I use beetles, but I can still use other brands that have the same chemicals with no problem or very little reaction. I've also had multiple cavity fillings (some of the same stuff they use for gel products is in dental fillings, that's why it's important to avoid an allergy) since I developed the allergy with no reaction. I would honestly recommend looking on Reddit to figure out how safe a brand is. It actually is pretty easy to develop an allergy when you're a beginner. You always see people say to avoid getting gel on your skin but they never really say why.

Sorry if this post is a bit wordy, but I hope it helps.

No. 389563

This is gold, one of my family members and a family friend's kid stopped biting completely after using this for a few months.

(Ella+Mila also has some other products I tried after seeing how great this was and I've really liked everything so far. It's a pretty solid brand.)

No. 405197

File: 1718070723485.jpg (57.97 KB, 1500x1500, 512lHjUGx3L.jpg)

If you anons want something to remove your cuticles, try this. I just bought it and It's like magic, it softens the skin so fast idk how. Way better, quicker and safer than a Russian/dry manicure imo.

No. 406297

File: 1718495954405.jpg (50.75 KB, 736x920, aee6fc4ffc41281991e19197dcdc86…)

I definitely recommend buying some hard gel and a silicone tool, and trying the 3d flower trend to anyone who likes nail art! They're so easy to do but make your nails so interesting

No. 406298

File: 1718496167383.jpg (73.94 KB, 736x980, da109a5f9feab9d718539beb0ecc9f…)

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