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No. 139661

Instead of approaching looksmaxxing as Stacymaxxing, i.e. emulating someone else’s look, it’s better to identify your particular type and understand that in order to get a cohesive and natural look. I have found the Kibbe system and this YouTube channel in particular very helpful for self classification and thought some here would also benefit.

Instead of trying to emulate the “Stacy” aesthetic, and instead of seeing looks as just ugly/pretty, which leads to ideas of Stacymaxxing, or trying to emulate a certain “superior” look (blonde, tan, heavy dramatic makeup, strong contour, huge lips, breast and ass implants) it is better to identify your body type and your colouring, your and then dress accordingly, in terms of clothes structure, shapes and colours.

Start with this playlist, I have found this channel most helpful:

Please share further resources on body type and colouring classifications, and discuss and get feedback on your own types. Critical discussion welcome(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 139663

File: 1590059810598.jpg (69.31 KB, 1200x488, bimbo.jpg)

There are two critical remarks I would make about these typing systems, which would align with the femcel/incel perspective. Namely, if you're born with ugly features, no amount of typing will help. Specifically, first, there are many studies that show what others find attractive can be narrowed down to a few defining features, which are basically signals for reproductive health & fertility. People who are usually rated more attractive have:
- a youthful appearance, meaning large, round, and widely spaced eyes, a small nose and chin, prominent cheekbones, and a large forehead
- symmetrical faces
- more average faces
- healthy skin, good teeth, a smiling expression, and good grooming/hygiene
- blonde hair, blue eyes (for white women)

Second, is cultural differences. Western society values slim figures, but if you go to Mauritania, for example, obesity is considered attractive in females, to the extent that they actually force feed little girls so they can get a husband. Likewise, white skin is considered disgusting by tribes in Papua New Guinea, but beautiful in India, Bangladesh etc. Many examples.

Is it better to try to conform to the supposed Western ideal (basically a form of Bimboification) or to determine your own "type" and work towards looksmaxxing within that type? For example, would a Gamine type like Audrey Hepburn look better trying to emulate the Stacy look? Or is she considered so attractive because she understood her type and how to work with it?

No. 139667

File: 1590061230676.png (13.14 MB, 7136x2648, Kibbe-all.png)

Types displayed as a gradient

No. 139682

>Or is she considered so attractive because she understood her type and how to work with it?

This. Just imagine her wearing some other style, for example, something a Natural type would wear, like boho, and with long wavy hair. Surely she would not look UGLY, since she had a conventionally attractive face, but she would be nowhere near as memorable as she is with her Gamine-style clothes and hair. Stacy look wouldn't suit her either. She doesn't have those overly feminine features, and getting them artificially would do her no good.

I feel like Stacy is more of a Romantic or Soft Natural type? And when women of other types, especially Dramatic, try to emulate this look and resort to plastic surgeries to get that plump lips, snub little noses, and big breasts, they end up looking like mtf. But even without those alterations, they'd still look ridiculous in clothes that can only look good on the naturally curvy hourglass figures. I instantly remembered Shoe with her pathetic hip/butt pads and long and wavy-haired wigs that look absolutely unflattering on her. Thank god she doesn't try to be straight-up like Stacies but she definitely wants to appear more 'feminine', more like a Romantic or Soft-something types, while she is a G/FG and should be sticking to shorter and straighter hair and clothes recommended for G/FG obviously.

Striving for achieving that Stacy-like look is kinda lazy in my opinion. Why would you want that? To attract primitive men that can't manage to perceive you as a woman if you don't look like a mainstream porn actress?

No. 139689


What do I do if im unhappy with my type?

Im a gamine but i lean more towards a grungy-ier style, baggy edgierclothes with a vintage look, but that’s literally the opposite of the preppy girly crisp look that gamines should wear.

Don’t even get me started on hair, I hate short hair but everyone swears the best ive ever looked was with a pixie, I just want long victorian flowy hair and i regret cutting it so much even with all the compliments.

Its like I have to pick between feeling comfortable and “myself” and actually looking good, I’ve been considering losing some weight to get into anachan territory so my face would be more dramatic.

No. 139690

This is incredibly cringey and you should feel bad. You sound like a scrote.

Also not all white guys like blonde hair. From my experience red hair is more popular with men.

No. 139692

I've always hated these kinds of images. what's it supposed to illustrate, from natural to plastic? is the monstrosity on the far right supposed to exemplify the stereotypical stacy? if so, it goes so far from reality. and i don't see how it's even appropriate to post this image within the context of this thread.

No. 139698

File: 1590078343937.jpg (162.21 KB, 630x865, 1397732746-kristen-stewart--or…)

I think grunge is ok for gamines actually. Just add little details like accessories, hats, prints that are recommended for gamines. Round sunglasses (not the big ones), something like that. Combine oversized tops and jackets with skinny fit jeans or leggings; baggier pants or skirts with tight fitting tops and oversized jackets, shirts, etc. I think the most important thing is just to avoid wearing everything baggy like in pic related (Kristen is also a gamine btw).
Another famous (soft) gamine, Winona Ryder, also had this grungish style in the 90s and often was wearing oversized jackets which definitely didn't look bad.

+ I don't think that long hair makes gamines look worse. It's just that they might be more interesting-looking with pixie cuts, and this hairstyle isn't universally flattering so people can prefer it more on those who can allow themselves to wear them. Winona, Kristen, Avril Lavigne, Zooey Deschanel, and Emma Watson look perfectly fine with long hair.

No. 139706

you totally misunderstand these systems. they're literally just guides to help women flatter themselves more. you also sound like a retard.

No. 139733

A kibbe thread already exists here if you haven't seen it.

Why do people not understand this is fetish art? Ignoring that, if your face is ugly of course you're at a disadvantage. Doesn't mean you can't still dress for your bodyshape.

Despite how good her vids are, I find aly art's own styling off quite often and dislike the short hair. But idk what would work better. What type does she say she is?

No. 139747

Aly art literally just recites information from the internet regarding kibbe, I don't doubt she's not nearly as knowledgeable on kibbe as she makes it sound like.

anyway I read in the old thread that kibbe himself gave up on his own system, does anyone know more of that? I'd like to know his reasoning but couldn't really find anything specific when I tried googling it.

No. 139760


>I feel like Stacy is more of a Romantic or Soft Natural type?

I don't think so, this thread is redundant and Soft Naturals are the ones who get the most plastic surgeries like Kim kardashian and the likes, is almost a meme, and Romantics would be considered fat these days, considering this, Soft Dramatics would probably be the ones who would be considered Stacies, since they're often slim and curvy at the same time.

No. 139763

Kibbe hasn't gave up on his system, he has a private Facebook group now, but he said you should ignore everything he said on his Metamorphosis book.

No. 139805

what exactly did he say in that book? I've never read it (doubt anyone here has)

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