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No. 133381

Do you have any Apps you use on a daily basis, whether just for fun or to schedule workouts/diets etc.

Share some recommendations for :

-Photo Editing
- Shopping
- Mobile Games

No. 133383


Personally I am looking for a good period tracker app if anyone has suggestions.

I'm really trying to utilize my phone more as a planner in general

No. 133388

Here are some of my favorite apps
Android btw


Identify plants by taking a picture of them. Gives a profile with facts and how to guide to take care of them.


Basic photo editor and collage maker


Korean photo editor. Has a fun sticker mode.


Just started using this home fitness app. Has short videos you can follow along with and you can tailor your week to target what you want.


Daily dose of art and history. Very calming and better than scrolling through a social media feed when you're bored.


Text game where you input actions. Very strange results, but amusing.


The (current) best manga app I have

>The Aether (paid)

Text game where you play as an omnipotent being. Got it for a buck and was amusing enough for an hour

I've yet to find a good period tracker. They never seem to understand that I miss periods sometimes and then seem to think having a two month empty gap is my new normal.

No. 133389

>Amelia Timer
Timer set to go off every 30 minutes throughout the day because I dissociate and lose time. Looks minimalist. Useful for workouts too.
>Yard Sale
Tells you yard sales in your neighborhood.

No. 133390

This is the period app I use. I'm pretty irregular when it comes to my cycle so I don't know how accurate it is.

>Color Puzzle

A fun puzzle game where you arrange tiles in gradients.


My choice of calorie tracker, the ads are minimal and its easy to use.

No. 133391

Wadup I'm basic af


I like to collect pretty pictures on my phone and look at them later. Sometimes it's just aesthetics other times it's pic of my current husbando


Mostly for the memes, I don't have anyone I know irl on tumblr so it's kind of a safe space for me, free to like whatever I want


Life saver

>Love Nikki

Actually addicted to this game even though it's gotten a bit to p2w for me.

>Mystic Messenger

I'm hanging onto this hoping they'll release Saeran's DLC but it's been like a year so I'm considering uninstalling it. It was very fun tho

I want to find more games to play, but I get bored so quickly. Love Nikki is the only game that got my attention for a significant time.

No. 133396

language practice and i LIKE the owl buddy
duolingo's flashcard app. i use it to make decks of things i'm interested in that involve a lot of jargon or easily forgotten details. i don't care about perfectly memorizing everything, but rather to regularly revisit concepts so that eventually they'll be stuck in my memory.

>covet fashion

cheesy but addictive dressup game with clothes from rl. i changed the language to the one i'm trying to learn because the little challenge descriptions have a lot of vocab i wouldn't otherwise see

>line i love coffee

cafe game that i'm emotionally attached to at this point

>the pattern

cryptic astrology app with long descriptions that aren't the usual.


app for reading your boomer neighbors complaints, finding out what that weird noise was outside, keeping up with local crime, and trading free shit

>local food nodes

app for farmers to post food for people to come buy directly. good for when they have surplus that they can't bring to markets/sell to wholesalers. still really small app but i'm keeping my eye on it

No. 133405

an app that blocks apps kek.I use it to be productive and avoid checking up apps over and over or stop watching youtube videos at an appropriate time

>Period tracker(ptracker)

the app I use for period tracking.It's design is fairly girly and not mature for my taste but it's pretty simple to use and convienient


simple journaling app where you choose one of the 5 moods/colours there are and tags regarding your emotions.It's not too complicated and an easy way to have my thoughts safe

>Repeat Habit Tracker

habit tracking app with which I replaced an old one.It has perks like setting a limit to form a habit,the reasons you start it and a bunch of motivational quotes.The UI is nice too

No. 133409

A gacha game I started months ago cause my PC was getting fixed and I was bored. Didn't expect to enjoy it that much and now I loveee it


They finally fixed it. I use it to check who's online on LoL to know if I have to bother logging in


When I'm too lazy to go on the PC, I watch the streams here (same with Netflix)

No. 133441

Love Nikki my jam, I’ve been going at it for years now,it’s on of the few games I’m consistent with. I used to play Nikkiup2U as well

Def needed a new manga app, thx

No. 133442

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