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File: 1675675527697.jpg (77.25 KB, 1024x762, IMG_20230206_042413_504.jpg)

No. 9754

Any nonas in the US depressed at the way things are going and how many people support a party that wants to force 12 year olds to give birth?

No. 9755

But isn't the number who actually support abortion bans a lot less than those supporting Republicans? I think it was really only made possible by distracting the left with bourgeois online nonsense. Even on this board there's way more activity discussing right wing feminism and a literal "Islam hate" thread that looks suspiciously like the same kind of tactic being used on radfems. Splitting and distracting feminism has been wildly successful and led to this even being possible. I hate to think what will be next after abortion.

No. 9756

Not even American, but I am incredibly sad to see it happening. In some ways women from less "equal" countries often look at the West with hope for a somewhat better future. To see something like this happen in the USA, regardless of my own feelings towards the country, is a blow to women and feminism worldwide.

No. 9758

I don't want to derail, but how is Islam not one of the biggest concerns for women in the world right now? Big majority of countries where women lack basic human rights are Muslim. Not just that, but Islam is the particular reason given for the lack of women's rights. Even when comparing different Muslim countries, there is a direct correlation between how women are treated and how religious a particular country is. Or are American women only supposed to care about what directly affects them, and be handmaidens for fucked up Muslim scrotes that harm foreign women and children? I guess mass rapes in Egypt are "bourgeois online nonsense"?

No. 9759

You can still find abortion pills if you live in a state where it's banned. You can order them as if you're ordering anything else online and they arrive in a nondescript envelope

No. 9764

We literally just had our right to bodily autonomy taken away by Christians but of course, Muslim men living in mud huts on the other side of the world are the biggest threat to us somehow

No. 9768

They are bad too. All that is needed is to acknowledge things are different depending on where you are in the world. I have to say I find it alarming there is a healthy thread for "right wing feminism" on here but not one on abortion until now

No. 9773

Bitch, I'm not a burger, and a lot of people on this site aren't. If you only care about other American women, that's you.

No. 9783

Huh. Well look at that.

>I find it alarming there is a healthy thread for "right wing feminism" on here but not one on abortion until now.
Yeah, as do I. The problem is that bickering and complaining is more addictive than planning action, especially on a shitposting gossip forum, so derailing is easy. It seems unlikely anyone is going to openly oppose abortion on this board, even when their mask slips off for a second, so the real discussion is going to be about what to do about it, either to get rights back or to prevent losing them.

What happened in the US to make it even possible? It seems like a bipartisan fuck up, like the common denominator is not any particular ideology but the men who hold the power to shape those ideologies. How to wrest political control back from moids?

What kind of aid or support can be offered in places where abortion rights don't exist? What can be done to secure abortion laws elsewhere? I too am burgerless and think this should be thought of in global terms.

No. 9784

Fuck i saged out of habit

No. 9795

What happened in the US was just a coalition of pickmes and scrotes being personally upset women can have sex without being punished.

I'm an American and feel pissed that the country which is ground zero for so much SJW insanity also does shit like this. I can't speak for people from other countries. I don't know what to do to help them but I will say abortion pills are unstoppable

No. 9796


Also this fucker might potentially ban abortion pills nationwide in the US.

No. 9799

File: 1675769642146.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.49 KB, 1080x1201, Psychoticshit.jpg)

Rabid anti-abortion people creep me out so much, there's some weird sadistic glee at wanting to force women and young girls to give birth no matter how traumatic the pregnancy might be, they cover it all under "saving the babies uwu", disgusting.

No. 9815

These are the same people who let their children die a long, painful death due to untreated diabetes or tetanus. Shows how much they care.

No. 9824

Abortion should be illegal.
You shouldn't punish a child for their parents crimes. >>9799

No. 9830

My 12 year old daughter should be legally forced to use her body's resources so an old, bald pedophile scrote can get their rocks off? Fuck off.

No. 9833

I know this is bait but I suspect you're wanting people to illustrate the point. By crimes, you're meaning rape? Why punish a woman or girl for the crimes of a man but then fret about an embryo which is not even a person yet? And why don't we ever force people to donate a kidney, lung, or liver portion to people who will die without them? Why not go through the pain and risk of that to keep an actual person alive if we're going to force women to do it for non-persons?

No. 9835

It's not a person. Remember, the fetus doesn't have a neural network that has any kind of consciousness until the 3rd trimester. It can't survive unless it's a parasite attached to a host with no ability to assign a sense of self. Only religious retards believe that conception,differentiating cells and less ability to function than a vegetable in critical care has a soul and deserves to "live."

No. 9838

Interestingly enough, it wasn't always the way it is now. Before the 80s, the idea of life beginning at conception was seen as some weird Catholic belief. It was adopted later by fundies who never pass up a chance to punish women for having sex.

>In 1970, a poll conducted by the Baptist Sunday School Board found that 70 percent of Southern Baptist pastors supported abortion to protect the mental or physical health of the mother, 64 percent supported abortion in cases of fetal deformity and 71 percent in cases of rape.


No. 9839

File: 1675813519819.jpg (27.05 KB, 600x600, 2718.jpg)

Also,a lot of them don't even really believe it's a person deep down. They just play stupid to push their sick agenda.
when you post what an abortion before 10 weeks actually looks like, right wingers just say it's "clearly not a baby" and "liberal propaganda"

No. 10644

Pretty sad this thread is less popular than one on "right wing feminism"

No. 10652

Wow! It’s almost as if the population of actual victims and children who become impregnated and need to receive abortions in the US is substantially lower compared to the adult and college age women having consensual sexual encounters that result in pregnancy simply because they were too easily distracted by some guys grey dick cheese to remember to slap on a condom or pop her birth control. Hm!

No. 10653

File: 1677189478267.jpeg (303.6 KB, 1170x543, 461BE1D7-E9CC-4280-901F-6B4503…)

>12 year olds being forced to give birth

Meanwhile this is the reality compared to your fantasy about pregnant middle schoolers

No. 10656

File: 1677191060571.jpeg (63.38 KB, 830x960, 9A3EE584-9BB0-40D7-BCDD-82DA48…)

No. 10664

I remember all the Republicans trying to claim the story was a hoax and shit like "only a small number of 12 year olds can get pregnant" or pulling a red herring and trying to claim the mom was covering up the abuse
Shut up trad thot

No. 10722

god you type in the most annoying way. straight out of livejournal snark blog era

No. 10729

File: 1677249341397.jpg (175.19 KB, 979x818, 1023024454124.jpg)

I'm not sure why anons are clowning on you, it's like they've never actually researched the reasons why women get abortions before.

In almost every study done, or in cases like Florida that record reasoning before the procedure, it's blatantly clear that most abortions are done due to poor planning/lack of foresight.

It's largely women who already have multiple children and continue to get pregnant, women who are not financially prepared for a child and those that state they're not ready to have a child. None of these seem to involve rape, health issues, minors, incest and other factors, yet these factors are almost the defining reasons for abortion in the first place.

Abortion can be a powerful tool to prevent various developmental disorders from getting too prevalent in a population (whether hereditary or non-hereditary like Down Syndrome) or in the above cases.
But in the actual majority cases, would it not just be easier to not have sex with the kinds of men?
The kinds where you think, "having another child with him would be wrong", "I don't want to be a single mother by him", "I couldn't afford a child." (but I'll continue to do the only thing in existence that allows for the creation of one).

I just don't get it, what is the end game here? To be able to continue to have mediocre relationships with unstable males and meander along poverty?

I'm clearly in favor for abortions, but why is it that since modernity, they're basically used to maintain unstable or questionable male partner relationships?
Obviously the direct result of NOT producing a child with an unstable male is a good thing, but that is so much more easily achieved by just not having sex with unstable males. I know abusers can take years to show their colors, and males often flip the switch UPON such events like pregnancy and marriage, but doesn't that just mean women should be even more cautious of having sex?

Source for responses:

No. 10731

Giving birth to a live baby is 14 times more likely to kill you then having an abortion. Abortion saves women's lives, period.

No. 10755

Tldr if I want to have sex I will have sex regardless of if I want to pursue motherhood. You don't have to understand or like it.

No. 10779

the poster you're replying to is probably baiting by repeating tired old anti-abortion strawman arguments (or maybe they really believe it, idk). I don't know if it's the same poster(s) on 2X that have been posting like this for days but if it is their posts have included things such as 1.) having sex is what causes pregnancy and not having sex would end all abortions, simple as. 2.) insisting that irresponsible horny sluts who aren't thinking ahead are using abortion as convenient after-the-fact birth control and also helpfully suggesting that these imaginary women could simply practice abstinence or take responsibility and give birth. 3.) if you are raped you just need to get a rape kit to get an abortion, simple as. 4.) insisting they aren't anti abortion and none of their posts are about being anti-abortion even though they're coming up with scenarios where abortion is restricted and explaining why it wouldn't be a problem. 5.) akshually they know what they're talking about because their mother had so many abortions her womb rotted and she needed half a hysterectomy (which I guess means they think their mom is an irresponsible slut?) and also she almost aborted them too which would have been just tragic. So on and so forth with other tangents I haven't followed, etc.

I don't know why you are taking their side, even the study you linked literally includes a paragraph to debunk the myth that women get abortions for convenience (although it's kinda weak about it.)
While I'm on about the study, you should consider that a woman at an abortion clinic because she was impregnated by a rapist almost definitely is not going to want to answer random survey questions about it. Statistics from a study are not always representative of reality, and this is a known issue in regards to rape statistics. I'm surprised they even found 1 out of 1,209 women who wanted to write it down.
Plus, the study is focussed on asking why a woman is choosing to terminate her pregnancy, not how she got pregnant. The rape/incest question is the only one addressing how the woman got pregnant. No part of that study asks how many of the women they interviewed were using a contraceptive method that failed or what the situation was that led them to becoming pregnant.

That anon has decided most abortions are the result of consensual willfully-unprotected sexual encounters, something that has been proven false again and again. Your post is kinda dumb too (like, yeah, in a perfect world no woman would get involved with a trash scrote and they would have the perfect number of babies together if they wanted to and contraception would never fail but that's not remotely the world we live in and the option of abortion is not what's keeping women in bad relationships). Whatever.

No. 10829

Where the hell are all these trad thots coming from

No. 10831

Literally who cares about the reasons though? "I don't want to have a child" is a good enough reason to not have a child, it literally doesn't matter why. Not even a little bit does it matter "why."

No. 10834

>having sex is what causes pregnancy and not having sex would end all abortions
Umm… No shit?

No. 10836

It’s pretty funny that scrotes ree about taking responsibility while being the sex that literrally never takes responsibility for their actions.

I’m pro-freedom. It should be legal to have an abortion, so then anyone who wants one can get one, and anyone who doesn’t want one doesn’t have to have one. Any other position is retarded and based on seeing women as a service for scrotes, an object. Don’t see this dumbass debate in newer/less religious countries do you? Since it’s not really about ‘safety’, it’s about scrotes womb envy and reproduction anxiety and oppression/abuse of women.

No. 10837

It men hate abortions so much, they should simply stop having sex kek. Or be grateful for homosexual women who will never spread there worthless genetics.

No. 10838

Funniest thing is about this debate is men are responsible for more abortions than women, since pre-medical abortion era is a longer duration of time than the one we currently live. Scrotes, in their mentally unhinged degenerate egomaniac way used physical violence to force society to bend to their whims (which caused many wars and much suffering we even experience the effects of today), and would simply kill 'unfit' children, including those with minor differences that did not affect how they may live. Roman scrotes would bash children against rocks and throw them in pits, etc. And when abortion actually was illegal, they would just up and leave the family and refuse to take responsibility kek.

No. 10839

yeah hypothetically it's an iron-clad solution, but at the same time it's a very retarded thing to suggest.

No. 10848

They're honorless beings with 0 conviction so they always move the goalpost.
So, they want sex to be as dangerous and irrational as possible for women in order to make a weak man feel powerful. The more of a loss for a woman, the more of a win or a man. Abortion is one of the few things that actually equalizes the playing field and that's the real reason why they hate it so much; when they talk about "taking responsibility" they're just triggered that 100% of the control and power isn't in their hands.

Pretty much why so many of them rage out so much at women that don't want to touch men because it defies their insane entitlement towards punishing women.

No. 10852

Anti-choicers have never made a compelling argument as to why having an abortion isn't taking responsibility. Keeping a pregnancy that interferes with your life plans, that you don't want, can't afford, or any combination of the above is far and away the most irresponsible thing you can do. Either you have an unwanted child you might not even be able to care for, or you give it up to random strangers and hope for the best. Getting a collection of cells vacuumed out of your uterus is nothing in comparison.

No. 10853

Future "the only moral abortion is my abortion" recipient. I do not know a single anti-choicer/conservatard/religious nut woman who does not have multiple abortions under her belt, all of which were sooo different from the abortions those slutty other women get, you know.
Ultra late but given that a woman's body flushes out something like >60% of all embryos, wouldn't that make every woman who isn't celibate or homosexual a serial killer? Why don't these looney tunes ever call for research into miscarriage or failed implantations, since that kills way more "babies" than abortion ever could?
But punishing women and girls is fine, of course. Go die of an ectopic pregnancy.

No. 11402


>A proposed state law in Texas would force Internet service providers to block websites containing information on how to obtain an abortion or abortion pill. Republican lawmaker Steve Toth, a member of the state House of Representatives, introduced the bill last week.

>Texas already has several laws that heavily restrict access to abortion, but the new proposal is notable for its attempt to control how ISPs provide access to the Web. "Each Internet service provider that provides Internet services in this state shall make every reasonable and technologically feasible effort to block Internet access to information or material intended to assist or facilitate efforts to obtain an elective abortion or an abortion-inducing drug," the bill says.

No. 11867

I really just want to deploy a powerful curse that gives several of these evangelicals a sudden heart attack. this hell state is so regressive and so bass ackwards that they even want to restrict birth control? abortion wasn't enough? what's next? covering our ankles? skirt checks? women only curfews?

abbott and his cronies both local and statewide can fucking die in a fire for all I care, I am tired of this shit

No. 11870

File: 1678955430298.jpeg (677.59 KB, 3024x1988, 4AD24272-7FBD-4F0C-B48E-A73A9C…)


Picrel is a sticker I have on my dresser. The tree should’ve crushed his skull.

No. 11882

I've always prayed and manifested for a tree to fall on him again to finish the job. Also that Ted's flight goes down next time he tries to leave the state or country during a crisis

Useless wastes of air

No. 11902

>Ultra late but given that a woman's body flushes out something like >60% of all embryos, wouldn't that make every woman who isn't celibate or homosexual a serial killer? Why don't these looney tunes ever call for research into miscarriage or failed implantations, since that kills way more "babies" than abortion ever could?
Lol what a dumbasss. That's clearly manslaughter.

No. 11961

I really don't trust men in my core anymore and don't know what to do with the feeling or where to put it. I mean when im really honest with myself. I live in texas. I try to forget it mostly but I feel deep revulsion more and more about the things I hear about my state, and countless other things im not even going to mention men are filth and if one ever touches me in my life I'll gouge out his eyes so help me God cut off his dick, shove it down his throat. Chop his head to pieces and pee on him when I'm done.

No. 12115

Pro-lifers always talk about abortion being aggressively pushed onto pregnant women when they were not planning a baby, is it true? I've always felt it was the reverse.

No. 12123

I was talking to a guy and he told me that if he were to get a woman pregnant, he wouldn't stay and that she should know better and abort it. All men think like this when it happens to them(hence how PROLIFE men and their sons got exposed for pressuring women to abort babies) but they still want to take rights to abortion away so they can oppress women, they're so retarded.

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