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gender critical and female politics
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No. 9498

I just want to hear about the shitty scrotes you've come across in discussions or in Gender Critical Spaces. I'm sick of them and a lot of them aren't allies in fact, the reason there's so much racisim and "Good ones" is directly because of scrote inclusion. They hate women and troons, just hate troons slightly more. Yet, we get 99% of the abuse/hate from scrotes irl. While Troons just get talked about online.

No. 13291

This is some vintage radblr lore, but I think it was one of the tipping points where radblr stopped letting in straight gc males. Circa ~2017, there was some dude with a url that I think had lion or something in it, who was adding gc/ "radfem" commentary that was getting eaten up by radblr. Later it came out he was engaging in BDSM towards his wife, and claimed he was doing it "to help her overcome trauma guise, i don't WANT to do it, she NEEDS it!" and somehow everyone was shocked the moid was gonna moid and veryone had a meltdown about it.

After that it seemed like radblr stopped tolerating straight scrotes cozying up into the space, with the notable exception being a dude called wahbegan who I think gained entry through being friends with menalez. he calls women bitches, talks over women, and is generally insufferable, on top of very recently having an abuse allegation against him. Of course the male-pandering "radfems" (like the one who recently married a moid, just gave birth to his child, posts about it constantly) defend him as "harmless."

Similarly, radblr tends to be fine with gay gc males, but then acts shocked when they also turn out to be misogynistic. Recently there was a video of a female comedian doing a bit that got passed around radblr, and two of these gay moids added comments about it being proof women aren't funny. I think the problem is too many radical feminist women have sympathy for gay men for experiencing homophobia from society and the trans brigade, so they let them in. But a gay scrote is still just another scrote.

I get the impression that twitter might be much worse, but I don't set foot there because I think it would give me an aneurism with all the contrarian women larping as radfems as their Edgy Identity of the Day.

No. 13292

>there was some dude with a url that I think had lion or something in it, who was adding gc/ "radfem" commentary that was getting eaten up by radblr. Later it came out he was engaging in BDSM towards his wife
kek wtf that's insane. why do moids always use the "bdsm is okay because it's a cope for my gf's trauma" cope as if that makes it any better. even if it somehow was helping the woman and not just obviously retraumatizing her, it's definitely not necessary therapy for the moid who is getting off on pretending to cause the trauma in question. what does it say about him for wanting to pretend to be the abuser to an already traumatized woman? gross.
also true radfem twitter is much worse t. used to be on there i can think of multiple moids who got popular on there or at least orbit radfem spaces most of whom are extremely racist and just plain old right wing and only "ally" with radfems as an excuse to bash gender nonconformity in women.

No. 13293

wow, radtwt seems like an irredeemable cesspool. Are there even any real radfems on there or is it all those dudes and women who are 1 mental episode away from becoming tradthots and white supremacists (or already covertly are)?

People shit talk radblr a lot but it is truly no where NEAR as bad as twitter. It's comparatively a paradise.

No. 13295

there are some real radfems on radtwt but they usually end up doing their own thing and don't befriend many people because most of the popular people on there fall into the categories you listed imo

radblr is seriously so much better in comparison. i think it's because long-form posts allow for nuanced analysis in a way twitter does not. if you're a terminally online zoomer and your attention span doesn't permit you to read anything longer than a twitter thread you aren't going to have the mental capacity to read radfem theory and critically analyze what you are reading. also the women on radblr tend to be older and more serious about feminism in general. a lot of the girls on radtwt are teenagers or at least under 21, and it definitely shows. radblr wouldn't tolerate a right wing gc guy who makes racist jokes hanging around and gaining popularity.

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