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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1654827475805.jpg (37.34 KB, 675x675, ag_7.jpg)

No. 5816

I know some might not believe me, but I have always been sex-repulsed since I was young, I never had true sexual desire for either sex, but I did have a romantic desire and liked the way men looked, more then any idea and act of sex. of course this was before I was pink-pilled and now have forgone any Idea of a romantic(and thus sexual) relationship with a man, but I still like looking at men, I go through tiktok occasionally and see very beautiful young males just doing stuff and it always puts a smile on my face, I can't really describe it cause I know I'm not interested in a romantic relationship with them and neither have any sort of sexual desire, but I just like looking at good looking male faces, Ideally they wouldn't even speak either rather just exist for my sake so I could stare at them

No. 5824

one radical feminist germaine greer did talk about something related to this, she argued that female attraction towards male beauty had been denied for centuries, and for the past 2000 years or so (really more) men have pretty openly lusted after women in their teens. Not only had that not really changed in the mainstream at the time she wrote her thesis, for her female attraction towards beautiful young men was is as natural as life its self

>Germaine Greer's latest crusade is the young male form and an older woman's right to enjoy it. Peter Fray reports.

>Soon, in what promises to be one of the year's more intriguing intellectual stripteases, she will be telling other women that it is all right to do likewise. And the subject of her gaze is neither men nor women, but boys.
>Having popularised feminism and then scrutinised the menopause, Greer, 64, has turned her formidable academic glare to the hairless chests and slim waists of pre-adult "lovely boys".
>"I know that the only people who are supposed to like looking at pictures of boys are a sub-group of gay men," she wrote. "Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests."
>She referred to a billboard featuring a "truly lovely bare-chested boy, sitting legs apart and arm stretched along the back of a sofa with the flies of his jeans unzipped just far enough to reveal the designer name woven into the waistband of his underpants".
>She also confessed to having a relationship with her own "boy", although she declined to give any details or say whether, at the then age of 60, she had found true love in young arms. "I want to take what this man is offering and be content with that."
>"A boy is only a boy for a very brief space. He has to be old enough to be capable of sexual response but not yet old enough to shave. This window of opportunity is not only narrow, it is mostly illegal. The male human is beautiful when his cheeks are still smooth, his body hairless, his head full-maned, his eyes clear, his manner shy and his belly flat."

so there are some radfems who do agree with you

No. 5826

Is that you again, neccessaryspeed?

No. 5839

Nonnie men hate women yet sexualized the shit out of women, it's not deep. Enjoy your boytoy bands and movies and tiktoks.

No. 5845

did you read my post, I mentioned that I have no sexual attraction and no desire for a romantic relationship with males, I just like looking at them

No. 5846

This makes radfems sound like pedos. Gtfo

No. 5853

File: 1654943766875.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.12 KB, 752x975, 3f7e351829c726da04607f6603656d…)

>I have no sexual attraction and no desire for a romantic relationship with males, I just like looking at them
Ntayrt this might be more common than we think, welcome to the club I guess

No. 5863

I don't think thinking a guy is hot is haram in any kind of feminism. I could even see it, in a libfemmy way, as "eMpOwErInG" considering many cultures around the world suppress women's romantic and sexual desires. That doesn't even begin to touch that men both find women to be physically attractive as well as seeing us as subhuman retards, so even the most based misandrist could make this work lol

No. 5874

Jesus fucking christ of course you are not the devil for being attracted to men. You do not have to go "not like other hetties" about it either, you don't have to act holier than thou. It is fine if you are attracted to them aesthetically or even (god forbid) sexually. Actions are what matters.

I don't mean to go all "yaas queen slayy so empowering girlboss bestie", but I do not think feminism is done right if women have to feel shame for a biological reality. It is unfortunate, but most of us have opposite sex attraction whether we like it or not. We can debate whether you can be a True Radfem if you have sex with moids (let's not, please), but even if you believe you cannot, you still should not feel fucking ashamed for the desire itself. You can be attracted to them and still choose celibacy (if that is what your "feminist moral compass" tells you to do which is absolutely fine and I support you). You can get an anime man body pillow and live your days in peace with it for all I care, I just don't want you to feel ashamed for a thing that is literally in your genes and you cannot do shit about. Please love yourselves nonnas.

No. 5876

File: 1655065101861.jpg (219.66 KB, 1000x523, Uroš Predić (1).jpg)

I'm actually sorta spergy about it, I really like the way men look, not in the way fujos or gay men lust after male bodies, I truly appreciate the aesthetic more then anything

the oh-natural muscles, the straight or curly hair and the clear skin, I love looking at men, especially paintings, there’s something really special about true male beauty. It’s a shame men in real life don't appreciate their natural beauty and sick in the brain they’re beautiful as a concept. If only they were unable to speak or hold opinions.
my issue is I have yet to find a friend who appreciates male beauty the way I do

No. 5888

It's ok to be spergy nonna, just do not beat yourself up because of your attraction, you are not lesser for it. And people attracted to men in more sexual way are not lesser than you either, just a reminder. Women are allowed to have sexual desires. And the gay men are biologically wired that way too, they cannot help it (even though I agree dressing up as a puppy in public is quite repulsive).

No. 5890

I'm fine with gay men on principle but I find them degen and I don't like the way they act and behave 90& of the time, like I'm fine with hot dudes kissing(though I'm not a fujo) but nothing beyond that and especially anything to do with gay male sex(which is beyond disgusting imo)

No. 5891

I dislike it as a christian

No. 5897


No. 5913

I don't get it, why would thinking men are aesthetic have anything to do with gc and female politics? Are you here for anons to greenlight and validate your attraction? Or are you here to moralfag about how you only like men aesthetically? Wouldn't this be more appropiate for /g/? Otherwise this is a very awkward/cringe way to start a conversation. Also, are you saying you're asexual? I understand that many on this website are not sympathetic towards asexual people and maybe why you feel insecure within your attraction. I don't think it's abnormal personally. It may interest you to know that aesthetic, romantic and sexual attraction, although for average person go hand in hand, are technically controlled by separate parts of the brain and hence why people can feel sexually attracted to people they're not romantically attracted to. We say straight women choosing celibacy is based but when a women lacks the attraction naturally we want to medicalise it. Even though you guys aren't oppressed, people clearly see your sexuality as unnatural or a sign of being a broken and if that makes you feel upset in any way you should feel free to express that in spaces that centre women, especially women that are critical of heteropatriarchy without feeling like you're stepping on eggshells. Not fucking men will never be controversial on the farms so once again what was this post for??

No. 5914

we should send you to 2500 bc greece. You would get along well with the faggots there.

No. 5917

i'm surprised no one said you're actually a lesbian yet kek. i like men in the same way, i love fantasizing about ideal guys and how beautiful they can look. but real men are an instant turn off when i think of male socialization. i've always turned down men if they ever approached me, too scared to be used by them. i think its normal for straight women to be disturbed by things like hookup culture, porn, male entitlement. of course you'd want to avoid something that could potentially traumatize you

No. 5918

Are you trying to say you're a lesbian as well? If you're sexually attracted to the male figure, you're straight or bi. If OP's just talking about aesthetic attraction they could very well be a lesbian, but the way you wrote your post it sounds like you're genuinely attracted to them and just hate male socialization/hookup culture which, like you said, is normal for straight/bi women.

No. 5919

I said straight women because OP is probably straight like me

No. 5920

File: 1655155085062.jpg (126.77 KB, 1152x761, edward-furlong-maxw-1152.jpg)

I am someone who thinks of themself as a potnetial radical feminist and I am aware that hetro relationships and sex are touchy topics with in radfem communities, but I have never seen someone with my tastes ever be discussed so I don't know how I will be viewed, as for my sexuality, I am fine with sex personally, It has been enjoyable for me but I can be celibate for the rest of my life and I wouldn't care that much, my issue is that I am disgusted by the sight and thought of other people having sex, both same and opposite sex
I have never considered even once that I could be a lesbian cause I have always been attracted to the male aesthetic and wanted to be in an idealized relationship with a male, but I never had an outright sexual desire for males other then a desire to smooch every pretty boy I can think off, I think my attraction towards the male aesthetic started when I watched Terminator 2 as a kid and fell in love Edward Furlong as John Conner, I used to make my dad play Terminator 2 almost every other day just so I could see him, I would even kiss my pillow and pretend it was him, so yeah I'm pretty sure I'm not gay

No. 5927

Maybe you're just an asexual woman that can appreciate men aesthetically then. I'd like to add that it's not rare to find objectively beautiful men pleasing to look at among both sexes, even if they aren't sexually attracted to them.

No. 5942

OT but that scrote aged terribly. How come your being disgusted by sex is an issue? I personally think that since you guys are a minority and as long as that doesn't result in homophobia then what's the issue? Like I said in >>5913 it is not unnatural. I have also said people don't take you guys to well because they associate you guys with invading lgb and they think that there is an underlying reason to why you are the way you are. Like you are scared of men or feel alienated in such a pornified society. Many view you guys akin to troons. So the fact that you think men are hot but don't want to fuck them will just make many think you're attention seeking even if you're not. Sexuality is complex and many anons on here can be reductive. However none of this opinion on asexual identity is feminist. Any lady can be radfem.

No. 5949

File: 1655243061505.jpg (470.72 KB, 661x1492, aesthetically.jpg)

No. 5951

more or less, but I only ever fuck them if they are attractive
I guess asexuality is the wrong term to describe me, I am attracted to males but I am generally sex repulsed

No. 5958

i don't see why this should make you any more or less of a radfem. i can understand what you're going through, though

No. 5976

>>5942 anon. Your sexuality is ok anon. Become a radfem if that's what ur beliefs align with.

No. 7344

I’d say if I had to be attracted to anyone, it would be men, I was always hetero except sexual. Back when I knew TIFs I identified as asexual but then I realized how warped this term became and I dropped it. I guess this name can be fitting for some but I really how how the queers changed it. And honestly I wouldn’t consider it any separate orientation (for me it’s a lack of sexuality).
I like men aesthetically but only some of them of course (those in my type).
When I was young I believed maybe one day I will have a loving husband and children, then I wanted to adopt and then I realized if I want to pursue celibacy I can’t fully trust any living man. I have male friends but realized my ideas about future relationships were very vague and only based on societal expectations. I feel much better being single.
I accept romance in fiction but when it’s not sexual (because I avoid this in media). Romance in fiction isn’t something I care much for though, so it’s only in case when it is present.

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