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gender critical and female politics
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No. 5384

So I think the biggest problem with current radical feminism is that its kinda cringe and it attracts mostly cringy people who really should focus on being less cringy rather then on feminism

so first off aesthetics, a lot of current online radblr tries too borrow heavily from riotgrrl and feminist punk rock scene and the problem with that is that almost all of that scenes consisted of what we might call proto-libfems and now those women are currently promoting women like Hillary clinton and publicly supporting troons and nowadays the punk aesthetic in general is associated with baby zoomer industry plants

secondly changing the way we express male hatred, this isn't me saying "uwu don't be mean to men" rather anytime I see a radfem quote/song angrily going on how she hates men and she'll kill them, I almost die of the shreer cringe of it cause it comes across as a sixth grade nerd acting out against a high-school jock, I can't help but imagine men snickering when hearing this, knowing damm well that they could easily kill the physically weak female academic and most women with their bare hands in seconds, so it ultimately come across as pathetic Impotent rage so my solution is the way the redscarethots express male hatred, though using male supremacy rhetoric against them, "go die in war" "build a house like a real man" "real men don't spend time arguing with women" work way better then the ctingy impotent rage most radfems express

feel free to discuss more ideas to make radical feminism less cringe and improve on it

No. 5387

My idea is that feminists should stop worrying so much about how they present their beliefs to men who don't give a shit about what they have to say regardless of how it's expressed and spend more time actually supporting women in the real world.

No. 5388

exactly, I thinking helping the material reality of women should always be the top priority, but to appeal to more women we need to remove the overall cringyness

No. 5389

I feel like a radical feminism suffers from either terminal facebook boomerism or unnecessarily aggressive zoomer sperging, there isn't a middle ground because that's where the majority of people fall into. Memes for example are a key factor in making a movement attractive and with radical feminism they are either straight out unfunny shit your mom would post or "KILL TRANNIES AND ABORT MALE FETUSES <3" level exhausting a-logging with no nuance. Neither is appealing to the masses. A lot of the radfem spaces fall victim to black and white thinking and border on relying on conservatism for allyship while I feel like a lot of the libfem leaning normie feminists can actually have a good, inspiring conversation with people despite me not agreeing with them. We live in a world where most women choose willingly to ignore the everyday sexism so they need to be woken up in bite-size chunks, not dumping the entire works of second wave unhinged polilezzies as entry level material. They only get intimidated and stray further away despite deep down being fully aware of the sex based oppression and intergenerational trauma they all have.

No. 5390

File: 1653090541648.png (65.9 KB, 1027x203, Screenshot 23.png)

this reminds me of one of the worst upcoming trends I've noticed recently is all the edgy imageboard pickmes picking up "radfem" as a term just to piss off the wokies and troons. when obviously they don't even give a shit about even basic feminism but weirdly think it's some edgy queen shit label they can hang up on the mantle to epic troll everyone. Like picrel who spends her days posting conservatoid discourse, she's also anti abortion, anti feminism, extremely right wing, and just overall contrarian

No. 5398

i think it should stay cringe to repel infiltrators and political hipsters.

No. 5455

>my solution is the way the redscarethots
I agree there are a lot of cringe posts out there, but literally never go to Red Scare or scarethots for solutions to things kek

No. 5959

File: 1655335865190.png (87.72 KB, 238x268, EIYp1f5XYAMkrbo.png)

One thing radfems could work on is their memes. The anti-troon memes are pretty good but memes about other stuff are like pic related.

No. 5961

normie women need to stop falling for concern trolls, they don't actually want to learn anything about feminism, they just want to waste time. also the boomers need to stop with the shitty toddler tier jokes, some of them sound like trannies when they use the fart acronym

No. 5984

Promote separatism defemale socialization and material/skill gain over "this is all the ways men have hurt women today how sad".

No. 5997

Based. I think this is the best way to go, though I don't really think it's 'cringe'. Men shit themselves when women realise they need us more than we need them.

No. 5999

Nta, there's a female self sufficiency server listed on the friend finder thread

No. 6004

Well be the change you want to see op. Make some memes you find uncringey.

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