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gender critical and female politics
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I know many might disagree with even the base premise of this thread, but the reality is that feminists ignoring the economic factors that effects all women is a major is set back towards womankind, Investing in women’s economic upward mobility sets a direct path towards female liberation and leads to real material power for women

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for anyone wondering, this comic is not actually a feminist manga, its from Investor Z which is just a big critique of Japanese society and how that society suppresses women, technological innovation, creates otakus and hikikomoris, stagnates the Japanese economy and was responsible for Japanese behavior and atrocities in WW2
It doesn't give that much focus on feminism but it does occasionally go into the history of how east asian societies suppress women compared to the west and how they continues to suppress women cause women in the east are less financially liberated compared to western women and thus east asian women are reliant of male power

No. 5258

>many might disagree with even the base premise of this thread
Why's that? I don't really feel knowledgeable enough about economics to weigh in before learning more, but I'm sure there will be other anons who have more detailed thoughts on how the economy impacts women and won't mind discussing it.

No. 5259

there are a couple of die hard socialists here who think that women who are rich are morally evil and can't ever be real feminists and there certain radfems who think that participating in business means your a pick-me or something who is working for the hetro-colonial-white-patriarchy

No. 5262

Oh, I get what you mean now. Not everyone on /ot/ comes to /2X/, and that's mostly where I see that stuff come up, so hopefully it won't be a huge issue and the smaller number of anons here will be willing to chat in good faith

No. 5265

Love the OP image. Not sure if this relates to the topic, but I took a personal finances class last summer and I never felt more empowered and educated about my finances. It covered everything from savings accounts to buying cars to retirement plans to investing. I really recommend all women to learn about personal finances so you can be educated and confident when making small and major financial decisions.

No. 5266

Every feminist I've spoken to (thankfully) is 150% for the financial and economic empowerment of women. It's one of the only reasons we're able to have enjoyable lives away from scrotes, because women are no longer dependent on men to work and earn their own money, have their own bank accounts, get their own property (in some countries). You see it over and over again in "developed" countries too, women who choose to become SAHMs and drop their jobs often end up with abusive husbands who get high on owning all the resources and the women can't leave because they'd literally lose their food, shelter and security. That's not even touching on scenarios like the comic describes where a woman might supposedly have opportunities available but in reality they're closed off to her. I think multiple streams of income and developing at least one or two skills that can be done remotely is important so you're never without options regardless of where you live.

No. 5341

The witch hunting shit back in the day was literally just to steal land and wealth from women who grew too big. No man gets his finances threatened, it's inconceivable in this day and age, but women do. Best case scenario is Rowling, just get publically blacklisted. Worst case all your wealth assets and fame gets stolen by men who work together with their big brother in the court house, and you get ~mysteriously~ kiled or have a huge humiliation inflicted on you that's televised and celebrated (Britney Spears).

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If you live, reside, or work in the US, the high inflation rate means it's a great time to invest in I-bonds.


check out this thread with great resources. even just a starting principle of 1 or 2k of your savings that you add a little to every month can grow into a decent nest egg to add to your retirement.

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