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File: 1651623449377.png (793.34 KB, 663x872, 789034204829804.png)

No. 5038

There's an /rfg/ thread that shared some good stuff but it hasn't been used in years and it's not only focused on resources. I thought it would be nice to have a place that compiles material related to radical and gender critical feminism. Content that has inspired, influenced and otherwise helped peak you. This information is not just for personal use but for anons who want quick references when they need help peaking others with reliable data. Examples of things to post in this thread:
>Links to ebooks, pdfs, news articles, videos
>Research studies
>Screencaps of stories or comments (posting someone's personal opinions/experiences is okay, but preferably when what they're discussing is backed by data)
Please use this thread for posting resources, summarizing their content and optionally sharing why they were helpful to you. Brief comments and questions are okay but try not to have extended discussions here; take conversations to an associated thread (i.e. article about prescribing kids hormone blockers can be discussed in trans threads, statistics about femicides in PP Revival, etc) so this stays clean and easy to browse. Asking anons if they have recommendations for resources that address certain topics is okay.

No. 5040

File: 1651623902388.png (21.78 KB, 658x270, 2903482093467.png)

Homicide is the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States

>Nationwide study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology journal

>Data was gathered from the National Center for Health Statistics 2018 and 2019 mortality files
>2/3 of fatal injuries occurred in the home, suggesting that the perpetrator was most likely a partner
>Studies have long shown that intimate partner violence increases during pregnancy
>Pregnant women are killed at a rate 16% higher than non-pregnant women, with black women/younger women being particularly vulnerable

No. 5041

File: 1651624373139.jpg (97.06 KB, 515x774, 6894389274932.jpg)

Book: Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft

This is the bible on abusive relationships. When most people think about domestic violence, they typically imagine thrown furniture, bruises, broken bones and rape. While these things can certainly be a part of abusive relationships, emotional abuse is an equally damaging and even more prevalent act of violence committed by men towards their partners. This book discusses the many more insidious ways men gaslight, degrade and isolate the ones they supposedly love, making it harder for the victim to leave. Abuse can happen to anyone whether they have low self esteem or are confident individuals. Our defense lies in education. We are not taught about warning signs and controlling behaviors in school. Take the steps needed to inform and protect yourself on your own.

No. 5042

File: 1651625029462.png (387.68 KB, 725x477, 58493280432851.png)

Podcast from the NYT: The Decision of My Life

>A New York Times producer, Lynsea Garrison, contacted women in different Afghan cities after the Taliban takeover to discuss how their lives had changed

>An 18-year-old called "N" describes how she was cut off from higher education and essentially placed under house arrest
>Her father formerly fought against the Taliban and shows concern over becoming a target, so he uses his daughter as a sacrificial lamb and seeks to marry her off to one of their members
>N is verbally harassed by all the members of her family: father, mother and brother. The father and brother progress to beating her, sometimes on her genitals
>She cleverly resists the arranged marriage through a variety of means, though not without a suicide attempt in the process
A very harrowing but inspirational story straight from an affected Afghan girl.

No. 5043

File: 1651626214559.png (473.88 KB, 1098x554, 2903024849593473.png)

The New Backlash (A Primer on Transgenderism and Its Pitfalls)

An excellent, comprehensive and nonconfrontational summary of transgenderism and why it's bogus. A great resource for peaking trans-sympathizing friends and acquaintances. Describes basic biology in a clear and simple way and shows how trans individuals' attempts to redefine biological sex are incredibly sexist, senseless and dangerous. Presents evidence of how violent and cult-like its community is along with many links to additional materials discussing how trans-identified males are invading women's spaces and using transgenderism as a means to further violate women.

No. 5048

File: 1651646043835.png (79.64 KB, 643x471, 543805483953409.png)

Only 0.7 percent of rapes and attempted rapes end with a felony conviction

Handy data when people break out the "she's probably lying about rape to get the guy in trouble" argument.
>These figures were compiled by RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) which combined Justice Department National Crime Victimization Surveys from 2010 to 2014 with other federal data
>This figure turned up again outside the U.S. in England and Wales through publicly available and searchable justice scorecards published by the government (https://phys.org/news/2022-04-rapes-convictioncriminologist-england-justice-failure.html)
>Less than 1/3 of rape incidents are reported to the police in the first place
>Despite the incredibly low rate of convictions, at least 89& of victims report some level of distress, including high rates of physical injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse
>46% of victims experienced "severe" distress as shown in a report by the U.S. Department of Justice (https://bjs.ojp.gov/content/pub/pdf/sivc.pdf) which is a higher number than seen among victims of robbery or aggravated assault

No. 5059

No. 5076

File: 1651790794541.png (249.09 KB, 428x499, 47328974889023741.png)

The comic You Should've Asked is not specifically rf but it does deal with a prominent issue many women face regarding the "mental load" and how they're required to become a household manager, mommy to kids and their partner alike, often while holding a job as well. It advocates for men to step up if they expect to be in a relationship and start a family. I think it's a good one for women who may not have deeply thought about feminism yet but are wondering if their situation is unique and that it's okay to demand more from a man (and leave if he won't contribute) rather than taking on responsibilities alone.

No. 5077

File: 1651791087759.png (484.05 KB, 634x470, 1903218934743576.png)

You're Kiddin', Right? is a great Youtube channel by an intelligent and entertaining black woman who discusses topics like general misogyny, porn and transsexuals.
>This channel is an exercise in sanity, specifically, helping us maintain ours in the midst of, what I like to call, the Gender Fracas. We're subjected to such prodigous amounts of misinformation, misogyny and lies, it can truly make one's head spin. Or drive one to fits of anger or despair. This is a place for truth, however uncomfortable that truth may be for people who don't want to hear it. Here, we know who's female, who's male. We know that men are biologically distinct from women, that changing sex is impossible.

No. 5078

Fantastic resource, here is a full list for browsers and I've added stars to those I personally think I good "intro" texts but feel free to add personal comments:

Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape by Susan Brownmiller
Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism by Bell Hooks
Anticlimax: A Feminist Perspective on the Sexual Revolution by Sheila Jeffreys
Beauty and Misogyny: Harmful Cultural Practices in the West by Sheila Jeffreys
Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment by Patricia Collins
But Some of Us Are Brave edited by Akasha Hull et al.
Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference by Cordelia Fine
Doing Harm by Maya Dusenbery
Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex, and Human Rights by Ruth Barrett
Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism
Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation by Sonia Johnson
Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism
How to Suppress Women's Writing by Joanna Russ
In Our Time: Memoir of a Revolution by Susan Brownmiller
*Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin
*Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez
Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty by Dorothy Roberts
Letters from a War Zone by Andrea Dworkin
Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists: The Truth about Extreme Misogyny and How it Affects Us All by Laura Bates
No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us by Rachel Louise Snyder
Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths About Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade by Janice Raymond
Our Blood: Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics by Andrea Dworkin
Pornography and Civil Rights: A New Day for Women's Equality by Catharine A MacKinnon & Andrea Dworkin
Pornography: Men Possessing Women by Andrea Dworkin
Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Monique Morris
Right Wing Women by Andrea Dworkin
SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas
Sex Matters: How male-centric medicine endangers women's health and what we can do about it by Alyson McGregor
Sexual Politics by Kate Millett
Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde
Sisterhood Is Global: The International Women’s Movement Anthology by Robin Morgan
Sisterhood is Powerful by Robin Morgan
*The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade by Sheila Jeffreys
*The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir
The Second Shift: Working Families and the Revolution at Home by Arlie Hochschild
The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism edited by Dorchen Leidholdt et al.
The Spinster and Her Enemies by Sheila Jeffreys
The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service by Laura Kaplan
The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male by Janice G. Raymond
This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color edited by Cherrie Moraga et al.
Unpacking Queer Politics: A Lesbian Feminist Perspective by Sheila Jeffreys
Unwell Women: A Journey Through Medicine and Myth in a Man-Made World by Elinor Cleghorn
*We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
*Who Cooked the Last Supper: The Women’s History of the World by Rosalind Miles
*Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft
Women Hating by Andrea Dworkin
*Women, Race, & Class by Angela Davis
Writings of Sespursongles

No. 5079

File: 1651792827745.webm (9.67 MB, 720x1280, 78858336388.webm)

@herspective on tiktok. She does use terms like cis sometimes but afaik she doesn't really address trans people, majority of her videos are shutting down men professing to be "feminist allies" while mansplaining why women are doing it wrong, the pitfalls of liberal feminism pushing us to be more like men, and how men always prioritize other men despite saying they want to have a meaningful relationship with a woman.

No. 5093

MothersDayStrike2022 for all my burgerfags. Got my SO in on it too. If you can call out of work on Sunday the 8th go for it and try not to buy anything from the 8th to the 15th. We’re trying to hit the economy and make the elites panic like it’s the 70’s again.

No. 5094

Here’s a link on how to make your own period tracker since apps sell your data to employers.

No. 5267

File: 1652324248034.png (274.12 KB, 647x433, 4382905843095803.png)

Just a quote but a hard hitter in the gender critical sphere.

No. 5272

File: 1652351654359.png (12.73 KB, 938x78, 1904834905834095.png)

Warning Signs You're Dating a Loser by Joseph M. Carver, Ph.D

This is kind of like Why Does He Do That? lite aimed at both sexes but primarily women who may be uncertain about whether their partner's behavior is abusive. Good for when someone you're concerned about complains "I don't have enough time to read an entire book!" A quick, approachable read that discusses common manipulation tactics and negative behaviors. I liked that he doesn't romanticize the situation at all and just cuts straight to the point by calling these types losers.

No. 5274

File: 1652352939457.png (58.78 KB, 697x292, 7659085049385034.png)

Denying the Neuroscience of Sex Differences by Larry Cahill, Prof. at the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California

There was a book that came out called The Gendered Brain by Gina Rippon, purporting that there aren't any differences between female and male brains. This was seemingly done with good intentions in the sense that she wanted to break down stereotypes that girls are inherently born loving Barbie or whatever, which is indeed false, however she chose very biased studies which actually hurt her aim. It ignores the fact that women and men's brains are inherently different which has vast repercussions surrounding physical and mental health. It also proves that troons do not and will never have "lady brains" simply because they like wearing dresses. I also recommend another article linked in this one: https://www.dana.org/article/equal-≠-the-same-sex-differences-in-the-human-brain/
>Across a number of different analytic approaches, [investigators] found a striking and consistent result: The brains of women exhibit significantly stronger patterns of interconnectivity across brain regions-including across the hemispheres-than do the brains of men, which conversely exhibit significantly greater average connectivity within local brain regions (what the authors refer to as modularity).

No. 5322

File: 1652855171534.jpg (142.15 KB, 331x500, 4780-329403284.jpg)

Regarding The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf: on one of the main boards it was noted that a lot of Naomi's referenced stats were not credible and sometimes outright distorted. She also went off the deep end regarding conspiracy theories and being an anti-vaxxer. The book's topic and goal was good but not properly supported. For those wanting something on the same topic that is more credible, try Beauty Sick by Renee Engeln (PhD).

No. 5324

File: 1652858914050.jpg (253.47 KB, 1024x855, 456456.jpg)

nothing wrong with questioning a narrative pushed by governments and institutions that routinely lie to you, like a patriarchal state gaslights and deceives you from the moment your born and now we're supposed to accept this new narrative just cause

No. 5326

Anon it went way beyond just questioning the vaccine, she legit believed an Apple employee said vaccine technology can enable time travel. That's beyond the point I was making anyway, which was primarily about her failing to provide reliable statistics and hence offering an alternative by a more rigorous professor of psychology. If you want to argue about the vaccine take it to /g/ or somewhere more relevant.

No. 5336

well congratulations on being a good handmiaden, repeating all the talking points and buzzwords your husband taught you

No. 5339

You're building a straw man. Stop derailing.

No. 5340

Sekhmet She-Owl is a hardline radfem lesbian separatist. She's very "blackpilled" and can be a little heavy to listen to but she has a lot of strong videos on the concept of femininity, TIMs and separatism.

No. 5345

OT but separatism is probably the biggest that western radfems are absolute morons, instead of actually helping women in the world you decide to give up, live in your safe space and fantasy world that you get to live in, while 99% of women in the world suffer and there's nothing wrong that, that desire is understandable but don't pretend this is a feminist act, its the equivalent of putting on a blanket during a storm

No. 5346

How exactly is not interacting with men putting on a blanket in a storm? Are you a third worldie or something, most women in English first world countries can barely pay their bills how tf are we going to ~save womankind~?

No. 5347

I never said there's anything necessarily wrong with getting away from current society, but I don't think its a feminist act, a handful of women's studies majors choosing to live in women's communes isn't a blow to the patriarchal world order that you think it is

No. 5350

Did you listen to the video? I just listened to it again today so it's fresh in my mind. She understands that utopian separatism (literal women's communes away from established society) is pretty much a pipe dream but she is for social separatism, that is, only interacting with men as needed for professional or functional reasons like going to a store. She understands maintaining relationships with a handful of male friends/family members if a woman believes it isn't lowering the quality of her life. Otherwise she thinks we should minimize the amount of male relationships in our lives and particularly avoid heterosexual relationships since they are almost always a big L for women in terms of safety and overall well being. She's even said if you're fucking a man and he's giving you orgasms every single time and there's sensual touch outside of sex, you feel completely emotionally fulfilled and safe with him then great, but for 99.9% of women they're not cumming, being degraded, emotionally disconnected from men who ditch them after the act, so what exactly is the point of continually seeking out or tolerating those relationships? You can listen to more about that in her video "Sex, Celibacy, and Female Separatism."

If you consider yourself a radfem, I assume you feel the same. I'm all for discussions amongst ourselves here but I feel like sometimes anons solely want to trauma bond, complain about the shit men put us through and infight as opposed to learning how to protect ourselves, improve our lives and help other women. That's my hope, especially for this thread.

No. 5351

I kind of get what you mean, I think you're trying to say it isn't feminist activism and I tend to agree that it isn't really like… activism and probably won't have any meaningful impact on society outside of those groups. But at the same time if you are living in a community of women and are all helping each other and sharing resources I don't really think it's "not feminist" either. It's still at its root politically feminist, but is more of a personal political project for the women who do it than one that will change all of society. Also I really don't think a lot of the women who want to go off grid are gender studies majors kek, gender studies is mostly all about gender identity shit since most people on this board would have been old enough to study on a campus.

No. 5352

Yes, I just stopped going to radfem spaces as much because most women still haven't deprogrammed from trauma bonding and self destructive mentalities. Anons can say it's "ignoring reality" but I still understand men aren't shit, so why constantly retraumatize myself by exposing myself to all the horrible shit men keep doing? It's masochistic. Better to focus on de female socialization, forming bonds with women, and creating a sub-society by only shopping at female owned places & spending time with other women. Any energy you put towards men gets sucked into a black hole, whether it's being their handmaidens or entertaining them with marches/explaining how you're a human being.

No. 5356

What are some good RF or GC orgs to donate to?

No. 5360

I am aware of this, in fact this was exactly I was referring to when saying this was essentially putting on a blanket in the middle of a storm, it seems pointless cause your still living in constant stress in day to life, the chances of you being attacked/harassed by men does decrease at all
>forming bonds with women, and creating a sub-society by only shopping at female owned places & spending time with other women
because its kinda dumb and doesn't accomplish anything
like if you think that tediously avoiding men will help you with your stress that's fine, but its not in any way a feminist act

No. 5363

Nta but how can you think that giving money to female-run businesses or charities doesn't improve the quality of other women's lives? That's a pretty direct correspondence. And not having close relationships with men absolutely reduces their opportunities to have access to you emotionally and physically, reducing your risk of being used or outright harmed.

No. 5365

File: 1653030674617.png (618.15 KB, 570x754, 84930284903274.png)

Planned Parenthood and other groups that help women with abortion access are great. Nothing that quite redirects a woman's life and potentially ties her to a man like a child. For a more international option there's womenonweb.org which provides abortion pills (mifepristone/misoprostol) by mail. Contributing to any local women's shelters is always helpful too. Here are some feminist charities centered around safety, education and legal protections.

>https://invisiblegirlproject.org - Protects Indian girls from being killed or trafficked, provides them with an education and financial support.

>https://www.kakenyasdream.org - Working to end female genital mutilation and child marriage in Kenya through education and health centers.
>https://nwlc.org - National Women's Law Center. They use litigation to help women and provide grants for outreach services for survivors of assault (US-based).
>https://www.equalitynow.org - International network of lawyers, activists and supporters that reform laws to protect women's rights.
>https://www.kiva.org - A crowdfunding loan platform where you can donate money to an individual or group. As it's paid back you can reinvest that amount in another borrower. Available to both men and women but 81% of the borrowers are female and you can sort for women only. Many have a social impact in their community as farmers, students, shopkeepers, etc.
>https://www.womensliberationfront.org - US-based org specifically identified as radfem that engages in lawsuits to protect women such as keeping TIMs out of female prisons. Also provide public talks and organize polling data to help show lack of support for allowing men to identify into female-only sports and sterilizing children.

No. 5372

Keep in mind plan parenthood has a TIM on their board and is providing trans affirming care to youths. Your money is better off at a different org.

No. 5374

Lovely, did not know that… thanks for the heads up nonnie.

No. 5378

Pretty sure it's just a scrote/handmaiden. Everyone with some sense understands that staying away from men is good for women. Without a woman to feed care and handle his emotions men would off themselves/eachother by 50. They have no power, literally only the x chromosome has a mitochondria, that's why they have to literally force themselves into womens lives.

No. 5395

>Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War on Women, the Female Sex, and Human Rights by Ruth Barrett
I just bought this one a week or two ago, and its literally the size of a textbook almost. I can't wait to get into it, I just flipped through and its an anthology that pulls from several womens writings, including reprinting some old second wave stuff from the 70s and possibly earlier.
>Sisterhood is Powerful by Robin Morgan
Another anthology. Its all second wave stuff, from before Roe V Wade in the US. Your mileage may vary with each individual essay, but definitely worth a look.

No. 5405

Some of you may know her, sespursongles was a tumblr blogger who wrote very thought provoking pieces on femimism and lesbian issues. She later deactivated but compiled her stuff on a pdf before leaving. Check out her writing, she's very articulate and makes great points.

No. 5417

File: 1653282386349.jpg (31.03 KB, 289x430, 9047329874392654.jpg)

Loving to Survive by Dee L.R. Graham is my favorite feminist book and what fully opened my eyes to men's hatred of women and my own internalized misogyny. It has a comprehensive focus on sexism throughout all levels of society, is well supported by many studies and gov't data, and is written in a very even-keeled way so it's impossible for sensitive libfems to dismiss as angry/hysterical/any demeaning adjective if they're even the slightest bit open to learning about patriarchy. It also actually addresses why so many women leap to the defense of men with such impassioned dedication, so I really recommend it for anyone who wants a better understanding of that. The base thesis is this: Womankind has developed Stockholm syndrome towards mankind, which is reinforced by their violence, degradation and the societal "captive scenario" they've created around us. It seems like a big claim but she supports it so well and there are tons and tons of quotable segments that debunk everything from the pay gap to domestic violence, casual sexism, who comes out of divorce better, abuse, the concept of femininity as a whole, and more. I wish all women would read it.

No. 5419

File: 1653284397425.jpg (251.96 KB, 725x744, dworkin is right again.jpg)

>Womankind has developed Stockholm syndrome towards mankind
Dworkin says something very similar in Right Wing Women.

No. 5420

File: 1653284601509.jpg (120.22 KB, 789x365, dworkin rww.jpg)

No. 5422

I'm not surprised, Graham references and acknowledges Dworkin a good amount throughout the book. The second quoted segment in particular is very relevant to the overarching concept about Stockholm syndrome, where women find it psychologically traumatic to acknowledge the reason they conform to stereotypical (male-created) concepts of femininity is because they know they would lose men's "love" and the fragile benefits it provides. It's a difficult but necessary pill to swallow. Great quotes!

No. 5423

File: 1653290109942.jpg (80.9 KB, 800x450, 165323443588.jpg)

see this is what I mean when I state that western radfems have a clear sense of superiority over women
>um ackshually all other women women are living in stockholm syndrome and us enlightened upper class white and jewish women in academia are the only one's who the real truth, our proof is the work of other upper class women in academia
these parasites have never done anything for womankind, women who pump gas at a pitstop have done more for women then most of these losers, also stop citing a subhuman fatass who died cause of her own gluttony

No. 5430

>hurr jews hurr landwales hurr stupid western foids
go back to /pol/ nobody cares

No. 5440

File: 1653367325906.png (1.58 MB, 1014x629, 43209943284239.png)

A Girl’s Place in the World
An anthropological article about more "primitive" societies and the roles women are forced into within them. Discusses how this has influenced modern communities and has insights from primatologists since primates are our closest animal relatives and they wanted to examine sex-based roles from an evolutionary perspective.
>Male cults would punish women with rape or execution for intruding on their rituals. They are found across cultures all over the world, from hunter-gatherers to agricultural societies.
>Data on age at marriage across nearly 200 hunter-gatherer societies [shows] the average age at first marriage is recorded as 14 for girls and 21 for boys.
>Marriage arrangement is a form of male coercion and a way parents can benefit by supplying the most influential males with brides.
>Describes how girls are beaten by their families until they are broken enough to accept arranged marriages. Some attempt/complete suicide when other forms of protest fail.
>Male aggression against females in primates, including humans, often functions to control female sexuality to the male’s reproductive advantage.
>There is little reason to believe that there are, or once were, societies of primitive matriarchs, societies in which women predominated in the same way that men predominate in the societies we actually know.
>Male dominance characterizes the majority of several hundred other species that, like our own, belong to the order Primates.
>Modern advances toward sex equality reside on a “unique foundation of historical conditions, values, economic opportunities, heroism on the part of women who fought for suffrage, and perhaps especially technological developments which led to birth control and labor-saving devices and hence minimized physical differences between the sexes."

No. 5447

File: 1653422014247.jpg (110.74 KB, 670x426, 90432840328.jpg)

Male Aggression Against Women: An Evolutionary Perspective
This is by Barbara Smuts, one of the academics cited for her research on primates in the article above. She has bachelor's degree in anthropology from Harvard and a Ph.D in neurological and biological behavioral science from Stanford. This is a journal article but it's not difficult to read. Male aggression is typically explored from a social perspective but this is based on evolutionary reasons which should not be dismissed. I'm providing more extensive notes but I recommend reading the whole thing.

>Why is male aggression against women common? Why is aggression often linked to sex? Why is male aggression against women more frequent and intense in some societies than others?

>An evolutionary analysis assumes male aggression against women reflects [sexual] selection pressures… but it does not imply male domination of women is genetically determined or that male aggression toward women is an immutable feature of human nature. In some societies male aggressive coercion of women is very rare, and even in societies with frequent male aggression, some men do not show these behaviors. Thus, the challenge is to identify situational factors that predispose society toward or away from the use of sexual aggression.
>Male eagerness to mate, combined with female reluctance to reproduce with any male who comes along, creates an obvious sexual conflict of interest that is universal. Sometimes males improve their chances by offering benefits to females, such as food, protection, or assistance in rearing young. But sometimes males attempt to overcome female resistance by employing force, or the threat of force.
>Many Old World monkeys form strong, life-long bonds with female kin in order to protect against males. Compared with female orangutans who are primarily solitary, they experience far more sexual aggression. (Female spaces and relationships are important while isolation is a risk.)
>Female primates also reduce their vulnerability to male aggression by relationships with particular males. For instance, in savanna baboons, each female forms long-term relationships or "friendships" with one or two particular adult males. Males protect their female friends and their infants against aggression by other troop members. The female, in turn, often shows marked preferences for mating with her friends. (Having the presence of a man is a detriment to other men, as we all know. Male "friends" can also come to see us romantically or expect sex.)
>Pair bonds (long-term, more-or-less exclusive mating relationships) that are embedded within a multimale, multifemale group distinguish humans from all other primates. This benefits women as it was often a deterrant to violence and infanticide by men who only wanted their offspring to survive.
>In a wide variety of societies, women are particularly vulnerable to male violence, including abduction, rape, and infanticide, when they lack the protection of a mate.
>Dramatically illustrated by… a Brazilian woman kidnapped by the Yanornamos. When men from another village tried to rape the kidnapped woman, no Yanomamo male would protect her because she was not yet married to one of them. Similarly, the Mundurucus recite a myth in which a woman said to "have no owner" is gang raped.
>Female relationships are again shown as a deterrent to male aggression. In the black Carib community in Belize married women typically reside near their mothers, and if a husband beats his wife, neighbors immediately alert her mother. The mother's arrival, combined with the shaming gaze of other female witnesses, is usually sufficient to stop the beating. Interestingly, in this community even unrelated women will help one another because, they say, "we're all women and it could happen to any of us." (Female solidarity. Let's all make a pact to use "shame gaze.")
>Even in the absence of strong bonds between related women, situations that foster female cooperation may lead to coalitions against males. In a cross-cultural statistical analysis of factors associated with wife beating, Levinson reports that the existence of female work groups was significantly associated with reduced frequency of wife beating because these groups afford women both social support and economic independence from their husbands.
>In humans, the relative weakness of female coalitions is paralleled by unusually strong male coalitions… For men, maintaining bonds with male allies, on the one hand, and protecting related women, on the other, may often represent conflicting goals. If a man's daughter or sister is being beaten by one of his friends, should he defend her or ignore the beating and maintain good relations with his friend? The ethnographic record indicates that societies may vary systematically in this regard.
>Men fail to support female kin because "most men are more concerned to maintain male solidarity than to redress the wrongs done to women." (This is why most men are not going to "save" you or preference you over other men even if you are related.)
>Men face a trade-off between the development of bonds with wives and the development of bonds with other men; the elaboration of strong marital bonds interferes with the development of effective male alliances, and vice-versa. This tension between male-female and male-male bonds is evident in such cultures as the Awlad'Ali Bedouins, where open display of affection toward a wife results in ridicule by a man's allies. (Male relationships are often centered around the degradation and subjugation of women. Men are accused by other men of simping, white knighting, being pussy-whipped, etc, if they show empathy towards women in western society.)
>The trade-off between male-female and male-male bonds will depend, at least in part, on the importance of male alliances in intergroup warfare. When these alliances are critical, men apparently sacrifice the benefits of developing affiliative bonds with their wives in order to maximize the benefits of male cooperation. In contrast, we may speculate that under other conditions, including perhaps lower rates of intergroup conflict and particular types of subsistence strategies, men benefit relatively more from development of affiliative bonds with women.
>In societies in which relationships between men are fairly egalitarian and in which individual differences in male ability to provide parental investment are slight, men will gain less from cooperating to promote sanctions against female adultery, will tend to rely more on individual tactics to prevent cuckoldry, and will tend to support their female kin in disputes with their husbands. As a result women will have more sexual freedom and be less vulnerable to wife beating. (This is partly why we see women from poorer countries subject to more abuse and constraints - i.e. Afghanistan - than in others, because of the vast economic disparities.)
>In societies at the extreme of this end of the continuum, often characterized as "honor and shame societies," high-status men not only refuse to protect their female kin from wife beating in response to adultery but actually beat, or even kill, their own female kin for this transgression. This act benefits the women's kin in two ways. First, it demonstrates the family's commitment to the code of female chastity and fidelity, which protects their ability to obtain husbands for their women in the future. Second, it prevents the need for punishment of the wayward woman by her husband's family, which would result in interfamily feuding and the disruption of valuable marital alliances.
>In nonhuman primates, females rely on their own efforts to obtain food and do not depend on males for any material resources. In human societies, in contrast, women typically depend on men for at least some critical resources. Both evolutionary theorists and cultural anthropologists often emphasize the cooperative nature of the division of labor in humans: women gather and men hunt; men plow the fields and women harvest the food. What these accounts ignore is the widespread existence of sexual asymmetries in the control of resources, including food, land, money, tools, and weapons, that allow men to use resources as a means of controlling women. (Get and maintain your OWN resources separate from a man, always.)
>In societies that are less powerful, women must rely on husbands for protection. Given this reality, it is no wonder that women prefer as husbands men who demonstrate their protective abilities by maintaining control over their dependents. In other words, women's adoption of cultural values that appear to go against their own interests may in fact be necessary for survival. (Heroizing one's abuser becomes a necessity in order to avoid even worse repercussions from other men, a la Loving to Survive.)
>Conversations with village women indicate that they experience the threat of male violence as pervasive. Presumably the threat of gang rape alone was sufficient to make women frightened of men. As a result, women are more likely to obey men in other domains. "It at once expresses the subordinate status of women and the solidarity of men… It is the sanction by which men as a group keep women as a group from participating in the religious and political systems as equals. It is an overwhelming and supremely effective symbol of gender inequality."
>It's often stated that men benefit from promiscuity while women do not, however this is a human development which occurred partly due to the threat of male violence. Nonhuman primate females are often both highly sexually motivated and highly promiscuous.
>In a variety of cultures, women have had their genitals cut out or sewn together to discourage sexual activity; their movements curtailed by mutilation of the feet, the threat of rape, and confinement to guarded harems; their noses bitten off in culturally sanctioned responses to adultery; and their bodies beaten and mutilated during gang rapes considered a normal part of adolescent male sexuality.
>These and other countless examples of cultural constraints on female sexuality support that male-dominated systems foster a kind of female sexuality that responds to male needs and desires rather than one that has needs and desires of its own.
>If female sexuality is muted compared to that of men, why must men the world over go to extreme lengths to control and contain it? Women can gain important reproductive benefits from mating with multiple partners. Evidence from nonhuman primates and from women in societies with relatively few coercive constraints on female sexual behavior, such as the !Kung San or modern Scandinavia, indicate the existence of an active, assertive female sexuality that is excited by, among other things, sexual variety.

No. 5449

I have always been interested the evopsych understandings of the patriarchy and cultural misogyny, that said I'm skeptical of using current primates as comparisons to modern humans, we split off from Apes around 8 to 9 million years ago, that's the same gap between lions and housecats, plus even when we were more "ape" we were hunter gathers and persistence hunters, so even in our most primitive state our social struture would have been more similar to wolves then either chimps or bonobos
though I find the latter parts about anthropological probes of different forms of tribal patriarchies to be fascinating
It reminds me of how there was also an evolution of misogyny in roman life as they got more and more Hellenized Ancient Romans (the Romans who predated the both late Republic and Empire) also had some fairly progressive laws and beliefs for their time. Archaic Roman Law allowed wives to divorce their husbands if they laid hands on them, and Cato the Younger (an arch-conservative of his time) believed it was more important to be a decent husband than a decent statesman. though I know many libfems might deride these studies as racist somehow

No. 5450

Thanks for your thoughts! I agree, the studies on tribal cultures are intriguing and sometimes horrifying. Regarding similarities to other primates and the housecat analogy, I feel like you still find similarities. That is, domestic cats retain a lot of behaviors you find in their wild ancestors, so making comparisons like that can be another helpful tool in determining what factors lead men to act the ways they do. I appreciated that the study never reached too far in making explicit links between primates and humans but also considered how humans have deviated from their evolutionary past. Also, while chimpanzees primarily eat plants and fruit I think it was Jane Goodall who first observed them hunting for meat in groups (chasing and killing monkeys) so they do have some overlap as hunter-gatherers. I've been meaning to read the book Demonic Males to better understand further links to human behavior.
>an evolution of misogyny in roman life as they got more and more Hellenized
This is interesting, do you have any articles or other material you'd recommend to learn more about those developments?

No. 5452

File: 1653472211533.jpg (28.08 KB, 359x430, 9781560066460.jpg)

to understand the evolution of Roman misogyny we have to first understand Greek misogyny, contrary to our notions of continuous progress in social issues, women's rights and political and social freedoms have degenerated various times throughout history prior to the pre-modern age, Greek misogyny as we know it, seems to have come gradually with the mercantile greek city states who imported "civilized ideas" from societies in the near east, these ideas became the de-facto norm in much of Greece with the Athenian ascension(one thing you'll find interesting with many of the famous and 3 dimensional women in ancient Greece who weren't just simple wives or mothers of famous men, they were all either were from pre-Archaic Greece or from regions of Greece that were considered half barbarian, such as Macedonia which was influenced greatly by thracians and Sparta) women such as Sappho, Arete and Hydna, who were a poet, olympic athlete and a philosopher respectfully

similarly with Rome
>Classical Roman law did not allow any domestic abuse by a husband to his wife,[72] but as with any other crime, laws against domestic abuse can be assumed to fail to prevent it. Cato the Elder said, according to his biographer Plutarch, "that the man who struck his wife or child, laid violent hands on the holiest of holy things. Also that he thought it more praiseworthy to be a good husband than a good senator."[73] A man of status during the Roman Republic was expected to behave moderately toward his wife and to define himself as a good husband. Wife beating was sufficient grounds for divorce or other legal action against the husband.[74]

I suggest reading "Debating women's equality" by Ute Gerhard, it goes more into the history of the fluctuating state women's political freedoms and why specifically Europe developed of what we might consider the framework of Feminism and not other cultures, also picrel if your just into the history of ancient Greek women

No. 5463

Put a hole in your head, cockanimal.

No. 5464

Great stuff!
>more praiseworthy to be a good husband than a good senator.
If only more men still held this view. Mostly I feel lucky to be born in the place and period I was, but it's fascinating to learn about older civilizations which had decently egalitarian views and what factors contributed.
>regions of Greece that were considered half barbarian, such as Macedonia which was influenced greatly by thracians and Sparta
This makes me think of Adrienne Mayor's book The Amazons, where she discusses how Scythian culture and their nomadic lifestyle lent itself to cooperation between the sexes and even female-dominant tribes. I have less knowledge about how modern feminism developed on a worldwide scale (outside of an overview of the different "waves") so I will check out that Gerhard book.

No. 5543

File: 1653847660690.jpg (125.59 KB, 800x690, 60.jpg)

another examoke, its literally the oldest sentence written in Polish is in "Book of Henry" or in Polish "Księga Henrykowska" and it says:
>"Come, let me do the milling, and you take a rest"
its about a Knight who see's his wife struggling grinding grain and so he tells her to rest and let him do it, its interesting cause it would mean that even a landed knight helped out with the house work

No. 5547

File: 1653864614513.gif (2.05 MB, 480x270, 20B43F89-3CF5-4810-A6B1-2678BB…)

Sage for OT, but has anyone else here been heavily influenced by manifesto-chan? The discussions on evolution are very interesting - she’s the one who encouraged me (indirectly) to learn about the application of evolutionary theory/psychology to women’s liberation, and I wonder if the same is true of other anons. I remember I found her posts in the MHG around 2018 at a time when I was beginning to fully accept the possibility that the origin of misogyny lies in the biological fact of maleness. I really miss her tbh. Wish this board was more active - YOU ARE ALL BASED!

No. 5548

Even on radblr and radfem twitter this subject is considered "taboo" cause of its relations to eugenics and social darwanism and there have been a couple cases of radfems who fell down the rightwing rabbit hole, so there's its not completely unfounded for why certain people are anxious about this topic

No. 5549

Eugenics and social darwanism came about because males took the role of leader and healer from women. They misinterpreted and perverted laws of nature to fit their own goals and nature. Before patriarchy "eugenics" meant just respecting nature and letting people have quality of life. Like don't try to keep a deformed baby alive because it will just suffer and won't be able to have healthy kids. Or letting vegetables die. Or getting rid of people born with things like psychopathy. After patriarchy it became "kill anyone who isn't like me/I don't like".
"Social darwanism" came about because men have little empathy and cannot connect or collaborate effectively. So they come up with the rugged loner fantasy, even though in reality humans have survived and thrived because we help eachother. Males cannot even conceive of this kind of reality, they just see care love and collaboration as things to be exploited.

It's def biological, reproduction is war. And the censorship and lies about our biology hasn't gotten much better since the "big skull mean smarter" era. Truth I've come to is that men were created for reproduction, to be vessels for women to exchange and recombine X chromosomes between eachother. After the loss of parthogenisis, or as a project to make our genes stronger since clones can be wiped out by disease easily. Why is the male body so shoddily put together? Why is the y chromosome degrading? Why are all babies originally female? Why do men's pleasure part and reproductive parts the same, while women's are seperate (clit and vagina)? Why are they so obsessed with reproducing at all costs?
Men are a late stage biological experiment about to die off.

No. 5550

There's actually nothing wrong with Eugenics imo, our lives are nothing but a grace period for turning our genetic material into the next generation. ultimately I don't believe everyone should be sterilized, but there are still far too many who exist in this world who don't really deserve the right to spread their inferior genes

No. 5551

Patriarchy is about coddling the weak and dead inside. In matriarchy if someone doesn't follow the rules of nature, and be responsible for themselves, they will automatically fail and die out. Like if all men were forced to fend for themselves without their boys clubs and bangmaids and mommies and fantasies (pron, media, ego stroking), most would die out naturally and those genes die with them. No intervention (sterilization) needed, it just happens naturally.

No. 5552

what are you on about, like no that's not how it works, I mean a hypothetical matriarchy would be nothing like a patriarchal civilization, both men and women in their natural state need each other to survive and pass their downs heritage, like no offense but your starting sound like a subhuman

No. 5553

What are you even doing on 2X

No. 5560

I am a patriotic socialist feminist, this is a board for feminism, I belong here just as much as you do

No. 5561


Interesting article about genealogical data showing how patriarchal societies correlate with inbreeding.

No. 5564

cringe believing in male made political systems

No. 5565

It is weird how men insist on incest and pedoing in every patriarchal society. Literally degrading the human genome on purpose.

No. 5568

Pick one.

No. 5572

File: 1653983169253.jpg (358.28 KB, 859x1230, 8908053443.JPG)

This inspired me a lot. With the trans movement, porn, abortion rights (or lack of them), incel culture, femicides, blatant misogyny across all spheres and more, I believe many women are starting to experience that "terrific shock." I know it looks bleak at times nonas but have faith.

No. 5595

File: 1654019765109.jpeg (502.62 KB, 828x1102, AED2E028-F1C7-419A-A327-ED5B80…)

No. 5596

File: 1654019788311.png (203.81 KB, 640x688, 7D5E0CCC-531A-4C8B-B21E-3924E8…)

No. 5597

On top of the board tranny who is absolutely pushing replacing us with pregnant people because “men can get pregnant.”

No. 5607

Would you mind recommending alternative orgs to provide donations to if we're interested in helping women get access to abortions? So many of the results you get when trying to find them just link back to PP.

No. 5618

File: 1654038150746.jpeg (256.84 KB, 828x756, CE416854-B3B7-4131-B002-9F8026…)

Here’s one I personally like instead, otherwise I would need to compile a state by state basis of local clinics that need support.

No. 5619

Which I can if people will use it, just let me know. Not faulting anyone who still wants to donate PP. I just wanted to share so everyone knows what’s going on since I personally felt betrayed.

No. 5624

Holy crap, this is so cool. Maybe not always the most efficient method but an actual ship of abortion pirates arriving to help women is amazing kek. Seems they work with Women on Web mentioned earlier too.

No. 5626

File: 1654068329055.png (476.82 KB, 762x450, 347489324093284.png)

It's actually pretty hard to find a basic explanation of what radical feminism is since search results are polluted with articles about how evil TERFs are. Here are some details and links if you're looking for simpler summaries:

The "radical" in radical feminism is not about being extreme (although it was/is often viewed that way), it's a reference to the Latin word rādīx or rādīc- meaning of or pertaining to the root. Radical feminists believe that women's oppression is "rooted" in patriarchy as opposed to legal systems (liberal feminism) or class conflict (socialist feminism and Marxist feminism), although they do recognize there is overlap between these issues because patriarchy led to them. They believe that because our current societal systems are fundamentally flawed and biased against women, we should support women in forming their own communities, organizations and grassroots initiatives rather than solely trying to modify existing structures. That being said, although they want women to build their own spaces, they have always advocated (and often succeeded) in achieving reforms within governments and other mixed or male-dominated structures.
More info here: https://psychology.fandom.com/wiki/Radical_feminism

>Radical Feminist theory analyses the structures of power which oppress the female sex. Its central tenet is that women as a biological class are globally oppressed by men as a biological class. We believe that male power is constructed and maintained through institutional and cultural practices that aim to bolster male superiority through the reinforcement of female inferiority. One such manifestation of the patriarchy is gender, which we believe to be a socially constructed hierarchy that functions to repress female autonomy and has no basis in biology. Radical Feminists also critique all religions and their institutions, and other practices that promote violence against women such as prostitution, pornography and FGM. The subjugation of women is a social process that has no basis in biology or any other pretext, and thus can and should be challenged and dismantled.

Excerpted from http://www.radfemcollective.org/what-is-radical-feminism
Also recommend the brief Redstockings Manifesto from one of the first radfem groups: http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/redstockingsmanifesto.html

Some of radical feminism's key focuses:
>Reproductive rights for women including abortions, access to birth control and sterilization
>Breaking down traditional gender roles in private relationships as well as in public policies
>Understanding pornography as an industry and practice that harms women
>Viewing prostitution under patriarchy as the oppression of women, sexually and economically
>Critiquing motherhood, marriage. the nuclear family and sexuality, questioning how much of our culture is based on patriarchal assumptions
>A critique of institutions such as government, healthcare organizations and religion which historically center men

No. 5649

File: 1654154374343.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, 1654152903224.png)

Another anon recently posted this in an /ot/ thread so credit to her, but I think it's relevant in regards to gender roles in relationships. I thought I was very into sex in prior relationships, but with hindsight and space from those individuals, I realized it wasn't sex itself but absolutely the emotional validation of being wanted by a man. It had little to do with my own desires. I have since discovered things that actually do turn me on, but I can't imagine trying to indulge in those things with a man bringing so many of his own concepts of what sex "should" be like to the table. I do actually believe respectful men are out there, but I don't want to risk my well being again. https://www.dakotabardy.com/self-objectification

No. 5673

Is her stuff archived anywhere?

No. 5675

An ex-farmhand dropped a zip file of her posts in one of the mtf threads. Not sure which, but you could find it or someone could post their copy.

No. 5683

The link was deleted as the farmhand had no business sharing someone's post history. She stepped way out of line with that one, and I personally think sharing the file should earn someone a ban

No. 5718

NTA, but at least posting screenshots (at least of the posts with the Windows wallpapers) can't be that bad, can it?

No. 5725

I think it would be fine to share some screenshots if you have any nona

No. 5751

I still have the file but is it certain I won't get banned if the ex-farmhand did?

No. 5754

Any studies on the lasting effects of stay-at-home motherhood has on cognitive functions of the brain? I have this theory that decades of cleaning, cooking, and child rearing is not mentally stimulating enough for long term brain health and I'm wondering if there's any science to that.

No. 5756

>I have this theory that decades of cleaning, cooking, and child rearing is not mentally stimulating enough for long term brain health and I'm wondering if there's any science to that.
Kek you think those scrote scientists would ever allow such a study to be funded & take place? Trauma from childbirth in the hospital, chronic illness and injuries from shitty western medical practices, sleep deprivation, isolation, it's literal torture that's swept into a tidy "it's just post partum depression1! Get over it!". Especially damaging since IQ is passed from the mother, so every child gets a lower IQ.

No. 5771

>IQ is passed from the mother, so every child gets a lower IQ
You're citing a viral blog post with an unidentified author(s) which cited older studies and then loosely and incorrectly interpreted their outcomes. Yes genetics play a role in intelligence but it's more complicated than that.

No. 5773

File: 1654567493394.png (367.06 KB, 472x403, 1230982930578340.png)

This study from 2020 is interesting. It looks at older data (from 1930 and 1957) but shows partnered mothers who mainly worked part-time had the best cognitive function, followed by mothers who worked full-time, followed by mothers who were unpaid caregivers (full-time SAHMs).

Women’s Work-Family Histories and Cognitive Performance in Later Life - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7607964/
>Complex work tasks or stimulating work environments and social engagement have been linked with delayed onset of cognitive decline
>Caring for other dependents, particularly when caregivers become socially isolated and less stimulated has been linked to higher stress and poorer physical health
>European women who were older, were more disadvantaged as children, and who had had less education had lower average cognitive scores
>Women who spent long periods not in paid work had significantly lower cognitive scores, verbal fluency, numeracy, immediate recall, and delayed recall scores compared with women who worked for pay, regardless of family trajectory.
>Persistent exposure to work and family role stress, or the strain of managing both, might have consequences for cognitive health. Acute and chronic stress have been linked to cognitive health in prior research. Exposure can lead to negative physiological changes and dementia onset by triggering increased levels of glucocorticoids and neuroinflammation
>Chronic midlife stress is also associated with decreased gray matter volume in certain regions of the brain, with potential maladaptive consequences for cognitive functioning

Here's another study that shows less of an impact from being a SAHM, but it measured fewer cognitive abilities over a shorter period.

'Mommy brain' isn't a thing (Based on research from Valerie Miller at Purdue University)- https://www.verywellfamily.com/cognitive-function-in-moms-5079175
>Looked at three areas of attention: alerting (vigilance), orienting (moving between tasks), and executive control (conflict resolution)
>Mothers and non-mothers were equally adept in all of these areas except executive control where mothers were slower but more accurate than non-mothers
>Speed-accuracy trade-off may be beneficial when parenting, as children sometimes resolve their own conflicts given time
>Other scientific studies have used functional MRI to show that women actually increase the amount of grey matter in their brains after having a baby (not enough research to determine how this effects daily cognitive function, though)

No. 5775

I don't know since I'm not a farmhand myself. I would assume you could probably share a few of your favorite posts without trouble (that happens all the time in general threads anyway, we even have the lc's own caps thread) but I definitely wouldn't share the whole file. Only do what you're comfortable with!

No. 5776

File: 1654588481469.png (699.57 KB, 430x655, 3902483098034.png)

Anons who have brought up Dianic Wicca, do you have any particular books you recommend? I looked up Zsuzsanna Budapest's books and it seems like there are a few. Not sure which would be best to start with. I'm also open to other feminist religious or spiritual practices but preferably not ones that center around a cult of motherhood/fertility/childbirth, which is why Dianic Wicca's focus on autonomy is refreshing.

No. 5777

I was relating and then I saw the date

No. 5778

File: 1654590828012.gif (4.15 KB, 68x105, goth_candle.gif)

I haven't read anything yet because I'm in the middle of exams but I've searched for PDFs. My summer reads are awaiting me! I think you'll find them easy online.
-The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Zsuzsanna Budapest 1979
-Lesbian Rituals and Dianic Tradition by Ruth Barrett 2008
-The Festival for Bona Dea and the Thesmophoria by Hendrik Simon Versnel 1992 [thi one's an article]
-From Good Goddess to Vestal Virgins꞉ Sex and Category in Roman Religion by Ariadne Staples 1998
-Women and Gender Issues in British Paganism 1945-1990 by Shai Feraro 2020

Hope you find this interesting!

No. 5787

Women of her time certainly had their wake up call with the development of the suffrage movement. Just goes to show that history repeats and we need to unite again now.

No. 5788

Thanks very much nonny! These look great.

No. 5940

Does anyone have any all female music, books, or movies? No man involved. No man in it. No male characters.

No. 6027

File: 1656093240418.png (351.15 KB, 641x672, 79480372490382704.png)

For U.S. anons, since Roe v. Wade has been overturned:

Remember to stock up on Plan B. If it's expensive at your local pharmacy, the generic medication (Levonorgestrel) is only $17 online. You can order it here: https://hellowisp.com/products/plan-b

https://www.plancpills.org - Explains how you can get access to the abortion pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) via mail based on your state.

Further information about abortion clinics: https://www.ineedana.com

Resources and chat support about abortions and miscarriages: https://www.mahotline.org

No. 6028

File: 1656094450440.png (581.38 KB, 572x531, 09458430975438.png)

For those who would like to support American women getting access to abortions, as has been stated earlier in this thread, Planned Parenthood has pivoted away from focusing on women and more towards supporting children transitioning. A better alternative are abortion funds, which are groups which provide women who cannot afford to get abortions on their own with the travel and medical funds needed to do so.

WRRAP - Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project

Brigid Alliance

Indigenous Women Rising (For indigenous and undocumented women)

The groups above provide support across the country. There also additional state-specific abortion funds you can find here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfMPh4VO_kM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

No. 6030

>abortion seekers
Not even "women", fuck off.

No. 6031

Two of the groups listed specifically call out "women" in their titles despite the infographic using genderspecial language. Blame the social media account that made it, but at least it presents the resources.

No. 6070

File: 1656336820960.jpg (42.88 KB, 362x550, 1645443751692.jpg)

I posted this in a previous threads but it seems a better fit here, Satanic Feminism
It's a book that examines association of Satan and specifically lucifer as the liberator of women, from the 11th century many patriarchal church figures built up this association of women being the "natural followers of Satan"(cause of eve) and of course this was meant with negative conations, however in the 19th century certain proto-feminists performed counter-readings of these misogynist traditions
Lucifer was reconceptualized as a liberator of womankind, and Eve became a heroine. In these reimagining's, Satan is a beautiful man with a knightly-essence(this isn't even out of nowhere either, Satan was supposed to be the most beautiful out of all the angels) fighting against an unjust God and his male male priests
This wasn't a global phenomena of course, it was exclusively in the Anglosphere and lasted only to the early 20th century before fizzling out, it also requires context of the various esoteric movements that were popular at that time, including Romantic Satanism or luciferianism(a recontextualization of how lucifer was presented in Christianity) which Satanic Feminism is a sub-sect of essentially

Its interesting right, women had these feminist ideas and knew the system was fucked up but didn't have the correct discourse to talk about the issues, It was Marxist feminism that eventually became the ground-work of the many radfem positions we have today

No. 6076

I can’t wait to read this, nonny. When reading Genesis as a kid I had this thought come up that maybe Satan was the good guy kek

No. 6079

File: 1656389736495.jpg (2.42 MB, 1998x4118, Lucifer_Liege_Luc_Viatour_new.…)

Satan is a combination of various entities hc'd as one being by early Christian authors and later picked by Muslims, the snake in the Garden of Eden, The Angel that challenged God's most faithful servant Job and Lucifer Morningstar who rebelled against God, all leading to a being with confusing characterizations

No. 6101

tysm for this nonni, I got it on your recommendation and it's really good.
spoiler for not 2X related but any chance you know of other books that focus on women in esoterica/occultism/etc?

No. 6195

the web archive that I had saved with all the free Dworkin pdfs is no longer there.

does anyone have a link to free Dworkin books?

No. 6196

i don't have the link you're talking about but you can find everything she's written for download on libgen https://libgen.is/ plus i think a lot of them are on that french radfem site "feministes radicales"

libgen has a funny outdated ui, just search whatever book and/or author you want, click a title with the file type you want, then once on the page for the book click the hyperlink of the book title to go to a dl page

No. 6197

thank you!!!

No. 6391

File: 1660376201498.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.5 KB, 2000x1334, np_file_105795.jpeg)

Looking for radfem resources about radical feminism in Japan and South Korea. Thank you nonnies.

No. 6403

Is there any misandry podcasts or YouTubers?

No. 6412

radfem.org has them

No. 6442

I see the statement "male sex offenders lie about being sexually abused themselves as children" thrown around a lot in the MTF threads, does anyone have any links to back that up? I'm really interested but I'm five threads or so behind so it'd be OT to bring it up in the current MTF thread. I tried googling but I can't find anything. I know it's not necessarily radfem adjacent but the degeneracy of moids is always relevant.

No. 6638

Take what people write in the MTF thread with a grain of salt unless there's a source attached. People in there write things like MTFs can't get raped and if they do, they enjoy it anyway, which is deranged and nonsensical regardless of whatever fantasies people find on r/MTF.

Regarding your actual topic, I haven't found anything on sex offenders lying about child abuse in particular, but sex offenders do just lie in general.

> Sex offenders comprise a group that is particularly notorious for socially desirable responding. This should come as no surprise. Given the fear, disgust, and condemnation that sex offenders evoke in others, it is not always in their best interest to be honest and self-disclosing about either their illegal sexual acts or their deviant sexual preferences. Indeed, they often face an irresolvable bind in forensic evaluations: Honest disclosing of the extent of sexual deviance can result in criminal sanctions and further punishment.


This one notes there's a discrepancy between self-report rates of sex abuse and self-description of sex abuse. Ignore the polygraph shit, they don't work.

> The use of emotionally-laden terminology may also influence the proportion of child sex offenders that discloses experiences of childhood victimisation. A study by Simons et al. (cited in Simons 2007) found that 30 percent of child sex offenders responded in the affirmative to the question ‘have you been sexually abused?’ Descriptions of the act of sexual abuse, however, produced prevalence rates of 58 percent (Simons 2007). As Simons (2007) argues, this finding may be due to male child sex offenders being reluctant to disclose histories of sexual abuse due to shame, or perceiving the abuse as consensual. This may be particularly the case if the abuser was female (Simons 2007). It should be noted, however, that the reverse may also sometimes be the case; that is, child sex offenders may exaggerate claims of childhood victimisation ‘to justify their offending or to elicit sympathy from therapists, courts, and parole board members’ (Simons 2007: 61).


No. 6686

its been so long since you asked but "Kim Ji-young, Born 1982" is apparently a classic feminist Korean movie. Turns out it also has a book.

No. 6688

Thank you nona! Yeah there's a lot of unhinged shit said in there, this was one of the only things I thought might have a grain of truth to it. I appreciate the links!

No. 6689

> People in there write things like MTFs can't get raped and if they do, they enjoy it
Kek what thread have you been reading? ESL? Maybe try actually reading the thread kek. I’ve only seen people post that most troons are potential rapists who claim to fear being assaulted by men in single sex spaces but want women to accept them, men, in their single sex spaces, while refusing to accept that women have the same right to fear males like mtfs. That or that troons will lie about rape/victimisation to larp harder as a women since they know it is one of the crimes which are mostly female victims, as it adds an element of fetish to their fetish larp. Look at mtfs like Jake Alley or Yaniv, etc.

No. 6692

File: 1665872790872.png (364.38 KB, 645x1157, jakealley.png)

It's a common tactic for men to claim worse treatment then women to distract from tackling male violence and sexism in culture and society, so they will exagerate claims to match what they believe women claim either to deflect and excuse the lack of care they have about certain issues, or to try and be like "See, it happens to me too, therefore I am totally a vulerable woman as well!" with the claim being either real or fake depending on the accuser (straight ones are usually lying and have a kink for assault as we've seen with the troons wishing to be a part of rape victim subreddits with no history of assault and usually being straight, or the ones asking to be placed in womens rape shelters and gloating that they will be walking around with their dick out). Like the troons who have posted in the mtf thread calling anons the real paedophiles for saying troons are predators who prey on children because they are talking about children being preyed on kek. It's the typical male DARVO of actual victims. Men like to claim harassment the same as women to deflect or excuse or larp because men don't fear it the same way women do. You must remember, a lot of straight mtfs and even some of the gay ones are incel men. Men will claim that wanting men out of womens single-sex spaces is assault eg. picrel the referred to Jake Alley, because men don't fear actual assault and treat it blasely the same way they do when coining terms like 'divorce rape'.

No. 6693

File: 1665872903078.jpg (12.93 KB, 288x384, typicalmtf.jpg)

The man posting these fears of victimisation and genital inspections? Picrel, often privileged fat white incel guys since the majority of mtfs aren't the actually pitiful gay men who have been abused like used to be the case before. It's part of their fantasy. This is what women are like, right? Is what they're thinking.

No. 6727

If you want to get whitepilled on female biology, read Bitch by Lucy Cooke. So much of the shit we hear about female biology (females never fight for males; males never invest in children; vaginas and eggs aren't interesting and just passive sperm receivers) are entirely false. Sexist male scientists just ignore female animals and when they do something that breaks their expectations, they literally blame it on 'random hormones'. It also tackles the myth of 'maternal instinct' - there is no unique female caring instinct, it's literally just oxytocin, and males who spend time around children can also develop enough oxytocin to stop being aggressive at babies.

I see a lot of women getting blackpilled on female biology and 'pickme-ism' but female biology is far more resilient than we have been led to believe. Bad evopsych is not our friend.

No. 6729

More right-wing women have started to come out against the red pill tenets, what with them complaining about calling monogamous decent men simps, betas, and even Evie magazine writing about The Wall and older women still having value. Maybe more right-wing women should read TRP not just copy parts of it to say to men for approval.

No. 6793

How do we fight back against misogyny online and in general? How do we fearlessly claim our right to a public space? Fuck that black pill shit, I’m here to fight. How do we get the courage to exist publicly and fight?

No. 6795

For online arguing with moids, it helps to have evidence and studies to back up what you say and just know that the purpose of challenging them is to not change moids' minds or opinions - it's for the lurking women, who might resonate with what you say. One woman standing up for women helps all women.

No. 6812

I hope this is ok to post here, it seemed the most appropriate thread. If not, let me know where would be better.

I was talking with my sister about things we've learned about female vs male health and how often the mainstream advice is useless (or even harmful) to women because and we started floating the idea of making a simple site to catalog those differences for women.

For example:
- women tend to produce less stomach acid than men so if you're having indigestion you should probably take ginger or apple cider vinegar instead of an antacid
- constipation is often caused by a magnesium deficiency due to natural hormone fluctuations from our menstrual cycle instead of a lack of fiber
- women have different heart attack symptoms than men

What do you think of this idea? Is there anything you've learned that we could add to it? Would you use a site like this and/or share it with your friends? Or does a site like this already exist and I'm just retarded and didn't know

No. 6814

This is an absolutely amazing idea!!!

No. 6819

going to dump a bunch of resources ive compiled here, sorry if any have already been posted

books and articles
radfem reading list https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pasg8rbygi6rm/radfem_books#pasg8rbygi6rm
feminist reading google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KdUVEURManE1a3CxvKlTi47P5SdAlhRx
more feminist reading https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zH_IF0GsCik3tJoh0SuBDmv3rVmoTgph
this site has a lot of classic/older radfem books and articles that can be downloaded for free http://radfem.org/
The Complete Works of Andrea Dworkin: http://radfem.org/dworkin/

misogyny and sexism
Making Violence Sexy (Anthology), http://www.dianarussell.com/f/makingviolencesexy%28smaller%29.pdf
who cooked the last supper? pdf https://naning311.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/who-cooked-the-last-supper.pdf
the second sex pdf https://uberty.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/1949_simone-de-beauvoir-the-second-sex.pdf
andrea dworkin woman hating pdf https://www.feministes-radicales.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Andrea-DWORKIN-Woman-Hating-A-Radical-Look-at-Sexuality-1974.pdf
Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men By Caroline Criado Perez https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344061485_Invisible_Women_Exposing_Data_Bias_in_a_World_Designed_for_Men_A_Book_for_All_By_Caroline_Criado_Perez_New_York_Abrams_Press_2019_ISBN_978-1-4197-2907-2_hardcover
Material Girls: Why Reality Matters For Feminism pdf https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KdUVEURManE1a3CxvKlTi47P5SdAlhRx
unique health risks faced by prostituted women https://ellyarrow.wordpress.com/2021/11/06/disproportionate-and-unique-health-risks-for-women-in-prostitution/
how the internet contributes to sexism
women are disproportionately targeted for harassment and SA in science related fields https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0102172
video: women have more graduate degrees in neuroscience than men, but occupy less than third of the faculty

porn and prostitution
The harms of pornography exposure among children and young people https://mega.nz/file/ftIAGL7b#iX4XJP62c3f3YQlex8OH5tZXzKBE_9XdZVNt-DHR02w
Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography Videos: A Content Analysis Update https://mega.nz/file/uwBmlJhR#2TtqjsopBRlhpJ1QFb5ZEgul8Shz_NK0Yf_75ONw94c
The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality, and Relationships (2007/2008), http://www.antipornography.org/Price_of_Pleasure_doc.html
arguments against prostitution https://psyche.co/ideas/the-reality-of-prostitution-is-not-complex-it-is-simple
porn being exploitative masterpost (ik tumblr isn't the best source but it compiles a lot of legit data) https://anti-porn-unicorn.tumblr.com/post/190274236112/masterpost-of-anti-porn-masterposts
impacts of internet pornography on adolescents https://mega.nz/file/WkIGVTZD#AHFqZIRBjtBVn5oxf4-sbqiw3_O1Rxl-M638S6DLfjs
ex-porn star testimonies https://archive.ph/Qul8a
anti-porn article and video compilation https://compilation.carrd.co/

trans issues
Why does gender dysphoria get worse when you realize you're 'trans'? https://elizamondegreen.substack.com/p/why-does-gender-dysphoria-get-worse
Sex changes are not effective, say researchers https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2004/jul/30/health.mentalhealth
Forgotten lives: Trans older adults living with dementia https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1363460719876835
Effects of long-term high dose testosterone administration on vaginal epithelium structure and estrogen receptor-α and -β expression of young women - International Journal of Impotence Research https://www.nature.com/articles/ijir20139
trans-identified males are more politically conservative than heterosexual males https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13178-019-00393-1
the 41% suicide rate is not accurate
https://4thwavenow.com/2015/08/03/the-41-trans-suicide-rate-a-tale-of-flawed-data-and-lazy-journalists/ nor is the "short trans life expectency" https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2019/09/23/41471629/is-the-life-expectancy-of-trans-women-in-the-us-just-35-no
most children with gender dysphoria will not remain dysphoric after puberty https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2008-16960-009

general resources and basic information
basic introduction to radical feminism/outline to principles https://web.archive.org/web/20220417004814/https://transgender-harms-women.tumblr.com/post/142383796554/discover-radical-feminism
radfem lesbian podcast (talks about lesbian issues primarily) https://open.spotify.com/show/6GlScRsU50hrpFc0vjOBPt
VERY cohesive radfem sources and arguments google doc https://web.archive.org/web/20201112190737/https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1-i6zYkIbnHqljJ6kw0aIlJu3qX_fsRSl6GOgnB1knbQ/mobilebasic

No. 6839

Nonnie I could kiss you ♥

No. 6884

Thank you! I’ve been needing to read these

No. 6916

I just learned about the infradian cycle and how it effects women. Unlike men, we have two time keepers, the circadian rhythm and our 28-day menstrual cycle, which is called the infradian rhythm. A lot of diets and exercise routines are modeled after men's only rhythm, the circadian, which don't help us at all because our metabolism shifts and changes throughout the phases of our cycles. The same day to day routine that work for men simply don't apply to women and don't help to optimize our health. I'm still learning about this but I find it fascinating. I always noticed how I'm much less hungry after my period vs the couple weeks before. Food cravings and diets are just a small part of it. I'm convinced the way our society is so completely structured after the male that our biggest help to combating sexism is learning as much about our bodies as we can. I feel like if we incorporate how our cycle effects us, we can fight for a system that respects and follows the habits that our best suited for us instead of trying to force ourselves to live in a system made for men. Anyways, it's just one piece of the puzzle and probably needs more research but I do think it's good to know.

No. 6920

File: 1670456381833.jpg (357.42 KB, 500x535, eMOYeSB.jpg)

>I'm convinced the way our society is so completely structured after the male that our biggest help to combating sexism is learning as much about our bodies as we can.

AYRT here. Yes, I totally agree!! That's why I want to work on this idea. Thank you for sharing this, I'll make sure it gets into the document I'm working on; I want to make sure it's thorough and has links to scientific articles/studies to back it all up.

It also reminded me that many women have insomnia before their periods/ovulation due to the hormonal shifts, although I'm still not sure what the best treatment for this issue is because I've yet to find something that works for me.

Maybe I should make a thread for this so we can keep it all in one place? (I've never made a thread before and I'm afraid to try but I'm willing to do it if there's any interest at all.)

No. 6921

thanks nona that sounds interesting, i will try and find some more on this. it made me think of how the recent intermittent fasting craze, touted by male influencers, turned out to make a lot of women's periods go haywire. i constantly notice how society is designed for male bodies over female. the fact they've only just started using female-focused crash test dummies this year is a perfect example. medical research has always been conducted with men as the basis for clinical studies and women's reproductive health is chronically underfunded, misunderstood and ignored. educating ourselves on this as much as possible is a self-directed feminist act.

No. 6948

wow, i had no idea that was even a thing. it's insane how little women know about our own biology. i've definitely noticed that depending on whether or not i've had my period yet i have an easier time losing weight or i feel less hungry.
if you made a thread i would definitely be interested!

No. 6951

Yeah, I'm definitely interested too. I'd like to keep posting interesting discoveries about women's health, but I don't think this is the right thread for it.

No. 6981

I'm off for Xmas break this week so I'll try and get a thread together so I can stop shitting this one up.
Thank you for the interest!

No. 6991

If we make a thread I can post nervous system studies! We have inverse pain responses and the largest nervous system in the human body.

No. 13867

Does anyone have any recommendations for my 17yo niece who's never been exposed to anything outside of mainstream libfem ideas? I wanted something that was critical of porn and sex work but would be palatable to someone brand new to that. Please help me before she's off to college and it's too late

No. 14182

Maybe show her some tiktoks with anti porn/anti OF sentiments? There’s a genre of “TIRF” on tiktok who endorse palatable radfem-lite ideas, placating trannies included. If your niece’s entire political consciousness was developed by hit tweets and kpop gifs then handing her books written by angry old ladies might have the opposite effects.

No. 19752

File: 1694178477385.jpg (76.4 KB, 650x433, image05.jpg)

forgive the necro but I wasn't sure of the best place to post this. I've been a radical feminist for years now and recently got back in touch with a woman I was close with circa 2016. she's still, to my dismay, a complete gendie and recently "came out" as trans. she knows I'm RF and is surprisingly is open to learning more about the ideology. I told her I'd make her a little list of resources but it's been a week and my brain is refusing to cooperate (pms I think) despite the fact that I used to be quite the theory nerd and discovered RF thru Marxist feminist spaces (she is currently in her Marxism phase). seeing as how I'm not on places like fb or Twitter I've come here to beg u nonas for suggestions. I'm also very eager to peak her but have no experience doing so, let alone even being friends with gender-likers. obvious names that come to mind are Kollontai, Dworkin, Firestone and MacKinnon, but I'm struggling with actual pieces by them to suggest. she's kinda male identified–are there any notable leftist men who have written on the subject of feminism/sex class/gender criticalism? I guess I'm also worried that I'll scare her off it entirely bc we all know how touchy TRAs can be about things they think are ~transphobic~. apologies in advance for my rambling. accepting any and all suggestions, please halp me

No. 19753

Firestone's major work was 'The Dialectic of Sex', which tries applying socialist theory to women's issues. I'd tell her to ignore the Freudianism in it (it's from the 60s after all). Firestone is an engaging writer and she brings up issues of hetero-coupling quite accurately for a non-separatist het woman.

One modern book that's not radical but may be important is "Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience that Shatters the Myth of the Female Brain." Many of the more scientifically minded trans activists try to explain cross-gender identity through brain sex, which should be a falsifiable notion. Learning about the significant methodological struggles in studying "brain sex" should put a serious dent in any theory of "female brains in male bodies" and vice versa.

If she's open to books that are more explicitly critical of gender identity and self-id, I recommend "On the Meaning of Sex: Thoughts about the New Definition of Woman." It's quite new and it comes from a Swedish perspective, not an American or UK one. The author doesn't do the cringy ovarit thing of talking about "cocks in frocks" or "men who put a bit of lippie one" and instead takes a mostly neutral, detached tone throughout. She is a Swedish feminist, so she is not famous in the English-speaking world and your friend won't have any knee-jerk reactions to her (compared to books by Helen Joyce or Kathleen Stock).

No. 19754


Double post, but you mention she's "male-identified." One way to neatly bring up that male violence is an issue that predates culture is pointing out how common male violence is not just across the world, but across primates. Evolutionary biologists Richard Wrangham and some other dude wrote "Demonic Males" about how male Great apes are violent not only against other male apes, but against female apes too. Richard Wrangham seems to be against violence against women but he's not a feminist. There's also "The Bonobo Sisterhood," about the importance of female solidarity in the face of male violence.

You should think of a particular issue you want to talk to her about. "Gender identity isn't real and is making it harder for us to talk about sex" is going to be a hard sell for most people because we've had years, of propaganda telling us that trans people are the gender they say they are and that it is equivalent to a hate crime to bring up their sex in any meaningful way outside of their transition needs. Women are especially likely to relate to people they're told are vulnerable victims of male violence, and the "trans women are the most vulnerable population on the planet" meme has been extremely effective in convincing women that they need to go mama bear on anyone who MTFs feel bad.

The pillars of the critique of institutionalizing "self-reported gender identity" are as follows. You should focus on getting her to internalize these pillars before moving to a more direct criticism:

1. It is not just culture that affects sexed beings, but our bodies. There is an unequal burden of reproduction such that one half of the population can walk away and another is tied down for at least several years. Recommended reading: "Ejaculate Responsibly." Short, no-nonsense book on why treating women as responsible for reproduction is unfair and impractical. For other aspects on how female embodiment affects women, try "Period. End of Sentence.: A New Chapter in the Fight for Menstrual Justice", another short book on how period shame causes millions of girls to miss out on education, work, and power. Finally, there is the difference in physical strength between men and women. I can't think of any books that address this, so you may have to do some searching yourself, but a lot of gendies are in denial about the fact that women are not as strong as men, and believe mentioning this is anti-feminist somehow.

2. Gender identity is unfalsifiable and therefore not a reliable indicator of sexism. It often has elements of gender role wrapped up in it. There are plenty of feminist critiques of gender role. Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" is a classic for a reason, as it's one of the first to make the distinction between "woman" (adult human female) and "woman" (socialized feminine female). There is a new translation out that restores some of the original text, but unfortunately none of the translations are great. It's also long as hell. I'd also recommend just… philosophy of science? A stunning number of people, including people in fucking STEM, have no notion of statistics or philosophy of science or epistemology, so they don't understand why it matters that gender identity be a definable and falsifiable concept, and why the studies supporting things like puberty blockers and brain sex (see Gina Rippon book) have methodological problems. Jesse Singal's articles on issues with the methodology of pro-puberty blocker publications are IMO a must-read (https://jessesingal.substack.com/p/researchers-found-puberty-blockers).

3. Prioritizing "gender identity" over sex obscures issues mentioned in (1), and because it is unfalsifiable with no coherent scientific definition (2), it does not actually give us useful information without further breakdown by age and, if it includes transgender people, age and extent of transition. "The meaning of sex: on the new definition of woman" points this out neatly.

You really don't need to get into the weeds on things like autogynephilia or intersex conditions. That stuff just scares people off and confuses them. The point that organizing by sex is important and that replacing sex with the fuzzy notion of gender identity makes it harder, if not impossible, to organize, is enough. There are gendies out there who basically believe the same thing, just using their own language of AFAB/AMAB. Do not focus on "converting" her to radical feminism. Focus on making the most coherent, logically consistent argument you can for a single point.

No. 19980

Apologies for asking to be spoonfed here, but does anyone have proof academia in general is pushing for trannies/sexual revolution in general or have done so in the past in the West? I'm merely asking for an argument I'm having, thanks. I have a friend who tried telling me it wasn't academics at fault for spreading it, but I highly digress.

No. 20022

Thank you so much for this compilation, nonnie! My mom told me that my aunt is interested in having a very long talk with me about trannies. I'm thinking of making a PowerPoint presentation to give structure to my explanations. Your resources will help me a lot, for example, the 41% statistic debunk which is the core of tranny extremism ("if you don't validate trans identities you're literally driving them to suicide therefore you're evil and impossible to reason with and must be eliminated"). This is something very important that normal people should be aware of.

Here's a list of the points I want to discuss, all related to the logic behind gender theory, the psychology of trans people and the current wave of trannyism:
>Basic concept introduction: sex, sexuality and "gender"
>Differences between gay and trans
>Co-option of "intersex"
>Gender roles & why transgenderism depends on it to exist
>The validity of "third genders"
>Women's sports & other competitions and achievements
>Types of TIMs (autogynephiles and homosexuals) & common profiles (weeb incel, middle-aged military scrote, effeminate gay male, etc.)
>Differences between TIMs & TIFs (age range, causes, effects, behavior)
>Effects of porn in both male and female trannies
>Femboys, "sissification"
>Straight married males trooning out & effects on their marriage/relationship, wife/girlfriend and kids
>Yuri, Yaoi & pedo shit in anime and cartoons
>TIF otherkin, "systems" & faking mental illnesses
>Suicide statistics pre- and post-transition
>Trans lies/misinformation about transgenderism & "care" (gendered brain, suicides, puberty blockers, etc.)
>Trans agenda being pushed secretly in Third World countries (including my own)
>The people behind the trans agenda & trans orgs (pedo males with fetishes)
>The role of academia, Tumblr and liberal female social justice activism in early social spread
>Transition effects on body & health
>TIMs often being sex offenders or highly inappropriate
>Victimization, martyrism, entitlement, extremism, etc. (general troon behavior)
>Lack of regulations in therapy & "trans care"
>TIFs getting mastectomies without knowing it can't be reverted
>Censorship, health workers getting fired for not playing along & social pressure to agree
>Conflation of being gender-critical with conservatism, fascism & naziism
>Conflation of transgenderism with social progress
>Public backlash & institutions backpedaling in some countries
>Male invasion of all female-only spaces (prisons, shelters, bathrooms, etc.)
>Ever-changing, baseless arguments, demands & "evidence" (e.g. from "transsexual" to "transgender" to simply "trans"; from "extremely rare mental illness" to "extremely rare brain in the wrong body" to "anyone can be trans"…)
>Capitalism & transgenderism
>Obsession with prostitution/"sex positivism" (TIMs), objectifying women (TIMs), seeing them as inferior, etc.
>Internalized misogyny (TIFs) and misogyny (TIMs)
>Incel to troon pipeline (self-admitted incels, ex-nazis and porn addicts)
>Autism & transgenderism
>Transgenderism as gay conversion therapy & internalized homophobia
>"Trans genocide"
>Fetishes that are comorbid with autogynephilia (pedophilia, zoophilia, sadomasochism, weird dA-tier fetishes, etc.)
>"Trans femboys" (TIFs)
>The internet's role
>Transgenderism as a social contagion (+comparison to anorexia)
>Anorexic TIFs
>Drag queens being pushed as child-friendly
>"What is a woman?"
>Postmodernism & gender theory in academia and modern psychology
>Trans infighting (TIMs vs. TIFs)
>Male "lesbians" and female "faggots" (coercion on actual lesbians and rejection by actual gay men, respectively)
>Trans violence and threats against women
>Pro-TIM bias
>Appropriation of unrelated reasonable ideas to support transgenderism (e.g. Simone de Beauvoir's "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman" taken literally to argue that males can be women)
>"Anyone can be trans (even babies)"
>Language policing & female erasure
>De-transitioners & desistors
Any other topics you think I should cover?

I can't promise I'll finish the presentation, but I was hoping to find some sources here that would support or serve as convincing examples of all of the above, along with some pictures to aid in peaking (the pics are easy to get, there are infinite examples in the TIM and TIF threads). If I don't finish it I hope this post will inspire someone else to make a mega-compilation, video or presentation of their own that encompasses all of these topics and not just a few.

>Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience that Shatters the Myth of the Female Brain
Well, an anon already talked about it itt >>5274
>There was a book that came out called The Gendered Brain by Gina Rippon, purporting that there aren't any differences between female and male brains. This was seemingly done with good intentions in the sense that she wanted to break down stereotypes that girls are inherently born loving Barbie or whatever, which is indeed false, however she chose very biased studies which actually hurt her aim. It ignores the fact that women and men's brains are inherently different which has vast repercussions surrounding physical and mental health.

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