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gender critical and female politics
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No. 5017

This is a support thread for trans widow anons, or anons who dated an abuser who trooned out to either avoid accountability or trap someone.
Treat this thread like you would the vent thread; don’t snark at other anons for not seeing red flags, staying in a relationship past its expiration, etc.
We love you and you are not alone.

No. 6458

File: 1661508141733.gif (2.62 MB, 338x600, 1593663867570.gif)

Surprised no one is replying to this. My ex abused me for about 3 years. During those 3 years he opened up to me about homosexual interactions he had when he was a child. Everyone was aware of him beating me, yet didn't really care or do anything to stop it. He ended up trooning out and found a new identity. I noticed it on facebook and told a few people that was him lmao. I love the irony that a man who beats on his parnter wants to be a woman. I'd love to talk to anyone who has gone through this as well if you're willing!

No. 6459

I dated an aiden for a while and defended her to my parents (which strained our relationship for a long time) and wasted 5 years being together. We were both in high school. She was a narcissist with a multitude of other issues from an abusive home and made our relationship awful. I won’t say I wasn’t perfect either but it drained and ruined me so bad. She did not like that I was a ‘cis’ woman, wanted me to have a dick and fuck her, did not like that I was feminine at all. I almost trooned out until I needed up breaking up with her for the final time and liking a moid lol. She is on T and still wants to be an TIF to this day and is dating another woman again.

No. 6546

i was groomed at 13/14 by a TIF who was a couple years older than me. constant guilt tripping and blaming me for her impending suicide. i was 15 years old playing personal suicide hotline for a grown 19 year old woman. i remember one morning she woke up and texted me saying “im going to kill myself today and it’ll be your fault” and a fountain of heart emojis. i hope that obese cow is dead in a ditch somewhere, i remember her conservatard parents disowned her for being an ugly fat tranny. i was also retarded for staying so long and allowing myself to get groomed.

No. 6548

You’re not stupid. You were a teenager who didn’t know better. Predators pick their prey. That’s why their predators. I’m sorry anon. I hope things are better now and fuck then.

No. 6550

File: 1663786292460.jpeg (31.42 KB, 554x554, CFE2959B-E4C4-463E-8019-FC38DF…)

thank you anon! its very kind of you to say, it was genuinely quite a bad time in my life and i wasted a lot of time in this but i like to think it has hardened me, for better or for worse

No. 6557

You’re welcome anon and I hope things in the future are much better for you. Don’t beat yourself up over the past.

No. 6558

I was with my boyfriend for 5 years and he trooned. He was a psychotic maladapted narcissist.
>became more and more mentally abusive, would not call me his girlfriend for the first 6 months
>would kick me out constantly and beg me to come back
>forced me to engage with his demented fetishes like pegging and chastity
>literally starts to skinwalk me with the way I dress and my interests
>has 0 hobbies, not even moid video games. Just watches youtube and browses trans shit on reddit and tiktok
>gets laser hair removal on everything except hair and eyebrows
>always confrontational (like all men) playing devils advocate and always saying shit just for the sake of upsetting me
>starts taking hormones and dressing in women's clothes fulltime. Looks ghastly
>I ran away
>he doesn't do anything except rot in his house and play out his fetish now
>I've never been happier

This isn't even scratching the surface, the amount of mental torture and abuse he has put me through is unreal and I am so much happier since I've left. His behavior is what peaked me. Reddit screenshots and TIM threads on here and the other farms came later. Nothing is as blackpilling as real life.

No. 6618

I was in a 2 year relationship with a guy who trooned and furried out 1 year in. I was in a bad situation regarding my home life when I met him so I fled to him because he was jobless and gave me attention I craved.
Even the first year dating him sucked. He drugged me, I had a bad trip from that. I'm still recovering from that to this day almost a decade later. I we probably only had PIV sex like 4 times, he came within 10 seconds each time. His best friend was a lesbian who turned into an Aiden, which is where he got his influence from. The coming months he was attached to Tumblr, following the posts of this one furry troon with a purple dragon as his persona. One day we were spending the night at his parents house and he told me he dreamt he was a sexy dragon lady. A few months in, we move into an apartment together with mostly Aidens and two gay men. A few weeks after that, he decides to buy fake tits. His Aiden BFF started throwing away her old clothing and he showed up with a shit ton of women's clothes. The thing was the fucking skirts. All of them tight and long and had stripes on them. He dressed like a typical troon would, anything to hide his man legs.
There was a time I thought I should get into makeup, and I couldn't even have my own products. I left the apartment for a few weeks to attend intensive therapy and I came back to him wearing my clothes and my makeup rummaged through. It felt so unsanitary. Also, while I was in therapy, he asked if we could open up our relationship because he wouldn't be able to see me often and I don't remember his reason, but I think he wanted to fuck other troons. He did none of that, I remember when I came back home and seeing a condom on the floor. I asked if he saw anyone, he said no, it was because he used the dildo he bought me.
One thing he did do while I was gone though, was hang out with my best friend, watch movies, get her drunk, and sexually assault her. I remember her texting me what happened because she felt bad and I said it was no big deal because our relationship was open. I should have known better. I really wasn't in the right state of mind.
I put up with this guy for about 2 more months until he said we needed to break up because I ended up hating everyone he was friends with because they did drugs. I told him I had a bad trip before, his response was it wasn't possible because he talked to someone. I did hate his friends, they wouldn't shut up about their constant use.
On my move out date, he was there demanding I show him each article of clothing I had so he could say which ones he wanted to keep. I lost quite a bit, but it's better than keeping it for good.
Now that he's out of my life, I still struggle recalling those times. One or two times in the year, I'll check on him to see if he's done anything bold, and most I can tell is he went to the beach with a pretty active cow who fled the state and trooned out to escape pedophilia charges as a school teacher.
Did I learn anything about this relationship? Lots.

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