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gender critical and female politics
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No. 4535

For things that doesnt necessarily necessarily have to do with troons being milky so they don't belong in /snow/ but still are worth to/we want to talk.

(Aka, the mtf thread get derailed way to much lately so dump the sperging about gays and bis here)

No. 4539

Why is it called GBT discussion? What about the L?

No. 4543

Because it's for sperging about everyone else ig

No. 4544

Because there is already a lesbian thread in /ot/ who covers all the bases and this is more about criticize the current state of the """"""""queer""""" community who doesnt give a shit about lesbians anyways.

No. 4545

I bite the bullet and i start the sperging here: if it was for male homosexuals, we would still live in an AIDS-crisis climate. That is why i don't worry about anything they say, point blank. I undestand the angle of "misogyny is misogyny and it doesnt matter from where it comes" but again, i just i can't. The fact that they debate so much if liking dick makes them faggots and that so many fags in denial exist in the west or not tells me everything i need about the Absolute State of male homosexuality. Bunch of failmales trying to mirror "chads" (who is a very homoerotic concept after all)

No. 4547

I wish female celebrities never let a gay male touch their face.

No. 4549

Oh, and styling. I just don't want them touching us at all.

No. 4552

same. i die inside everytime i see a woman in drag makeup and that dumb wavy dead from spray hair.

No. 4553

Drag is so unapelling it literally doesn't look good on anyone. I can't believe is one of the biggest aesthetics for zoomers.

No. 4554

I believe men that cultivate androphilic feelings are more dangerous than their straight counterparts, cause women are much more irrelevant to their lives, and men are much more put on a pedestal

No. 4555

more dangerous how? like violent?

No. 4557

Can't be anymore dangerous than handmaidens with the eagerness to throw predators into womens spaces tbh

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