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File: 1648025523613.jpg (88.53 KB, 976x549, p06b69vl.jpg)

No. 4405

ITT: female figures that you looked up to or were inspired by, but turned out they were either pick-me's or betrayed their ideals for one reason or another

No. 4406

File: 1648026114630.png (374.9 KB, 800x571, fridaanddiego-800x571.png)

Learning how much a pick-me Frida Khalo really was disheartening, especially for the literal ogre she married and the fact was the one she who perused him
plus her other behaviors such as appropriating ingenious Mexican culture, despite having mostly German ancestary and making shit up about her life to impress others

No. 4407

Great choice, nona. I feel the same about her. The fact she lied about her dad being Jewish when he actually was a basic Lutheran German is just hilarious. Also I'm so tired of her art it's so overrated.

No. 4409

File: 1648033399643.jpg (682.86 KB, 1640x2163, frida_kahlo_paintings_xl_gb_3d…)

tbh I can see the appeal, depicting women in their natural state rather then some male filtered gaze was based imo

No. 4410

File: 1648067913823.png (448.82 KB, 564x780, Simone_de_Beauvoir2.png)

pedo advocate

No. 4414

File: 1648092281022.jpg (Spoiler Image,645.16 KB, 769x711, Frida.jpg)

I still feel for her though, she suffered constant physical pain her entire life. One of the bars from her trolley accident went from her left hip to her uterus. she also really wanted children but wasn't able to cause her body was so messed up, in a time where abortion was illegal for most women, she was was forced to get them by the state, due to her pelvis not being where it should be, so her and the baby would have died
I can feel the pain in her art, I have suffered from a miscarriage well and I know what its like to lose a child, especially when you wanted one

No. 4416

Yep this one sucked, one of the great pioneers of feminism and yet she was also a groomer.

No. 4421

This one pissed me off so much. I brought up a few years ago that she was a pedo in a radfem group and people basically told me it didn't matter, which only pissed me off more.

No. 4429

what did she do ?

No. 4485

File: 1648695466810.jpg (124.73 KB, 500x700, Germaine-Greer-1.jpg)

For saying that the celeb women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein were 'career rapees' just because he made them sign NDAs in the past.

No. 4486

don't forget defending FGM and compared it to girls in the west getting piercings, like that's an equivalnet somehow

No. 4488

What?! I'm not saying I don't believe you nonnie but I would like to see where she said this. That is quite outrageous for someone so renowned for her contributions to feminism.

No. 4489

>While Ms. Greer noisily assails the Western establishment for forcing women to conform to stereotyped standards of beauty, she denounces Western efforts to stamp out female genital mutilation in Africa as "an attack on cultural identity." Although she admits that genital mutilation "represents a significant health risk," she argues that "it must also be a procedure with considerable cultural value because it has survived 50 years of criminalization and concerted propaganda campaigns." Although the brutal procedure is frequently performed on girls who have no say in the matter, Ms. Greer writes that "we should be considering the possibility that F.G.M. acts in a similar way" to tattooing and body piercing "to assert the individual woman's control over her genitals and to customize them to her specification."


No. 4490

Bless you nonnie. Germaine Greer is fucked in the head. She sounds like a typical libfem storming in to silence any criticism of Islam bc 'muh cultural differences'.

No. 4491

Jesus fucking christ, I thought maybe it would've been about the kind where they just remove the clitoral hood (basically the equivalent of the foreskin) or something idk not that
I really don't get the defense of harming people because "it's their culture"

No. 4492

I don't think she's a libfem, there are actually tons of people like her out there, they walk among you. I have a relative who is this kind of crazy. Like, functional enough that nobody who has to deal with her in a limited way realizes it, but she is a total lunatic underneath it. She builds her entire worldview around personal grudges and such, and it escalates to some really bizarre beliefs that she will always hold onto out of spite

No. 4524

this is disgusting and the same women who scream at islam critique because they force women to cover up and want to marry children if they could. Not all culture should be preserved.

No. 4527

This reminds me of a conversation I saw on Twitter a very long time ago between two women who were discussing about a culture (I cannot remember which one it was at all) that still saw the period as taboo and considered "unholy". One was talking about how fucking weird it is that they have still that mindset and of course here comes some brainwashed fanart pfp defending it. It was under a video where women went to a temple to ask for forgiveness or something along those lines.

No. 4528

Correcting myself: Not temples but little statues on stairs that go up. There's a lot of greenery around.

No. 4550

She was known to date her fem students

No. 4556

And also grooming them for Sartre. Of course she was madly in love with him when he never stopped fucking other women.

No. 4576

I think I know the incident your talking about, It was about a european woman who went on a trip to a Hindu temple in Bali and was kicked out cause she was mesntruating

No. 4578

My muslim coworker told me she's not allowed to enter a temple on her period. Bro, i think you need to give a thought as to why islam is a garbage religion that treats women like objects and baby dispensers.

No. 4579

women aren't allowed to enter mosques at all, with or without periods, we have to pray at home, Muslim woman's own faith forbids them from being in our house of worship
the argument is that women will distract men from their worship

No. 4582

I thought there were seperate rooms for men and women at mosques.

No. 4583

sure If you live in Europe, but not the case with most Muslim countries

No. 4588

File: 1649190005553.jpg (100.58 KB, 900x600, PEOPLE_ALICE_WALKER_5498956.jp…)

Thought alice walker was based, turns out she's a huge anti-semite who believes jews are responsible for majority of the world's problems(including capitalism, racism and treatment of women), also was a horrible mother to her half jewish duaghter and was salty about the fact that her daughter proffered living with her jewish father, step-mother and half siblings, over alice's group of degenerate hippies in san francisco

No. 4589

Yes! I remembered it incorrectly.

No. 4619

How did they know she was menstruating?
I'm orthodox christian and I've heard this shit about not entering the church being a thing here too but idc and it's not like I go to the church oftenly.

No. 4627

I looked this up and the reasoning in this article really pisses me off: http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/menses.aspx
>tl;dr menstruation counts as a 'bodily emission' that makes you unfit to receive the eucharist because it's a reminder of humanity's "fallen state" aka it's all Eve's fault
>male author asks "I wonder what woman would actually want to commune on her period?"

To stay somewhat on topic, I really used to look up to the hardcore church ladies and female saints as an impressionable kid but now it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 4629

NTA What countries? Cause I live in one and we do have smaller areas dedicated to women. Women aren't required to pray in mosques but it's actually encouraged here. They aren't allowed in the males areas, while menstruating or while not wearing a hijab

No. 4692

If she hates Jews so much why did she reproduce with one?

No. 4698

>having mostly German ancestary and making shit up about her life to impress others

wasn't her mother mexican though? also please share more about her making shit up about her life.

No. 4704

her anti-semitism came afterwards, apparently she was furious that her daughter preferred living with her jewsih father, step-mother and half siblings over the chaotic life in queer san-francisco
her mother was a mestizo, but was entirely of european ancestry and her only indigenous-descended relative was her maternal grandfather and she changed what tribe she belonged to numerous times, pretending to be either Zapotec or Oaxacan
her other lies include, ling about her date of birth to the exact date as Mexican Revolution
used to tell people her father was Jewish and a communist as well

No. 4770

Maybe this isn't the right thread because she isn't a famous figure, but she was a woman in an authority position I should've been able to trust. On the tail end of my abusive relationship I worked with a female therapist. I knew my ex's behavior was wrong, I knew I needed to leave, but I was struggling with basically my entire life's worth of conditioning and trying not to feel worthless or defective for leaving. I remember describing all the terrible shit my ex did and repeatedly asking my therapist, "But this was abusive of him right? He is a cruel person right? I'm not crazy, right?" Because I was being gaslit left and right by him. And this woman would just defer and feed me lines like, "It's good to acknowledge he hurt you, but what's most important is to determine what you think about these things and how you want to proceed…" Yes well, I'm trying to do that with the help of your third party, objective advice, but you're giving me nothing lady. I literally just wanted to hear, "Yes, he is an abusive piece of shit and you are totally in the right to leave. You should've done so years ago, but good on you for developing some self worth. Now dump the asshole." I know therapists are urged not to inject their own opinions into therapy but holy fuck, counseling has become a meme at this point where you can't even call a spade a spade. I'm sure she could've communicated the same thing in more therapist-approved language, but she refused to acknowledge the type of person he was at all. I was literally looking for anyone to validate me because I was too embarassed to talk about it with friends and family. It was textbook isolation and I felt just as confused and alone after wasting my money on her. I know some therapists out there are better but it really goes to show not all of them are going to do much of anything for you. I'm glad I managed to figure things out for myself before it was too late, because the situation ended up escalating and I could've avoided the whole thing had I gotten real support beforehand. It felt akin to repeatedly telling someone to throw you a rope in a whirlpool and they keep asking you, "Ah so you say you need a rope? But why do you think you feel that way?" Maybe help save my fucking life first then we can talk about reasons all you want.

No. 4772

I’m not trying to invalidate you, but therapists really aren’t supposed to do that and validate you. A lot of people in therapy are unreliable narrators they only tell partial stories. It’s sucks but what she was doing was having you by pass him and focus on you. Which is important but sounds like her word choice doesn’t mesh with you. Therapy isn’t about telling you a specific diagnosis or labeling things as abusive. It’s learning to cope with your emotions and thoughts in a healthy way to handle the bad and have good boundaries. That happens by focusing on you not him, and legally she can’t diagnosis him. He’s not the patient. Doing that can lose her license.

No. 4777

That’s all fair to say, I think in the end I just realized therapy was not for me and having experienced it firsthand I can see how it fails many women in similar positions by refusing to provide an objective measure of what abuse is. I had been alone in my head dealing with my ex’s bullshit for years. I needed a guiding hand out of the maze, not a pat on the back and a “good luck.” What did help was Lundy Bancroft, Ginny NiCarthy, loveisrespect.org and other resources specifically on abuse and how to break the cycle and conditioning. I believe therapists are required to report when someone is a danger to themselves. Well, I was in danger by choosing to stay. Even if she wasn’t allowed to trust my word, it would have been nice to hear “I do believe it’s possible you’re being abused, here are some resources that might clarify/contact information for a shelter that specializes in this who can help you figure that out” instead of telling me to think about it based on my own skewed perspective some more.

No. 4806

I agree. I don’t think therapy is set up well to help women in situations like yours or mine from the past.
On a side note have you read the book by Nicky Marone? It’s another one I like since I recognize all the other titles you posted.

No. 4807

Outside of legal consideration about the therapist license, I think there is also the issue that many women refuse to acknowledge or even entertain the idea that their relationship is abusive because they have been manipulated by the men and immediately cut out of their life anyone who try to label it as such because they see it as an attack on someone she loves or on her own discernment. When my best friend got into an emotionally abusive relationship, I had to do lot of "He did what? Hmmm, that's not very nice. How did that made you feel (about being in that relationship)?" and not straightforwardly say that she should drop that piece of shit like yesterday, because she would have just stopped talking to me about it and cut another person out of her life.

No. 4817

File: 1650205384381.jpeg (341.96 KB, 635x817, 5c740c65dca17.jpeg)

>Kahlo describing Rivera:

>His wide, dark, and intelligent bulging eyes appear to be barely held in place by his swollen eyelids. They protrude like the eyes of a frog, each separated from the other in a most extraordinary way. They thus seem to enlarge his field of vision beyond that of most persons. It is almost as if they were constructed exclusively for a painter of vast spaces and multitudes. The effect produced by these unusual eyes, situated so far away from each other, encourages one to speculate on the ages-old oriental knowledge contained behind them.

>On rare occasions, an ironic yet tender smile appears on his Buddha-like lips. Seeing him in the nude, one is immediately reminded of a young boy-frog standing on his hind legs. His skin is greenish-white, very like that of an aquatic animal. The only dark parts of his whole body are his hands and face, and that is because they are sunburned. His shoulders are like a child’s, narrow and round. They progress without any visible hint of angles, their tapering rotundity making them seem almost feminine. The arms diminish regularly into small, sensitive hands… It is incredible to think that these hands have been capable of achieving such a prodigious number of paintings. Another wonder is that they can still work as indefatigably as they do.
now the worst part
>Diego’s chest — of it we have to say, that had he landed on an island governed by Sappho, where male invaders were apt to be executed, Diego would never have been in danger. The sensitivity of his marvelous breasts would have insured his welcome, although his masculine virility, specific and strange, would have made him equally desired in the lands of these queens avidly hungering for masculine love.
>His enormous belly, smooth, tightly drawn, and sphere-shaped, is supported by two strong legs which are as beautifully solid as classical columns. They end in feet which point outward at an obtuse angle, as if moulded for a stance wide enough to cover the entire earth.

the amount of cope to justify sleeping with that fat bastard, also look how she depicts herself in her paintings next to him, so small and uwu

No. 4820

I always thought you would have to be a bit of a narcissist to paint yourself that much. Did she ever paint other unconventional women?

No. 4821

File: 1650207224759.jpg (434.65 KB, 2343x1000, fridah.jpg)

she might have painted a version of her potential daughter(though this is a speculation) and she drew her mother once(only in relation to herself) and that's about it

No. 4824

I had a similar experience and can't help but look back on my time in therapy, whilst I was in a painfully abusive relationship and feel pretty let down. I ended up leaving that therapist after I finally got the courage to end my relationship (after it became violent), because I didn't feel I could count on her anymore.

I know it's not their place to tell people how to feel or how to act but some objective input or suggestions on boundaries of what should be acceptable would have really helped me. If anything, I felt like therapy was bending my boundaries of what is normal relationship stuff even further than they should have been, because you can almost justify any behaviour through analysing it enough. And I also hate how abusive relationships are often framed as "making you stronger" or something to learn from. Sometimes you've just got to say "no. fuck this. it's not right and it's not safe"

No. 4837

>have you read the book by Nicky Marone
I have not, but always looking to expand my knowledge. Which title do you recommend, I see a few from her and not sure which one is most related?

>many women refuse to acknowledge or even entertain the idea that their relationship is abusive
That's true, I remember going through that period myself and have since seen several friends and acquaintances experience it. It's hard to break the cultural conditioning that teaches us it's normal to put up with hell for a man and that it's just the supposed nature of a relationship. That being said, by the time I got into therapy I was clearly past that point and identifying abuse on my own. It was still a new and kind of terrifying thing to acknowledge though, and when I got zero affirmation in regards to making those strides, it actually made me doubt myself and set me back when I could've left sooner.

Very sorry to hear you went through something similar. I agree, it's like there's no objectivity in analyzing situations at all.
>you can almost justify any behaviour through analysing it enough
Exactly! I was finally feeling somewhat confident when I got into therapy, thinking I was ready to leave and just needed that last push. Instead of confirmation, therapy made it all the more easy to second guess myself and come up with reasons to justify my ex's behavior rather than listening to the small voice within myself that was fed up.
>abusive relationships are often framed as "making you stronger"
Sometimes they can force you to grow, but the healing happens after you've removed yourself from the situation. It's like people telling someone a broken bone heals stronger than it was before yet your bone is being broken every day with no time to recover.

No. 6048

She has to have been trolling with this shit, kek

No. 7083

File: 1672283476091.png (147.59 KB, 475x475, s.png)

No. 7085

No. 7091

What’s stopping you?
Is the title. It’s written for overcoming indoctrinated female helpliness that society pushes.

No. 7121

both Frida and Diego lied about Jewish heritage and they supported white nationalists within the Mexican gov

No. 7128

Her father wasn't Jewish?

No. 7129

Damn just looked it up that's bizarre

No. 7134

I don't think Frida ever claimed to have Jewish ancestry but people speculated she did, through her German father, he came from a Lutheran family though. Diego did claim to have Sephardic Jewish ancestry and romanticized it with came of really self-hating. Also, Frida was not "mostly German," her mother was a brown Mexican woman.

No. 7140

There is an average and recognized Mexican ethnicity and you know it.

No. 7181

That's not how it works. Do you even know what Indigenous heritage Frida actually had? She never claimed her actual heritage, she just stole culture from Purepechas as her own while supporting white supremacy in Mexico.

No. 7182

>appropriating ingenious Mexican culture, despite having mostly German ancestry

I was surprised to learn how un-Mexican Frieda was considering how she’s basically a goddess to every hipster libfem Burger Latina. Then again I guess that demographic would relate to her more because of it.

No. 7202

idk, all of the hipster libfem burger latinas i've known have been pretty critical of her as an icon

No. 7327

wait weren't they both mexican nationalists and communists, when did they support white nationalists

No. 7334

Good choice. I did some reports and projects on her back in high school, I used to think she was a based feminist icon and loved that she painted her upper lip fuzz. In retrospect I’m also disappointed by how she stayed with that fat gross Diego through his philandering, and she also slept with married men like Trotsky, (whom she flirted with in front of his wife) too.

No. 7336

File: 1672728898451.jpeg (76.88 KB, 680x546, 0FD62808-36E1-4A53-8A65-E3B0FC…)

Obligatory Emma Watson

No. 7338

Why people look up to any celebs as feminist role models is just beyond me, like these people are literal morons

No. 7339

you know there are distinct ethnic groups and cultures within mexico, right? Same with lineage? She was a Purepechas larper, like >>7136 said.

frida was a horrifically disabled and artistically inclined woman, and that's impressive. I will give her that. Her pieces were good, especially in the movement. but she was clearly obsessed with men despite the highly collegiate philosophical circles she ran in, that were also filled with women. I fear that she would love to listen to Red Scare or Cum Town.

No. 7342

>in the eyes of god
Fuck off tradfag.

No. 7349

I don't keep up with celebs so I could be wrong, but didn't she side with Harvey Weinstein, too?

No. 7376

She sounds based and jewpilled

No. 9305

File: 1674263610191.jpg (262.1 KB, 1200x1200, MV5BZTA2YzE1OGUtOTRmZC00NGI2LW…)

Lindsay Ellis. Maybe it's because I wasn't as fluent in English back when I first discovered her and I wasn't used to youtubers speaking in anything above Kardashian-tier vocabulary, but I thought she was so well spoken and smart and had really interesting videos about film and feminism. It's not like I expected her to be a terf, I knew she was friends with that fag contrapoints so I was already disappointed but her anti-JKR video was too much. I don't remember if it was that one or a different video but I remember her giving a specific "fuck you" or something to the women who had apparently dmed her being kinda shocked that she wasn't a radfem because she was so smart. Like, yes, you dumbass. If you make insightful feminist content, smart feminists might get tricked into thinking you're smart and have common sense as well. But again, it wasn't that surprising, she seems like the typical nerdy woman who's only a feminist in theory but bends over backwards irl to please men because her geeky autistic special interests are mostly male-dominated and sometimes you have to choose between your rights and dignity as a woman and sperging about transformers in fandom discord servers full of incels on estrogen, I guess. Also, I'm pretty sure gendies ended up canceling her for some dumb shit like disliking a Disney movie kek. All that bootlicking and handmaidening for nothing.

No. 9309

What I hate most about Lindsay Ellis’ weird JKR sperging is that she’s such a hypocrite about it.

In 2013 she made a video justifying why she wouldn’t join in boycotting the Ender’s Game movie, even though Orson Scott Card had been spewing some pretty viciously homophobic and racist comments at the time. She didn’t suggest he should be erased from cultural memory or that his work was forever tainted by his genuinely fucked up political views. But if you dare spend a penny on any part of the Harry Potter franchise ever again you’re complicit in tranny genocide, and one of the most successful female authors in history should have her legacy utterly obliterated because she has literally one sensible opinion that’s factually correct but currently unpopular.

Making excuses for a terrible moid while psychotically raging against women who speak the truth is peak liberal feminism, isn’t it? The irony here is that OSC, being super religious and far right, definitely holds way more hateful sentiments about troons than you could accuse JKR of, kek.

No. 9331

raging against JKR is fucking stupid but 2013 was 10 years ago. Maybe her opinion on OSC has changed and she would boycott him now. She does deserve criticism for boycotting JKR but but it's unfair to criticise her for defending a moid 10 years ago

No. 9339

Nicola Sturgeon. I feel like such a fool for ever believing her “not like other politicians, so genuine, such a feminist” shtick

No. 9382

That is very optimistic but somehow I doubt it. Somehow shitty male creators always seem to get a free pass for every terrible thing they've ever done while female creators like JKR get picked apart if they don't toe the libfem line. For some ~mysterious~ reason.

No. 9470

I think she's a tradwife now, kek

No. 9475

File: 1674794044896.jpg (173.09 KB, 629x885, 1659899211122.jpg)

kinda sorta, after the the failure of her book series and cancellation I think she's content with just a SAHM, while her engineer husband provides her NEET bucks

No. 9494

I have a complicated relationship with her content and I have a hard time deciding if she's for real or if someone is just ghost writing all her best content. She's had great, eye-opening video essays about feminism in film making, but suddenly spits out garbage takes that are practically elongated Twitter threads. I remember how she went apeshit over some woman disliking Frozen being celebrated as a cornerstone feminist Disney movie and reading her brain damaged response was cringe-inducing, and that was the time I really started wondering about how the fuck her quality can fluctuate so much.

Also, I had no idea she had been cancelled so I had to look it up. Unreal. Imagine being such a diligent handmaiden and sucking up to Hontra and self-flagellating about muh wuhite people to the point of performative pandering, then getting cancelled over something so trivial and having everything just fall apart. I feel bad for her, but can't help but feel a bit of schadenfreude because she supported this kind of a militant one-strike cancel culture herself.

No. 9573

I havent looked into her in years but she seems even more obnoxious. Men in tech are a curse.

No. 9625

AND this sloppy gross frog had the audacity to cheat on her. Wtf makes men overvalue their worth so much? This is why if you decide to date a scrote you should at least pick a cute one to get your time’s worth, albeit scrotes are rarely worth the effort at all

No. 9627

File: 1675259929323.jpg (95.49 KB, 1200x800, Frida-Kahlo-and-Diego-Rivera-b…)

she first met him when he was commissioned to paint a mural for her private school, she was 14 and he was already 35 and had 3 children, she fell in love with him for his artistic ability and his "genius", she later became his student, then secret lover and then eventaully they married, He was 42 and she was 22

No. 9634

Afaik she's still a writer, and she just gave birth recently (or maybe I'm messing up the timeline). I don't think there's a need for her to work with the money she made from youtube/patreon yet anyway.

No. 11030

File: 1677764561611.jpg (31.56 KB, 710x368, FgfYFMBX0AIQF0C.jpg)

Sameera Khan, She's a whole weirdo ass pick me ass bitch, At first her Politics were based AF, Then she started loving war criminals, Supporting Andrew Tate, And, Bashing women any chance she gets on Twitter

No. 11032

I don't half blame women who fall into this after the frustration of trying to make something of themselves just to get canceled for a gobshite reason. Or be underpaid and overworked.
In a society that literally paves the pathway for men to outearn us just because they have dick and balls–I say, let them then.

Just hope she's saving a nest egg from her glory days in case her scrote decides to bail on her down the road, since that seems to be a theme with tech men.
Also, I know it's probably not the case, but that pic gives me hardcore "SAHM allowance" vibes. Many women who are stay at home are often financially abused and their scrotes won't even afford them the ability to buy decent groceries or have nice activities for their kids.
For entertaining scrotes from SpaceX, all I'm saying is that the pic screams cheap. Where the fuck is the bacon and the cheese if you're gonna stage a pic like this???

No. 11038

As a woman who men find unattractive I don't have the luxury to "just let them" walk over all women and take away our cash. No man will ever marry me or provide for me. And even if one of them did why do women have to settle for scraps? Men are failing in every area of life. They are dropping out of college and the workplace because they prefer to just watch porn and play video games all day. Modern men have no motivation to do anything with their lives. You are an idiot if you think you can get a moid to pay for your existence.

No. 11071

Why the fuck do you need anyone to "provide for you" at all?

No. 11083

if we allow men to get all the high paying jobs and push us out of the workplace like the other anon suggested, how else are we going to survive unless we rely on a male? Your question is so retarded and shows you have no reading comprehension. You must be a male too like the other one who said to let men steal our jobs.

No. 11084

she wasn't forced out, she could have continued her medicore book series and youtube channel she couldn't handle the criticism from the wokies and decided to just give up, she happened to have a male parter to provide for her

No. 11105

She always struck me as unbearably pretentious

No. 11264

The sad truth is that the majority of women want to be stay and home girlfirneds and mothers, it's just that they can't afford it

No. 11278

Eugh no. That Putin loving pickme was always horrible

No. 11280

Tbf, I’ll cut her some slack on her being a pickme given the time period she was born and lived in. She seemed genuinely insufferable though.

No. 11300


More women need to build lives with each other, even if they're not lesbians. Building a household with your two female best friends or whatever allows women to build stability without sacrificing ourselves to moids.

No. 11329

it's fucking hilarious when these retards re surprised though, like "what, the person who openly supports imperialistic dictature sexist homophobic hellhole and their asshole president also supports war criminals and rapists? how could this be?? but my communist utopia???"

No. 11330

my support of Putin has more to do with my hatred of the western world then admiration for him

No. 11352

ok pakichan

No. 11868

are you actually braindead or are you a middle schooler? clearly you're literate and not ignorant enough to be here so i can't think of another explanation to this absolutely retarded take. before you start with me no i'm not western either

No. 12061

homewreckers are the biggest pickmes of all time

No. 12065

no offense but the United States is the cause of majority of world problems
Iran wouldn't be ruled by the Mullahs and Afghanistan by the Taliban if it weren't the United States(derailing)

No. 12068

MENAs and Pakis can't ever take responsibility for their own problems. Is this your cultural tradition or what(global rule #7)

No. 12084

cool so that means everyone else gotta get their share of causing shit and pain and suffering to others pie because the evil amerikkka got to do it(derailing)

No. 12091

when did I say that, all I said is that America's retarded "global order" is the cause of insurgency and terrorism in this world, regional powers have to exist for a better and safe world
everyone men, women, children both rich and poor would benefit from this(derailing)

No. 12160

File: 1679605216334.jpg (146.63 KB, 1125x1234, FrllHztXsAQV5QU.jpg)

also I am aware the Putin is a dictator, Saddam and Gaddafi were also dictators, they were tyrants and evil men and tens of thousands of people suffered because of them, but even an Idiot could understand the solution wasn't dropping bombs, destroying their state and forcing a liberal democracy and arrogantly believing it would work, Islam might be a Jackal of a faith but America is the one that unleashes it and is surprised when innocents get bitten(derailing)

No. 13723

File: 1681817421095.png (119.04 KB, 923x457, CAPTURE.png)

It's funny how some people claim Dworkin wouldn't be on the libfem side today. she would totally dismiss women's claims of not wanting Muslim refuges who think they have the legal right to rape kafir women.

No. 13724

I'm not defending muslim moids but that quote does describe a certain kind of conservative argument trying to co-opt feminism by claiming to "protect women" from immigrant scrotes, yet refusing to do anything to a) help immigrant women who want to escape abuse by said scrotes or b) actually adress male violence if the perpetrator is not an immigrant or a muslim.

No. 13730

That plays a part, but it's not like those concerns of immigration come from nowhere, plus she was a fake lesbian.

No. 13744

It's easier to blame brown people for everything, they unfortunately won't address the things brown women and girls go through though, because we're never seen as equals and simply erased out of everything. I've heard white feminists(tbh they're not feminists just use that title) admit they don't care about the things that happen to girls in middle eastern, african or asian countries as long as they live comfortably themselves. Now I'm not telling anyone to help women of color but at least losing this racist mindset would be enough.

No. 13765

Did you get tired of being BTFO'd in your white supremacy feminism thread? She's absolutely right with this quote.

No. 13767

based dworkin is right once again

No. 13788

That anon needs to learn what libfem means.

No. 13805

File: 1681894089402.jpg (6.48 KB, 169x200, 14598714843210.jpg)

for the love of god stop fucking racebaiting nazichan. no one agrees with your retarded takes. I'm not even gonna try and argue with you because you have to be a certain level of willfully ignorant to be as dumb as you.

No. 13808

I think that's sealchan and she's literally mixed herself. There are two race baiters who believe in white supremacy in /2X/, one is sealchan who is like %70 brown and the other is pakichan that's %100 brown. They hate themselves.(racebaiting)

No. 13829

you know it's telling that you label us all under the "brown" category.

No. 13877

Sealchan you literally got exposed for being mixed after your racist posts started annoying everyone. No matter how hard you try you'll never be white.

No. 14005

How do you nonnies feel about JKR? I go back and forth with her, I want to admire her for how much she pisses trannies off and the charity work she's done for women and women's rights, but the links she has to right wingers, prolife people and women abusers makes me side eye her.

No. 14013

Well, she’s a bit up there in age. Which doesn’t always mean conservative or lame views, but I’m used to expecting that of gen x and above. She has addressed this basically by saying she will never denounce a woman just bc of their different political views, but I do think there should be a limit. For me when someone is pro-life or a trad religious loser I nope out fast. I think she is a bit too desperate to feel validated at times.

No. 14014

Yeah, I think she should be more careful with who she interacts with, I'm tired of normies thinking that radical feminism and conservatism are linked because of people like her. I can agree with Matt Walsh that politicians not even daring to define what a woman is, is ridiculous, but I'm also not gonna entertain anything he says or does against TRAs because everything else about his ideology goes against women. They are against us, not with us.

No. 14036

Aubrey Plaza. First I ignored that she was being a pest to her colleagues while filming white lotus S2, now she sells out to big milk with a retard wood-milk commercial.
She's clearly all about money, I was silly to think she was a legit actor, but no, same as Chris Pratt.

No. 14050

could you clarify further, please? being a pest, big milk, wood milk - what?

No. 14072

Anon can you give more info

No. 14073

Check her insta https://www.instagram.com/p/CrQ1TfBvbKZ/

Not related but I'm also bummed out Tilda Swinton is antivaxx

No. 14080

industrial agriculture is a bane but women ingesting (organic, pasture raised, grass fed) animal proteins is not a bad thing.

No. 14095

getting a mad at a celebrity for a commercial is such a non-issue.

No. 14105

It's so weird, just goes to show how gc and radfemiminism has become a shitty reactionary rw movement .

No. 14107

getting man that someone you respect is getting involved in a scam that will damage their and others health is now "rw reactionary"

No. 14115

Not really. I don’t drink dairy but I couldn’t care less about the ad. Don’t conflate one unsaged person’s opinion with all of us. I guarantee most people on this website don’t gaf about milk. Also, you think rw people care about this shit? The people who are super vocal against veganism? They probably cheer at the commercial for being based

No. 14121

>most people on this website don’t gaf about milk
anon….. kek

No. 14124

File: 1682391376419.jpeg (56.16 KB, 1082x693, IMG_0559.jpeg)

I walked into that one kek

No. 14125

File: 1682403235730.jpg (211.76 KB, 1170x1227, FuIuL8pWYAUkrCP.jpg)

this is dworkin also

No. 14126

kek she's still half right, especially the last sentence before the cut off. She recognizes the issue is society's strict gender roles, but is for surgical fixes to a problem of current society, which is disagreeable. But ends with saying when society is fixed it won't be an issue, true again.
The reason feminism gets nowhere is women are quick and ruthless in cutting out all feminist thinkers from the past that don't 100% line up with their modern views (so… all of them). Imagine if men did this about their philosophers. It's self-defeating and illogical to wait for the perfect thinker, and to expect that the perfect thinker will be born in an environment that actively buries all previously gained knowledge in the name of purging impurity in ideology.

No. 14127

File: 1682409125020.jpg (127.71 KB, 1170x666, FuIuL8nXoAEbS.jpg)

what about this?

No. 14136

I fully believe that if Dworkin were born later she'd just be some weirdo on tumblr posting dumbass shit like this in between bouts of e-begging for her totally fem-brained bf to get HRT/surgery. In fact I'm pretty sure she'd have her own thread on /snow/, kek.

No. 14138

I hate Dworkin and the few good takes she had are not enough to overlook bs like picrel. The other anon is right, she would be a lolcow.

No. 14148

You're right, Dworkin is worthless. I'm sure one day we will find the Perfect Feminist. Until then, to be safe, let's discount all feminist ideas from women who have ever had bad takes. It's the only way.

No. 14160

NTA but no one is discarding the few good takes she did have. People are just pointing out that it shouldn't be overlooked how absolutely retarded she could sound sometimes and that she doesn't deserve to be on the pedestal most radfems put her on.

No. 14161

I could be wrong, but I think she said something in one of the JKR sperg videos implying that she still stood by her OSC opinions because his case is somehow "different." She's a garden variety libfem.

No. 14163

Most "radfems" don't even read radical feminist literature, so it's unsurprising they worship Dworkin considering they only see the same few based quotes from here and Solanas over and over. If they actually picked up her work, they'd think she was crazy as shit and call her a pickme.

No. 14165

File: 1682455152637.jpg (33.67 KB, 480x720, tumblr_34cb61689d1b10c321b372e…)

She fucked us. If she had just put her damn ego in check and retired when Obama was in office, women wouldn't have lost their right to abortion. That one choice caused more damage to women's rights, enough damage to outweigh the things she accomplished in life. Thanks for nothing.

No. 14166

I'm not American, all I know is that a bunch of people were sad when she died of old age. What's the context here? I thought she was the one who made abortion legal in the US until recently from the posts I've seen online.

No. 14169

No. Roe v. Wade (the case that legalized abortion) was decided two decades before RBG was appointed, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey was also decided before she was on the bench. She ruled in favor of abortion rights in other cases, though, like in Stenberg v. Carhart. She advocated for women's rights, and when asked when there would be enough female justices on the Supreme Court, she famously replied, "when there are nine." (That's all of them.)

She was one of the most liberal justices on the court, and Narrowly survived cancer in 2014, when Obama was in office, and people were calling for her to retire back then so Obama could pick someone similar to succeed her, but she refused. Predictably, the cancer came back around 2019. When she eventually died, Trump and his goons rammed Amy Coney Barrett (an extremely conservative, anti-abortion tradwhore) through the approval process as fast as they could, six weeks before the election. This was four years after Republicans cheated Obama out of a supreme court nomination because the guy he was replacing croaked three months before an election, fucking hypocrites. Because of Ginsberg's ego and Republican's political games, the worst president in over a century, voted against by the majority of Americans, got to put three justices on the bench (one of whom is a rapist), who used their new power to overturn Roe v. Wade. Justices serve for life, which is also horseshit, so of course Amy Coney Barrett is one of the youngest justices in history so she can ruin women's rights for as long as possible.

No. 14170

I mean she attempted to multiple times to visit her son but his foster parents refused, would you consider that being a pick-me?

No. 14171

File: 1682461271941.jpg (228.8 KB, 943x903, hUG2ITC7tm9V.jpg)

Some of her views were a lot more then just minor bad takes, they were fundamentally at odds with any sort of basis of true feminism.

No. 14172

nothing in that cap is "fundamentally at odds" with feminism, it's just an opinion on an issue in global politics that you don't agree with. I don't agree with it either for the record, but it's not "at odds with true feminism" unless "true feminism" extends to encompass having the same opinions as you on every unrelated topic on earth. Which is frankly ridiculous.

No. 14176

supporting an actively genocidal state is at odds with feminism, that's not a matter of opinion, like would you say that some one can call themselves a feminist if they supported Hitler or Stalin ?

No. 14361

Speaking of Solanes, I'm surprised more people don't talk about how the ideal society presented in her manifesto would be one where men were forced to dress as drag queens and serve women, also in her play(the one which she shot warhool over) there were two drag queen prostitues that were presented positively for "giving up their manhood", now I don't believe she thought troons were men, rather that troons were better men cause they were choosing to live and dress as women and giving up their masculinity.

No. 14365

tranny desperately trying to discredit female theorists with purity testing so that women have nothing, very obvious

No. 14367

I doubt it, it's pretty in line with what ive seen that women are the ones who "purity test, then discard" to this extent even if it hurts them in the long run.

No. 14383

All of her associates and friend's ended up supporting troons, her male partner and her close personal friend and co-writer(McKinnon), what makes you think that thr great fatsoc wouldn't end up supporting troons either?

No. 14385

Can you write your Modern!AU Dworkin fanfiction somewhere else? Kek we’re not even talking about her anymore

No. 14396

Any female commentary youtuber ever.

No. 14400

No. 14446

This entire book was dedicated apologia to tradfems. Insightful, but also failed to hold women responsible for their own behavior. Dworkin was like that, I feel she had vaguely benevolent sexist attitudes in regards to treating women like helpless children, and excusing every maladaptive "adaptation" women have developed as justified due to the patriarchy being evil etc.

No. 14485

The benevolent sexist kid gloves that feminists put on to tackle these types of women is a problem that isn't exclusive to Dworkin and it is definitely frustrating. They do this shit because they waste their time trying to get conservative women or tradthots to "see the light," and if they beat around the bush and try to sell feminism by obscuring the role that patriarchy-princess type women play in upholding the patriarchy and paint them as perma-victims then these women will wake up and get on board. It almost never works, it is a massive time waste, and it waters down feminist discussions. As retarded as blackpill shit can get, it is why I have to appreciate it since they can get into the thick of things without trying to placate an audience of imaginary women that they have to get onboard, lest they be "put off" by honest feminist or feminist-adjacent discussion.

No. 21923

File: 1704017224977.png (453.21 KB, 1356x603, 43535.png)

Most women in Hollywood and media.

No. 21924

If the reason you lost respect for celebs is because they have ugly partners and not because they're usually abusive, pedophilic or supportive of cults, you're retarded. Naomi Campbell is the biggest example of a female celeb that helped pedos gain access to underage women which never gets talked about as much as some average looking female popstar(below average in Arianas case because she's looking off after all the surgery) dating an average looking dude.

No. 21937

female celebrities are basically high end escorts. They're not powerful women just luxury sex slaves. Stop idolizing these whores and focus on female scientists, politicians, writers etc trying to actually change the world instead of getting paid to fuck ugly scrotes.

No. 21940

>They're not powerful women
they have more power than people who are not as wealthy as them, which is most people on the planet.

No. 21944

Kek is this FDS propaganda?

No. 21945

>underage women

No. 21965

>Naomi Campbell is the biggest example of a female celeb that helped pedos gain access to underage women which never gets talked
Wait, what?

No. 22055

It's known that a lot of female celebs worked with epstein and helped him gain access to other women but it never gets talked about

No. 24600

File: 1716779347041.jpeg (125.63 KB, 750x769, IMG_3877.jpeg)

Maybe not completely lost, but this is upsetting.

No. 25823

Who is she? I don't recognise her.

No. 26594

PJ Harvey

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