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No. 437

ITT we discuss how porn is a cancer upon our society. Talk about anything related to the subject such as exploitation in the porn industry, the effects of porn on the brain and sex drive, how society pressures women into accepting men's pornsickness, etc.

No. 467

Any ex-porn addicts here? Or anyone currently struggling?

I was curious about sex when I hit puberty, but wasn't ready or able to engage in even kissing as a teen (or now…but that's largely unrelated unless you count my social ineptitude as a factor here).
It started off pretty okay with fujoshi content, but then I got curious about mainstream porn, more extreme hentai, I got REALLY into shotacon and hate myself to this day for it, and would spend hours browsing for porn on r34 and tumblr. This was all through my teen years, and I consider one of my lowest points to be when I got off to mlp porn. I also used to just…watch and read porn casually without even getting off. Even things I wasn't interested in sexually, I just needed to CONSUME it.
This isn't even to mention that I spent the other hours of my life drawing my own porn, both at home and at school during class. I was completely lost on it. My mental health was bad and I was using the dopamine to cope.
But since I turned 19 or so I started to cut down through the weaning myself off method, which took a couple of years and even now I find myself slipping back into seeking 2D porn. But in the grand scheme I think that's "okay" since I'm not contributing to the studio porn industry and have not (so far) fallen into the old disgusting and sometimes bizarre fetishes I used to have.

I know I'm not an isolated case among women, Nemu's thread actually resonated with me a lot when it popped up here and I'm sure there are many more women that early internet porn exposure has ravaged.

No. 471

could you explain anything about why you liked shota? i really can't understand it.. were you projecting yourself onto the older female? or did you like gay shota? are you generally attracted to younger men? did you go to therapy or anything for this? sorry for all the questions, i just have never understood how this happens. i really hope you don't look at anything shota/loli anymore, please don't let the 2D porn stray you. it can be just as addictive as IRL porn, and warp your view on sex even more.

i had an auto-pedophilic thing going on from like 10 to 16 where i had a strong desire to be taken advantage of by a man decades older, so when i was that age i read loli and projected myself onto the girl. i haven't looked at loli since back then because it's just CP and i'm no longer anywhere near the age of the girl so it freaks me out and disgusts me.

No. 472

I liked gay shota, with a preference for shotaxshota. Never went to therapy since my attraction has thankfully gone with age and just going off of porn.
I think it was a combination of the vulnerability and the innocence of a "first experience" paired with their aesthetics (small and often effeminate) that appealed. It's gross, but I guess technically they weren't much younger than me at least (if at all), since I was 13-14 (which is when I stopped because I realized it was fucked up, even if I continued with other porn). The most regretful was when I did happen to enjoy those where an older man was involved. I can't explain why I wanted to see a boy around my age get molested in any way that isn't disgusting. All I can say is that it was porn escalation.

As my sexuality has become healthy, I've learned I'm just naturally into gentle femdom (which makes sense with the way I acted towards crushes pre-porn warping). Looking back I think it was a perversion of my leanings towards wanting a vulnerable, smaller man to care for and have my first experience with. I don't look at it anymore (on purpose, I use /co/ on occasion so sometimes straight shota just appears), since it is just fucking cp like you said. No lolifag or shotafag can convince me of all people otherwise. Anyone who consumes it knows they're guilty.

And I'm sorry you were essentially "groomed" by loli/shota content in the reverse way, especially as young as 10. I hope no one ever took advantage of this, or no one else was involved in your introduction to it although older men on the internet do tend to do such things.
Have you gone to therapy for it? And what made you stop?

No. 474

No sympathy for gooshers

No. 475

thanks for the reply anon, i really appreciate it because the one opportunity i had to brainpick a female into shota was on reddit and she immediately deleted her account after i asked questions.

the whole "first experience" factor + innocence probably plays a bigger role than we're even aware of. now that i think of it, when i lost my virginity i can see that's when i started becoming even more disgusted by loli. i fetishized my own virginity for a long time before i lost it, so yeah, the "innocence" factor was huge to me.
i'm not into femdom at all so this also probably explains why i was drawn to the older man stuff. it didn't get taken advantage of thankfully, despite how sex-obsessed i was, i was still terrified of it irl and i was very clueless to actual sexual cues and would get uncomfortable and avoid guys that were "acting funny."

>I can't explain why I wanted to see a boy around my age get molested in any way that isn't disgusting

i think the femdom kink explains it enough, it's kind of the same at the core i would imagine. just wanting to see a male be overpowered. sometimes you're exposed to the things in the right order at the right time and something that shouldn't click does click.

i haven't gone to therapy for anything related to sex or porn, i don't think i need it for porn (i haven't had the habit since i was like 16) thank god.
women can definitely have porn addictions but i think it's a lot easier for us to stop them. maybe i'm just biased, or men are just selfish.

No. 476

samefag but i refuse to date men who watch porn and i recommend every woman here doing the same. like, i don't care how weird it seems to you or the guys you're interested in, strike up a conversation about porn habits without making it seem like a flirt, and try not to seem against it when asking. they will straight up tell you. don't waste time on a guy who can't get it up and finds you uglier with time because his porn gfs keep him busy

No. 478

It's funny too. Men will swear up and down that you'll never find someone without a porn addiction. It's like a disease and they're all ok with it. It's also fucked up how acceptable it is to shame and mock women for being uncomfortable with sexual exploitation of women only for the sexual gratification of men. I guarantee you soon as porn is shown to be physically damaging to men like high chance of ED, low sperm count or whatever, then they'll care. There are already studies shown that porn ruins your brain but those facts are kept hidden away.

On porn free subs on reddit, men recovering from porn straight up admit that porn makes them find their SOS unattractive/unappealing etc also. Yet when women go to reddit to open up about their insecurities and dislike of porn and her SOs porn habits, shes told to get over herself/seek therapy for low self esteem/"porn isn't about you" or "watch it with him!"

No. 479

>I guarantee you soon as porn is shown to be physically damaging to men like high chance of ED, low sperm count or whatever, then they'll care.
this is already happening. all the male-based anti-porn subreddits like nofap and so on all focus on porn being addictive and causing health issues. they only stop when it negatively affects them. showing them how much it hurts women illicits no reaction from them other than "well, i'm not paying for it," which is wrong due to traffic and clicks and ad revenue, and "well, i'm not the one hurting any women."
the same pro-porn arguments men make could be used in favor of child pornography. "it's already filmed, i'm not hurting any actual kids!"

No. 480

samefag but men who say you can't find a man who doesn't watch porn are legit just projecting. i've never been with a man who couldn't form a proper argument against porn, and i've gotten tons of close male friends to drop porn. be weary of liars though, plenty of men try to pretend they hate porn to earn goodboypoints but you can usually spot the liars by the lack of ethical arguments.

No. 482

Has anyone noticed a lot more women openly admitting they're into porn? It's usually my female friends that talk about porn or share gifs on social media while my male friends don't talk about it much, if at all.

I don't know if it's just an attempt to get male attention (the whole 'sex work positive' movement has really done a number on my friend group) or if they really can't see the problem with the porn industry. I never bring it up because I'm already seen as the prude of the group and I don't want them to think I'm judging them. I just really don't get the fascination.

No. 483

As someone who used to do this myself before I came to my senses, it's definitely an attempt to get male attention. Even though I logically understood porn to be bad, it didn't matter as much as sweet, sweet male validation, and that's the sad thing about it.

No. 484

how do you even keep your mouth shut? i'm so annoying to be around sometimes because i refuse to stay quiet when people talk about porn

No. 487

I'm seeing so much normalisation of anal sex in women's magazines, women's forums, and women's apps now. I ask some of these women on the forums why they do it and they say it's because their boyfriends are interested in it. They also go on about how it's okay for them because gay men do it and they orgasm from it too. I'm confused, how do these women derive any pleasure from having a penis stuck up their ass when they don't have a prostate?

Straight men used to think anal sex was some degenerate act only practised by gay men and would give you AIDS but now they all want to do it to their girlfriends.

No. 493

Yup. It's 100% porn-influenced. Even just 10 years ago the majority of men found it disgusting. 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Don't even think about it. Men can't even realize it's not normal. They say it's been around forever. I mean, every sex act that only uses human bodies has been around forever–doesn't mean we can just ignore the skyrocketing interest in anal sex and the FACT that it is caused by porn.
Think about asking a guy about sticking his dick in an ass, where you shit from, before porn ever made it seem glamorous. They would recoil, understandably.

Some women do genuinely enjoy anal, but this is a slim minority and I have the feeling that the enjoyment is mostly psychological. Similar to how some women love being called disgusting whores and choked until they pass out. It's not normal, even though some women claim to like it, and we need to think about why these women are drawn to these things.

It's terrifying that even Teen Vogue is publishing articles on anal sex. Think of an 11 to 14 year old girl, a 15 to 17 year old girl reading that and internalizing it, thinking in order to be a good girlfriend she's gotta study up on how to starve for a day, clean her insides out with an enema, gradually train her anus to be able to handle bigger and bigger objects (without proper training the anus will likely rip and this can lead to nasty infections since, well, shit goes into the cuts), buy lube, and let her boyfriend shove his dick into her ass as she grimaces and waits for it to be over, either pretending to like it or liking it because she feels like a good girlfriend.

No. 494

what do you think about women who write long blog posts about how much they love it? is it psychological or is it really "muh vagina nerves are being rubbed up against in a unqiue way when i do it in my butt" like they claim? idk i think plugs feel genuinely good but i've never had anal sex

No. 495

i looked up posts by women who enjoy anal, and i'm copying and pasting reasons women have listed for why they like it:

>I like it when getting fingers in the pink for the feeling of fullness.

this makes the most sense. it can't provide an orgasm, it can't provide true sexual stimulation. it's basically like having your nipples sucked on.

>I like the feeling of the dick in my ass and it makes me feel like a dirty whore

obviously into it because of a humiliation and masochism kink.

>He took it extremely slow, like there was at least a whole month in between putting the tip of his finger in and getting to a whole penis. He waited until I was comfortable with one finger, then with two, then we tried it. It put me on a pretty big anal kick for about a month, because the first time doing anal combined with clit-rubbing felt surprisingly amazing.

of course it felt good, you were rubbing your clit. also, most men wouldn't be willing to wait that long to train. most men wouldn't even put their finger in a girl's butt but would happily shove their dick in there.

>I have a love/hate relationship with anal. It's almost always uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and 9 times out of 10 times it's orgasmic.

another one into humiliation and just wanting to please her bf

>I like when my boyfriend gives me anal. Yes. But he does it while jerking me off at the same time. So, yeah…

another one that only likes it because she's getting her clit rubbed

so the tldr is that none of them actually get off on anal, just the idea of it or they like the erotic feeling

No. 496

What got you to change?

I've learned not to be too vocal about some of my opinions because I know they're not popular and it'd piss my friends off. It kinda sucks but it is what it is

I had a friend in high school who would constantly have anal sex with her boyfriend, despite telling us how much she hated it, because he was so into it. I agree with other anon that it's primarily thanks to porn. It's so normalized now.

No. 500

>this makes the most sense. it can't provide an orgasm, it can't provide true sexual stimulation. it's basically like having your nipples sucked on.
no, it's like holding in a shit. nips are different. i've done anal stuff many times and ive held many a shit and the feeling is the same. uncomfortable and unsatisfying. these hoes are on some shit to find any satisfaction in the "sensation" of holding in a shit. it's all psychological and these women are warped. i don't buy that there's better stimulation of anything through anal, and it literally feels just like holding in a shit. we experience shitting every day and unless you heavily identify with porn and your role as a sex toy, there's no way you can escape the primal uncomfortability that comes with the feeling that there's an awkwardly large and stubborn turd lodged in your anus.

No. 502

You can derive pleasure from having your nipples sucked although they evolved the positive sensation of an oxytocin release so mothers would bond with their infants during breastfeeding and not actually for other adults to suck on.

No. 505

Some women have told me that they can feel the sensation of being anally penetrated in their vagina because the penis is applying pressure on the vaginal canal. Then they go on about how they orgasm from the experience but I really don't understand how unless they were being stimulated clitorally. I have heard some women can orgasm from their thoughts alone which I suppose is possible since orgasm works by shutting down fear receptors in the brain but that phenomenon is so rare (sometimes even considered a medical condition).

I wonder if they don't even know what orgasm feels like, are just pretending to have them or they have some sort of warped psychology. All those shitty "women's advice" websites say anal sex is like pineapple pizza so "some women hate it and some women don't", which is shitty advice that doesn't explain anything. Maybe all their "pleasure" is tied directly to the male partner's happiness like the women who "love" getting spat on or beaten during sex.

No. 507

Yeah, of course. I'm sure there are quite a few ex-shotacon women tbh, I certainly knew some in the early 2010's in fujoshit circles. They're likely just (understandably) ashamed now.
And I'm glad you were never taken advantage of, although the experience of consuming the content will forever be with you (and me) which is also…not preferable.

I'd also wager male porn addiction is only more difficult to overcome because of sex drive + some men having poor imaginations. I'm personally not forgiving of the first though since my libido was, and still is, high to the point of distraction and I've overcome it. And even poor imagination can be worked on with practice.
And yes, definitely no pornsick men (and maybe women…though I doubt many lesbians are, mostly bis) are worth dating.

No. 508

ikr. it's like, you know what's a great way to feel pressure in or on your vaginal canal? by actually fucking being penetrated vaginally. it makes no sense. it's all ball-patting bullshit.

No. 509

tbh I enjoy anal sex sometimes and ironically I'd use holding in your shit as an example of why it feels good since some people actually like that sensation

No. 511

File: 1577782258367.jpeg (106.24 KB, 500x757, F0FCAFB6-8721-48F0-9C6E-CFAB9C…)

Sage for the demented and unhinged rant, but I’m trying to accept the fact that I was clowned for 5 years by a man who was fundamentally inferior in every way; less physically attractive, not intelligent enough for stimulating conversation, not as funny s me, in my shadow in every social situation because he is dumber and has nothing to say, emotionally stunted, aggressive, violent, cowardly, lack of interests, selfish and with an old man dick at 19 yrs old…. all because I thought he wouldn’t cheat…thought he only had eyes for me, that he wouldn’t cheat…whilst the entire time I BEEN KNEW HE WAS WATCHING PORN ALMOST EVERY DAY!!!
I AM A FUCKIN CLOWN! We would have so many arguments because he couldn’t satisfy me in literally any way, I have never felt so unfulfilled in my life. Because of this, he started physically abusing me whenever I became frustrated with his chronic inferiority and inability to satisfy; he would choke me half unconscious, learned pressure points so he could cause me pain without leaving marks, threatened me with knives, told me I’m worthless and my family doesn’t love me…and when he was apologising he’d be like “I was just trying to hurt you on purpose, because you emasculate me, I was trying to regain control”

I’d rather be with a serial cheat that can actually satisfy me physically and mentally, that isn’t embarrassing to be seen with, one that isn’t intimidated or threatened by me because he knows he’s equal or better. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN A BF THAT DOESNT SATISFY YOU SEXUALLY, because he beats his dick to death watching step sister porn!

No. 515

I’m so sick of porn being shilled as the most liberating and normal thing ever when really it has a dark underbelly that’s being hidden so carefully
>girls I know on social media sharing “yass support the sex workers qween!!”
>then they will share a missing girl post
>then they share that article of the girl who killed her sex trafficker
Do they think the industry is a burlesque fairy tail? I agree with the anons itt who said girls pretend to like porn for male attention, when I first came across porn, I was 14 and it made me so uncomfortable and insecure that my tits didn’t look like giant bolt ons and my vagina wasn’t a hairless innie, it also seemed kinda rough and too hardcore for me.
I was used to movie sex scenes or HBO films and soft core stuff , and I flicked my bean to that for like 2 years and didn’t start using porn myself til I was like 17 I quit just a year ago at 19, and it’s not that hard to not watch it, maybe cause I’m not a retarded male but porn is definitely not for females, especially the ones in it
How can a girl in the US not buy tobacco or drink but be brutally ass fucked on camera?

No. 517

you deserve so much better. i'm so sorry. i hope he's completely out of your life now. that's abuse, that's all abuse. you should read "why does he do that" by lundy bancroft + "woman hating" by dworkin if you haven't already. or nothing at all. i just hope you know you absolutely don't deserve ANYthing he did to you. there are so many men and so many just suck beyond a believable degree. that guy is going to burn in hell

No. 519

It’s so weird when they post warnings about sex trafficking only to post another thing supporting prostitution

No. 521

they're pretty much brainwashed into thinking 'sex work' is all just affluent LA girls that chose to be sugar babies or camgirls because of being histrionic instead of the reality: most 'sex workers' enter the field at 12, most get raped regularly, most do it to survive, most are far below the poverty line.
notice how every single woman praising sex work and saying it's god's gift to work and saying she loves her ~clients~ is an already-rich college girl living in LA or NYC. it's never the ones that are representing the average prostitute. vile. and men buy this narrative without a second thought.

No. 532

Do guys actually get repulsed by public hair on women? I shave even when I'm not having sex but only once a week or so. When I'm having regular sex I shave every single day which is really exhausting and it becomes painful. But I'm too scared of a guy I'm having sex with being disgusted by my hair. Seems like most guys find it to be a deal breaker or unhygienic if you even have scruff.
Obviously this is because of porn. I've only met a couple of guys who preferred girls to not shave. They said it made them feel like they were with a woman and not a kid, I think the reasons said by guys who prefer shaved are either related to porn or because they know the girl is doing something for them.

No. 533

I think they literally do. Not naturally ofc but because of the influence of porn. Pubic hair was completely normal and even sexy up to the 90s. They don't call heavy pubic hair on women a "70s bush" for nothing. If you look at some 70s porn, everyone has hair everywhere. But since the recent trend is to sexualize youth and childhood, a bald pussy has not only become the ideal but the standart. I mean, a young male these days has probably never even seen a female bush because its so taboo and seen as gross and unhygenic.

No. 534

The sexualization of youth is defended by men to a really scary degree. They say it's normal and natural, they use the word "primal."
"Of course we prefer YOUTH, it's part of our biology. We evolved to be this way."
Even assuming this is true, it's reaching to use this to defend jacking off to "barely legal" teenagers that are underweight, have no tits, have braces, have pony-tails, etc. Teen has been one of the most popular categories for ages.

I once had a guy ask me to hump my stuffed animal and call him daddy. Yeah, totally not pedophilic, totally not pornsick. This is just biology! They evolved to like this!

Then you see women playing into it, even teenagers. DDLG internet girls come to mind, and female weebs. Fake high-pitched voices that men somehow always fall for, children's clothing, stuffed animals galore, acting retarded to try to seem helpless.

No. 535

Another thing: Men on the internet see any woman over 25 as an old hag, infertile, used goods. Obviously because of porn. Women that turn 40 are automatically considered MILFs. They have a constant stream of teenagers at their disposal.
Like, they're either brain-dead or they have no interest in finding love.
Say they find a 18 year old they're into. That 18 year old will not be 18 forever. That 18 year old will eventually be 25, then 30, then 40. These guys never talk about this. They're going to either be alone / serial dating forever, or they're going to be unhappy in a relationship because their jailbait gf got older.

No. 536

>them: so many women being kidnapped and sold into the sex industry. please stay safe.
>also them: fuck swerfs! sex work IS work.

No. 538

If it was really "biology" then they would be into women with big breats, wide hips and lots of pubic hair, because those are signs associated with physical maturity and fertility. Young teenagers they fap to are more likely to have autistic kids than women in their 40s. Teen pregnancy comes with even more problems than pregnancy of 40yo woman. Yet you don't see those pornsick scrotes fapping to 40yo women kek.

No. 539

None of the sexual partners I've had minded hair.
Just keep it trimmed and clean? Having hair doesn't have to be having a giant unruly bush.
All I've ever shaved is the lip/ass area for the most part, I always leave my mons with hair because it's legit uncomfortable otherwise.
Please stop doing this to your poor pussy, you're meant to have hair there

No. 542

bless you anon I needed to hear this - I always thought I deserved it until I was away from him for long enough. I’m just starting to realise that I wasn’t even close to being a physical threat to him, at any point-yet he did something to me that could have killed me.
I just keep getting flashbacks to our arguments that I thought where my fault - like when I admitted to being ~abusive~ after I sardonically sneered at him for not brushing his teeth and wanting to kiss me with rancid breath, and he responded by screaming at me and telling me to kill myself.

I literally stayed with him because I thought he was a miracle man who loved only me and would never cheat. He literally watched porn every.single.day. And I didn’t consider that to be relevant in the slightest. Porn is making everyone mentally illl, even the people who don’t fucking watch it I.e my dumb ass

No. 543

>These guys never talk about this.
tbh women don't either. So many young women convince themselves they totally prefer older men as a defense mechanism against being considered an unmarriable old hag, thinking they've gamed the system. But they forget that they, too, age, and if he doesn't want a 30 year old now, he won't want one in 10 years either.

No. 544

They're completely disconnected from reality. And when you point out the facts of sex trafficking and porn, it's quickly dismissed as being anti sex worker. When will this end and how

It's more often than not that those incels raging are simply pedophiles. I honestly think the porn industry has probably the same pedos running it as Hollywood. Therefore, they're increasingly sexualizing children and child like aesthetics. Even the few male porn actors are always twink-ish and shaven. This is some sick agenda that keeps going

No. 553

>or they're going to be unhappy in a relationship because their jailbait gf got older.
Hits hard when you were the stupid jailbait gf and have had to work for years to have a normal unpornified life only to be nearing 24 and desperately worried that you only have one year left to be seen as "fertile" due to the porn standard. Desperately need to change this to be able to live normally.

No. 578

File: 1577902117620.png (109.41 KB, 893x497, 1577901703291.png)

Sex has become such a twisted, meaningless act because of porn and male fetishes.

Instead of experiencing an organic, dynamic reciprocity between two people, it's literally one person (male) individually trying to get off.
In the modern age, sex for males is just an extension of their involved and drawn out jerk off sessions.

I guarantee you the guy in the attached image jerked off for hours a day to his retarded fetish porn before his girlfriend.

No. 580

Porn addicted men are a fucking curse. I’m convinced it drains any and all self awareness, they no longer care about what snivelling, disgusting, grotesque pigs they are.

They fucking suck at sex, they make sex a phobia and a chore for years afterwards. I think I’ll have to have therapy to get over my fear of sex due to my ex bf making the whole act feel totally degrading and one sided. How can they not feel disgusted by themselves? Women feel GUILTY for having a few measley fucking stretch marks.

No. 600

>I guarantee you the guy in the attached image jerked off for hours a day to his retarded fetish porn before his girlfriend.
Probably still does. That's why she had to keep at it for an hour.

No. 610

I never watched porn. I do look at pictures of lingerie-clad beautiful women (often from vintage magazines)or anime girls, but I never use those pictures to masturbate.
I used to write (to re-read later) my own erotica. I still write, but more fledged-out stories (with sexual elements).
My big fetishes were (and still are) gentle femdom (lesbian or straight)and younger men, so I couldn't find what I wanted to read on erotica forums or fanfic websites.
My high school boyfriends were addicted to porn and asked me disgusting stuff (and asked me to shave totally natural body hair, I didn't give in, fortunately). One of them was a lolicon, the other one was a furry (dating weeb boys is a mistake, even if they look like girls).

No. 626

weeb men, hands down, have the worst sexualities on average. i am willing to bet real money on this. i have never met a weeb that didn't have insane fetishes, like, not even just femdom or fetishes for a certain dynamic. i mean vore (eating someone/being eaten), piss, pedo stuff..
when i was 11 i was introduced to a guy by my friend because we both liked anime. this same guy was 16 and tried grooming me by trying to RP vore scenarios and i was completely clueless and weirded out. same guy also ended up becoming a brony that was unironically in love with rainbow dash.

also, being young in weeb communities must be hell now. i feel like awful porn and fetish stuff is probably completely unavoidable at this point.

No. 641

>weeb/nerd degeneracy
Yeah, this sucks since I really want a bf who would enjoy watching cartoons and some (decent) anime with me but I know I'd have to sacrifice normie sexuality. Which is also gross, but at least the likelihood of him being into unbirthing or nipple vore is lessened.
tfw gfd bf with similar interests in media doesn't exist…

No. 662

I'm pretty glad I have a normie bf for this reason. He's into some nerdy stuff but not anime at all which I feel is the biggest reason guys end up being into weird sex fetishes.

No. 685

>unbirthing or nipple vore is lessened.
Honest to god, I would be fine with weird shit like that as long as I somehow had a guarantee the guy wasn't a pedophile. The main issue with anime is that it attracts/creates/normalizes pedos, and ending up with one is my worst nightmare. A fetish for something gross but not unethical would be a relief in comparison.

Unfortunately you can never be sure a man isn't a pedo, although most of them are to an extent, so I just choose not have a bf at all.

No. 695

there are plenty of guys who prefer / only date older women, though they tend to have a different set of issues going on other than pedophilia

No. 696


Common sense prevails. Those poor women's lives are changed forever, and for what?

No. 698

File: 1578062639251.png (693.7 KB, 530x591, 983.png)

No. 702

Anyone who says "B-but amateur porn is different! The girls are in it because they want to! It's not like "normal" porn!" can go fuck themselves. There's literally no way of telling whether something was uploaded without consent.

No. 708

File: 1578095317620.jpeg (62.65 KB, 640x140, 66AF50AD-0AF5-46F7-A996-4947DE…)

Can we talk about how fucking racist and stereotypical porn is?
>A white girl in a video
Cute Teen Snow bunny Gets Fucked by Teacher
> black girl
Black Ghetto Hoodrat ChickenHead Thot Hoe Deepthroats BWC

No. 712

I believe "Asian" is one of the most popular porn categories after "lesbian". In America's interracial porn industry, Asian women are frequently brutalised by men of other races (usually white men) whereas Asian men are non-existent.

>Few mediums reveal the White sexual imperialistic exploitation of Asian women more so than pornography. In a 2002 study conducted by Jennifer Lynn Gossett and Sarah Byrne, out of thirty-one pornographic websites that depicted rape or torture of women, more than half showed Asian women as the rape victim and one-third showed White men as the perpetrator. The study further uncovered a strong correlation between race and pedophilia, advertising with titles such as "Japanese Schoolgirls" or "Asian Teens." Furthermore, images of Asian women in pornographic forms consistently came up through a keyword search for "torture."

>Many scholars warn that race-specific pornography contributes to race specific sexual violence. Since the overwhelming majority of violent pornography features Asian women in particular, it follows that Asian women are at even greater risk of sexual violence due to their role in violent pornography. Helen Zia, a noted social activist, suggests a direct connection between racial sexual stereotyped pornography and actual violence against Asian women.

>Additionally, Kandice Chuh argues that "because Asian/American women are depicted as always consenting, they cannot be raped in the eyes of the law." Pornography leads to other alarming sexual-racial trends involving Asian women as well. For example, depictions of Filipinas as sexual commodities on the Internet have been linked to the mail-order bride industry in Australia. Researchers further speculate that online sexual commodification of Filipinas may at least partially explain why Filipinas experience disproportionate levels of domestic violence compared to non-Filipina women.

>White men's fascination with Asian women in pornography stems from early nineteenth century Western imperialism. To colonize the Asian nations, countries such as the United States flooded Asia with military forces. As an inevitable result of military presence, prostitution centers consisting of local civilian women sprung up to cater to the White servicemen. With these sexual experiences as their main, if not only, encounters with Asian women, White servicemen returned home with the generalization that Asian women are hypersexualized and always willing to comply with White man's prurient demands. This germinated even more interest in Asian women as sexual objects. To sustain this increased interest, the Asian sex tour industry developed. Asian sex tourism further perpetuates the stereotype of Asian women as hypersexualized and always willing. If Asian women are perceived as hyper-sexual, it understandably follows that sexually explicit materials, pornography for example, would include a preponderance of Asian women.


There's also the prostitution industry reporting how women of color are often paid to act in humiliating raceplay games for white johns such as black women pretending to be slaves.

No. 713

File: 1578097748770.png (50.24 KB, 881x362, 54654.PNG)

I…why? And would this not be considered child pornography?

No. 716

Made me happy to read that he nuked the sub and deleted his account. Then right back to feeling disgusted that there are males out here sexualizing labor pains and child birth
>And would this not be considered child pornography?
I think theyre getting off on women being in pain and their vaginas stretching? But if they're focusing on the newborn baby, then yeah

No. 726

>images of Asian women in pornographic forms consistently came up through a keyword search for "torture."

Asian women are stereotyped as dainty, submissive and childlike. Completely unthreatening. Despite this, look at this insane trend of violent porn featuring them. This should show everyone that women never are responsible for men's violence, that we don't bring violence on ourselves. Even the most non-threatening woman is at risk.

No. 739

man I found this whole post about how sex trafficked little girls end up in the porn industry at 18 as they get too old for pedos and because being raped for pay is the only thing they know. it ended in "no terfs, swerfs dni" and it definitely came across as the OP having very "swerfy" and even radfem views but didn't want to be a big meanie about it.

No. 740

actually kind of make sense why a lot of weeb/nerd kids are calling themselves asexual now.

No. 741

I don't watch porn but all my friends irl do and normalize it and have insane sex drives?
I like sex and I do have depression but I can live without porn or getting off only once a week and I'm p vanilla.
Like is this normal or is it the other say around?

No. 744

anon! you're so right. i never even realized that's probably why. they have sex shoved in their faces constantly before they're even fully developed. really good insight, thanks. so sad, but i have hope that they'll grow out of it and grow into healthy sexualities

you're completely normal. either you have a low sex drive, or theirs are completely high. "true" asexuality is insanely rare and usually due to either trauma or a physical condition. it's okay to be disinterested in sex, it's okay to be disinterested in porn, it's okay to have a low sex drive. none of this is abnormal, and none of it means you have to avoid sex, or be sex-repulsed or anything.

No. 745

you know, it's probably really common for young kids to be exposed to grown men's sexual power fantasies and not being aroused by it and feeling broken because of it. or kids being exposed to ridiculous anime anatomy proportions that do not translate to irl bodies and can't find irl people sexually attractive because of it.

I had a friend in middle school who was on the verge of developing an ED because of anime girl proportions. who knows what's happening to kids exposed to extreme hentai and shit like that

No. 746

i'm anorexic. it was absolutely influenced by anime. i grew up obsessed with anime and of course i felt dysmorphic at as young as 9 because i was obsessed with trying to "look anime."
i've half-jokingly said to my friend dozens of times that i bet female anime fans have way higher chances of becoming anorexic.

also, vampire knight was basically my gateway drug to internalized misogyny and being obsessed with guys physically hurting me

No. 756

I grew up a weeb and I've been bulimic for years. I don't think its as a direct result of anime but that pressure to keep childish proportions in weeb circles and increasingly outside of it is so fucked up.

I used to bind my fucking tits at 13 years old because i thought they made me look fat.

No. 758

I guess I am a “true” asexual since I have an intersex issue where I can’t get periods (I don’t have ovaries) and other hormonal issues that make lack any sort of sexual attraction.

No. 869

I had to take something a few years ago that totally killed my sex drive. At the time I'd masturbate multiple times a day to de-stress, relieve pain, help sleep and even just out of sheer boredom. Going cold turkey made me see porn for what it really was and made me realise how much I was desensitised to. It honestly freaks me out how many times I've heard friends say "He pulled my hair/slapped me/spat on me/came in my eye/put it up my ass with no permission and it made me really uncomfortable" during their FIRST TIME or these stupid expectations for women's bodies that came directly from the porn industry that are not only warping what men think is normal, but also make us feel like shit. Also annoys me to see women online complaining about their partners having no sex drive or having problems getting it up because they've destroyed their brains with porn.

Anyway, to anyone struggling with an addiction: I think the solution is to go cold turkey for a few months and read up on as much horror stories as you can while you're at it. You'll thank yourself for doing it now and not totally ruining irl sex for yourself.

No. 871

I'm very lucky that my boyfriend is quite disinterested in porn. He sometimes looks up gifs of breasts and reads free-love type erotica that mostly seems to involve adults having fairly vanilla group sex. Tame by the standards of men today.

Meanwhile, I'm disgusting. I just have this deeply innate impregnation kink I can't seem to kick, and I get extremely turned on by 2d depictions of slutty women in microkinis and other thotwear. Things like Mizuryu-kei Land, basically. I was fine with this but receive noticed myself slipping into more loli/shota/oyakodon… Things like gaping and fisting too. I'm worried about this tendency but it just takes me so long to masturbate without looking at something at all. I'm just not very imaginative I think. I only like things where the characters are super into it, nonconsent turns me right off,but I worry… What if I start liking it? I want to reset.

I also read a lot of BL but the sex doesn't do much for me, they just give me romantic happy feelings.

No. 872

I'm so glad I was never that interested in anime
or Japanese pop culture. So many people seem to have rotted their brains away with that horrible shit.

No. 874

Just like any culture, there is both lovely and terrible stuff there. American pop culture encompasses both some of the best content for kids in existence as well as the worst excesses of the West-Coast porn industry that has ruined so many women's bodies, souls, and lives. Japanese pop culture is similar, things like Studio Ghibli films are wonderful and wholesome entertainment. But also, hentai is a gateway to some of the most sexually and mentally damaging things ever, even if no performers are harmed in the process.

No. 879

japanese pop culture is shit. anime is pretty shit. it's only overhyped because it's exotic and much of it is highly erotic

No. 887

Japan is far more regressive than the United States when it comes to women's rights.

No. 888

It's like you forget that the Japanese adult video industry exists and instantly thought about hentai instead. In fact, the Japanese porn industry is worth more than the American one despite having a smaller population and very few international releases. Bestaility is completely legal in Japan as is the creation, distribution and possession of zoophilic pornography hence why so you have many AV companies producing that type of work. Although possession of hardcore unsimulated child pornography was made illegal in 2014, you can still get softcore porn of girls as young as 6 years old in Japanese convenience stores.

No. 889

……I think it's great for south korea that porn is banned. Hands down one of the best things about the country.

No. 890

Japan's sex industry is partially controlled by the Yakuza so I remember reading about how they would run syndicates that allowed them to illegally adopt orphaned baby girls out of South Korea or China to groom them into being sex slaves. Rich Japanese businessmen in 1980s used to go to Taiwan to have sex with the indigenous Formosan girls up in the mountains (although the prostitution has ceased, they are still a massively disadvantaged minority in Taiwan today). There are a lot of Japanese sex tourists in the Philippines and they encourage Filipinas to go work in Japan as "entertainers" so there are always so many Filipina hostesses. There are also your Japanese pop stars or actresses who are pushed into doing pornography to boost their popularity. Japan has one of the highest rates of infidelity in the world since monogamy and chastity have never been that important and Shintoism preaches sexuality as an innate part nature. So I can understand the high level of cultural tolerance of the sex industry and why it is so massive but that doesn't stop it from being a disgusting clusterfuck.

No. 891

File: 1578299580717.jpg (56.59 KB, 501x810, 21323214.jpg)


No. 904

At least this time the coomers money end up going to a good cause.

No. 905

It's disgusting that they can't donate in an emergency situation without getting to wank to some random woman's body.

No. 914

File: 1578318588148.png (146.59 KB, 470x425, retarded.PNG)

And of course people want to make it into a "YOU CAN'T BE CRITICAL OF RAPE ON TAPE BECAUSE CHARITY"

No. 917

I hate how people are celebrating the sheer amount of men who only care about getting their rocks off. Effective publicity stunt on her part and utterly depressing in terms of any hopes for mankind.

No. 921

kek i knew this was going to happen.
>oh do you really care about X cause? well, you'd prostitute yourself for it if you actually cared.
reeeeee wrong timeline wrong timeline

No. 944

Why do women have to sell their bodies to fix a problem primarily caused by men? Women are always fixing problems men create or are blamed for the problems men create.

No. 956

There have been korean mras fighting for their right to porn. One guy even killed himself in protest. Nothing was done kek

>Japan's sex industry is partially controlled by the Yakuza
It's more that the majority is controlled. Remember that jav porn company was found guilty of abducting women, raping them on camera, posting it as porn and profiting off of it in the end. Nobody thought they were victims, just another nameless jav actress. It's horrific. They hardly got a slap on the wrist for it too.

No. 967

Countries like Japan normalize prostitution so they are one of the biggest sources of sex tourists.

No. 968

Seeing this made me think about how normalized sex work is now. How do you guys deal with the growing acceptance of sex work? People always talk about how ~feminist~ it is but it's still made for the male gaze. I had a friend who was camming for awhile but stopped because it was too emotionally draining for her. I can't imagine sex work is at all liberating.

No. 969

It's so incredibly misogynistic. Prostitution is the ultimate intersection between capitalism and patriarchy. Women have to trade their flesh to survive and there is no true "choice" under capitalism. All work is coerced but prostitution is an especially demeaning form of work. Prostitution is used to keep women lower than men, it allows for any man to be to purchase a woman. Over 80% of prostitutes are female while 99% of the people who buy prostitutes are male. If it was "empowering" then why don't men flock to the field like they do with any other that is lucrative, like how they took over computer science or obstetrics? The average age of entry for prostitution worldwide is about 14 and the vast majority of prostitutes are non-white and poor women. Not exactly the most "empowered" demographic on our planet. I hate how much pro-prostitution propaganda has seeped in feminist activism these days and how dissenting voices are banded as "SWERFs".

>Men have few restraints in expressing to prostitutes—during sex or in any sexual scenario—their real attitudes toward women as a class; they have no reason to feel constrained, since the woman is there to be a woman, period—to be inferior, subservient, and used. - Andrea Dworkin

No. 977

I really don't get how men are not offended that everyone sees them as brainless rape sex obsessed violent apes.

… they probably do and just gaslight to high oblivion because they know it's in their nature and have to blame everyone else for it

No. 995

File: 1578398142854.gif (119.24 KB, 740x250, 2019-03-15.gif)

No. 999

Because the degrading anti intelectual shit being pushed in American media is so much better amirite? I happily consume American media from 20 or 30 years ago at best but I wouldn't touch nowadays's and their faux libfem brainrotting messages even with a long stick.

Nta but all countries have their share of misoginistic garbage. As feminists what we can do is to sort out what's decent from what's not. That said, I agree you have to be extremely nitpicky when it comes to anime and Japanese media.

No. 1008

> How do you guys deal with the growing acceptance of sex work? People always talk about how ~feminist~ it is but it's still made for the male gaze. I had a friend who was camming for awhile but stopped because it was too emotionally draining for her. I can't imagine sex work is at all liberating.

Personal, but I am just totally disgusted by it now. I caved among pressure that it was the norm and became a camgirl when I was in uni and it was incredibly emotionally difficult and made me want to kill myself and fear for my personal safety and privacy daily. And I realized all men around me just wanted to jack off to other women who were also financially desperate and wanted to kill themselves for selling their bodies like meat to strange men. Then I found out about how porn and sex "work" are fueled by and contribute to human trafficking and never looked back. I am disgusted by all consumers of it, and of all the well-off camgirls who know this reality but push it as this amazing powerful thing anyway. Anyone who willingly glorifies this industry is either naive and deluded or an absolute predator. I deal with it by reminding myself that the real victims of these industries deserve better and the promoters of it shouldn't get to me cause they have no moral character at all.

No. 1022

>There have been korean mras fighting for their right to porn. One guy even killed himself in protest. Nothing was done kek
Where can I read about this? I hope more men kill themselves over porn.

No. 1032

Iirc don't south korean men top the list for most sex tourists in thailand? Why? Is prostitution normalized there too?

No. 1044

Yes. They even have elderly women being prostitutes.

No. 1073

I remember when I went on a trip and a friend brought me to her Korean church, she wold translate for me and say all the men are crying and during public confession every single one of them were saying how sorry they where for paying for a prostitute after work while they made their wife quit their job and be a stay at home mom.
Every, single, one.

No. 1081

>Because the degrading anti intelectual shit being pushed in American media is so much better amirite?

Yes extremely so. What's the western equivilent of a medium that turns you into a tranny pedo incel who hates themselves and others for existing in three dimentions? Full on porn addiction? But with anime that's what the sfw material does to you and it's seen by normie parents as fine for little kids to watch. Weebs need reeducation camps.

No. 1082

I think streaming porn websites like pornhub should be banned:
- Too accessible. You want porn ? Pay for it or do the effort to hack it
- Homepage filled with hard porn
- Show only extracts of films. So we don't see the making out part (the bit sensuality left in porn) but only the big disgusting close-ups
- Encourage gonzo
- Too much shady (not to say clearly illegal) amateur content

That's a first step. The second step is to have more porn revolving around WOMENS PLEASURE. IRL like in porn, everything is about men's orgasm. So many girls don't even know their own clitoris but know everything about blowjobs WTF. Only in a few porns (Erika Lust) I've seen the guy taking care of the girl after ejaculating…

I'm sadly into porn since 13, and it's neither of them. I openly say to women I watch porn and sent to my friends some porns because it may be a way to start masturbation. Too many women around me never touched themselves or experienced solo pleasure and except men to find out for them…

Porn is the fast-food of masturbation. Bad but easy and pleasant.

No. 1085

Agree with banning pornhub etc. but re:
>That's a first step. The second step is to have more porn revolving around WOMENS PLEASURE.
I really don't believe there is such a thing as feminist porn, or that any porn can exist that wouldn't be used in some way to abuse women. Having the industry at all creates loopholes for women to be harmed, and plus it's extremely brain rotting and ruins normal associations the brain has with arousal and sex. The only way to 'fix' porn is to get rid of all of it.

No. 1094

Get rid of porn? How? When there are no professional porn, people create their own or companies play with soft porn, and it's not better at all.

Erika Lust for example does correct porn (just too much pseudo artistic shit imo). Having a woman film maker is a big improvement and we can do more.

No. 1095

I know porn being totally gotten rid of isn't realistic, but there are ways the industry can be limited that could at least lessen that impact. Making more porn is never going to be a good thing.

No. 1097

“Feminist porn” is any oxymoron like the word “porn” itself derives from prostitute which in turn derives from female slave.

No. 1099

Girl..life is too short to shave your pussy that often.
Maybe its something americano-centric because I live in Europe and though most of my social circle is artsy/intellectual, most of my bf's werent artsy and I only got criticism once for having a bush. (and I had like 15 partners)
Besides, if he's disgusted by pubic hair, you shouldnt be fucking him anyway.

No. 1102

Ok, but what ways ? Limiting the industry and have molkas or shady amateur films, no thank you.

No. 1103

Tell men they will get adverse side effects from porn. They only care about themselves and porn in its violent form largely exists as backlash against second wave feminism. If we tried to further normalize porn or equalize it with “feminist porn” then they would feel even more willing to make violent porn. They adopted a lot of third-wave feminist language like “empowerment”, “choice”, etc. to make porn seem “good” and it’s why so many libfems today accept it. Don’t think for a second that men will not do whatever they can to appropriate feminism to serve their own desires.

No. 1104

Normalization of porn is why amateur porn by random couples is a thing and molka got big because South Korea is deeply misogynistic. This is exacerbated by all men being sent off to military service so they resent women not having to serve it and learn to be even more misogynistic by being in that environment. Military culture is all about hating women and being masculine.

No. 1105

The last thing we need is more porn and even in “feminist” porn you will have women being raped because you can’t truly consent if you’re being coerced by cash. And what the fuck does “feminist” mean to pornographers anyway? In that type of industry they might have a woman taking 5 dicks inside of her to show how “powerful” she is and they will try to spin off a woman fucking her boss as “feminist” if she demands him to give her equal pay.
It will just be porn dominated by liberal feminist nonsense where they reframe everything into a feminist act and men who are exposed to this will probably identify as feminists and feminism will just get warped ever more into uselessness.

No. 1106

All the major streaming sites and major porn companies are owned by one parent company called Mindgeek, so they still make money off the ads and now adays in fact make almost all their material geared towards getting ad revenue. Which is why they go for more and more over the top material since they dont actually care if you masturbate to it or not, just that you are curious enough to click the latest incest clown porn or whatever the algorythm says gets clicks.

No. 1107

Most internet porn is already owned by only a handful of companies in the world. If “feminist porn” became a thing they would get their foot into the door and make their own and get richer. It would also be “acceptable” to film rape on rape now. MindGeek is so fucking shameless when they advocate that they protect kids but have child or pseudo-child porn all over their sites.

No. 1108

*rape on tape

No. 1112

What personal adverse effect exactly ? I added personal because nobody looks at the big picture.

>Don’t think for a second that men will not do whatever they can to appropriate feminism to serve their own desires.

True… that's why I think we should create our own content that we enjoy and say to men that it is what we like. Not being destroyed or whatever they show in mainstream sites.

I don't think porn is bad in itself. Also remember: porn isn't just videos.

"Feminist" in porn just means having more women creating porn so a feminine point of view, and respect the workers.

That will never be 100% fulfilling of course because patriarchy is structural and needs to be burnt entirely, but allowing women to express themselves and have more influence is a progress.

No. 1115

Why do women need to express themselves by being fucked on camera. None of that is revolutionary.

No. 1118

>respect the workers
You know nobody should ever pay for sex, right? Sex is not a commodity and you should never be able to “buy” consent. Like I said, “feminist porn” is an oxymoron. Men will hijack whatever women make anyway as they have more capital and social power.

No. 1122

You can't use something created to oppress women to liberate women. This is like saying FGM is a feminist action…and there are already people who claim it is feminist.

No. 1131

You have so much cum in your brain anon. Really revolutionary, brave and stunning.

No. 1135

>I don't think porn is bad in itself.
Porn is absolutely bad in itself because nobody can ever really consent if financial coercion is involved. And as for how the industry should be limited, obviously it's difficult now that it's so widespread, but as you said yourself at the start: these sites should be banned. Additionally, all social media should prevent it in their TOS. There doesn't need to be some kind of supposedly "liberating" type of porn being made out to replace it, it's all erosion of consent and should be banned wherever possible.

No. 1136

>What personal adverse effect exactly ? I added personal because nobody looks at the big picture.
Look at shit like nofap. Men are worried that porn distracts them or that it "ruined their penis". I think it's good that they are quitting porn but they are doing it for themselves. They don't care for how other men are filming women being being tortured.

No. 1137

This. It's because professional porn became so widespread and popular that people started to create "homemade porn". Further normalizing it like making "feminist porn" is so absurd. Porn can not be feminist.

No. 1138

I'm not talking about the actors but those who have the power in the industry.

Sorry but I just think you're delusional. Pornography will never disappear(again porn isn't just videos!!!!!!). We can work on suppressing videos/pics including real people but even that I don't believe it.

Sex isn't a commodity but can be seen as a service. As long as there are people struggling, there will have people accepting selling sexual services.

I get your points but I don't how it can be done in practice. The only solution here was "just tell men it's bad for them" eh what ? I prefer improve reality than just bark "porn is bad" and have no concrete solution.

You know that the nofap community is bullshit, right ? Plus it doesn't concern the normal porn consumer (also not only men consume porn…).

What solution do you have for people wanting something to masturbate? Books and hentai only ? Erotic pics are ok ?

No. 1140

>Sex isn't a commodity but can be seen as a service.
Sex is not merely a "service" since nobody has the right to purchase sex, you can not buy sexual consent. Men make up 99% of people purchasing sex and over 80% of prostitutes are female (girls and women). Biology itself and the way society is structured will always leave women at far higher risk in prostitution than men. Why do you want to give men the right to buy women for sex anyway?

>As long as there are people struggling, there will have people accepting selling sexual services.

So we need to fix the economic problems. If people have options other than prostitution then they can choose that instead because most prostitutes enter the field when they are desperate teenagers. Men who purchase sex never respect women so it's a dangerous and soul-crushing job. When prostitution is legalised and moderated, men start human trafficking at a higher rate to get access to vulnerable women again. They also fly to poorer countries for sex tourism.

No. 1142

trolling in ot wasn't enough for you i see

No. 1145

>Sex isn't a commodity but can be seen as a service.
The men who buy sex do so because they want to degrade women. The very idea that any man can go out and just purchase a random woman for sex is evidence that women are not seen as fully human and men largely value women for their ability to be a fucktoy. Frequent customers end up becoming more extreme in their tastes. They want their prostitutes to be younger and more naive. The 40 year old man who was fucking 25 year old women moves onto 20 year olds before going to 18 year olds and then 16 year old girls then maybe he goes off to Cambodia to purchase a 13 year old girl. You get ludicrous amounts of child prostitution these days even in men who are not psychiatrically considered "pedophiles" (only aroused by the sight of children), rather they are heterosexual men that got bored of the usual and wanted to give something "new and exciting" a try.

No. 1146

To explain reasons for banning porn and prostitution (which you seem to put on the same level here or you're just talking about prostitution and derailing), you invoke biology and cultural structures. These same things can use FOR pornography and prostitution.

Fix the economic problems, yes that would be the dream. But rereading what I said, I was incorrect because there are people selling sexual services without struggling financially. Actually we should destroy every power dynamic to destroy sex services.

I'm not agreeing with the dogmas here so I'm a troll. Ok.

No. 1147

Porn videos are literally prostitution that you film, dumbass.

No. 1149

File: 1578530510372.png (1004.94 KB, 601x927, literally retarded.PNG)

Looks like more people are going to keep jumping on this "porn is good for charity!!1" thing now that there's so much publicity to be gained from it.

No. 1150

Porn videos are about selling an image, that's a bit different. There is director who tells you what to do, several takes…etc

But yeah both include a sexual act. If that's the problem you have with porn videos, we could think about including fake vaginas, mouths, anuses (fake penises being already a thing). For me the problem is the image they're selling, and that can be improved with more women creating porn in all forms.

No. 1151

Sex isn't a commodity or a service

No. 1153

I'm conflicted because, yes, they're donating and that's great but how did we get to the point where selling nude photos is the norm? Years ago, people would be ashamed to have this kind of shit attached to their name. And, yes, I know Riley Reid is a porn star but I've seen a few other people spreading the idea that more women should do this.

I hate this timeline.

No. 1154

>porn and prostitution (which you seem to put on the same level here

Prostitution is paying someone to have sex and pornography is paying someone to have sex. Wow, how different!!

Many prostitutes don't get paid at all since they're sex slaves. A lot of women get filmed during sex and don't get paid since they're sex slaves. Also, very radically different.

No. 1155

Sexual liberation did nothing but give men more opportunities to fuck and fap to young women without any consequences.

No. 1156

It's good that there are more donations, but it's a travesty that these guys are so morally empty they can't be bothered to make charitable efforts unless they're being compensated by a woman giving them nudes of herself on demand.

No. 1157

Prostitutes are also told what to do by their customer, anon. If you disobey then he won't pay you.

No. 1158

>the solution to the oversaturation of porn is to create more porn

No thanks.

No. 1159

>A lot of women get filmed during sex and don't get paid since they're sex slaves.
A lot of women are secretly filmed without their knowledge and men get turned on by this. There's a lot of changing room and voyeur stuff out there.

No. 1160

Not really, they say what they do or not in their ad.

… while banning streaming services. It's about creating new porn to replace.

No. 1162

Why is porn so important to you that you want to argue about it here? Continue cooming to your amputee scat bondage but keep feminism out of it, please. You're either a troll or an irrediimable cumbrain.

No. 1166

But why not just ban the services without creating new porn? Surely that's the best solution to reducing harm done by porn overall. Why does there need to be replacement porn?

No. 1168

Shut the fuck up, coomer.

No. 1169

>Not really, they say what they do or not in their ad.
Maybe in your country but not out here in SEA. Violence against prostitutes is super common and they basically do whatever their client asks of them.

No. 1170

Because people -me included- enjoy watching/reading pornographic content while masturbating. It is a means of quick excitement and pleasure. I talked about feminism because it's the name used for porn not revolving around ejaculation when it's actually just normal. I want this kind of content to be normalize. Not the DESTROYING BARELY LEGAL TEEN I see on every streaming plateform.

The debate is interesting but the reflection brought here is insufficient and simplistic ( not saying that mine is better). There are too many parts missing and no solution is provided.

Because banning streaming platforms doesn't mean the end of porn? Even banning porn, the vision of sexuality would still be the same: men's pleasure first and foremost. Which is the main problem imo.

Even in mainstream films we always see guys masturbating, very rarely girls and the sexual act ends when the guy ejaculates. It's because only (old) men have directive power in the entertainment industry. Don't believe that banning porn would end this propaganda.

No. 1183

then I don't think the anti-porn thread is for you

No. 1184

>Because people -me included- enjoy watching/reading pornographic content while masturbating.
I should have guessed. No wonder your arguments are so fucking shallow.

No. 1187

>Even in mainstream films we always see guys masturbating, very rarely girls
Yeah and if we got girls masturbating on screen then that's just more masturbation fodder for men. I mean, it's completely legal in parts of America for a woman to go topless like men so the law is "gender equal" but hardly any woman is going to exercise that right.

No. 1193

You do ad-hominem and call my arguments shallow. Top kek.

You completely missed the point. My point is the normalization of female masturbation. It doesn't necessarily need to be seen, but at least mentionned. You get what. I mean? And no, I'm not talking about shoving 10 inches dildo in our vagina but clito stimulation.

Your comparison with legalizing women to go topless is off-topic.

No. 1196

>Because people -me included- enjoy watching/reading pornographic content while masturbating.


No. 1200

I don't see the problem if you're aware of what you're watching or reading. The first post is literally a mentally ill person jerking off to pedo content and you come for me ?

No. 1204

I keep seeing this being praised on the front page of reddit and everything about it is so unsettling. Why do you need nudes to donate to a charity? Why is it so acceptable for women to sexualize themselves? Men are as nonchalant about paying women for naked pictures as normal people are when they buy cookies at a bake sale.

No. 1214

I'm pretty sure I'm an addict
I don't go a day without looking at it–I assume I crave the serotonin
Though my depression meds make it hard for me to want to get off, I still check up a few pornstars twitters to see what they are up to

I dunno
I find it hard to do most things, finish learning how to crochet, watching a movie (sometimes even finishing a movie without just getting bored), exercise, etcetc
But basically every day I come home and open up a few tabs of porn–even if I don't finish, I still try

No. 1272

>Because banning streaming platforms doesn't mean the end of porn?
It obviously isn't the end of all porn, but you're the one who brought up both banning the services and making new porn. What I'm trying to say is that if one source of porn is eliminated there doesn't need to be more extra porn to replace it. You keep flipping this back on "how does removing the sites end porn/how would you end porn?" at anons when you're the one who brought up banning the sites in the first place. Nobody has said it would be the end of all porn. Unfortunately it wouldn't be, but it would be a solid start. Why do people need to have a plan to dismantle porn mapped out to agree with that one part of your post? Your alternative of "female porn I would want to masturbate to" isn't going to do anything for women either.

No. 1277

Pornhub says it hosts 11 petabytes of porn which would take you 7000 years to watch. People already have thousands of years of porn to fap to…I don't understand why someone would want to make more.

No. 1283

File: 1578577465115.png (336.75 KB, 1105x892, page.png)


>According to The Washington Post, a California judge has tentatively ordered a pornography company to pay $13 million to 22 young women after ruling that they were tricked and inappropriately pressured to make the videos which did not, as promised, stay offline.

>The ruling, given last Thursday, was the latest development in the women’s years-long legal battle against the owners of GirlsDoPorn, a San Diego-based business that made millions producing the pornography it distributes through its subscription website and other porn websites. The Post also reports that the company is also in the middle of a separate criminal case in which its owners and employees face up to life in prison for federal sex-trafficking charges.

No. 1297

I'm for a strict regulation of porn -this includes degenerate hentais-, not its elimination. I don't believe porn could be eradicate, it's delusional to think so. That's why I'm asking what are your plans. My alternative would give a female oriented point of view of sex and would be less degrading for the actresses.

If you don't create different porns, people will continue to jerk off to the same disgusting content normalized today. The mentalities won't change.

No. 1298

That's rough, anon. Have you ever managed to go a full day without porn since your addiction started? I think if you keep busy and take it day by day, you can reduce your porn intake.

Otherwise, you mentioned depression meds, so I assume you're also on therapy? If so, I know sexual themes are uncomfortable to talk about, but do bring it up to your therapist.

You can deprogram, I have faith in you anon!

No. 1315

Good life in prison for sex traffickers sounds like a good sentence.

The creation of more porn often leads to more worse genres of porn that breeds addiction. They aren't addicted to the soft porn or boring "vanilla" videos, the demand grows for more and more extreme violence of women until many men are left desensitized to everything, like rape and sexual torture are nothing.

No. 1347

Pornsick guys absolutely are repulsed by hair. Not to "not-my-nigel" but im so glad my bf doesnt watch porn and doesnt mind if i dont wanna shave. The first time we fucked i had a full bush since i was absolutely not expecting to get laid, but he chowed down regardless. Sage for semi-blogpost.

No. 1698

File: 1578947186140.jpg (189.22 KB, 1114x1408, mtq7r7ixss941.jpg)

No. 1699

/r/coomer is full of annoying 4channers, but they do find some pretty fucked up shit

No. 1700

File: 1578947570025.jpg (101.6 KB, 640x1370, j7dy1pk8qu841.jpg)

Dropped pick

No. 1709

File: 1578950059888.jpg (21.89 KB, 692x280, 2gjkps16f1941.jpg)

No. 1711

I just binged most of that subreddit and the porn is a jewish conspiracy shit is really cringe. Some of it is good though.

No. 1712

Please be fake

This one too. I hope it's fake but we've read from fathers how they've felt about their daughters growing up. Why is incest such a huge kink

Read that too. I hope she starts loving herself soon. It's not worth it to lose your family, friends, and love life. She could have just spammed donation links or something

No. 1721

I've seen these types of articles shared dozens of times now with captions encouraging all the random women who view it to do the same and "sell nudes if you have a good body and care about the environment." This is exactly why I felt unsettled seeing the first instance of the original story. It so quickly has turned into "this is how to be a hero," "this is what women should do." There are other women and normal models who have raised millions upon millions of dollars for charity through respectable means during these wildfires, but what gets the most praise is women selling our bodies. Celeste Barber raised $32 million, a legitimate $32 million and not "if you have already donated or send me an edited screenshot then you get a picture of my ass as a present" but it's barely being mentioned compared to the hype over valuing women primarily as sex objects.

No. 1723

File: 1578953144227.jpg (2.76 MB, 1600x8500, 2355435.jpg)

Yeah. Some of my favorite reddit boards for cringe (coomer, consumeproduct, average redditor) are obviously full of 4channers. it would be OK, but they can't go a single post without 'it was the jews', 'Op's GF is getting fucked by Tyrone', or 'the only meaning full existence is to settle down and have kids'

No. 1744

File: 1578956785106.jpg (33.67 KB, 771x758, a197y43cbcw31.jpg)

Porn is the only mainstream channel where blatant racial stereotypes (the submissive Asian girl who worships white dick, the black ghetto hoe, the hypersexual Latina) aren't challenged but instead encouraged. Most men want to seem "woke" and unprejudiced in their daily lives but when it comes to busting a nut all of that collectively goes out the window, and the truth is revealed—this is how their pornsick minds TRULY see women. Sex objects in different flavors according to their race who can be categorized as neatly as different cuisines of food.

I'm an Asian woman, and when I started watching porn around 12-13 and saw the way women who looked like me were represented it really fucked me up for a while. In those Asian porn videos, we are almost always depicted with white men and playing into their yellow fever stereotypes (also, asian men are non-existent). Relating to this, I've seen a disproportional amount of relationships between white men and Asian women in the real world—let's not ignore how much impact porn has. I think that when non-white girls see porn, it's harmful in a unique way—it essentially grooms us to believe in those racist sexual stereotypes, and that in order to be desirable to men we have to fit into that mold and believe those things about ourselves. It's incredibly insidious and I don't think enough people are talking about this aspect.

No. 1762

I have heard Asian porn is a big reason for the interracial violence Asian women experience. I heard a few news reports of female Chinese and Japanese university students getting abducted by white men and then brutally raped and murdered because they believed Asian women were kinky, submissive, or liked violent sex. There was also a Vietnamese woman getting decapitated by her American husband because she wasn't as obedient as he expected, also the same happening to a Japanese woman but in Australia. Asian women don't experience the highest rate of interracial violence though, that would be Native American women due to a legacy of colonialism and legal loopholes.

No. 1853

Asian women and Native women (basically all the "Mongoloid" women) are extremely and intensely fetishized in American society, imo.

No. 2112

Twitter has been surprisingly anti-porn over the past few days.

No. 2122

Sauce ?

No. 2124

File: 1579082625824.png (219.51 KB, 584x636, 798789.PNG)

it's because of this tweet that spawned some discussion and people are defending porn like crazy.

No. 2149

ew, all the cumbrains and handmaidens make me puke.

when the hell did "not kinkshamimg is the moral high ground" happen? like people say "ueurh your kInKsHaMig" like it's pointing out racism or something. it's really just like so what??? your "kink" is still nasty and you're a rape apologist.

No. 2159

I am against porn industry since for real get a job and some smarts lmao but plenty of girls with mental issues genuinely love it, I'm not one of them btw.

No. 2168

>Exploiting teenagers' sexual trauma for money and encouraging millions of other men to do the same is sort of okay because they like it.
Bad take

No. 2171

Those comments genuinely make me wanna puke.
All those handmaidens saying they wish it was them…can't say I'd feel sorry for them, if something were to happen. Lately it seems that those misogynist women are even more "loud and proud" than their male counterparts.
And those men asking for links, saying she consented, saying OP is a bad feminist for speaking over her…I bet you, if this was a young man, they'd see this as what it actually is: not porn, but fucking torture. There are some people who want their limbs cut off and get eaten alive, they consent to that, so why are sites about cannbalism supervised by the fbi and shit instead of legal??? What's the difference?
I have a hard time believing they really find this hot, they're just so obsessed with being "funny" and edgy and making feminist go mad.

A couple days ago I also read a super interesting article: it was an interview with a profiler and he said that sex crimes actually decreased by a lot (sorry, can't remember the exact number) since the 90s. At first I was like what the hell, I don't believe that, but he then explained that nowadays any horrifying shit is so easily accessible online, that sickos can just live out their disgusting fantasies via porn.

No. 2176

>implying it's just sexual trauma
You can be a shitty person with shitty fetishes without it anon. Besides I think any woman of 21 who still does porn is conscious enough to quit yet they never do. Porn"workers" are lazy mentally ill literal subhumans, regardless of gender.

No. 2181

She forgot to say is that this video was on the front page. Pornhub CONSCIOUSLY advertises this kind of content. Absolutely disgusting. Something must be made against these streaming platforms, it's unbearable.

>Blame the individuals and not the system
No one cares that Lucie or Mark like being beaten up during sex. The problem here is pornhub advertising and normalizing sexual deviances.

No. 2187

File: 1579111868140.jpg (493.63 KB, 1065x1420, ed.jpg)

>reading that description of sexual torture on a woman
>people thinking it's hot and normal
This is how trafficked victims are hidden. By cumbrains believing that every woman in porn is consenting to abuse, even when the vast majority of porn starts have their horror stories. It's fucking depressing seeing how many libfem handmaids will promote sexual torture as empowering too. I don't want to look at those comments in detail. Just skimmed through and it's what you'd expect..

No. 2201

Nah, a lot of porn stars numb their mind with drugs so they hate what they’re doing but are stuck there due to addiction.

No. 2235

I am an ex-porn addict and have experienced relationships with both other porn addicts and porn free men.

I started looking at porn in middle school. I am now 27 and haven't hardly viewed porn at all since 21 after entering into a very sexually fufilling relationship that I have been in since. However, despite going so long without porn use, I still rely on the same level of extremism in the fantasies I need to orgasm. They are truly disgusting. I need to imagine being a human trafficking victim and being gang raped. I've never told my husband this the entire time I've known him in fear of ruining our sex for him. I feel horrible because our sex life is really great, but my brain is programmed so strongly to need disturbing imagery to cum.

I haven't been with that many men, but of the ones I have, only one didn't view porn (luckily the one I ended up marrying). The ones who did all had issues as a direct result of it, some far worse than others, they included: erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, expectation my vagina was ALWAYS completely hairless, preference of porn over sex, low sex drive, normalization of immoral sex (such as rape, human trafficking, underage girls, incest, etc), general lack of respect for women, need for extreme or degrading actions to enjoy sex. Keep in kind all these men were in their late teens and early 20's. Whereas my pornless husband wants to fuck every day, is always hard as a rock, doesn't have any issues with women, doesn't expect me to shave if I don't feel like it, and isn't into anything fucked up.

Despite what society tries to tell you, porn is harmful, men who don't feel the need to use porn do exist and you should never tolerate your significant other using it.

No. 2261

That girl was still a teenager, and she left the porn industry shortly after that video was made.

No. 2321

I hate the whole 'kinkshaming' bullshit. Whenever anyone wants to rightfully point out how normalizing abuse is harmful or how many porn actresses are pushed beyond what they agreed to/suffer irreversible damage, people scream about kinkshaming. If you get off to someone being tortured and abused then, yeah, I'm going to call you out on it. It's disgusting how videos like that are normalized now to the point that people are publicly defending it. It scares me to think about how many people are growing up viewing that kind of shit, thinking it's what a normal sex life is

No. 2383

File: 1579277204816.jpeg (385.25 KB, 1125x1924, 13608C96-D882-45BA-8458-365AE7…)

saw this take on my feed and laughed because if it was about porn (which it could be) “@socializm_” would be cancelled by all her idpol cohort

No. 2384

File: 1579277276515.jpeg (312.64 KB, 1125x1924, 40604AA9-FEE7-4BA2-93CE-37BE4B…)

sage for samefagging experiment

No. 2396

What I want to know is why so many women have an interest in serial killers. It’s like how so many men have a weird interest in WWII.

No. 2402

Something something Eros and Thanatos

No. 2407

>porn causes almost 40% of men under 40 to have actual erectile dysfunction
>countless more are unable to perform sexually without porn or prefer porn to sex
Why fucking bother dating anymore? This generation of men is nothing but limp-dick faggots who live at home forever and have zero desire or incentive to be high-value partners.

No. 2410

Speaking personally for me at least interest in true crime was a real slap in the face for the reality that it is to be a woman. So many women killed by their partners for such petty, awful reasons, in relationships that were long spanning with children, that 'no one saw coming'. Part of it soothes anxiety in that maybe if I learn enough I might be able to avoid such situations - even though in the end you can never really be prepared. I find more women than men are into true crime, probably due to similar reasons. We're the victims of so much of it. It's like a weird way to process things.

As for women who are sexually interested in serial killers/murderers? No idea. Maybe it's a cope for the above. If you're good enough you won't be like the rest. Or really intense self hatred.

It's a fucking travesty that NoFap/NoPorn took off not because of how porn negatively effects women and pornsickness destroys relationships but because dudes wanted to be able to get their dick up and fuck for longer.

No. 2411

true crime =/= serial killer fetishization. i read this stuff out of natural human curiosity as well as a desire to be aware of things and be able to protect myself as a single woman living alone. i have interest in serial killers as far as psychology goes, but am fully for the death penalty for them all.

No. 2413

Hybristophilia for women where they think they can "fix" a serial killer. That's why so many serial killers received hundreds of love letters from women when they were in prison.

I once read that for men they romanticized war because women don't exist/don't matter in that space. It's when they are at their most masculine but it's also the only time they consider it acceptable to form intimate friendships. It just goes to shows you how fucked up men are in the head because they think holding their dying best friend on the battlefield is the only time they can show their deep emotions for another man without it being "gay".

No. 2418

Serial killers are like the ultimate bad boys. It's the female socialization that makes a lot of women think that they exist to solve men's problems and that they need to fix broken men. They also have the idea from fiction that serial killers are super charming and intelligent so it would be exciting to have them as a boyfriend. Maybe they think "He will kill everyone except me! He will even kill for me!!" which is romantic to them. This is just what I'm guessing from the serial killer fangirls I see on Twitter.

No. 2420

this. i'm depressed.

No. 2421

this is all it is and it gets demonized too much tbh. these women just need to turn to fictional characters to fawn over and be given some sympathy; no one without some kind of trauma revolving around men fawns over irl serial killers with earnest.

No. 2480

It should be demonized 1000 times more since "he's violent but I can fix him" gets women killed in droves.

No. 2498

Do you have a study for that 40% figure? I thought it was bad, but not that bad.

No. 2597

File: 1579426615158.jpg (99.3 KB, 921x787, naruto-hinata-dating-fanfictio…)


I'm still struggling although it's not really an addiction. Was introduced to porn young and was also groomed by freaks which resulted in me being into older men, some extreme BDSM. I eventually grew out of the older men and the extremer sub-BDSM stuff as I did get older and realized how wrong it was. My sex drive was very high though but I never had a reliance on porn, even when I was a kid. I could masturbate very easily without porn and was very restrained. I would take breaks from masturbation because I never wanted to be reliant on it like I was as a kid.

Then I took birth control for not even two weeks and it just got rid of how easy it was for me to climax without porn. Even two months free of birth control and I began to have a reliance on porn, my sex drive was gone and I felt empty without it. At the same time I was going through a bad break up and I felt like I needed that release, even though at that point I had already become anti-porn. It made me feel horrible because I knew how awful the porn industry was but I selfishly wanted that rush. My sex drive has recovered after being free of hormonal birth control for 7 or so months but I still find it difficult to masturbate without stimuli.

I have cut down my porn usage dramatically (but am definitely not porn-free yet) but I have supplemented it with… really bad erotic fanfiction. Sigh. It's what I used to like as a kid but I tell myself it's better than actual pornography. The reason why I'm trying to ween myself off of that because I like the more degrading and rough sex fics. I know how damaging it is but it makes it so much easier for me to get off.

I want to try and quit masturbation too but I am trying to find it hard.

I realized I had a problem yesterday when I was talking to my boyfriend who is anti-prostitution, is open to radfem views but is a little more centrist about some other issues (which I don't really mind because these issues aren't as pertinent where we live). Anyway we never really talked about porn from a personal standpoint (he is critical of loli, incest, etc.) but he brought up the topic (he said he dislikes porn) and I sort of… shut it down. Because it kind of hit a little too close to home for me. I do plan to tell him because even though our sex life is good I think it could be better if I let go of this crux.

Sage for vent. I think I sort of know what I have to do to rid myself of this affliction but I just had to express my feelings somewhere.

No. 2973

Mini documentary about porn by the BBC. This was depressing to watch honestly

No. 3102

File: 1579939880756.jpeg (563.33 KB, 1125x1371, AC0DA9BF-C1B8-4B91-875C-007DB0…)

How about men don’t choke women at all

No. 3104

I feel like a total dude saying this, but some women do like being choked
I'm not saying this so I can say "YOU'RE WRONG", but where is the line? How do you engage with problematic fetishes?
It can't all be internalized misogyny, and even if it is, isn't little a internalized misogyny fetish okay? As a treat?

I don't personally have the fetish, but I do want to know more about your thoughts, the thoughts of the women ITT about stuff like this
And hell, maybe all of the fetishes people talk about on /g/

No. 3109

There is absolutely not safe way to choke someone.

No. 3110

Shut up, scrote.

No. 3111

>isn't little a internalized misogyny fetish okay? As a treat?
What the fuck?

No. 3117

File: 1579950039329.jpg (12.01 KB, 203x249, 9CKR_aNN.jpg)

>It can't all be internalized misogyny, and even if it is, isn't little a internalized misogyny fetish okay? As a treat?

No. 3118

You sound like a tranny. AGP have an obsession with being sexually abused because it validates their identity.

No. 3121

Women who like being choked need to go to therapy and work on their self-worth and learn some self-love. Not even being a rudefem here, but it's unhealthy and extremely dangerous. I think anyone who is into BDSM needs therapy. Fetishes like being tickled or sucking toes are weird and gross to me, but I don't care if others choose to engage in them.

No. 3137

No, a little internalized misogyny, "as a treat" is not ok but I think we should recognize the difference between extreme psychological fetishes (d/s, degradation, humiliation, bimboification, rape) and extreme sensory "fetishes" like being choked, spanked, bitten, etc.
The former are harmful and honestly disgusting because they are all about making women feel afraid, worthless, subhuman (something they are made to feel anyway) which is mentally damaging regardless of whether or not it's consensual and we should be critical of the reasons women would claim to enjoy it (also of men who get off on it because they feel like they're putting women in their places by throwing them around and spitting on them).
The latter don't have to have any psychological element and are simply about enhancing the pleasure of sex through intense physical stimulation. I don't need to go to therapy for it, I just like the physical sensation of being choked (by both men and women), and it's not because I feel worthless. You just need to really know your own limits and only do it with people you trust and who love you because it can obviously be harmful if done incorrectly by some one night stand.
Either way, bdsm-esque fetishes shouldn't be normalized at all because women inevitably feel coerced into acting out some man's fantasy and that's some legitimately damaging shit for women to unwillingly do.

No. 3139

How can hatred towards yourself ever be a treat?

No. 3144

Explain why choking women is so much more popular than choking men and why so many more women wanna be choked than men.

No. 3145

Men get off on the thought that they can easily squeeze the life out of a woman and a lot of women are brainwashed into being pickmes who do whatever men want them to do, so there are ALWAYS going to be more women who "consensually" let men do horrible things to them than vice versa.
But it never started out sexually for me, I was literally just a weird kid who enjoyed the head rushes I would get when I held my breath for too long underwater and now I enjoy those head rushes in conjugation with sex. It's just something to enhance the pleasure, not very different than taking drugs before sex or using toys.
You can acknowledge that certain fetishes may be socially harmful because women are oppressed and socialized to be completely sexually available to men, while also acknowledging that women are unique individuals who can develop tastes on their own, disconnected from social norms (not that choking during sex is a true social norm).

No. 3154

What about lesbians that are into choking?

No. 3156

>unique individuals who can develop tastes on their own
It is impossible to divorce yourself from socialization.

No. 3157

Internalized misogyny.

No. 3167

Maybe you're just a weak-willed individual. The behaviours that we are socialized to adopt as women can absolutely be unlearned, it just takes a lot of time and effort, and most women do not want to deal with the public ridicule and ostracization (and sometimes threat of death) that comes along with actively rejecting that socialization…because they're weak-willed.

No. 3176

Ah yes, all those “weak willed women” who fear being beaten and raped. You sound privileged and naive as fuck.

No. 3179

>reject it through unlearning
That’s not how socialization works. It’s something done to you and not how you feel.

No. 3181

Probably more accurate to say you can never really control or know how to feel since socialization warps perception so badly.

No. 3184

as much as you can, you can start to recognize what that socialization looks like in practice. it is hard, it takes practice, but it isn't impossible.

No. 3188

That is absolutely how socialization works. It is simply the behaviours that you are brainwashed to believe are necessary to be socially accepted. While the desire to be socially accepted is initially difficult to overcome (because in youth our brains are so susceptible to manipulation) if you develop your self-worth and self-awareness and educate yourself you can learn to recognize when your actions or thoughts are being affected by that socialization and make the conscious effort to free yourself from it.
Whether or not you have the physical freedom to express your rejection of your socialization is another matter. When you're literally threatened with death for stepping out of line as a woman it's extremely difficult to have the mental fortitude to even think about rebelling (though some women kill themselves to escape which is the ultimate rebellion).
I was talking about the western world in regards to strength of will, where it is very unlikely that you will be beaten or raped if you stop shaving and being a doormat (not to say that is the extent of our socialization).

No. 3189

My boyfriend is an ex porn addict and still struggles with stuff like ED anytime anything goes "off" in sex (me wanting to switch positions if something hurts, getting comfy when trying new stuff, outside noises, body mishaps, etc) he's definitely got better though and I actually feel loved and attractive when I have sex with him thus having better sex

Ironically my ex was a porn addict and would be unhealthily obsessed with judging my body, including negging my body while having sexual experiences with me. I'm healthy, well proportioned, and fit but somehow that isn't good enough.

I honestly believe that the human population will die out because of porn, you already see an influx of men breaking their dicks because of porn and being unable to complete sex with women, now that women are trying to become stronger and value themselves more by dating men who actually want to be with them, population will die out big time

No. 3191

Except our very culture, material conditions and the language we speak is born out of patriarchy.

No. 3193

Socialization begins even before you’re born since mothers around the world are more likely to eat healthier and be happier if they think the baby is a boy. Boy babies also on average receive better care from their communities. During those first few months of life, mothers tend to encourage play in their baby boys while girls are expected to be still, they even use more more personality-based adjectives to describe a boy baby such as “intelligent” and “brave” while girl babies are overwhelmingly complimented on how pretty or cute they are. Just this alone generates a huge difference in oxytocin production different interests and personalities on gendered lines within the brains of male and females when they are only a few months old.

No. 3194

That’s true. Words used to describe women are always secondary to male or loaded with misogyny. The word “vagina” is so disgusting if you think about it since it means “sheath for a sword” the sword being a metaphor for penis.

No. 3197

You get the bulk of your gender socialization when you’re a child and incapable of thinking for yourself. It’s impossible to rewire your brain to be “non-gendered”.

No. 3221

> Ironically my ex was a porn addict and would be unhealthily obsessed with judging my body, including negging my body while having sexual experiences with me.

Same and i don’t know how to repair myself because I’m terrified to have sex with anyone else and I feel like he has fucking won.

No. 3223

Men are the ones who are choking themselves to death during a wank. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a woman doing that to herself during masturbation

No. 3296

Yeah there's no psychological aspect to feeling like you need sex to hurt or be punishing and dangerous, that's totally normal sexuality and just a sensory thing; wanting to be treated like a child (spanked) is just about the feeling! Go to therapy.

No. 3305

You're completely right! No human in their right mind has ever sought out danger or pain for the physical thrill of it! Only the most depraved and deranged in society have ever gone skydiving, gotten tattoos, ridden rollercoasters, or gone into haunted houses! Definitely no women at all, as they are entirely asexual, joyless human shells, only capable of feeling what men tell them to feel, and destined to only experience pleasure when men's swords enter their sheaths.
Get over yourself, you do not own the human experience or female sexuality.
(Also if you think being physically beaten is about "feeling like a child" you probably have some trauma yourself to work through in therapy)

No. 3306

>I don't need to go to therapy for it, I just like the physical sensation of being choked (by both men and women), and it's not because I feel worthless.
It is so easy to die or become brain damaged from getting strangled, yes even the supposedly "safe" way that kinksters shill. You can't make it any more obvious that you don't value your life by consenting to being choked.

No. 3308

Yeah, anon. Going on a rollercoaster or getting a tattoo are totally the exact same things as cutting off oxygen to your brain and killing brain cells, having needles pushed into your genitals, having torture devices used on your body, being verbally and physically degraded, etc.
That's also why "Theme Park Drop" and "Tattoo Drop" are things that totally exist, and why most people need therapy after going to a haunted house or going skydiving. It's all the same, with the same psychological effects. Trauma doesn't exist, lmao. Also, people within the BDSM community definitely don't often have histories with abuse (especially child abuse) in their lives. That's just not a thing.
I'm not even that anon, but I'm sick of low-IQ cumbrains like you making these ridiculous comparisons. "It gives me an orgasm" is not justification for anything, deal with it.
If the only way you can get off is by being physically beaten or degraded, or doing it to others, you have a clear problem. End of.

No. 3310

It really isn't though? Like you seem to think experienced people are in bed nearly getting the life strangled out of them for the "kink" but you only want enough pressure to lightly restrict blood flow and make your head a little fuzzy, like the feeling you get when you have a cig or smoke a bowl. That's why I dont think it should be mainstream and spoken about publicly; because women get coerced into it, and people are generally dumb, so they're going to try it with tinder dates and eventually get hurt.

No. 3313

I'm not fucking part of the BDSM "community"; there shouldn't publicly be communities that revolve around sex, that shit should be kept private for good reason.
You've obviously seen WAY too much porn if you think that the average "kinky" (I fucking hate this word) person is shoving fucking needles into themselves or using torture devices (????) in their bedrooms. When I say I like choking I don't mean the fucking purple-faced bulging eyeball bullshit you see in porn made specifically for gross men to get off too. Like wtf?? What porn-obsessed world do you live in where you think people actually like that shit??
People have shitted themselves and passed out riding rollercoasters and getting tattoos, which is far more than actual safe, proper choking in sex will get you. Feeling faint for less than a minute isn't going to kill your brain cells!

No. 3315

Most sane, healthy humans would rather go on a rollercoaster than be strangled.
>safe, proper choking in sex
This is just an oxymoron. Next, the internet will be educating us all on safe, proper face-stomping with a boot.

No. 3538

Not abut pornography specifically but has anyone seen the controversy over Dua Lipa visiting a strip club?

No. 3540

File: 1580464278970.png (18.79 KB, 586x176, 23343423.PNG)

The libfems are at it again.

No. 3541

>"redistributing her wealth"
It's so funny seeing liberals appropriate Marxian terms to sound woke. They never shut up about "anti-imperialism", "gendered labor", and "decolonization" without understanding them either.

No. 3542

You have no Idea how much this hurts to read, as a socalist feminist

No. 3543

They seriously believe "gendered labor" is just spending hours putting on make-up and choosing clothes.

No. 3544

I think it's a big culture clash because I noticed most of the people criticising Dua were Latinas. They were calling the pro-Dua camp "gringos" and "libfems" and Americans were accusing the anti-Dua camp of being "Russian bots" and "SWERFS".

No. 3545

Western white liberals are so fucking stupid. I really think society is going to have to go ultra-conservative as a refresh for all that they've fucked up. I guess the tradfems might get to be real handmaidens soon.

No. 3547

Dua Lipa stuffed some bills into a black stripper's panties and apparently this is now wealth redistribution and anti-racism lmao.

No. 3549

I'm not surprised, Americans are way too pro-capitalist to see anything wrong with strip clubs, prostitution, etc.

No. 3554

The fact that so many women have to go this far to make a living… compared to men, who don't have strip and twerk, it's mostly a side gig to them for extra cash.

No. 3572

File: 1580536416257.jpg (54.05 KB, 192x325, Linda_Lovelace_photo.jpg)

Thoughts on Linda Lovelace ?

she was a porn actress in the 1970's who did a number of hardcore sex films, She later became a born again Christian, quit the Industry and became an important spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement(perhaps the most important at the time), she would give lectures on college campuses and testified about the dangers of pornography to government hearings, which broke the illusion of porn to the public
but she had a number of issues with in the movement, specifically against Dworkin whose atheism clashed against Linda's christian feminist beliefs, she also didn't like how Dworkin and MacKinnon used specifically her name in their antiporn work without ever asking for permission, plus she expected some more financial compensation as she felt she was arguably the most important speaker they had and was struggling financially to support herself

overall she ended up parting from the movement, which I feel may have done some great damage to anti-porn activism

No. 3574

TBH it's more that sex work pays way less for men so they do other dysfunctional things for survival like property crimes and selling drugs.

No. 3576

There's less demand for it obviously but also it's fucked up how this society is so dominated by straight male sexuality that we can sell women's bodies for sex.

No. 3577

>christian feminist
So not a real feminist then.

No. 3578

she went through horrendous trauma, rape and abuse and that rape is to this day almost free for the genral public to see, so the idea of an eternal paradise free from pain and suffering and a deity who forgives all your sins and loves you wouldn be appealing

No. 3580

I feel terrible for her and things that were done to her. I understand wanting permission to have her story ued, and a desire to earn money in a truly empowering way.
>which I feel may have done some great damage to anti-porn activism
We have girls and women (and even some gay men) coming out every day to talk about how terrible the industry is and how they were treated, but men and porn addicted handmaidens don't care. I don't think we can blame the lack of success of the antiporn movement on one female victim not taking part.

No. 3589

Outside of being a porn actor straight men think they have limited options because young, cute women aren't going to pay men for sex like they probably dream we would. They have a better chance sugar babying for rich, lonely old women or selling their ass to gay men.

No. 3598

Why do men insult the bodies of sex workers? Specifically sex trafficked ones? Imagine being forced to sex traffic, get raped, filmed while being raped, and posted on the internet just to get insulted. Men truly have no empathy and will see past horrible things in order to insult women's bodies.

No. 3646

File: 1580723914136.png (715.14 KB, 830x971, 423423323.PNG)

Not porn but holy fuck this is sickening. I hate how people think prostitution reduces rape and is necessary in a society. The law treats sex like it's a right for men and that prostitutes are a class of women that are "acceptable receptacles" for violent male behaviour.

>It is unbelievable that men who have killed their intimate partners would not only be allowed, but encouraged, to go to brothels while they are on parole and out on day passes.

>But that’s exactly what Canada’s parole board agreed to last September for Eustachio Gallese, 51, who had brutally murdered his wife in 2004.

>He had sexual needs, his caseworker told the board. But because Gallese wasn’t deemed ready to have relationships with a woman, buying sexual services was the solution to satisfying his “sexual needs.”


No. 3647

>>He had sexual needs
So fucking buy some lube and a copy of 50 Shades and masturbate like anyone else who can't get laid? I hate this bullshit that not fucking scrotes is some sort of violence against them, when really they want to commit sexualized violence against us.

No. 3653

In this case, he (previously: wife-murderer) did go on to murder the 22-year old sex worker. Those parole officers decided his cummies were more important than her life.

No. 3660

are you fucking kidding me? i'm so tired of everyone painting canada out to be this overly accomodating place for women and minorities. no. they show time and time again they accommodate COCKS under the guise of "human rights". that's it. this is sickening. men rarely can even be rehabilitated and need to be treated like the liabilities they are. sorry, you waive comfort or luxury when you decide to harm or murder innocent women, children and animals, in particular. this is senseless nonsense. there is no reason for this. just castrate them, who cares. literally imagine how many people approved this. what kind ship are they running that this would even be appropriate to be brought up ONCE, by anyone with any semblance of professionalism, and everyone not immediately laugh them out of town?

No. 3681

>let wife murderer go on parole to visit a prostitute because he has “sexual needs”
>he kills the prostitute

Wow who could have guessed?

No. 3707

>Muh degrading fetish is completely safe guys I swear!!
Get a hold of this pathetic cumbrain.

Fuck off literally anywhere else with your pathetic fetish flaunting retard, I don't know why did you think you'd be getting validation in here out of all places.

>Safe, proper chocking sex

Imagine how brainwashed you have to be to unironically fucking type this. Lol get help if you aren't some larping scrote. What a clusterfuck of a post is sad that there are women so fucked up in the head that do function like this and have violence this normalized…

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