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No. 4326

How did you peak? Are you currently peaking? Are you trying to peak someone else? Have you noticed others peaking over certain events?

No. 4328

I've been trying to peak my family and it's been working so far for those closer to me. My nephew (12) has showed all aspects of a groomed discord child into anime, femboys, etc. Yesterday he said he was a woman to my mother and she replied very casually "the most you can be is gay but you'll never be a woman" and I think these slow comments will have a better effect than sitting down with him just to talk about it. So after that I decided to talk to my family about the gruesome aspects of what happens to these kids and they seem to listen to me. I'd love to see if anyone else has peaking material about groomed kids because in the past year I've been worried about him and honestly his parents are the most stupid about it (father is homophobic and conservative, mother is cloudcuckoolander granola meditation mom).

No. 4332

I peaked after interacting with transbians that I thought were my friends. They all started coming onto me and trying to get me to be a they and I just couldn't take it. One of them in particular would send me very sexual messages about his life and send sneaky lewd things into selfies that he'd send (that I never even asked to view).

Currently I'm peaking my girlfriend who is generally pro trans but is completely shocked and disgusted when she hears the shit they do/say about lesbians. It's funny that she thinks she's a trans ally but they'd completely lynch her if they knew her views. She just doesn't quite realize how misaligned her views are with the TRA thing yet.

No. 4333

Thanks for creating this anon. I didn't want to shit up snow with blog posting.

I was raised traditionally Mexican where we were told we literally had to be in the Kitchen. Not fucking around where my brother would help my dad in the garage to build shit and I was stuck with my insane mother mopping floors, doing dishes, cleaning the fridge. I wasn't allowed to go or do anything because I was a girl. My brother had free range, was in middle school and gone all night hanging out with friends when I couldn't even go over to sleep overs with my one damn friend. Mother was ultra catholic so slut shaming was insane in my family. I hated being a girl. I was a weird tomboy and teased for being ugly. I loved video games and had no girls to relate to. I would have totally trooned out if I had the internet back then. I wore guy clothes, refused make up and didn't do anything feminine if I could help it. Luckily as a teen and mostly in college I started listening to Tori Amos (I know, I know) and started to understand that everything I felt was normal as a woman, especially the bitterness. I started listening to more female driven music like Bjork, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie Sioux, etc. I realized I didn't hate being a woman but I HATED how I was treated because I was a woman. As for peaking, it was only a matter of time; I like to call myself an old school feminist because I could never see sex work as empowering. I tried to be an "ally" but seeing how trans women claim to be real women while trying to compete, try to be special and only fight for trans women, I realized they do nothing for me so I didn't think it was worth caping for. I really started to become a TERF reading the MtF thread. At first it was only to cows, but realized the whole trans movement was invested with pedos, perverts and abusers.

No. 4345

>My nephew (12) has showed all aspects of a groomed discord child
That's so stomach-churning, that they are going after a 12 year old like this. I'm glad he has you and your mom.

No. 4347

Even when I was for trans rights I was already what they call "truscum" and thought there were so many transtrenders. Fast forward to 2020, I joined a LC server and thanks to all of the links and evidence they provided, effectively peaked. I haven't been successful in peaking anyone else unfortunately. I did attempt with one friend but went too fast with the info dump and now we don't talk anymore.

No. 4351

Read up on ROGD and the best way to handle kids who have it.

No. 4390

File: 1647813457212.jpg (59.4 KB, 500x523, 198121965_4153062788091701_674…)

I grew up on the fringe of femininity. I hated puberty, because I stopped being allowed around my guy friends and my mom was constantly afraid for me and my sister. My mom was a victim of horrible SA as a child and she was constantly scared of us falling victim to it, so she was overly vigilant. Instead of making me hate men, it made me hate womanhood. I had a female best friend who was constantly dating (4th grade onwards) and crying over guys, and my sister had to have an abortion at 15 because her 16 year old abusive boyfriend poked a hole in the condom. I did everything I could to be feminine but repel the guys around me in my small town, so I fell into alternative rock and wearing black eyeliner like a racoon around my eyes and cutting up my black hoodies and never wearing color. I might as well have been invisible, and that was fine with me.
I moved to my nearby big city, and fell in with the artsy music crowd. Gender special's werent really a thing yet, but it was coming. Within a couple of years, there were people my age (18-20) transitioning, whereas before you might see the odd CD or gen x TG, often MTF, but they were few and far between and VERY outsider. I was on tumblr from high school on, so I wasn't surprised, but what was surprising was how 'easy' they were making it seem compared to the trials and tribulation old school trannies constantly moaned about after a beer or two at the nightclubs and bars of the gayborhood. New trannies were getting laid, new trannies were clean and healthy and nothing like the old schoolers who looked like they'd been run over by life. New trannies were getting their art shown and sold, getting gigs at venues, getting interviewed by the local art and music mags and radio shows despite never playing live. It was strange to watch them get catapulted to the top for…putting on makeup? Shaving half their head and calling themselves Twig or Siv?
I didn't get it. I knew a lot of them came from better households, more money, but life was suddenly so easy for them whereas I was struggling to get by on two or three jobs and never had time to do art shows or go to live shows. I was miserable, and that was a bad feeling to have at the zeitgeist of this gender movement in the city. I was told by my sister and others on tumblr and in my friend circle that the real reason I was miserable and suicidal was not because I was being underpaid and overworked, it was not because people who made their bodies their PR were getting artistic achievements they didn't deserve while I grinded away day after day, it was because I was a boy! Suddenly everyone had the answers, where to go get the letter of recommendation, where to get free hormones, where to get a top surgery covered by insurance! I just had to do all of this and my life would turn around! My friends introducing me as a guy, with the male version of my given name, made me much more popular and well loved by the artists and musicians in my scene, despite nothing else about me changing. Just going from a goth girl to a goth guy, I was being invited to show after show, show my art here, we'll sell your art for hundreds of dollars guaranteed.
It was insulting. My hard work was the same as before. My personality was the same as before. All that changed was a binder and a name swap! But I realized I was also sacrificing my Self, for temporary popularity, for people who didn't care if I lived or died, and that's what they wanted. So I stopped. I came to the events as myself. My name, my body, being a woman. Back to obscurity. No more invites. No more smiles and introductions to the people who moved money in the art world.
I nearly destroyed my life. I had a doctor ready to lie to get my tits chopped. I had an appointment with a psychologist who would've happily signed off on hormones for me.
I constantly talk to detransitioners IRL, I keep in contact with others my age who went through it. Almost all of them ex-FTM. Almost all have the same story, of the sudden acceptance and respect from others in the gender-special scene being nearly worth it all. Nearly.
The gender cult is just doing what cults have always done. Preyed on the vulnerable.
I peaked when I realized I fell victim to a cult. I peak others by telling them they are enough as they are. I have watched people peak IRL and online for 12 years. It hasn't gotten better or worse, just more light has been shed on the issue, instead of it festering in the darkness.

No. 4391

I peaked when I was 18 years old when I came across a video about TIM crime statistics. I felt something click in my brain. I became curious and over the next few days I did more research about transgenderism and crime stats for like 10-15 minutes each day. Each time I did it I felt "naughty" and like I was doing something really bad, but over time I got used to it. I was naive and a moderate SJW as a teenager who thought all TIMs were like HSTS and innocent.

No. 4402

Although I never fully drank the kool-aid, it was the cotton ceiling and the attack on lesbians that truly peaked me. Straight moids were larping as lesbians, appropriating terms such as femme and butch, and getting endless praise for it. Straight moids telling lesbians that they just needed some dick was now considered progressive because the scrotes were in dresses. A lesbian, or any woman, refusing the advances of a troon was enough to brand the woman a TERF and a bigot, but the predatory male with an obvious fetish was coddled, celebrated, and given special treatment.

Other peaking honorable mentions:
>the promotion and glamorization of internalized misogyny which led to the ftm/fakeboi social contagion (which I myself nearly fell into)
>a relative trooning out and immediately turning into an AGP sex pest, posting nudes, crying about having a period, calling himself a lesbian and invading women's spaces
>women called TERF for saying they like being women
>moids not called TERF for…literally anything, even if they beat and kill troons
>women deplatformed left and right for criticizing and questioning the trans cult
>moid commentators (ben shapiro, steven crowder, tim pool etc) never deplatformed for criticizing and questioning the trans cult
>twanswimmin never deplatformed for making death and rape threats against women; women deplatformed for calling a man a man
>women called birthing bodies, bleeders, vagina-havers
>moids not called ejaculators, prostate owners, or scrotum-havers
>the billions lobbied on behalf of trans legislation, supported by both sides of the aisle because both sides are invested heavily in the pharmaceutical corps that manufacture HRT
>the cronenbergian horror show of SRS (see the many medical malpractice lawsuits against dr. crane)
>the massive push to expose kids to this shit, which should peak literally everyone

No. 4411

in no particular order:
>watching scrotes get called out in online communities for actual predatory behaviour and then immediately be forgiven as soon as they "come out" as MtF.
>online hobby group that a friend referred me to, would worship their star tranny and his big boobs OC. during voice chats, he would call me misogynistic slurs and put my character down for having smaller boobs. the group gave him a free pass to be misogynistic and put down womens' bodies bc he claimed "muh dysphoria" so I just left. ditched the "friend" as well because scrotes stick together.
>child rapists being allowed to transfer to women's prisons because they "identify as a girl" now.
there's more and this is only the tip of the iceberg. my only solace is knowing I'm not alone.

No. 4417

I’ve always been somewhat weary of the trans movement, particularly AGPs. I never had a problem with FtMs or nonbinaries and I still don’t have as much of an issue with them as AGPs, aside from their totally misreading and misunderstanding that discomfort with womanhood is 100% natural and beyond common. Anyway, I lurked the truscum subreddit for a while, mostly loling at xenogender discourse. Always felt bad about it though. What really peaked me was the Texas anti abortion laws and the fact that basically zero FtMs online we’re talking about it, preferring to talk about the Texas anti trans kid law, which gained a lot more attention. Then womens day happened and literally every single post I saw about it was about trans women. It vaguely struck me that trans women don’t really give a shit abt women in general. I also remember seeing more discourse about “menstruators” and, having always disagreed with that terminology, experienced the straw breaking the camel’s back. Eventually I found the FtM threads, read anecdotes from anons about trans women invading women’s spaces, being creepy irl, etc. And that was that.

No. 4419

The lovely women of lolcow played a featured role in my peaking:
>long-time internet nerd, leftist, and bisexual gay rights supporter
>spent a good amount of time in the late 2000s on livejournal in fandom, celeb, and drama communities
>things used to be really fun in those communities until the social justice warriors (aka woke) started to take over with their no-fun-allowed bullshit
>I'm here for House memes, stop proselytizing
>actually agree with many of their main points, but jfc do they ever shut up?
>remember rolling my eyes at people calling out the use of the word "dumb" because it's ~ableist~
>started to lose interest in a lot of places online because of this new sjw bullshit that was literally everywhere
>people were forced to conform, every online space and comment section turned into echo-chambers
>even fuckin cracked.com caved to boring idpol think-pieces and essays on why fatphobia is the worst oppression ever
>reddit went through a women renaissance at some point in the early 2010s when subs like twoX, menwritingwomen, and badwomensanatomy were at their peak
>started noticing a lot of ugly, unkempt troons making it to the top of r/all from hair and make-up subs
>decided to filter those subs bc don't care about hair and make-up
>didn't think anymore about it until years later
>fell in with the bad crowd at r/fatpeoplehate and mostly keked at their cries of oppression
>r/fph banned and I was honestly shocked at how dishonest reddit was with the decision
>reddit claimed it was because a photo of imgur admin had been "doxed"
>but it was a public photo on their company website
>others say that reddit didn't want r/fph to make them look bad to advertisers
>but this was while they still hosted many racist subs, rape subs, pedo subs, and of course porn galore
>somehow get linked to lolcow because of Kadee Konstantino (while she was still alive)
>always loved internet drama so started to explore other threads
>notice a very large amount of troons that show up as cows both here and on kf
>found the gender critical thread and they pointed me to r/gendercritical
>at first was a bit skeptical because had previously been okay with troons, but thought they were all ultra-fey gay men
>Jonathan Yaniv happens
>I peak hard, fast, and never turn back
>went back and read all the previous gender critical threads
>learn about transbians, barf
>learn about AGP, barf
>learn about how many are into diapers, furry shit, pedo shit, barf
>thank you for helping me see the light, lolcow
>watch as all of the awesome women-centered subs on reddit get taken over by troons
>watch as every sub gets taken over by troons
>downfall of r/gc
>just like with r/fph, they got too big and gained too much attention
>reddit also lied about why r/gc was banned claiming abuse, harassment, brigading, and basically everything that the troons and tras do
>around 5 years later and I'm exhausted
>each year something happens that makes me think "this'll be the thing that peaks the world!"
>world never peaks
>don't know how people who peaked even earlier handle it, tbh
>feel like nothing will peak the world at this point

No. 4422

I never actually thought they were women, but I figured they were going through something I couldn't even fathom. And I tried to be empathetic and open minded about it.
In this video game community I was in, like clockwork, every other week some guy would troon out in a Twitlonger post. This was in 2016-2018 when tranny stuff was really taking over. And now all the weekly Twitlonger posts are from fakebois saying some troon groomed them when they were underage. It's almost like this gender shit didn't fix anything and males will still take advantage of young females or something.
Anyway, what really peaked me was stumbling upon the subreddits r/itsafetish and r/neovaginas. It really opened my eyes and connected all the dots. And I saw horrors that still haunt me to this day. Conveniently, those subreddits got banned just weeks after I found them. There was even a rise of posts from scrotes realizing they're porn addicted AGPs. The discord tranny brigade probably noticed this rise and did their dirty work to get those subs removed.
A while after that, I remade a Tumblr and someone I followed reblogged an argument with a radfem where the radfem "lost". They got an anon asking them to delete the reblogs bc it triggered them. It made me curious. So I clicked on the radfem's Tumblr before the reblog was deleted and the rest is history.

No. 4423

How do I peak my pro trans mother? She's a highly intelligent divorced leftist in a male-dominated field, I have absolutely no idea how she believes the things she says. I'm also a leftist but like anons have been saying, I'm politically homeless now. She used to have feminist principles. I've tried sending her things, talking about it (she laughed a few times, kek fml) and she got a bit upset when I misgendered a TIF in private (not even to the TIFs face) and this, along with her unexpected handmaiden bullshit defending blokes in dresses she hangs out with as being "so much happier when he can go outside as a woman!"
That's all annoying, but she doesnt want me talking to family about it and she's deep in the LGBTQIA+ Queer Spaces, most of her friends are gay or "queer" (straight but dress bohemian, that seems to be all it takes these days) and it really, really, really looks like a cult from the outside. I can't even have a proper conversation about it because of this aspect it sounds like I'm insulting her friends (who I like and consider good people tied up with an idealogical cult and mass delusion), please help anons

No. 4424

Scroll through some of the MTF threads with her. Troons are experts at peaking people.

No. 4561

Peaked after my ex boyfriend started to use my makeup and steal my dresses, after lurking my tumblr in the early 2010s making sure I was supportive of TRANS RIGHTS!! so I couldn't stand against him
He hoped

No. 4570

I'm a trans desister who peaked because of the MTF threads. I owe the Nonas in those threads so much.

No. 4573

unironically magdalene peaked me, and I'm thankful everyday for it.

I used to be subscribed to a bunch of "anti sjw" type channels like shoe0nhead back in 2016-2017. one of them was called prince of queens. I can't believe I actually liked his videos at the time, he was an unbearable misogynistic gay scrote. he was supposed to do a stream with mags but they had a falling out.

anyway I went to her channel and I realized I had blindly been believing in a bunch of trans bullshit because I wanted to be accepting. any time I had a problem with anything surrounding trans ideology I'd just tell myself I was being close minded. I also didn't think very deeply about anything regarding trans people. I'm pretty confident in saying that I would have peaked at some point, but it would have taken longer. mags really helped me see through all the bullshit.

RIP mags </3

No. 4577

My peakening is kind of in the works. I've always been a very live and let live person.

I came across my first mtf when I was super young. My grandmother explained some people feel they aren't born in the right body. Okay.

I became more aware of them when I was a teenager and I started seeing ftms on the internet. Again, okay, whatever. I became close friends with a tim. I dated a girl who bought into gender fluidity. It all seemed harmless.

But the past few years have been insane. All the shit we see in the news and then a dude in my friend group decides to come out to me. Idk if it was because I'm the only other lgbt in the friend group, idk if it was because it was my birthday party and he just wanted some attention. He says he always felt like a woman and he has all these dreams. Says all the girls he likes are lesbians so he's going to be one. Says he can't wait to try scissoring with the rotting crotch hole he's so excited to get. He posted a go fund me that went nowhere, and supposedly was supposed to started hormones. He wears these ratty wigs and clothes from 2007. Horrible fake breasts that sit at his armpits. I can't call him by his female name. I don't want to talk at all. All I see when I think of this dude is fetish. It's all fetish, with all of them. It had already been a terrible time with me, trying to figure out whether I'm bi or gay or do I just hate men. The word lesbian had been drilled into me as being a bad thing by my mother. It took a long time to be able to say I'm a lesbian. Then this dude puts on a wig and says he's a lesbian. I'm so sick of them appropriating lesbianism I want to eat pussy I don't want to suck dick or try to lick open wounds leave me alone.

All of my lesb subreddits have been taken over by ugly men that you're not allowed to complain about. I started realising that men hate women. They hate us having our own spaces and everything they do is an attempt to minimize us.

I don't think I can take another trans person seriously. At this point if I could avoid them forever that'd be great.

Nonny I love tori

No. 4620

I was very understanding to them in the beginning, thinking that it was real. So I started reading libfem tumblrs to get a better idea on how to support them. But I was lead to radfem tumblrs because of all the fighting happening in the reblogs. I used to use reddit a lot at the time so I was subbed to r/girlgamers but then slowly realized that 80% of the posters were troons and got super annoyed for some reason I couldn't understand back then. But now I know I was pissed because troons were overtaking all spaces designated for women. Couldn't even vent on r/girlgamers about being harassed without a tranny popping in to say it made him feel vAlIdAtEd as a woman to experience it.

I found r/gendercritical and started reading people's personal experiences with trannies, screenshots of harassment, screenshots of trannies being degenerate…but what really sealed the deal is a tranny being added into my friend group. I was peaked because every reference or joke he made was porn or hentai related, and he only wanted to talk about sexual things. He even sexualized things like motherhood, abortions, etc. That is when I finally understood that troons are just porn sick males and that they are truly disgusting.

No. 4630

Peaked since i noticed a lot were porn sick. Last straw for me was when I read about their "periods" lol.

No. 4688

>I was subbed to r/girlgamers
I remember years ago when that sub was actually good and it was just a bunch of women venting about sexist gamer scrotes and chatting about cool shit beyond CoD. Now you can’t move an inch without hearing representation this or twaw that. Actual gaming barely even gets discussed anymore. It’s disgusts me what it’s become especially when it used to be one of the few real holdouts for female gamers when the industry was going through its come to jesus moment in the 2010s with gamergate and Anita Sarkeesian calling out shit in games that we’d all gotten tired of.

No. 4749

I peaked because trans people are overly sensitive and whenever I’m around them I feel like walking over eggshells. You gotta watch every word you say around these people and that’s extremely tiresome.

No. 4814

My ex told me he sometimes felt "spiritually female" and was always talking about how I wasn't in touch with some sacred feminine energy inside myself and how he thought I had more of a male brain (because I’m not a stereotype of a woman, I guess?). Lot of weird annoying shit like that but framing it as him trying to empower me. Then he would start sentences with "If I was a woman, I would…" but would be so dismissive of the issues I experienced from actually being a woman myself. Took me way too long to realise what an abusive creep he was, until he turned violent.

That's how I have always seen TiMs who talk about their female "spirit". Delusional, egotistical neanderthals who see being a woman as a new frontier that they can conquer. They pretend it's something from their soul but it’s all about superficial performance and aesthetics.

Then I guess getting flashed by a cross-dresser, and seeing how much pleasure he took from the look of horror on my face.

I realised that they just see us as pawns in their pathetic fetish games.

No. 4828

I didn't pay much attention to trannies when I was younger, but somewhere around 2016 I wanted to get out of my nlog 4chan phase and get into social issues more, which is what kind of led me to contrapoints. Truth be told I always saw him as a flamboyant dude but I had the "if they're not hurting anybody it's fine" opinion so I was pretty whatever about it.
Then he came out with the Beauty video, where he talks about getting ffs and the whole concept of it really shattered any positive opinion I had of trannies. It really bothered me that he got a nose job under the guise of ffs when his nose was similar to mine. If he's actually a woman, why does he feel the need to change his features and then call it feminization surgery? Does that mean women with those features are also entitled to ffs? Doesn't ffs just serve to prove that he's not actually a woman, so why do we have to pretend that he is one? It was just such bullshit I couldn't let go of that video and I started researching a bit more about it. Then it led me back to lolcow which I've been on and off visiting since /cgl/ banned drama, and I finally started to understand a bit of that terf speak I'd usually gloss over.

No. 4893

File: 1650661410980.png (794.24 KB, 912x1006, why.PNG)

This is all you need.
I came across this on Twitter with a bunch of troons celebrating and saying how she deserved it for being ebil twansphobe. I thought it was over something like transphobic comments. But no. She simply was associated with a TERFy woman's organization and received death threats over it. These are the reactionary savages we are up against. Someone deserves death threats and harassment because they just happen to be a degree or two away from an organization that believes in protecting women and does not tolerate your mental illness. And she deserves that harassment in your eyes, even though she did fucking nothing. Seeing the reactions to this has tilted my peak-o-meter into far beyond the red. Though I wouldn't doubt the troons retweeting this didn't even read the article or why she was being harassed to begin with.

No. 4982

File: 1651306102559.png (1002.51 KB, 1154x972, i01aqejul4e11.png)

What peaked me was probably spending time on (allegedly) leftist spaces online and seeing how they defended MtFs more than actual women. I'm talking about the users, of course. Because in theory, they were all for women's rights! But as soon as a female user suggested that porn is not good, the males went apeshit. It only got worse when actual incels started to take over the site, but I digress, and don't want to talk about it anyway. Also, for a while I hanged out in another place more than the one I'm talking about, but eventually became tired of the resident trannies only talking about porn, lolicon, fucking each other in the ass, etc. I thought they would be less annoying than the males at the other place, or that I would have more fun talking to them because they seemed more chill and not afraid of being autists, and wanted to tolerate them because I thought "oh they're just extremely depressed just like me and that's why they're like that", but in the end it turned out that they were just like any other scrote and that I had practically nothing in common with them besides my political values, so it got boring and annoying pretty quickly. (Also, there was a huge controversy there when it turned out that a bunch of them were actual pedophiles who supported real-life pedophilia, and not just 2D lolicon. Thanks to this, I've forever stopped believing in the "drawings =/= reality" and "lolicons don't like real children/support real pedophilia" memes, which was the only thing preventing me from being against loli, and this led to me later becoming anti-porn. As for that place, I've never visited it again.)
Therefore, I went back to the other place, but it wasn't much better.
When it came to porn, in addition to being unable of not objectifying women for more than 5 seconds, they loved tranny porn, and there were a few troons in the userbase who loved attention and talking about sex and their fetishes. So talking about trannies, autogynephilia and tranny porn in a positive light was extremely common despite the supposed anti-LGBTQ+ attitude, and for me, it was tiring, even though I understood that everyone was very sexually frustrated and depressed, since even I felt like that (but could rarely talk about what I really liked because virtually no one would relate, or, at worst, I'd get mocked for having my own preferences). What definitely horrified me was how they would defend things like being porn and hentai addicts to slowly "explore your gender identity" to "realize you're trans", and sharing videos of troons jacking off in women's bathrooms or sucking each other's dicks in public, which the mods would do nothing about because they allowed porn, no matter how crude or extreme or blatantly misogynistic or racist, and few other users would openly find disgusting. Also, it was very clear that their obsession with sissies, feminization, etc. was rooted in misogyny, and that really bothered me, deep down. The sissy shit was also frequently mixed with raceplay and cuckshit, which we were supposed to mock neo-Nazis for liking. So you could say that I peaked, became anti-porn and became pinkpilled almost at the same time because of these shitty experiences with porn-addicted scrotes. Eventually, I just couldn't stand it anymore, I was fed up.
I really used to not give a shit about this, although the place wasn't that bad at the time, and transphobic males (who also happened to be misogynistic and reactionary) annoyed the fuck out of me when they whined about rent-free trannies out of nowhere. But I'm ashamed to admit that I agree with them now (only on the reality of male troons, of course).
I really don't give a shit if MtF trannies are ugly as sin (not that I don't care about their other problems), and since that was often the way male transphobes would attack them, I dismissed those attacks and kept defending and justifying trans ideology, which was easy to do with some supposed sources on the biological/hormonal/neurological basis for gender dysphoria that also justified hormone therapy. I still don't care about their appearance being repulsive, in general I don't care about people's looks, but the way I think about the psychology behind trannyism has changed. I no longer believe it's ok for people to cope with their mental illnesses by becoming even more mentally ill and intentionally damage their own bodies, to cope with not fitting arbitrary gender roles by enforcing gender roles for both sexes, or to make others mentally ill so they'll start to question their identity and want to change their natural bodies. It's just not right, it makes no sense when TRAs claim to be against patriarchy, misogyny and traditional gender roles, while also claiming that sex and gender are separate and both as real, that gender is made of those same retarded gender roles that they're supposed to be against, and that porn-addicted AGP autistic males LARPing as hyperfeminine women and claiming that rape is a good thing actually is somehow progressive. I started to question why everybody is alright with permanently-damaging hormones and surgery as the "solution" to "gender dysphoria" (it's not even a good solution, since they'll never have the body of the opposite sex), but not with looking for a better method of treating trans people's mental illness that doesn't involve transitioning but isn't grounded in old-school homophobia or prejudices either. Also, everybody wants to just ignore the sex obsession part (which is important but everybody is way too brainwashed by "sex-positivity" bullshit to realize it, and if you're against extreme "sex-positivity" you're somehow a prude who thinks sex is unnatural and sinful, and not taken seriously), and the fact that other kinds of dysphoria, body image, self-esteem or identity issues are taken much more seriously and treated as a problem to be avoided but transgenderism isn't. I realized all of this thanks to the TERF threads on CC, mostly.
Also why do scrotes need to want to become female, and reproduce harmful gender stereotypes for women, to be able to empathize with us or admire us? Why can't they just identify as GNC males? Why do they have to turn it all into a fetish? Pic related.

On the FtM side, I think I peaked because I realized that women troon out because of the misogyny, low self-esteem and social pressure to fit into traditional gender roles that we all suffer, as well as mental illness and/or autism, and trauma. Women use it as a way to escape from all of this, which in some cases is, unfortunately, the best way out, because the society or environment they live in is too harsh. Like others in this thread have already said, often the problem isn't that they hate being women, but that they hate how they're treated as women. This was pretty easy to see not only because I'm a woman, but also because I've been a tomboy/GNC for as long as I can remember, but at one point I wished to be a male so badly and hated my own body so much that I was about to troon out. I have to thank the psychologist who was my therapist when I was in high school/college, he prevented me from becoming a fakeboi, although his solution to my problem was to get a boyfriend and have sex because that would make me feel validated sexually as a woman and I'm not too sure about that theory (but I was a pornsick fujo so it might've been true in my specific case. Perhaps if I hadn't been like that and obsessed with idealized gay sex, I would've never had to feel validated through straight sex). Regardless, I feel that he really saved me, although I still struggle with being a somewhat masculine but straight woman in a society that doesn't generally accept anything different from the norm. I did tell him that as a masculine or GNC woman, my ideal partner would be a "feminine" man that is just "feminine" enough for me but not too much, but that's hard to find, especially these days kek. I guess this preference also helped harbor gender-critical thoughts since my peaking process started.

NTA but thank you so much for suggesting this. It's exactly what I talk about often but I didn't know there was an actual name for it. That's literally what happens to the vast majority of trannies nowadays, especially terminally online teenagers, it's so insane that this theory has been dismissed and completely ignored because it dares challenge the idea that troonism is totally real and valid.

No. 5009

what made me peak was having a nice, civil conversation with a radfem on twitter. we were arguing about the concept of femininity and using makeup, but after the radfem realized i was just like her (ex-muslim, dysphoric, female, etc.) she apologized for being harsh and was pretty respectful for how i identified back then despite disagreeing and showing some concerns. we bonded over our similarities to the point where i told her my current home situation and she gave me tips on how to be independent and said "my dms are always open." this shocked me to my core. the trans cult taught me that TERFs want me dead and aim to hurt me, not that they were just like me and see me despite our differences.

the interaction then inspired me heavily to research about radical feminism and TERFs all the while i asked the same radfem many questions and things i was unsure about radical feminism. her answers, RF's real goals and purpose, and lurking on radtwt then made me peak even more to the point where i found out my gender dysphoria was just rooted in my sexual abuse/trauma and that i'm a (butch) lesbian.

it all happened at once within 2 weeks that it was incredibly overwhelming. i felt raw, unadulterated anger for having realized that i was lied to since i was around 12 by the cult, and used by it. i also felt a great sense of betrayal, and grief over the years i've spent hating myself and being paranoid over nothing. it's difficult to put into words how heartbreaking yet disgusting it is to realize it all, even after repeatedly talking about it with other radfems.

after getting radicalized, i had to tell my TIF girlfriend at the time. I told her how i don't see her as both a man and a woman, but just as a woman due to my lesbianism. she felt uncomfortable at first but didn't mind it as much, but still wanted me to reaffirm her identity every now and then. after peaking even more, i told her i'm a TERF. she was incredibly shocked and asked me a few questions about my stance before declaring that she cannot associate with me anymore due to having a TIM cousin and friends who are also trans-identified. i was shocked about the TIM cousin part, because she never told me, but nonetheless i respected her decision and left it at that.

i then went on my tumblr to vent/laugh about the breakup and how i've essentially gotten dumped over men in dresses despite apparently being the most important person in her life. she didn't take it lightly and "OP is a terf!"-ed me along with making herself the victim. i then kept laughing about her reaction and the childish things she'd say (like "you aren't going to go far when you're stuck with a family who already severely limit what you can do, shithead","get better if you don't end up killing yourself", etc etc.) and she'd continue to try and frame me as the bad guy despite being honest with her and not expecting anything from her. obviously i started to get loads of hate anons in my askbox over it and it was clear that no matter what i said, no one would care. and so i deleted everything along with the personal information that i had shared with her and my tumblr. she thinks she's won after i had done so, but really it was just so that i wouldn't be connected back to this incident in the future or ruin anything for me.

this all happened so recently that i'm still taking it all in. i'm not depressed or devastated that i had lost my ex, nor have i cried as much as i thought i would, but i do pity her greatly. i mean, if one view can make you react like that, then are you really going to have anything genuine in life? even before getting radicalized i thought losing people over certain political views was a little ridiculous and inconsiderate of the nuance in such relationships. but i digress.

the breakup only reconfirmed to me that it's a cult and thrives off of making their victims isolate themselves from people that have not shown any ill will towards them whatsoever. i've never said that i wanted her dead and yet she told her followers that i want her, her family, and friends dead. but you know who wanted me dead? her. she'd spout so many death threats to me and even said somewhere, "you're lucky you never told me where you lived, i would've hunted you down and killed you myself." it scared me a little to know that this is the same person i had thought was kind and understanding, but suddenly showed homicidal tendencies towards me and wanted to doxx me all because i think men cannot be women. i didn't think she'd be this insane about it, but here we are.

i'm also a little disheartened to know that even after writing paragraphs explaining it all and talking about my trauma, she didn't care. she still made it all about herself and told me that my trauma isn't an excuse, completely dismissing it. through that i've also realized that she just used me for money and attention.

i'm honestly glad that i have peaked now. i was a trans man planning on chopping off my breasts and i'm super fucking relieved i hadn't actually gone through it or any other medical procedure. i would've deeply regretted it, especially now that i'm liking my natural body more and more and my gender dysphoria becoming less significant. they weren't kidding when they said they're grooming gnc kids/(butch) lesbians into it all. it's maddening how they convinced so many that this is a thing and that it's all reversible and good. people's desperation, trauma, and insecurities are not for you to use and exploit.

now that i barely have anyone in my life who's trans-identified or vehemently a TRA, i can breathe and be myself. i still have a long way to go as an 18 year old but it's still good to have it all figured out now rather than later. i still plan on getting therapy for my dysphoria and trauma in the near future. but yeah, i have so much room to explore and develop genuine relationships now than i had before. before i was all paranoid, scared shitless, and incredibly insecure and delusional. now i feel clean, understood and belonging by other radfems, and confident. i also plan on radicalizing people i develop a bond with if it comes down to that because i refuse to have any of these pieces of shit in my life again. i've trusted them too much only to get hurt and disrespected in the end.

peaking has improved my life so much in just 3 weeks, and it's all thanks to my newfound friend.

No. 5011

File: 1651470804845.jpg (35.87 KB, 640x444, yu1ixkue5pi41.jpg)

the debut of the MTF thread in /snow/, as well as r/itsafetish and gendercritical. RIP. i peaked almost immediately after realising how fucking annoying and gross they actually are after spending several years being a massive handmaiden. i think it was their perverted and distorted view of normal women that pissed me off. their shitty logic crumbles pretty quickly if you use common sense and arent interested in entertaining the delusions of annoying people. i used to feel so guilty and evil about it in the beginning. its been about 2 years at this point

No. 5014

I think straight up telling your gf you’re a terf was a mistake, you could have tried to slowly peak her, but I’m glad you finally peaked!

No. 5016

that's true i gotta admit haha, she was agreeing with everything i was saying up until that point. it's just that we've been nothing but honest with each other the entire relationship that i thought it'd work out like it had many times before, but i was horribly wrong. still i'm glad she's out of my life honestly.

also thank you, you're so sweet<333

No. 5025

Really proud of you nona, I was expecting you to at least be in your mid-twenties but hearing you're only 18 was a pleasant surprise. It's nice to know even with zoomers getting hit hard with all the troon brainwashing you still managed to overcome it. It's great you ended up connecting with a woman who had a similar background. You're ahead of the game for sure.
Perhaps but it wasn't her responsibility to help her ex see the light and the way the ex reacted was disturbing (although not outside of the norm for TRAs).

No. 5026

Anon mine was similar to you but funny enough i peaked because of contra talking about gender critical and hons. led me to a ton of subreddits that are now deleted until i found pinkpill on here. my gf at the time went from being a shy butch to a themby and i slowly mentioned how i thought the trans stuff was bulshit. it lead to a conversation of if i was excluding "trans women" from feminism where i said yes. she basically lost it at that point saying she couldn't be around me. things basically went silent after that with her no longer contacting me despite the years we knew each other. thank god she doesn't know where i live if she wanted to send people after me. i cant delete our conversations which i highly regret as time passes but i am happy we split. there's no way in hell i would want any tra people in my life anymore. all i accept are women as my friends now because none of the male friendships i had ended well. if the world really keeps peaking and musk buying out twitter gets rid of them in mainstream i will be so happy with a sigh of relief. it disgusts me women have to live in fear of caring for their fellow women, their rights, kids in terms of all this but active pedos, groomers, racist men are basically ignored. women shouldn't be witch hunted for stating actual statistics compared to that.

No. 5064

thank you so much, you're so kind haha! and yeah no not at all lmao, in fact i've seen many radfems in the community as young as 15 as well. but i really am and i couldn't be more grateful for that and everything else that happened even though it was terrible for the most part.

yeah :/ i tried and tried but her friends and her cousin ended up holding more weight so even then she wouldn't have truly listened to me. ironically though she said the same thing about me in her rant and that she's "not sticking around to help" lol. she's way too far gone in the cult unfortunately.

No. 5065

i agree with everything you said, definitely. either way i hope this genuinely dies down and never comes back up again because i've seen so many end up severely hurt than i have. it's ridiculous. even doctors are scared to tell the actual truth and would rather chase the bag than have to deal with a lawsuit. but i'm really sorry about what happened with you and your ex, it breaks my heart to hear another butch got drawn into it. i hope she also peaks at some point if it isn't too late for her.

but yeah all i accept irl is other women. i don't give men the time nor much of my attention unless i have to (like a teacher at school, etc.). centering women and women only so far has been helping me so much in both making me feel safe and connected to all kinds of women (other woc, poor women, etc.), so much so i've genuinely thought about going to an all women's college, but i still have an aversion to the concept of college and debt unfortunately. i'm sure i'll figure it out though.

i do the same thing online as well and stay in terf/rf spaces only, which is arguably easier than irl. i'm in a discord server full of other women of all ages and it's awesome. i've never realized how much i needed to be around other women who both understood me and accepted each other's differences, and not people that have only ultimately hurt and used me.

but yeah i overall feel much more sane and grounded in reality than before lmao. that has done wonders for me and it continues to.

No. 5354

I attended a mh group a few years ago, and one day we were introduced to the tranny. When I tell you I was instantly confused it's an understatement. Mini skirt, beard, fishnets, shitty eyeliner.. you know the type. I am fairly open minded and was a handmaiden back then so I was nice and befriended them. One day, a few of us were going for drinks and a bitch afterwards and he said could he come. I had no issues so sure, he was welcomed. Somewhere between leaving the pub and waiting for the bus, he pivoted the conversation onto his FETISH, of sticking things up his arse, constantly masturbating and posting this online. Being "nice (push over)" I engaged, made a suggestion about how he should try make money out of it if he's already doing it for free. He then proceeds to show me and my lesbian friend countless photos of his porn selfies. We're talking tail dildos, machines, all whilst wearing lingerie. Eventually we said explicitly "pack it in" after countless missed social cues bc of course he's like that. Still doesn't get it, making a near 2 hour bus journey home AWFUL. Said friend and I made up some excuse as to how we needed to go home just to avoid being around him.

The BEST part is that when we brought up how uncomfortable and how it was such an awful experience to feel trapped in this situation to the mh group the following week, a PSYCHOLOGIST said we were being dramatic, he didn't do anything wrong, it's not illegal and if we felt so strongly about it to go to the police, making a mockery of us for feeling a way about it at all.

That handmaiden of a psychologist peaked me more than the tranny did I think. Thanks for the thread, I've never been able to get this off my chest.

No. 5399

File: 1653188879326.jpeg (18.62 KB, 274x247, 32BBD04B-BB44-4307-BDED-0F84EB…)

Peaked even harder when I found out my pedo dad had transitioned. My best friend’s pornsick balding boyfriend thinks he’s trans. (While mooching off of her for the past ~2 years, she found out he hasn’t been saving money for them to move to a more “progressive” country where he can transition; instead he’s been blowing his paychecks on shit food and OF). She’s been venting bits and pieces to me about how terrible it’s been dealing with his “dysphoria” and I finally got her to open up more about it . I tried to give neutral commentary on some of the things she shared, but in a way that could get her to start thinking about how males transitioning are always for the coom vs females transitioning due to trauma, harassment, etc.

No. 6436

I think I reached my ultimate peak when my cousin trooned out and started showing up to family events wearing a breastplate, coomer chokers, those shitty aliexpress tennis skirts, and thigh high socks. This fucker gets away with everything too, he just sits in his room all day playing video games or whatever and nobody bats an eye; while the actual girls in my family are heavily critiqued and have expectations placed on them. My mum also had the nerve to suggest that the ONLY reason the troon cousin wouldn’t get pregnant was because he stays in his room all day. The brain rot is unbearable nonnies. My parents used to be insanely anti-trans, they used to argue with me when I was a teenager and insisted that my TIF friend was totally 100% a real man now, so I don’t know how the roles were completely reversed in the past 8 years kek
My friends are huge handmaidens and/or they/thems so it’s impossible to breach the subject. I don’t see them much anymore though, so it’s not a huge deal.
My boyfriend is pretty strongly anti-trans as well, so I’m thankful to have someone in my life to be terfy irl with kek
Not to be super sappy or anything but the farms have been such a safe haven, i love u all

No. 7798

File: 1673559679724.png (377.08 KB, 471x471, DB8C5DF2-8E84-4CEE-BB97-2B735E…)

Oddly, I’ve hit true peak trans after reading about Assigned Male Comics’s nasty posts on KF. I started slowly peaking though after my ex-fwb (MTF) kept violating my boundaries (I started that relationship but it got weird fast); I was in college, a libfem Tumblr gendie, and I thought I was bi at the time. Discovered radblr, had a bunch of drama with former fandom “friends” over radical feminism from a narc TiF lmao.

Also, every single MTF I’ve ever met in real life has either been creepy or managed to have the nastiest hair known to mankind somehow.

No. 9313

I was all in support of troons the first few years, but then it started to feel weird how they suddenly started to pop up like mushroom everywhere. Even people I knew that previously had no issue with their genders suddenly trooned out or called themselves the opposite sex despite still presenting as man/woman, cosplayers that mostly dressed up as male characters suddenly "relating a bit too much" to the character larp, etc. I'm sure all of you already get it.
Then the fucking whining and moving the goalpost slowly becoming more obvious to me. You couldn't criticize troons nor bring up detransitioners without someone crying violence, bullying, or make up their own logic as to why someone would detransition.
Then both I, my straight friends and my lesbian friends, started being called transphobic for not dating troons and I had it.

No. 9654

Starting to question if it's worth trying to peak people or not. They kind of have to be ready to peak on their own or they won't listen, typical cult behaviour after all. But then again, if you don't plant the seed and let them know they're allowed to question trans ideology will they ever get there? And there are many normies who are just going along with it without thinking at all, maybe those are the only ones worth trying to peak.

No. 9697

i peaked a couple of people, some more than others. You gotta do it softly. I tell them various tranny stories like the testosteronejew story or that i saw that "dick" covered in hair, tampon thief… You tell them like 2 stories a month so it's not forced and it worked well. Must be more difficult to peak burgers though.

No. 9846

i think what fully peaked me is that gender dysphoria disorder was removed from the DSM-5. even though, there's a statement within the criteria of each mental disorder that states that a disorder is fully recognized as long as there's a great amount of distress that affects every aspect of a person's life; physically, mentally, occupation, relationships, and etc.

it's ironic for trans people to say you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans or that therapy or psychological evaluation is a long, unnecessary process. even though they need hormones, surgery, change their names, address them in a different pronoun. they also can't stand looking at themselves because their ideal and real self clashes from the disparity and for them to be addressed by their deadname causes dysphoria. they also change their relationship with friends and family and even their workplace either for the better or worse.

what they're dealing with differs from people who are bisexual and gay and yet they want to be lumped to a group of people for oppressions points and forced unity, now they're trying to force themselves into women's space even tho women only managed to receive their rights only a few years ago.

it's not fair they get people to kneel in front of them and yet women and LGB and other minorities of society have to fight for years, losing lives and face actual oppression.

No. 9851


Cosplay is the worst scene for this. We need a secret peaked cosplayer club.

No. 10597

I think I started to peak when Roe v. Wade was overturned in some of the States and was annoyed by liberals and their reluctance to call women women but are happy to call men exactly what they are. Does that men that FtMs have privilege because they call themselves men? It made me realise that no matter what females identify as, we cannot identify ourselves out of sex-based oppression. I've always believed that biological women's issues are different to MtFs, but like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I'd be eviscerated for sharing this opinion.

I also started watching Mag Berns bc for the first time I needed to listen to different perspectives and everything she said made sense. I'm not comfortable with the nebulous concept of gender identities or that they are somehow innate. It's not something you can think too deeply about before you get reprimanded for asking too many questions.

A male sexually assaulted my female friend at university a few years back. He now identifies as a trans woman and if very popular, setting up a gofundme to get private treatment for his "dysphoria". Since he was high up in a society, my friend reported him to others, but they said they would "keep an eye" on him as if he won't do it again. I hate him so much and I hate how handmaid's fucking fawn over him for being stunning and brave while I know he's a sex pest.

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