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File: 1645810955145.jpg (18.48 KB, 340x330, 1645648858124.jpg)

No. 4254


I have always been interested (and disgusted) by how males operate on a mental level, so I thought it would be kinda interesting to make a thread discussing strange male behaviors and how to spot them in the wild. We can discuss things both niche and autistic and huge behavioral red flags.

A few of my observations:
>Men pay no attention to detail have very little concept of nuance. They seem to see everything as "it's whole" This can be seen how they cant clock troons because muh long hair and boobs. How they cant decorate because le gamer setup and a dumpy couch they found on the street is all they have in their apartments. They don't notice changes easily unless they are major or drastic.
>Most men are autistically fervent in their beliefs especially political one. They tend to be extremists on either side or they are le enlightened centrist intellectuals who love to play devil's advocate. Usually they have nothing new or interesting to say when they do this and do it to look smart or neg you.
>Male humor is 100% either muh dick hentai boobs bust a nut, some stale meme, le epic pop culture reference or some lame drawn out story of some dumb shit they did in high school.

Please share your male psychoanalysis but no armchairfagging.

No. 4255

Shit, I messed up the title kek. Please forgive my simple-mindedness.

No. 4256

I've been talking a lot recently about males and how their view their "legacies". I think it may be the main reason they are how they are, towards women and themselves. Everything they do is in pursuit of their "legacy", They invented marriage as a way of trading women amongst themselves and guaranteeing children. There's a statistic somewhere that shows that in nature only 40% of males would actually breed, and I think this fuels how they have shaped human society. If women are allowed choice in their partners, they will ultimately kill off the weak genes. This is kind of what we're seeing now, with the rise of incels etc. As women get more freedom, men will rebel harder because they are aware on a level that most of them will die alone if women have ultimate choice.

They do the same with war. It's always funny to me people say Helen started the battle of Troy when it was Agamemnon who wanted a war for his "legacy" and was bemoaning the fact there was too much peace, and peacetime rulers are often forgotten. Watching Putin reminds me of a sad little man so determined to be remembered. You can tell some of these male leaders are frothing at the mouth over Ukraine.

There's a movie with George Clooney and Anna Kendrick and she tells him the reason men act how they do is because they can't have children. Women bond with their children, even those that are not biologically theirs, in a way men can't. I can't even get offended at tranny nonsense anymore because they're so desperate to capture any essence of being a woman, and they never will be able to.

Men have beaten, raped, killed, genocided, imprisoned and mimicked women for thousands of years, and at the end of it all they are still less intelligent, less educated, more emotional, more violent, more prone to illness and injury, and die sooner. lol

No. 4257

The patriarchy is really a giant cope. Men know they are practically useless in the process of creating life, they only need to spurt out some ejaculate and that's it. Men are nothing without a woman.

No. 4258

I posted this in the other thread before it got locked, so I’m gonna repost it.
The double-standard of appearances is infuriating. Women aren't taken seriously or seen as professional if they don't do extensive grooming and wear makeup. Scrotes can show up looking ragged and smelly and not get told anything.
Moids need to do way more in terms of grooming. They should at least dress better, wearing suits or dressy casual, especially if they're trying to impress someone. It's so unattractive when guys just wear what they slept in, usually sweatpants and gross slides.
It's unfortunate being straight, when men peak in their early 20s and then start looking like bloated wrinkly creatures. Just look at the “men age like milk” thread. Yet we're still expected to be attracted to them and only care about "what's on the inside", when moids won't even do the same. They say women "hit the wall", but that's just projection. Women are always expected to keep up their appearance, thus always look gorgeous despite age.

No. 4259

Yep, men are born to die. It’s why they don’t live as long. They were only used for procreating, then usually died fighting off other scrotes. Some moids didn’t even live to procreate if he was too weak or was rejected by a woman for being inadequate.
Women have always been more valuable.

No. 4260

This might just be my experience, but I have noticed males tend to be obsessed with proving their skill. They can't sit back and enjoy something casually because it's fun. They MUST do the version of said activity that PROVES that they are skilled and knowledgeable. IE playing first person shooters on hard mode with XYZ limitations so that they can feel like REAL gamers. They will also vehemently be against any relaxed version of the activity they use to pretend that they're skilled and actually matter. My tinfoil is that this is an ingrained behavior that is present because they know they are practically useless in life and so they have this inherent need to prove themselves, and nowadays it manifests in soyboy gamer and fandom activities. At least in the west, which is where I am located.

No. 4261

Everything in their world is filtered through the lense of heirarchy. The moment another human appears, a scrote will instinctually start forming metrics by which to judge themselves and others. They need to know where they stand, what they can get away with, and more importantly what they can't get away with. The way they treat others is based entirely on their perceived place in the heirarchy. I think that's why trannies are so uppity, incels perceive women as having more power than they do (because we can reject them), so when they transition they think they've shot up the heirarchy when in reality they've gone down kek.

No. 4262

Oops forgot to address your post. But yeah, they create little games and pointless challenges for each other because their world revolves around the imaginary ladder in their heads.

No. 4263

>The way they treat others is based entirely on their perceived place in the hierarchy
Going from being obese to skinny teaches you this hard. The difference between how men treat a fat woman vs a skinny woman is insane. Yes, women can be mean, but in general, they will still talk to you and treat you like a human being. Men will outright ignore you or insult you just for existing.
>their world revolves around the imaginary ladder in their heads.
this truth kek. This is why they pull women down too, they need women to be below them on the ladder or that means they're "worse than a girl" and there's no bigger insult to them. If you want to see the truth of a man beat him at something and don't apologize. Plenty of "woke" men still see women as "weaker men without a dick".

No. 4264

Men always point out that they can hurt me/other women and simply choose not to in a way that suggests I should be grateful that they let me out of the house to do anything. I hate this shit. I'm a lesbian and I'm constantly getting "jokes" about getting raped straight and shit like this isn't funny those are real threats and things that have happened to me. God forbid I joke about how useless men are or about positive female qualities they either start throwing shit and having a tantrum or they are condescending jerks telling me it's "cute" that I would think that way. If I tell them anything real they become babies and expect me to deal with their sad fee-fees when I'm the one who has been through the actual trauma. I love having a job in the trades, but I'm so fucking sick of men and male culture.

No. 4265

they're not joking anon, those are actual threats. Please don't let them gaslight you into thinking they are joking. If you don't carry pepper spray at least, please do. Men are very sensitive to the point you can't even point out their own criminal statistics to them without them crying.

No. 4269

I find it interesting how many moids online see being good at video games as personal accomplishments. Being a top player all boils down to how much time you can invest, understanding the mechanics & meta, and your reaction speed. Nothing wrong with wanting to be good at a game you like or have discussions about the competitive aspects, but moids take it to a strange, obsessive level. I say this as someone who had a short stint in competitive gaming. Myself and other women I knew all had other hobbies while the moids just game, game, game. Though partly the reason for that is women are expected to be able to do it all.
Additionally, they also see games like Minecraft or Valheim as ways they can express their creativity. Though it's fun to build cool things in games, I don't think it truly fulfills the need to be creative. I knew this scrote who would complain and rage that he can't improve his drawing skills and he couldn't understand why when he's so good at video games.
I think being good at vidya gives men a false sense of fulfillment and appeals to their desire to always measure their dicks.

No. 4270

I always thought that this obsession with "being the best" and getting achievements in video games was stupid. I knew a scrote that would play LoL all day long, doing nothing else, to get to platinum rank.
>rage that he can't improve his drawing skills and he couldn't understand why when he's so good at video games
They think doing something that is virtual means they have some sort of skills in real life. Games are fine, but men need more tangible hobbies where there is an end product so that they feel fulfillment, like woodworking or baking.

No. 4274

File: 1645985737282.jpg (157.11 KB, 749x1257, EIsYw-3U8AU88No.jpg)

picrel is a quote from fleabag that i think is so accurate.. men dont experience pain in their day to day life so they seek it out to feel something

No. 4275

I've seen this with pedo males as well. They'll boast about their attraction to literal children as if we should be grateful they are have those attractions but decide not to act out on them. I've seen majority of men get angry on websites like reddit when it was brought up that therapists should report possible pedos and defended the men as if they were angels for not literally brutally raping and killing children for five minutes of pleasure like they simply could do. It's all a power game, they'll always tell you shit they can do and how they can hurt you before offering you protection from males like themselves. Men create the need for men.

No. 4278

I hate that cheating is a near unavoidable reality with moids. It sometimes feels like it’s not if they’ll cheat, but when. It’s a shame. Women cheat as well, but it’s not near as frequent as males. It has to be some defect, or just blatantly being assholes. It makes me want to avoid relationships because it occurs so often, and even normalized.
Then when moids do cheat, it’s often blamed on the women. They should’ve have had sex more frequently, they should have looked better, etc. That’s bullshit and doesn’t justify cheating. Moids need to be held accountable for their actions, and cheating is hurtful and destructive.
Some moids come up with the excuse that “it’s nature”, but that’s bullshit as well. As a species we should have more intelligence and morals. Even in nature, there’s lots of monogamy. These moids use “it’s just our nature” as an excuse to be shitty. More moids are coercing women into non-monogamous or open relationships, because they “possibly can’t be tied down to one person!” And if the woman isn’t okay with literally being cheating on under the guise of “ethical non-monogamy”, then she’s insecure. But you bet these moids would throw a shitfit if women proposed the same, that her boyfriend wasn’t enough for her sexual needs and that she needs hundreds of men for that. Cheating needs to be condemned and scrotes need to stop.

No. 4282


Men are way more emotional than women, they just don't cry and think crying=being emotional. They have toddler tantrums, rage, beat, murder over the silliest little things, but women are considered the unstable sex. A man can have an ape rage during an argument and think he is less emotinal than the calm woman with a tear in her eyes after being degraded by him. A woman needs to be stoic all the time to be taken seriosly, while a man can yell and scream and be considered more logical. Thats one og the reasons why men hate pmsing women, because its the one time of the month were we act just slightly like they do all the time.

They also consider their subjective feelings as emotional facts and they don't understand that their statements are just as emotional and irrational. A woman will say I feel(acknowledging the fact that her statement is based onn what she thinks, not that it necessarily is universally correct, thus actually being more logical and humble), while a man will just state his argument(and believe that makes it true, since he doesn't "feel but know it", making him believe he is correct and logical, even though it actually means he is arrogant and subjective).

No. 4314

They love appeals to nature except when you point out that the majority of them would not reproduce or even have access to women in a natural setting without socially enforced monogamy/patriarchy.

No. 4330

>More moids are coercing women into non-monogamous or open relationships
>But you bet these moids would throw a shitfit if women proposed the same
Blog, but my ex pressured me for YEARS to try an open relationship, even after I told him multiple times that I had no interest in that and asked him to stop bringing it up. (Spoiler, he never stopped bringing it up) Eventually, I met a guy who expressed interest in me, at first I told him sorry no I have a bf, but I was attracted to him and unhappy in my relationship but afraid to end it. so I finally said to my at-the-time-bf ok, you know what, sure, let's try an open relationship.
He immediately hooked up with multiple women, (including one that I had worried he was previously cheating with—even though he ASSURED me, oh no, nothing's going on—because of course) and when this guy came to town a few weeks later and I went out with him, my ex bothered me the whole time I was out, ruined my night, demanded I come home, and kept me up all night before I had work to fight about it.

No. 4346

I think I've seen the same thing especially in how differently men and women talk about wanting children. For women it's usually the desire to nurture and take care of someone, their reasons are mainly focused on actually raising the children and having a family. But I rarely hear men talk about how much they'd like to cradle a baby or take care of a child, for them it's always either a poorly disguised breeding kink (only focusing on the "getting a woman pregnant" part with no mention of what comes after) or muh legacy (passing on their genes, continuing the family name, being remembered). Usually it's a combination of both, "marking" a woman as yours by getting her pregnant with your child, then skipping all the boring, lame baby stuff and going straight to "raising strong sons to carry on your legacy" aka pushing your own interests and hobbies on your cool new mini-me (notice how often they specifically fantasize about only having sons and doing masculine activities, no mention of daughters or traditionally "girly" activities like tea parties or dance classes, this supports my cloning theory). They have no interest in actual real-life parenthood in practice, something which requires exceptional amounts of selflessness, effort, sacrifice and putting someone else's needs before your own.
I think it's one of the reasons why women are often more open to adoption too, because even if they would prefer to have biological children their priority is still to just take care of someone, blood-related or not. It's mostly men who are absolutely adamant about only raising THEIR OWN children. Just the thought of adoption, dating a single mom with children etc. is enough to pretty much give them an existential crisis since they view it as "another man's legacy". They're utterly incapable of accepting anyone into their family unless they share THEIR genes, and even then they won't see their own children as individual human beings that need love and care, they're just trying to clone themselves to combat their worst fear, being useless and forgotten and losing the genetic race to other men.

No. 4353

File: 1647485273983.png (139.55 KB, 500x500, femdoomer.png)

men really peak at 20-24 max, they literally start balding before 24 and have the gall to demand good looks from women

No. 4372

> Mild Sexual Abuse of Daughters By Fathers

This guy talks about the dynamics between fathers and daughters that are basically covert sexual abuse. The dad who pays more attention to his pretty teen daughter, but not in any substantial way like caring about her interests and dreams, just how she looks. Family outings where it appears the father and daughter are on a date chaperoned by the mother.

No. 4373

is that Lundy Bancroft ?

No. 4376

no, it's Daniel Mackler. he's a former therapist and makes videos on childhood abuse and being sexually abused by his mom.

I like this video because the concept of "fathers having a crush on/attempting to covert date their daughters" is what connected the separate knowledges I have about the teen/stepdaughter porn fantasy that scrotes engage with, especially online, and the murky social rules between fathers and daughters that seem very creepy yet accepted (like virginity balls).

the daughter is exactly the kind of dynamic moids want in a woman. younger, pliable, ""moldable"", dependant. they want to be called "daddy" by her.

watch any father-daughter movie and 9/10 times it's shot like a budding romance or had the daughter in a surrogate wife role. The Mother is always conviently missing. "Born sexy yesterday" trope is like a clueless young girl in a body that more socially acceptable to be sexualized.

No. 4393

Very interesting video anon, thanks for sharing. Totally agree that this explains a lot regarding the teen/daughter porn category and even about men's obsession with pursuing much younger women in general.
>the kind of dynamic moids want in a woman. younger, pliable, ""moldable"", dependant.
Exactly, they want someone they can own and possess, who will worship them, make them feel like "the man" (strong and in control while doing as little required to provide as possible). If they can't find it in a woman outside themselves, they'll get it from a girl they partly created. A chilling thought. Also terrifying when I look back at my abusive ex who wanted to get me pregnant in the hopes of having a miniature version of me running around. A little me who he could freely manipulate, who wouldn't know anything but adoring and looking up to him once I finally got tired of putting up with his shit. Outside of not wanting kids in the first place that was what scared me more than anything, subjecting an innocent child to the demands of an emotional black hole who would use her to feel better about his own barren core. It's insane to me that so many women allow their own children to be used like this. I'm glad these topics are being discussed more often but seeing the dynamic laid bare is so disturbing.

No. 4394

Wanted to add, I ended up watching a bunch of this man's videos. He is extremely insightful and gave me a lot to think about in my own life. It's nice to know there are decently healed, kind men like this out in the world. It's sad though that so many of the more empathetic ones have arrived at this place because they themselves have been victimized as well.

No. 4395

I wanna say that's not true but its hard to argue against with my own experiences, my own Nigel was physically abused by his own father and witnessed his mother being beaten and treated like crap, thankfully he grew up strong enough to kick his father's ass and threw him out of his own home but the trauma is still part of him
I know for a fact that no matter the situation he'd never hit or even yell at a woman, he knows what its like to be beaten and abused by someone stronger then them, so he has a desire to never let that happen to others

No. 4396

It's strange how people end up handling things so differently. One ex had an abusive father but ended up emulating him as a means of attempting to be untouchable so no one could victimize him again, and in doing so he victimized others. He remained that scared young boy even as an adult. Yet I can think of several male public figures and also people I know personally who are kind and respectful towards women, and I would say 90% of them also came from backgrounds where they were abused especially by men in their lives, and like your partner decided they wanted to be better. I think most of them were fortunate enough to have found other positive role models while my ex did not. (I'm not excusing his actions, just ruminating on why certain people heal and others don't.) I wish the cycle of trauma did not perpetuate itself so easily as it tends to mostly produce more problems, but in some cases it creates people who rise above it. I'm glad you found a man who is kind and respectful, as so many more should be.

No. 4398

good male models is a huge factor, my husband didn't want anything to do with his own father, his male role models were action heroes and martial artists in the shows and films he watched, he started working out cause of these idols and when he was strong enough he didn't have to take his father's shit anymore and he could protect his mother, you could call it childish but without those idols he wouldn't have the drive to become strong enough

No. 4603

Men who buy their partners a gifts that are clearly for himself are not stupid or naive, they needed an excuse for buying X and getting upset when you didn't buy it for them. The "just be grateful" mentality is harmful and keeps standards low.
Men who think you're naive will treat you nice, not because they are but because they think they have a chance to bang.

No. 6199

Emotionally unstable moids don't do any thinking for themselves. Some of them are able to parrot their adopted views seamlessly in order to give the illusion of independent thought, but they let the mask slip when rattled.

No. 6490

Men really don’t know how to be healthy. It’s either carnitards, ketards, or mcdonald’s and pizza only for these fucking idiots.

No. 6831

Read a book today where the mc goes on your typical moid tangent of "urghhuh i dont umnderstamnd women, so emotional and not logic!" and it made me remember all the times I was so confused by moid behvior when I was a kid. Everyone says men are simple creatures, but I didn't really understand that until i was way older, because i initially thought they were not simple at all. It took me a long time to understand their thought process around most anything. I honestly think that people think women are complicated because men don't bother to even care why women behave the way they do, it's not necessary for them.
Moids have a disagreement on something? Some will "fight it out" even when it doesnt pertain to the conflict at all and will pretend like they figured everything out after bashing each other's skulls in.
Why are they so angry at shit? Why won't they just talk to their friends? Do they even feel love at all?
Again, had to figure this out a long time before it made even a little sense to me.

No. 6845

They are simple. Everything is about the hierarchy. They're like dogs, when their place on the ladder is in question, they misbehave and fight until order is established. They don't understand women because they think we should tolerate their abuse as we are inherently beneath them in the hierarchy. When they're insulting, rude or disrespectful we're not supposed to get upset. We're supposed to trust in the person above us in the "chain of command". When a man disrespects another man, they don't need to understand their emotions and how they relate to the interaction. They simply resolve it by determining who is higher on the ladder.

No. 6846

As an example, look at any story where a man is a rebel against injustice. How often does he silently, thanklessly do the right thing, unbeknownst to all? How often does he violently and publicly demonstrate his rightful place in the hierarchy, climb his way to the top and then force his morality on all beneath him?

No. 6858

I don't want to watch this video because of TW - child sexual abuse causes anxiety in me as a victim myself. Can someone breakdown the content? ( have a better time reading than listening to topics like this)

No. 7096

I hope we can get all the traffic back to this thread now that the board is unhidden

No. 7106

Moids that whine about women having "high standards" annoy me. Particularly the ones that cry about height. "Women only want 6 foot Chads". That's not true, but even if there are women that don't want to date manlets, so what? Women shouldn't settle. Men have thousands of demands for women anyways, why can't women have some?

Moids expect a 10/10 when they look like crap themselves. In a lot of species, the males work to impress the females and have to look presentable. This becoming reversed in humans has caused so many problems, like the entitled moids and incels we have now.

Moids are mad that women have more choice now. Also, plenty of women can live their lives being single and still be happy and fulfilled. That makes scrotes mad, because most of them have no reason or point to live, and seek a women to give them purpose.

No. 7119

2X was made visible in the site directory…we’re in end times

No. 7120

i've never seen a couple with an average or ugly woman with a hot guy, ugly men with attractive women though? all the time.

i also don't understand why scrotes claim all women want men who make like 300k a year, i have never met a woman with standards like this, it's like they are vicariously living through the retard redpillers and rappers who exclusively only date onlyfans girls going in and out of dubai, that's literally how some of these redpill moids see us, onlyfans girls living life on easy mode after her trip from dubai with a 6ft chad who makes 500k a year, its like they seem to forget we are half the population, delusional

No. 7123

I believe 90% of men are pedophiles. No one will change my mind. If they could get away with having sex with a child they would do it.

No. 7125

I believe this too.

No. 7127

Men will do anything they can get away with, even if it's currently illegal. Male sexuality is opportunistic, there's no such thing as a man who won't be depraved or predatory under the right circumstances. Wherever the line is they'll always push for more.

No. 7132


I their adherence to hierarchy shows that their mind never matured. They always need a "daddy" (someone above them on hierarchy) to tell them what to do , but they also want to feel like important big boys so they need people below them too to give commands to.

My personal belief is that to truly mature, a person needs to develop empathy, responsibility and independency.

To be able to function independently (not to parasite of another or depend like a child), to act responsible (and not cause harm just to blame it on another, learn from mistakes) and to understand others emotions (empathize, strive to not hurt another). If you fulfill all three requirements - congratulations - you are truly a mature adult.

I know many women who fulfill all three "requirements" but very few, maybe one man, who does.
Our entire society, patriarchy, is structured around giving these overgrown but mentally still children an illusion that they are powerful leaders, mature enough to know what is best for other.

In reality all these men do not hold ability to lead and hold our societies, just like children do not either. That is why wars erupt ever so often and societies collapse.

If we do not give children power to lead us, then why do we give it to all these immature men who should not have graduated kindergarten?

No. 7137

Pedophilia isn't a disorder. Men rape everyone/everything they want us to believe to be lesser than them. There is nothing to fix in those men. They deserve to slowly rot in a jail till their death.

No. 7157

They are. Men who "aren't pedos" simply prefer teens/adults over kids, but they'd fuck a kid too. For example, the movie Leon the Professional (never watched that garbage). A male might think of himself as a non-pedo, but put him close to a little girl for too long and he will want to fuck her.

All men being pedos is literally the world's biggest secret that no one can talk about.

No. 7161


Nonnies you have to remember that men literally don't perceive women unless they're attractive or actively making an effort to get that moid's attention. Old women? Ugly women? Tired moms wearing Crocs at the grocery store? Literally invisible. I'm an unattractive oldfag and it's crazy how often men just don't see me at all, like, I'll be standing at a counter for service and a young moid will look straight at me and not realize I'm there.

For men, the only women they see are the hot onlyfans girls they want to fuck. So yeah, to them, all women are unfairly dating 8ft chads with a trust fund.

This is also why their lose their shit at women on the internet. They get notifications if women respond same as if men do and being forcibly reminded that 6/10 middle aged women exist is a confusing and distressing state for them, so they lash out.

No. 7165


Well I did watch it. The guy never wants anything sexual with her. The girl comes from parents who don't give a shit about raising her, she hits on the guy but he doesn't feel any attraction nor encourages her behavior.

No. 7170

I've always firmly believed that men who date the youngest legal girls or defend those who do would go for significantly younger if they were able to, if they even had a limit at all.

This opinion pisses people off and has gotten me ostracized from my family and "friends" before, but every time I insisted this my accusations wound up having merit. Men crave power and control, not reciprocation. Most are into at least teenagers and it's disgusting.

No. 7189

It's so funny how moids will spend all of their free time engaged in war fantasies, but then piss themselves over the concept of a draft. All of their entertainment that isn't porn is war adjacent, be it fantatical or historical, their favorite past time is imagining how they would savagely murder another human, and they have the audacity to whine about the horrors of trenches? Bitch you dug the fucking trench, go rot in it.

No. 7197

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Look at trans stuff, the common "I'm not a coomer loser/incel/etc, I was just a woman all along." is another way men refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. It's why when you look at troons, most troon men are adults (and male troons are the majority), while most women (girls really) are teenagers and not adult women like the men, because it's the immature demographic. Immature men will be both adults and children, while immature women will only ever be actual children. Men are on the same level as children.

No. 7203

>show a man a song or album
>if it's a woman, the first thing he comments on is her appearance
>show a man my favorite Olympic videos
>he comments on the leotard's pussy area while a whole world record is being set in the video

Every single time. Even if it's unrelated, they have to process things through a "A FEMALE. hmm. Me balls say HORNY/NOT HORNY. I must communicate this" filter in their mental processing. I remember noticing this sitting in school and guys overhearing girls talk about taylor swift, which immediately started the "me fuck/me NO fuck!" commentary

As a side note I belive this is why in literature women will always write men infinitely better than any man will ever write a woman.

No. 7205

Oh my God I saw a video of a girl talking, just joking around and she WASNT EVEN SHOWING HER BODY OR ACTING SEXY and there were comments like "ik it's gripping" "hear me out" shut the fuck up, rapeapes!

No. 7207

Exactly. And very rare ones that do happen to mature (basically unicorns) tend to hang out more with women than with men. Men stop each other from maturing. To be a "real man" for them means to remain in a childish state of mind forever.

No. 7246

I think this is the normalization of porn and it’s really sad to see because it only works among other men but they think it’s normal to say it to whoever. Like yeah most guys are thinking these things but before porn they used to be more ashamed of these thoughts or only discussed it with other men

No. 7252

This thread was in /ot/ before jannies locked it and it wasnt linked when it was remade. It's a great read. Here is the link >>>/ot/1066693

No. 7258

i decided to apply the same treatment to men. but men most of the time are ugly although I'll still act in this disrespectful manner. "Oh yeah look at that fine lineman's ass" "real boy on boy action there!" "this guy is ugly, i don't want to listen to it" the reactions are often surprising, to say the least, because I'll just turn what men enjoy into something homoerotic and it hurts their ego when they don't have a sense a humor

No. 7265

I read that too. But the movie was created like that for child fetish purposes. The movie character might not want to fuck her, but the male viewers do. The producers, the creators do. It was made like that to put a certain image in the male viewers head. Ask yourself why they had to cast a very beautiful little girl for the role, why she had to wear a choker? Why not cast an awkward looking normal preteen with bad fashion sense?

No. 7317

The script literally mentions that they have sex, it's just cut out of the film because the child actresses parents were good Hollywood parents for once.

No. 7321

File: 1672657301205.png (58.43 KB, 747x179, Screenshot 2023-01-02 115715.p…)


Nonna, do not be naive when it comes to perverted and depraved mind of moids.

As >>7265 has pointed out, they filmed the underage character like that not without (not-so) hidden agenda

No. 7374

It's been a long time since I saw it but there seemed like subtext of unacted-on love from him, kind of like many a non-hentai anime romance, and I thought I remembered him reminiscing about a lost childhood love which seems sus too. Even way back when I saw it, it seemed like a super dodgy film from a super dodgy director.

No. 7845

If they did, you would just say the man doesn't want to fuck her because she's ugly, not because she's a child.
As for the writers and producers, it's Hollywood. Throw a brick in any direction and you'll hit a pedophile.

No. 11983

I've realized that male influencer culture is all about how to obtain money, power, women, or simply a chance to outdo other moids with "scholarly pursuits" across various niches. Just a few popular examples:
>stock market investing
>science behind cooking
>passive income schemes
>pickup artist & sex pat shit
>polyglot/language learning

I acknowledge that women pretty much coined and continue to lead influencer culture, but I always felt it comes from a place of wanting to help other people even if they are cringe, incorrect, or I disagree with them. And obv there are clout-chasing cows, too, but back on topic.
The male influencer appeal to moids stems from their desire to improve their standing in the patriarchy–moids find their personal value through money, power, and [obtaining] women [as objects or trophies]. There's a great post on tumblr about how men fully know they could solve all their "problems" through therapy and other healthy means, but choose the incel pipeline, porn, blaming women, etc instead because its comfortable and easy for them. I don't feel like digging through the depths of radblr for it, but I believe obsessing with male influencers facilitates this pathway. Andrew Tate is an obvious one, but I'll be honest and say I don't keep up with him because his whole existence makes me depressed.
I recently started to learn a new language and have since been inundated with male polyglot and language learning influencers after just watching one video on how to set up a popular flashcard app. These kind of influencers essentially sell language learning as either parlor tricks to impress others or to travel [to then pickup vulnerable women in foreign countries]. In language learning subreddits, moids fight each other over who's learning the most difficult, most obscure language or share fake stories how they one-upped somebody by speaking their 17th language to them. Moid internet culture is so strange. Men aren't very good at studying or education so time that should be spent learning is spent on arguing or one-upmanship in forums and comment sections. I'm sure one could apply white male colonizer critique to this subculture with the way they view and rank other languages as well.
One passive income scheme influencer I've seen was about setting up multiple vending machines. I believe his attractive wife was also featured quite often in his youtube shorts, again selling to other moids that they too can achieve their patriarchal dreams if they only buy his book. Moids in the comment section do not hesitate to say that they already know the many paths to which to earn thousands and occasionally critique the influencer on how to improve his earnings. And yet, they watch his videos. They buy his book. The video both offends them and encourages them because it is by a man who has the key patriarchal items they covet.

No. 11994

>but choose the incel pipeline, porn, blaming women, etc instead because its comfortable and easy for them
It's not because it's easy, it's because of peer pressure and feeling bad about becoming a target of mockery and disrespect
Just like some girls who feel bad when they're the fat ones in a group or don't want to use makeup while the rest of the friends do and the she gets criticized for it

No. 12016

>peer pressure to become incel
No, they need to accept responsibility for their actions. They become incels because they see women as status objects, and feel entitled to a better place in the male hirarchy, and seethe that women do not see themselves as the objects men have tried to historically use them as.
>don't want to be mocked so they treat women like shit
So a self made problem and moids should stop being so coom obsessed and narcissistic? Boohoo they hate women because other men booly them (even though it is not true and your whole point is false).

No. 12017

You are 100% right. >>12016 is just blatantly false, and even if we were to pretend it was true, a self made problem. You don't see women doing the same thing. Fact is men don't see women as people but a service for men and ree when asked to behave to a standard of basic humanity.

No. 12054

What I meant is that if a guy is in a group where other guys are fairly brutish and have certain attitudes towards women, then those guys will tend to mock the guy if he has a moderate or gentle attitude towards women, as he is not fully seen as part of the group

No. 12055

So the solution for the guy would be to abandon such groups and go with groups with women in it

No. 12064

Exactly, no one is forcing him to be an incel. Men choose it.

No. 12129

If a man would rather impress other ugly failed virgin males than treat women as equals, he's a faggot.

No. 12186

100%. There's a reason incels are often revealed to be homosexuals, eg. Nick Fuente's and Andrew "It's totally not gay to bang men with long hair" Tate for a couple of obvious current ones.

No. 21365

>On a taxi ride home, she recounts how her best friend Boo (with whom she started the café) accidentally killed herself after her boyfriend cheated on her.
>Their confrontation triggers a flashback, revealing that Fleabag was the woman with whom Boo's boyfriend cheated.

I don't know, nonnie…Fleabag doesn't sound like anyone I'd like to refer to for wisdom.

No. 21598

You retard that quote isn't fleabags, its another characters. Also fleabag is a druggie with shit upbringing who sabotages herself. She's a flawed character like all others in the show. Her father abandons her and her sister to get with her mother's friend right after the mom dies, the stepmother builds a sex museum which features one of fleabags boyfriends naked and fleabags own fathers dick, etc. Everyone in that show if flawed.

The quote anon posted is from an older lesbian character that wins the best businesswoman reward and after that, talks to fleabag about womanhood and why she thinks the reward is insulting as it views women like a subcategory - a category that will never compete with men.

No. 22571

Sage for semi-ot and pseudo-sperg but I've never been so annoyed in my life by the fact that this man does such great analyses about children's psyche and how certain abuse can fuck them up yet this singular particular video about father daughter relationships has somehow been completely erased from the internet? YouTube took it down/it was privated, every snapshot on the wayback machine says that they don't have that video archived (and the comments seem to be from another video or something? weird glitch?), it's not on archive.is and every potential site that has it (that yandex has showed me) only has its embedded version so I still can't see it. I know I must be retarted and missing some sweet spot/corner that has it but I still wanted to complain.

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