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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1645288862772.jpeg (78.54 KB, 437x437, 1645284844866.jpeg)

No. 4186

This is 2X-Tan, he's a tall buff goth dude and the male personification of /2X/

say something nice about him

No. 4187

No. Why is he a male?

No. 4188

all the boards were turned into a husbandos

No. 4189

I love him.

No. 4190

File: 1645303643509.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1600, 1645297010095.png)

Female versions were drawn too.

No. 4191

phew, i was about to puke on my screen

No. 4192

What's the point of a female version of a cow? Isn't that a bit degrading?

No. 4193

There are not enough male board-tans. It would be nice to see men as a commodity like this for once.

No. 4194

It's not a cow it's a board-tan. Elsie (the LC mascot) has horns too.
We should definitely objectify goth-kun

No. 4195

The black and white goth combination made me think they were supposed to be cows. Makes more sense if it's a husbando instead of having a random goth girl be a board-tan.

No. 4196


No. 4197

I'm more concerned who's trying to start calling OG board-tan Elsie just because she has blonde hair. Like come on

No. 4198

It stands for L C

No. 4199

Why is this retarded shit being posted in the radfem board. Males are disgusting.

No. 4201

OH! I'm a dumbass. Looks similar to Elsa so I just assumed because of the blonde and braids someone tried to make that happen

No. 4202

Gross. Men can't be pinkpilled/ radfems. You couldn't keep even this moid free?

No. 4203

He's not pink-pilled or a male feminist, but he's a supportive boyfriend and doesn't mind any misandirst comments or remakrs cause it's bullshit

No. 4204

He looks like the faux sensitive type who argues passionately about how misogynistic song lyrics are actually deep and that the age of consent should be lowered. Will troon out 1.5 years into the relationship, steal your clothes and write long autistic screeds on twitter about his unsupportive terf gf, but won't break up because he relies on your income.

No. 4207

File: 1645336826218.jpg (69.98 KB, 640x800, 44e5e3fefd440a922ba7e55aa383f2…)

mean and untrue
I understanding hating men but can we not even objectify them, can we not ogle at their muscles and well developed bodies

please buff goth men are what I imagine angles to look like

No. 4210

That belongs in /g/ though.

No. 4211

He is our male personification anon, he belongs on 2X

No. 4212

I mean objectifying men and posting pics of buff men. Which I'm all for personally.

No. 4213

Adding that the board is pretty dead though, so don't let me stop you from posting whatever.

No. 4214

File: 1645345189298.jpg (129.2 KB, 803x1024, 1645288423908.jpg)

alright then
anyway my headcanon for goth-tan is that he has a radfem punk rock girlfriend, he's a supportive bf and and doesn't mind any misandrist comments she makes cause he knows that as a big strong man he shouldn't feel threatened about words said by women

No. 4216

Radical Feminism obliterated in one post kek.

No. 4217

/2x/-tan is a fucking moid?. No. Kill yourself

No. 4218

That's one ugly dude.

No. 4219

You can be a radical feminist and hate men and still have a boyfriend

No. 4220

Nonnie, someone drew male versions of board-tans for every board. It's just a gag.

No. 4221

File: 1645370777552.jpg (119.26 KB, 668x873, DUj8tvNV4AEbSVE.jpg)

So who is our board tan really?
If we dont have one, why not make her similar to something like, say, that redkatherine's witch or something?

No. 4222

This one is perfect. Also I wonder how redkat is doing now.

No. 4223

a male cannot "personify" two X chromosomes

No. 4224

Looks like he smells like stale piss and eggs.

No. 4226

Fuck off OP.

No. 4228

Lads the actual board tan is female. This is just the genderbend.
No need to post him here tho yea.

No. 4229

File: 1645443751692.jpg (42.88 KB, 362x550, satanic.jpg)

This thread reminds me a book I read a couple years back, Satanic Feminism
It's a book that examines association of Satan and specifically lucifer as the liberator of women, from the 11th century many patriarchal church figures built up this association of women being the "natural followers of Satan"(cause of eve) and of course this was meant with negative conations, however in the 19th century certain proto-feminists performed counter-readings of these misogynist traditions
Lucifer was reconceptualized as a liberator of womankind, and Eve became a heroine. In these reimaginings, Satan is a beautiful man with a knightly-essence(this isn't even out of nowhere either, Satan was supposed to be the most beautiful out of all the angels) fighting against an unjust God and his male male priests
This wasn't a global phenomena of course, it was exclusively in the Anglosphere and lasted only to the early 20th century before fizzling out, it also gives a lot of context of the various esortic movements that were popular at that time, including Romantic Satanism or luciferianism(a recontextualization of how lucifer was presented in Christianity) which Satanic Feminism is a sub-sect of essentially

interesting rights, Women had these feminist ideas and knew the system was fucked up but didn't have the correct discourse to talk about the issues, It was Marxist feminism that eventually became the ground-work of the many radfem positions we have today

No. 4271

Sooo… Peter Steele?

No. 4276

lol like we'd choose a scrote

No. 4299

>lasted only to the early 20th century before fizzling out
Satanism is still popular (or at least recognized) though, so I assume you're only talking about this proto-Satanism that stemmed from a pushback against the church? In its current state it attracts a lot of weirdos but I actually dig it. They are the only official religion full of atheists that are taking advantage of the legal loopholes shittier, repressive religions have used for centuries, but they use it for good such as trying to give women "religious exemptions" for abortions in states that are rolling back our rights or curbing discrimination against gay couples trying to adopt. Their motto is basically "live and let live so long as you aren't hurting anyone" which is the most chill religious mandate I've ever heard.

No. 4301

The history of Satanism is actually interesting, the current mainstream Church of Satan is basically an atheist organization taking the piss our of Christians, but a lot of other Satanic groups were either full of schtizos who believed in Magic and had sex orgies or White nationalists who rejected Christianity cause it was too soft and the fact that Jesus was a non-white Semite

No. 4339

my god will cum drinkers ever stop

No. 4342

I would be ok with a thread for only female personifications of the board, that's fun I guess, I don't care.
It's pretty disrespectful for you to turn the only political discussion board into a place for you squee over your husbando's tiddies. There's literally multiple threads on /g/ and /m/ for that. Why couldn't we have one male free space?

No. 4634

File: 1649401321273.png (367.58 KB, 631x796, 2X.png)

people on the drawing room have started drawing /2X/ as a woman so I guess we are ok now

No. 4648

Hell yeah. I'm not against himbo /2X/ but I do think this is more fitting. She looks great

No. 4666


No. 4667

File: 1649516797100.png (2.39 MB, 2000x1600, 1647030475793.png)

I'm the one who drew longhaired female 2X - glad you like her! There is a cool shorthaired version too, drawn a couple of times here.

No. 4672

File: 1649536519786.jpg (26.57 KB, 567x486, 89e4d91c5ea38e7895eefc63e984ea…)


seeing this made my morning

No. 15644

Awful. Die male
Male radfem "allies" do not exist.

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