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gender critical and female politics
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There is little that we can do as individuals to stop socially or legally sanctioned abuse of women in other cultures but we can raise awareness of new and ongoing issues and evaluate the work of charities where donations could make a difference.

This thread is for discussing new or ongoing women's rights abuses around the world.

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Fuck the entire Muslim world

No. 3991

man this is so fucking sad, RIP

No. 4156

And people keep telling me that Saudi is one of the progressive and "women friendly" countries when I see picrelated? Also heard they gave women the rights to drive a car only two years ago. I am terrified.

No. 4273

omg she's so beautiful, I hate the middle east sm. does anyone have any solid updates on the situation in afghanistan since the taliban takeover?

No. 4285

They gave women the right to drive then started arresting them as soon as they try. Saudi Arabia want that western $$$ so they'll larp at being "the middle east but PROGRESSIVE" but they aren't in the slightest. The country regularly uses slave labor to build Dubai etc, women are considered bottom of the barrel. Women like Huda are allowed to get away with more because they are in the western public eye.

No. 4348

Might not be what you're looking for anon but here. Very depressing but interesting watch. The man claiming that there is no violence against women had me speechless.

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