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ITT: We discuss and share resources for realistic and practical self defense

No. 3836

I have a few questions about self defense weapons. Does anyone know about the range/strength of typical self defense tasers? I have short limbs, so if I had to use a stun gun to defend myself would my attacker have to already basically be on top of me? Are there stun guns with wider ranges, or that can be made or have wider ranges through some adjustment, or is that illegal? I've been wanting to get one for a while because these creepy drunk guys are always wandering around my street and recently they've been getting a lot bolder with petty crimes and sexual harassment. I am worried about them grabbing me when I am going to check my mail or take out the trash and want to know how I can stop them in their tracks. I'm not interested in owning a firearm and don't want to focus on knives since they could be turned back on me easily/require close range. Is just regular pepper spray or bear spray a better idea than a stun gun? Is bear spray better than pepper spray?

No. 3842

Johnny Knoxville, a man who has an above average genetic pain tolerance and has even had his genital's stung by killer bee's has stated that the most painful experience in his entire life was being hit by pepper spray

No. 3843

Good to know anon, thank you! I will get myself some pepper spray asap

No. 3854

The only video you will ever need. FAK YOO.

No. 3900

It's really, really, really worth practicing being loud as fuck. The socialization to be quiet and not make a fuss is so incredibly strong, as are freeze/fawn responses. Freeze and fawn are danger responses along with fight or flight, which cause you to go 'deer in headlights' frozen or to be accommodating to your attacker.
These are incredibly common responses which, as disabling at they are, can add to trauma by making you feel it's your fault. It's not your fault obviously, but we can save ourselves the guilt and the trauma by learning to take the power back.
Yelling will attract attention to you, you don't have to be near the guy for it to work, doesn't involve weapons that could be turned on you, and it will boost your self confidence to be able to channel all that energy at someone and make them do what you want them to do when it really counts. It's basically getting the message across that you're a very difficult target and not worth the effort.

The absolute best you can do is channel like a military/police commanding tone to use directions, rather than just screaming (although that's worth practicing too). Like stop, no, get away, move away, don't touch me, run away etc.

Man: - is being creepy-
At this point if you say it loud enough and if there's people around, they'll usually give up. If not:
Man: - keeps being scary -

It is terrifying and confusing to have someone yell at you like this, from the depths of their stomach, and you will absolutely do whatever they say in the moment, especially if it's something easy to understand like RUN.
Before you pick me apart, I know this doesn't apply to every situation. But it will help in a lot more situations than a knife will, and the confidence it gives you to be able to do this will steer potential creeps away long before they even engage you.

No. 3901

Go for the eyes, the neck, the airways, use your natural weapons. You have claws and teeth. Look to nature. You got this.

No. 3979

I was walking home from work one night about 1am carrying a pizza. As I was crossing a street I saw this guy on the opposite sidewalk following a woman who was maybe 20ft in front of him. He was whining at her some stuff that I couldn't hear but she was clearly ignoring him and walking away and didn't seem worried.

Then he shouted "…but you FUCKED ANOTHER GUY" and knocked her to the ground from behind. On instinct I shouted as loud as I could just "HEY" and I stepped in the street to stop a car as a witness.

All the gas went out of him in a second like I was his god damn school principal. Big fat bastard was just whimpering at me "i-i-it was an accident I tripped" and I just kept shouting I SAW WHAT YOU DID until the woman had walked away & around the corner.

I should've called the cops but my phone was dead and my witness drove away on me…not that it wOuld've probably led to anything, just to teach that PoS a lesson. Point is, a big shout throws people on the back foot. It activates something primal like getting yelled at by your parents, they just freeze.

No. 3990

Tip for Canadian anons: buy Sabre brand pepper spray "meant for dogs" and if you're ever stopped by cops and asked about it, state it's for dogs off the leash in your area. Do not admit it's for anything else. Our laws here are all about intent and they try to prove it through where you were headed when you left home. i.e. a pocket knife is harder to prove "as a tool" if you're not in the woods or bear spray in the city is unrealistic as intended for actual bears. Tasers are completely illegal I think. Dog pepper spray though is ambiguous and will buy you time to escape while being least likely to get confiscated.

No. 4007

My dad used to have me carry a small knife and he told me to tell police it's for carving. He gave me a small wooden bear carved by his uncle with a similar knife and he told me to keep it in my bag. Idk that might be silly and impractical for most people.

No. 4037

Gouge eyes, box ears, palm nose, punch throat, knee crotch, stomp on instep.
My dad used to make me practice eyes/ears/nose/throat in succession.

No. 4059

based dad.

No. 4060

File: 1641738857357.jpg (22.43 KB, 474x474, download (8).jpg)

What are some good resources/videos to learn some self defense? I'm gonna be isolating for the next months so it could be the right time to lear something useful. Ty nonnies

No. 4083

I just found this, seems simple and easy to remember for a starter.
Holy shit based dads.

No. 4090

My dad made me promise to never carry a weapon that can be used against me. I ignored him and it was used against me. Wanted to say this for a while but not interested in the infighting if someone believes they can use a knife better than their nails and teeth. you can't. I just want you all to be safe and consider the reality of someone bigger and stronger overpowering you and taking your weapon.

No. 4092

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nonnie you forgot the link

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