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gender critical and female politics
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No. 3752

The return edition!
The discussion of GC/PP topics isn't banned on the main website. This is just a focused place to share our ideas.

No. 3754

I'm rereading the old locked threads and holy shit they are even more fucking based than I remembered.

No. 3755

So do we shift the MTF and FTM threads /snow/ to 2X
feel like we already have a decent thing going on

No. 3757

those threads are for cows though, not radfem discussions.

No. 3759

well we have GC discussions on those threads, simply discussing theories will get boring and pretentious real fast

No. 3760

simply start new discussion about GC here but if it pops up talking in another thread is no prob. We donìt have to hide every GC discussion

No. 3762

Well GC discussions usually develop naturally after conversation about certain TIMs and TIFs

No. 3763

thats why those threads shold be where they are and not here.

No. 3764

I agree, those threads should stay in /snow/.

No. 3765

File: 1637578476351.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

I was thinking about a GC Screencap thread, basically posting various old r/GenderCrtical and /snow/ thread screencaps regarding Troonism

No. 3766

this is a good idea

No. 3767

File: 1637578583538.jpg (2.01 MB, 4128x2322, 20211122_115603.jpg)

Writing to you nonas from my G*nder Studies class. How do I radpill my liberal teacher?

No. 3768

Somewhat your own fault for taking a Gender Studies class

No. 3769

what did you expect lol. Btw, you could try sending her some southpark episodes (in anon) or those godforsaken profiles on reddit of people trroning out, realizing it was a fetish after castration, explaning how the troon cult groomed them and then cast em out and insulted them when they expressed fear or remorse and the => 41 end of all of them. Shit is vile, would peak everyone.

No. 3770

This class was mandatory in my humanities degree, I would have picked another thing for sure because I knew that I was going to be fed up with liberal garbage. Don't bully me nonas, she's explaining some of Judith Butler's crap and I can't escape. I was thinking on sharing some article by Julia Long on language or something through the online space our uni has, I don't mind outing myself as a twansphobic, I dislike my classmates anyway.

No. 3771

noone bullied you tho.

No. 3772

I was joking

No. 3778

NTA but I think that gender studies were useful when they were about pointing out gender roles to dismantle them, the troonacy ruined it all (I know there was some bs from the start, but the idea wasn't wrong - though women's studies could cover that)

No. 3780

File: 1637592317680.jpeg (8.13 KB, 301x167, download (4).jpeg)

Anons, what do you think of Harry Potter 20 anniversary reunion movie?

They will include everyone _but_ JK Rowling and I think that's stupid. That taking into account how Daniel and Emma both were screeching that they will never touch anything HP related ever again because of Rowling's views. Idk about Rupert's opinion over it but as far as I remember he stopped being an actor rather quickly and just bought a cafe, unlike the other two.

No. 3781

i took a gender studies class in my 3rd semester and in hindsight it was a sex studies class and extremely based. the seminar not so much but the lecture was based and talked about how women were not allowed to do sports because men thought their organs would fall out through the vaginal opening, or that the book publishing world is run by men and many female authors only get published after they self-published and their works got really popular and have proven that they bring in money, or that drugs are only tested on men so doctors often don't even know that women need higher or lower dosages of certain drugs, which can have devastating consequences especially when it comes to cancer treatments. sadly, in my country gender is used now to mean both biological sex and gender roles. people say they don't discriminate against any gender identity to mean that they don't discriminate against women or men, but for the crazy begendereds it means that they accept shit like nonbinary or transmasc demiboi or whatever.

No. 3785

wow I knew nothing about this buffoonery

No. 3789

they owe her everything. they should show some damn respect.

No. 3790

File: 1637600152628.gif (27.12 KB, 155x319, 2727527fkyqcj7cyt.gif)

Last time this board was around I was merely a lurker, but now I am back with a lot more knowledge and experience. I hope the future brings us many interesting discussions.

No. 3795

You have no idea how excited I am for this return

No. 3805

I wish the gender studies class I took were based and focused on the female sex. Instead we even had to watch hontrapoints one time, and this was years ago too when he was even more Mickey Mouse sounding

No. 3812

>well we have GC discussions on those thread
well i wish you didn't since the sperging is often tedious

No. 3815

I've been successfully radpilling my teachers and the girls around me, my best tip is to have your projects or assignments mainly focus on women's issues. I'm not sure how language works for you since I'm a burger but try to differentiate women biologically and drop whatever gendie shit comes at your way. Good luck radpilling anon!

No. 3829

I stopped caring about pinkpill in the meantime and honestly all of you are completely insufferable. You deserve all the hate you get.(thank you for your invaluable input )

No. 3830

File: 1637660108427.jpg (91.99 KB, 800x600, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-E10868,_…)

> the seminar not so much but the lecture was based and talked about how women were not allowed to do sports because men thought their organs would fall out through the vaginal opening

did your lecturer care to give any sources to that statement, cause that is bullshit, its likely one of those things were they take a 1 or two statements by crackpots and try to present it as the common opinion at the time
See the American eugenics movement was fixated on the proliferation of physically and genetically fit white (i.e. Western yuro) families and culling of everybody else, so they extensively promoted the idea of female fitness and playing sports which the Nazis would also adopt as doctrine for their Bund Deutscher Mädel(League of German Girls)

This is why you shouldn't take Gender Studies, its a bunch of pretentious retards who have never cared to do some actual historical research

No. 3831

The board is hidden, you literally won't see it unless you specifically seek it out, so why did you even bother coming here kek

No. 3835

File: 1637688457172.png (80.06 KB, 313x365, u5swk9ap3wc51.png)

My issue is that I hate men, like I really fucking despise them and If there was a button that would make every single man on the planet disperser I'd press it in a heartbeat but my problem is I also dislike other women
My dislike of other women is not near my level of hatred against men but its still present, see I view humans as truly magnificent creatures and a marvel of evolution and yet It seems everyone destroys themselves and their bodies for the same pointless small pleasures, acting like literal subhumans and showing themselves not being worthy to procreate

I guess I'll never fit in a patrichial society but I can never join radfems either, The uberwoman's dilemma

No. 3837

Humans are very awesome, but still animals after all, a little percent of humans can truly grasp the grand potential (psychically and mentally) that our species posses, most are just normies and are prone to self-sabotage, idiocy and repeating circles.

No. 3838

Is it that hard thought to be, to be physically fit as you can be, to educate yourself and learn real world practical knowledge

No. 3839

Uh, there's a whole lot of history outside the eugenics movement. And yeah, a lot of people have had stupid ideas about women's athletics. This isn't some stupid flukey thing "pretentious retards" came up with, it's incredibly well documented. There have certainly been conflicting ideas about whether or not women can exert themselves over the course of history – in the Victorian era, you simultaneously had growing interest in bicycling among women and women's colleges like Mt. Holyoke that mandated physical exercise. But you absolutely also had actual doctors arguing exercise like bicycling gave women dysentery, goiters, and fucked up their female parts. Google A. Shadwell's writing on that. Edward Hammond Clarke, who taught at fucking Harvard, wrote best-selling books about how reading too many books literally physically damaged the female reproductive system, and that exercise during your period was especially dangerous. That's literally just the start of it, there are thousands of years' worth of stupid ideas as to how moving improperly could irreparably damage women's bodies. Like, yes, eugenicists were interested in physically robust women (to a point, but that's probably not worth getting into with you). The Nazis promoted things like Leni Riefenstahl out on the slopes, being a strong proud skiing fraulein. How the fuck is that supposed to disprove the fact that plenty of men in other times and places argued that women exercising for their own enjoyment would cause uterine prolapse?

No. 3840

Whatever your concept of true, marvelous humanity vs. "literal subhumanity" that proves some people aren't "worthy to procreate" is almost certainly stupid bullshit that's at least 80% reliant on what soothes your own ego, so there's that.

No. 3841

If I had to simplify my views so that someone like you can understand I'd say that I fill ill seeing physically unfit people, regardless of gender and race, for me just looking at someone who has ruined their fills me with disgust and even some anger
I also hate stupid people who think their smart

No. 3844

Thanks anon, you worded that a lot more kindly than I was inclined to when I first read that earlier but basically said what I was thinking

No. 3845

Oh yeah, "someone like me." God knows, we're all just hapless rubes who've never encountered someone on an imageboard who thinks selectively shelving their theory of other minds when they want to blow their unthinking disgust at "unfit" people into an intellectual pose constitutes penetrating critical thought. No one here has ever heard of r/fatpeoplelogic, or whatever the fuck it's called. Yeah, we're all simpletons unable to understand your grand philosophy, which I'm sure doesn't boil down to a skimmed Wiki article's worth of solipsism-justifying doom-mush that asks nothing difficult of you, slimes everyone you even slightly dislike for any reason, however unthinkingly venal or petty, as lumpenprole non-persons, and elevates every bias you have into transcendent truth. Yeah. This is all brand new to us, here on an imageboard full of women who have literally ever met an anime club misfit who bases their entire sense of self worth on being put into gifted classes before. I don't even say that without sympathy: I too was once an unhappy teenager who thought skimming Kant and Mencius Moldbug's bs made me more of an actual person that peers who were mean to me. But then I grew the fuck up.

I hope, for you're sake, that you're either male or a child. If you're a grown woman thinking this way, you need to be a whole lot braver in your thinking before you expect any intellectual respect.

No. 3846

No, keep it there, it peaks people on /snow/.

No. 3847

I support this

No. 3848

Damn her post hit a nerve uh? are you one of those stupid, unfit people? kek cope and seethe, she's right

No. 3849

No shit it hit a nerve. You can believe it's because I'm 500 pounds or whatever, I can't stop you. But this is an imageboard, where people say things, and other people respond. You expressed a stupid opinion that stinks of the scrotiest, laziest, hugbox-iest thinking possible. Generally speaking, this board isn't about that. Women don't need to fall back on their endless march of Actually I'm Superior Because I'm A Special Boy And You're All Inherent Subhumans thinking because we're capable of rational thought.

No. 3850

Nta but I don't see what's "scrote" like about that thinking. Even on lc most anons on other boards agree with that.

No. 3851

so what I'm getting is that you are either weak and or a moron

No. 3852

What kills me is the utter lack of self awareness. Like unless you're some marathon running biglaw litigator, there are scores of people out there who consider you lazy and undisciplined relative to themselves. Since you're wasting time on an imageboard, it might even be true that most people think of you as a subhuman lol

It's depressing when women eat up this /pol/ ubermensch garbage. It's intellectually lazy, cut that shit out.

No. 3853

No. But most people are slaves to social media now, so that's why.

No. 3855

I'm not asking other people to be near my level, I just think people who are fat and stupid shouldn't be allowed to breed

No. 3858

Why not just say that then instead of the uberwoman larp?

No. 3859

No, they don't. Cope harder, superiority-complex-anon

No. 3860

>I also hate stupid people who think their smart
English not your first language huh?

No. 3861

>stupid people who think their smart


IME it is always the dumbest people who say shit like this because they lack self awareness, they convince themselves they have a 200 IQ and infinite wisdom and have figured out everything in life but lead average lives like everyone else and have absolutely nothing to show for their supposed intelligence

No. 3863

Pretty much everyone agrees most scrotes shouldn't breed, trannies shouldn't breed, people into weird kinks, people defending child abuse in hollywood because "at least they get paid", autists, etc.

No. 3867

File: 1637869590373.jpg (7.17 KB, 236x236, 0fd10f56724c49bd2198e3e99bba51…)

Does anyone here have radfem audiobooks? Sometimes I don't have the time/energy to stop everything I'm doing to read, but audiobooks are always good to listen to while doing other stuff at the same time. I'd be a blessing if anyone here has links/files/etc

No. 3868

File: 1637884198641.jpg (36.91 KB, 415x592, 7acc6f8e26bc9e003316c98d820a6d…)

No. 3869

Yes, but for different reasons that are not among those you have mentioned. Not because they are stoopid and weak but because they are dangerous

No. 3870

Ty nona. Some links are broken tho, how can we replace them?

No. 3873

File: 1638306100794.jpeg (92.89 KB, 519x650, 20EBF396-3B4C-49A0-9A3A-1E7C85…)

Where did everyone go? I feel like there were a lot more anons here before. Did some from the main site not get the memo that this board is up again? Or did everyone leave entirely and go somewhere else?

No. 3874

People don't know this board exists, more likely. Also, considering there were only 100-ish people in the Townhall (I know, I know; maybe everyone didn't make it, but still) it can be assumed Lolcow's userbase is dwindling.

No. 3875

i've been on LC for over a year at this point and i only ever found out about this board last week bcus one anon was talking about it in the stupid questions thread. i get why it needs to be more hidden but no one knows its here smh

No. 3876

Yeah, I figured it was something like that. Damn, I’ve been here since like 2017, does that make me an oldfag? I remember when this board was created (and hidden) so maybe we should link to it more often in /ot/ when there’s relevant GC discussion going on.

No. 3883

Does anyone remember a podcast where two rudefems infiltrated a fb group for parents of transitioners and read all of their crazy shit? I can't remember any keywords to help find it again.

No. 3884

Was it Actual Feminism? I just searched "/2X/ podcast" and found that

No. 3885

I'm still glad the board got unlocked at least, sure its slow now but its better then being raided and overtime we cat attract more users

No. 3886

Samefag, but the description of the first episode says they were lurking through trans Facebook groups. I'm gonna listen to it right now.

No. 3888

That's it! Thank you so much nona!

No. 3907

holy shit i can't believe this board is back!!!

No. 3908

How did you find it I can’t find it on the top

No. 3910

it's meant to be hidden to keep men away. i used this board when it was first opened so i knew about it already

No. 3913

What extent of discussion on race is allowed? I would be really interested to explore misogyny throughout various cultures and how it differs per race. This is just my opinion, but coming from my own experience, I personally believe non-white men are more violent and depraved than white men. I believe white men are capable of being extremely awful, but it seems as though the worst crimes (gruesome rape and murder, rituals, sacrifices, violent cultural practices) are simply _more common_ among non-white men. I am sorry for sounding racist, this is simply something I find interesting and would like to explore in more detail. The opinions of others would be valuable in exploring this. I just am not sure if it is allowed or appropriate due to its focus on race. I am in no way trying to wk white men or be their handmaiden.

No. 3917

Yeah, no. I think this will devolve in race-sperging pretty easily, just this post is already racebait.

No. 3919

My view isn't that white western men are better, rather other cultures are far worse
patriarchal oppression does exist in the west but to say that Sweden is on par with Sindh, where young hindu girls get raped by Muslim men as a form of righteous Jihad and acid attacks are an almost weekly occurrence, its just bullshit and its testy cause a lot of radfems get offended by that fact, that other cultures are a lot worse
they always reply "all men are shit and we all suffer under patriarchy, so stop complaining" and then bring isolated cases and not a civilization problem that most women under third world suffer

I'd say women in the middle ages had more rights and freedoms then the vast majority of the third world today

No. 3927

It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with not living under theocracies and people being comparatively less superstitious

No. 4152

Can someone make a pickme thread

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