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gender critical and female politics
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man-hate is necessary if we're to raise boys that will grow up to be better than today's

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man i miss this place, short-lived but great

No. 3739

we back bitches

No. 3740

i didn't even know this board existed until the townhall kek

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Make /2X/ great again

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I had no idea we could still post here until town hall!

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It's back! Hidden friend finder when?

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i hope this stays open

long live our queen

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What a fantastic surprise, anons. Happy to still be here with all of you.

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Where is this christmas tree from?

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Good afternoon, since /XX/ is almost dead and this seems its shitposting thread I'm going to type a little post after reading each text I need to study before my gender studies exam. Let's begin with the small introduction of Toril Moi's ''Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?''. I can't stop lurking and I think this will help me focus.

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Moi basically confronts two ways of understanding Woolfs thesis in ''A Room of One's Own'': the need for androginy in writers. The first way of understanding is held by Showalter and others who believe that Woolf was disassociating and wasn't and effective feminist writer because she was upper class. Literature needs to picture women in a realistic ways and reach to the reader. The other is held by Moi herself and is based on the idea that androginy and elusiveness is something inherent to language, and believing in a solid subject is somehow phallocentrical. Next text is Monique Wittigs ''The Straight Mind'' and ''One Is Not Born a Woman''.

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Wittig believes that ''women'' is a social construct, a non-natural class from which women must fight. Lesbians aren't women because women belong to men, they are another class and they are economically and socially different. The idea that society is built on a heterosexual basis is untrue. Psychology, psychoanalysis in particular, have been created from a heterosexual man's point of view. Women, lesbians and gay men aren't normalised in this language. The subconscious modelled by Freud and Lacan was heterosexually designed and the therapeutic pact between therapist and patiend only exists to deny all those people who aren't heterosexual men their existence as valid. Next comes ''Technology of Gender'' by Teresa de Lauretis.

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Ladies, is anyone interested in discussing how to let more women know about the /2x/ revival without moids like the gore spammer finding out? I’ve already sent the link to my friends who use this site, but I’m hesitant to mention it on the other boards even though I think there’s a lot of /ot/ and /g/ nonnies who’d be happy to learn it’s back.

No. 4095

>my friend that use this site
Nonnie I'm so jelly (in a good, wholesome way, I'm happy for you).
I thought about this too btw, just casually namedrop the board in the other ones and I think women will be more likely to notice and (if they don't know about it) ask about what it is. Moids are usually too fucking focused on the shit shillposting or some other larp shit to notice.

No. 4097

That’s how I discovered it was reopened since I couldn’t make it to the town hall! I do kind of wonder though, a lot of gals used to get redtexted for radfem rants and such, maybe it would be nice if the farmhands could use ban messages to direct them here. It just sounds like a smart way to spread the word to anons who’d be interested without tipping off the scrotes. I hope you can find some good farmer friends of your own! It’s a lot of fun reading threads together and sharing screenshots and such.

No. 4102

I like your thinking

No. 4358

This is how I found the board, but unfortunately it seems pretty dead. I'll be sticking around though and maybe telling other women who I know lurk here about it.

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