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File: 1679692480923.jpg (182.82 KB, 1136x852, 640c286cd81e7e0018be1751.jpg)

No. 12213

I thought about making a thread just for this topic because I see it being discussed sitewide and it would be more interesting to see it all condensed over here, so it does not get drowned between other unrelated post. Feel free to give out your opinion here.

No. 12215

File: 1679692615035.png (30.56 KB, 886x454, lmao.png)

Very good thread nonna
As for now, the supposed "trans genocide" has a wikipedia page with shitty sources kek.

No. 12216

>obese men saying "rip trans youth"
That op pic really says it all, kek.
I also agree I want the discussion just over one thread. For now I'm just tired of hearing this shit all over social media, people don't know what a genocide actually is.

No. 12221


No. 12223

whats your problem anon? there are specific threads for things all over LC so why not in 2X? not everything fits in peak trans thread calm down

No. 12224

half this wiki page is about nazi germany kek. they're so desperate to appear under attack

No. 12226

File: 1679701297720.jpg (27.83 KB, 1080x317, 1679603506388.jpg)

Right now they're in Stage 7. Can someone ELI5 what are the 6 priors? Is obvious the first two were made by themselves, no by the government.

No. 12228

File: 1679702771084.png (92.8 KB, 638x479, genocide.png)

this is the list they keep referring to. so stage 7 would be "official action to remove/relocate people" - how is this happening exactly? what's amazing is that they're saying this is happening in the US specifically, when the Biden administration could not be more pro-trans.
also kek at the second stage. THEY are the ones that obsess over identifying themselves.

No. 12229

Disagree, OP is right and we should be able to discuss it here.

No. 12230

the migratory crisis is more of a genocide than this trans shit. No one talks about how migrants are treated anymore.

No. 12231

File: 1679703288500.png (12.38 KB, 404x495, toryimmigrantpolicy.png)

this is so fucking true. picrel is a tweet from the UK prime minister to give an idea of how bleak it is right now. you can see how this actually can (and does) go up to stage 10.

No. 12236

the language they use is always so extreme. people are denied care for many different unethical reasons and most don't involve chopping their tits off. it's always "euphoria" too instead of just being happy, i feel like if they wanted they could try harder to not sound like such a cult. also kinda funny that so many aidens are converts to judaism (supposedly) but want to talk about genocide

No. 12257

I've been watching a lot of documentaries about the Holocaust lately and how these idiots appropriate the word genocide is so insulting, they are living in their own self-inflicted hell completely unlike any real genocide. Is it because concentration camps survivors are slowly dying out that nobody dares to criticize the use of that word?

No. 12279

god i wish it was true

No. 12288

I think a genocide survivor (Gildon from TikTok) was supporting the notion that USA was treating trans people like he had to endure back in Poland and I don't know if he really mean it or he did it for brownie points.
Still, there are people that ignore other kind of genocides (Armenia) or dictatorship (Pol Pot, Pinochet, etc) in the world, so I wouldn't be surprised they're so self-inflicted that have no idea how is living in a real genocide.

No. 12301

the way you mentioned Pinochet gave me chills. I'm not from Chile but I'm from Latin American. These TRAs will never know what a real genocide is.

No. 12310

Can someone name another genocide where the minority being “genocided” were beloved and celebrated by the mainstream, and people in the country of said genocide could risk their entire livelihoods by even slightly offending the minority group? I’m really not a historyfag so I’d love to know if there has ever been something remotely similar. Like look at us, having to hide on these anon forums in the dark corners of the internet where we won’t be banned and doxxed for having this discussion. But sure Jan, it’s just like the Holocaust.

No. 12331

Nothing wrong with this. Refugees should claim asylum close to their homeland, not asylum-shop as far as the UK.

No. 12332

No. 12349

sage for blog but I'm from Chile and these people will never have idea how was was living under dictatorship at all. You couldn't speak about other political stuff, you would never know if you would have your rights taken away, it was quite common to see people getting beaten by militar police and the national plebiscite in '88 was scary as Hell knowing that it would have been posible Pinochet would have the chance to stay as "president".

And Pol Pot was even worse. You could be jailed for using fuckin' glasses.

I STG these people need to learn more about genocide or dictatorship besides the WWII to understand they're living in a safe country and they're just making problems in their head.

No. 12406

>Transgender genocide
>Trans eradication
Kek I wish. Never heard of this shit before in my life, probably because I don't have any close gendie friends, but damn. Academics are studying this instead of actual marginalized groups who suffer historic and present day oppression, clown world.

I don't think this list is particularly helpful because it doesn't mention policy at all and its all too LARPy Orwell inspired, hypothetical babble. Actual marginalization is way more crypto and insidious than straight up mass culling and broadcasting propaganda. Add to this that propaganda can be interpreted in anyway; one persons idea of propaganda is entertainment for a cruel moid. I could argue porn is dehumanizing propaganda and in some ways it absolutely is, but would the average coomer agree? Would sex positive scholars agree? Regardless, I definitely wouldn't apply this list to some middle class white moid in a developed country in the anglosphere most likely who wanted to wear cat ears and a spinny skirt in order to reach peak faggot. I think that the "trans genocide" is simply acknowledging that 41% has increased.

I was just going to say this list applies perfectly to migrant women/refugee women from the global south who are trafficked, abused and genocided en masse by Muslim moids in their home countries on a daily basis. That's not even counting the hundreds of thousands to millions of African, Asian and indigenous women exploited historically to now. Even those in developed countries like Native American women and other indigenous women. Even the average woman in the states has fewer reproductive rights across several bible thumping borders now, and that is in a developed fucking country in the global north.

No. 12426

When I saw this I was fucking horrified. How many trafficked women will suffer because they can't get help?

No. 12442

Honestly, as much as it infuriates and disgusts me to see these self-victimizing Transtrenders and AGP fetishists be over-the-top dramatic and try to claim the benefits of being a marginalized group, part of me hopes that they transition and regret it for the rest of their lives loudly and publicly so maybe we can bring more attention to how ridiculous it is for these people not to receive thorough psychological evaluation to get to the bottom of the real issues they're running from.

No. 12502

File: 1680040581155.png (81.04 KB, 551x509, meeemeeemeeeeee.png)

don't let the shooting of innocent children distract you from the real tragedy of the trans genocide, nonas

No. 12506

KEK, they aren't even past stage 2 and they are the ones who put themselves there. Funny people.

No. 12516

File: 1680065928622.jpg (415.56 KB, 1918x1922, 4qzd85.jpg)

Each time I read "trans genocide", this is how I picture them suffering their "rights taken away".

No. 12547

Illegal immigrants not getting the same rights as citizens is 'genocide' now? This is just as retarded as the tranny genocide bullshit.

No. 12561

>Illegal immigrants
Try trafficked women, children and refugees. Some shitty Indian moid not getting the rights of a British citizen isn't even comparable.

No. 12606

File: 1680198071823.png (64.38 KB, 1460x1022, bWVkaWEvRnNjbzBkZmFnQUVJMW42Ln…)

No. 12617

they say taking trans healthcare away, even making it restrictive, is basically genocide but they silenced detrans who speak up of the effects of the artificial hormones, mutilations, and culty behavior the community has. if there's even a genocide, it's basically trans vs detrans where the latter is left to rot by the same community that accepts anyone and anything these days.

No. 12621

>unironically believing the unfettered immigration into England thats collapsing their social services are primarily women and children

No. 12623

Take it to the nationalism thread, retard-chan

No. 12632

Imagine being nationalistic over England, kek. Maybe you guys can get some illegal immigrant dentists to fix your teeth or plastic surgeons to fix your jaw issues caused by generational inbreeding?

No. 12645

File: 1680286975213.png (102.84 KB, 607x1058, 1680286616825.png)

imagine thinking there is a trans genocide in america when this is your president

No. 12650

> made in the image of god
> mutilate “god-given” body and pump themselves full of hormones
I’m not religious but come on. It’s such blatant bullshit and if I were a godfag I would resent this statement. I’m not usually a tin-foiler but so much of what’s happening lately feels like taunting and outright bait to upset anyone who isn’t on the TRA side. Anyone else feel this way? It’s just too much.

No. 12667

File: 1680307151040.jpeg (435.87 KB, 2048x1926, Fsj_oQ5XsAEIDJ_.jpeg)

No. 12668

If there was a God wouldn’t trannies be upset that they weren’t born into their rightful body? Why create people who are supposedly another gender to the point they have to have surgery and take drugs to mimic the bodies they wish they had? Democrats are so fucking annoying, always with the posturing of “BELIEVE SCIENCE” then turn to talk about God and how men are legitimately of female sex.

No. 12672

File: 1680316143918.jpeg (134.61 KB, 1440x1080, soooooo much like nazi germany…)

England Athletics thankfully announced today that they are banning TIMs from competing against women (and on trans visibility day which has them seething, of course). picrel is EA's first point in their statement, which is apparently exactly like nazi germany.

No. 12677

File: 1680328741020.jpg (335.96 KB, 858x1193, MausII-2-18.jpg)

Recently re-read Maus, and it really brought into sharp focus what genocide actually fucking is. People were fucking burnt alive in pits and TRAs have the audacity to put being denied pills in the same category. There were no "die ins," during the fucking Holocaust, they'd just shoot you for whatever reason they felt like.

No. 12682

Sad thing is it seems like they wish this would happen to them because they literally have persecution fetishes. Most people don’t want them to die or be harmed. We just want them to sit down and stop with the lies and manipulation that allows them to twist the narrative in every single criticism of them

No. 12984

File: 1680917764425.png (47.9 KB, 492x493, asylum.png)

i cannot believe what i'm reading right now kek
>saw anti-abortion laws as "canary in the coal mine" for anti-trans laws…
>whines about the culture war and ok-groomer memes. seems really obsessed with people thinking he is a predator
>"I think a bigot is going to end up killing me, possibly in a slaughter like what we've experienced at Club Q."
>fled the US to stay in a German asylum camp
>traumatised his mother who was scared for him to leave
>originally wanted to go to Denmark but they were strict on their asylum policies
>sought “subsidiary protection” from so that he didn't have to return to the U.S.
>literally taking up room in camps with Ukraine refugees
>lived in what he describes as prison-like conditions kek
>"I made sure to let people know that I am LGBT because they know that LGBT people are persecuted throughout the world"
>"The only real issue is that most people misgender me"
>social workers try to persuade him to return to US
>admits that he was unable to seek asylum because he wasn't in enough immediate danger

No. 12985

File: 1680918113027.jpeg (45.94 KB, 560x560, robin.jpeg)

oops link didn't work: https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7bdyz/trans-us-citizen-german-asylum-camp

also picrel is the guy in question, found on his linkedin page where he talks more about "seeking asylum from right-wing militia"

No. 13002

So from what I skimmed it sounds like he’s not wanted in Germany and they’re all confused about why he’s there… So why did they allow this in the first place? Idk how it works. Kind of love the idea of a ton of them doing this though. Making their lives unnecessarily difficult while they’re perfectly safe in the
US and regularly treated like heroes for nothing kek.

No. 13003

>And Pol Pot was even worse. You could be jailed for using fuckin' glasses.
No you were straight up murdered for using glasses. A friend of mine told me that's the reason why her parents fled Cambodia, her father needed glasses and spoke more than one language so he was a typical target there since that made him an "intellectual".

No. 13046

I just feel bad for war refugees and gay people from muslim countries seeking asylum to save their fucking lives and having to put up with this privileged american nitwit who whines about his they/them pronouns which doesn't even make sense in German. also I can imagine them doing this on purpose so they can show the data of how many trans people were forced to flee the US.
32 trans people were killed (not including suicides and accidental deaths) in 2022, 81% were poc and most were sex workers. but of course it's a white they/them man fleeing in fear of his life.

No. 13061

>So why did they allow this in the first place?
iirc it's against EU law and international human rights agreements to deny someone the right to seek asylum, so if he got a visa and was able to cross the border to make the application, he can stay for as long as the application is being processed. Enter massive bureaucracy and the possibility to reapply and finally go to court if that doesn't work, and he could be spending years in Germany in the asylum center. It's pretty much the same across EU for all asylum seekers, and it's also why we have at least here in the Nordics kids who have maybe gone to school for 6 years and integrated because their family was stuck in the process, and they may be denied asylum in the end anyway and sent back to their home countries, and on the other hand we have grown ass moids living here for 8+ years in these centers doing nothing and then refusing to leave when denied asylum.

No. 13081

Imagine if women in the US started fleeing and seeking asylum because of abortion bans, the rates of us getting murdered by partners, plus female prostitute murders. Literally knew 4 women irl who were murdered by men. Not to mention all of the DA, SA, and rape. See many trannies say cis women are privileged and it’s so funny. Literally the only privilege we have over them is “pretty privilege”/looking better and of course that’s what they care about most.

No. 13094

File: 1681008891821.jpg (305.07 KB, 1170x1651, tumblr_6ccbbfbd7126e6aabeb27b0…)


No. 13095

Are we at the mass sterilization stage of the trans genocide yet?

No. 13105

File: 1681019022645.jpg (415.31 KB, 1918x1922, 1679325924250.jpg)

At least where I live troons have been crying about muh forced sterilization for years, forced sterilization apparently being code for some kind of hormonal troon treatment or, alternatively for tifs birth control, required in order to change ID, after which it can be stopped without any consequences. Recently a self-id law was passed though, so troon discourse has been shifting to allowing puberty blockers, which I guess would mean we're moving from fake sterilization to real sterilization kek. Literally picrel.

No. 13107

Kek we're from the same country and the whole sterilization discussion was hilarious, especially when right after whining that trans people are forcibly sterilized they go on about how transmen can become pregnant and how there already has been transmen here who have given birth. Like did no one take a second to put these two things together and ask that hey what about that forced sterilization

No. 13117

It’s not forced, just TRAs dismissing the valid concerns and evidence about HRT causing fertility issues to the point where they are doing it to themselves. Most of them probably don’t care or want kids anyway so whatever. Everyone wins

No. 13144

This must be why they hate desisters and detransitioners so much, because they aren't easily dismissed with "ugh they just don't understand!"

No. 13598

File: 1681685689995.png (39.91 KB, 598x664, paranoia.png)

More like "paranoia hurts your mental health"

No. 13643

File: 1681753861305.webm (8.8 MB, 480x852, willoughby .webm)

Botox Chucky providing "proof" of the trans genocide in the UK

>pm saying trans people should be banned from public spaces

so dramatic kek. how are men not being permitted into women's toilets and changing rooms equal to being banned from public spaces? with that logic, everyone is banned from certain public spaces.
>changing the equality act to protect biological sex
"trans people rendered meaningless" he still has a biological sex though. and no one is stopping him from wearing what he wants, whatever name he wants etc. it's literally just when 'sex' matters (eg. women's rape shelters and prisons).
>no protections
they are literally still protected by law. transphobic attacks are still hate crimes and discriminations are still legally processed.
>teachers being told to "grass up" trans pupils to parents
so it's better to allow teachers to encourage children to keep secrets from their parents?
>not allowing boys to play sports with the girls
again, no willingness to understand how the issue this creates for women and girls far outweighs the validation/ego stroking it provides for men and boys who want to cheat.
>Gender clinics becoming conversion centres
gender clinics already are gay conversion centres. anything that helps children and adults get over their dysphoria and not "need" lifelong surgeries, sterilisation and hormones should be celebrated.
>literal NAT ZEES at gender critical events (reference to Let Women Speak)
literal nazis hate feminists and were not there to support GC women in the least, in fact they were just as keen to prevent women speaking as the TRAs (a lot in common there). and if you're hated by nazis then join the club.

No. 13653

no wonder all the troons are so feaked out when they get the news from a peroson who manipulates the message to make it sound horrible. Makes me realize how powerful influences really are orver stupid masses.

No. 13654

sorry in advance for rant, I know it's kinda unhinged and I also couldn't formulate my thoughts well.

"Trans genocide" is insane not only because it's not happening, but because it literally won't ever happen. All their evidence is are a few restrictions and proposed legislations that prevent men from hurting women in sports/shelters/prisons/gyms/etc., and a couple more rules to try to address the mental health issues these people suffer before they started permanently altering their bodies. Trans identified people and activists point to online animosity like it's a real thing. A nona posted something in /ot/ the other day, I'm not gonna link it because it was during an infight, but I'm gonna quote a few lines:
>how many imageboard related crimes have there been? like if a 4fag autist self proclaimed as a nazi i don't have a doubt in my mind he's not acutally killing jewish or black people etc or hurting them irl, and i'd assume a guy who talks about murder and killing […] was just being edgy. […] like when you've been around enough you just assume it's a surface level thing and most people are larping autists.

I completely agree with her. There have been isolated incidents of genuinely insane people taking their crimes offline, but 90% of people online talking shit are not likely to carry stuff out. Again, there are plenty of nutjobs who engage in or are capable of terrible things active in online spaces, that's a given. However, most people in "mainstream" online communities (i.e. with thousands of users and content policies) are complete larpers. Crazies might be present here and there, but ime and from hearing anecdotes and stories online, they tend to stick to small groups online because of their potential for getting banned or literally arrested. This isn't to say that they don't exists, and that online radicalization isn't real and hate crime don't occur. Just that, given the amount of vile things that people say on a daily basis, a lot of them are larpers or else we would see constant hate crimes on a scale way worse than what currently occurs.

There's a lot of people online who make jokes about trannies, telling them to 41%, etc., often these are the same people who make roughly the same jokes about LGB people. Yet LGB people only ever discuss hate crimes and anti-gay legislation in normal ways, if they talk about genocide they're typically talking people in countries where people can and are killed for their orientation. I've never seen anyone who wasn't a 15 year old on twitter unironically claim that "they're gonna round up gays tomorrow and literally kill them!!"

I don't think troons are hanging out in the spaces where people psychopaths discuss, idk, dismembering people. However, i do think there are two groups: Normie troons and Niche troons. Normie troons = reddit, twitter, through private fetish forums/discords. Niche troons are the ones active in the really disgusting corners, like cp and bestiality. Normie troons see the stuff larpers say and flip out. Granted, some of the animosity directed at them can be very vivid, but it's no worse than how moids will describe a woman they politically disagree with. Niche troons, I believe, fuel this fire. When some idiot 4chan teenager on twitter saying he wishes troons got gassed, they lose their shit even more (because they know what depravity actually lurks out there) and help convince normie troons that this is evidence of a very real effort to systemically murder them.

Obviously this doesn't happen and is completely made up. Furthermore, it will NEVER happen because of the simple reason that they are men. They are all men online. Men online rarely carry out crimes that hurt other men, they much prefer to target women, children, animals, the elderly. They literally do not know what it's like to see someone truly, actually, post about wanting to hurt them for their completely unprovoked existence. Men do not hate men for existing like how they do with women. Men may a-log about troons, but they do not kill troons because they are 90% larpers, and of the ones that aren't, they understand that troons are men and are just as chronically online as they are (it would be a pot calling the kettle black situation). I'm really hoping i didn't misrepresent my thoughts, again I'm not trying to say that internet to real-life crimes don't happen, just that they usually occur against men and they don't originate from the normie spaces where most of internet interaction takes place. Troons just see a lot of psychopaths in their own spaces and are paranoid. They also want to believe that targeted by these psychopaths like actual women victims are.

No. 13705

Interesting theory demarcating radical troons and normie troons.

>Obviously this doesn't happen and is completely made up. Furthermore, it will NEVER happen because of the simple reason that they are men.

I'm screen capping the last paragraph of this, it's powerfully accurate on moid violence. Watch moids complain about how the highest number of homicide, murder,suicide trooning out and troon suicide, (basically every violent act unless it's sexual) victims are males, then watch them omit a very important detail; that these problems are all caused by males. Moids larping that they hate trannies while consooming troon porn is the icing on the shit cake, but that happens with white nationalist larpers who are obsessed with black males genitals often and the sexual happenstance of them too.

No. 13762

>just that they usually occur against men
TYPO, should say "they usually don't occur against men" sorry
so true nona. Moids who are entrenched in ideological niches are often the most hypocritical, and the more their ideological niche is criticized, the more they double down on defending it. They start getting into really weird stuff too, as you say. I'm trying to think of the most similar thing I've seen women do, and I guess it would be the really far out PETA stuff, but I don't think women are as prone to extreme ideologies online. The number of men vastly outnumber women when it comes to white nationalists online, or on weird fetish sites, even gossip/farm communities (kf is by far the biggest imo, I don't think other female sites can even compare to the levels of unhingedness that come from there).

Moids are the group most prone to radicalization, and to unhinged delusion. They're also much more likely to not seek any help for actual psychiatric problems, and I don't think I'd be wrong in guessing that they make up the vast majority of neets. The fact is that shitty people online are more likely to be men, and they are perfectly okay with obsessing over the target of their hatred until it horseshoes them. White nationalists → (fetishistic) obsession with black people, devout christians → atheism or some sort of esoteric religion like buddhism or paganism, incels → trying to become women. It's not surprising that radicalization propels people into hypocrisy.

The unparalleled nature of male insanity means there are levels of depravity online that we, as women, will never see. I'm sure anyone reading this isn't exactly a surface level internet user (lol, sorry, not trying to sound cringe), yet save for a few extreme cases, I'm sure the vast majority of us aren't on unhinged forums/servers/whatevers discussing melting roadkill or stealing diapers. I don't even think I'm even misandristic, I'm just saying that men are actually fucking insane, and are so prone to weirdo extremist stuff that they have some of the most strange behavior online. If someone goes on a violent rant online about women, and a normal woman hears it, she freaks out because she is rightfully concerned based on her irl experiences with men and what she sees in the news. If someone goes on a murderous rant about women and I read about it on 4ch/kf/intermediates, I think it's disgusting and that they're mentally ill, but I'd doubt that they're going to kill someone because I've seen enough gross moid violence culture online to know that xX.JEWSLAYER.Xx is probably not slaying jews.

normal internet = facebook, reddit, twitter, etc but not the unhinged parts. population = normal people, internet culture savvy people.

"intermediate" internet = smaller discord communities, certain subreddits, certain areas of twitter/tumblr/etc, basically the normal stuff but more niche. population = overlap of normal people, more internet culture savvy, and the chronically online

deep internet = everything from weird stuff to actual psychotic shit. population = internet culture savvy, chronically online, and psychos

I know I'm preaching to the choir about internet culture and that the categories sound dumb, I'm just trying to point out that troons fall squarely into the last two categories. There's some normal ones, but most are going to be very, very online. And again, because moids are moids, they are more prone to weirdo extremist ideologies and communities. Every once in a while I'll learn about something that's definitely not super well known, and is quite troubling, and then I'll remember that somehow, some way, there's WORSE out there. And that's why troons are so uniquely fucking insane. They reside on every. level. of. the. internet. The thing is, my mom can read a blog about yoga and never have any idea that there's an entire community of content surrounding abusing fluffy ponies from a 2010 children's cartoon. This is because there is no fucking overlap between the commenters on yoga mat reviews dot com or whatever and more niche levels of the internet. Troons reside mainly in the intermediate-deep internet because they're smart enough to realize that people on the normal parts won't put up with their constant weird sexual stuff, their drug habits (which people literally never talk about??), and their debilitating mental issues, far beyond anxiety and depression. Some have seen the weird shit, like the actual criminal psychotic shit that happens on the deepest corners, and they bring it back with them to the more intermediate levels, and then they fear monger.

It's a mix of prevalent autism causing black and white thinking among troons, plus the ones who hold actual paranoia from reading cannibalism websites. Pair that with the drugs and mental illnesses, and their subconscious understanding of male violence, their knowledge of hating something and wanting to hurt it purely for existing, and you have community of paranoid mentally ill freaks who interpret everything as violence, and through a lens of violence. I do think troons are genuinely afraid of what they see online. What they fail to recognize is that they're afraid of themselves. All men online are afraid of their own fucking shadows. On some level they're aware that they could just as easily be the perpetrator, and so they must always play the victim. Quick, name a group online that talks about violence and heinous sexual fantasies literally daily. They're all the fucking same and that's why they hate each other, and that's why they also never hurt each other.

I truly don't want to come off as a misandristic sperg here, I really don't hate normal guys and outside of this tirade I'm not even a pessimist or anything. I just cannot stand men online, especially the ones who are deeper and deeper online, they do some of the most horrific stuff out there.

No. 13772

Posted in the TIF thread but might be more appropriate here. When the most mainstream and (somehow) popular sketch comedy show becomes a propaganda machine for making kids into lifelong medical patients, I don’t think your side is the one who has room to play victim

No. 13787

kek i wish a trans genocide was actually happening sometimes, this is my edgiest confession. maybe if moids were being killed en masse the world could change for the better

No. 13838

File: 1681931098135.jpg (193.54 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20230419_150256.jpg)

We are in Stage 8. I repeat. We are in Stage 8.

No. 13880

>kidnapping children from a specific group
They're saying this shit as if trannies don't target lgb youth and brainwash underage kids into taking hormones. Projection at its finest.

No. 13884

those children were saved from a bunch of pedophiles.

No. 13891

File: 1681990435349.png (274.05 KB, 1284x1786, tranny.png)

No. 13892

>not so long ago in a genocide we all know.

do these morons know there's been several other genocides since WW2 or did they skip history class ?

>so it's better to allow teachers to encourage children to keep secrets from their parents?
I'm on the fence about this tbh. If the parents are homophobic or otherwise a bit to keen on sexist standards, this could expose the child to violence. This is really a shitty situation for teachers who have to choose between that and enabling mental illness.

No. 13893

File: 1681994703913.jpg (189.62 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20230420_144310_Chr…)

You are not being "genocided", if you were you would not be bragging about it on Twitter and nobody takes enby women seriously anyway, they are facing classical misogyny and not "transphobia".

No. 13894

File: 1681997292038.png (109.67 KB, 1175x2004, Screenshot (1).png)

The laws making it more difficult for doctors to sterilize autistic kids are somehow forced sterilization, and are exactly like when doctors were giving disabled women hysterectomies against their wills

No. 13901

>this could expose the child to violence
a child telling a teacher or therapist something in confidence and asking it not to be repeated to their parents (eg. a child thinks they are trans and doesn't want their strict religious parents to find out) is understandable but completely different to a teacher actively encouraging the child to change their pronouns/socially "transition" and keep it from their parents. they should be neutral and protect the child. it's not their job to encourage for or against anything like that, especially without the parent's consent.
there is nothing in or planning to be in law that says teachers have to "grass up" these children. it's just basic safeguarding and boundaries between teacher and pupil.

No. 13907

File: 1682018499917.png (15.17 KB, 669x308, legal detention florida.png)

Apparently, a group of protesters threw underwear at the lawmakers and were detained. This included some minors and an adult (who was arrested). The kids were detained. A bunch of activists got pissed and claimed it was illegal to hold children without a legal guardian and therefore it was kidnapping (spoiler, it's not). The kids were detained for like an hour, perfectly legal. Also there was only one kid, the rest were teenagers, they're old enough to know right from wrong and have literally no right to be shocked when they get detained for throwing UNDERWEAR at politicians. No kids were kidnapped, it's not genocide, they got in temporary trouble for throwing stuff at people.

No. 14341

File: 1682613148634.png (7.29 KB, 598x269, Four Count on Twitter.png)

>Cis people, the gov is trying to pull some genocide type shit with them anti-trans laws popping up, it's time to be louder.

Who is this "cis people"?

In all seriousness, the more I see the word "genocide", the less I can take them seriously.

No. 14680

File: 1683560419975.png (214.61 KB, 658x751, 1683559712979.png)

No. 14723

love it when they accidentally make anti-trans posts kek

No. 14760

File: 1683853377590.jpg (383.28 KB, 2560x1440, 287ab23842ac317395721a37581b0f…)

I was browsing i know what you download on a public IP and saw someone downloaded a torrent called "the emails pt. 2 - 810 more emails of anti trans hate.zip". looked it up, was sourced from https://archive.is/T9EVi
which references this article https://archive.is/DiKx8 titled "The making of a detransitioner”, which also references a Mother Jones article here https://archive.is/zQmR3 about a "legally non-binary" trog named elisa rae shupe, leaking emails about the big, horrible, scary, secret agenda in the united states to vilify trannies and prevent them from existing. literally a mass- murdering campaign, indeed. cis-folx, stand up for trags or else the blood fromm this "genocide" ist on your hands

No. 14850

File: 1684395066978.jpg (141.84 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20230518_032918.jpg)

Straight people own nothing to these people that will ask for a hand and grab your arm.

>literal genocide

Is that word again…

No. 15162

File: 1685439745478.jpeg (182.62 KB, 1242x991, IMG_1278.jpeg)

99% of them will keep the money donated and never move. I read a vanity fair article about Desantis (who I don’t even like) “making life hell for trans people” and it listed horrors such as: not allowing children to transition. not forcing teachers to use trans pronouns in school. Not allowing trannies to use the incorrect bathroom or changing room. Like if things escalate I’ll gladly admit they should flee, because I obviously don’t think trannies should be murdered, but it’s so absurd to say that they’re actively in danger as things are. Desantis has never indicated that he supports violence or harm against trannies. The overreaction is out of hand and so is the misinformation and lack of people willing to look into these false genocide claims

No. 15166

They are not and have never been in danger for being trans - the only time they're in danger is because of homophobia (which they themself spread more than anyone else) and them doing sex work in dangerous places.

Oh and the surgeries THEY so badly want and scream for, those are harming, killing and ruining the lives of trans people.

No. 18871

File: 1691921416180.jpg (261.47 KB, 1080x1592, AF6Rs67.jpg)

I hate the predator troons who put these ideas in kids and teenager's heads.

No. 18872

File: 1691921454474.jpg (242.54 KB, 1080x1668, 4whM7x2.jpg)

No. 18874

Paranoid schizophrenic. It's so irritating seeing these retards say things like this when there are actual people who through that kind of stuff and have to actually be afraid of it. This pervert would never understand what that actually feels like. I hope his paranoias come true at least, it'd be a good punishment.

No. 18910

Sage for blog but trannys who yap about concentration camps/tranny holocaust makes me want to n log- I’ve even normies on tik tok clown that verbiage because of how distasteful it is towards holocaust victims/their descendants.. srry for my joo sperging but that sort of talk genuinely makes me so upset, I feel like crying I get so sensitive because they’re so fuckign smug about it it’s like they get off on saying they’re being killed en masse (they’re not). Stop fucking wanking pretending you’re being lined up and killed just because people don’t ma’am you at Walmart for fucks sake

No. 18911

who wants them dead besides insane right wing moids? thinking autistic women shouldn't be given tit chops for free and on demand is hardly the same as wishing them dead

No. 20558

File: 1698493284664.mp4 (5.88 MB, skirtgospinny trans genocide d…)

clip from an upcoming skirt go spinny doc about the "trans genocide"

No. 20566

File: 1698544977184.png (41.22 KB, 624x386, 1697735215498.png)

I know is late, but for once I'm glad they're not using the Palestine/Israel situation at this moment to mention how unsafe they're in U- nevermind.

No. 20567


….I watched videos of parents grasping at body parts of their children trapped under the rubble of a building, children who had no choice in their place of birth, religion, or race. I’ve seen horror in my time and it was nothing compared to this, the war right now is devastating. But sure, Arson, you not being allowed to take steroids is exactly the same as a mother screaming over her dead baby. I already peaked but it takes a lot of energy not to a log

No. 20575

I saw it coming when Covid happened and they were crying about they're not a priority anymore (more than Covid or Cancer patients), but using this instance for "yeah, there's another war in front of us but what about ME?" really peak me up.

No. 20592

Truly amazing how they think their lives and safety in America VS Palestine are exactly the same. Go on, stand outside in your crooked stained dress with your horrific smudged makeup and yell that you're a trans-woman in America. Either you'll get a "woo!" or people will just continue walking by quietly. Alright, now do that in Gaza/Palestine. Your body would be shipped back home in pieces, idiot.

I'm hoping seeing what they consider to be an ACTUAL genocide now will finally make using that word for their nonsense as offensive as it actually is. Surely after this, they can't continue to call being told no to anything Genocide.

No. 20600

File: 1698707808442.gif (565.52 KB, 461x271, 1486609421122.gif)

Most of them are commenting "oh so you're talking NOW about queer people in Palestine???". Bro, no one cared about LGB people in Middle East even before this situation since talking about it is "islamphobic". But yeah, they better be careful because USA or Canada are learning from Gaza/Palestine situation to do a tranny apartheid.

No. 20612

>Wait until you hear about evangelical Christians in the USA

They're doing nothing but whine. They haven't send no one to kill trans people.

No. 20620

If they can't see how different homophobia is in other countries to homophobia in one of the most liberal countries in the world (the USA) then they're truly delusional on top of being ignorant as fuck. HOW do these schizos get so many likes with braindead takes like these?

I don't think the people (actual people, not bots) who support tweets like these while attempting to censor those who don't feed tranny egos even stop for a second to actually read what is being said. They just read the key words to determine on which side (pure good or pure evil) the user is, and either show support or viciously attack them based on that. Social media is perfect for this kind of behavior to develop, I'm shocked by this phenomenon where users act absolutely devoid of critical thinking, and prioritize their own unfiltered feelings no matter how wrong or misled they are, to the point of resembling narcissism but at the same time it's also cult-like.

Cool, I didn't know she was working on a new video, thanks for posting.

It's like they fetishize being a martyr or something, I don't know what to call it. I don't think it's true narcissism, but rather they are conditioned to want to be the biggest victim because in their communities, that's almost like a status symbol, something you should aim for that gives your life meaning. Sorry for the autistic rant incoming

>Stop fucking wanking pretending you’re being lined up and killed just because people don’t ma’am you at Walmart for fucks sake

Oh it's much more complex than that. Sure, a lot of trannies, especially males, get upset solely because others refuse to encourage their delusions or participate in their fetish fantasy LARP, just like how men in general get angry and violent when a woman rejects their advances or refuses to pander to them.
But if you tell average activist trannies that they're just mad at something completely harmless, they'll call you stupid because you're ignoring all that bullshit about it being an incurable brain condition that inevitably leads to suicide unless other people treat them as the opposite sex, which is their whole basis for saying that purposefully not using their preferred pronouns (or refusing to chop off healthy body parts in underage children, prohibiting free access to cross-sex hormones, etc.) is akin to genocide. If you say men can't be women just because they "feel like a woman", or state any other fact about biological sex, it's interpreted as intentionally driving them to suicide, fully knowing that they have a special condition that makes them uncontrollably emotionally unstable unless they are allowed to LARP as the opposite sex. JK Rowling "wants them dead" not because she's publicly talking about shooting trannies on the street, but because her ideas will lead to them not being validated, which of course leads to suicide no matter what. THAT is their logic.

And that's also why they were able to leech off of the LGB movement so successfully, because many people were already primed to feel bad for gays and lesbians since they can't help being homosexual and don't hurt anyone with their sex preference yet society treated/treats them like subhuman freaks. Gays and lesbians were and still are actually persecuted for having a harmless, unconventional preference in sexual partners, and this hostility does lead to suicide sometimes. Troons say they also "can't help" being suicidal when they cannot pretend to belong to a sex they physically aren't solely based on sexist stereotypes, they claim to be just like homosexual people when they couldn't be more different: trannies live in fantasy playing pretend and want the right to deny reality, while gays/lesbians just want to stop pretending to be what they aren't and for people to accept their reality. But even if you explained this to them, none of it would matter, as they would come up with increasingly retarded counterarguments like "I was literally born wanting to become a femoid slut, so yes, I'm being persecuted for something I can't change about myself just like gay people you bigot!" (even though we know 99% of them are lying about their supposed innate gender-nonconforming behavior and it's all porn addiction, being gaslighted by other trannies, quasi-religious adherence to gender stereotypes, or other causes related to the actual sex of the person). And let's not talk about how they also piggyback off ethnic and racial minorities' struggles. Also a lot of them seem to be genuinely autistic and find it hard to distinguish between simply not following society's stereotypes, which would actually be kinda similar to being homosexual, and the idea that this means they're totally transgender and in the wrong body.

So while many in the gender critical crowd are making fun of troons for taking the act of misgendering so seriously, they keep brainwashing more neutral or well-meaning people into thinking it's much more serious and deeper than that, which may lead to said neutral parties later dismissing all criticisms of gender theory as ignorance or bigotry. And this happens easily because rich trannies have taken over academia, psychology, and a big chunk of media, so they get to say what's valid evidence and what's not. They currently control the official narrative on whether transgenderism is a real condition, how it manifests, and how it should be treated to "improve the quality of life" of those who suffer from it. It's because of those long-debunked but overwhelmingly popular "facts" that trannies convince everyone that they're being targeted, but once you realize transgenderism isn't a thing, the true nature of this so-called condition and its associated movement, and that medical transition actually makes quality of life deteriorate, there is absolutely no reason to believe in this imaginary "trans genocide."

No. 21724

File: 1703121225956.jpg (192.98 KB, 1320x1320, 410026366_768082198668548_1370…)

Funny how women are always the ones doing the "genocide" while they're killed by moids.

No. 22720

File: 1708499684964.jpg (150.69 KB, 1080x1255, predgesterone.jpg)

this is about a TIMs blog getting terminated on tumblr(reasons apparently porn and threats). they also compared it to Gorge Floyd.

No. 22723

File: 1708532531818.jpeg (377.39 KB, 1423x2048, 1689459965335.jpeg)

terfs are always an easier target because tims always find a way to fit their shoes with "trans people are killed by moids". So even saying "bigots" is still not the same.

And now there's a "trans terrorism" with a girl being killed for a dispute, but since she identified herself as non-binary, suddenly USA is worse than any Muslim country.

No. 22748

all I'm taking from looking into this "predstrogen" creature's various blogs and its apparent friends is that maybe we really should have bullied more (read: LITERALLY ANY) furries to death. Furry genocide could have prevented the present plague!

No. 22970

File: 1709867503494.jpg (28.93 KB, 540x347, asktransgenocide.jpg)

No. 22995

>People are dying in other countries, Palestine dealing with a real genocide.

No. 23057

I really do wonder if these types can be convinced to stockpile medication and then mass OD when their bullshit lands the annoying orange back in the Oval Office.

No. 23061

if troons want to die, let them. Only sad they can't take more males with them.

No. 23915

we can only hope

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