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gender critical and female politics
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No. 12192

A place to discuss news stories effecting women and our rights, safety, health etc. Plus any feminist gossip that makes the news.

No. 12193

File: 1679658127000.jpeg (150.64 KB, 900x900, FrS3e8iakAA-Je5.jpeg)

Hannah Arnesman has been forced to quit cycling due to the influx of male competitors taking her place

No. 12194

File: 1679660629544.png (21.19 KB, 649x334, anatyt.png)

do we think Ana K is gonna back down on this and apologise or stand ground? It's been 2 days already and no apologies, plus Cenk has been backing her up.


No. 12195

This is exactly what that nonna was saying that over specialized threads aren't needed, like really didn't need its own thread

No. 12199

I didn't see that discussion. Where else should we talk about this then? The Gender Critical thread?

No. 12200

Why not? I think it’s s good idea for a thread

No. 12202

This shit is disgusting. Women cant even compete in their own sporting events.

No. 12212

I like this thread, let it stay.

No. 12595

File: 1680188935895.jpeg (527.59 KB, 3000x3000, cpb.jpeg)

kek the british communist party has come out as TERFs and it's putting a spanner in the works for TRAs. they're coping by calling them Stalinists
full statement: https://www.communistparty.org.uk/the-gender-recognition-bill-and-equality-law/
tweet showing interaction with owen jones: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1641432664610865152

No. 12596

samefag but this is actually pretty big news because nobody can claim this is right-wing rhetoric. It's literally staying true to it's roots in protecting material rights. whatever your thoughts are on the rest of the politics, this should prove it's not a left vs right thing.

No. 12600

Damn and communism the real leftism that even trannies try to hide behind. That’s really something. Maybe there’s hope for terf island after all ♥︎

No. 12601

they were already know anti-gender identity politics i thought, but good on them for doing more.

No. 12602

agree nonnie but quickly delete your post so you don't get banned for the emoji

No. 12603

it's not an emoji, on my pc it looks like the black heart emoticon. (nta)

No. 12604

oh is that allowed? sorry then, ignore me

No. 12646

File: 1680287392106.png (284.94 KB, 652x511, dwmYHZPA4.png)

Germany's government is set to legalized surrogacy and egg-donation. Just what the world needed, another "progressive" way for poor women to sell their bodies.

No. 12647

Suspicious that this happens when Germany is hosting Ukrainian refugees.

No. 12648

This actually genuinely makes me so sad for those women. I hope those women can find normal jobs and don't get taken advantage of.
If Germany thinks allowing this will boost their birth rates, they're quite retarded though. If anything the Ukranian, middle eastern and other refugees will probably be majority if things go on like this, which I'd rather see happening than this.

No. 12649

File: 1680292074486.png (16.9 KB, 449x362, FsibB3SakAE-Xaa.png)

No. 12651

I don't think its about birth rates, more so economic exploitation under the guise of feminism and liberalism, demand for surrogacy has increased rapidly in the past decade while at the same time many nations(Cambodia, Thailand and India) that rich westerners would go to previously have formally criminalized this practice, this is basically creating a home market for these shitheads

>An increasing number of women are turning to work as commercial surrogates in countries such as Georgia and Mexico amid growing global demand and the promise of good earnings.

>Commercial surrogacy refers to an arrangement in which a woman is paid a fee for carrying a pregnancy for another person or couple. This differs from altruistic surrogacy, where a surrogate is not compensated.
>The global commercial surrogacy industry grew to an estimated $14 billion in 2022. By 2032, that figure is forecast to rise to $129 billion.

Ukraine war pushes surrogacy into new markets
>Ukraine was the world's second-largest surrogacy market behind the U.S. It attracted foreign would-be parents with lower fees and a favorable regulatory framework. But that all changed with Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. The conflict pushed the industry into countries such as Georgia, where the laws closely mirror Ukraine's. Mexico and parts of Latin America, meanwhile, have also seen a surge.

A source of income for women
>The global boom has driven an uptick in demand for surrogates. Facebook groups and agency adverts appeal to women with the promise of sizable incomes. In many cases, a surrogate may earn less than a quarter of the tens of thousands of dollars charged to intended parents. The main driving factor, whether in Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico … is the financial motivation behind it, says Olga Pysana.

Ethical concerns and exploitation risks
>Commercial surrogacy is not a good industry for women, says Teresa Ulloa Ziaurriz, regional director at the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean. There are also substantial ethical issues surrounding commercial surrogacy, with critics arguing that the industry takes advantage of vulnerable women. After the pandemic, a lot of women lost their jobs. They looked for single women with children who desperately needed economic support, she said.

A call for surrogacy standards
>In the first three quarters of 2022, more than 400 parental orders were made for surrogate parents in the U.K. According to the Law Commission, the number of children born via surrogacy could be around 10 times higher today than it was a decade ago. Women's rights groups are calling for greater regulation of the commercial surrogacy industry.


No. 12657

I'm the anon you're replying to, I'm georgian and reading about georgian women beings used as literal incubators makes me so sad. Georgian women were also trafficked as mail order brides before this, disappointment but not shocking. I hope the covid and economic crisis means couples are less likely to purchase kids.

No. 12658

fuck this is bleak.
this is a big part of why we object to being referred to as uterus-havers. it plays into the commodification of women's bodies once again.

No. 12659

fuck this is bleak.
this is a big part of why we object to being referred to as uterus-havers. it plays into the commodification of women's bodies once again.

No. 12666

I see the phrase "people with penises" significantly more often, but I don't get why trannies find terms like "women" and "men" so offensive when GID is present in only 1% of the population? That means outside of "trenders" it's around 99% of the population that would fucking hate those terms. If not due to sexism and objectification, then due to the redundancy and clunkiness when used. I'd understand if someone called them a man or woman to their face, but not in any other case.

No. 12669

exactly. and it makes no sense to compartmentalise every bodily function relating to sex when there is already a catch-all term for people with those sex organs. they always say that it's "not just for them" but for women who've had hysterectomies or no longer menstruating, had their ovaries removed etc. but why would those women without wombs and ovaries object to things like endometriosis being a "woman's issue"? why would that invalidate them? it wouldn't. just as a woman who has no interest in having children wouldn't object to pregnancy and birth-related things being referred to as women's issues. unless they were crazy.
surely a doctor would know if a patient was transgender, since that effects healthcare, and can just adapt their language from there. unless they were specialising in trans healthcare, it's not likely to even come up that much.

No. 12676

I mean yeah, and there's already terms for the sexes; female, and male. If trannies still want to sperg about being called male/female, that's their problem, because sex is immutable. Even TRAs, at least the trutrans variant, are aware of and okay with that.
So that's another reason why it's bad, thank you for adding to that.

No. 12678

Hell they could even use amab and afab, it would still be dumb though.

No. 12823

File: 1680646546625.png (66.29 KB, 580x642, ehrc laws.png)


In the UK, there are plans (but only suggested plans at present) to redefine sex in the 2010 act to specifically refer to legal protections for “biological sex” – the sex assigned at birth instead of gender.

TIMs are already crying about how this will effect them and how they will haven no protections against sexism. This should not be controversial. Sex is real and single sex spaces are needed. No one is stopping them from using the toilets, changing rooms, playing sports etc. Any bigotry or prejudice they experience is a matter of transphobia or in some cases homophobia which are protected in anti-discrimination laws, but they just want to cry 'sexism' because it's euphoric. They can campaign for gender neutral spaces if they don't feel comfortable in male-only spaces. Those are solvable problems that are up to them to deal with and not women's.

No. 12826

Love her and this pic looks based.

No. 13417

File: 1681488501471.png (36.33 KB, 1080x922, 1681486916883.png)

No. 13428

lmao i can't believe we're at the point where the prime minister is having to say this. It's like if saying "2 + 2 = 4" was a political statement.

also I hate that when I read that headline I thought "thank fuck". thank fuck that a male, tory PM is doing the absolute bare fucking minimum (acknowledging reality and our existence) what a champion for women's rights /s

No. 13439

stop or go back

No. 13793

I don't understand why trannies get so mad when they're not allowed in changing rooms or female spaces, I thought they didn't transition to invade women's spaces? So why do they care?

No. 13807

Because they don't want their fellow moids to beat them up or rape them. Meanwhile in the women's room they don't have to worry because WE are the ones fearing the violence.

The (not) funny part is that they only want women to make the efforts for trans acceptance, men get to talk about hatecriming all day and troons still accept it as male culture but all women should be uwu lovelies because in the retarded moid's brain, whoever has the bigger arms makes the rules.

No. 13844

File: 1681936592521.jpeg (102.2 KB, 1170x928, 29DA65F6-3F04-428B-B9B7-75B63E…)

More domestic terrorism from troons and their handmaidens. Apparently the protestors are also blocking the entrance to a hospital. They truly are their own worst enemy.

No. 13845

I really hope we're in the tides of change with this transgenderism debate. Normies have been overwhelmingly badly reacting to Dylan Mulvaney and the sports issue, so hopefully all these psycho-tranny actions lead even quicker to the genderspecial bubble.
When my rural mechanic is pissed off about Dylan and knows him BY NAME, that's when it's game over. No humble rural person is going to put up with jumping through hoops the way urban liberals do.

No. 14293

File: 1682574507170.png (15.94 KB, 1155x232, death_by_stink_ditch.png)


>The case is that of an 18-year-old trans-identified male whose puberty was blocked by the Dutch researchers at a very early stage, meaning there wasn’t enough penile tissue for surgeons to use to create a “neo-vagina.” Therefore, a more risky procedure using a section of the patient’s bowel was necessary, which resulted in fatal necrotizing fasciitis.

No. 14406

Are you in a rural or urban area?

No. 14433

File: 1682706169754.jpeg (71.09 KB, 680x669, fetchimage~3.jpeg)

I hate all men, but Republican scrotes in particular deserve to have their dicks filed off with an angle grinder.

No. 14434

Inb4 TRAs go "the body's not even cold yet!!1! How dare you rush to politicize a teenager's death the way we do with suicide!1!11"

No. 14580

File: 1683007444908.png (23.33 KB, 657x368, womens-tower-block.png)

A woman's only tower block is going to built in Ealing with the intent to provide safe housing for women that have been victims of abuse. The problem being is that it will also be used to house troons.


No. 14612

File: 1683117956587.png (542.6 KB, 1707x1338, gopscrotes.png)


Rolling back reproductive rights and now their next legislation goal is forced marriage, the dystopian hellscape for women

I hope the trad women are prepared for this
But otherwise I hope more women refuse to marry now that you can be permanently legally tied to some abusive loser moid

No. 14613

OT but the Democratic Party should thank god that the republicans pull shit like this before getting in office

No. 14628

women are going to marry men even less now

No. 14641

In the scenario that no-fault is removed, if you got married before the removal would you still be able to n-fault divorce in the future? Or would you now have to prove it along with anyone who got married after the fact? That seems like it should be unconstitutional or something kek

No. 14685

> Garcia's other posts were misogynistic, railing against women and parroting language used in incel, or involuntary celibate, communicates. In the posts, Garcia references specific incel forums and valorizes a gunman whose 2014 mass murder spree in Isla Vista, California, is celebrated in incel communities.

No surprise that the texas shooter was a 4chan incel who hated women. Another predatory moid who should've been put into jail early to be aged out of his male aggressiveness.

No. 14687

this depresses me kek. you already know troons are going to flock to this shit in mass waves. troons and regular men

No. 14873

File: 1684514619473.jpeg (124.76 KB, 1199x465, FwYutUrWcAAShWa.jpeg)


>On May 4th, 2021, Erin Lee’s 12-year-old daughter was invited by her art teacher, Jenna Riep, at Wellington Middle School in the Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado, to come to art club after school. The family was new to the school district during COVID and her daughter loves art— an invitation to art club seemed like a perfect opportunity to meet fellow students with similar interests and maybe make some friends. Mom and dad enthusiastically gave permission for their 6th grader to attend.

>Unbeknownst to both of them, the club was actually a GSA or Gay Straight Awareness/Alliance Club run by the art teacher. On this particular day, a guest speaker was brought in. Her name is Kimberly Chambers and she is the director of SPLASH Youth of Northern Colorado.

>Kimberly Chambers told her daughter that if she’s “not 100% comfortable in her female body, she’s transgender."

Literally, what the fuck.

No. 15115

File: 1685327516002.png (43.8 KB, 800x549, screenshot.png)

No. 16228

File: 1688821958842.png (236.47 KB, 639x643, Screenshot_53.png)

Well its soon to become legal in most populated US states to went out a woman's body.

No. 16255

I read an ethics papers where they basically argued that every demographic deserved embryos made from converted skin cells besides the straight women who will be the ones to gestate the "purchase". The backlash against us is intense. I despise every woman who helps these fuckers.

No. 16263

Just for clarity: the bill would require insurance companies to cover surrogacy because the law would re-classify gay men hiring surrogates as a "fertility treatment." Frankly, no fertility treatments should be covered by insurance, regardless of sex or orientation. If you can't afford to pay out of pocket for your designer baby, you shouldn't fucking have one. Surrogacy is such fucking bullshit, it's just a bunch of rich assholes who don't want to adopt because they view orphaned children as "damaged goods," or because they would never get approved for adoption (like that one straight Australian couple who bought a Cambodian surrogate because the husband had a past conviction of child rape and couldn't adopt.) I genuinely wonder how often sex offenders choose surrogacy because their criminal records prevent them from adopting.

Honestly, I'm fine with gay couples adopting, or caring for step-children. My rules for gay people are the same for straight ones: MBPs (i.e., parents of trans kids), porn addicts, and people convicted of sex crimes have no business being parents. But literally renting a woman's body is fucked up and disgusting, even if she has a martyr complex and volunteered to do it. Women's bodies aren't rentable commodities, and the world is horrifically overpopulated as it is.

No. 18212

Unfortunately the only women who agree to carrying these Frankenstein pregnancies agree to do so out of desperation. I watched a documentary where it showed these mothers and most of them didn't have houses, some were exdrug addicts etc. that really needed the money.

No. 18618

File: 1691345698232.png (324.37 KB, 624x611, goodnews.png)

Paedo gets stabbed fatally and tortured

No. 18643

Surrogacy is honestly fucking evil. I hate moids and the system that created that shit

No. 18719

File: 1691573774289.jpeg (569.38 KB, 1170x1569, IMG_0969.jpeg)

Hard to find much online about it yet, but allegedly incels are going on stabbing sprees in south korea these days.
>During investigations, Jo reportedly told police that he felt “inferior” due to his short height and envied taller men who were of similar age.
>When he was caught by police, Jo said he committed the crime out of anger and wanted others to feel miserable like himself.

>A man was arrested for threatening to murder "20 Korean women” the next day at Sillim Station in southern Seoul, less than a week after a stabbing rampage in the same neighborhood resulted in one death and three injuries.

>Officers said they were investigating his motive. The term the suspect used to describe his intended victims, hannyeo, is a derogatory one used to describe Korean women in certain anti-feminist communities.

No. 19747

File: 1694172706955.png (135.61 KB, 935x535, Texas.png)

New ordinances would ban driving through cities and counties en route to abortion care
New laws currently on the table in many smaller Texas towns would make it illegal to even drive through the city or county for the purpose of an abortion.
Two cities and counties in Texas have already passed the measure, and many more are set to vote on a similar version soon, according to the Texas Tribune.

abc13 . com /texas-abortion-law-highways-new-battleground-in-care-what-is-the/13740276/

washingtonpost . com /politics/2023/09/01/texas-abortion-highways/

No. 19762


No. 19796

ultra late posting this, but why are the buttigiegs pictured here? their kids are adopted. letwomenspeak tards need to do basic qc if they want to be taken seriously

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