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gender critical and female politics
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No. 10762

Only for use of protection. Discuss what you're using, dangerous experiences with men/others, and share tips.

No. 10764

Don't have a gun, but I plan to buy something small. Does anyone have anything small they'd reccomend?

No. 11986

Isn't there a baby Glock (Glock 43?)

However the most important thing will be to train with it regularly. not just leave it in your bag and forget about it.

No. 12006

I consideredd filing for a shotgun license which you can do in the uk but the police basically told me you cant even use it in self defence if a fucking intruder is in your home, i hate this fucking country and wanna move to the usa asap

My home was recently trespassed on by some punks who tried to steal my fucking motorbike

No. 12012

if you do actually ever intend to move to the usa just make sure you know the gun laws in the states you look at. in places like nj you would also get convicted for “standing your ground” - you’re expected to retreat before using deadly force. i fucking hate this country

No. 12099

Remember to follow rules and regulations for guns in your area. If not, you're only causing more problems for yourself. Remember, the goal is self preservation and safety, and that includes being taken under custody from the law.

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