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No. 162077

talk about Shayna's bad spending decisions and/or how they've inspired you to take control of own life

No. 162083

Im so autistic about money and saving, just because it’s actually easy and i feel like anyone who doesn’t have money is just an idiot living outside of their means. I of course don’t mean this for every situation, but i get simialirly upset by my room mates ordering door dash when they have food rotting in the fridge. She already buys cheap alcohol, but realistically she could save probably $100+ a month if she stopped drinking on weekdays. And if she would just Uber to and from a grocery store and actually decide on what meals she’s gonna consistently eat (bag of frozen chicken, bag of dry rice, and a bag of spinach would literally be plenty for her, and could last her a week, with a bunch of bananas and a jar of PB she could have breakfast too, and on this diet shed actually lose weight, too!!)) she could save hundreds and hundreds on delivery fees and tip and inflated prices from ordering on apps.
Not to mention all the clothes, she could easily resell her smaller shit on depop for reasonable prices and some bitches out there will buy them. It just makes no sense. Why spend your money, even if you are affluent, most of the time you’ll end up with a lot less money if you don’t just take care of things yourself and sell off the stuff you have that doesn’t serve you anymore.

No. 162086

may not be the best thread for this but shayna inspired me to downsize my stuffed animal collection and get rid of a lot of pink shit i don't fucking need. a little pink and some stuffed animals is cute, but hoarding cheap shit is stupid as fuck. thanks shaytard for compelling me to adopt more mature decor <3

No. 162113

File: 1683381602237.jpeg (24.09 KB, 750x196, 1683381029307.jpeg)

"someone who is good at the economy please help me budget. my family is dying"
"spend less on dog hats"

No. 162161

Ot but what is htt? I’ve seen it a few times now from her Twitter

No. 162193

Oh yay, I don't have to blogpost in the consoom thread. I, too, got rid of some of my hoard. I pretty much just donated a lot of clothes, toys, and other misc. stuff to a local non-profit charity group. It was really nice seeing my stuff go to people who actually need it and not get thrown into a pile of stuff that struggles to sell at a regular thrift store. I do have some stuff I'm going to sell myself though. Shay really helps me stop myself when I see something cute and think I HAVE to have it. I deleted all my bookmarked tabs of items I was thinking of getting and feel relieved. I can't believe I was going to spend a lot on things that I will probably end up getting rid of in the future.

No. 162196

yess nonita i did the same <3 i've always struggled with spending too much on cutesy stuff i would keep tabbed and i've gotten a lot better at keeping it controlled. i just got rid of so much stuff i didn't use/need/want and my room looks soo much better.

No. 162215

I'm happy for you, nonnie. I have more room too, so now I'm in the works of moving stuff around so my room feels new and fresh. May Shay continue to protect us from overspending. Amen.

No. 162216

I guess I should say Shaymen.

No. 162232

i think htt means "hard to tell"

No. 162240

reading Shayna's threads made me start a savings account and get a part time job, looking at her ebegging tweets for 5 years straight made me never want to be in a similar position

No. 162294

You've been bit by the Shayfluencer.

No. 162332

Shayna inspired me to stop using delivery apps altogether. I didn’t use them as much as Shayna, but it was about once a week. However, seeing how often Shayna drops like 40 dollars on getting dim sum delivered made me realize I was fucking bleeding money for no reason other than convenience and sheer laziness. It feels so good to save that fucking money

No. 163968

I watch haul videos to keep me away from spending. Lately I've been trying to depend on those videos less so I stop that form of consooming.

No. 164308

seeing the constant and consistent e-begging from Shatna made me believe in my own ability to e-beg for fun on Snapchat and so I did, by using her pictures and tweets (but rewritten to make sense kek) and I've gotten 75$ on the first day and 145$ total the next day. cheers!

No. 164318

Who is donating to you?

No. 164339

Anytime I find myself falling down a slippery consoomerist slope I think of Shay and all of the arbitrary overpriced crap that her apartment is filled with. We’re in completely different financial situations but she’s the best example of wasteful thoughtless spending I’ve ever seen. You know you’ve fucked up somewhere when you get to 26 and don’t have $260 spare to get your hair done.

No. 164357

File: 1694139648591.png (1.03 MB, 750x877, Consoom.png)

It's nice to see anons being shayfluenced to make better financial decisions just by watching the trainwreck. I also recently started decluttering my room and throwing away unnecessary stuff. Whenever I see cutesy trinkets/plushies that I would want to buy, all I can imagine is picrel and get disgusted by consumerism. Shayna truly throws money on useless gimmicky and kitschy things, not thinking about utility and actual aesthetic. I began to think more about the products I am buying - quality, usefulness and style wise. Imgaine if all her money went into a nice skincare routine, a more curated but smaller wardrobe, and nice decor. Ironically she would save more money because she won't buy 3 hello kitty creams that harm her skin, 100 cringy plushies and thousands of shein clothes that fall apart after 2 uses. She also really motivated me to stop ordering takeaway, going to fast foods and even grabbing premade meals altogether. It's so much more adorable (at least where I'm from) to cook at home, and snack on fruits/veggies. It's embarrassing to see someone my age resort to prostitution, beg and live off day-by-day. It truly is a fear of mine to ever get in that situation for whatever godforsaken reason. I'm planning on quitting my current job for a better paying office job as well, and start saving up more. I actually even read other anons advice they give to shay and imagine myself in her shoes kek Thanks Shaynus!

No. 164358

Affordable not adorable but both work kek

No. 164364

Whenever I see the things fellow nonnas have been shayfluenced to do to better themselves/their lives based on Shaynus’ abysmal habits, it makes me smile! There is so much positive change being made in the lives of others through Shaysmosis, perhaps this is the purpose of her degenerate, pathetic life—to inspire us to be better.

No. 164765

Does anyone have tips for avoiding spending?
or breaking out of the habit of buying unnecessary shit? I feel so impulsive and constantly feel like I need to buy something for X and Y reason. I don’t want to continue living this way and end up like Shay with a house full of crap.

No. 164766

i started browsing the consoomerism thread, put a lot of frivolous purchases in the spotlight and helped me see how dumb they are

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