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File: 1680399167360.gif (529.08 KB, 480x352, 3b38b430-115d-4c01-8527-aa9fd2…)

No. 157851

LET /SHAY/ STAY!. ONE post equals one vote!

No. 157852

I’m fucking crying pls make this a thing

No. 157853


No. 157856

Kek. I'm voting

No. 157857

The aheago screenshot thread is my absolute fav.

No. 157858

This is amazing, please consider it adminonnies I will love you forever if you keep this board

No. 157861

if Shayna has million number of haters i am one of them. if Shayna has ten haters i am one of them. if Shayna has no haters. that means i am no more on the earth. if world for Shayna, i am against the world. i hate Shayna till my last breath… die hard hater of Shayna. Hit like if u think Shayna worst & dumb in the world

No. 157862

Got my vote.
This is the perfect containment page kek

No. 157865

Ive never wanted anything more in my life

No. 157867

File: 1680401369623.png (341.73 KB, 1024x739, download (2).png)

I feel like she might have not seen the Shaynatorium but if she comes looking for her thread and finds /shay/ she will 100% learn of all our autism in compiling the Shayniverse. We need to make sure she understands how big her fandom has become. Anyone interested in making Shaynus a lightstick?

No. 157870


No. 157872

“if shayna says no to eat meat THEN I’M GOING TO EAT MEAT!”

No. 157880

im scared that the board is gonna be gone tomorrow, its so perfect.

No. 157884

PLS farmhands I am begging

No. 157885

almost forgot to shayge this
anyway i am a SHADVOCATE

No. 157886

please this is amazing, this if my favorite april fools joke all day

No. 157888

Shayould we shay or shayould we go. I vote shay. Also, do we need to shage in here? I did anyway.

No. 157889

It's perfect. From the background, to the color scheme, and finally, the buttplug rainging glitter cursor… it can't go.

No. 157890

At least for one week pretty please.

No. 157893

File: 1680429324704.png (155.95 KB, 810x489, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 11.5…)

i still remember and sometimes miss tempcow. please dont let /shay/ go. retards deserve rights too!

No. 157898

I love it kek

No. 157899

absolutely ashayzing work by whoever put it together, it would be a real shayme to see it go to waste.

No. 157904

This is absolutely shaymazing. Massive kudos for putting this together.

No. 157908

File: 1680448011885.jpeg (22.9 KB, 439x434, 1677802532582 (1).jpeg)

i vote yes

No. 157914

ok i vote for yes but shouldn't the shaynatorium threads be moved here too?

No. 157924

Scrolling through the shatalog is making me laugh so hard with the way she just lurks at the bottom

No. 157925

oh my god it never stops being funny why am i so fucking retarded

No. 157926

voting yes
shaytards deserve a gathering place

No. 157928

another vote for yes!

No. 157939

File: 1680458541139.png (14 KB, 224x275, 1665547156327.png)

Let it /shay/ forever and every day YEAH

No. 157940

yes, please!!!!
i love the attention to detail, from the disgusting shades of pink, to the glitter cursor effect, to the big shay peeking at the end of the page… it just feels special to be here.

No. 157950

it would be such a waste of all the work put into this board to delete it LET /SHAY/ STAY

No. 157959

File: 1680462724741.jpeg (73.82 KB, 713x918, 20230402150043752.jpeg)

Bring shaynatorium to /shay/ we are here to stay!

No. 157967

adding my vote!

No. 157974

this place is shayven on earth

No. 157978

voting! #justice4/shay/

No. 157979

Mods plz let it stay! Contain the shaytards to their own board. It’ll make your lives easier, pinky swear

No. 157980

Can't believe Shaymin wasn't able to bring us this content. SHAMEmin


No. 157996



No. 157997

please don't kill us admins we need shay board we need jt

No. 157998


No. 157999

Let the shaytism stay in its own board, admin-sama!

No. 158006

/shay/ FOREVER

No. 158007

/shay/ FOREVER

No. 158008

/shay/ FOREVER

No. 158016

i agree

No. 158023

Do you think she's seen it yet

No. 158046

File: 1680487093859.png (3.33 KB, 452x23, Capture.PNG)

Do you guys think /shay/ is here to stay? I've been noticing some improvements, I think it may be possible that /shay/ wasn't a "Joke" it was a soft launch of the new best part of the site. I like it. Imagine this Nonas

No. 158213

I wish the old nonnies who left could see what blossomed after the few storms we had here.

No. 158237

Please let /shay/ stay!!!

No. 158239

Please keep! This board is so funny.

Also, while I’m not new to lc, I just started reading the shay threads. Is this what previous users have referred to as the shaynatorium?

No. 158240

Not a regular of the Shayna threads but she's interesting, let /shay/ stay

No. 158248

Voting yes! I'm obsessed with the butt plug cursor pls don't take it away from me

No. 158250

Here's my vote.

No. 158260

SAME may the shay boards shtay forever

No. 158281

No, it’s not. The Shaynatorium is buried in /ot

No. 158310

Same anon but Shat’s light stick would either be a buttplug or that vibrator she always uses

No. 158312

Voting for /shay/ to stay

No. 158327

Is anyone interested in a Shay Calves thread? About Ellen, shayna's coomers etc.

No. 158331

Yes I am very, the Shayverse

No. 158332

bitch yes please fuck it, we are all clearly leaning headlong into the autism at this point

No. 158337

If this board stays adminchan is officially best admin

No. 158339

is this board actually staying? the new admins are great kek

No. 158347

Holy shit I haven't been on lolcow since before April fool's day and wondering why her thread in snow was only like 100 posts and saw it was moved. I haven't laughed this hard in a while! Thank you shaymins blessed

No. 158371

She has the highest cow honor. She's the only one that can truthfully say we have a whole board devoted to her. Everybody says it, but she's the only one.

No. 158385

Voting pls admins

No. 158391

Adminchan I need this to stay PLEASE I will give you my first born.
Seeing all of the Shay threads catalogued together nearly brought me to autistic tears. I’m gonna reread the threads on my day off and this makes it so much easier to manage than the damn list.

Also… do we have to sage in here? perhaps shayge?

No. 158393

srsly PLEASE admins/farmhands/whoever else. This has cut down on the retarded infighting in the actual shay threads, also it's fucking hilarious. Please make it a permanent site feature. The fact that she hasn't even mentioned it means it's eating her up inside.

No. 158404

this truly is the perfect containment board for our retardshaytion… let /shay/ stay!!!!

No. 158408

No. 158415

We need this to shay plz lmao

No. 158454

please admins please let us stay

No. 158468

File: 1680642560538.gif (610.3 KB, 441x480, dfb2e728-b17f-4d4f-8acf-bb5ef5…)


No. 158517

File: 1680661452646.jpg (84.96 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20230404_222315_Sam…)

Keep up the voting nonnas!

No. 158518

This is honestly a great idea and a perfect way to keep the board interesting.

No. 158522

File: 1680664770094.jpeg (104.03 KB, 1242x1259, GIVE ME A SHAY.jpeg)

just voted! /meta/ is getting some truly -100000 iq opinions about it. farmers who don't even browse cow boards putting their 2 cents on /shay/ etc… just emberrassing sperging.
shayna remains triggering any farmer, even the non shayna fag farmers. a true talent worthy of her own board!

No. 158540

Can't vote in the strawpoll cause it won't accept VPN votes, but I'm against /shay/. Dumb as hell and an ego boost for Shay. Anything in this subforum can be posted in the Shaynatorium in /ot/. The original thread should be moved back to /snow/.

Didn't we for years resist making Shayna a /pt/ cow because it was funnier to keep her in /snow/ where she was just another ho?

The creator of the Shaynatorium has already admitted to it being a bad idea and taking fun away from the main thread. Spreading out the shaytism through /shay/ is like not enough butter spread across bread. It's a bad idea and will kill the fun even more.

Too much of a "good thing" always turns bad nonas. Mark my words.

No. 158546

isn't the idea to keep /shay/ but move Shayna's main thread back to snow with a link? /shay/ will die out or move VERY slow, which is good.
I think /shay/ should stay because like the shaynatorum only us retards will click the link and come here to talk about spefic things and not clog up the regular thread. Think about it
>Two retards want to debate something retarded
>"Ugh, how about you go to /shay/ and fight about it! (give them a link)
>*retarded nonas create a thread/goes to correct thread their retarded agrument fits
>Shayna's thread isn't filled with bullshit
I like it. I also don't care what Shayna thinks about it. I don't think she's the kind of Cow who gets joy from negative attention that doesn't help her.
Lolcow does nothing.
She doesn't even get widespeard sympathy for it (like a keffals/troon situation agaisnt kiwifarms).
She often expresses that she feels alone and nobody defends her (And i can imagine that feels very isolating).
If lolcow were to disappear, at best I could see her going
>Oh my god this chat is so dead, at least when my haters watched my camshows I'd have like 40 a stream, that was all they were good for!
because I can't think of ONE thing that lolcow does that benefits shayna. Except make her camshow viewer count reach double digits.

No. 158551

You're acting like telling people to take it to the shaynatorium doesn't exist. How is that not exactly the same as your first point? Except without all these threads with 1-5 posts in them. You tell shayheads to take it to the /Shay/ area and they wont know which thread to go to. There won't be one Shaynatorium anymore, just a mish-mash of threads.

No. 158554

The main shay threads will be in snow. The shaynatourim will be moved here, both the shay hidden board and a link to the shaynatourim will be posted in the future threads.
Nothing changes except shaynatourim moving here. The main thread will be easy to find in snow. Those who want to post random shit will do so here or be linked to here. I don't get why a hidden board that's literally shit posting and bs can't exist. What does it matter where shaynatorium is? Again, admins said the plan is to link everything. I don't get the issue.

No. 158555

This issue is Shaynatorium being split into multiple dead threads, instead of all the shitposting being contained to one area. Maybe I'm not Shaytistic enough to understand categorizing the shitposting. I just see no reason for there to be so many shit-threads when the Shaynatorium was fine at containing it.

For the love of God move the main thread to /snow/ already though. I cannot stand looking at her swollen face any longer.

No. 158556

samefag, but to clarify. I understand peopl want things to change to all the new shit-threads being contained in /shay/. What i'm saying is, what is the incentive for people to post in the Shaynatorium thread anymore even though it's in /shay/ when a random shaytistic shayhead can just make endless dead threads in /shay/. I'd rather see all the shaytism contained to one thread like we had with the Shaynatorium in /ot/

No. 158557

Damn you are right I am that shaytard who made a few threads that died on arrival. I hate to make work for the mods. But maybe they can pick what threads are usable? Like merge some threads, questions/theories into one. Keep the shayfoil thread, uh…get rid of the what if thread? Qnd the photoshop/edit thread can be in shaynatourim.
I think the weird face thread can be it's own thing and iconic shat moments. But now I get what you mean. Maybe the mods will clean it up

No. 158570

i dont get why you think the mods need to do anything? there's a bunch of dead threads right now because the whole board is only 5 days old. the strong ones will shake out and the ones that dont take off will just move down in the catalog. why do they have to be deleted and merged and edited and whatever?

No. 158587

People don't want to have to click through 10 different threads to try to find funny Shaytistic content. There was barely enough content to fill the Shaynatorium, we don't need a whole board for one-off threads that will only have a few posts in them. If people want to go check out what the Shayheads are doing and posting, its a lot easier when theres just: Main Thread, Thread for Shaytistic stuff. If this plan goes through I probably won't ever to go /shay/ at all because the Shaynatorium thread will be dead because everything will spill out across a bunch of threads that nobody gots the time to be clicking through.

No. 158601

respectfully, speak for yourself. shayna is the only cow i really follow now, and there's a lot of good/funny/OT conversation in the threads on this board so far. it's nice that not every other post is being redtexted for offtopic/spergery because IMO that's what makes her threads fhe best reads.

No. 158615

I don't know I was just giving some ideas

No. 158631

This. For the first time in a long while there's a lot of fun posting and usually we get a mild dose of that in shitposting on /ot/. I want a board dedicated to shitposting about our favorite train wrecks, it doesn't even have to be limited to Shaynus if that will appeal to a broader nonna audience. If all the "horrible" things happen that some nonnas claim by leaving /shay/ open then admin will shut it down. I really do not see what the big deal is. Particularly if admin is moving the current shay thread back to /snow/ and the shaynatorium back to /ot/. The poll speaks for itself loads of nonnas want /shay/ to stay.

No. 158652

Yeah speak for yourself, I gots time and I never want this place to go away

No. 158671

I want it to stay but the threads here are really slow

No. 158694

Petition to keep /shay/
the sheer autism of this entire board warms my retarded little heart. Please mods!

No. 158717

+1 vote to keep /shay/

No. 160417

File: 1680806965443.jpg (128.2 KB, 1070x1176, 20230406_204812.jpg)

/shay/ stays! good job nonichkas

No. 160419

i'm so excited this is going to be a site theme kek

No. 160432

кек amazing nonni, imagine we would have different styles for the page, with different shay pics on the background and different dildos for the cursor

No. 164342

i love /shay/

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