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No. 157784

I say
>Sol Salvatore
>definitely Vivi Clouds

No. 157787

Luna lol

No. 157788

- we all know Shay lurks here because she makes subtweets about lolcow posts.
- Ellen has definitely posted in here trying to defend Shat.
- sneaking suspicion that weird Shane dude from Kansas lurked but dunno if he ever posted.
-I wonder if that old sex worker she had serious beef with still posts here too.
-Vivi definitely posts here
-butterface Pixy probably lurks as well.

No. 157789


No. 157790


No that bunny Kat chick that she's hated and assumes is the person behind LC (I think)
Fat tumblr cam whore who bought Shatnas porn and leaked it some years ago

No. 157791

it will never not be hilarious that she thinks all the threads about her were done by one person.

No. 157806

it never fails to amaze me how she thinks like one person is behind this entire site–which ofc is solely dedicated to HER only KEK. how she made it this far in life i don't know.

No. 157816

With Soy Boy Shane it wouldn't surprise me if his other women searched for Shat's name and found lolcow. Her threads are the top results in most search engines. I also suspect that some of the other OF whores at skidmark academy have ended up in the threads for the same reason.

No. 157843

I think the black girl lurks remember that picture of shayna sitting down when she went to that party that nobody else could've taken and nobody else knows where it came from?

No. 157859

The anon "who used to work with skidmark academy" is probs her

No. 157882

maybe, but didnt she say shes never met her? maybe that was just to not narrow down who she could be but i feel like if she had met shayna she'd have wanted to share more details about her specifically. i mean its not like posting on lolcow would be the worst thing shes done.

No. 157883

The Skidmark people know about it according to that one anon who posted about working with them here. That anon didn’t even work with Shay but heard second-hand from people there that one of the girls they film with has a whole “hate gossip site” dedicated to her or something of the sort which I think may have led her to finding the threads? Idk.

No. 157892

I think her old boyfriend lurks sometimes ..he comes here once in a blue moon to remind us all how nice and good he was to her and something about donut peaches

No. 157933

File: 1680455368836.jpeg (147.93 KB, 1284x1411, D8A0984D-8401-4E60-BEE1-3609B5…)

Super tinfoil- KT Price, the girl who stalks Arin Hanson from Game Grumps.
I was searching lolcow terms on twitter just for shiggles, and this account came up that schizoposts exactly the same way Katie does with the tags, bizarre correlations, and bio about loving "space and mindfulness". Could just be another schizophrenic person, but could be Katie too!

No. 158003

File: 1680472209345.jpg (166.11 KB, 1080x1582, schizo1.jpg)

Thanks for sharing this, it's fascinating.

She has gotten into drama with some people but idk who they are (well, except for Shayna).
I wonder why she reposts caps from Shayna's threads just to add snarky replies when she could just post on LC. Also, she told Shayna to leave her alone, did they fight?

No. 158004

File: 1680472231235.jpg (103.86 KB, 1080x855, schizo2.jpg)

No. 158009

SA, I get it now, she thinks that Shayna has sockpuppets and harrasses her on twitter. She said she blocked some accounts that she tought belonged to Shayna.

No. 158020

Fupaul. Maybe his wife. She probably laughs at his stupid ho ex and feels better about herself that way kek

No. 158026

her mother.

No. 158028

Oh, I hope not, for her mental health.

No. 158212

Dotti for sure

No. 158282

This account was brought up in an earlier Shaythread and it almost seems like KT thinks that Shayna is one person posting on lolcow about herself as well as the person being posted, hence reposting all the thread caps to twitter and claiming she is exposing Shayna. I know KT should be aware that isn't how the site works since she has her own thread here and that's clearly how she became aware of /snow/, but her perception is totally outside of reality anyway. Like my best guess is that for KT, Shayna is Shayna, lolcow is Shayna, and every random person on twitter is also Shayna and it's her job to expose it

No. 158283

Think the fat black sex worker she roomed with at fetcon lurks here kek

No. 164874

rn I'm starting to think one or both of the diaper/scat retards are posting kek. their "comebacks" are so weird and autistic, also very try hard.

No. 164893

Plasticandproud aka Ariana Mcmillan definitely lurks here.

No. 164897

File: 1696639008475.png (25.53 KB, 689x545, special needs.PNG)

I took a nap with the thread tap open and woke up to this (admin got rid of them) but didn't this exact same sperg happen like… a year a ago? kek

No. 164918

Since shayna is with a friend, be prepared for the thread to get funky, unpopular but i notice everytime shayna is with someone she "likes". It seems like suddenly the thread goes to more retarded places than usual.
I'm sure she vents a lot about lolcow and there's probably always some,
>Fuck those people! I don't give a fuck Dolly! They are losers, Imma make a comment"
and they badly troll or just say retarded things.

No. 164932

I was in the thread reporting it as it was happening and that was my exact thought. Shayna is with Kiki. They probably got drunk and decided to try and raid her thread.

No. 164935

would be shocked of if this was shayna or kiki self posting while all hocked up on pills.

No. 164936

Dogfucker Dawn Willow does not just lurk…

No. 164981

bold of them to call everyone in the shay threads fat when shay herself is the size of a baby hippopotamus

No. 165072

you were so right anon

No. 165217

that was my first thought when i saw those posts too kek

No. 165294

Is happening again nonnies…

No. 165383

What is?

No. 165415

I would bet everything that her stepsister and her stepsisters friends lurk and send screenshots to each other in their own shaynatorium group text

No. 165417

File: 1697000935582.jpeg (224.87 KB, 640x409, E33D0143-17DD-4F78-8943-FED0FA…)

I think Dawn posted this in the people you’d fuck in the shaynaverse
>a professional pornstar
Sure jan

No. 165418

I don’t know if that were my stepsister I’d be horrified and would do everything NOT to see them being gross.

No. 165620

Yes I agree, I think some of the anons who are like, "her stepsister totally lurks the threads!" don't have siblings. If my older sister was a gross sex worker lolcow like shat I would stay far away from those threads because I don't want to see a family member doing that shit, it would also make family gatherings so painfully awkward.

No. 165767

I'm gonna be honest, I don't think Shay has any mental capability to post here, yes she has lurked but I think that's about it. No is not rocket science posting and integrating but whores are NEVER capable of this as it has happened again and again.

No. 165839

Lots of nonnies are also retarded so I think Shayna could manage to post her, stir up shit, not sage then go into a food and weed coma while anons spend +2 days infighting. I don't think she would but I wouldn't be surprised if she's gone in her threads to start up an old argument when she's not getting enough attention/ she's trying to get attention off some fuck shit she's up to.

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