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File: 1462056555509.png (613.54 KB, 500x750, dsddadsadda.png)

No. 265579

old thread maxxed out >>217295

No. 265580

File: 1462056645841.png (416.01 KB, 590x592, TnvBPKw.png)

that snake habitat pisses me off so much. she doesn't even try to hide the fact it's just an accessory to her. it's just… barren.

No. 265586

I know nothing about this girl besides seeing her face when I browse /pt/ but I have to say, she looks pretty cute in the OP (weird lips aside…).

No. 265589

File: 1462058519012.jpg (336.84 KB, 500x750, 1451496320173[1].jpg)

I have bad news for you…

No. 265594

Whoa, i don't follow her as a cow, but this pissed me off. That is not a snake habitat. This is why i take in snakes from dumb people. My poor 7ft Columbian redtail was in a 40 gallon tank and had a respitory infection when i took her from her previous owner. She's now in a 6x8 tank and healthy. Sage for blog post.

No. 265596

She'll always be a potato nose but this hairstyle looks SO. MUCH. BETTER.

No. 265601

I'm sorry anon but its a wig

No. 265602

Doesn't mean that it doesn't look better

No. 265653

This is not how you take care of a reptile. Those animals need so much space, even if they're tiny af. And depending on the snake, it definitely needs sth different as an underground as tissues omg.

No. 265681

Maybe this is how they keep snakes in Japan? I've seen other Japanese pets in tiny cages, it seems normal over there.

No. 265691

It is indeed normal over there, since Japan has nearly no animal rights. That doesn't mean keeping a snake like this is right. And since she's from Germany she should know about animal rights omg how can one be so cruel? This is one of the few things I really hate about Japan. You can even keep an owl at home in a cat/dog transport cage and no one would give a fuck. If puppies and kittens aren't sold and get less kawaii they'll be killed right away.

No. 265705

The pet shops in America can be sad enough already, but the ones in Japan are tragic. I once went to a shop that had all sorts of birds in too small cages and they hardly had any feathers from stress. Makes me truly sick thinking of the conditions of pets in countries that are worse off.
I completely lose respect for the weebs who ignore the clearly awful conditions pets in Japan are raised in and purchase anyways.

No. 265709

If you really need to buy a pet in Japan, buy it at a shelter! Never at one of those lil stores where the puppies and kittens sit in tiny glass boxes.

No. 265727

Not defending her, but apparently it's not that easy to adopt a pet from a shelter when you're a foreigner.

No. 265733

Sorry if this has been posted already.
She's being super rude again in this video again. If she can't take that people will ask the same questions over and over again she shouldn't do ask videos tbh.
So famous.

No. 265734

maybe we shouldn't be buying into the pet trade but at the end of the days those poor babies need homes too

No. 265738

I know so many foreigners who've adopted pets from the shelter. Seems like foreigners are actually the only ones who ever get their pets at shelters in Japan.

For every (from the horrendous prices I'd say) 100pets which wheren't bought at a pet store one of them will close. It might sound a little hard, but that's the only way how these businesses will ever be made to close. Keep on buying the 'poor kawaii puppies and kittens' and there'll pop up even more stores.

No. 265744

kek that's a shooped pic of her, OP.

No. 265746

File: 1462116013946.png (674.45 KB, 537x701, eyebrowlogic.png)

No. 265750

Is it just me or her eyebrows are uneven?

No. 265751

File: 1462116230260.png (1.04 MB, 643x991, busuzawa.png)

No. 265752

File: 1462116296773.png (403.09 KB, 333x560, busuzawa.png)

No. 265753

File: 1462116357051.png (1.47 MB, 967x743, kawaiidesu.png)

No. 265754

File: 1462116391148.png (378 KB, 345x535, modeldesu.png)

No. 265755

File: 1462116437032.png (433.05 KB, 482x532, BUSU.png)

No. 265756

File: 1462116481375.gif (120.34 KB, 600x336, 600x600.gif)

what the fuuuuck please stop anon

No. 265758

That looks so uncomfortable and awkward

No. 265764


Hahahahahahahahahaha this is like the perfect Becky meme

No. 265793

File: 1462119245018.jpg (2.8 MB, 4160x2340, 20160430_130017.jpg)

Himezawa is starring in the swan lake in London. Who else has tickets?

No. 265794

File: 1462119300356.jpg (2.71 MB, 4160x2340, 20160430_130030.jpg)

No. 265795

>Keep on buying the 'poor kawaii puppies and kittens' and there'll pop up even more stores.
Why not just steal them instead, then?

No. 265799

She honestly doesn't look half bad in Westernized clothes/ make up.

No. 265800

File: 1462120591755.jpg (39.5 KB, 263x400, DJQualls_Kambo_5448936_400.jpg)

honestly tho

No. 265804

I think she looks good here. Very basic, but pretty.

No. 265814

Her arms are freakishly long

No. 265828


She looks like a hunchback old lady having some kind of hallucination in the trees

No. 265911

Did she buy subs? I've 500 subscribers and I've many more views than her by video.
(Sorry if this has been discussed…and for my potato english)

No. 265970

That shoop tho

No. 265971

this isn't busuzawa

No. 265972

I think she did.

No. 265982

Reminds me of Ashley

No. 265983

And it's easy to tell who bought their cat (like Sharla) and who adopted it. If it's a breed, it's 99% likely bought at a pet shop.

It's easy to adopt, just gotta know where to go.
This is fucking savage. I love you, and I can't breathe

No. 265985

She should dye her hair chocolate brown

But no way in hell she would get rid of the ratty blonde since she would stand out less.

No. 266003

File: 1462177694575.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1461921663671.png)

Nailed it, the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 266004

Why does she belong in /pt/ instead of /snow/?

No. 266006

are you retarded?

No. 266010

Poor thing. I hate it when people get accessory pets and don't even try to provide for them properly.

No. 266026

File: 1462187804152.jpg (74.93 KB, 1280x720, ball pythons.jpg)

That's either a king snake or some herp of a rat snake. Can't tell because the snake is so dark.

Either way guys, I think you need to calm down about the habitat itself. Snakes don't care about "enough space." In fact, snakes prefer smaller, tight, and dark spaces because it makes them feel more secure.
Many reptile enthusiasts and breeders keep snakes in plastic tubs, because seriously, that's all they need.
The enclosure isn't shit because of how tiny a space it is. It's shit because that hide is just a pot with holes and there's no place where the snake can really feel hidden. It's probably stressed out, which is why it's hovering towards the back of the terrarium where there's no glass. IMO it's also a dick move to line the cage with paper instead of wood substrate because then they can't even burrow for security.
Also I hope she at least has a heat pad underneath that hide because snakes can't regulate their own heat temp.
Even though I live in the south my corn snake gets chilly sometimes so I always see him underneath his hide with the heat pad under it. A heat source is also important for after they eat because it helps them digest.

I agree that she probably just got a reptile for the shock value of saying she owns a snake, but she isn't outright neglecting it…yet.

No. 266034

>>265754 i think she looks good here. i wish she would stick to this kind of style.

No. 266070

File: 1462204268692.jpg (30.67 KB, 387x449, Funny-Man-2065474.jpg)

No. 266080


OMG…granny arms

No. 266083

that's what I meant in >>265580. It's not too small, you can just tell by looking at it that it's supposed to look stylish, not give the snake what it needs (a decent hiding spot, ground to burrow in etc)

No. 266109

File: 1462215458067.jpg (75.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

New pic

No. 266121

File: 1462217961954.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x450, niconico.jpg)

Just found this on Twitter: She's participating in some Nico Nico program and if you want to watch her, the next livestream is on 05/05:


Yaaas, get that exposure girl!

No. 266124

lower right girl looks like manaki

No. 266129

File: 1462222247176.jpeg (82.47 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

No. 266132

Did you try to make her face less long or did you just switched haircolors?

No. 266164

She has such a man face. Also the lacy sports bra worn over a sweater look is kind of wtf.

No. 266381

And yet, she's called looking like an "angel" by Jap girls on Twitter, kek.

No. 266391

I'm too, venus is too, kota is too, u just need to be white and maybe have/had blonde hair

No. 266591

File: 1462381966133.png (263.91 KB, 748x578, blog1.png)

So inspirational.

No. 266594

File: 1462382073878.png (518.93 KB, 751x675, blog2.png)

Follow your dreams to be a nobody in Japan. Source: http://www.himezawa.com/blog/sub-tokyo-live

No. 266634

Idk much about this chick, what does she do besides being an ugly weeb? Is she, like, really bitchy or something?

No. 266636

Gag. I am so fucking exhausted by other rich white people spewing this "you can do anything if you believe in yourself. you just have to follow your dreams" drivel, especially within performance arts settings.

No. 266638

She's a scammer and a lulzy delusional weeb

Google "Sabrina Schultes scamming"

No. 266642

"She regurlarly makes appearances on television or the internet. She also works as a model on the runway and for photoshootings. By now she also published her first book, "Staubmaedchen". At the end of october, her debut single "Wagamama Love" Was also released. Author, Model, Actress and singer: In the entertainmentindustry of japan this is not unusual: Singers become actresses, models become hosts, and authors become singers. Sabrina first didn't put much hope in her singing career: "When I auditioned, I got interrupted right away. Not a good sign, I thought." A few minutes later the producer already came back with the team of the music label. "Accomplished it at the first try.""

Has she actually really accomplished anything or is this mostly her hyping herself? She doesn't appear to be anything more than a d-list idol.

No. 266658

How is her relationship with her parents? If they're on good enough terms, since she is young I don't see why she moved to Japan to dump tons of money into pursuing a highly image-based career right off the bat when she could have spent a while living with her parents and using all the money saved for a nosejob, which would pretty much save her entire face and make her goals far more viable.

No. 266659

File: 1462408602836.jpg (49.94 KB, 327x499, 510KJiUsAhL._SX325_BO1,204,203…)

You know about Wagamama Love already, Staubmädchen is for sale on Amazon (it's a shitty ebook on par with those hood romances), she's been a guest in some variety shows, I don't know about the rest. It's possible she's modeled briefly at a con or something.

No. 266666

Man, some people just want to be stereotypes.

No. 266698

Hey, at least people ENJOY hood romance novels (they were #1 most stolen item when I worked at a Barnes and Noble years ago kek)

No. 266772

This is the most self masturbatory shite I've ever read in my life

No. 266814

File: 1462426439555.gif (482.65 KB, 500x221, suuuure.gif)

"Accomplished it at the first try"

No. 266896

She's accomplished some things but with no people, aside from a few fans (and farmers) actually following and watching her, it's all for naught. Look at her Youtube/Nico Nico Douga views and social media followers. It's been speculated, the Facebook likes were bought. Also, she isn't doing anything a foreigner in Japan hasn't already done. Many foreigners actually appear on TV and model for part-time jobs but they don't delude themselves into thinking they're going to be the next best foreign superstar.

No. 266969

anyone know where she got this wig

No. 266975

Himezawa buys all of her followers. She can't speak Japanese and only has gotten minor modeling jobs on account of being tall, white and blonde.

No. 266976

There's plenty of below average gaijin girls modeling for brands here. The thing that makes Dakota Rose or Taylor R memorable is their personalities and image which himezawa has none of. Can't speak Japanese and is mentally ill in English.

No. 267498

my fucking sides kek

No. 267909

File: 1462644549320.png (481.24 KB, 455x547, busu.png)

No. 267910

Jesus that creepy ass selfie

No. 267921

Holy shit, them eyebags..SOO youthful, uguuu

No. 267927

wtf is this any recognizable character?

No. 267929

File: 1462651620848.jpg (39.15 KB, 845x895, kawaiidildouguu.jpg)

No. 267946

Your lie in april?
I've never actually seen it but there's some blonde girl who plays something that looks like that.

No. 267954

new video, it's just her shouting about first world problems like people sitting on her jacket on trains

No. 267960

File: 1462658476867.jpg (8.62 KB, 550x84, issues.jpg)

>I don't give a single fuck about your health, it's not my fucking job to make you look like a super model. I have enough problems myself

No. 267974

wow i hate her so much more now

No. 267993

how is someone in their 30s dressing like this, making "idol videos," have ANY room to criticize a single thing. get a real job, dress like a real fucking adult. jesus christ.

No. 267995

Her voice is annoying

No. 268008


i think she's trying to be funny like jenna marbles but it just doesn't work because her attitude and personality suck ass.

No. 268014

wow. way to make herself even more unappealing than she already is.

No. 268019

Does she think by being vulgar that it'll become her ~gyappu~ and will make her stand out as an idol despite Japan notoriously loving repetition upon repetition until they run that shit to the ground? How do so many weebs fuck up so badly at understanding what an idol is?

No. 268025

What's wrong with this chick? Is she trying to be edgy or something? I don't get it

No. 268026

There are idols with gap personality buys foreigner would make it too niche. And a few gaijin weebs understand idols but himezawa grossly doesn't. She just wants fame.

No. 268068

Her voice is so annoying OMG…

No. 268078


Kek, she's not even close to 30 yet.

No. 268084

>..things that upset me. I hate putting them online, I hate having proof of them, and hate having people pick on them
But I guess if it'll get her a whopping 300 views on Youtube, she'll 180 that stance for a teensy bit of attention.
Can't speak for others, but I'm sick of the whole "I HATE X" youtube rant videos. It's the lowest denominator genre.

Her list:
>winter jackets on packed trains
Fucking wat.
>talk smack about former employers online
I know why this bothers Himezawa, it just reminds her of the fact that she's 30 and has never held a solid job to form opinions about it.

Does anyone else think Himezawa is the type to rat to project "managers" about what people have said in private or outside the workplace? She seems that backstabbing.
>people who do stupid crap and blame it on others
So…she hates herself.
>ask me how much my clothes cost
Awww poor babby nobody else gets asked this in the fashion by strangers who don't know better!
>noisy neighbor
Why is she complaining about someone showering or boiling fucking rice?
>neighbor ratted me about talking to my gf during a sleepover
There's a difference between doing necessary things like showering and making food when you get home from a night shift, and herself doing willy nilly shit like talking loudly at 2am because she doesn't have a job to go to the next day.
What a self-important bitch.
>last minute notices of plan changes
Sucks I guess. But maybe Himezawa is hurt by this common occurrence especially because this means people have more pressing plans and don't want to hang out with her stupid ass. And how dare someone think she's not the center of their universe.
>people who ask me about my diet–BTW I DON'T DIET!
Ugh, everyone has a "diet." Why is it such a big deal to answer someone about what she generally eats unless she eats poorly or has disordered eating…
>passive-agressive tweeting- UR ALL THIRSTY FOR ATTENTION
And remember, Himezawa doesn't want your attention. Psh.
>region blocks on Paypal accounts
Then don't use Paypal. She could get with the times and fix her accounts, but it is easier to act like she has time to make Youtube videos but no time to handle her financial dealings I guess.
>people who hate animals
This seems shoehorned in to take a break from her petty ramblings that make her seem like a monster to let us know she might have a shred of empathy. But idk, it seems strawman because I've nary met a person who hated every. single. animal.
>people who put bags on the seats next to them on trains
It's only bad if the train is full and people are standing.
>"I'll sit on your bag if you don't move it!!!!"
then in her very next rant
>people who sit on her jacket or skirt
But Himezawa, they're just following your train of thought and sitting on the shit you fail to move out of THEIR seats! Dumbass.
>people who care about their sleepwear
So people aren't allowed to ask about her clothes or her eating habits because "it's none of their business," but Himezawa thinks it's her business to question why someone pays attention to their sleepwear?
>people who don't get the difference between a character and a person
I've tried listening to this three times and I still don't get what she's trying to say. Nobody should be accountable for personas? Is she talking about actual actors/actresses? I don't understand this one.
>who's your favorite soccer player? –GO SCREW YOURSELF UR STEREOTYPING GERMAN PEOPLE
Oh my goodness…isn't it easier to say she doesn't watch soccer instead of assuming people are trying to piss her off on purpose?

>she carries around a fucking notebook so she can write down shit that pisses her off

Lmao, what a petty cunt.

Just imagine this caked-up, little trollup skulking around on a bustling street. Giving anyone her baggy side-eyes who she supposes dare sneeze in her direction. Furiously writing down every manner and diction that she thinks are aimed directly at her.

Idol material.

No. 268087

File: 1462691664526.png (234.2 KB, 345x535, itried.png)

Removed that awkward expression

No. 268088

kek everybody hates YOU Busuzawa

No. 268089

2:09 fucking nazi

No. 268091

File: 1462692393656.jpg (94.87 KB, 797x397, germannaziraging.jpg)

No. 268092

Wow nice!

No. 268094

File: 1462692787589.jpg (20.46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 268106

Jesus christ I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes. Her acting and voice are annoying af. Such a tryhard, it's almost sad.

No. 268115

Guys, this video gave her 16 comments, more than she usually gets. Clearly this kind of content fares better than her other crap.

I don't think she cares, lol. Sabrina has probably already reached her kawaii aidoru dreams in her eyes, being an underground, no-name foreign idol with ~6 performances under her belt.

No. 268175

What the fuck is wrong with her voice??
And somehow, she's made herself look even uglier with that shitty ass personality.
I thought she was just petty and sad and had no life, but now that I know how much of a dipshit she is its a lot easier to dislike her

No. 268176


Couldn't watch any more after "I am nort a facking doctah". Lol what is she even trying to be. A polite super kawaii dolly with no personality or an edgy YouTuber? You can't be both. In fact I don't think this girl can be either, she's shit at both.

No. 268178

File: 1462722087397.png (40.37 KB, 165x115, 409.png)

she's trying way too hard it's hard to watch

No. 268179

File: 1462722353272.jpg (17.79 KB, 480x360, readImage.jpg)

I like how she thinks abusing the F word makes her look soooo edgy and original desu

No. 268183

>it just reminds her of the fact that she's 30 and has never held a solid job to form opinions about it.

If you think 21 = 30 I'm honestly concerned for you.
She looks 30 tho, I'll give you that one.

No. 268184

Loving how she hid the like / dislike rate.

No. 268192

She was trying to be funny and sarcastic, fam.

No. 268195


It's crazy how lacking in self-awareness she is. I'm assuming she thinks she's being quirky and funny but she just comes across as a spoiled, whiny bitch.

Is she still trying to go for the ~kawaii aidoru~ thing while posting rants online?

Also I don't understand this whatsoever:

>people who care about their sleepwear

>no-one fucking cares what you wear to bed

>what are sleepovers

>what are significant others
>what is wanting to wear something you feel comfortable in regardless of whether anyone will see you or not

No. 268202

So Busuzawa was trying to be funny and quirky? She failed in every fucking possible way lewl

No. 268242

she tries so hard with that disaster of a fake British accent

No. 268286

I feel like most of these things could be solved with a single: 'Excuse me, could you please […]'. But she thinks she is too good for that. What a bitch.

If she is ony 21 there is still hope for her. She could still try to pursue education to get a real job. But she needs to start that soon.

No. 268304

It's not fake if it's not her mother tongue though?
She used to live in London too, and has always sounded like this. It's not like she's an Angloboo American.

No. 268395

No. 268397

>thirsty as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
I dieded

No. 268399

File: 1462762188495.jpg (33.51 KB, 265x300, 8717566.jpg)

No. 268400

Oh I love Filthy Frank!This is gold anon

No. 268402

Her first language is german though anon.

No. 268405

she thinks that liking soccer is the worst stereotype out there for germans. did she forget nazis were a thing?

No. 268417

File: 1462767376544.png (345.46 KB, 726x396, sabrina.png)

>stereotypical german

No. 268418

File: 1462767479045.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 4ae.jpg)

No. 268419

Finally watched her bitching video, so much cringe. Her personality is utter shit.

No. 268420

File: 1462767758526.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m8rcyggh7V1qet7n6[1].pn…)

i thought you shoop'd margs face onto hers here.
>mfw you didn't

No. 268421

>tbh I didn't even know soccer was a stereotype for German people
I thought that was lederhosen, bratwurst, and beer.

No. 268422

Oh shit. It's like looking into the future.

No. 268423

honestly, i didn't think it would be as bad as it was. she sounds genuine about her complaints, as if her real emotions are coming out. also she seems insecure and really defensive about the dieting thing. girl, we know you got issues but she's airing them so hard.

No. 268424

fucking kek

No. 268425

she's got margs attitude for sure.

No. 268427

and it keeps getting worse

No. 268428

And her potato nose. Can't wait for her to pack on the pounds once she fails as an idoru. Do you think she'll birth her own benoos?

No. 268429

God, no. She's way too selfish.

No. 268432

tbh i don't see a problem with people asking about her diet bc she's skinny as fuuuuuck

No. 268433

File: 1462768685168.png (663.05 KB, 691x404, 0.png)


No. 268435

that video gave me a lot of ana-chan in denial vibes honestly. she probably is kneejerking about it. also i think i realized why she looks so gross. it's because she's too tall to be that skinny. taller people tend to look a bit better with a more weight since it evens out their long limbs. she just looks like sticks without a bit more.

No. 268438

being skeleton skinny ain't kawaii

No. 268444

File: 1462769233052.jpg (159.69 KB, 1005x1507, DSC_0385.JPG)

No. 268445

She looks like an old auntie

No. 268447

File: 1462769389810.png (178.49 KB, 702x411, hime.png)

Ana-chan detected. Also, her not so humble-bragging about people giving her "jealous glares".

No. 268449

They probably thought she was spoopy.

No. 268452

>I don't do it for anyone else, just for myself
Yeah, that's why she's trying to make a career out of her looks, claim strangers are jealous, and post pictures of herself in tacky corsets on the outside of clothes.
Because, y'know, all that effort is just for herself.

No. 268453

Ok its confirmed
Every 'kawaii' girl has a 22inch waist lmao.

Why are they all obssessed with that number?

No. 268456

She's never gonna understand how to be an idol.

No. 268474

Yes, that said if it's NOT her mother tongue.
If she's German and has learnt English from English people, of course she's gonna try to emulate them and of course it's gonna sound off. Doesn't mean it's fake. NikkieTutorials sounds American even though she's Dutch.

No. 268477

I "blame" media. I mean we're surrounded by american movies, shows and music, even games everywhere we go. If british english was the norm in media, i bet a lot more non native
speakers would speak that way as well. As a non native english speaker in europe I would feel a lot more "fake" and forced trying to emulate a british accent.

No. 268486

Tbh to me 'fake' is only meant for people like Madonna, not ESLs. You can't help not sounding natural because it's not the language you speak every day.

No. 268489

If she had an actual career as an idol in Japan (like a known idol that actually has appearnces), she would lose all her wota fans with this video. Nobody likes a bitch idol.

Well good for her that nobody gives a shit about her lol

No. 268491

this, and the only 'fans' she'll get from this vid are edgy tumblr shits who won't do anything for her 'career' anyways.

i honestly think that if someone sent this video to her agency or job she would get fired on the spot. even outside of japan she would. this is just sad as fuck.

No. 268497

To be fair, most of these "I hate people" videos are cringe and make you look like petty bitch.

Top kek anon.

Seems like everyone is liking that video though: 21 comments and rising.

No. 268502

but you know those comments are from the same people who religiously reblog 'he told me to smile more' stories.

No. 268503

Deutschfag here.
The tone of her voice when she speaks English is fake and annoying. When she speaks German, she sounds fairly normal. It's lower in pitch(?) and sounds more natural. But I have never heard any German speaking English like she does. Her accent comes and goes but that fake squeaky sound never stops.

Personally I like the American accent more than the UK accent, especially when Germans are speaking English. It's easier to understand as long as it is not a thick Southern dialect or another extreme one. The UK accent sometimes sounds … pretentious (sorry, no offense).

Also she speaks English almost exclusively now.

No. 268504

she's up pitching her voice to sound more uguu.

No. 268509

>UK accent

Just like in the US, and in your own country, there's a huge variety of accents over here. I assume the accent you're referring to is RP (basically queen's english). Very few people here actually speak with that accent. If you want to hear some fucked up shit, check out the brummy, scouser and glaswegian accents.

What you've said is like me coming in and saying "Oh I hate German accents" based on only hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger speak (and, correct me if I am wrong, he's got an Austrian accent, not a German one).

No. 268510

to be fair there's not one 'american' accent either anon, i think they're talking about movie accents.

No. 268511

that's why I literally said in my post that the US has a variety of accents.

And, again, if you watch a film with british people in it, you don't just get RP. It's usually RP, cockney or mancunian (daphne from frasier as a famous example) that you'll hear.

No. 268512

i get that, i was saying that american accents are known through out the world to have a ton of variety so if she couldn't even differentiate that, it's unlikely she knows anything about anything brit.

No. 268514

true, which is why I offered some interesting accents for her to explore.

On that note, to get back on topic, can a deustchfag tell us what sort of accent does himezawa have? Does she have a posh accent? I would assume she has the german equivalent of RP because she's loaded.

No. 268517

i'm a bit curious about this too. also, i noticed that her japanese accent sounds weird in a way i can't place.

No. 268518

Sorry I really didn't mean offense. Here people are taught by native speakers. We learn either a standard British pronunciation or an American pronunciation based on the teacher.

I didn't mean to stereotype. and it could be based on my experience, what I prefer to hear and find easier to understand. When I watch British films/TV, I like to use English subtitles, but with American films/TV it's not always necessary. Exceptions: mafia films, all of the Sopranos, southern accents, westerns, stuff with gang speech

One question: why do American newscasters always sound deranged? I hate that kind of accent and have never heard a real American talk that way.

No. 268520

>why do American newscasters always sound deranged?

sensationalism. plus they're all dead inside.

No. 268525

I have only heard her speak German once, in the video announcing her book. Her syntax is correct and she doesn't speak in an overly complicated way. She speaks Hochdeutsch (meaning, not in dialect) but she still sounds slightly Bavarian to me. I like the Bavarian accent, it's not harsh and sounds friendly.

She sounds educated, but we don't have the same class distinctions here. It's more about where you come from and whether you speak heavy dialect or not. People switch back and forth - you speak Hochdeutsch at school or when everyone has to understand but dialect with friends and family. If you can't express yourself in correct Hochdeutsch, you will get shit from teachers and professors.

No. 268554

Isaki is that you?

No. 268577

File: 1462803986784.jpg (91.25 KB, 612x380, HIMYM-DOPPELGANGER[1].jpg)


she looks kind of like lily's doppleganger from how i met your mother in this pic

No. 268599

File: 1462809802074.gif (1.22 MB, 165x115, 0cc.gif)

YES! She sounds exactly like Schwarzenegger
and on top of that she tries to fake a british accent
so much cringe

No. 268603

File: 1462810008619.gif (935.22 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_o0nt9sSqk71tzwkw…)

Bless your soul anon

No. 268649

No she doesn't. PULL, sit down.

No. 268650

People change pitch when they speak different languages. I work in an international environment, and you can hear it all the time.
She speaks English because she wants to become a famous kawaii aidoru and people around the world don't speak German, especially not Japan.

There's nothing wrong with the way she speaks, can we please move on to some actually cringe shit like that book she wrote? What is it about, can any Germans spill more deets?

No. 268652


No. 268672

No she's not 30.

Her voice is horrid once I reached a few minutes into her video I felt like I had rocks in my stomach and had to stop. It was dreadful. I know people change pitch when they talk but she sounds so bad..if rather listen to aminyans old lady high pitched voice.

No. 268674

Nio, she's 21, she just looks 30 because of her extremely unfortunate genes.

No. 268675

I doubt anyone here bought her book. It generally didn't seem to be very popular, judging from the meagre amount of German reviews she got, even though she advertised it so many times and has a couple of German followers.

See: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25049292-staubm-dchen

No. 268728

>I doubt anyone here bought her book
oh heeeeeeeeeeeeell no

No. 268742

File: 1462861002003.png (309.27 KB, 420x420, kek.png)


>mfw she rated her own book with 5 stars

No. 268778

Sorry, I'm German and am around Germans speaking English all the time. We learn it as children in school. No one sounds like this weeb, not even the shyest girl.

I know why she speaks English. I was responding to Anons who mentioned that she sounds different because it isn't her native language. I wanted to point out that she speaks it all the time now so she should work on how it sounds.

I haven't bought her book, but I'm sure it's crap.

No. 268787

Another German speaker. Does even anyone want to know what her book is about? I could translate the description if there isn't already a translation.

No. 268789

Theres no way she 'accomplished it on her first try' based on her singing alone
There were a few videos of her raw singing floating around. It was god awful

No. 268813

Yes please anon!

Any of these videos still floating around?

No. 268816

Of course not. They probably thought they could market her as some exotic, foreign artist and that's why they accepted her. Awful singing can always be covered up with auto-tune.

No. 268848

I think she's going to regret uploading this. This is something she probably should've recorded as her own personal diary just to get her aggression out but not uploaded. The whole video and everything she is bitching about is embarrassing as fuck. She's trying to appear relatable and funny but she failed miserably at both.

No. 268850

No. 268851

I've never before seen this level of delusion lewl

No. 268857

In English it says:
As Mr Penber one morning finds the file of the case "Staubmörder" ("dust murderer") on his desk in the head office for occult criminal cases he doesn't realize which mysterious worlds hide behind the old report. On the trails of the exorcist Lucien (female) it goes to London (don't judge me she writes weird sentences and I don't feel like correcting her grammar) that after a terror attack carries the name "cursed city". He dives into the world of exorcists and demons in which he becomes part of a story he would have never dared to dream of.

Seriously she should have read her summary a second time before printing that book. She writes long ass sentences which makes it hard to read. I feel like the entire book must be as fanfiction-like and full of mistakes like this. I don't want to be a grammar nazi but it's kind of sad because she lived and went to school in Germany for a long time. Meh. What do you think about her story?

No. 268859

Actually thought of buying it just so I can ramble about how bad it is, but that shit costs 14€. No thanks

No. 268860

Why would you choose to present yourself this way? It's petty and aggressive. She's bad at dancing…anti-talented even. She seems to work a lot towards it and still remain as incompetent at performing as she ever was. It's sad that she's trying to make a career out of this. Is she married? Does her husband support this strange hobby of hers?

No. 268862

Wtf 14€? I don't think anybody bought it apart from her family. She misspells demons it must be bad.

No. 268871

pure gold

No. 268875

She married one of her Japanese IG fanboys (probably her only Japanese fan under 30 let's be real here) for a Japan visa. Odds are she sponges off of him & her rich parents and somehow makes a little money here and there just for being a token English speaking foreigner.

No. 268882

I actually thought of the same thing. I really want to read it for the keks, but I don't want to give her the money. She's spoiled enough.

No. 268894

File: 1462908426155.jpg (70.39 KB, 475x815, 1613957.jpg)

I remember her saying that the first edition sold out. This is how the display in her home town (?) looked like so I'm pretty sure other people than her family and friends bought it. I tried to find the book in other Bavarian book shops last year because I got curious but there was no trace of it.

No. 268907

That's only 16 copies… between family and friends it would be easy to sell out.

No. 268908

File: 1462910598804.png (36.29 KB, 461x307, kzBbxCu.png)

It's not even 200 pages…

No. 268998

>this is a waste of money

No. 269034

that's like a thesis.

No. 269039

aidoru material

No. 269049

The only good review is her own…

No. 269056

Im entertained

No. 269070

Looks like a stupid farmer made an account just to rate her little book. Really now…

No. 269075

In Johnny Rotten's voice: She's a nutter.

No. 269086

No. 269115

so what? pretty sure her book is shit

No. 269125

Doesn't matter it's still petty

No. 269134

You guys are cruel. Stop giving her hope!

No. 269140

if you're gonna review her book, at least give valid criticism. it's not like there isn't enough to complain about. leaving a one-sentence comment just makes her look like a victim.

No. 269144

I wonder how long is she going to pursue this "career" of hers… the only views her videos get are probably from farmers.

No. 269146

To the gerfags here: what is this shit?? Did she even visit highschool? Who wrote this?? This is literal kidcrap, I wrote sentences like that when I was in 6-7th grade omg

No. 269166

It sounds like any generic, retarded animu storyline. Small wonder there. She did selfpublish this, right?

No. 269167

Considering that it was accepted by a publisher, I am surprised that they didn't supervise the spelling/grammer/whatever.

No. 269169

Nope but Best-Off Verlag is a publisher that gets sponsored by the german government? for publishing the works of young german authors.

No. 269242

There was a deleted post here, saying anon was gonna post translated proof that Sabrina paid to have her shit published.

You better fucking deliver.

No. 269246

File: 1463023455931.png (26.92 KB, 597x186, cringe.png)

No. 269254

File: 1463027279141.gif (2.26 MB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

poor self-deluded thing

No. 269257

She constantly thinks that people stare at her because you know…she is like a super manga protagonist

No. 269261

They probably do though? She's a lanky weird looking white girl in Japan, it's hardly impossible

No. 269295

Not that anon but according to Best-Off's website, you don't have to pay to get your shit printed but one of their goals is publishing young, unknown authors and special kinds of stories that big, standard publishers aren't interested in.

To any aspiring German authors in this thread: Best-Off Verlag is your chance. :^)

No. 269305

She dresses like a complete moron, I wouldn't be surprised if people stare at her.

No. 269308

That not only happens in Japan, but in anu'y other country of the world too, if you write down notes when riding on public transport. That's not so speciul, swampprincessu

No. 269309

Yeah that was me, deleted it because I didn't want to tease. I'll still post it (give me a few hours)

No. 269312

If you want help translating, post links/files. I'm around for awhile and can do some.

No. 269313

I'd stare at her simply because of her freakish proportions.

No. 269314

It's not too much, I'm on it now. Arigatou anon-san though

No. 269319

File: 1463057045334.png (100.29 KB, 902x656, Vu4xDcE.png)

I did some digging on Best Off and read a couple of reviews and forum threads and found out they're a vanity publisher, just with minimal quality control. It's called a Druckkostenzuschussverlag (don't you love German) which basically means they agree to publish your writing as long as you pay for it. This means her novel has most likely never seen a bookstore outside of her hometown.

Here's their information for writers, I'll translate the essential:

>Wir bieten zurzeit noch kein eigenes Lektorat an. Gerne geben wir bei Annahme Ihr Manuskript an ein Lektorat/Korrektorat weiter. Die Konditionen für ein Lektorat oder Korrektorat legt hierbei der jeweilige Lektor, unabhängig vom Verlag fest und wird Ihnen vorab mitgeteilt.

>We do not offer our own copy editing at this point. We'll be happy to forward your accepted manuscript to an editorial office. Conditions vary etc. etc.

So basically, once your writing is accepted, you have to pay out of pocket to get it corrected, but I can totally see Sabrina thinking she doesn't need it and skip that part.

>Aber: Trotz intensiver Prüfung und Bearbeitung der Texte kann es vorkommen, dass ein Fehler übersehen wird, aber selbst ein Bestseller ist nicht fehlerfrei.

>However: Despite meticulous editing, errors may still occur. But even a bestselling novel isn't flawless.

So they already warn you about poor quality? Ok

>Unabhängig vom Lektorat/Korrektorat ist bei Manuskriptannahme die Buchveröffentlichung für den Autor / die Autorin kostenfrei.

>Aside from editing, publishing your novel does not come at a cost.

Okay, but what do they consider publishing? Let's find out:

>Informationen zum Thema „Publizieren“

>– ISBN (Internationale Buchnummer)
>– Aufnahme in das Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher VLB (Standard-Verzeichnis des Buchhandels) und somit Registrierung Ihres Buches bei großen Online-Buchhändlern (wie z.B. Amazon, Libri, BOL etc.)
>– Versand des Pflichtexemplars an die Deutsche Bibliothek (obligatorisch bei Büchern mit ISBN)

>Publishing informations

>they assign you an ISBN and register your book. That's it

>Der Autor übernimmt auch Marketingarbeiten, um sein Buch bekannt zu machen.

>The writer takes care of marketing and publicity.

So they really don't do anything other than give you the satisfaction of pestering your friends and relatives to buy your book, because they sure as hell won't place it.

There's also an article about a young kid who published with them, and they can't mention the publisher without criticizing them:

>A publisher isn't supposed to just print the book, they should really also edit the novel

>But his mom didn't want to wait for a big publishing house

Bonus: If you visit their shop, you'll see she's not even doing well in a vanity publishing setting. For all her talk about her book selling out, she's not even on her own publisher's bestselling list.

While other writers get at least a bit of promotion on the website, her author page is completely empty.

No. 269322

File: 1463057812549.png (21.99 KB, 542x199, njXhZUg.png)

and one more: This review says that after a few weeks (presumably after the "publishing" was done) she wasn't able to get in touch with anyone from the publishing house anymore, not even to order new books.

No. 269323

>publish your writing as long as you pay for it
>publishing your novel does not come at a cost

So what is it now?

No. 269324

the publishing itself, as in registering the book, is free, but you have to pay for corrections, actual books printed, and do your own marketing

No. 269329

This is common operating procedure for vanity presses. Make it sound free, but it's not.

Fun fact: In Germany, it's required for a dissertation to be published with a press in order for someone to get a PhD. Vanity presses charge new PhDs a lot of money to publish their dissertations. It's a big business. Even legit publishers sometimes take advantage of the situation.

No. 269339

File: 1463065018907.png (306.57 KB, 833x461, book-summary.png)

More info about her book and announcement for a potential English release.

She also talks about her "career" in Japan: http://www.aishaanime.co.uk/2015/12/04/interview-with-himezawa/

No. 269355

cringy shit

No. 269358

Why do i have to think about death note?

No. 269386


No. 269550

File: 1463109644811.png (714.94 KB, 927x588, oktoberfest.png)

>not all germans eat sausages and drink beer muh stereotypes!!1!

No. 269568

She is uploading a movie?

No. 269571


She does realize that that Hairstyle/makeup doesn't work for everything, right?

Looks ridiculous..

No. 269574

Actually the braid crown is a traditional hairstyle and quite popular for Oktoberfest. I don't see the problem with it?

Here is a webpage of historical photos showing German women wearing it

No. 269579


i hate the way she does her makeup with the pink around her eyes. looks like she has the start of two black eyes or a skin condition or something. what is she trying to pull with this?

No. 269582

It's a popular makeup trend right now in Japan. I think it can look cute on doll faced girls but himezawa has a face like an ugly bird.

Her body looks so masculine here.

No. 269621

Anon probably meant the stupid "hime" pieces of hair that frame her face.

No. 269622

I asked my non bias native German friend and they said it's fine grammar and If anything it sounds posh. I'm nowhere near fluent enough to judge personally

No. 269635

Dirndls with this cut are ment to be worn by busty girls and not by 12year old boy chest girls like her

No. 269661

what's with that japanese title?so patriotic kek

No. 269663

Of course it's in Japanese. She wants Japs to be able to read her boring posts.

No. 269676

its a makeup trend called like 'hangover makeup' or something. supposed to look drunk or flushed

No. 269679

Actually, there is one spelling mistake but that's it. Sounds incredibly boring tho.

btw, I am a bookseller and literally everyone is able to publish their crap today. I am currently operating with esoteric books and you won't believe what is out there…

No. 269683

That's one sad ass Dirndl, she literally has no tits.

No. 269714


Other Anon is correct; I was talking about the cut on the sides (That she wears with everything).

No. 269721

Aaaaand she can't even get simple Japanese right.

No. 269768

Ditch the bangs, wear your hair long and down, get rid of the stupid side burn things you see in anime, wear some contour or some highlighter or do SOMETHING to give your face some depth and bring out your cheek bones. Confused autistic weebs piss me off so much.

No. 269788

Tbh if she at least had a smaller nose or a rounder face, it could potentially work. Himezawa has a long face and bird beak though so it just looks like shit.

No. 269792

File: 1463196383669.png (627.06 KB, 832x570, maggot.png)

I wonder if she'll age to look like Marg.

No. 269795

Central Europeans aren't a pretty bunch, are they?

No. 269825

Holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 269827


Oh my god this.

She's actually a pretty girl imo but the way she does her make up is awful. Plus she looks like a bad crossdresser in that picture.

No. 269829

I'd rather say she should wear her hair and do her makeup according to her face shape.

Eg I have a more roundish head with a high forehead so this kind of hair and makeup and hair works pretty well for me

No. 269830

The sad thing is, they are both heavily abusing filters, yet have almost equal amounts of eyebags and laughlines. Himezawa is how old?

No. 269832

21 kek it's sad

No. 269834

File: 1463213622203.jpg (12.2 KB, 268x359, xY2OCew.jpg)

This exactly. The hime cut is popular in Japan because it frames (typically)rounder, wider Asian faces to make them look daintier and reduces the jawline. It does not work with long, narrow or masculine faces, especially if you have a prominent, long nose. For the same reason dramatic, contoured eye shadow often doesn't work on typical East Asian faces, Usagi eye make was not created with European or stronger features in mind. The combination of these two styles just makes Himezawa ends up looking like kawaii Ferb.

No. 269845

You're not wrong but let's be honest. She could look even shittier and nobody would care in Japan because of her height and foreign looks.

Beckii Cruel also has a longish face, a big nose tip and she wasn't even blonde and Japanese people creamed their pants over her.

No. 269848

I don't think she is super ugly or anything. Just she using beauty techniques that are so unflattering for her features. Young Becky was a little dopey looking, but she wore light makeup and had hair that complimented her face/nose shape. Girl-next-door was also her appeal, which wota are more attracted to. Himezawa is really on the edge if trans clown

No. 269883

margo looks even younger kek

No. 269901

Beckii was also 16 at the time. Beckii looks old in the face now, as does Himezawa.

No. 269911

Beckii doesn't look old, she looks her age.

No. 269915

Oh shut up anon. Beckii and Himezawa both look like men.

I recently watched kawaii international and Risa Nakamura commented on some girl's outfit because it is Larme inspired. Tenshi Chole she was called or Chieko… She is another weeb who looks like a man.

Most of these weebs who get noticed have manly long horse faces and big noses.

No. 270001

Most weebs in general have manly long horse faces and big noses. There's a correlation between being ugly and having nerdy hobbies.

No. 270007

Beckii was 14, not 16.

No. 270051

Beckii has a huge nose but it actually sits nicely on her face it's not the first thing that'd pop out to me if I saw her(and imo for her race she looks her age). Himezawa just looks old and her nose has its own life and career.

No. 270054

Himezawa is also starting her aidoru career at 21, while beckii was 14. Beckii's has already burnt out, but Himezawa's doesn't even stand a real chance…

No. 270066

File: 1463289988272.jpg (132.2 KB, 500x749, tumblr_mxrlq5si5R1rpg9pxo1_500…)

not with that unfortunate face

No. 270067

File: 1463290077019.jpg (55.93 KB, 498x426, CCdiLc4VIAA2ju3.jpg)

No. 270092

Busuzawa is in this @ 2:35
people are starting to notice her

No. 270093

She would look less weird If she had a top lip

No. 270099

If she was smart enough Himezawa would go for that tokyo girls audition thing. I know Aminyan is going for it but if Himezawa wants to get real shops in Japan then she should up herself.

No. 270103

File: 1463314660353.jpg (103.86 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_93…)

Holy fucking cringe, I hadn't seen that clip yet.

No. 270112

File: 1463317737860.jpg (517.15 KB, 667x1000, yukappp.jpg)

Don't you have to know Japanese for the Tokyo Girls audition? Yukapon/Natalie went for it as well but she and Aminyan can speak fluent Japanese. Judging from several videos, Sabrina is far from fluent.

No. 270114


Why does she apply that dumb pink eyeshadow around the end of her eyes and temples…It looks so bad on her

No. 270118

It's a make-up trend in Japan and Korea.

No. 270122


Jesus, it looks so bad

No. 270125

File: 1463322090840.jpg (21.49 KB, 400x280, hangover-girl-makeup-07-400x28…)

It has the potential to be kind of cute but very few people have the look to pull it off at all, especially not Himezawa with her long, sharp facial features.

No. 270128

File: 1463322646111.jpg (115.37 KB, 600x900, tumblr_ndwn78TICC1rb9a6wo2_128…)

It looks super cute on asians, but I've never seen in on a white person without it looking like a rash/sunburn

No. 270141

haffu here. apparently looks cute on me i'm told. busu isn't even applying it properly for her face shape.if it was more in the middle and less to the side it'd be better.(please tell us more)

No. 270142

Wtf she looks bizarre here. Why is she standing like that.

No. 270162

>haffu here. apparently looks cute on me i'm told.
we dont care

No. 270173

I think she was trying to look thinner and cross her legs to hide the dent in her shin. What I don't get is why her knees look so ashy and her legs look so gross. I get that she can't help the dent, but you'd think she'd at least take care of her skin if she was going to run around in shorts.

No. 270184

The other girls are wearing those invisible stockings. Her legs are normal.

No. 270192

wtf please explain. If they are wearing stockings, I will order whatever they're wearing. Because if they are wearing something, I can't tell at. all.

No. 270194

Sabrina I know you lurk here so:
Your hairstyle and your makeup make your face even uglier than it already is. They completely ruin it to be honest. Brown hair suits you so much better than blonde and the longer fringes make her face shape look round (not good) . You should get rid of them but I understand that it wouldn't let you look like a perfect blonde gajin waifu desu ne kek. The misplaced blush under your eyes makes your nose look bigger. Don't people stare at you for example when they sit next to you on the train? I'm sure they do.
You need to learn how to contour your nose desperately.

No. 270195

They aren't. Look at the girl wearing open-toed shoes.

No. 270201

File: 1463349864282.jpg (104.84 KB, 800x800, 2015-Top-Fashion-Rushed-Animal…)

I don't think the toes are an indicator, I saw an ad for them in cancam and they're pretty much meant to be worn with sandals so the stitches are on the sole of the foot and it doesn't show. Kind of like pic rel

No. 270207

it looks stupid on asians too lol

No. 270218

>this are

No. 270224

Isn't she a rich german princess, why don't she get a nosejob?

She is a kinda cute and high class looking blonde besides of that

No. 270226

Asians have been wearing pink and red eye makeup for hundreds of years, though. There is historical context. Usagi and igari make are just modified versions of traditional styles.

No. 270270

European Victoria's did it when taburculosis started trending (a lot of traditional European styles are based on looking I'll with TB. Waif waists, glassy eyes, flushed cheeks, watery lips and whisky hair), it wasn't unusual to line your eyes with rouge.

No. 270294

omg let's bring this back

No. 270297

File: 1463386556692.jpg (98.27 KB, 565x366, ATWc99t.jpg)

Bring these back too!

No. 270300

File: 1463388033433.jpg (263.89 KB, 720x607, 2016-05-16 10.40.23.jpg)

No. 270301

If this is true she'd be massivly underwight, no matter the 'good metabolism' shit or not.

I know somw guys around that height 170-173 who are about 55-60kg and look like her, shape wise. So I guess they altered her wight so she can be 'cute' and 'aidoru' like in a Japanese way, cuz there no matter how tall you are if you weight more than 50kg as a woman, you're considereda fatty.
>no matter your height

No. 270303

She's only 5'7? She looks taller with those spindly limbs. 95 lbs tho, if that's true she's def an anachan.

No. 270304

theres no way shes 43kg lmao.

No. 270305

File: 1463392817888.jpg (132.74 KB, 750x750, 13166974_241983376178973_37732…)

I'm definitely not trying to defend her, but doesn't this look possible? Look at this photo, she has no fat on her body, not even hips.

She's basically just a white noodle with a (big) nose.

No. 270306

Oh btw, enjoy Himezawa and her rehearsed questions/answers. She's doing the classic mistakes like Dakota did, where she's ready to already answer before they're done asking.


Look at her, sitting there laughing while they laugh, even though she doesn't understand anything. She's keep repeating their reaction, it's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 270307

lmao, she pulled up her shitty book. It's so obvious she paid someone to be there. lmfao

No. 270310

Since she's in an agency now, they probably put her there or she auditioned.

Why is she the only tarento at the company?

No. 270314

Not gonna lie, I think she looked good here. Maybe it's the poor video quality.
But damn, her voice is killing me. Why does she have to speak like this? Why does she waste her time with shitty dances instead of learning proper Japanese?

She looks like she is skinnyfat and has almost no muscles at all. So I'd say she is close to 45 Kg.

No. 270317

How bad/good is her spoken Japanese?

No. 270325

As said before, take eg an asian guy in her size 170-174 and her body shape.
They usually wheight around 53-60kg having the same body shape as her with no muscles etc

43kg is desillusional. Except if she was seriously ana, but that'd be visible within her face already at this point of underweight.

No. 270359

It this video it sounds very good, but like, you can clearly tell it's 100% rehearsed. It's kinda like when two radio hosts talk to each other and they answer each other before the other is done asking. Like thet knew what they were gonna say.

No. 270482

the other reason you can tell she has no idea whats going on is because shes just staring ahead at the front camera for most of the video. the other girls are facing and interacting with the host but busu ia just staring forward nodding

No. 270510

Plus you never once hear the host compliment her Japanese, which ALWAYS happens with foreigners, especially when they're asked about themselves and such.

She probably sat there practicing her lines, maybe even looking at a piece of paper in front of her.

No. 270580

File: 1463459640528.png (30.52 KB, 852x486, busu.png)

Hey Busu,still lurkin?

No. 270581

File: 1463459856724.jpg (45.18 KB, 600x400, 1462377400572.jpg)

No. 270635

The other girls look like they're having fun, but she just sits there like a blob.

No. 270652

She's an idiot for trying to be an idol and not having a decent knowledge of Japanese. It's obvious she doesn't know what they're talking about because she just sits there staring ahead and nods at the most random moments. She only speaks during certain parts with the host. But even if she doesnt understand whats being said, I dont get why she doesn't look at the other girls when they're speaking, its a natural thing to do

No. 270655

Taylor R also sucks at Japanese but still gets job opportunities.

Now that Sabrina has joined a new agency, maybe she'll finally become more popular and not just live in her delusional expat fantasies.

No. 270656

She's not sucking that badly. to add taylor also speaks cantonese. Himezawa can't even handle her mother tongue kek

No. 270660

Taylor R is pretty (when the fillers settle down) and used to be a legitimate model…and kind of still is.

Sabrina is unattractive. I think awkward, plain looking white girls are so desperate to be seen as "models" they seek out Japan so they could be seen as exotic and bank on that instead of honest to god good looks. It doesn't take them far. Taylor R, before fillers, was a cute girl in her own hometown so her white girl looks only boosted her potential in Asia while Sabrina could never be seen as cute so she's working at a huge disadvantage only banking on her eye and hair color. If you're ugly, no "uniqueness" is going to bring you legitimate fame. And to add to Sabrina's lack of good looks is her lack of talent. I've never heard of someone who gets professional dance lesson still be so bad at it.

No. 270668

Her Cantonese is dreadful

No. 270669

well, at least she's somewhat able to speak and write it. as well as some basic japanese.

Himezawa can't use proper english despite from living in the uk for a while and she's not even getting a single japanese sentence right

No. 270674

File: 1463499586833.png (98.88 KB, 229x275, 1455681666215.png)

No one makes fun of Busu, she's perfffffff!!!

No. 270677

>somewhat able to speak and write it
Same with Sabrina's Japanese though.

Her pronunciation at least has definitely improved, compared to the cringy weeb videos she used to make, even though she's making grammar mistakes left and right.

No. 270678

>cantonese is one of the most difficult languages in the world
Taylor can communicate nearly fluently using it. As well as in Japanese.

Himezawa struggles with both English AND Japanese kek

No. 270679

wait, what are you basing these comments on? It's clear that Taylor has people who have written Japanese and Cantonese subtitles and blog entries for her in the past.

No. 270680

samefag, but "nearly fluently"?? wtf no. Please provide proof of this.

No. 270681

No, she can't. Busy might be terrible but Taylor isn't anywhere close to fluent in either language

No. 270684

Try out the videos she's posting on FB from time to time where she speaks cantonese

No. 270686

File: 1463502941699.jpg (143.66 KB, 498x426, kawaii.jpg)

I'm bored

No. 270687

she has a grand total of TWO that she didn't delete. One doing a basic Happy New Year and one where she's in a car, saying again something very basic.

So again, that's proof of fluency? Please.

No. 270688

File: 1463503184515.jpg (37.65 KB, 374x320, busu.jpg)

Kawaii anime girl!!

No. 270690

This is great anon!!!!

No. 270695

I thought this was non-shooped and I was like "Oh, that's a nice pic of her". Then I saw the original and felt sad.
She's not even ugly, but for some reason her face is just off in photos.

No. 270698

Doesn't matter if Taylor's fluent or not. You can discuss this in her thread.

No. 270700

File: 1463503577087.png (7.09 KB, 229x275, 1452078784408.png)

Same here. The disappointment is real…

No. 270702

File: 1463503920247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.76 KB, 384x216, Armgod_fig_1b.jpg)

Anon, I tried Googling "tuberculosis face" and I didn't come up with any kawaii results.
Fuck you, anon.

No. 270703

this is probably how she thinks she looks like kek

No. 270736

what are thoooose

No. 270830

she needs a nose job asap

No. 270836

Those hands make her look like she's in her mid-forties.

No. 270839

Even shooped, her nose is awful. She really need a nose job.

No. 270887


i actually googled 'tuberculosis style fashion" and got interesting results. didn't realise this was a thing

No. 270908

obvious asian thinks asians are actually cute and not fetus looking

No. 270943

Fuck off racist-chan

No. 270944

File: 1463588624878.jpg (97.68 KB, 602x897, 1462769233052.jpg)

No. 270945

not all asians are cute

No. 270946

No one said they were all cute.

No. 270947

File: 1463588892753.jpg (45.86 KB, 302x450, ARDMelanieWiegmannneubeiSturmd…)

Reminds me of Melanie Wiegmann (a German actress) kek

No. 270948

just no! this looks horrifying

No. 270949


No. 271004

this woman is pretty

No. 271182

File: 1463697052094.jpg (33.92 KB, 600x338, aidoru.jpg)

Busu on another episode of 風色学園

No. 271183

File: 1463697061249.jpg (39.3 KB, 600x338, aidoru2.jpg)

No. 271184


Will Japan really try converting this mess into the next Dakota?

No. 271188

I doubt it. Her current agency is hardly Bravo Models and only has Sabrina in their roster.

Plus this show 風色学園 has around 500-700 views on Nico Nico Douga and doesn't seem to be super popular. Correct me if I'm wrong though. It just looks like a niche thing about idols Busu applied to and they simply accepted a token foreigner.

No. 271190

File: 1463698576242.jpg (8.53 KB, 182x277, download.jpg)

I finally figured out who she reminds me of

No. 271198

She's by far the ugliest one. Is she just there to be the token white girl?

No. 271200


my god this girl needs to get her hair & makeup in check

No. 271205

>the ugliest one
Japs beg to differ. She was called an angel by some of the girls on Twitter, kek.

No. 271221

Someone else said it earlier as a reply to this >>265753 post. I completely lost it! Looks like him in a wig.

No. 271225

File: 1463706901162.jpeg (194.59 KB, 750x1062, image.jpeg)

I saw this post….. And she had a whole lot of Patreons. Wait for it………..

No. 271226

File: 1463706948701.jpeg (126.87 KB, 750x519, image.jpeg)


WHY IS THIS GIRL SO FUCKING SAD HOLY SHIT. She's definitely more delusional than any other cow. Dear god.

No. 271232

hi >>266381

stop bringing it up no one cares what some fuggo called her once or twice. there are uglier fatter people who get called angel too.

No. 271241

File: 1463709917860.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

So much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 271247

Oh look a blonde, blue eyed white girl, she looks like an ~angel~.

Though to be fair, angels are neither male nor female, maybe they are lowkey saying she looks like a dude. Because let's be real here.

No. 271310

File: 1463727019066.png (443.53 KB, 733x579, edhime.png)

No. 271312

This looks like a PSA for why young people shouldn't use heroin and become street walkers.

No. 271321

The make-up looks nicer here than her kawaii shits, at least.

No. 271322

I agree, but she looks haggard without all those filters and high contrast she uses.

No. 271401

File: 1463765744901.jpg (6.82 KB, 223x227, 1463250747575.jpg)

She's always trying to steal the spotlight.

No. 271402

File: 1463765859329.jpg (6.76 KB, 186x200, 1462791517116.jpg)


No. 271424

Why is she always looking ten years older than she actually is?!

No. 271444

Long face combined with being gaunt.

No. 271832

It's not really, this is something that's come up more recently. Things like pale skin, rosy cheeks, red lips, and narrow waists have pretty much ALWAYS been in fashion in western culture and has very little to do with tuberculosis

No. 271871

When will this potato nosed cindy loo cunt just quit and piss off back to germany

No. 271918

She married some Jap. She will never piss off back to another country lel.

No. 272059

As soon as her hub is pissed off enough of her shitty behaviour and dumps here for an easier thai gurl kek

No. 272099

Busuzawa sits through another episode of Minkame where it's even more obvious that she just rehearses her answers and understands nothing.

No. 272282


It's really awkward that she's always looking at the camera and almost never at anyone else…

No. 272284

She looks so goddamn lost, wow…

No. 272306

File: 1464064534231.jpg (8.28 KB, 175x218, 1463924899174.jpg)

Her japanese is so awkward

No. 272328

I don't get this, does she think she can build an aidoru career on rehearsed answers in Japanese because she apparently can't be assed to study the language properly? She has been living in Japan for so long now and her language skills are still piss poor. The language barrier will be a bigger problem for her "career" than her age or looks imo.

No. 272344

Dear god this is one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen

No. 272375


Her neck is so weeird.

No. 272405


It's weird because her reactions are so delayed. Not even in the "my brain needs a moment to process another language" delay, either. It's like she's using her prehipheral vision (sp?) to gauge the reaction of those around her.
I didn't watch it all, but based on the 20 some minutes I did watch, I don't think I saw her answer one time.
If she's really trying to be an idol she's gotta study. Full immersion only works when you can immerse yourself as well.

No. 272748

So for like an hour they talked about a cat laying on a rock wat was that about

No. 272754

Oof…she looks like an awkward, ugly white bird next to all those cute dark asians.

No. 272820

Cute? Really? I'm amazed these girls are even "idols." They look so average/plain. Is this what is really considered cute for an idol?

No. 272822

These are pretty much D-list idols, which is why they accepted a nobody like himezawa onto the show.

No. 272825

How the hell does she expect to gain any actual traction in her "career" this way? She needs to commit herself to hours of serious study each day starting now.

No. 272826

Though, not to samefag, watching through the video. The girls are pretty average, but next to himezawa's gawky/bird-like appearance and gaudy style, they look awfully cute/sweet in comparison.

No. 272828

File: 1464223527079.png (772.09 KB, 861x961, birdzawa.png)

No. 272831

Fucking hell! Who fed Gizmo after midnight?

No. 272833

wtf this bitch looks so try hard next to them

No. 272834


Those bits of hair down the side of her face drive me fucking insane. I know she's completely delusional but I don't get how she doesn't realize that they make her look absolutely retarded.

No. 272842

Looks like an Afghan hound. Ew

No. 272846

Someone plz tell me why they talked about a freaking cat on a rock PLZZ fack

No. 272869

Ugh…when she'll understand that "aegyo sal" and "igari" are only a good match with cute baby round face?
On her, it looks like shit.

No. 272873

File: 1464233754696.jpg (71.02 KB, 600x900, 0cb80264fed4832f28f10d89f06102…)


It's called a hime/princess cut and it used to be a style of the Japanese women of the court during the Heian Period. Obviously it looks completely retarded most people in the contemporary era.

No. 272874

File: 1464233788914.jpg (79.08 KB, 720x720, original.jpg)


The only time I've seen it look good is when it's quite subtle and flowing like pic related.

No. 272879

Japanese women are seriously beautiful

No. 272881

Hime cut doesn't always look good irl, especially not with long faces/noses, it makes them look even longer imo.

No. 272886

This haircut is actually super cute on this woman.

No. 272890

She looks so fresh-faced and pretty. Never thought such short bangs could look good and not like some tryhard alt/pinup nightmare.

No. 272896

Cute face but she looks like shes balding

No. 272900

They look like someone hit them in the face with a frying pan and the sun is always in their eyes.

No. 272903

when you're old af but still trying to look kawaii

No. 272911

Your just a jelly white girl

No. 272913


No. 272914

She's literally a younger margo.

I agree with you anon. She's a cute girl, but I'm still not on board for this hairstyle.

No. 272915

I agree but I also think it only looks good on people with round/square faces which is why it looks like such shit on her. The whole point of the hairstyle is to slim your face so it looks ridiculous when your face is already slim.

No. 272917

Why would a human be jealous of a monkey?

No. 272922

File: 1464242786624.png (103.29 KB, 420x420, 419961fec6bf7ee15174d62790ac1c…)

No. 272935


it looks fucking retarded on everyone. anyone who looks good in it, would look 100 x better with just full length hair. should've stayed in the Heian Period.

No. 272939

her make up though…why?? Looks like someone just slap her some blush on her side cheeks so hard and leave it there

No. 272941

File: 1464249863659.jpg (23.63 KB, 300x168, image.jpg)

Pretty sure that asian girl is 100X prettier than yew hehe

No. 272942

Ok but seriously wat about the cat sleeping on the rock? The discussed it for an hour

No. 272950

No idea, but the show seems like utter shit. They bring up a random, boring topic/clip, the girls react somewhat, I don't get it. You think with the slow as shit pace that himezawa could follow a bit better, but she still looks lost.

No. 272955


It probably isnt even a well known show anon. Just some shit no one watches

No. 272975

Weebs are delusional enough to think That anything with chink eyes is pretty.

No. 272983

Definitly needs less forehead to make it look good.

No. 273064

File: 1464294054982.jpeg (174.93 KB, 499x333, image.jpeg)

Too be fair, the average Japanese girl is funky looking. It's easy to think they are all perfect and pretty when your a weeb.

No. 273065

Pretty sure that was satire, but alright. Keep trumping along anon.

No. 273076

Looks aren't everything you superficial person learn to grow character.. No matter how cute u are if ur a mean person u will b hated by everyone

No. 273078

I don't know why white girls keep trying to work hime cuts when the result is so awful. They always seem to make the pieces weirdly thick and curled in too which is an awkward looking combo.

No. 273203


Being a medfag, first thing I notice is that very few of them are overweight. Second thing I notice is very little acne.

No. 273269

>being so bitter about not being a cute Japanese girl that you have to voice your disagreement/get angry whenever someone says "Japanese girls are cute/pretty"
Pathetic tbh.

No. 273285

File: 1464330180335.jpg (129.75 KB, 868x620, Murphy-CHS-Cheer-Region-Decemb…)

Sure, but for comparison, here's a Amrican Highschool cheerleading squad. These girls are probably deemed some of the best looking at their school, popular, and are wearing/make-up, etc. Yet… they too are still pretty awkward looking teens.

No. 273293

oh my god.
that redhead.

No. 273323

Haha, no. You should leave your house more often.

No. 273324

File: 1464338765300.jpg (221.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1419883437252.jpg)

Damn, poor girl…

No. 273349

You do realize that you don't technically have to be "pretty" to be a cheerleader. You basically formed your opinion from typical western movies. There are many pretty girls that don't always become cheerleaders. I really don't get this post at all.

No. 273350

Anon is right, the quality of a person isn't weighed on outward beauty. Easily and attractive person can become unattractive by being a horrible person. Learn how the human mind works.

No. 273352

The point was to compare it to the random picture of the Japanese students. I'm not saying that all of these girls are attractive, I'm saying that here's a random picture of white people looking awkward too. Everyone is usually pretty awkward looking at that age.

No. 273353

Oh, I'm sorry.

No. 273359

it's horrible lol it makes her look dumb

No. 273360

Nah. It's pretty cute. Nice and fluffy, but her bangs could be a bit longer. Nothing spectacular but overall, a nice cut. Horrible is exaggerating.

And so I reading up about Iggy Azalea and thought she looked a lot like non-starving version of Sabrina.

No. 273361

File: 1464356054866.jpg (97.25 KB, 640x883, Iggy_Azalea_Walks_the_Red_Carp…)

Pic dropped.

No. 273370

She looks more like OP's shopped pic of himezawa

No. 273466

The black girl in the front and the kneeling girl on the far left with the red lipstick are pretty attractive.

No. 273518

I have been to Japan, most of the women there don't fit the standard you expect. Most of the girls don't even look like their photos they post on social media, extreme photo editing is common and widely accepted there.

No. 273881

White girls on this board get to so sensitive Jesus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE FOR HATE CRIMES)

No. 273901

Holyshit, how old is this bitch?

No. 273902

All teens are awkward and gangly. If you look at some of the most attractive men and women today from their highschool photos, they're always really meh.

No. 274915

File: 1464693919222.jpg (94.84 KB, 499x600, ss (2016-05-31 at 08.12.08).jp…)

omg, this girl is so sad. i was in harajuku running around with my friend looking for a toilet so I could change clothes. (i had a photoshoot with my friend for her school project at tokyo mode. should I also start calling myself a model now???) suddenly I see this tall creature coming walking… it was our glorious busuzawa! i wanted to punch her in the face. her whole body language said "I'm so special, beautiful, amazing and everybody most look at me" You know, walking almost slowly with her head high and like a fuckig "im better than you"-face. also, her dress was waaaay to short for her spagetti-body.
the direction she went to was to a small section of bad recplica stores where there also are some purikuras. i could bet that time that she would do her usual forever-alone-dont-have-any-friends-purikura. haha, and what do I see when I come home? pic related

No. 274927

This is terribly cringey to read through.

No. 274932

The German yohio tbh only difference is that HE's only ugly face,style,body and personality vise BUT he has some real talent if it comes to music.

No. 274948


No. 274955

how old is this girl?

No. 274966

Good lord, those shoulders.

No. 274968

File: 1464707253967.jpg (102.36 KB, 1280x840, 1460161781243.jpg)

>Aaaaand she can't even get simple Japanese right.

Venus is an exception to the rule. Most weebs can't speak Japanese

No. 274969

File: 1464707412968.png (99.42 KB, 250x250, 133346-1461505371.png)

>There's a correlation between being ugly and having nerdy hobbies.

Any reason behind this?

No. 275006

Probably because it's harder for ugly people to find the kind of acceptance in mainstream shit that more attractive people get, so they seek acceptance in more niche communities instead. Same with social awkwardness. People who are both attractive and charismatic/not crazy who like nerdy shit do exist, but they're kind of rare.
With modeling specifically, it's pretty easy to see that alt models are on average uglier than mainstream models. In these communities the novelty of someone with piercings/tattoos/nerdy interests willing to pander to men with those same interests can be enough to compensate an otherwise plain or below average face.

I have no idea if this also goes for Japanese aidorus because honestly cutesy Japanese girls arr rook same to me.

No. 275021

File: 1464714984268.jpg (922.43 KB, 1796x2181, Photo-24.10.13-20-21-52.jpg)

>Probably because it's harder for ugly people to find the kind of acceptance in mainstream shit that more attractive people get, so they seek acceptance in more niche communities instead.

This is actually how the brony fandom was started. It was a social experiment on 4chan's part, to see if they could convince people that liking a show intended for little girls was cool and acceptable. And it actually worked, and plenty of ugly/mentally unstable people latched onto something that was never popular before.

No. 275051

Why do you keep adding irrelevant pictures to your posts?

No. 275056

A better question is, "Why do you care?"

No. 275057

Isn't it just sad how she seems to have no friends at all? She posts almost every day and the captions on her pictures only revolve around herself, events and her clothes. Never 'I was doing this with xyz today'. She is the kind of person that would definitely post about this though.

She is in Japan basically doing nothing but doesn't even find a few friends to do things with. Everything she has is being known by few online, the family she complains about and the dream of being an idol that will never come true. She never looks like she is actually having fun. It's really sad that she is wasting time and money like this when she could be so much happier.

No. 275075

I've only ever seen robots do that, but they usually post porn, borderline porn, and waifus so I doubt that anon is one.

It's just odd and stands out is all. Literally no one else here does that besides the occasional robot shitposting.

No. 275123

It's stupid to ask "why do you care" just answer the question. You're likely to be banned for being a twat.

No. 275222

>You're likely to be banned for being a twat.

Go ahead. It's not like this website is good or anything

No. 275506

File: 1464799065591.gif (1.04 MB, 400x225, qsFm1d.gif)

>Go ahead. It's not like this website is good or anything
And yet you continuously post here anyway.

No. 276196

that shit ain't cute

No. 276247

File: 1464946333715.png (323.43 KB, 666x379, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-03 um 1…)

what do you think of her new Cosplays?

No. 276285

She looks like a white female version of abed from community.

No. 276286

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT. I bet she doesnt know shit about dangan ronpa and someone suggested touko as a joke.

for those of you dont know the character in the seifuku is a social retard who is a shut in who writes novels all day (another possible reason is her only seeing that the character is supposed to be a genius novel writer) and doesnt shower, smells like shit and even in a latter game her BO is brought up. Like seriously this character other than having a split personality is literally a gross shut in that no one likes and i cant stop laughing.

It's perfect for busu.

No. 276290


Maybe Busu has some sense of humor, or is it asking for too much?

No. 276313

short hair seems to be the only way she doesn't look like a 40y.o. with a wig. I like it.

No. 276318

how dare you insult my husbando so

No. 276319

Literally every weeb and a half knows Dangan Ronpa and cosplaying "gross" characters for edge points isn't new either.

No. 276358

With her face and body type she might actually be kind of successful if she crossplayed for every costume and wore ouji/aristocrat instead of lolita. She looks so much more like an awkward teenage boy than a cute teenage girl.

No. 276397

They tried to fix her nose with photoshop and failed, top kek on this

No. 276554


She looks like a 40 year old with or without short hair. In fact she looks like someone's gran in that grey bob. Yuck.

No. 276919

I see our little princess has been deleting any remotely not-ass-kissing posts on her youtube videos

She deleted one on her Toko Fukawa video that basically said she was doing the wrong poses for that character. Sadly I don't have screenshots

Sage for old news

No. 277251

File: 1465186972762.png (538.97 KB, 458x571, flawlessswampprincessu.png)

No. 277293

Damn… she looks like Skeeter Valentine.

No. 277409

No. 277417

tbh this video kinda proves that she has no idea who the character actually is. I think Himezawa thinks she's legit the generic 'shy' character

No. 277508

Eh, I don't think it matters, though.

Plenty of cosplayers hungry for fame and attention sometimes cosplay as popular characters they don't seem to know anything about. But if they're really fans, it's shitty to accuse them of otherwise.

No. 277570

Well I mean at least she looks kinda cute like this.

No. 277574

she like contoured herself a squidward nose

No. 277576

I was super distracted by her huge ears this entire video. She looks way better with the dark hair though, though there's no saving that nose.

No. 277577

File: 1465253599093.png (2.14 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

This is so bad. I didn't even bother playing the video

No. 277585

If she saved up for a good surgeon it would save her nose and by extension her whole face but she would rather spend her any extra money she accrues on dumb shit like renting out dance studio rooms to flail around in.

No. 277636

Whos more attractive?
Mira vs Himezawa?

No. 277639

File: 1465268074500.jpg (189.76 KB, 1089x501, sloth-6.jpg)


Now that's a toughie.

No. 277642


no kidding! her nose looks so much more bulbous afterwards than before!

No. 277666

File: 1465274203570.jpg (8.71 KB, 200x200, Currently my sides have entere…)

No. 277669

Shit. Himezawa is less disgusting to look at over all, but Mira prob has a better body, though that isn't really saying much…

No. 277684

Mira has a huge audience compared to busuzawa

No. 277692

Doesn't mean she's more attractive though. Her face makes Himezawa's look good. Himezawa has the body of an anorexic teen boy though.

No. 277754

Yeah that's true. Both can't be helped by photoshop.

But if it comes to poplarity mira would always win.

No. 277829

I think mira looks better than rachel so i dunno thats just me she needs braces like bad tho but atleast miras face is younger looking than himes

No. 277840

File: 1465317097941.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 1409372876026.png)

Mira needs a hell of a lot more than just braces. Her teeth are bad, but her severe overbite is more due to her chin being a mile behind the rest of her face. She needs jaw surgery, don't know if anything can even help her sloth-like eyes though.

Himezawa needs a nose job, beyond that if she'd stop with the bad hime hair cut and, god forbid, put on a little weight, she'd probably look a lot better.

No. 277841

File: 1465317220318.png (701.31 KB, 693x461, 1437672320154.png)

Though, I do think Mira has a better body than Himezawa. She's a bit out of shape, but it's better than Busu's weird bird body. Mira looks kind of dirty all the time though.

No. 277845

the joke was that busuzawa cosplayed a character who's filthy, smells bad and no one likes probably only because she's on this 'i'm a writer' train (I'm amazed she didnt do a pose holding her own book).

> But if they're really fans, it's shitty to accuse them of otherwise.

Welcome to lolcow? Legit have you never been to the kooter, JNig or like Half of the threads on this site?

No. 277880

Damn, Some serious child bearing hips on this one.

No. 277902

File: 1465326178377.jpg (30.87 KB, 750x150, image.jpg)

She seems to be very malnourished

No. 277903

File: 1465326202797.jpg (28.73 KB, 750x150, image.jpg)

No stamina?

No. 277904

File: 1465326281657.jpg (33.75 KB, 750x188, image.jpg)

She needs make up like its oxygen damn

No. 277906

I rather looks at miras face than hime's

No. 277908

I sometimes do similar (but definitely not as shitty looking) makeup to hers, it's ny basic everyday makeup and takes me like 10minutes at max 20 if I'm not in a rush.

And tbh, for what does she need the makeup? It's not like she has photoshootings, tv shows and so on everyday but only like once in two weeks at max lol

No. 278031

At least iron your fucking backdrop Busu

No. 278032

File: 1465356747047.jpg (30.65 KB, 261x275, 1459584292349.jpg)

No. 278106

Mira's unfortunate face will never cease to make me laugh.

No. 278281

Himezawa. Everything about Mira's face is unfortunate, but Himezawa has some tolerable bits if you compare them

No. 278287

>implying that bg wasn't copypasted in post

No. 278301

She's skeletal already, I wonder what she would look like if she legitimately started doing real exercise daily. Maybe she will eat more.

No. 278305

i didnt know you have to take off makeup to go in… like… you dont put your face in the water so…

No. 278312

It'll melt off when you sweat.

No. 278349

You're supposed to completely wash yourself, including hair and face

No. 278361

Do you legit not know how onsens work?

No. 278500


ewww who the fuck runs around like that?

No. 278508

File: 1465483978350.png (498.58 KB, 1007x571, busuchan.png)

I trieded

No. 278510


You failded.

No. 278511

No. 278519

yes. and you dont put you face in. you take a shower before and then you go sit in some hot water.
i didnt sweat my face off when i went in?
im sorry im not the supreme gaijin of nip knowledge like you guys

No. 278568

How insecure do you have to be to wear makeup to an onsen? You're gross. I bet all the natives were laughing at your dumbass.

No. 278650

who cares what some random nips think

No. 280455

File: 1465893597448.png (1.22 MB, 742x1213, sharkchan.png)

No. 280456

Get those chipped teeth fixed jfc

No. 280473

File: 1465905431008.jpg (75.11 KB, 600x415, 200301e3fe5282c9d4fa9f8cc8fec7…)

Jesus christ can women stop doing full eye makeup when cosplaying men? (It looks like she is cosplaying Lev from Haikyuu, pic related)

No. 280500

I get doing eyeliner for a more "anime" like eye shape, but the mascara and everything is laughable.

She almost looks better here though? Not sure if it's the hair or angle. She looks dumb, but her facial proportions don't look as awful as they usually do. Even though her forehead goes on forever and is weirdly bulbous…

No. 280501

I think it's the angle, you don't see the potato nose straight on so it looks somewhat normal.

No. 280505

I second this! This angle really does her favors

No. 280547

This angle does most people favors because features that are a little closer together are generally seen as more "beautiful". Especially helpful for Busu because there's so much length between her eyes and mouth

No. 280555

If I do a selfie from that angle I'm getting a double chin and my eyerings will appear enormously wide and dark, you won't find my eyes.

No. 281092

That's really cool and interesting, anon.

No. 282841

Moved to >>>/snow/143879.

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