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No. 50597

Lolcow looks all twisted and reversed. How to fix this please? I can’t read anything. Was it fixed for others already? Why the screenshot looks normal when i post it but not to me? What’s the reason and behide this, first time happening.

No. 50599

No. 50600

look at the address.

No. 50601

Thank you

No. 50602

Wtf, how did you find out about lolcow if not through the original link?

No. 50625

I don’t know if that replies your question but I was always keeping the page open to follow up threads until it got twisted and down for 3 days but after using this new link then everything looks normal now. I kept this page open to see replies. It was a pain in the ass to not being able to read while everything looked wrong i had to copy and past the reply to be able to read and then so same thing for the reply in my note app. Weird experience lol.

No. 50631

>new link
nonny how did you find lolcow if you only knew of the mirrored site? you do know that lolcow.farm is the actual site address and farmcow.lol was just a mirror used temporarily because lolcow.farm was down, right?

No. 50632

Did you only find the site in the past month? It's always been mirrored, I think people who get permabanned would be sent there as a joke. Admin temporarily unmirrored it this month since there have been issues with users accessing the real lolcow.farm due to some DNS errors

No. 50921

the newfaggotry…

No. 50986

it means anon got banned.

No. 55629

Wishing you health schizoanon

No. 55630


No. 55631

I also don’t want the Nigerians to take you to Vegas in the night.

No. 55632

Don’t you have parents or something get some help and stop being like that

No. 55641

Go to a doctor and get pills. If you take pills the eggs they send you won't have poison in them and the woman's baby will be taken away.
If you go to a doctor you'll save the baby so you should do it, anon. Then please take the pills.

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