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No. 49111

pls help them, they've been left in the cold with out lolcow for days now

No. 49112

File: 1671943175970.jpeg (26.29 KB, 319x322, 63F0EE98-55A4-453B-948B-EE422B…)

I think someone said DNS propagation was happening and the site should be accessible to everyone in a few more days. Our bunker chan sisters will join us soon

No. 49113

a few days, I feel so bad for them

No. 49114

any updates about this on the discord

No. 49115

I STILL CAN’T ACCESS WITHOUT PROXY, Shaymin fix this fucking mess you started before you give up

No. 49117

It works with proxysite.com (for now)! But all the other stuff didn't work for me either.

Also just an idea, but maybe entering through TOR might work too?

No. 49125

ese gatito bonito!!

No. 49131

has she talked about this ?

No. 49838

I can't access lolcow on my home network and I've reset it, reset my browser histories, changed DNS settings, everything I can and I still get a "server cannot be found" error. pls help

No. 49950

same here anon, I'm currently using farmcow right now but nothing has worked to get back into lolcow

No. 50054

Swedefag here and can still only access the site through farmcow

No. 50404

Canada and Pakistan both don't work still. Farmcow is my saviour

No. 50458

Canada works! On WiFi too (earlier I think some people could only post on data). Can't confirm Pakistan though so we'll have to wait for pakichan to post. I nearly took a heart attack when I saw farmcow was flipped again this morning

No. 50466

Mercury retrograde is not over yet?? My cards said that lolcow will starts working agin when mercury retrograde is over

Sending good vibes to admin

No. 50470

>Suppose an administrator creates a forum using open source forum software, and then heavily modifies it by adding new features and options. This process requires extensive modifications to existing code and deviation from the original functionality of that software.

>From here, there are several ways software rot can affect the system:

>The administrator can accidentally make changes which conflict with each other or the original software, causing the forum to behave unexpectedly or break down altogether. This leaves them in a very bad position: as they have deviated so greatly from the original code, technical support and assistance in reviving the forum will be difficult to obtain.

>A security hole may be discovered in the original forum source code, requiring a security patch. However, because the administrator has modified the code so extensively, the patch may not be directly applicable to their code, requiring the administrator to effectively rewrite the update.

>The administrator who made the modifications could vacate their position, leaving the new administrator with a convoluted and heavily modified forum that lacks full documentation. Without fully understanding the modifications, it is difficult for the new administrator to make changes without introducing conflicts and bugs. Furthermore, documentation of the original system may no longer be available, or worse yet, misleading due to subtle differences in functional requirements.

Found this on wikipedia, might be interesting for some people https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_rot

No. 50471

No. 50484


No. 50595

There's multiple anons from Pakistan here (paki-chans if you will)

No. 50606

Finland works nicely with or without VPN

No. 50611

the sites working ok but slow

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