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No. 4244

Rescheduled: The Townhall has been rescheduled for Tuesday 6/6/17 at 7 PM EST.

Topics will include the following:

>integrating newfags

>male posters
>new features
>new staff and their responsibilities

Please come and voice any comments and/or suggestions. A link will be posted an hour before we start.

No. 4247

Could we get a recap of the town hall for those of us that can't participate?

No. 4250

File: 1496616330291.png (18.35 KB, 500x376, fJe2X9Q.png)

I regret to have to reschedule the Townhall for Tuesday, 7 pm EST.

To make up for the short notice, here are some things to consider until we can chat:

>pic related: proposed new form to make posting new threads easier for newfags. Comment field will not be affected.

>should excessive nitpicking be punished? (e.g. jvlogger threads)
>where does racebaiting start?
>/sty/ will be removed and all future qualifying threads deleted except for especially humorous instances y/n
>mods have an entirely new guideline now that will help them work more effectively
>a more thorough and visually aided newfag posting guide will be added

Feel free to voice your thoughts and add anything you'd like to discuss. Again I apologize for the delay.

No. 4251

Is it possible to schedule the meeting one or two hours earlier in order to give the opportunity to Euroanons to partecipate?

No. 4252

Yes, let me know some time preferences in this thread, everyone who wants the time changed.

No. 4253

I really like the new form. Especially since there's such an influx of newfags

Could we also talk about when someone is a wk? I understand clearing up a misunderstanding but the amount of people going "well I'd like to see what YOU look like" and other instances makes threads bothersome to read

No. 4255

>should excessive nitpicking be punished? (e.g. jvlogger threads)
Yes, but it depends on who and what the nitpicking is about. I understand that the point of lolcow.farm is to milk people for laughs, but there comes a point where some comments cross a line with unnecessary insults to both the content and the commentary from lolcow users (e.g.- name-calling, death threats). This also may or may not veer into A-Log (where someone is excessively annoyed by or wishes to physically harm a cow) territory depending on who or what the cow does.

This is also the case with the "soft rules" of lolcow.farm when it comes to other people who aren't associated with the cow:
>Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

I believe that the user should be warned at first, and then further action can be taken (a temporary ban for a few hours) if they persist.

No. 4256

This is what the townhall is for, no?

No. 4258

Some might not be able to participate but they still want to voice their opinion.

No. 4259

5 PM EST would be perfectly fine for me

No. 4260


i support these changes and i'd also like to add that it's nice of an anonymous gossip board to be this thoughtfully governed. i hope i can make it to the chat. thumbs up, admin-sama.

No. 4261

imo a wk is someone who defends someone defiantly without listening to reason. I've seen users throwing out wk accusations simply for saying something slightly positive though and thats ng

No. 4264

Please look into applying across /ot/ & /g/ a rule like the one that 420chan academic boards have had since forever:
>1. These boards are not your dumping ground for stupid racist shit

420 is a looong lasting chan, from whom even 4chan took ideas every so often.

The wording on that rule tells you everything about who you are, in addition to b&, if not following it.

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