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No. 21104

No. 21105

what did you expect to happen, retards?

No. 21106

oh look the cp posters are falseflagging now

No. 21107

>>everyone who posts something inflammatory is the cp spammer
Shut the fuck up and get a grip schitzochan.

No. 21128

>>everyone I don’t like is a scrote
Kill yourself you fucking retard.

No. 21129


No. 21130

why didn't the mods lock this thread yet? are you all insane?

No. 21131

Tranny jannies are out, manhating mods are in.

No. 21159

kek blessed thread
too bad it will die

No. 21161

File: 1616981995282.jpg (113.82 KB, 600x1067, wD_UYAA9-HN.jpg)


No. 21162

Thread is from 2 days ago and still not dead, this is a christmas miracle

No. 21166

>christmas miracle
It's Easter soon…

No. 21167

Resurrection soon.

No. 21173

high time since asherahs garden is dead

No. 21203

Don't know what you have till it's gone

No. 21219

We hardly knew her

No. 21230

ever since it became "illegal" or ban worthy to be mean to scrotes on here, the entire site has plummeted into a shithole it can't be dug up from.
tranny jannies can go cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 21322

You're so brave for posting this.

No. 21562

File: 1618267580818.png (298.66 KB, 800x1213, 1618247161043.png)

janny tranny

No. 21621

Anons, I hate men and the tranny janny as much as the next anonita but isn't having a manhate thread dangerous since it can attract more raids from retarded scrotes?
I would love to have those threads back but I feel we would need at least the double of active jannies, that are actual women lmao, for that to be possible.

No. 21622

they've been raiding more after it was gone tho

No. 21639

This is the weakest larp I’ve ever seen

No. 21661

I miss when this place used to be good. Fuck jannies

No. 21678

Could you bulldykes maybe explain why you hate guys so much?
Not that I mind, mind you, I mean the feelings are mutual.

No. 21697

thats an odd way of admitting you dont get pp touch

No. 21700

don't feed the desperate scrote, moron. Ignore and report.

No. 21704

wtf is going on with the scrote posting his fucked porn folder?

No. 21705

Don't acknowledge the retard.

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