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File: 1594768656182.jpg (113.47 KB, 1080x1080, 1594714228777.jpg)

No. 99250

Characters that realistically or idealistically resemble you, be in personality, looks, behaivor, or story. Add a description on why you see the resemblance you if you feel like it.

"That's literally me" meme characters, characters you wish you were more like, and characters you can relate to are welcomed too.

No. 99251

File: 1594768854396.png (1.57 MB, 814x1489, 1594174528688.png)

I'll start, I feel like I resemble Misaki in personality because even though I try to be sweet and caring I'm actually mentally unstable and depressed, my dad was abusive as well.

No. 99254

File: 1594770439244.gif (79.49 KB, 300x350, tenor.gif)

I've been compared to Tina Belcher looks wise but in terms of personality I'm more of a Diane Nguyen (just not Asian).

No. 99263

File: 1594772113165.jpg (26.4 KB, 497x529, 2dd5d3e19844b0a0aba07352f8be75…)

someone once told me i resembled meg from hercules and i was was delighted. don't really look like her but if i give off meg vibes i'm not complaining, i love her character

No. 99268

File: 1594772686908.png (346.2 KB, 620x645, tombp.png)

Looks wise, I look exactly like the bike kid from kiki's delivery service, only female

No. 99275

File: 1594775602235.jpeg (70.33 KB, 1200x675, 880F6FC7-F082-48AA-87F3-12FD2C…)

Nowhere near as tall as her (she's 5'11"), but like her I have a "not girly" chin, big teeth, dark hair and freckles.

She actually made me really happy because I barely ever see girls with freckles in anime

No. 99278

File: 1594776150117.png (333.53 KB, 760x566, Goo.png)

definitely goo from fosters looks wise lmao. I was so happy when i saw her as a kid cuz she was a cool and crazy black girl with a gap. thats me lol

No. 99281

File: 1594777374120.jpeg (41.88 KB, 400x554, 3C53EA55-BC8F-4D0A-B277-19D98F…)

In middle school I looked exactly like her (still do somewhat) and had the same personality, and still sort of do as well as some shared interests.

No. 99283

File: 1594778765833.png (154.9 KB, 300x300, Mob_Green_Hoodie.png)

I too am emotionally repressed and trying to find purpose.. how did you know?

also, my hair is short currently.

No. 99285

File: 1594781400726.jpg (86.27 KB, 446x640, 5894817878_2374ff81ac_z.jpg)

I really love Hachiko (not nearly as pretty and stylish tho)

I definitely come off as bubbly but airheaded. And I spend way too much time daydreaming about men even though deep down I know men are trash. She's so relatable.

No. 99286


Hayabusa Shou from Sakamoto Desu Ga? Only difference is that I have hazel eyes and not blue

No. 99287

File: 1594781485679.jpg (21.94 KB, 300x450, shou-hayabusa-55790.jpg)


I'm stupid n'yall I forgot the image

No. 99291

File: 1594782648384.jpg (116.17 KB, 954x1350, 103be755a14edaeeaadb7582343e15…)

I'm also an anxious mess who wants to burry myself anytime anything wrong happens.

No. 99294

File: 1594783022462.jpg (22.1 KB, 350x491, tadashi-yamaguchi-59392.jpg)

personality-wise, i'm like him. surrounded by talented and hardworking people with similar dreams, and doing everything i can to be the best i can be and trying not to compare myself to others who are in a level higher than me in terms of skills and experience.

No. 99297

File: 1594783702053.png (53.89 KB, 148x240, D3101611-517E-4001-9E3B-A48A53…)

Inside‘n out baby

No. 99298

File: 1594784139559.jpeg (161.13 KB, 670x507, FCB5E1C1-E2B2-4857-88E5-ABA20E…)

I’m like her, I do stuff half-assedly and I can‘t take criticism properly, I’m proud of my messes but I still cry or feel deeply hurt the moment I’m told some solid criticism.

Baby steps for a change though, anyone can change.

No. 99304

File: 1594789673649.png (188.15 KB, 360x450, Hirokoprofile.png)

I look like the mom from Yuri on Ice

No. 99324

File: 1594804216000.png (340.49 KB, 466x466, 383948c12eeac2f64e9987c0e47a50…)

In so many ways when I was in my teens. She was the first character I had ever related too.
>long red-hair
>acted proud and arrogant to hide insecurities
>stubborn, always thought I was in the right
>actively confrontational (to avoid being bullied)
>really liked a boy who was my friend, but by all means a total loser. So I refused to do anything about it, and instead would be very antagonistic to him until he eventually got tired of me
>felt validation when I started getting male attention
>felt disgusted with myself when I started getting male attention
>felt a loss of control when I started getting male attention
>competitive to an extreme, would beat myself up for days if I lost something I knew I could win, or did badly at school
>nothing felt more like a failure than asking someone for help

Thankfully I've grown up and dealt with a lot of those behaviours, and I'm happy to say I like who I am, but any time I re-watch Eva I'll still see my younger self in Asuka and it always hits hard.

No. 99335

File: 1594820609978.jpeg (74.99 KB, 1200x675, 98478994-9ECF-46B6-8986-73BF74…)

Let’s be companions, Anon.
>i’m not nearly as talented, but still an artist
>often loses herself in fantastical worlds
>anime nerd
>jarring voice
>huge expressiveness
>social anxiety and meltdowns
>needs constant guidance

I’m not as small as her, but I used to have short hair and it was my favourite hairstyle, currently I’m trying to grow it up just for fun and jiggles

No. 99353

File: 1594829897647.png (156.92 KB, 643x603, Squidward-Spinoff-Reportedly-i…)

my family made this comparison and I can't unsee it
>only wants solitude
>failed artist
>still loves art
>big nose

No. 99362

File: 1594835144726.jpg (86.17 KB, 1242x1232, 195d89cde55e35c1ae6c42981cc996…)

samefag, looks/style (and personality) wise I probably resemble a heavier darker marceline.

No. 99366

File: 1594836778439.jpg (117.59 KB, 709x900, a28843e2752fe75356160e4b259ac7…)

Irma from W.I.T.C.H (the comics). I don't look much like her but I always identified with her personality.
>down to earth/no drama
>jokes around a lot
>unable to hold grudges with friends
>not very diplomatic, says what she thinks
>actually quite insecure

No. 99371

Aww, she was the best! You sound cool anon

No. 99372

Found the normie

No. 99374

File: 1594838614209.png (171.54 KB, 360x360, Yuri_Illustration.png)

I've never related to a fictional character more than I have to Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club. In a way, playing the game was like a wake up call, because I got to see what I could be like if I let myself get out of control.

No. 99375

>no drama
>on lolcow

No. 99377

the irony, but i think anon means in her personal life (or from her point of view at least).

No. 99379

File: 1594839688548.jpg (42.35 KB, 478x604, 0DXXi6F.jpg)

Some time ago I re-read Tokyo Ghoul, and damn… Mutsuki's character arc still hit me hard because she is the character I have related the most, we even look slighly similar.

>Shorter than most of my workmates

>Brown skin
>Family issues, got hit by parents years back
>Hated that I born as a female, tried to pass as a guy for a long time
>Still look a lot like a girl
>Shy and always apologize
>Clingy, when I got into posting on the Internet I used cyber-stalk guys who I talked to, still do it
>Crushing on one guy, he left me when I needed him.
>Develop anger issues
>Other guy was into me, he was a dick tho, he treated me like trash unless he needed a shoulder to cry
>Later on got a redemption and slowly start to feel better as a woman

I still have problems with my body and feeling lonely, but I hope things get better or at least stop being so desesperated to find someone.

No. 99383

A girl can dream. My normie TV shows give me peace of mind that one day, I too can be a sociable person.

No. 99384

File: 1594842587004.gif (171.86 KB, 500x281, DF196439-803A-4B17-9449-C16CC9…)

>Takes care of appearance and has good fashion sense
>Most friends are over the internet
>seeks validation from older men in high school because I thought they were different
>suspicious of male friends, so mostly interact with women
>not book smart
>stubborn but also really sensitive

She was one of my most relatable characters in high school but as I’ve grown up, I’ve started to relate to her a little less. In a good way lol.

No. 99397

File: 1594852445062.jpeg (75.07 KB, 637x720, 917F21D7-A4B6-4647-9233-B1505E…)

Obviously not a physical resemblance, but my aunt and family members who introduced me to Aqua Teen Hunger Force have jokingly called me Master Shake since I was a child

>self serving

>erratic behavior
>narcissist with enormous ego
>does dumb shit at all times

btw looking up a picture of him sucked, the gay ass fandom the fuckin queers over at tumblr have concocted for this show is asinine, I need eye bleach

No. 99400

File: 1594855375609.jpg (20.5 KB, 412x356, exzkzwjtu3.jpg)

Another Tomoko Kuroki here

No. 99405

File: 1594856299813.png (168.67 KB, 390x391, 5801f1516fd8965831922c2e40c34e…)

Another one. Words cannot explain how much I relate to her. I think one of the biggest things is that we're both perverts with incel-like tendencies, except I actually get laid. We're also both prone to public humiliation. There should really be a fan club for us Tomofags.

No. 99415

File: 1594867261002.jpg (18.13 KB, 210x240, RetsukoCasual.jpg)

Surprised Retsuko hasn't been posted yet. Super relatable for any working woman.

No. 99418

File: 1594870846721.png (88.92 KB, 2000x3810, Peridot.png)

My friends told me that I was like Peridot from Steven Universe because I'm short, easily agitated, but can be kinda goofy.
That's a shame. I feel like ATHF would be the only AS show that would be ruined by Tumblr fujos.

No. 99419

itt: delusional weebs

>There should really be a fan club for us Tomofags.

it's called jail

No. 99421

File: 1594872180106.jpg (299.85 KB, 721x768, 20200715_225353.jpg)

I'm sure there are other characters I've related to more but Eddy and Edd are the only two coming to mind right now.

>angry, impulsive, and superficial, with a strong dose of inferiority complex

>anxious know-it-all that needs routine/consistency and things done their way/"properly". Borderline condescending

No. 99424

what's exactly delusional about relating to an below-average looking social outcast with multiple mental health issues? I thought you are gonna quote anons comparing themself to some anime beauty queens, not character which is probably damn close to a typical female imageboard user. I mean, close enough it's not delusional and improbable.

No. 99430

Me too, I'm a total pushover, get angry easily and I love extreme metal. When her friends told her she is the type of person to go to a store and buy a pair of socks she doesn't want just to not leave empty handed, I felt that

No. 99444

File: 1594893913016.png (425.08 KB, 594x800, 415c5214-b509-4f5f-814c-1418ee…)

I relate to Mami Tomoe.

> near death experiences

> is very kind and is considered to be "mom friend" type, people would always reach out to me to get some advice, support and many more
> drama free, browsing lolcow because some cows stories are really wild (joined long time ago when dasha story was fresh)
> still remain to be a loner while having a lot of friends, all because they are busy praising me as if I am some ~ godlike senpai ~ and/or coming to me to get advice/etc
> hiding loneliness because others comfort is more important
> just wants the best for everyone
> fashionable
> tea lover
> nice body

I still havent watched MagiReco because its a spin-off that was made just to make people play gacha game…is it any good? Some of the characters seem like copies of previous mc look and chara-wise.

No. 99445

I LOVE her character design and she was my fave back when I read Nana for the first time, but I couldnt stand her at all on my recent re-read. Sucks.

No. 99448

MagiReco has a lot of Mami Tomoe on it, so you'll def like it!
I need to get back into it eventually, dropped it in the 5th chapter, it's not terrible just not exactly like the original do you get me?

No. 99455

File: 1594905344477.jpeg (44.29 KB, 625x415, download.jpeg)

I've been told I resemble and am my workplace's April in the past. I don't take the latter as a compliment anymore. She's moody and lazy.

No. 99462

kek someone told me i reminded them of her once and that spurred me on to change my attitude, she's the type of character that's only funny because you don't have to deal with her irl

No. 99488

File: 1594925797325.png (786.8 KB, 1080x1080, Annie_Leonhardt_(Anime).png)

>same blue eyes
>same blonde hair
>same big nose
>she's the reason why i love my nose now (after years of being ashamed of it and wanting a nose job so bad)

i'd make a very good annie cosplayer but i don't have the time nor money
the only difference are our personalities

No. 99547

Buy the cosplay anon, I think you'll have fun

No. 99556

File: 1594984243817.jpeg (27.54 KB, 300x300, 0D0EFCF9-8415-4119-89F5-7BDF24…)

personally I’m more of a fenneko. I actually assume all farmers are fennekos by default

No. 99581

Eh, more like Fenneko is the type of person farmers want to be.
>almost never vulnerable or genuinely upset
>sharp wit
>great manipulator
>easily intimidates when she wants to
>always correct in her observations
>pretty/thin without looking like she tries

For me at least she's more like the person that I feel intimidated by because of how cool she seems. I want to be that type of person but I don't think I could.

No. 99613

File: 1595018779645.jpg (69.05 KB, 800x600, 0db63d4c912b78c1b23139b4b5da90…)

I got compared to Hermione a lot during grade and middle school, mostly because I was always at the top of the class, I knew a lot of stuff and was kind of a boot licker with the teachers, we also looked vaguely similar.
Later on I got more compared to Luna because of my fringe interests, my somewhat autistic demeanors and for being a daydreamer.
To be honest, I never liked being compared to HP characters because people knew them through the movies and I hated them lol

No. 99642

I've gotten her too, unfortunately I think the comparison is apt in a way that I'm a cynic who's lazier than I should be. I guess I'm a little happier but the fact that I can relate to her makes me feel like an edgy emo shit

No. 99672

i'm >>99455 and i just got the comparison again by a customer after a few months – year in the clear. it's always when i'm trying to have some emotion in my voice, too.

No. 99686

I've tried to sound happier but I have a naturally snarky sounding, not super high pitched voice when I'm talking to most people, and i feel like it sounds rude. I've tried changing my inflection but I just can't seem to sound cheerful

No. 99694

File: 1595114790600.jpg (56.41 KB, 460x460, sometimes-happiness-is-where-w…)

I look exactly like Diane Nguyen but without the glasses lmao.

No. 99712

Don't change anon, I love snarky bitches

No. 99812


This was a fun quiz, especially if you compare answers with friends/coworkers.

Funnily enough, I got >>99455 as my highest result. I can see it, with the apathy for most things and the snapiness… but I think I'm way nicer than her.

No. 99817

File: 1595225925729.png (342.12 KB, 792x820, Screenshot_20200719-231810.png)


I've never seen US Office so I'm confused about this

No. 99821

File: 1595227587670.jpg (37.41 KB, 1024x576, maxresdefault.jpg)

Personality-wise Merlin is pretty dead-on, both in terms of how I behave and how I'm perceived by strangers (irresponsible and dumb, but loyal) and those closer to me (kind of impulsive but otherwise the exact opposite of how strangers see me). I used to think I was a loser but after seeing the show I kind of learned to accept myself a bit more.

Looks-wise idk, I don't think there's anything that looks like me out there. I've been called Alita and "a Tim Burton character" a few times but I'm not really a babygoth-looking person.

No. 99822

File: 1595227885497.png (110.87 KB, 807x311, Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 1.50…)

my office match is andy and thanks i hate it

and my highest affinity across all the provided options was tobias from arrested development so thanks i also hate it

No. 99832

File: 1595244174086.jpeg (119 KB, 1599x605, 7B441B4C-48C8-4183-8DA7-323B82…)

I-Is this okay?

No. 99833

File: 1595244491764.jpg (60.73 KB, 772x347, well.jpg)

Tbh it was one of the few characters that didn't annoy me but I still don't like GoT.

No. 99834

File: 1595245967211.png (112.25 KB, 786x299, Capture.PNG)

At first I was like no not at all but now I kinda see it

No. 99835

Oh hell yeah anon I love Abby

No. 99836

File: 1595248518155.jpg (111.84 KB, 720x728, IMG_20200720_152731.jpg)


quite unsure whether I should be glad with my results

No. 99837

File: 1595249430799.jpg (85.19 KB, 720x668, 20200720_145010.jpg)

Never watched this show so I can't tell if its good or not.

No. 99838

File: 1595249888983.jpeg (452.24 KB, 1242x1090, 092F5CED-E00E-441F-AD3A-7E32D3…)

It’s eerily close.

No. 99839

File: 1595250211186.png (850.7 KB, 750x1334, F4328143-34AC-4B61-BE30-07735C…)

I haven’t seen Parks and Rec but from what I know she’s super cranky and unfriendly and welp that is pretty spot on for me

No. 99841

i hate to break it to u anon but you're a drunken whore

No. 99843

File: 1595254762743.jpeg (259.46 KB, 828x728, 2047F7F1-656C-4EE1-AC26-7BDC52…)

Oh course. I’ve never seen a single HP movie.

No. 99844

Over 90 percent Jenny from Forest Gump, I guess it makes sense with all those retards that can't let go of me

No. 99845

File: 1595255482295.jpg (23.26 KB, 480x270, salut.jpg)

lister from red dwarf. kinda weird, but it's pretty accurate. I have pretty similar facial features and if I was a man I think I'd look a lot like him. personality wise I'm similar in that I'm fairly stupid but I try my best, I make jokes to deal with my low self esteem and I'm also a failing musician. I could go on and on. also we both are addicted to smoking kek

No. 99847

File: 1595256221259.jpg (321.24 KB, 1080x1143, 20200720_164224.jpg)

I am overly friendly, all over the place and cannot contain my own excitement so I gracefully accept this result.

No. 99848

File: 1595256246528.jpeg (312.85 KB, 750x1080, 99B096A8-8E0F-45FB-A0BE-AEC317…)

I retook the assessment

When I switched to Parks and Rec only April was 75%. Which makes a lot more sense

No. 99853

File: 1595257474242.jpeg (194.4 KB, 1236x1062, 7463F2CC-5007-41F7-B388-CE9E76…)

I never really watched the series but I guess I’m like her.

No. 99857

File: 1595258907996.jpg (98.86 KB, 720x807, 20200720_172214.jpg)

>Princess Betsy Tverskoy is the queen of elite, morally liberal Petersburg society. In her set, marriage is an old-fashioned idea that nobody respects (but that everybody does, for form's sake). In her world, the goal is to live high on the hog, to gamble and to have fun, without worrying too much about things like religion and morality.

I also got Marla Singer and Jane Margolis. I can't really decide if it's accurate since I'm naturally biased towards characters I like though.

No. 99858

UHM, EXCUSE ME ANON! meredith was going to college through the entire documentary, they just chose not to show it at all!!

(no, but meredith is a really fun character. she's brash and crude and unafraid of who she is.)

No. 99859

haha, i'm >>99858 and i actually got meredith too!

No. 99864

File: 1595263796851.jpg (66.29 KB, 640x960, e753a55160136c665fb0fbee0ae030…)

I've never watched Twilight. Wasn't Bella a boring bitch?

No. 99880

File: 1595267883215.jpg (33.26 KB, 804x311, hpture.JPG)

well I guess I'm quite the nihilist. I don't really know how bad this result is. Do people hate this character ?

No. 99885

File: 1595270584336.jpg (41.74 KB, 620x334, goodbye world.jpg)

This was my second closest match wtf. My list also included Gollum, the Alien from Alien, The Wicked Witch of the West, and the nazi from Indiana Jones. Absolutely soul-crushing, thanks.

No. 99896

ilu anon. I used to relate to Lister so much when I was younger. Heck who am I kidding, I still do.

No. 99897

File: 1595278350178.png (109.8 KB, 769x292, Screenshot_2020-07-20 Statisti…)

i've never seen this show and he looks like an assclown

No. 99899

Fucking lmao anon how much of an evil villain are you irl???

No. 99903

File: 1595280052141.jpg (265.1 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200720-181512_Chr…)

I never read the book so I don't know anything about her and the Second closest was Addison Montgomery

No. 99912

File: 1595283835791.png (112.66 KB, 804x442, Annotation 2020-07-20 235219.p…)

she was my favorite HP character when I was a kid, but she's essentially a perfect example of "the weird girl trope" which I strongly dislike now so I kinda want to smash my head against a wall

No. 99921

just got her as well =/ i was one percent away from getting Ed from cowboy bebop smh

No. 99922

File: 1595289696656.jpeg (166.03 KB, 1440x810, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)

on all levels except physical, I am Charlie Kelly

No. 99931

File: 1595294990305.jpg (331.53 KB, 1052x1346, SmartSelect_20200720-212534_Ch…)

Oh yikes.

Never seen the show but I know at one point he's a baddie. Can someone explain to me if this is good or awful? What's he like?

Personally, I find myself more on the Annelise Keating level, personality wise. I can ruin your life or be the one thing you depend on the most. (Okay, you caught mez I'm talking a big game)

Which is why I don't really have friends.

No. 99933

File: 1595296270324.png (135 KB, 968x587, Statistical-Which-Character-Pe…)


No. 99934

he was the abused son of the firelord, used to be against aang then went through real character development to join aang's group. he's good emo rep, kek.

No. 99935

He can be an asshat, but I liked the character? if this doesn't bring back memories, I fucking used to love The Mentalist

No. 99952

File: 1595303696925.png (252.48 KB, 1213x489, Statistical Which Character …)

I haven' really watched Twilight in years so I can't tell if this is alarming or not

No. 99968

File: 1595307161375.jpg (233.02 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-07-21-01-47-58…)

I have no fucking clue

No. 99969

File: 1595307203921.jpg (482.79 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-07-21-01-48-29…)


I like the other matches though

No. 99974

File: 1595310192217.png (389.5 KB, 872x1270, bruv.png)

Ugh, TYRION? ugh…

No. 99979

Ian Malcom at #3 anon I'm so jealous.

No. 100010

He's honestly the best character so good for you

No. 100023

File: 1595333673164.png (243.42 KB, 827x484, 473205782048754.PNG)

As much as I want to deny it…
It does makes sense…

No. 100030

File: 1595337199511.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2048x4096, 2B24F5A9-384D-48EA-AC08-0F126E…)

As >>99455 I guess I'm boring and mean. I only know about half of these characters.

No. 100054

File: 1595342986900.png (97.36 KB, 503x420, Annotation 2020-05-16 213519.p…)

I don't know how to feel about this lmaoo

No. 100056

Based on this is say you're easy going, "eh I don't really care", casual personality.


No. 100082

File: 1595354802338.jpg (242.8 KB, 1199x1541, Screenshot_20200721-200618_Fir…)

Um ok

No. 100202

File: 1595391523537.jpg (163.05 KB, 659x479, 00002hk9.jpg)

When I was in high school this girl said I reminded her of Utena. I hadn't watched the series in a while, but in hindsight I am SO flattered.

No. 100217

File: 1595397935478.jpg (174.72 KB, 720x825, 20200721_230523.jpg)

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

No. 100218


Needy, awkward, desperate for attention despite making herself as unflattering as possible.

No. 100221

File: 1595400168098.png (68.88 KB, 670x820, fml.png)

No. 100222

File: 1595400254232.png (133.61 KB, 830x350, Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 18.4…)

never watched harry potter. what's she like?

No. 100233

File: 1595405309601.png (616.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200722-100816.png)

Never liked Penny, Samantha Jones is cool tho

No. 100258

I got 90% on both Luna Lovegood and Ed from Cowboy Bebop. That's pretty flattering imo.

People tend to find her character (especially in the movies) a bit boring and bland. Generally she's described as courageous, charming/extraverted, empathetic, loyal, a bit shy at first, rebellious. Does that match you?

No. 100280

File: 1595433704846.jpg (526.31 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200722-165840_Chr…)

Appearance-wise, I've been told I look like Clementine from The Walking Dead a few times. Mostly because I often have my hair in two buns. My brother got me her hat, which was such a nice present.

If you had to make an assumption about me based on the results, what would it be?

No. 100281

No. 100410

How depressing

No. 100415

am a huge star trek fan, got >91% julian bashir

i'm pretentious and work in healthcare but lowkey hope this is wrong
garak is my fav star tek character though kek

No. 100416

File: 1595473781456.jpeg (100.67 KB, 640x728, B400119F-16C6-4BC0-A969-F897C7…)

Never seen Sherlock before, the only thing I know about it is that people really liked it on tumblr.

No. 100420

File: 1595476021391.png (106.99 KB, 336x299, unnamed~2.png)

>Mysterious and passionless
>Stony faced
>Over exaggerates
>Seen alone at all times

No. 100423

File: 1595483162446.jpg (29.45 KB, 367x550, u-g-PXY0SM0.jpg)

I forgot to save my results because I was so appalled

No. 100424

File: 1595485792510.png (83.32 KB, 197x235, quiz.png)

I've never watched the show, but remember her character being pretty hated amongst fans on social media, so IDK how I feel about this.

No. 100426

Yeah lol Izzie sucks ass. But I admire that she's true to herself and feelings. She was also pretty bad ass in her own right.

No. 100427

I loved this show and hated it so much because all they did was (spoiled)kill off any and all characters for some stupid reason like they couldn't keep their mind up about who they wanted around

No. 100467

File: 1595511099389.png (79.14 KB, 241x251, lol.png)

I'm not super familiar with HP but I know most people like her.
Steven Hyde (That 70s show) and Frodo Baggins (LoTR) were 79% and 78%. Accurate enough I guess lol.

No. 100471

File: 1595511841661.png (70.49 KB, 431x344, Annotation 2020-07-23 144316.p…)

happy with these results!

No. 100496

File: 1595522937293.jpeg (102.79 KB, 750x730, 3AEFEF9C-5DBF-4443-ACCB-13D22E…)

Literally who? My top 5 were him, Toby Ziegler, Brandon Stark, Severus Snape, and Peter Gregory. I only know Snape out of all of these. Am I just a boring white man at heart?

No. 100497

One of the OGs of SVU he was one of my favs TBH. He was a conspiracy nut and would spout off different ones but had the best bromance with Ice T's character Finn. Some of the best episodes are his cases.

No. 100500


River Tam (Firefly + Serenity): 83%
Jonah Byrde (Ozark): 83%
Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings): 82%
Dobby (Harry Potter): 81%
Neo (The Matrix): 81%
Jasper Hale (Twilight): 79%
Harry Potter (Harry Potter): 78%
Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): 78%
Wes Gibbins (How To Get Away With Murder): 78%
Akecheta (Westworld): 77%

No. 100533

File: 1595540699293.png (325.07 KB, 1570x636, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 5.42…)

I feel like she's a stereotypical farmer tbh
I also got abby, I got alot of similar results that have already been posted in the thread, also mclovin was really high up there for me??

No. 100538


>Dobby (Harry Potter): 81%

Anon I loled

No. 100550

File: 1595543331160.png (405.63 KB, 1544x604, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.28…)

I absolutely do not relate to her at all but ok.

No. 100551

File: 1595543510954.png (126.69 KB, 794x504, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.28…)

I don't think I'm like any of these characters haha. I like Faye and Elizabeth as characters, but I don't think we're similar at all.

No. 100571

File: 1595550475184.png (260.54 KB, 719x1223, Kin list.png)

No. 100582

Yessss I feel you. I can't believe I have been watching for 15 years. I'm so invested and look forward to watching it every season but I stil hate it lol

No. 100755

File: 1595627254896.jpeg (58.22 KB, 1280x720, 1CA13069-E9ED-4FE4-8FAD-CBFE2B…)

She is litTeRaLLy me
I think I’d get along with you

No. 100762

File: 1595630790362.png (172.18 KB, 986x366, Results.png)

I don't know who this is, but the resemblance is eerie.

No. 100892

File: 1595740156981.jpg (152.51 KB, 798x1197, 798px-Shinji's_Monologue.jpg)

not my proudest moment.

No. 101104

File: 1595823639103.png (104.83 KB, 786x354, Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 4.18.…)

No. 101194

File: 1595864002256.png (132.21 KB, 1067x345, 73450bfbee20a6af778caaa251f30c…)


as a child i adored her so pretty happy with this.

No. 101195

seconding this, holy shit I love the NGE manga. The anime is a classic, but manga has it's heartrending and touching moments too.
I hardcore relate to Rei, both manga and anime. And no, it's not a good thing.

No. 101199

File: 1595864992887.png (68.65 KB, 783x313, Screenshot (2).png)

I've never watched westworld. Should I be concerned?

No. 101203

What do you mean who? You're either not from America or very young, no offense

No. 101216

File: 1595870544093.png (202.26 KB, 994x371, cool... cool cool cool.PNG)

I kind of expected it tbh. I've been compared to Abed before, most people say I'm between Abed and Annie.

No. 101346

File: 1595919500696.png (136.44 KB, 846x408, 1223.png)

i don't watch enough normie television to know what this means

No. 101347

File: 1595919598332.png (57.48 KB, 340x280, 2237.png)


No. 101353

File: 1595923748268.jpeg (233.33 KB, 1125x1302, 89559F2C-4C86-479A-9462-D63B9E…)

No. 101359

Got Deanna Troi from Star Trek on the quiz but I’ve never seen it. I used to act exactly like Pearl Warren from Little Fires Everywhere. I want to be like Nana.

No. 101364

File: 1595929255873.jpeg (83.52 KB, 640x793, 88263665-5F80-483E-B5FD-672669…)


>I want to believe

No. 101373

It means you're a doormat or a simp

No. 101415

File: 1595959340876.jpg (214.02 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200728_200128.jpg)

Ok then

No. 101464

File: 1595982852470.png (195.95 KB, 1003x402, Capture.PNG)

Admittedly I haven't read Little Women or watched any of the movie adaptations so I'm not totally sure what the implications of this are

No. 101475

From what I remember, Beth was the gentle and shy sister who just liked to play the piano. While the other sisters have very noticeable flaws that they're supposed to work on throughout the story (Jo's short temper, Amy's superficiality, etc.), Beth doesn't really seem to have any selfish tendencies and is all around selfless and mature (though she is really, really shy). She's basically an angel personified, which is sort of foreshadowing because she's based on the author's younger sister who died when she was young.

All in all, the implication is pretty good since it means you're probably very giving, gentle, and kind if not a bit quiet and unimposing!

No. 101476

File: 1595986722576.png (116.74 KB, 804x371, Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.38…)

sounds about right

No. 101481

File: 1595993991724.png (392.93 KB, 621x802, Screenshot_2020-07-28-22-30-00…)

I saw a lot of Yukari in myself. From her funny facial expressions, inexperience, struggles in school, and comments on her body. Even her not fitting in with her artsy friend group. Yukari is me if I lived in the city and was pretty.

No. 101484

File: 1595995338186.jpg (131.04 KB, 842x955, berni.jpg)

that's apt, thanks

No. 101522

File: 1596017390488.jpg (51.6 KB, 500x500, 744b6e3e58c09871bd92cb44d36920…)

I love P&P and always related hard to poor Mary Bennet. Ugly duckling, gloomy, socially awkward and aloof, bad at piano although she loves playing it. I've grown up and gotten better at my hobby and better at socializing through customer service, but if I had been the child of a family like that I could have easily become the reclusive loner Mary grew into.

No. 101552

File: 1596023717846.jpg (874.43 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200729-132140_Sam…)

Honestly a really fun Quiz and I have 0 idea what this says about me.
Thought I'd share my results with you guys anyway!

Thank you Anon for linking this one!!!~

No. 101559

File: 1596026969517.jpg (19.49 KB, 320x299, 29072020144713.jpg)

No. 101569

File: 1596032794073.png (669.26 KB, 800x932, albus.png)

I've never thought about it, but it kinda makes sense. I've just started watching Mad Men, so don't know who's Bert Cooper yet, but Dale Cooper is pretty similar to me.

No. 101576

File: 1596036056604.jpg (57.32 KB, 388x379, marjane and daria.jpg)

I feel some real solidarity with Marjane Satrapi - even though sometimes she seemed like a bitch, I felt we had many things in common while reading the graphic novel. Her story in Persepolis (strictly the comic) kinda resonated with me, being a child of polar opposite cultures. I think I resemble her in style and attitude somewhat, but I definitely don't have her outspokenness, which I seriously wish I had.
Also, many people have told me I remind them of Daria, which I considered a good thing during my teenage years, but I'm not so sure anymore…

No. 101577

At first sight I thought you've got Norma Bates as the first result and was pretty surprised that you're happy with it lol

No. 101578

You’re quirky aren’t you kek

No. 101579

File: 1596039473089.jpeg (777 KB, 750x1250, 35E8EEE2-A8CE-4ABF-8E10-3E7439…)

What does this mean? Is this just a long list calling me a bitch???

No. 101581

>a bitch
Wtf are you on anon

No. 101582

Also why did you get mean girls characters in yours and I got none I'm angry

No. 101583

She did spend most of the movie being a two faced plastic

No. 101584

Yeah it looks like you are a bitch, sorry lol

No. 101677

you guessed right, I'm not from america

No. 101681


Just a little haha

No. 101684

File: 1596097255637.png (190.52 KB, 945x916, Screenshot (9).png)

Don't know luna lovegood but forrest gump… I don't know what to say

No. 101685

Samefag, but they also got my meyers briggs right. Must be something to it

No. 101696

Awwww anon but Quark has a heart of gold (pressed latinum)

No. 101740

File: 1596131391999.jpeg (495.57 KB, 828x657, ABEAFBEB-FD0F-4A85-8B53-DC8965…)

Tony Stark.

Can’t… say I’ve ever been compared to him before. But it sort of fits.

No. 101775

File: 1596152573743.jpg (121.54 KB, 1080x1920, maj0de2oxee21.jpg)

Related to Tiffany way too much while watching the movie, even though im not a widow, i guess that makes me a crazy bitch.

No. 101779

anyone else get such bad results/characters from that test that they didn’t want to post them lmao

No. 102159

File: 1596330435833.png (153.83 KB, 874x899, results 4.PNG)


uhh okay?

No. 102203

me lmao I literally got the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz

No. 102204

File: 1596342352999.png (107.66 KB, 793x310, Capture.PNG)

i got her too! i never seen the show? i dont think im as cool as her this has to be out of 4 characters cuz wtf lol.

No. 102205

File: 1596342567705.png (28.56 KB, 525x247, Capture.PNG)

same anon but according to my top 3 im a crazy bitch lmao they aint wrong lol

No. 102555

I've always related with Yuuko. I was an absolute dipshit during school.

No. 102556

I've always felt a kinship with Mio, anon. She tries to act mature but is hiding the worst parts of herself. Let's be best friends <3

No. 102557

We need to find a Mai-chan, lol

No. 102684

File: 1596601316178.gif (795.15 KB, 500x281, d975e06fc22530c17d2edb39080072…)

cant say i disagree

No. 102687


Hey that’s me! I started watching Nichijou after a friend told me I remind him of Mai. I suppose it’s the deadbeat dry humor.

No. 103330

File: 1597018066785.jpg (48.69 KB, 349x385, me when.jpg)

im little my

No. 103399

File: 1597062634716.jpg (9.55 KB, 229x220, nana.jpg)

Personality wise I get compared to a lot of (very different) characters, but appearance wise, i've gotten Nana the most. (im much shorter and my cheeks are rounder)

Personality wise I've been compared to Marinette from MLB (probably bc im a spaz who likes fashion) and Sawako from Kimi No Todoke (i still dont get this one but i like sawako so i took it as a compliment)

No. 103403

File: 1597064536369.gif (922.36 KB, 498x278, farmers.gif)

we're all janis

No. 104760

File: 1597683934491.jpeg (54.62 KB, 300x400, 8CB6552A-45C5-41FB-A912-083731…)

anon are you me? i also have the same hair, eyes and big nose and annie really helped me embrace my nose after hating it so much for most of my life.

me and elsa from frozen have the depression and color palette in common and seeing her sing “let it go” for the first time moved me to tears because of how much i related to her. at the same time, she’s so serious and dignified i feel like our personalities aren’t that similar when you remove the depression.

i think if i had to choose a character that resembles my personality the most it would be hachi. i’m not nearly as pretty as her but like her i’m very feminine and love fashion, and i’ve been described as cute and sweet by others similar to how the band views and treats hachi. we share a lot of the same flaws like being naïve, dependent on help from others and the bad tendency of becoming smitten with dudes quite quickly. we’re both also taking steps to mature and become more independent.

i also asked my best friend what character i reminded her of and she said i reminded her of a disney princess ;;

No. 104770

File: 1597687229364.jpg (31.37 KB, 480x270, dllrsk6sungeqx2hdjl3sx56bnou5w…)

When I was ~13 my friends tried to get me to watch the anime because they said I resemble her so much, in both appearance and personality. But I'm not a tsundere, I just genuinely dislike men lol And now that I no longer have weeb bangs and layers the physical resemblance is somewhat gone as well.

No. 104771

File: 1597687804309.gif (321.78 KB, 220x183, janice.gif)

>all janices here

No. 104785

File: 1597695609927.png (153.81 KB, 1125x503, Screenshot (217).png)

Guess I have the personality of a male loser nerd.
>Milhouse Van Houten (The Simpsons): 88%
>Alan Harper (Two and Half Men): 86%
>Raj Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory): 85%
>Evan (Superbad): 84%
>Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory): 80%

No. 104805

File: 1597707441750.jpg (40.03 KB, 426x218, personalitychatatatatatata.JPG)

janis was number 11

No. 104833

File: 1597722791633.png (103.84 KB, 759x313, Capture..png)

KEK anon i got denny from the room
Denny (The Room): 82%
Bella Swan (Twilight): 77%
June George (Mean Girls): 76%
Bob Pinciotti (That 70's Show): 75%
Buster Bluth (Arrested Development): 75%
A.J. Soprano (The Sopranos): 75%
Barney Gumble (The Simpsons): 74%
Nelson Bighetti (Silicon Valley): 74%
Karen Smith (Mean Girls): 74%
Jake Harper (Two and Half Men): 74%

No. 104841

File: 1597741304225.jpg (549.67 KB, 1080x2056, 20200818_120215.jpg)

damn i must be edgy as fuck.


No. 104842

Wanna toss the ball around?

No. 104851

File: 1597747568581.png (229.19 KB, 1038x856, whomst.png)

I don't know ANY of these characters can someone tell me if they are good people? Although I googled Nick Carraway and some site said "he is tolerant, open-minded, quiet, and a good listener" which is pretty nice

No. 104854

File: 1597751021023.png (83.14 KB, 405x255, yvTYP41.png)


yeah …
pretty much only got awkward nerds and emo outsiders.

No. 104856

File: 1597752703026.jpg (44.9 KB, 420x251, Capture.JPG)

never seen any of these shows but I have a sinking feeling they're all bitchy

No. 104860

I asked a friend to describe them and she said 'kind but self-serving' and yeah, tbh that's pretty accurate to me

No. 104874

File: 1597761325505.png (213.27 KB, 822x1332, lolwut.png)

It's the second time I'm taking that test, lol. I always get somewhat villainous or at least manipulative male characters in my top results (lat time it was Varys from GoT). This is kinda bewildering for me, since I'm actually a lazy, unambitious paper-pusher who keeps avoiding social interactions. I do dress very nice, tho.

Also, I haven't watched most of these shows.

No. 104884

nick carraway is one of the most annoying characters ever kek

No. 104885

File: 1597763278354.jpeg (110.23 KB, 827x792, 73C8BCD4-A753-4641-8B9F-5742D5…)

No. 104887

File: 1597763303520.jpeg (946.58 KB, 828x1610, 8B5A1C87-0A67-4625-BB0F-ACC7A3…)

i got quite a mixed bag

No. 104891

Lol gary from veep

No. 104915

File: 1597771386864.png (98.9 KB, 416x490, lol.png)

my results are literally just the "wow he is literally me" meme

No. 104916

File: 1597771971015.png (429.22 KB, 500x378, 179EC7F8-022E-493A-840F-45C14C…)

I have been compared to Darla from dazed & confused, miss honey from Matilda, Rachel from gLee and the mum from Malcolm in the Middle lmao

No. 104920

File: 1597772356110.jpeg (687.36 KB, 750x1242, 45A09DDF-5A75-4BCD-BD08-080A8E…)

I am fucking losing it over this kek

No. 104923

>Marsellus Wallace
>Walter White
>got Hannibal Lectar twice

Remind me to never fuck with you anon lmao. Crazy bitch.

No. 104932

hahaha fuck i'm honestly not sure why i got all the badass and/or sociopathic characters. i'm such a little bitch lol i wish i was as cold and calculating as my results would suggest.

tbh anon you seem like you'd be a good time. IxFP manic pixie bpdchan realness

No. 104940

File: 1597776503556.png (112.46 KB, 776x304, 8098325097624.png)

This makes me really happy as a huge fan of period films and Elizabeth specifically. <3

No. 104952

File: 1597784667601.jpg (257.27 KB, 1046x669, 4ce7094f7a72f8aadf46783f1af4cc…)

I dunno who the first girl is but that's pretty much it, except I dress decent

No. 104962

File: 1597791715048.jpg (30 KB, 659x108, Screenshot_20200818-180202.jpg)


No. 104964

File: 1597794018544.png (128.05 KB, 797x315, cool.png)

this was fun

No. 104984

File: 1597812870735.png (968.64 KB, 1600x900, kiss-him-not-me-4.png)

sage but the first girl is kae serinuma from kiss him not me!! its some wild shoujo bullshit about a fujo but is fun nonetheless

No. 104996

File: 1597823901778.jpeg (211.25 KB, 2220x1248, 18072C89-34AF-4B7E-9B00-A169AB…)

Anon we should be friends. I’d help you lighten up a bit and you’d bring me down to earth, stop me being such a retard.

No. 104997

Also Samefag but I am Indeed an INFP

No. 105004

File: 1597827395257.png (316.78 KB, 992x594, Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.4…)

I have no idea who this bitch is.

Wish Id had gotten a LOTR character like this anon >>104964 cause HP suckssss

No. 105006

1. Crazy Eyes (Orange is the New Black): 87%
2. Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club): 85%
3. Ed (Cowboy Bebop): 84%
4. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter): 82%
5. Phoebe Buffay (Friends): 82%
6. Wyatt Langmore (Ozark): 82%
7. Lilo Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch): 82%
8. Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter): 81%
9. Janis Ian (Mean Girls): 81%
10. Darlene (Mr. Robot): 81%

Kek AKA an idealistic, insufferable BPD mess.

Funny enough I forgot I took this test (the long one) probably closer to when you posted it, got crazy eyes (never seen OITNB but the name seems self evident) as the top one back then too.

No. 105008

French hyperfeminine Stacy

No. 105015

Kek me too! We are very similar anon. I thought you where mentioning my results


No. 105018

File: 1597844116449.png (670.71 KB, 828x1792, 14543055-79CC-44A4-A802-C11302…)

My love for gossip and flamboyant fashion is very apparent here

No. 105019

File: 1597844587884.jpg (478.32 KB, 1439x1567, Fml.jpg)

I'm a beta cuck… fml…

No. 105030

File: 1597847740002.jpg (371.75 KB, 944x820, Untitled-1.jpg)

I genuinely have no idea what this says about me

No. 105186

called it.
but for sure anon. that's always my favorite friendship dynamic.

No. 105491

File: 1598117163462.jpg (23.21 KB, 295x425, 147511-295x425-kristen-stewart…)

rewatched these movies and christ. i'm particularly similar to her New Moon

>same hair, same pouty/constipated expression, average girl-next-door vibes

>somehow attracts guys, though they're typically crazy intense and damaged in some way
>still awkward as fuck but with a new heaping dose of bpd faggotry
>becomes a reckless adrenaline junkie that puts herself in danger just to feel something
>on the other end of the extreme emotion spectrum, actually has fucking night terrors over being abandoned
>pushes all her friends away after being a depressed insane drama queen
>gets the "can't hang out, i'm sick, sorry bells, cough cough" when she tries to rejoin her friend group
>"no don't fight over me guys haha" doesn't realize that she probably thrives off the drama surrounding her boring self
>on the other hand, can't handle the very same drama
>please don't leave me i'm sorry i'll be good hey where are you going no come back do NOT abandon me i WILL commit sudoku

i've also been compared to Marceline from adventure time

No. 105515

File: 1598138612067.png (129.67 KB, 769x307, Capture.PNG)

I watched some clips to see her personality and I can see why it matched me with her.

No. 105521

File: 1598143599960.png (120.03 KB, 809x360, 2020-08-22 19_42_26-Window.png)

Um I'm guessing I got this because I put high in spiritual or something? I don't remember the show version much but I remember hating Bran chapters in the books.

No. 105522

File: 1598146014322.png (111.19 KB, 778x299, Capture.PNG)

I remember jack shit about House.

No. 105564

She was like the #1 fangirl of House, and everybody stepped over her.
She did end up marrying the hot doc tho so that made me jelly.

No. 105566

File: 1598180467645.jpg (222.82 KB, 890x755, characters.jpg)

>Draco Malfoy, Regina George, Cersei and Darth Vader in top matches

I must be a lovely person huh

No. 105567

as well as President Snow and fucking Umbridge, wow

No. 105572

blair isn’t particularly pleasant either

No. 105586

I bet you're a huge bitch. You single, queen?

No. 105680

File: 1598288672480.png (41.75 KB, 394x404, characters.png)

i literally dont know any of the first ten characters

No. 105681

+ Jan from Office and Eleanor from Crazy Rich Asians… lol how I wish to meet you irl

No. 105683

Is it just me who'd feel vain comparing myself to any fictional character? Idk why

No. 105684

Not a character, but my boyfriend says I have a personality of Super Sus. I don't drink though and am taller.

No. 105685

>Josie Packard as number 1
You are sneaky, mysterious as well as seductive. Possibly wrapped up in dangerous shit and abusive relationships.

No. 105703

File: 1598302516849.jpg (743.58 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200824-165418_Chr…)

i'd love for some sherlock fan to enlighten me on molly, but pam being so high adds up as i'm very much a stereotypical isfj. hm.

No. 105705

Molly is an awful pushover, willing to do anything for Sherlock who berates her constantly. I'm sorry anon.

No. 105720

No. 105731

File: 1598317577995.jpeg (701.06 KB, 1242x2208, 1D124476-84D7-44FF-98B5-3646F5…)

God, mines kinda cringe

No. 105738

File: 1598320864363.png (192.15 KB, 970x395, q0lPzkZ.png)

First I was like "what the fuck" then I was like "yeah, okay I see it." My #2 was Milhouse from The Simpsons. Looks like I'm a dweeb :(

No. 106250

>Stuart Bloom (The Big Bang Theory): 76%
>Bella Swan (Twilight): 76%
>George Costanza (Seinfeld): 76%

what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 106255

File: 1598744323942.jpg (155.13 KB, 1600x1200, 71kQgncvqgL._RI_.jpg)

Word girl. Kind of felt a bond with her because growing up she was the only girl character who I recall having my exact skin tone. I also liked to read and was wordy like her. I also liked to imagine my brother as her monkey side kick.

No. 106256

File: 1598744663110.png (118.75 KB, 567x762, OK.PNG)

From fight club narrator to big bang sperg. What a riiide

No. 106570

Roland prez is a dumbass whos constantly fucking up KEK. But he's got a good heart.

No. 106572

File: 1598998136272.jpg (762.83 KB, 955x1697, SmartSelect_20200901-165801_Ch…)

Damn. can someone enlighten me on who the top 3 characters are?

No. 106604

File: 1599038073727.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1620x1530, 83857884-3DFA-459B-9BF3-CF6A7B…)

I feel like this is a warning

No. 106606

File: 1599040620960.jpeg (797.44 KB, 750x1334, A1B24C67-C680-4FA2-9385-102489…)

Haha mine is pretty….bad….
I couldn’t help but laugh at “the alien from Alien”

No. 106608

Holy shit anon lol. Littlefinger?? THE JOKER?

No. 106609

Anon… I'm dying… Gollum, Scar, The Alien from Alien, The Joker, Mr. Burns, who are you?!?! I think I'm in love.

No. 106610

File: 1599042307612.jpeg (95.69 KB, 627x1046, D6A4B007-A93C-4FB7-A850-5F4683…)

People never suspect since I resemble a grown up version of this. (Idk my full heritage, some sort of Mestizo. )

No. 106611

File: 1599042362644.png (324.93 KB, 1590x718, Allison_Reynolds.png)

Oops. My bf and I just watched the Breakfast Club a few months ago and he said "I imagine that's what you were like in high school" (I told him he probably was a bit like John Bender kek).

No. 106612

File: 1599042446924.png (303.06 KB, 800x1182, pp.png)

Samefag. Yes, I have issues, but it's not as bad as it looks.

No. 106613

She was the best character in that movie

No. 106614

BEN LINUS??! Holy shit lmaoo. Let's be friends, anon

No. 106615

I agree tbh. She also kinda looks like my mom when she was a teenager kek.

No. 106616

So cute. I'm really intrigued.

No. 106725

Idk if this helps any since I’m not super familiar..
Your top three are well meaning bookish types who can be blunt at times.
Abed has Aspergers. Socially awkward and nerdy.

No. 107178

File: 1599505202725.jpg (144.68 KB, 422x572, char.jpg)

The only characters I'm familiar with on this list are Kat Stratford and Janice, which frankly, I am okay with.

No. 107282

Top 2 are smart bookish women with ambition.

No. 107458

you sound lovely anon, top two characters are intelligent and blunt, a bit awkward but ultimately compasionate. i also like the rest of them tbh

No. 107460

samefag. i got cristina yang (greys anatomy), dexter morgan (dexter) and sheldon cooper. not surprised, my sister calls me sheldon all the time kek

No. 107463

File: 1599681343672.jpeg (761.13 KB, 1242x2057, 327AE234-F5A5-4EE7-AB1D-F6F9E4…)

The only one I recognize is Jane from Breaking Bad

No. 124347

File: 1611850366745.gif (2.96 MB, 540x330, Sheva-Alomar-resident-evil-5-4…)

i have such a love/hate relationship with this character but she's the character that resembles me physically the most out of any other character in any of the games i've played

No. 124351

File: 1611852132735.jpeg (24.82 KB, 274x470, 0FD0D801-6D7A-4907-B532-B1D48A…)

I don’t have thicc lips but sorta

No. 124604

File: 1611956313384.jpg (36.51 KB, 444x595, b2a4a70d1a87910e73a1702813e75b…)

I get Lily a lot

No. 124634

Sheva! I know she was just a "local flavor" character they tossed in RE5 then never returned to but personally I thought she was a badass and wished they did more with her. Still far more interesting than meathead Chris. Also she's gorgeous and basically my ideal of feminine beauty so I simp for you nonny uwu

No. 124742

File: 1612008028945.png (394.98 KB, 428x516, de98jvw-45463b49-9a76-4f9a-b20…)

ayrt, i can't help but love white/non-black meatheads, so yes, i have indeed used Sheva as a self-insert to ship with Chris

picrel, i find all three of them so relatable in their own way

No. 124750

File: 1612009156723.jpg (1.23 MB, 2832x4256, 61d651e241054d9b985c288e24180f…)

never played the games but had a similar mindset regarding Arthur and Gwen in Merlin

No. 124759

File: 1612020089034.png (1.88 KB, 253x255, Abigail-Portrait_192px.png)

I had purple hair as a teen, loved amethysts and Chrono Trigger, was very committed to the combo of gloomy aesthetics and lolrandom cheerfulness… pretending to practice swordfighting, hanging out at cemeteries, exploring caves all checks out. It's almost eerie. I'm not Heather I swear and I grew out of most of it

No. 124760

File: 1612020856604.png (151.15 KB, 260x405, 47D93B98-D6AD-4F70-BD32-B29EBF…)

when I was younger I used to be obsessed with MH

she’s not my favorite character design wise but it’s self-explanatory why I kind of resemble her maybe because of race coding and because she has a lot of siblings like I do

No. 124768

File: 1612024102960.jpg (66.09 KB, 500x397, ImagesCASWBZQN.jpg)

My friend group in high school would say that I was just like Misa. I wasn't into that series or fandom at the time, so I just thought they meant it was because of my looks and didn't even realize that I was basically being insulted. I probably was THAT annoying tbh. I was super into dumb weeaboo culture shit like "glomping." I cringe looking back on that time of my life and am as glad as the rest of you oldfags that some of the pre-2010 internet no longer exists. Like MySpace profiles, and quite recently, VampireFreaks.

No. 124770

File: 1612024513403.png (14.37 KB, 365x148, Untitled.png)

I've never seen Firefly or This Is Us, but okay.

No. 124771

File: 1612025252705.jpg (13.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Idk who I would resemble now since there haven't been any I feel I can relate to as an adult. But as a teen I begrudgingly had to admit to myself that I was extremely similar to Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.

>Brown hair and eyes

>Doesn't pay attention to things around her
>Easily gets stuck in her own little world
>Just happy to there

No. 124810

Okay but where you a bpd pick me for a shitstain that didn't give a fuck? if no it was not that bad

No. 124864

Lmao definitely not. Just lolsorandum. Could've been worse, I guess.

No. 128979

File: 1613952068609.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2549x4076, EE1AAA4D-557F-4A03-8394-D06C6C…)

I wish I didn't relate to her so hard but I do. It sucks, because I know I'm as overbearing as her and that I shouldn't be but it's very hard for me to control. No one actually wants someone as obsessive, attached and possessive as Mikasa and I know that being that is pathetic in of itself. I would love to be independent one day but really all I want is to dote on someone and protect them like she does to Eren. But it's too much and I know that, it's emasculating. It's very hard for me to not be over protective. I wish I could find someone in the world who would like this and have it somehow be a healthy relationship but the real world isn't like that. Curse my autism. I wish I was more like Historia since she's literally perfect.

No. 129023

File: 1613980766543.png (3.47 MB, 1125x2000, de051oq-ced76bc3-8ab2-4b3e-963…)

Down to the name, ethnicity and looks, granted I don't have purple eyes but I love that we are so similar. All my friends joke that they put me in the game. Love her.

No. 129087

File: 1614016368349.jpg (43.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3263.JPG)

Old post but hi, fellow Reifag here. I'm learning to be more assertive and prioritise myself, but a lot of the time I barely feel like a person. Feelsbad.jpg

No. 131570

File: 1615378668832.png (925.14 KB, 800x1004, shion sonozaki.png)

posting in this thread because it's underrated and i think the anons who don't look in the catalog would get a kick out of it.
>grew up in a shitty family with a sibling that was treated better and had more prospects in life
>ends up mentally ill and valuing nothing but the person i like's attention
>decides to hate anyone who either i decided is at fault for my problems or got the treatment i wanted
>went to school with a bunch of rich kids i couldn't relate to
>quick to anger
i'm a lot more normal now obviously but damn i really wish she got more screentime in the 2020 series.

No. 131581

I wonder how you feel about her faith(s) in 3.0+1.0…
personally I hate how they are dumbing her down to a simple kuudere that just needs to learn the beauty of love and the joy of life through reading and farming. WTF. Her end in EoE always made me kinda sad/uneasy, but I think it was a resolution that fit her character the best. I really don't see her just living as a normal, well-adjusted human

No. 131586

File: 1615384623810.gif (88.52 KB, 500x385, rei.gif)

Nta but yeah Rei partnering up with an angel and developing into a normal happy woman just feels very very unlikely and contrived to me but I guess it makes people feel warm and fuzzy

No. 131595

File: 1615389036853.jpg (71.45 KB, 401x452, test.JPG)


No. 131599

File: 1615390527372.png (7.88 MB, 1920x28800, screencapture-openpsychometric…)

Never felt more based

No. 131600

samefag but I can't get over the fact that I have fucking Rick Sanchez in my list…what a disgrace

No. 131696

File: 1615443197458.jpg (221.79 KB, 720x941, IMG_20210310_195832.jpg)

how should i feel about this anons

No. 131714

File: 1615456207333.jpg (637.32 KB, 1124x2170, btD9eyo.jpg)

I don’t even know who #1 is. I fucking disagree with these results. But I understand why I’d get these characters.

I know the kind of person you are

No. 131728

>I know the kind of person you are
enlighten us

No. 131751

You're somewhat vain yet elegant and how you appear is important to you, is what I'm getting

No. 131821

File: 1615510760986.jpg (222.69 KB, 671x870, fuckingnerd.jpg)

i don't know how to feel about this.

No. 131933

File: 1615608735241.jpg (669.03 KB, 1080x1958, IMG_20210313_005417.jpg)

Don't know most of these characters.anons what does this say about me.

No. 132353

File: 1615907239581.jpg (1002.72 KB, 1448x2048, 80444707_p0.jpg)

It hurts, Anons. I've become meguca without any of the moe and the tragedy scaled up x10.
>Shy crybaby with low self-esteem
>Small and weak
>Very passive and prone to codependency
>Impulsively self-sacrificial
>Forced into leadership/peacekeeping roles because I obsessively take care of others
>Not suited for it though, I'm too childish and overly sensitive
>Optimistic even when doomed
>And I've been doomed from the start! I should have been a normal girl but instead I'm completely fucked for life
>Only redeeming traits are my outwardly friendly nature and high tolerance for emotional pain
>Would destroy the universe and become God in a heartbeat
I even wear my hair the same way quite often, have the same taste in clothes & stuffed toys, love ranged weapons and the colour pink, etc…. If only my girlfriend were psychotically devoted to me, we'd be Madohomu IRL.

No. 132366

File: 1615916211645.jpeg (22.78 KB, 474x474, 6CACD198-077E-4E76-9E3A-8609BF…)

im unironically so much like this character from steven universe ( i dont even like this show at all i just grew up watching it so i thought i'd finish it in honor of little-me lol )
>used to be happy go lucky and had a complete 180 where i became edgy insane ( lol well im on antipsychotics ) and resentful
>used to have only friend whom i loved more than anything and felt like my whole existence depended on them only to get abandoned without any closure and out of nowhere
>reckless, dont care at all it i get hurt or even die
>violent emotional outbursts

No. 132367

File: 1615916762243.png (147.69 KB, 491x414, 2F26A59C-8515-4695-841A-8266C6…)

i feel like nagata kabi’s white sister from another mister, only bisexual rather than gay

>eating disorder

>overly attached to mother
>unable to form meaningful romantic relationships at my age
>sexual anxiety, release sexual tension from BL instead
>socially awkward and unable to connect
>want to retreat into the safety of childhood

I’m not doing as poorly as she was (decent job, apartment etc) but it’s scary how many things she wrote that I’ve thought before. Honestly every book that comes out makes me anxious because I want her to get better so I’d have hope for myself.

No. 132372

Ruste isn't a bad character but too many men idolize him for all the wrong reasons, usually neckbeards from Reddit who have no personality. I just finished watching the show and it is errie just how similar we both are:
> same ideology, using the same words
> everyone wants me to talk but they instantly regret it when I do
> always starting arguments
> always breaking off from the group and doing my own thing
> engaging in morally dubious shit

That show was a big wake up call. I seriously need to get my shit together.

No. 132418

File: 1615936581028.png (68.93 KB, 461x611, 2.png)

I'm just happy I got Theon.

No. 132442

>I grew up watching it
>in honor of little me
wtf you must be 18+ to post in this website

No. 132443

Was just thinking how young must you be to be growing up with that shit

No. 132466

I'm the anon from >>99880 and I know what you mean. I have finally booked a therapist because I can't keep on living like that. It's really cringy, but I was listening to this song and kept thinking about how I need to stop being so aloof, characters like Rust Cohle are so unloveable in real life and I really need to change.
I know it will not solve the existential crisis but I just want to learn how to communicate and get my addictions under control.

I feel like such a scam when I'm trying to be nice to people, like I'm lying to them about who I really am, so I always end up ghosting them or saying something mean to drive them away because I can't bear the expectations that comes with friendship.

I really hope that we will be able to improve ourself anon, I'm wishing you the best for the futur, we can't keep on quoting Nietzsche or some philosophers kek.

No. 132471

File: 1615975483852.png (124.37 KB, 366x823, unknown.png)

final girl-core

No. 132503

File: 1616001892246.png (363.89 KB, 894x1216, Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 10.51…)

i haven't watched mad men but is Peggy Olson INTJ? All of my list is just INTJ. welp

No. 132909

File: 1616233245320.jpg (23.62 KB, 300x460, saitama.jpg)

i am
having an identity crisis

No. 132912

File: 1616234895917.png (77.8 KB, 1080x339, Screenshot_2021-03-20-04-02-16…)

Lmao, that's mental illness luv.

No. 132926

File: 1616251629916.jpeg (193.76 KB, 1242x1110, 6E1E04C9-9F37-47DA-B485-DE9578…)

Watched this movie once on a friends recommendation and didn’t pay attention because it was dragging big balls. I think I fell asleep. This bitch is annoying, right?

No. 132927

File: 1616251771176.png (274 KB, 606x655, henrietta_warhol.PNG)

she’s me, in all the games and iterations. the vn especially still makes me very uncomfortable

No. 132928

No. 132930

File: 1616252585617.png (135.12 KB, 771x290, whom.png)

who is this? I have no idea because I've always avoided this show but the idea of being 86% similar to someone wearing this shirt frightens me
I remember her being the most annoyingly fake deep character out of an entire cast full of annoyingly fake deep characters… in a way, this is an achievement got her as my second

No. 133021

I'm dying anon. Psycho killer with severe mommy issues, depressed nerd guy with no self-esteem, emotionally stunted apocalypse bringer, serial killer hunter in love in love with a serial killer, serial killer's daughter who becomes homicidal. Jesus, what kind of person am I, lol.

No. 133025

Fan fave from season 3 of Stranger Things. Don't worry it's her work uniform, ice cream shop- I think. I got put off because scrotes were fetishizing the hell out of her with their pornographic fanart.

No. 133437

File: 1616556846069.png (115.86 KB, 854x435, marie.png)

No idea who she is or what kind of personality she is, even after Wiki lmao

maybe this means I have a bad sense of self?

No. 137745

File: 1618601206213.jpg (117.84 KB, 1280x720, gah.jpg)

severe anger issues.
although fugo would've been a more realistic choice, I still chose to post him nevertheless as I tend to blow everything out of proportion.

No. 137748

File: 1618602405959.jpeg (653 KB, 1125x1781, 5EC764EB-5DDE-48B8-BCD3-BA6C06…)

No. 137749

File: 1618602446033.jpeg (803.86 KB, 1125x1401, 8D0B9400-48B5-49D0-85F0-9F6045…)

I don't know who half these characters are.

No. 137750

Damn you got Fleabag

No. 137759

File: 1618609255799.png (346.67 KB, 930x1318, nerd.png)

This test basically called me a social-inept nerd who lacks the self-awareness to understand how annoying they are and I resent that due to its accuracy

No. 137771

idk what this means lol

No. 137772

File: 1618612722608.png (373.29 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20210417-003236~2.p…)

Kek I'm a tranny apparently, haven't seen the show so I can't tell if it's accurate though. I'm not a TV person anyway, I must have seen 20 shows and movies in my life, I don't think I would have recognized anybody aside from ultra level entry shit like Harry Potter.

No. 137773

congrats on being a NLOG

No. 137775

thanks boo

No. 137778

File: 1618613393962.jpeg (581.52 KB, 1242x1216, 78A8C449-7813-42CD-90C5-AD6BE3…)

This was fun!

No. 137781

File: 1618614223855.jpeg (1000.44 KB, 1500x2250, 9B8CEAA4-CF98-4215-AD37-BCFBF0…)

riamu yumemi from im@s.

> typical bpd e-slut

> most of her fanart (that isn’t busty porn unfortunately) is just drugs
> similar body type
> same interests
> same haircut
> same age
> piece of shit

No. 137788

File: 1618617090189.png (92.58 KB, 728x338, 9292992872.png)

Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding (The Shawshank Redemption): 81%
John Bates (Downton Abbey): 77%
Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods): 77%
Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones): 75%
Alfred Pennyworth (The Dark Knight): 75%
Hakoda (Avatar: The Last Airbender): 74%
Marmee March (Little Women): 74%
Dana Polk (The Cabin in the Woods): 74%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars): 73%
Anna Bates (Downton Abbey): 73%

Dunno what this says about me.

No. 137790

That you're a kind and wise old man

No. 137794

File: 1618619429865.jpeg (590.05 KB, 945x2609, 2690C26A-F952-46D3-9F4A-DB6E58…)

retook it bc a friend shared her results + her whole list but mine went poof! tried to keep the scales where i'd originally had them to the best of my ability but manic pixie dream girl intensifies

fucking i'm weird i don't take this hat off mf being so high on the list made me gag

No. 137809

File: 1618624634167.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x2061, 3665B2BE-AD0B-4D6B-8AAE-6E2FB3…)

I don't know most of these but I find the listing of the tin man and nick carraway really funny, how random

No. 137824

basically you're the awkward, sexually-repressed nerd.

No. 137829

I love that Kif is on your list kek

No. 137839

I'm gonna pretend it's because I took the short version and didn't know how to answer everything

No. 137860

File: 1618648826576.png (1.03 MB, 1510x1454, 817A854D-087F-468F-962C-0B8A64…)

Slightly evil with a sad backstory

No. 137908

File: 1618671917718.png (419.12 KB, 990x1370, Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 11.0…)

idk who any of these are except the before sunrise lady and cosette lol. what does it mean??

No. 137944

File: 1618689765340.png (111.38 KB, 553x851, huh.PNG)

I don't consume a lot of media so idk who any of these characters are but people compared me to that girl from the breakfast club in high school quite a bit unfortunately. Plz help anons what does this mean

No. 137952

File: 1618694599365.png (1.51 MB, 1080x992, pickme girls.png)

I agree with you anon lol. These pickme's are delusional.

No. 137953

Cool! You get to be Uma Thurman's daughter. Lucky.

No. 137955

File: 1618696062843.jpg (73.64 KB, 684x768, 2667a2da6a0301bde57c14271ad29d…)

one of my friends who recently got into Evangelion confessed he associates Rei with me and I can see it.

I used to be the type of fan who goes around and declares how identical they are to Shinji by default.

No. 137956

File: 1618696319787.jpeg (295.89 KB, 736x878, 3086B35F-06A9-41CB-9F42-33EA4D…)

I’m cackling rn and I made my answers serious too

No. 137958

Why is relating to Tomoko considered delusional? The only way I could see it making sense if the girl is not as big fucking loser as she claims to be. Also isn't the Kuragehime girl a lonely fujo or something?

No. 137960

Literally one of the people who used the Tomoko image was a thot that bragged about getting laid often. That is nothing like Tomoko and they were just using the character to be a pickme attention whore.

No. 137962

File: 1618697354728.png (921.04 KB, 2425x952, what the fuck.PNG)

I just took the character test and somehow got Elsa….what the actual fuck I am nothing like her.

No. 137964

Ahh, I see! Thank you for enlightening me.

No. 137980

File: 1618707998779.jpg (32.86 KB, 795x300, Capture.JPG)

never watched the show, did i win?

No. 138022

File: 1618725321212.jpg (38.19 KB, 500x545, anime-boy-friends-girl-Favim.c…)


Hey, I'm the anon from >>132372 and I hope I get can the same help once I can afford it. I'll add that something I realized when I was watching this show was when one of the side characters talked about was Ruste "never found out who he was". He basically replaced the hole in his life with esoteric bullshit and fucked-up murder investigations, and became this emotionally stunted individual who has little to no goals in life.

I quickly realized this was the case for me because I have no idea who I am or drives me. I'm just living on some principals and goals on how I should live my life, I'm a walking husk. So a big goal for this year is to find my values, integrate them into my life, and hopefully become a person who feels whole.

Please remember me when changing yourself gets tough, your anon-in-arms.

No. 138075


I got very similar results to you anon, biggest constant between the characters I recognize is being highly perceptive of others' feelings (Deanna Troi can literally read emotions using her powers lol)

No. 139035

File: 1619215005063.jpeg (249.05 KB, 1167x1061, 91EED7CE-4BB3-4015-99BE-AB1A51…)

Whenever I komaedafag, someone (the same person?) asks why I kin him. Each time I deflect. But since I'm replaying SDR2 I might as well try to give a proper answer…

Like me, Nagito is isolated from others because he's a fucking weirdo. He's annoying, obsessive, prone to rambling, and self-effacing in his friendships. (Even though he's a fan favourite, the rest of the cast despise and avoid him.) It's like he's scrambling to appear normal and all the while realises it's a disaster. Ultimately the excessive apologies and self depreciations only make it more awkward, but he's too autistic to help himself. Just like him, I become a total doormat just so potential friends will put up with me. I also relate to the way he deals with people he doesn't respect: doing a complete personality flip to become cold, derisive, and cocky. Luckily I've stabilised enough that I can go on pretending to be normal, but the mean alter ego still lurks inside me.

I'm also ugly and unfashionable like him. I hate loud noises and busy places. I have obscenely good luck and get away with a lot of shit. If I tried I bet I could style my hair like his because it just naturally sticks straight out. It's awful lol. On top of that, we're both prone to self-harm, have unfortunate family histories, and end up in codependent relationships. Plus he has very twisted views of the world, bordering on psychotic. People regarded me with the same confusion and terror when I told them what I was thinking about, which was so discouraging that eventually I gave up on being understood. So I suppose I admire Nagito's perseverance in that regard. In the end, you could say I kin him just because I'm crazy and long for a world where being unhinged works in my favour. If there is a big lolcow thread in the sky, I hope the anons are rooting for me.

No. 139037

Not one of the anons you are kinda replying to, but that was an interesting read. Makes me wanna give those games a chance someday

No. 139043

Does Danganronpa have some sort of subliminal technology inserted in it to make teenagers become mentally retarded

No. 139044

Based Komaeda kinnie

No. 139047

I know you're joking but I think this is a really interesting question. Danganronpa is indeed a romanticisation of mental illness but to an absurdist extreme. On that level it's basically satire, but young people (especially young autistic people) are notorious for taking things at face value. That said, I don't think teenagers are "corrupted" by media so much as they seek out things that already appeal to them, usually because of negative life experiences, and then are further influenced by them in an endless loop.
For my part, by the time the game was localised, I was too old for it to make me retarded or psychotic. Higurashi (based) and Elfen Lied (barf) already took care of that. Can the same be said for zoomers who fixate on Danganronpa from a young age? Who knows.

Also this might sound totally strange so sorry for my autism, but thinking about this topic reminds me of a study on heroin addicts who started using drugs in adolescence, focusing on their participation in subcultures and media portrayals of heroin use. Obviously that's a totally different beast from fucking Danganronpa brainrot of all things, but interesting nonetheless. You can read the paper for free here:

No. 139053

File: 1619218427232.png (41.89 KB, 402x312, list.PNG)

I think I was too confident in selecting nerd over jock, this was… lackluster.

No. 139054

fandom overlaps with other insane fandoms full of dumb young kids who want to be edgy like homestuck i think

No. 139060

File: 1619219195840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.86 KB, 882x500, 2048.jpg)

don't care still shit

No. 139064

File: 1619219742474.jpeg (47.25 KB, 799x206, BAD5652E-6D49-4952-8D2B-663ED4…)

Did you forget I am mentally ill? That's the best part of the game.

No. 139070

I kind of miss how the Dangan Ronpa fandom was before it got localized,there were hell of a lot less zoomers into it and people were less sensitive over every little thing. I sound like a fucking hipster though

No. 145388

you might assume I am a maleposter/edgelord for this, but Mersault from The Stranger really resonates with me nowadays

I do not have a moral compass, can't bring myself to care about those surrounding me or anything for that matter

words of my therapist condemning me about my apathy and choice to watch everything unravel without doing anything are still stuck with me however

how do I regain control of my life anons?

(vid embedded is a scene from samurai champloo I feel particularly connected to)

No. 145394

You say "regain" control, so do you remember a time when you felt more and were happier? What changed since then?

No. 145493

File: 1622131873680.png (89.29 KB, 455x864, characters.png)

I never read Ender's Game

No. 145512

I got into danganronpa in 2019 and I feel absolutely awful for being a fan of it. It has one of the worst fanbases I have ever seen, and I'm scared that I am just like the awful fans that I hate so much

No. 146048

File: 1622340471950.gif (82.39 KB, 220x217, tenor.gif)

People and kids have told me that i look like her, they're right but is not very flattering considering she's my total opposite personality wise.

No. 146050

File: 1622341062418.png (195.9 KB, 678x864, Statistical _Which Character_ …)

these are all insults i hate this

No. 146062

File: 1622352172005.png (245.69 KB, 400x400, 66AD83C0-ADFD-4FFF-9664-90061C…)

my weeby high school friend said I was like pic related. I think she meant my personality, because appearance-wise I am more like annie (schnoz). but in my experiences with people, they tend to think I am kind and very innocent for some reason like this character was when first introduced.

this anon was right, danganronpa didn't used to have such an annoying fanbase. It used to be like any other but something changed after localization, around when kids invented kinning. so I guess it could have been that.

she's cute so you are cute anon, simple as

No. 146067

File: 1622358828508.png (368.42 KB, 1062x1219, Screenshot_20210529-235144~2.p…)

Idk who this is. Hopefully it's not terrible? Seeing that she is from breaking bad my hopes are low.

Personally I strive to be artsy, smart, and put together but in reality I'm basically Diane Nguyen from Bojack like >>99694

No. 146068

File: 1622361040484.png (113.22 KB, 820x318, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.50…)

I read a part of her wiki but can any GOTfags' chime in?

No. 146069

she was artsy and smart but also a junkie

No. 146070

File: 1622361369520.png (104.56 KB, 478x311, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.55…)

Samefagging I'm sorry, but this is kinda funny

No. 146073

not a GOTfag but.. I believe she encouraged the sacrifice of a kid burned at stake

No. 146074

Traumatized former child slave. Religious zealot but politically pragmatic. Sexy. Good at tricking stupid people and manipulating men. Has doubts but pretends not to. Powerful and secretly really old. She's got a lot going on.

No. 146076

On the show she burned a little girl alive with the girl's parents but then she helped save humanity and sacrificed herself in the process so she's redeemed unlike dragon Hitler lady uwu. In the books she has just burned a bunch of adults (that we know of).

No. 146082

I really enjoyed her, despite the horrid child burning. Glad that it apparently doesn't happen in the books (that I will surely read someday). She's a fascinating character and a joy to look at.

No. 146111

File: 1622386785748.png (331.25 KB, 1029x1645, Screenshot_20210530-165646.png)

Apparently I'm like the chick from Queen's Gambit, Elsa & the blonde dude from Twilight. Not bad.

No. 146113

File: 1622389552686.png (437.96 KB, 1031x1316, Screenshot_20210530-174347.png)

It's my parents fault ok?

No. 146118

File: 1622395238143.png (188.72 KB, 534x779, yea_ok.png)

Giggity at number 19, he was my childhood crush
Dunno about the other characters though

No. 146148

File: 1622405251083.png (88.05 KB, 439x317, hghghghhyt.png)

Who is this? He looks wealthy which is quite ironic because i'm dirty poor

No. 146150

File: 1622406028803.png (85.29 KB, 557x712, ghhghgh.png)

I don't know who most of them are, but having fucking Lucifer of all people makes me want to sudoku so much.

No. 146156

File: 1622408596979.png (552.58 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210530-135944.png)

That pans out. Sub video games and lolcow for drugs tho. Proof that if I had more self control I'd probably contribute to society but instead I have four degrees and waste my time at a dead-end job.

I had to retake it to get the full list so the order is different but I think I had all these people before

No. 146163

File: 1622410610746.jpg (44.42 KB, 793x347, Results.jpg)

No. 146536

My boyfriend took the test and got Tywin Lannister. Should I be worried?

No. 146547

Kinda based honestly. He's brilliant, extremely dedicated and capable. Hopefully he's not as cruel when wronged but just more of a "if you betray me you don't get second chances" type of person

No. 146550

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. He's a former poor boy turned millionaire control freak obsessed with recreating the past. He's "idealistic" but in an immature, grating way.

No. 146610

File: 1622631497694.png (83.71 KB, 914x671, a7.png)

Guess I'm Kyle MacLachlan factkin now. I don't recognize half of these characters, but quick searches seem flattering enough

No. 147134

You're neurotic but based. She's the best character on that show

No. 156318

File: 1629215193102.png (456.28 KB, 853x480, Tomoko_respond_.png)

And another one. There's no other female character I can relate to as much as Tomoko. We have similar interests (anime/manga, vidya, 2D/fictional boys), a grim outlook on life, struggle when it comes to socializing, and are perverted virgin loser girls with no boyfriends.

This too. A chubby girl that is very kind and sweet.

No. 156333

File: 1629221754026.jpg (279.17 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20210817-143122_Chr…)

What the fuck. I did this test twice and just get this asshole

No. 156334

you're the dream girl, nonna, willy wonka is hot

No. 156338

File: 1629222880227.jpg (23.46 KB, 352x380, Screenshot_3.jpg)

i have never watched parks and recs

No. 156344

File: 1629223445310.png (95.62 KB, 502x616, the diagnoses.png)

ngl i'm happy with moe szyslak

No. 156371

I'm sorry, I'm only seeing your response now, I really hope you are doing ok! I will remenber you nonnie!

No. 156378

File: 1629236296695.png (87.11 KB, 471x661, match.PNG)

i have no idea who these people are lmfao

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