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File: 1594692696639.gif (423.6 KB, 500x375, sparkelhair.gif)

No. 99129

What stories/people/characters/moments have impacted you most? I’m talking books, movies, TV shows, art, music, video games, celebrities, theatre, podcasts, fiction or non-fiction, pop culture moments, whatever. How has the media you’ve consumed changed and shaped who you are today? Did media make you cut your hair? Change your clothes? Change your mind? Feel your feelings? (Pic related is just an example I could think of off the top of my head)

“The Scully Effect”
>The character is believed to have initiated a phenomenon referred to as "The Scully Effect", as the character's role as a medical doctor and FBI Special Agent inspired many young women to pursue careers in science, medicine, and law enforcement, and as a result brought a perceptible increase in the number of women in those fields.

No. 99137

File: 1594697503935.png (773.89 KB, 1280x682, 25F1D8EB-7E37-49EB-B2DC-5B21EE…)

This scene in the first Land before Time movie. Gave me my first sort-of existential thoughts, and impacted me for a long time.

No. 99143

I feel very bummed about Naya Rivera’s death. I think it’s hitting me so hard because I had just listened to all of Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s Glee recap podcast a few weeks ago. I have such fond memories of how much of a batshit dumpster fire that show was and how much my friends and I were into that first season when we were in high school. I remember listening to “Like a Virgin” on repeat and always rewinding back to Naya’s part. I honestly think she was one of the best singers on the show and it sucks that she kind of ended up with a reputation for being messy because she openly shit-talked Lea Michele in her book but like….she was right??

I’ve also always been morbidly fascinated by the deaths of Cory Monteith and Mark Salling. I know the whole “gLeE cUrSe” thing is insensitive but they’ve all met such horrific ends.

No. 99151

Mark was literally a pedophile, his death was great.

No. 99169

File: 1594719323468.gif (2.74 MB, 498x372, 24313546543.gif)

I swear I discovered a new set of emotions when I binge-read Berserk for the first time over the course of a few weeks while I was unemployed last year. I identify with both Guts and Griffith a disturbing amount and weirdly was able to identify and accept some of my own shitty behavior by paralleling it with things that happened in the story. Like when Griffith prostitutes himself out of guilt, I realized I was doing a lot of harmful things to myself not just because I thought I deserved it, but because I thought I could "make up" for the way I treated other people, even if in the end having an "equalizer" only really encourages me to disregard other peoples' feelings more. I was also sexually abused as a child and some of Guts' behavior was pretty relatable as well.

No. 99188

File: 1594739138080.gif (1.46 MB, 500x281, EBC29263-D369-40AA-B6A1-850CAB…)

>Did media make you cut your hair?
when I was in highschool and a giant weeb I would wake up at 5 am and straighten my hair every. single. day. because I wanted my hair to look ~animu~
I even brought manga for a reference pic when I went to get my hair cut. it wasn’t until I watched TTGL for the first time and saw nia that I started to think that maybe curly hair could be cute too and tried to actually work with mine

(didn’t help that my mom had stick straight hair and no one in my life ever taught me how to deal with curly hair, but that’s a different blogpost)

I feel like I wanna read this now

No. 99190

File: 1594739982660.jpeg (15.75 KB, 250x250, 37F640F5-C0B5-44C4-9A03-214A9A…)

Im going to be that bitch and say RaMoNa FlOwErS but actually for real, I read the comics when they were still only in black and white and deeply resonated with her character, afraid of getting stuck, need for constant change and stimulation, running away from relationships and friendships when they get too serious, the fact that she also a cool girl that people wanted to be around warmed my bullied freak heart and maybe someday after high school people would also think im Cool, doesn’t help that my weeb ass already had The Haircut because I wanted to look like Gumi Megpoid.

I genuinely hate what the internet and the movie did to her, she’s actually a very complex character and literally the opposite of an attention whore Egirl.

No. 99195

File: 1594741972620.jpg (143.5 KB, 1800x1012, yYw9cVdRJ4zzwxM2cTDXfT6JI6E.jp…)

When I was like 15 I was abused and discarded by a boyfriend and it was devastating. My mom tried cheering me up and showed me 500 Days of Summer. I thought Zooey was beautiful and I liked that Summer was an flawed person. I kinda wanted to adopt this mean persona and never be dumped again, so I cut my hair like Zooey and straightened it every day.

It made me run out on relationships when the going got rough as a defense mechanism. I'm semi-happy now, although I do run away sometimes.

I would say Ramona Flowers had a similar effect on me

No. 99197

File: 1594743464572.jpeg (366.61 KB, 1280x720, 39AD6501-F1D8-4F07-91A1-7B7C1E…)

Devilman crybaby, the dynamic between these two reminded me a lot of my childhood best friend and I (minus the whole demon/devil thing). We’re heavily dependent on each other and can’t function without the other to a certain extent. I also have a really hard time feeling emotions specially with real life events due to depression and other things but watching this made me truly realize how much she meant to me and how shit my life would be losing her. I know it’s kind of stupid having a show make me realize how much someone means to me but like I said I really struggle with emotions and distinguishing if i truly “love” someone and always have. My friend and I have been apart for some time due to going to unis in different parts of the country but the lockdown brought us back together and I feel like our friendship is as good as ever. I feel really bad for somethings I did to her in the past that I will never be able to forgive myself for, and I still think i’m a shit friend but i’m so happy she sticks by my side and i’ll do anything to make her happy. The ending to this had be sobbing like a baby and it’s so odd I was even able to relate to it considering what it is.

No. 99200

i love berserk. fuckin named one of my cats Casca lmao

No. 99203

File: 1594745363321.jpg (2.21 MB, 2250x1599, 2.jpg)

Yurucamp, oddly enough.

It's just a feel good slice of life about cute high school girls who go camping and really isn't that deep, but something about it has made me reread it like 20 times (and counting) already. I started reading it a little before the first season of the anime was announced, and between then and now, I had a pretty bad breakup and it was a lighthearted, feel good series to take my mind off things. I was really drawn to Rin, at first because she reminds me a lot of my ex (very introverted, enjoys solitude, resting bitch face lol), but at some point I just… wanted to be like her- someone who is independent and can be self sufficient, someone who purposely takes lone trips by herself to enjoy her own time in the world. I was dealing with depersonalization at the time so latching onto Rin because she resembles my ex probably wasn't the best idea lol. I share more qualities with Nadeshiko than I do with Rin (can be very extroverted, kind of dumb) so when Nadeshiko decides to go on her own solocamp, it kinda felt like… encouragement.

I started doing more outdoorsy hobbies, like bouldering last year (even though I go to a gym to do it). I don't have space for camping equipment at the moment, but I really, really want to go camping. If possible, I'd like to go solo camping myself. A lot of my friends give me flack for it lol.

It's nothing 3deep5me, but I think Yurucamp has had a really subtle and positive effect on my life and in encouraging me to enjoy the outdoors and learn how to enjoy my own company in a productive manner.

No. 99204

File: 1594747218189.gif (47.62 KB, 450x324, 6ABD9FF6-CF80-44A0-B1E7-A28E1B…)

Unironically homestuck. The fandom and new team annoy me, but I binge read the original webcomic after it finished in high school (so fandom had died down) when I felt like shit. It really resonated with me. I love the concepts in it, like the dream bubbles and how the game works. It was a fantasy for the kind of online life and friends I didn't have. I didn't change anything physically, but it did inspire a comic I want to make so I'll always thank Hussie for that.

No. 99212

File: 1594750944677.jpg (45.45 KB, 500x446, black-shorts-from-new-girl-val…)

>Mark was literally a pedophile, his death was great.
Yes, the "horrific" part of his death was that he turned out to be hoarding CP. Sorry, I didn't think I had to specify that's what I meant.

I think Zooey impacted a lot girls. I used to get compared to her a lot (I look nothing like her, it's only because I'm white and have bangs) so even though I found her whole qUiRkY mPdG thing annoying as fuck I feel like I always appreciated her sense of style. I bought my first pair of high waisted shorts because of this one episode of New Girl. I guess I should thank her for saving my life because I've never looked back.

No. 99213

File: 1594752086847.jpg (182.76 KB, 640x448, AerithDeath2.jpg)

Ramona fucked me up because I made the mistake of being in a long-term relationship with a guy who thought Ramona was like, the perfect woman. Which of course meant he considered himself Scott (aka was totally self-centered and cheated and considered himself the protagonist of some story and therefore his emotional journey and fulfillment was all that mattered regardless of the people around him). I could see where it would be different as a woman being impacted by Ramona though.

Oddly enough I would also put Aerith in the same category. I now consider "was impacted by Aerith's death when they were younger" a huge red flag. Dudes that love Aerith or Ramona seem to have really warped views of what women are supposed to be.

No. 99215

File: 1594752966520.png (1.71 MB, 1000x1500, 129B58DE-B0D0-4FA8-895B-A20C6F…)

God I hate men like that, the whole point of the comic is that Scott is bad person who at first is too self centered to realize he’s just a whiny douchebag.
Ramona is also kind of shitty and them being together is painted as karma because they are both horrible partners to anyone they date, the uplifting note is that they want to improve together.

No. 99216

File: 1594753294271.gif (946.62 KB, 500x349, e5f9a8dd0e5fb52d78665fc3955fde…)

Sakura cutting her hair made me cut my hair very short for the first time in middle school.

I thought it made her cool and badass so I wanted to replicate it lol

No. 99217

File: 1594753824298.jpg (126.36 KB, 600x248, contact039.jpg)

This character really had an impact on me when I first saw this movie (Contact) around age 12. Even though lots of this movie is cheesy/cliche as hell, it's still one of my favorites. I got the book too and really felt inspired by a female character interested in science and also very much a daddy's girl like me haha. Scully too ofc, big time loved her in the 90s.

No. 99218

File: 1594755263235.jpg (136.95 KB, 1200x805, DjJ0adSXgAAeL_8.jpg)

Yup, I'd say Silence of the Lambs hit me in a similar way. I still wanna be Clarice Starling.

No. 99219

File: 1594755774680.png (143.39 KB, 293x320, 680440Ikuto.png)

Anime in general developed a lot of my "philosophies" growing up. The majority of middle school and late elementary I was in incredibly isolated. I had no friends and I sat alone at lunch. This was when my depression started to really become a big factor in my life. My home life wasn't great either so I used anime as an escape a lot of the time.

Ikuto from (iirc) shugo Chara had this thing about being vulnerable and not being pitied. So I internalized this idea and really made it a big part of my personality.

For the most part I just built these walls as a result that made it very hard to maintain a lot of very good friendships later on. Obligation and pity kind of became synonymous as I went from middle school to high school.

Also anime characters internalizing all of their fucking emotions in order to not be a burden had a huge impact of me lmao. Tohru from fruits baskets was a perfect example of this and it was my first anime ever.

I became a great listener and kind of dumpster for all of my friends problems in highschool because I thought it made me a kind person. I also became super reclusive with my problems and depression. At one point in highschool, I attempted suicide and no one ever knew because I felt it would be too burdensome to put that on my family and friends.

I have done a lot to get rid of this kind of thinking with therapy, support from my parents and boyfriend. It still is a problem from time to time but not nearly as much as it used to be.

No. 99222

Happy that nobody mentioned Effy Stonem yet, let's keep it that way.

No. 99239

File: 1594766058333.png (482.54 KB, 1026x903, coolgirl.png)

This is a little niche but I was obsessed with this manga called Ultra Maniac in secondary school. I thought the main character was so cool and calm and collected and tried to be like her. It actually worked. I was the "cool girl" for a while. I feel so silly thinking about how I used to emulate this shoujo manga character.

No. 99253

File: 1594770334349.jpeg (71.39 KB, 476x645, E82048E7-C66C-4F99-9032-9B48E2…)

This queen.

No. 99260

A+ Taste.

No. 99269

hopefully everyone here has grown out of their effy/cassie phase already

No. 99280

i loved ultra maniac ( i think i still have a ratty volume or two around here somewhere ) and remember trying to do the same, lmao.
it never worked ofc, but it didn't stop me.

No. 99290

Had to google who that was, I'd assume that was a much more common one in the UK? I did have gay stoner friends in highschool who suddenly got really into Skins at one point, not sure when or where they started broadcasting it in the US

No. 99295

I was obsessed when I was like 12/13 and i'm american, I think a lot of americans knew about it through tumblr kek

No. 99300

She at least had a cool sense of style.

No. 99306

File: 1594792312173.jpeg (74.08 KB, 500x750, 2CFD30C7-FDFF-48F9-BAB5-60779F…)

My hair is long and has been the same length for probably close 10 years now. But godammit if I wasn’t ready to give it all up and make an appointment right then and there to cut it all off when they released the BOTW2 promos with short hair Zelda. I’ve only been able to hold off this long by remembering how terrible I look with short hair…..

No. 99409

File: 1594857424561.jpeg (135.29 KB, 220x299, FC4C1D50-74D5-4C47-BF84-47670D…)

Idk if anyone else has seen this but this movie made me feel seen like nothing else. The way that the sisters struggle under the cultural expectations really reminds me of my own life and stuff that I still have to deal with to this day as someone who grew up in a kind of trad conservative family. It really made me realise the value of sisterhood and I still go back to it sometimes when I’m feeling upset because at this point it kind of feels like I’m watching my own life except I’m only part of the way through and I’ll get my happy ending too as dumb as that sounds if it even makes sense.

No. 99475

File: 1594918838589.jpeg (99.73 KB, 750x420, F1ACCB11-742B-41E0-B94C-EAEA95…)

I feel like millennials were fucked by 90s/00s media telling us it was possible to afford a cute apartment alone while working a silly part-time job like cafe waitress while still pursuing all of our quirky romantic interests. a lot of media did this, but Amelie feels like the one that I remember the most

No. 99484

File: 1594924892997.jpg (33.42 KB, 728x376, maxresdefault-16-728x376.jpg)

>Violet Evergarden
The stories in this anime just made me a better person. It made me think about my life and where I am and the friends and family I have. I started appreciating life more with this anime and it made me realize that I wasn't living to my full potential. It was the first show to ever make me tear up a little bit so it's left a big impact on me. Not to mention I think I've become a nicer person in the way that I help people instead of just doing what people tell me. I started to respect myself more. Not to mention that this show has some of the best art/animation that I've seen in an anime. I started drawing more thanks to it too.

Overall, this show changed my life for the better and was that bit of motivation to start caring for myself and those around me. I recommend it to anyone!

Spoiler below!
The scene where the mother writes a bunch of letters to her daughter so that the daughter can get them when the mother dies. That's the scene that made me tear up. I started really thinking about my family and friends and decided to stop being such a recluse after that.

No. 99513

Media has definitely had an impact on me but the person I know whose media choices made him a radically different person would probably be my brother, he joined the Marines specifically due to the reading the Punisher Max comic series and his time in the Marines made him a different person, not worse or better just different

And he really wouldnt have thought about joining if it weren't for the comics

No. 99520

File: 1594952549190.jpg (45.42 KB, 670x467, tumblr_static_eroa6qemwjk0kwgs…)

Absolutely this. Even Bridget Jones, who was meant to be a failure, was able to afford living alone and have spare cash for bad habits!

On a similar note, Nana absolutely informed my ideas for what success in my twenties would look like. From the close friendship with a creative badass to the beautiful claw bathtub and the small joy of making do with cheap household goods from Daiso, I wanted it all!
My actual twenties are such a let down. Individually you can have any of these things but having it all at once seems impossible without rich parents or an iron will.

No. 99522

File: 1594952775518.jpeg (80.18 KB, 985x739, D409EEEB-0154-43C4-83B8-27973F…)

I definitely discovered I loved reading because of R.O.D the tv, the show was a huge influence to me since as a kid, I really wanted to isolate myself for lots of years like Yomiko Readman. I didn’t understand the plot as a kid, but the idea of being surrounded by only books truly made me want to pursue a career in literature.

So, instead of feeling miserable because I couldn’t raise my GPA to be a veterinarian or a cardiologist, I just picked up reading as a hobby and enjoyed it until I studied literature and ruined my love for literature.

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