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File: 1593927663412.jpg (58.6 KB, 258x333, Punk-Rock-RiotGrrl-poster-009.…)

No. 98176

What is Riot grrrl?
Riot grrrl is an underground feminist punk movement that combines feminism, punk music and politics. It is often associated with third-wave feminism, which is sometimes seen as having grown out of the riot grrrl movement, and has recently been seen in current fourth-wave feminist punk music. Riot grrrl bands often address issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, racism, patriarchy, classism, anarchism and female empowerment.

Famous Riot grrrl bands include:
♥ Bikini Kill
♥ Hole
♥ Bratmobile
♥ Babes in Toyland

Discuss anything Riot grrrl-related here.

No. 98185

I love Torso; I think they are riot grrrl, but I'm not sure. What do you think? https://torsoxvx.bandcamp.com/

No. 98194

I know in my heart there's probably a semi-viral twitter thread analyzing why riot grrrl is TERF music and I'm annoyed without even having to see it

No. 98209

They're Riot grrrl from the various Riot grrl bands I've heard from.

No. 98212

Thanks. They're the only such band I know, I'm going to pay more attention to this movement now.

No. 98230

I love riot grrrl but isn't it a bit of an outdated label to put on things now? Most bands or fans that fit that genre now just call themselves punk or something

No. 98238

File: 1593988831569.png (52.3 KB, 912x217, kathleenhanna.png)

Kathleen Hanna is a full on TRA libfem these days, which is really disappointing.

No. 98242

Wait, wasn't Courtney Love against the Riot grrrl movement? I know she had a bad relationship with the singer of Bikini Kill, and if I recall correctly, her song Olympia was made to mock riot grrrl or something like that. She still said she was a feminist and talked/sung about rape, abuse and all that, but idk if she truly qualified as part of riot grrrl.

This is what CL said about the movement (taken from the Riot grrrl wikipedia article)
>Look, you've got these highly intelligent imperious girls, but who told them it was their undeniable American right not to be offended? Being offended is part of being in the real world. I'm offended every time I see George Bush on TV!

On another note, I recently started listening to The Gits (vid related). I'm not sure if they are Riot Grrrl, but I know the singer, Mia Zapata, became some sort of feminist icon after her rape and murder (learning about her death made me want to kms). Apparently her songs/ideals weren't specifically feminist, tho.
I honestly don't know a lot about the band or Mia since her murder hit me so hard that It somehow makes it kind of hard to read more info about the band. But please feel free to give more insight on the band.
Also sorry if my english is shit.

No. 98266

File: 1594016939849.jpg (16.43 KB, 386x258, Pagan_Babies.jpg)

She was involved in a Riot grrrl band called Pagan Babies before turning against the movement. Her band Hole, is often considered to be Riot grrrl by many people.

Wikipedia lists The Gits as a Riot grrrl band.

No. 98267

There are bands who still use the term Riot grrrl to refer to their music.

No. 98274

File: 1594031058668.gif (1.64 MB, 487x353, 8dfd51075ba4b91dd75d007095681c…)

Courtney love is both for and against everything and anything, so it doesn't matter what she says. Hole's first record definitely fits the riot grrrl label.
I live for the kinderwhore style created by her and/or Kat Bjelland.

No. 98348

File: 1594112777820.jpg (537.75 KB, 642x852, Kat_Bjelland_1992_(crop).jpg)

Bjelland started the style, Love just popularized it.

No. 98403

I love this shit! My favorite bands that identify with riot grrrl are the Regrettes and Skating Polly, but there are some other female fronted riot grrrl adjacent bands that I'm really into too.

No. 98452

Loving this thread, added all bands to my playlist and I hope anons will add more bands to listen to.

No. 101842

Was involved in the scene for a while, honestly proto-libfems the lot of them, a bunch of University educated rich girl who wanted to act punk

Like fuck so many debated about including trannies and slut pride e.t.c it deserved to die

No. 104085

Yeah, I know this ain’t riot grrrl but the song is still about female empowerment and has a multitude of singers of other “chick bands”

No. 113456

Hopefully this doesn't count as necro'ing

I'm pretty new to the riot girls genre and I really liked Bikini kill's song 'R.I.P.' -are there any songs in the riot girl genre that are similar?

No. 113458

"She Walks on Me" by Hole.

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