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File: 1593191416201.jpg (697.12 KB, 600x776, oceantann.full.1330752.jpg)

No. 97202

a collection for forgotten early 2010s videos from the weeb side of YT.
Let's take a trip down memory lane.

No. 97204

this one is 2009 but still fits

No. 97208

most of my fave AMVs are gone….

No. 97210

hate the laughably angsty video and the piece of shit responsible for it

No. 97211

I miss AMVs days, I used to have lots of them downloaded on my old PC and they're all gone now.

No. 97212

No. 97215

Does this count? This woman's dance vids are so iconic she ushered a generation of idoru wannabes.

No. 97216

No. 97219

he made a few iconic pieces but that doesn't make him any less of a piece of shit.

No. 97224

I was unironically obsessed with Kozue as a kid. Her and Miume made me realize I'm a lesbian, kek. Also I was at my most fit weight ever doing those weeb dances, they're very good for working out. If only I could do them nowadays without thinking about how cringe it is.

No. 97230

luckly old AMVs I was listening to are still there.

No. 97233

Who is that dude and what he has done?

No. 97234

No. 97235

MMD hell

No. 97236

I forgot this exsited and I wish I didn't have to remember.

No. 97237

No. 97243

this song was the AMV standard during the early 2010 and I still occasionally get it stuck in my head.

No. 97244

another iconic AMV

No. 97248

I still love this song

No. 97250

been at least 7 years since I last watched this.

No. 97255

HOLLY FUCK I usually handle soft spooky stuff but my mind erased everything about the end and instead created a happy-ever-after ending.

No. 97259

Nice AMV thread

No. 97261

From 2007 so I guess it's a bit too old but forever a classic. This video is such a perfect time capsule to a simpler time. And I still unironically love this song.

No. 97263

Abridged series are pretty iconic

No. 97264

A Slap on Titan used to have me dead asf

No. 97266

>be me
>be 11
>really wants to confess

No. 97269

This was like fron 2007 but I think it still counts.

No. 97270

No. 97271

This is kinda cheating because the original is much older

No. 97274

Slightly before the 2010s but still.

No. 97278

No. 97279

No. 97280

No. 97281

No. 97282

mikeinel. the kawaii uguu video was made for his online groomed underage gf (he was like 4 years older than her or so). He was also (and probably still is) drawing child porn. Once he uploaded a cenzored Namine x Axel porn pic to his dA.

No. 97287

i'm loving this thread already

No. 97290

It's been 9 years since this abridged was uploaded like what


The Shingeki no Stupidity cracks were hilarious back then (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUDdUpkmSPU)

No. 97291

and fan character/transformation videos are still so fun to watch

(also love the fact that cascada used to be the default choice for amvs)

No. 97306

I thought something more interesting then lolis

No. 97315

This Princess Tutu AMV came out in 2006 after i got into the anime and it still holds up so well.

No. 97317

I knew it would be that one, it was legendary back in the day.

Vid related is also still great.

No. 97319

Izaya’s Renai Circulation

No. 97320

>old weebtube
>No ‘If You Were Gay‘ edits

No. 97322

>if you were gay

GOD I would watch those all the time!
Thought that shit was peak humor back in ‘08.

No. 97328

Fanime counts,right?

No. 97329

yes please! I used to watch lots of fanimes but I can't remember their names.

No. 97331

this is adorable and cursed at he same time

No. 97343

If you can remember any vague plot/scenes/characters i can prolly find it lol i was so into fanime when i was 12-15
stuff this charming cant be found anymore,sadly. Its all animation memes now and those arent nearly as entertaining.

No. 97358

No. 97369

the ultimate fanime

No. 97377

thanks for posting this anon, this is gold

No. 97378

Same anon. I remember being self aware enough to know my dancing was shit even back then but still having a blast. Fuck it, maybe i'll just close the blinds shut tight.

My favorite nnd was apricot. I wish they were still on yt, alot of the dance videos got copyright striked from what i remember

No. 97381

No. 97383

omg, tokyo crystal mew

No. 97384

No. 97385

No. 97387

No. 97389

I loved this guys guitar covers of weeb songs.

No. 97392

No. 97393

>God Knows
>not posting this cover
Anon come on

No. 97394

Also God Knows
102M views and counting. The fact that it still gets comments every hour is based as fuck.

No. 97395

I had kind of lost interest in the series by 2011 so this one doesn't really hold much nostalgia for me.

No. 97404

Ugh,, it's still so damn good!

No. 97410

Where the NANAfags at

No. 97412


No. 97413

It makes me so sad listening to this while knowing that Haruhi's VA never got to continue her music career, throat tumor surgery or something, and neither her voice actress one after pissing off the dumb otakus.

No. 97415

Any DDR stans here? Maybe a little pre-2010 but it fits in.

I've been looking for a way to workout… I actually just bought myself a used wii, dance-mat, and disc for like $120. I justified it to myself by saying that plenty of gym classes are like $20 apiece.

Super excited to get back into a past hobby that actually makes me want to exercise!

No. 97417

I fucking love DDR, my fav is still the Konamix edition for the PS1. Weird thing is, I have these old mats from when I was a kid that my dad researched for being the best quality (and it's totally true, I can never go back to any others) and so when they started to wear out, I googled the brand name to see if I could find replacements. I'm convinced I'm in an alternate universe because there are absolutely NO RESULTS on the entire internet for the name that is printed on the mats, which were apparently highly recommended online in like 2005. So I've stopped playing, because I'm too pussy to use the mats and break them permanently.

No. 97418

Was anyone really into Touhou fan music videos despite never having played Touhou and not even knowing what it was?

I remember being like 12 and being really into these Touhou songs, but commenting "Is this an anime?" and getting mass downvoted.

No. 97419

yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah i keep going on

No. 97420

Cringe story time.

I was in 7th grade or so, and in the peak of my weeb phase. My pal at school had introduced me to vocaloid a few months prior.

We were in a class together where our teacher basically told everyone, "Create a class presentation on whatever you want, just educate your classmates on something new." In a classic pre-teen weeb manner, we chose vocaloid.

We showed all of the different vocaloids, suggested what kinds of music we thought their voice was suited to, and then ended the presentation by playing this song over my friend's mini speaker.

Tbh it's kind of an adorable memory to me now. I miss when I was just my best, cringey self and was perfectly content to watch dumb anime and listen to my iPod full of vocaloid tunes.

No. 97421

i wasn't too keen on the nana movies back in the day but i think i might rewatch them because i found this clip really charming, even if the melodrama looks way sillier in live action. I still kind of think they made blast's songs too commercial sounding. trapnest's are perfect.

No. 97422

Yes I loved the music and the amount of remixes

No. 97423

I don't keep up with J-pop so plz forgive if Kyary is still relevant these days.

No. 97436

i remember there being so many different videos with various singers
my fav went by J

No. 97446

No. 97491

No. 97498

Every anime opening ever made

No. 97499

This song never not get me hype

No. 97783

No. 97784

I miss these types of AMVs. Sometimes they would make these style of videos with manga pictures too like vid related. I know they still make AMVs but it seems to mostly be just clips edited together with no further editing like this. What do kids do online to be creative these days?

I still play on PS2. You can buy the games for cheap from thrift stores and the pad from used/retro game shops or online.

No. 97795

No. 97822

12 years ago, damn.
Brings back memories of being a tween weeb.
When I was in 7th grade my German teacher actually allowed me to show the first 3 Hetalia episodes to my entire German class. I'd hyped up the cultural/educational aspect so she was probably not expecting, well, fucking Hetalia. Needless to say the class didn't really know how to respond.
This was such a cringeworthy memory for so long but at this point it has passed the cringe stage and turned into a warm nostalgic memory.

No. 97860

Surely this counts lmao

No. 98243

No. 101875

Smooooch was iconic

No. 101876

Also this

No. 101879

No. 101886

I loved these videos as much as the “*~Yaoi slideshow PART 4450~*” videos

No. 101908

Anyone else crying while rewatching these videos getting hit by a big wave of nostalgia and wishing you could go back to these innocent weeb days

No. 118847

does this count?

No. 118855


No. 118857

Gwiyomi trend was cute

Months late but yeah… I deadass teared up. My adolescence was objectively shit but being a somewhat functional grown up is so fucking exhausting, and this shit is forever

No. 118858

No. 118859

No. 118860

No. 118861

No. 118907

you wanna tell me that gwiyomi happened six years ago? insane

No. 122714

I was just rewatching this… I used to love Doki and Nabi so much as a middle schooler. Lol. Anybody else?

No. 122715

Samefag but the proper series name is "There she is!!" Apparently. Used to be a Korean flash animation series.

No. 122716

This thread makes me so sad, I miss these days so much. It's also kinda funny how we all seem to have done embarassing school presentations about Vocaloid or anime kek that shit still haunts me

No. 122720

Omg 11 year old me thought this was the d33pest shit ev3r

No. 122721

Flashbacks to when I would go to my crush's house as a teen and he forced me to watch this every time lol

No. 122732

I remember listening to this almost everyday when I was 9

No. 122736

Where did you hear this from?

It’s true but I didn’t think this information ever got out

No. 122740

I was around back then and read the dA comments etc. on Mikeinel's page. I remember Doskie (the gf) straight up commenting that the video is just like them and Mikeinel replying with a heart or something. I think the info was a common knowledge at the time, but it's been so long ago. Pretty sure there was another proof, maybe even "For Doskie" in the video description?
Do you have any more information on that? I found the whole thing so disturbing.

No. 122745

Yeah actually… I know because mike’s business partner, I’ll call him Dick, did the same thing and he told me all about mike’s business. Young girls would send them lewd pics in exchange for high quality fan art. They told us this exchange was normal in the Philippines. I was kid on the internet for the first time when all this happened so I thought this was normal.

Dick mentioned mike would send clothes and ask for web shows for “reference” and if I would do the same. Thankfully I didn’t but he showed me screenshots of the web shows as an example.

I’m surprised to see mike thrive with million of subscribers on YouTube and other websites. I hope to god he isn’t doing this to any kids today.

No. 122747

Holy shit anon, that's disgusting.
I am not surprised at all since even recently Mikeinel/manyakis was drawing pincest (?) porn.
I think the only thing that keeps him under the radar is that nowadays he is animating porn for degenerate coomers. That demographic doesn't care that he is an actual pedo and they all pretend it's just art (lol).
At least he is no longer superpopular among hysterical weeb teens (like when Draw With Me was released). Disgusting how he used to pull the emo sadboi to attract young female audience.
I remember him teasing his secret dA account for emo artwork. I wonder what he was actually uploading there.

I would like to add that I may have been wrong about the age difference between him and Doski. Could be like 3 years… I think she broke up with him (good for her) and he wrote a sad dA journal about it kek. It was sketchy as fuck anyway. She would sexualize herself as ~irl underage loli~. Quite sad. Hope she is doing alright now.

No. 122749

I think she had it the worst, I hope she’s doing better. I remember just entering middle school and she entering high school. Dick told me their breakup was amicable and they stayed friends after. He made more drawwithme-like videos for her(the murdering vocaloid ones were for her). I think mike set the stage for her to be manipulated by older men IRL because he rationalized sexual behavior as normal.

No. 122752

I remember the Miku video and dedication!
Interesting how he removed Doski from the description. The Draw With Me page on dA says it's for a dear friend but if you google, you can find mirrors of the yt upload with original description.
Has mikeinel dated anyone else? He strikes me as an incel forever alone but maybe I'm wrong. Sorry if this is asking too much!

No. 122753

I don’t know much a year after their break up. I left the deviantart scene because it was too fucked for me to handle. The last time I googled mike was about 5 years ago? He had a girl who was animating and hanging around him. They did collabs and they had matching icons at one point. It reminded me of doskie a lot, but this is all speculation.

About his real life, I do recall both mike and dick being depressed and suicide baiting a lot. There were msn calls made to try and cheer them up, I think doski had to talk him down for hours though

No. 122754

>About his real life, I do recall both mike and dick being depressed and suicide baiting a lot.
Birds of feather kek. Shocking to hear that any women would want to be with a pedo. I hope she is doing fine as well, especially if she truly was in a relationship with Mike.
Poor Doski.

No. 122761

I am ashamed of myself, but this takes me back to a time when everything was alright.

Yes I loved this!! Also the deadly sins series and Synchronicity.

No. 122766

thank you for saying 2010s, I think this was 2013 my favorite meme.

No. 122917

No. 122997


No. 123003

surprised how few of these mmd parody videos have been posted here, they were the shit back in the day

No. 123041

To this day I still want to do a fan animation video featuring characters from a game/anime I like

No. 124392

I raise you!

No. 124394

No. 124396

No. 124413

No. 124415

No. 126127

No. 126138

Y'all I'm old as hell.

I remember owning this anime on dvd as a 13 year old kid. When I finished it I was so disappointed. Hazuki the vampire girl ends up with the protag but don't worry she's a few hundred years old.

No. 126167

I really loved this remix back in the day

No. 126186

I cried at this when I was 13

No. 126212

Has anyone posted this banger yet?

No. 126214

Oops, this might be too old for this thread… my bad

No. 126238

it's okay, i got you anon. i loved all the music from this anime.

No. 126311

Dude this is the only manga I ever PHYSICALLY OWNED as a child. Jesus Christ, I was obsessed with this and all the music and the manga was so sad.

Thinking back on it though….it was kind of pedo.

No. 149411

Mukuchi uploaded a 10 years anniversary….holy fuck we're so old

No. 149421

I wasn't even that big of a weeb (especially not openly/embarrassingly), I only know some of the videos here, but damn that thread makes my chest feel tight…

>10 years
fuck…I want to be a child again, I feel like I didn't appreciate those times enough back then.

I always liked watching lolita makeup tutorials on kawaii pateen and now their channel is basically dead. Also saw a short docu on gyarus and they died out as well. So sad. And a bit ot but Mana sama turned into a fat old uncle lately, how???

No. 149430

Hi nostalgic AMVs thread,, I've been thinking about this AMV for years and I'm finally watching it again a decade later.

No. 149438

That used to be my dream until I realized how much work it would take so I just settled for making flipnotes

No. 149441

I still wonder what "pateen" meant? sauce on mana? can't even imagine

No. 149502

File: 1624445219642.png (95.14 KB, 235x279, mana2019.PNG)

This is a screencap from a 2019 video, it's not that bad but he did clearly age quite a bit. I think he handles it really well though, they obviously put a lot of thought into styling him in a way that flatters him and hides his age as much as possible. Considering the man has been active as a musician since at least 1986 he's probably in his mid 50s or so. If anything it's impressive that he's kept up his aesthetic for this long without pulling a Robert Smith.

No. 149504

I saw this on my youtube recently and couldnt believe it was a 10 year cover. Still so good though.

No. 149518

This was my favorite AMV of all time, and it still is. I can't listen to this song without thinking of this AMV. I cried like a fuckin lil bitch the first time I ever watched it lmao

No. 149521

He does youtube videos now, which is cute, but you can also see that he's packing on pounds.
Normal at his age, but seeing your old idol age is still sad, he's supposed to be an immortal vampire…

No. 149525

I’m crying rn. I was absolutely obsessed with Code Geass.
I saw this too. It reminds that I’ve been saying I want to play the guitar for 10 years ahaha…

No. 149527

this is kind of dark but i watched this pretty young and it still holds up amazingly

No. 149531

No. 149532

No. 149533

No. 149535

No. 149536

Was this specific video passed around in anyones weeb circle? Kek

No. 149540

File: 1624466067123.jpg (25.89 KB, 400x335, 1553279620127.jpg)

Oh god that was fucking awful to watch, I don't think I can uncringe my face. (13y/o me would have ate that shit up though.)

No. 149554

This was one of several memes that people would re-animate as OCs or other anime. It's kind of weird that so many songs associated with anime memes aren't even Japanese, like this song and Caramelldansen.

No. 149556

Samefag, this is another meme people used to reanimate. I never saw the original, so I didn't know until just now that "buri hamachi" is a type of fish lmao

No. 149561

I was rewatching a bunch of these

No. 149562

I'm happy durarara ed parodies still pop up here and there, this one is forever my favorite (it took so long to find the remix of this song too…)

No. 149565

This entire thread could be buri hamachi honestly lol

No. 149576

Can't believe there are some anime fans that have no idea this, llevan polka/the leek song or caramelldansen existed. I feel old and it's only gonna get worse

No. 149578

I wanted to post my favorite medley, but it got lost to time. It was the "original songs" mix of Ryuuseigun. This one is close but not the same.

I know how you feel, at least this thread has brought fun memories.

No. 149579

Sadly I tried looking for oofuri ending parodies but nothing comes up. I remember the one with Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters

No. 149583

I loved this type of meme

No. 149584

No. 149597

No. 149668

Here's another one.

Oh my god, that reminds me of how horrible Oofuri's English dub was. It was almost 4Kids level bad iirc. The guy playing Mihashi sounded like he was doing a bad Spongebob impression.

No. 149671

Here's a cursed one

No. 149831

ugh but it was catchy the year it came out. I'll admit it

No. 149931

The hug at the end I’m crying frfr

No. 149934

It makes me happy that cultured individuals still keep these alive

No. 149938

fuck I thought this was Naoya

No. 149939

It do look like him lol

No. 149970

I hate it when people talk like this.

No. 149971

It really do be that way sometimes.

No. 150066

This thing lives rent-free in my head to this day.

No. 150614

No. 151015

Ah yes, 404. A true classic :P

Some old Nightcore:

No. 156316

Ah, my fujoshi days

No. 156317

You guys remember suki kirai parodies?
I was obsessed with them back in the day and weirdly enough, when I searched up this video I found out that people still make new ones to this day??? There are recent suki kirai vids for genshin impact and miraculous ladybug.

No. 156321

File: 1629216168664.webm (2.56 MB, 320x240, NEET_is_OK.webm)

No. 156322

No. 156351

My favorite one is the squidward and sponge bob

No. 156353

I didn't even like this anime LMFAO looking forward to playing the kawaii and edgy visual novel though

No. 156365

Holy shit I remember this anime
I used to rp on a defunct social media, I think I was the pink haired guy, I'm not sure but I know I was dating some girl that rp the blond dude. Lmao, it's been so long

No. 156374

My fujoshi friend was obsessed with Sukisho and shown me this AMV. I'm impressed it's still around. Apparently this franchise is peak 00's edge. the character designs are uguu kawaii, but the visual novel apparently has a fucked up plot. Gonna be great for my nostalgia.

No. 156603

I remembered being super obsessed with Hetalia back in the day and watched a bunch of fan videos, animations, MMD and Vines. Really missed those times.

No. 156607

duuude this fucking song lmao, I remember being fucking obsessed with it when I was like 11 because my dad bought me an used MP5 which has literally one song and it was this one

No. 156719

Watching this gives me nostalgia and good memories. One of the first YouTube videos I've seen as a kid.

No. 156740

I remember my friend singing the 'i am your butterfly' part and told her about this song. She was confused as apparently she was singing the Die Antwoord one sampling (?) this weeb hit. She never heard the original (?) version!

No. 160076


No. 163194

No. 163195


No. 163203

I lost like 20 lbs the summer of 8th grade dancing this all day and eating nothing but peanut butter. I came back to school and my middle school bf made fun of me because my ass became too small. I still remember all the words and moves, bet I'd die if I tried to do this dance now though.

No. 163571

No. 163572

I’m drowning in nostalgia and I like it.

No. 163573

No. 163581

Based Len poster

No. 163626

Watching old vocaloid songs has been my source of comfort for 7 or so years now.
Still works.

No. 163640

Damn, this takes me back to 2010 when all I would do on YT was watch beauty gurus and Hetalia edits

No. 163641

Anime munters!!

No. 163697

Not weeb material but I thought this was pretty cool in my weeb days. Never read Homestuck.

No. 163699

It was very popular in the fandom (I say this as someone who was barely in it). The artist of this also ended up making some animations for the actual homestuck.

No. 163956

No. 163959

>tfw I would cry while listening to this song because I felt bad for the clown.

No. 163960

No. 164042

OMFG anon i forgot about this song. I only knew the Gakupo version of it, though, so getting to see the original janky MMD MV is a real treat.

No. 164049

This shit right here was the song that made me cry the most alongside 6900000000.

No. 164051

I didn’t know there was a Gakupo version! I swear that back then, the law was that the shittier the animation of the video, the better the song.

No. 169726

No. 169728

awoken my bisexual exprience

No. 170643

Holy FUCK I spent hours the other day thinking about a melody in my head that I couldn't remember. This just hit me like a ton of bricks.

No. 170716

No. 172486

No. 176638

No. 176760

remember youtaites? it was honest passionate work

No. 180991

No. 278352

i love this song so much. i still listen to it today

No. 278357

No. 291903

post videos only you remember. used to be obsessed with trying to imitate the dance here

No. 291916

Dream a dream
Lover take me in your dream

No. 292457

Found this incredible cringe while I was looking for other versions of What's New Pussycat besides the main one. (I love What's New Pussycat (the song, not the movie) and how campy the song is.)(learn to embed)

No. 298118

No. 301792

A great Osu! map.

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