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File: 1591153849868.gif (321.7 KB, 160x160, crying (23).gif)

No. 94399

We already have a thread to post those characters we despise but what about those fictional characters you would ride or die for? why do you love them? nerd out as much as you want.

No. 94401

File: 1591154067643.gif (997.53 KB, 500x281, D6986339-1B49-46E7-80CE-66386F…)

My queen

No. 94402

Huge HPfag and I have to say Sirius is one of my all time favorite characters. I still get slightly triggered thinking about his death. I’m a big Marauders fan/apologist

No. 94405

File: 1591154493994.jpg (69.85 KB, 680x310, Universo_Nintendo_Dororo_Arte_…)

Dororo will always be my baby

No. 94406

Marauders were the only good thing about the books ever and I wanted so much more with them.

No. 94411

File: 1591158763382.jpg (143.77 KB, 595x680, N0jCKkhScPo.jpg)

My one and only.

Also, I get the idea of this thread but aren't the Husbando/Waifu threads basically for stuff like this?

No. 94413

Sirius' life was so depressing, he deserved better
>JKR will never write a marauders prequel series

No. 94414

you can love a character without it being a husbando/waifu

No. 94416

File: 1591164041235.jpg (23.92 KB, 360x450, Marnie.jpg)

i still think about her and the entire film from time to time. even listening to the ed makes me cry.

No. 94417

File: 1591165462154.png (4.39 MB, 2256x3497, SuperMarioParty_Daisy.png)

I knew her from Mario Kart DS and I adored her character immediately because of how hyper and tomboyish she is while still looking cute. And I love how loud and obnoxious her voice is kek.

No. 94423

File: 1591167115584.jpg (351.31 KB, 862x1500, 7fae443c-6795-4413-8e59-52ea17…)

Sakura is such a pure cinnamon roll.

No. 94427

File: 1591168684689.jpeg (186.44 KB, 540x592, A4186963-EEBD-499D-8516-F6FFEA…)

At first I didn’t like her but by the end she was absolutely my favorite

No. 94428

File: 1591169080956.jpg (274.85 KB, 1920x1920, matt-pearson-asset.jpg)

Love uncle Iroh, him crying over Zuko's return had me shaking

No. 94436

File: 1591176636163.jpg (80.63 KB, 520x720, f17723d0b0a6196dc7c068a4d8c9f0…)

he's been my favorite since 2014 and still loving him to this day

he just makes me very happy.

No. 94438

File: 1591178163194.jpg (75.25 KB, 1200x675, EDjQMyWXUAAsdjH.jpg)

We have a sonfu thread, can we get a parental figure thread

No. 94440

File: 1591178760150.jpeg (35.78 KB, 361x419, images (14).jpeg)

I'm surprised husbando hasn't been posted yet

No. 94443

I wish he was my uncle.

No. 94451

File: 1591186962775.jpg (69.64 KB, 704x396, skbt01-05.jpg)

Recently I have been rewatching old anime, and realized how much I love Kyoko and her character's development. Seeing her grow from being motivated by anger, vengeance and hate to actually facing her insecurities and learning how to love and become confident was truly inspiring.

No. 94453

File: 1591189775835.jpeg (405.63 KB, 1735x1416, 67E74489-5E75-4E94-A891-5534A5…)

I miss his rivalry with Zodd before Griffith stole him. Still hoping for that last fight to the death.

No. 94459

Best uncle in the universe who deserves nothing but tea and happiness.

No. 94460

really i love every character in avatar, I've been watching it in quarantine and they're all so loveable (iroh and zuko's arc is the best though)

No. 94461

I prefer she didn't. She's a shit writer and pandering to the sjw crowd.

I'm hoping for an ending at all, but I do miss the interactions Guts and Zodd had in the earlier chapters.

No. 94462

File: 1591193759873.jpg (52.37 KB, 400x580, 807364-sakuragi.jpg)

My bad boy childhood crush

No. 94463

This is the only acceptable answer. I love him so much.

No. 94465

I love the manga! Kyoko is auch an interesting character that’s a lot of fun to follow. I also like that she has an actual personality and goes through emotions most readers can relate to

No. 94469

File: 1591196305937.gif (1.78 MB, 498x468, tenor.gif)

this ray of sunshine

No. 94471

File: 1591196758350.jpg (218.05 KB, 1080x1075, f8617bfa-f3ee-4b74-81d2-6d3e99…)

No. 94477

File: 1591199408419.png (3.49 MB, 2784x2688, A33E10A3-3121-411E-969C-A4B3AC…)

I always played him in mario kart!

No. 94496

File: 1591204031543.jpeg (67.7 KB, 980x528, D0BAA08F-4967-40F8-AF12-129F77…)

The character design is so cute my maternal instincts kick in

No. 94510

File: 1591208815152.jpg (76.99 KB, 500x659, 5b18092d9c06e9874d47470e83614a…)

and this fuck too

No. 94512

File: 1591210056226.gif (860.71 KB, 177x200, img.gif)

He's so goddamn stupid, I just wanna pinch his cheeks.

No. 94516

File: 1591210644319.jpg (48.23 KB, 628x500, Ed.jpg)

cried so hard at her departure from bebop

No. 94524

File: 1591214833769.jpg (202.48 KB, 755x992, MagnusArtNew.jpg)

He did nothing wrong.

No. 94525

My ultimate video game husbando. 10/10

No. 94530

File: 1591218097230.jpeg (202.61 KB, 1178x1600, 0BA03A1A-4271-44E6-AE12-6444E7…)

I never romance Garrus because I just love him as a friend to Shepard. He’s such a loyal, badass, funny space bird and I will fight anyone who dislikes hin.

No. 94533

File: 1591219872703.jpg (19.69 KB, 300x332, Naisu.jpg)

when i was yonge i had a crush on him

No. 94541

File: 1591223799744.jpg (21.47 KB, 275x404, kuwabara.jpg)

his dub voice actor really knocks it out of the park. drives home his good-hearted, ruffian clown personality. i love him so much

No. 94544

File: 1591224646134.png (5.54 MB, 3600x1800, 36Yazawa-Nico-Surprise-Gift-UR…)

MY BABY :(((

No. 94567

he was too ugly for me to like him, physically, and had less screentime than the main characters. Even pushed to the back as the show progressed and a lot of people were introduced from what I can recall. but i began to appreciate his character almost at the end of the show.

No. 94571

Literal best boy. Not only is he an amazing friend, but he's great boyfriend material. I love Kuwabara too. So glad he's getting more love.

No. 94576

Not to samefag, but I just realized that these two are basically the same character.
>introduced as a bully
>loses a fight with the main guy
>pure of heart, dumb of ass
>amazing hair

No. 94582

They don't write female characters like her anymore, a character who is actually very flawed but grow through the story. I like how the mangaka didn't shy away from making her petty, vengeful, and starting fights every now and then. That's how humans behave, and she felt very human
Which makes her growth even more satisfying to witness

No. 94608

File: 1591256527561.png (106.81 KB, 256x389, ButtersStotch.png)

Gosh, he's such a sweetheart (the goth kids probably being second on my list)

No. 94638

File: 1591268376260.gif (1.1 MB, 480x255, giphy.gif)

Chris Evans as Ransom in Knives Out. Loved him.

No. 94640

File: 1591269595347.gif (996.65 KB, 361x506, pobrane.gif)

I relate to her so much it's crazy. She is the first character that I fell in love with and to this day one of the two that I truly love. I can only hope that therapy will help me out and I will be able to get better, just like Rei has tried to.

No. 94644

File: 1591274726225.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1330, 2AEE3ED7-3FD1-4351-9EA4-532FC5…)

And Kiryu and Makoto. Majima's introduction in 0 is top kino, and his whole character arc and he himself is so interesting and compelling to me.

No. 94645

File: 1591274792775.jpeg (174.54 KB, 1920x1080, 96A9243F-0AC3-4873-98BA-E3FA14…)

What is there not to love? She's so playful, yet caring and sweet. I want to be her.

No. 94646

patrician taste anon

No. 94651

File: 1591277074256.gif (1.94 MB, 250x250, nick rye.gif)

Dumb, kind and loves his wife. 10/10, would take a bullet for.

No. 94652

He is my favorite character ever. I couldn't get into Kiwami after playing 0 because he's not playable. What's even the point…

No. 94653

File: 1591279816402.jpeg (42.02 KB, 656x480, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

This dumb motherfucker. Even though he has gone through a lot, has ptsd etc, he is still always helping people and every time he acts like a father figure to Kagura it melts my kokoro.

No. 94659

File: 1591287286541.png (153.37 KB, 640x446, qqt5mkmw64151.png)

I still love him though.

No. 94662

File: 1591292585018.jpg (47.33 KB, 650x414, qm8qme8dwtty.jpg)

god i came here just to name drop him.

my other contribution is hellboy. i want to be his best friend

No. 94667

File: 1591293806826.png (1.4 MB, 810x934, 18288457385703.png)

Alcibiades was my favorite character in Odyssey and I am now just learning he was a real person. I loved my messy ass game bf and always did his misssions.

No. 94668

anon I've never played an AC game before and have been a total slut for ancient greece/egypt lately, should I pick this game up?

No. 94669

File: 1591294308518.png (3.83 MB, 1920x1080, Aya_explains_her_Stand.png)

she just wants to help people find happiness

No. 94677

YES. Its different from most AC games but there's a lot of historical content (locations, art,people) and side missions to keep you busy. I sunk about 100 hours into it (but you don't have to to beat it. I'm a bit of a compleationist).
AC2 is another great entry in the series that's more true to its formula, but thats based in Renaissance Italy.

No. 94684

it's basically amphetamines for ancient Greece buffs, pick it up
bonus that it goes on sale quite often lately

No. 94691

File: 1591303025920.jpeg (222.32 KB, 721x1024, 81007372-3EC1-4526-92A6-7D3221…)

I want these two to be my friends

No. 94703

File: 1591308005840.jpeg (119.64 KB, 824x563, 39E2D815-D254-4D2E-9A06-C0DC99…)

I love Vivi from ff9. Have ever since I was a kid. He’s just so sweet and cute… his story arc is my favorite in the game too.

No. 94705

The YYH dub sounds fucking awful to anyone who didn't grow up with it and his original Japanese VA does a job too amazing for words but otherwise I agree, he's a good boy

No. 94709

File: 1591315333654.jpg (192.13 KB, 833x861, billy.jpg)

God I love this kid. Disney better not ruin him.

No. 94712

I like the character but it feels like comic writers place him at the center of very bad stories.

No. 94723

File: 1591335203330.jpeg (34.16 KB, 400x400, 901CC78A-53CE-4E13-BDDF-4903E3…)

He is just so wholesome and must be protected

No. 94727

File: 1591338841384.png (621.03 KB, 1411x900, mob.png)

mob is such a great character. even when he's strong. you can't help but feel protective and soft with him.

No. 94734

I thought I was the only one who watched this, yes yes indeed.

No. 94746

File: 1591376380504.gif (1.59 MB, 540x391, 61625c7e-8f0c-4f27-b85d-28b1db…)

Perfect boy. Absolutely perfect.

No. 94748

File: 1591377358991.png (384.17 KB, 360x450, 2D.png)

This absolute dumbass. I just want him to be happy.

No. 94761

File: 1591384944443.jpg (260.15 KB, 1417x1660, EWjMu5UWAAIYf0E.jpg)

Villanelle… I'm so weak for her

No. 94764

File: 1591385452456.png (202.85 KB, 1000x1422, 5c90cce5478dfddba055893476edec…)

Also Yoshino from Raise wa Tanin ga Ii, its a very good read for anyone interested in Yakuza manga

No. 94767

I've always loved Rei and find her overall outlook the most relatable in Eva. She is born into bad circumstances and never gets the chance to walk away. She deserves to be happy.

No. 94768

File: 1591387704844.png (393.75 KB, 1123x1600, x10.png)

how many girls here also relate to her? i think she deserved better.

No. 94769

Impeccable taste anon. She is best girl.

No. 94779

She’s the best girl, but the male MC is the absolute worst

No. 94801

File: 1591405396193.jpg (27.34 KB, 225x350, 65897e2f400df8535a4f6ec40f100c…)

could it be because I self-insert to him (aside from the child progidy part)? either way, he deserved better imo

No. 94802

File: 1591405671658.png (273.34 KB, 946x1003, 958b2302a362100dbd1e6084063d09…)

I just think he's neat.

No. 94811

File: 1591411353568.jpeg (112.01 KB, 636x960, 30E3A8D5-1969-4936-BE28-57D585…)

Gib loving wizard grandpa pls

No. 94814

She is so perfect.

No. 94829

Daisy was such a dyke I love her

No. 94833

Oh my, I love original Doom's doomguy, even though he doesn't talk. I always loved the fact that he canonically had a pet rabbit named Daisy.

No. 94879

He was supposed to be a traitor, the story was originally very tragic. Reflecting the mangaka's mental state at the time. This is the toned down version

No. 95271

File: 1591645123159.jpg (2.41 MB, 2056x2732, SOTN_Alucard_Main_Portrait.jpg)

He needs a hug

No. 95276

I agree; have you read Purple Haze Feedback? There are a few other stories written by other authors about Fugo too, I just don't know the names right now. I really feel like he is just like me too lmao (actually I had a dream today that I was stabbing someone with a fork because they were annoying)

No. 95340

File: 1591691512512.png (635.92 KB, 540x768, 7125bf20eb036df7cac22b910d4b7a…)

love him so much

No. 95342

i remember posting him in old threads and some anons were laughing but i didn't change my mind since

No. 95359

Regis is adorable.

No. 95382

File: 1591724764107.jpg (76.32 KB, 653x1090, IMG_20200609_182240.jpg)


Ann was the one character I legitimately wanted to be best friends with. She's a genuinely tough but kind person who's had to put up with so much misogynistic shit (as well as a creepy simp cat) that it didn't make me want to date her, just be her best friend that'd shop and eat desserts with her.

I want to punch the shit out of both Atlus and the coomer pedoshit fanbase for the shit I have to scroll through just for some sfw content. Went into her tag and it's tra trash takes, fetish art, fetish art, misogynist hate, fetish art. Fuck men.

No. 95383

Marnie was such a great character and I cry whenever I see the movie.

No. 95385

>creepy simp cat
jesus christ I almost broke a rib laughing

Anyway I agree, I'd love to have a friend like Ann. She was fun, had a good, positive attitude and the way she effortlessly put scrotes in their places was admirable tbh, if only her stupid thief outfit wasn't so awful.

No. 95391

I didnt think he was that ugly, He just looked like a 30 year old playing soccer with middle school kids. His hissatsu was dope tho.

No. 95408

I can't stand Ann's thief suit. The whole first dungeon is fighting a creepy teacher who preys on teenagers… and then Atlus turns around and stuffs a 15 year old into a leather cat suit.

No. 95409

File: 1591741621697.jpg (85.22 KB, 640x479, img5e7da03283e519.81056117.jpg)

They are pure and good and i love hanako kun, even if the authors are creeps, it has been so long since an anime made me this happy.

No. 95412

Thank you! I always thought it was such a tone deaf move on Atlus' part. Her story is really sad. She's getting sexually harassed for no reason by a creepy teacher and his dungeon even has an alternate version of her who is sexy and submissive. it's so gross. P5 lost me pretty immediately after that.

No. 95413

Yes yes yes they are all so pure and loveable. Can I ask how the authors are creeps? I haven’t really read the manga

No. 95414

Drawing lolishota under any circumstances obviously means you’re a creep

No. 95423

File: 1591750261483.jpg (33.78 KB, 350x490, ce6367ab5c8afe130824bda89a97fe…)

I know Tohru is the definition of a Mary Sue but I will always have the biggest soft spot for her. I completely understood why her friends were so overprotective of her. She's such a warm, sweet character you can only wish you could meet people like that in real life.

not at all, if I could I would befriend the entire female cast

Aren't the characters supposed to be like 15? idk, it baffles me how a lot people considers it a pedo pandering show when tbh it looks like your average shojo to me, perhaps with a slighter cuter style than usual but not as extreme as Made in Abyss or Kobayashi-san. I don't even remember reading anything particularly problematic in the manga. Guess it bothers me because whenever women get a manga/anime that feels like it's aimed to them it's often put down.

No. 95431

File: 1591756681194.png (40.31 KB, 425x859, Nene's_anime_design.png)


Tbh before going on the internet and hearing all the Aida draws shota!!! (Iro is the writer) I always thought her art reminded me more of chibi and western cartoons, ala panty and stocking, all the characters seem to have this art style even the supposed older ones like Tsuchigomori and Yako.
Neither the manga or anime are sexualized either (Sometimes Nene gets harassed but its always framed as bad thing, heck Hanako even apologizes crying), you would expect more from something people call shota bait on the internet.

No. 95437

OT but Ann's 17, not 15 right? They're all second years in high school.

No. 95438

Shouldn't she be 16 if she is a sophomore?

No. 95474

File: 1591791451499.jpeg (237.29 KB, 1143x717, C19618E8-232A-4BB8-BE85-306D8E…)

>Nene is so cute with her chubby daikon legs and kind heart

No. 95547

File: 1591838507017.png (515.32 KB, 742x990, Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 15.5…)

Almost every one of the main cast in Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken but special mention goes to Pop. I see the whole thing as a journey about self-discovery and growing as people.
Pop's courage and the fact he managed to subvert the rule of the underdog comic relief character being victim to power creep to the local "edgelord" character (Hyunckel) and manages to be more relevant in the end than any other character barring Dai himself. Just brilliantly compelling.

No. 95573

File: 1591863057267.png (1.89 MB, 1359x1885, D1301A7D-5D7A-4F7E-8C21-5A17C5…)

I just started this anime but I love her so much oh my god

No. 95574

I loved Ann too! She's definitely my favourite out of all the girls in the game. I especially liked the dynamic between her and Ryuji.
Even though I know her thief outfit is made for the coomers, I actually quite like it. I like leather/skintight suits, she's beautiful and the red/light blonde hair combo fucking kills me. I wish male characters in games could have this kind of design too.

No. 95575

File: 1591864095913.gif (2.57 MB, 500x296, 190BC48D-B5AA-4EFA-984B-AC2857…)

Nadja from what we do in the shadows. Especially this season

No. 95593

Best girl.

Impeccable taste, anon.

No. 95599

File: 1591889233084.jpeg (88.92 KB, 1280x720, 36C2E9B1-0DC1-4417-A60E-7431CA…)

Nessa from an underrated masterpiece that is Fractale.
She is so, so, so pure and lovely and fills my heart with joy. I just want to see her smile and run around, just enjoy being alive. We all have so much to learn from her….

No. 95615

File: 1591910296709.png (4.05 MB, 1917x2089, 20.png)

One of the only anime characters whose bodies I relate to. Naturally she's more exaggerated being a fictional character, but I'm also a thicc hourglass, like my waist is a lot smaller than my boobs and hips but I'm all around wide.

Idk man, it just feels nice to see myself represented in anime even if it's silly. Media usually only portrays tiny petite hourglass figures, especially anime.

No. 95616

Japanese high school, anon. 2nd years are 17. Japanese teens enter high school at 16. Ann's official age is stated to be 17 and she's nearing 18 in the end of the game.

I hate Ann's ugly bodysuit as much as any other person but I really cringe at the people trying to portray her as some pedobait character when she's almost 18 and looks and acts nothing like a child. She's more mature than most of the actual adult female characters in the game.

No. 95620

the hypocrisy is annoying. also, "s-she's mature for her age!" isn't the gotcha you think it is

No. 95625

Galko is a sweet girl! 10/10 would befriend

No. 95626

Why are you bragging about your measurements in a thread about fictional characters? You sound like Moo.

No. 95629

Yesss I love Galkooo
She’s such a qt

No. 95646

japanese 2nd years are equivalent to juniors, not sophmores

i know that the japanese school year starts in april and high school for them is 3 years, but unless they have 1 more extra year for school, shouldnt they start high school at 15 then during the year turn 16? does that mean japanese kids graduate at 19 then? or is my math fucked up??

either way, ann is the most sexualized girl in the game, which is amazing cuz the homeroom teacher is literally a part time prostitute/escort

whats also funny is anns whole character is supposed to be about racial fetishization/hypersexualization of mixed japanese people and how theyre othered and treated like whores and basically depersonalized despite, or rather because, the fact that theyre looks are considered god-tier and how theyre just normal people like everyone else, guyyyys~ stop being mean to the mixed peoplesss~ they have feelings toooo
and then the game hypersexualizes her anyways lol thus rendering their point moot

No. 95654

And acting like huge tits and hips with tiny waists are somehow underrepresented in any medium let alone anime lmao

No. 95671

Your humblebragging is obnoxious but yeah I love Galko too.

Same, would love her as a friend.

No. 95672

File: 1591945828071.png (1.2 MB, 2010x1850, P5S_Ann.png)

> shouldnt they start high school at 15 then during the year turn 16? does that mean japanese kids graduate at 19 then? or is my math fucked up??
No, you got it right. They begin high school the year they turn 16, second year when they turn 17, third at 18 and graduate at 19.

What do you mean? Ann looks and acts indistinguishable from the other female characters in the game that are 20+ and she's almost 18. Some people tried to cancel Sakimichan for drawing a sexy Ann because "isn't this character a minor???? PEDO ALERT" when someone who had no idea about the context of the game would probably take one look at the character and think she's like 25 or something. It's just a dumb piece of discourse.

No. 95675

>it just feels nice to see myself represented
omg anon agreed I love when characters have my body type, my fav is plank from ed edd n eddy

No. 95678

>oh my god characters with the body type I sadly have, a perfect hourglass figure with wide hips, small waist and big tits, NEVER get represented anywhere!!
Please tell me you're baiting.

No. 95679

that post was vicky tier

No. 95701

No you got it wrong, high school in Japan lasts three years and school starts in April, it's very rare for kids in middle and high school to redo a year if they have bad grades so basically unless there are exceptions it goes like that:
>first year: students start at 15 years old and turn 16
>second year: start at 16 then turn 17
>third and last year: start at 17 and turn 18, are expected to graduate at 18 years old

No. 95831

I dont know what Atlus' entire point of P5 was, but it all felt moot. I played through the game once and never want to look at it again. I could care less for the remaster/remake- whatever royal shit they released. it's a shit story with preaches fake woke morals when it start off with you getting in trouble with stopping a sexual assault.

No. 95840

File: 1592080490252.jpg (24.85 KB, 343x512, 0084fac8f9755c9514fac8af57b9b9…)

No. 95859

Kek I love you anon

No. 95885

File: 1592109694559.jpg (88.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 95890

Best party member in Stick of Truth

No. 95895

TBH whether something is creepy depends on the artist's age. I'm 26 and an artist and I'd never draw a 17 year old in a lewd context.

No. 95915

Based mom, hes such a sweetheart i love him

No. 96028

this video was one of the reasons why i even watched jojo. i wish he was my mom. my mafia, sticky fingers mom.

No. 96186

File: 1592326981548.jpg (64.63 KB, 640x853, Zqsve3r.jpg)

Sakura was my favorite character on the game, I wish I had liked her earlier on.

I miss her so much, why did she had to die?

No. 96189

Wow, taste. She's my favourite too.

No. 96203

File: 1592331532807.png (362.45 KB, 574x459, tumblr_os12jx32tL1slwgd0o1_640…)

He is not even a real person and he is such a role model to me. I want to become a great person like him and inspire people to become even better.

No. 96227

File: 1592342608773.jpeg (176.84 KB, 1443x706, F08F5C67-DDE0-4CDC-8E4E-C897E9…)

It’s a tie between badass dad friend and former glam drunkard

No. 96229

Sakura is literally best girl.

No. 96249

File: 1592400424347.jpg (33.99 KB, 400x400, OKVhuHvH_400x400.jpg)

my favourite archer character!

No. 96253

top tier picks anon

No. 96254

Hello based department, I’m dad

No. 96258

I love this show in general. I don't think I could pick a favorite character.

No. 96269

File: 1592410028423.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2000x1607, 7b5618010a12db6826213575effee3…)

Best girl of DR1 was already posted >>96186, so here's best girl and best boy of DR2

No. 96328

File: 1592440939805.jpg (81.14 KB, 500x729, tumblr_6a0e6c39cbcbc594a86af7d…)

i wish bnha wasn't shounen. for the reason that i love the todoroki family and their conflict within them than the entire cast and plot of bnha. it could be its own anime or story tbh, a hero praised by all is an abusive man to his family because of his quest of being number 1 and his obsession with quirk. i think my love for the family increased due to a fanfic with endeavor's POV with his life becoming shitty, basically excommunicated by the entirety of society and family, even fuyumi. It's also very long and i just love reading endeavor suffer from loneliness, being hated and pitied by people he doesn't want to be pitied. But still have the balls to continue working, trying to be a better father even his kids hate him, and wants to resolve his past with rei even if she doesn't want to see him.

(it reminded me of a villain in tiger and bunny, whose dad became abusive to his mom after his quirk, or next in tiger and bunny, became to decrease in the minutes of usage. (the dad is also the number 1 hero, very well praised and liked by all) and accidentally killed his dad after awakening his next, or quick, when he snap at the sight of his mom getting kicked and insulted. his mom became mentally unstable from the incident and hates him for killing his dad. the villain's quirk, or next, is also fire in the color blue.)

No. 96344

as someone who's fascinated with the dabi is a todoroki theory, i am in agreement anon

No. 96353

yeah. i agreed, i mean the mangaka basically hinted at the possibility, it wouldn't be a surprise if it does happen. but idk, what is the mangaka waiting for? why lengthen the reveal?

also, i'm more surprised nobody pointed out the similarities a character, also known as lunatic, from tiger and bunny has on the todoroki's family issues and conflict. but i'd be disappointed or somewhat understanding if enji does die, the same way the villain's dad does in tiger and bunny - in the hands of the child he wanted to mold into his own successor.

because one of lunatic's struggle with his father was the fact he doesn't have a next, or quirk, and only managed to wield it when his anger combust at the sight of abuse his dad committed on his mother. Ofc, that wasn't the only time his mom was abused, though but I guess he had enough and tried to intervene and managed to produce his first flame that killed his dad.

ironically, while lunatic is a villain in disguise. irl, he's actually the big boss for the heroes of the series. he just follow the main characters from the shadows and kills the criminals at the end. he could be considered as an anti-hero.

i'm sorry, for the long essay. this is my first time talking about this and it's been in my head for a very long time.

No. 96365

could you link this fic please?

No. 96366

No. 96454

BNHA infuriates me because there's a lot of potential for characters to be developed in an interesting way but you know it's just never gonna happen. Bakugou is the best example. I feel like he could become one of my faves if he was developed properly, but for now I hate him.

No. 96458

i don't think bakugo would ever change, anon. if he does, it's barely an improvement tbh, considering he's the mangaka's favorite and always comes as no. 1 in every character poll. maybe the editors are breathing down the mangaka's neck to make sure bakugo is what the people prefer him to be, this loud asshole that somehow manages to capture the hearts of idiots around him.

No. 96459

File: 1592527333874.png (Spoiler Image,144.08 KB, 459x453, 1C2AF7EB-4D39-4276-ADEF-0B6221…)

No. 96460

File: 1592527609390.jpg (244.74 KB, 1066x820, meruem.jpg)

I see lots of love online for killua and kurapika, but never meruem
I hope you're wrong, but you probably aren't

No. 96464

File: 1592528607877.jpg (19.06 KB, 340x241, Leorio_Design.jpg)

leorio need some love too.

No. 96465

File: 1592528728239.jpg (38.25 KB, 480x480, 21d8fcb019703a3c6eec8ade0731a9…)

feitan is so hot

No. 96477

He kinda murdered his own mom to be born, so he was a douche bag since birth. I do appreciate his character growth though.

No. 96481

File: 1592539273293.jpg (40.49 KB, 712x480, hiei.jpg)

He carried Team Urameshi through the first half of the Dark Tournament while everyone else was dedicated to jobbing. He talks big but he can actually back it up, and he's a qt to boot.

Anon this is absolutely not true, the YYH dub is great and sounds organic, and this is coming from someone who avoids dubs as much as possible.

No. 96491

None of them jobbed aside from Kuwabara for the sole purpose of comic relief.

No. 96505

I'm ESL, grew up with the Japanese dub and almost threw up when I heard the American dub for the first time. It's shit, anon.

Also he might've been OP in DT but his fights were boring because he basically oneshotted everyone. And idk how you can say Hiei carried the team because Kurama did just as good as a job and his fights were fucking brutal, not to mention how Yusuke excelled the fights. Even Kuwabara did his best but because he was a human who could barely stand up against demon bullshit it was sort of predictable how it would end up. I like Hiei too but Team Urameshi was a team effort and if you want to get technical, Yusuke was the absolute MVP who kicked elder Toguro's ass.

No. 96506

You mean Younger Toguro anon?

No. 96507

fuck, yes. I guess I had a stroke writing that

No. 96508

The English dub of YYH gave me cancer. First, it got rid of the awesome Japanese opening, and second, Kuwabara's English VA is intolerable. Hiei's actor is also pretty sucky. Yusuke's actor is passable. People are okay with the dub because it's what they grew up with and that's fine, but I personally can't stand it.

I didn't have cable as a kid, so I didn't grow up with the dub like everyone else. I watched the Japanese version online when I was a teenager, and didn't encounter the English dub until I'd finished the show and was looking for clips of my favorite scenes.

Related is just the awesome OP because it slaps and anyone in this thread who hasn't heard it needs to listen to it.

No. 96509

File: 1592556654969.gif (434.96 KB, 266x200, giphy.gif)

Doublepost but also my favorite character in YYH is Kurama. I already posted him in the husbando thread lmao. He's beautiful, smart, and he loves his mom. Sweet boy.

No. 96514

File: 1592557316777.gif (584.94 KB, 340x255, Tumblr_mt4zy1tfpe1s9rt03o2_500…)

His fox demon form awakened the 13-year old me's sexuality. I could watch the "Bang" scene over and over. 3D will never compare.

No. 96520

File: 1592563332914.jpg (88.21 KB, 859x1153, Enter CHADren.jpg)

The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination. The Emperor of Eloquence. The Fiercest of Fighters. The Greatest of Glory. The Height of Heroism. The Imperator of Intellectualism. The Jarl of Justice. The King of Knights. The Lord of Loquaciousness. The Master of Mortality. The Naysayer of Noobs. The Overlord of Obituaries. The Prince of Passion. The Que-hagen of Quixote. The Ruler of Ruination. The Sultan of Smite. The Taskmaster of Trembles. The Undertaker of Ubiquity. The Vaeyen of Vociferousness. The Warranter of Weaklings. The Xenophobe of Xenogeny. The Yardmaster of Yesteryear. The Zhar of Zoroastrianism.


LORDren the KING


No. 96528

File: 1592571234182.jpg (547.96 KB, 1518x2193, 495288.jpg)

>Thread turns into YYH sperging

YYH confirmed for best anime.

Everyone else stay in your lane.

No. 96531

it's the gospel truth. and they picture looks like a boy band album cover or photoshoot.

No. 96537

File: 1592577747417.png (157.92 KB, 420x355, 1591480735413.png)

I'm glad we agree

No. 96542

File: 1592578830665.jpg (234.46 KB, 958x1004, c1c26d7bd195c1793e9c5dfb392acd…)

why does he have to only be a fictional character

No. 96543

File: 1592578989625.jpeg (42.36 KB, 554x554, C5E2B656-B84A-4F2A-92C5-A1A77A…)

No. 96545


Lol I'm OP and I wrote that yesterday while piss drunk, sorry for the shenanigans, it feels goodwatching everyone talk about YYH again though

No. 96548

But I want realistic Josuke to hurt me

No. 96551

this is too funny

No. 96555

He's fictional because too many women (and men) would fight over him

including myself

No. 96559

I wouldn't mind battling you to death over Josuke

No. 96562

threads like this are boring without strong opinions, don't apologize anon

No. 96566

Come at me bro I'm fighting for my husband

No. 96580

File: 1592606784801.png (134.37 KB, 853x1000, ''Zero01.png)

I love his "hihi"s and cocky lines when I go on killing sprees so freaking much.

you just convinced me to start watching jojo again.

No. 96586

File: 1592612531977.png (441.66 KB, 340x505, Scarykira.png)

josuke is my favorite jojo tbh. that and he battled against one of the most interesting main villain the series. part 4 was basically win-win situation to me.

No. 96590

File: 1592615470153.jpeg (78.45 KB, 1280x720, 00F532DB-9C96-4FF0-ADAF-741A9A…)

He can take my hands any day of the week

No. 96648

File: 1592679882475.jpg (214.16 KB, 1500x1500, DwnMwvvU8AArRa1.jpg)

Lan Zhan

No. 96655

File: 1592685302880.jpeg (29.64 KB, 400x400, D836ABE3-DD1D-4CAC-B197-0BE86B…)

Yes, yes he's a selfish coniving bastard who's more of villain than an anti hero, but at least he admits it and boy if his snark and intelligence doesn't make him a character you both like and hate. Can't wait to see why happens with him in the sequel.

No. 96678

File: 1592707038778.jpeg (997.04 KB, 992x1934, 1EE0C3CF-1A06-4235-8B93-E2BDD3…)

love him

No. 96680

anon, may i take your hand in marriage?

No. 96693

Yes ! one of the best character arc of hunter x hunter.

No. 96694

File: 1592735756697.jpg (230.17 KB, 1280x1024, serial_experiments_lain_104451…)

No. 96697

File: 1592737262640.png (676.89 KB, 842x1213, gYOGlMW.png)

can we have a three way marriage..

i used to be so obsessed with this series. did the manga ever get a complete scanlation? i remember how much my friends and i suffered because we wanted to know what was happening after the first two seasons ended but there were barely any translations around. i miss being so obsessed with something.

No. 96699

The manga is still ongoing but the last time I looked at it the story arc was about Onoda learning how to mountain bike after the 2nd inter-high

No. 96776

File: 1592822966788.png (71.55 KB, 350x343, untitledmadk3.png)

No. 96788

gay japanese hazbin hotel

No. 96793

But I still love him.

No. 97483

File: 1593385284628.jpg (99.38 KB, 620x400, witch1.jpg)

I was rooting for her so much ! I might be fucked up but I found the ending of the movie deeply satisfying

No. 97486

Same, wish there were more movies like this.

No. 97487

i am not going to lie to either of you i hated this movie and it seemed so obvious it was a dude filmmaker

i'd rather read the crucible and then watch midsommar or hereditary sorry robert eggers

No. 97504

File: 1593402942866.gif (557.03 KB, 500x338, asuka.gif)

my queen since i was 14. her fight in eoe fucking kills me i just want to take her to a therapist. love rei too

No. 97540

>seemed so obvious it was a dude filmmaker
I'm genuinely curious to know which part made you feel that way ?

No. 106195

File: 1598708653242.jpg (47.61 KB, 634x672, 418A5D7800000578-4616962-image…)

goddamn it I love her. I wanna be as beautiful, stylish and secure in myself when I am her age also I've forever wanted this hairstyle, definitely gonna get it once I'm tired of long hair
I wish there was more of her in the 3rd season (and maybe tie-in material? not sure, not a fan of Frost's 'novels' so far)

No. 106198

File: 1598710013584.png (816.74 KB, 1920x1080, princesscarolyn.png)

Princess Carolyn did a lot of shit for people and rarely got any appreciation. I hold her near and dear to my heart.

No. 106206

File: 1598714974532.jpg (21.83 KB, 548x540, weaver.jpg)

probably showing my age here but she's still one of my all-time feaves, only reason i watched the series tbh

No. 106207

A + taste anon ER is fucking amazing Dr. Weaver best girl. Do you have a favorite episode?

No. 106209

yesssss anon

i rly like that infamous season 6 ep where carter and lucy get stabbed and it's all weaver in charge

i like early seasons the best tbh

No. 106210

File: 1598716510458.jpeg (649.02 KB, 1242x2208, 922E87AD-713B-431C-9AC7-12A8F9…)

I wish she had gotten better outfits that weren’t pedobait, I got so weirded out when I saw her ridiculously small bikini during the summer event… but she’s great! She’s the reliable kind of girl that is actually well adjusted unlike mami, who is cool, but loses her cool during the story.

No. 106222

ER is better than Grey's Anatomy. I love the ER anons in this thread! And Dr Weaver is best.

No. 106243

It got so bad later in the run. Remember Dr. Shane West all methed out with CGI prosthetic legs?
Haven't watched in many years but I wonder if those early seasons hold up.

No. 106259

imho the early seasons hold up pretty well, untoil season 9 or so

i don't care for the later seasons bc the show gets really preachy and the chracterisation went off the rails
i didn't care for msot of the new characters and i stopped watching after season 13

but i still binge the early seasons from time to time, especially 3-7 for the weaver moments

No. 106400

I really wish we could've get to see more of her and Tonio.

No. 106619

File: 1599049971064.jpeg (112.84 KB, 800x1200, 951A683F-8778-48D9-8FB4-248820…)

She's everything I want to be. Beautiful, smart, fun, a little insane but she's hot so it's ok.

No. 106620

File: 1599050098081.png (173.07 KB, 690x920, ED3509A6-2E9B-45DA-A07F-F69212…)

My cute and cheerful sailor gf! Even though I've never been in the situation where your best friend abandons you for another, I felt like I could still empathise with You and it made me feel really protective of her and she quickly became my favourite.

No. 106622

File: 1599050246054.png (189.11 KB, 566x621, E51BFCD5-72CA-4C27-8664-484488…)


No. 106627

You shouldn't be! She is a cutie who deserves all the best.

No. 106646

No. 106688

File: 1599082402172.jpg (309.72 KB, 1600x1200, L5NMJ7.jpg)

my daughter I love her she deserves better

No. 106689

heather did absolutely nothing wrong & i would die for her

No. 106691

File: 1599087646757.gif (375.97 KB, 320x240, D29B899F-5CDF-48F8-BE76-8E91F0…)

She’s super relatable through-out and had amazing character development too. She’ll always be in my top 10!

No. 106708

Ohhh yes! Nadja is amazing in the second season, I also love Nandor and the original trio.
I need that doll though

No. 106709

File: 1599109845684.jpg (15.84 KB, 500x281, ccc901c361b12758265a2d69626b68…)

I don't think I can handle it.

I love Seras Victoria, I think is a character so unappreciated. Yeah, of course, Alucard and Integra are amazing character and no one can deny that but I don't know, I think the Police girl deserves love too.

No. 106710

File: 1599109860115.jpg (131.98 KB, 1777x999, Theorgy.jpg)

ugh, absolutely fuck me up anon. she's so absolutely gorgeous and her character is just such a fun bad bitch.

No. 106711

What is this from?

No. 106712

kare kano

No. 106713

File: 1599121646971.jpg (155.63 KB, 2000x1333, https _fansided.com_files_2017…)

She's such a cutie, I love her.

No. 111619

File: 1602609764074.jpg (38.38 KB, 320x320, tumblr_static_screen_shot_2013…)

imo mpgis was one of the very few shows that actually somehow managed to pull off excessively vulgar humor. too bad most people stopped caring about it after the first season. pic related, brittnay best girl

No. 111621

Seras is a fantastic character!! Great taste, anons. I think she is really complex but people do seem to care way more for Alucard and Sir Integra. That whole series has such good characters. It needs a rewatch for spooky season

No. 111624

Oh my god I only recently found MPGIS and binged it. Never seen anybody else mention it, ever. I love Brittnay too!! And her best friendship with Saison Marguerite HAHA

No. 111636

File: 1602631107458.jpg (82.27 KB, 1334x750, 3eb9e12f5954573f567165404a9561…)

Carol Peletier from The Walking Dead. I'm in awe whenever she's on screen, she's a beautifully written, complex character in a certain way which I feel is so rare to see in fictional women nowadays. I also like that despite her age, she's given romantic love interests who also adore her for her beauty and strength. The actress who plays her brings such a genuine and emotional performance to the character, I couldn't even pick a favourite scene or episode because they're all splendid.

Thanks for creating this thread so I could pour out some love for this character.

No. 113405

File: 1603971223311.gif (783.7 KB, 288x288, rouge-the-bat-gif.gif)

I wanted to be like her so bad when I was little lmao. I still like her a lot, but I'm sad they changed her Sonic X VA and made her voice sound way higher and whinier so scrotes wouldn't get turned off by her """manly""" and """hooker-like""" deep voice. I mean there's probably an actual good reason why they changed VAs, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case lmao.

No. 113406

You made me curious enough to google her voices (she had 3, I assume you like the best the middle one?) and I am so uncomfortable right now lmfao.
She's too sexual

No. 113409

File: 1603973346417.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Lmao, yeah she sounds a bit too provocative for a character from a literal kids franchise.
I'm honestly surprised by how much they get away with regarding her design. Pic related is how she looks in a very recent game, complete with jiggle physics.
Even if she's a stupid scrote furry fantasy, I still love her in a ~femme fatale~ kinda way I guess, lmao. Kinda like Jessica Rabbit.

No. 113414

File: 1603977442124.jpg (112.43 KB, 980x1470, 79254b6d7ea3922bd14c2c9ce8ff33…)

I loved Debra from Dexter so much as a teen. The other shows I was watching were CSI, Lost and Desperate Housewives and I remember being uncomfortable with all the female characters being so stereotypically feminine, so seeing a GNC woman as a main character was really helpful to me. The fact that my mom didn't like her for her profanity laden speech made me love her even more lol.
Too bad her character got derailed in the latter seasons, I never watched the last ones but from what I read it was incredibly disappointing.

No. 113444

I really like the middle voice. Despite being the deepest with the most potential to be "sultry" she plays it straight and just sounds mature and competent. The first one sounds cheesy and overacted, the last one is breathy to the point it seems like she's going to break out in a porn moan at any moment. Cringe.

No. 113522

File: 1604047745967.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1200, 2EC58CD5-99B4-4817-8A87-DDAB54…)

Just finished Re:Zero's first season.
Fuck Rem.
Fuck Emilia.
FUCK Subaru.
This guy? Best character without a doubt. His backstory made me cry.

No. 113528

File: 1604049395338.png (654.76 KB, 621x515, cruella.png)

She's stylish and kind of based except for the puppy killing.

No. 113540

Kek, I love her.

No. 113542

File: 1604059960894.jpeg (52.65 KB, 500x540, 1_72RHILO-SFzVzanHvJjB4w.jpeg)

I love her, in a 'punt her into the sun' kind of way. That's how I feel about most of the characters actually.

No. 113555

File: 1604069038473.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, ddi5boy-e581a979-19ee-45d4-919…)

No, you don't understand…I would literally die for this man.

No. 113556

love me some seen bean

No. 113564

File: 1604071783460.jpg (23.16 KB, 480x573, 883365d2193450642e2b787dc251b1…)

No wonder why Ed was overprotective over Al, I would kill anyone who dared bother him if he was my brother

No. 113569

idk I think a few puppers can die if it means we can have more based women like her
It also sucks because she's the villian but says that amazing quote

No. 113576

File: 1604078010215.jpg (1.32 MB, 1000x1500, dah22lh-d17baa7a-63f6-4138-933…)

Nathan has permanently skewed my preference to love chuunis.

The amount of time I spent daydreaming about being his partner in crime is embarassing. His voicemail to Max after he died in the hurricane still fucks with my head lol

No. 113577

I don't know why I never thought to post him here. I really like how he's written to where his chauvinistic personality is largely a facade once you discover the abused and vulnerable one that's underneath. The voicemail gets me every time too. You can literally hear that he's given up. Screw Jefferson… even though I kinda had a fucked up crush on him too

No. 113579

don't get how can anyone like him tbh. What,he didn't know at 18-19 that kidnapping and drugging girls is bad? Maybe Jefferson was the Big Bad, but Nathan was trash as well.

No. 113582

I'm going to pose a kind of hypocritical argument, so bear with me. I view Nathan in the same light people view Holden Caulfield. They're both really privileged, but mentally ill to the point where the combination makes them feel apathetic and untouchable (yet they still have plenty of people who empathize with them). Granted, I hate Holden, I still find Nathan enjoyable as a character. He's positioned like an asshole for most of Life is Strange, but After the Storm gives him even more depth since it's a prequel. I really don't think Nathan was who he was portrayed as on the surface. He was a product of neglect, bullying, and delusion. At the end of the day, he's culpable for all the people he hurt, but he was never given a break either. That being said, it did make me happy to see Victoria and Max try their best to get through to him and be his friends.

No. 113643

Nathan to me is just a whiny and entitled dick. He's your typical incel who cries "everybody uses me!!1! nobody likes me!1!1! you don't understand me!! i'm such a victim oh gosh" then proceeds to be a piece of shit and treats women as fucking toys/objects. He's just a sociopath. He killed his classmates, wtf.
Is such a shame, because he's cute. But we can't have good-looking guys in videogames because ~chads are bad and abusive and nerds are the good guys uwu~.

I actually liked the part where he gets beaten up. Seeing him being vulnerable, hurt and humilliated… Damn.
Whump is life.

No. 113672

File: 1604150793397.jpg (301.08 KB, 850x1202, sample_a74236b941fb5df84bbcfce…)

Link is so hot, I love you link.
Only botw link does it for me. He's so cute and manly. And he's legal by 100 years fuck yes

No. 113673

Same but also with twilight Princess link

No. 113677

Same, Twilight Princess Link and Zelda are the hottest for me. Luckily it seems a lot of people agree since there's a lot of porn of them lol. I love Skyward Sword Link and Zelda too but in a sweet wholesome way.

No. 113686

File: 1604167551140.jpg (28.66 KB, 385x290, candy_sombrero.jpg)

Candy is super cute. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

No. 113689

File: 1604168001791.jpg (83.84 KB, 1349x735, 8a6e3a0.jpg)

Love this vain egocentric man

No. 113709

"love this man" would suffice. No need to state the obvious.

No. 113713

File: 1604178706395.jpg (476.75 KB, 842x1191, 81183012_p1.jpg)

Extremely sexy asexual old man who singlehandedly supports your entire fanfiction writing career. Loves puppers.

No. 113717

nta but lmao what a nitpick

No. 113721

NTA, pretty sure anon is just making a joke that he is so vain and egocentric that it doesn't even need to be stated

No. 113726

so do you think he's a chad or do you think he's an incel?

No. 113742

Sorry, I think my wording may have been a bit contradictory.
What I meant to say is that he is a "chad" in terms of looks and popularity/social status, but has an incel way of thinking (narcissistic sociopath, entitled, etc.).
He's the complete opposite of the other important male character, Warren, who is this soft, adorkable, nice guy nerd uwu. Male writers are so transparent.

No. 113760

File: 1604202145495.jpeg (33.83 KB, 486x631, images.jpeg)

I mean he falls into the depressed bad boy category, I think the writers clearly meant him to be unlikable but they underistmated the amount of "I can fix him" angsty teen girls

No. 113779

I'm the anon you originally responded to in >>113643 and I think it goes both ways. I love both Nathan and Warren (I actually like Warren more tbh). However, it's obvious how much the writers tried to make them look like foils. You have "the Chad Nathan" and "the Virgin Warren." At the end of the day, I personally think both characters are endearing in their own rights. Hell, I didn't even like Nathan until well after I watched LiS gameplay. It's mostly the "he put too many eggs in one basket and it ended up biting him in the ass" thing that draws me toward him.

No. 113845

File: 1604290015521.jpeg (267.74 KB, 774x738, 4428378A-F9C2-406C-A26A-47EC94…)

I love these two, they’re a bit weird but they’re adorable and they only deserve good things. Whenever I read this manga in just looking forward to seeing them doing weird stuff, I just smile a lot when they’re in a chapter.

No. 113848

File: 1604291790363.gif (654.68 KB, 500x200, loml.gif)

Words could never express how much I truly love her.

No. 113849

File: 1604292984184.jpeg (41.84 KB, 500x500, 37F74AC2-4839-4088-A8B0-32E132…)

All variations of her theme lead to tears. I really hope the remake doesn’t change anything about her character.

No. 113850

File: 1604293255126.png (367.68 KB, 511x575, 1532325891753.png)

I would give my life to see them turn out okay in the end.

No. 113854

I'm really late but who is this magnificent looking man?

No. 113858

File: 1604299689994.gif (2.6 MB, 500x200, Alucard.gif)

That's Alucard from Castlevania. Gif is from the Netflix series. Lot's of eye candy lol, story and animation is fairly well done imo.

No. 113910

File: 1604340984889.jpg (29.49 KB, 1280x720, Persona-5-Ryuji.jpg)

I'd never felt such strong familial love for a character before meeting this mofo. I've got no husbando ties to him (although ngl my husbandos all so look kinda similar to him kek); I simply love him like a brother

No. 113915

File: 1604342836986.gif (4.1 MB, 540x360, a75.gif)

Not a husbando but if it weren't for him, Clone High wouldn't be popular in 2020 and many other reasons

No. 113917

i love kaine and i love you anon

No. 113929

File: 1604358953224.jpeg (616.01 KB, 1242x970, 256290A1-D210-404B-AF56-E98794…)

Not gonna lie I fapped to Nathan. he’s a terrible awful person but like other anons said, the beating scene is sexy and I’m a sadist.

On the complete opposite spectrum I also really love Sam. Top tier best friend and husbando materiel.

No. 113936

File: 1604369483440.jpg (379.16 KB, 1080x913, Screenshot_20201102-200626__01…)


No. 113938

File: 1604378426065.png (835.33 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_a7a8c38d08dcc443196fa53…)

good taste anon. I wish she got more support by fans, she's a great character

No. 113974

File: 1604419079916.gif (1.21 MB, 500x281, EBE1295E-7FAB-4953-A074-65DBF7…)

i know she's from a waifubait gacha idol game so this may sound silly but i love Kirari Moroboshi. when i was a little younger i used to be very insecure about my height and the fact that i liked cute things, acting cute, and dressing cute but the fact that kirari started to dress and act "infectiously cute" because of how she used to claim her height made her uncute really helped me be confident in my height. although i'm not as tall as kirari (i'm 172cm she's 186cm) her cuteness and height has made me a lot more comfortable with my height, personality, and style.

No. 113991

File: 1604436254526.jpg (3.41 MB, 1933x1667, Venti.full.3098525.jpg)

I love this stupid lazy drunk god so freaking much, all I want to do in the game is protect him and find a way to get his stupid gnosis back. All he really wants is to his children to be free and not hurt each other, truly best boy.

No. 113994

File: 1604437267184.png (795.37 KB, 1024x576, Genshin-Impact-Tartaglia-Child…)

I can't wait to get backstabbed by this ginger bitch and finally learn his backstory. Fans are holding hope he is a brainwashed victim but I really hope that he is, in fact, a manipulative villain who enjoys parts of his work. It's funnier this way to ship him with Lumine.

godly taste

No. 113996

I have lost my mind for him the first moment he appeared in game and I accepted spending money just so I can take an ungodly amount of photos.

Also I hate the hype train for Zhongli, literally less personality than Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy.

No. 114000

Primogems price is atrocious in my currency so I've been saving since I saw him. I currently have enough for nearly 2 pitys. My brainrot is strong enough tho that if I don't get him I'm probably gonna make a second account just to try to roll him lmao.

Eh I can tolerate Zhongli cause at least that's another source of fanfics with Childe. And I can somewhat understand the hype, his voice is really hot and that kick animation is great.

No. 114042

Literally everyone in Genshin Impact has the personality of a plank… we all know it's not their personality we're gacha pulling for

No. 114067

File: 1604480164662.jpg (51.76 KB, 434x612, ElkpaomVgAAxhB0.jpg)


"Warm and friendly one minute, ruthless killer the next… His shifting and unpredictable personality can leave those around him at a loss for words to describe him. But in rare, private moments, he dispenses with titles, casts off his armor and the layers of intrigue that come with it, and show his authentic self.
His name is Tartaglia, and he is devoted to the thrill and the physical feel of battle.
Don't be under any illusion as to what he might be thinking or what his intentions are. Just remember this: Behind that innocent, childlike exterior lies a finely honed instrument of war.
Like a velvet sheath that houses an ostensibly ornamental blade, his unpredictability puts people on edge."

Seems like we are getting a BPDchan sadist after all.

No. 114074

File: 1604491099047.jpg (122.48 KB, 796x1043, 1604478870426.jpg)

nice. Considering he has a younger sister his backstory is probably gonna be something like "he joined fatui out of necessity to protect Tonia but ended up liking being powerful and evil". Now to somehow survive this week…

No. 114075

File: 1604493684572.jpg (84.58 KB, 1280x720, 9896468e6c0ea4744fcccfe4b2488c…)

>Also I hate the hype train for Zhongli
Don't bully me anon, I'm just a sucker for well-spoken, pleasant men who are actually kinda stupîd.
I'm a bit more hyped for Baizhu though, I hope his personality will live up to what I've seen so far because I love his design.

No. 114077

File: 1604496539023.jpg (88.23 KB, 564x844, miku.jpg)

I love her since middle school and I will love her to the grave.

No. 114078

File: 1604498298940.jpg (24.29 KB, 740x370, Ocelot-SoL-1.jpg)

This motherfucker, specifically in MGS2

No. 114079

File: 1604499305709.jpg (65.26 KB, 500x600, 444594c2e32502ec6dc0127c8a954a…)

me too. i still love vocaloid, especially miku and these two

No. 114080

What do you love about her, anon?

No. 114084

wanted to ask the same question since all vocaloids are blank slates to project on

No. 114091

patrician taste, anon. She‘s cool as fuck, I wish there would be more serious female characters like her! I’m really hyped for when she appears again. I love almost everyone in gk tho, the characters are just so well written

No. 114104

I hate how they made him a bland and boring piece of shit in mgsv, he had so much more personality in all the other games

No. 114105

File: 1604520309668.jpeg (170.5 KB, 1024x1023, BC3FD967-C631-475E-9402-DFACBD…)

Gumi is forever my #1. Her voice is so attractive

No. 114109

I wont be pulling for him bc I really need to save for Xiao and I only have like, 5k primogems rn but I completely agree anon, I hope he really is evil and I'm much more interested on his story than the Zhongli's

Anon, I think thats a bit unfair. Sure most characters are tropey but I would say there are a few well written characters here and there, if not only for the webtoon.

No. 114232

File: 1604646518273.png (2.17 MB, 1500x1970, MIKU NT.png)

I love that she can be whatever you want her to be yet you can recognize Miku straight away in any piece of fanart. Plus her new/next design is really feminine and sweet.

Good taste!

No. 114247

File: 1604661331205.jpg (73.83 KB, 480x720, hild.jpg)

hild from the last kingdom. this show makes me feel so many things..

No. 114256

File: 1604668444864.png (307.3 KB, 492x700, c777db50e17144825c75df40046869…)

I like all vocaloids but my favourite is Kaito. He sounds dumb sometimes but if used well his voice can sound very interesting. Also love the personality fans often give him.
Oh wow, I hadn't seen her new design! It's the best one so far imo.

No. 114257

Wow, she looks so cute! I love it, she reminds me of a stylish businesswoman, instead of the weeby schoolgirl from before.

No. 114261

File: 1604671635815.png (1.59 MB, 1256x1840, Luka_v4x_final.png)

spreading some love for luka

No. 114263

I love miku’s new design so much! She looks absolutely adorable.

No. 114267

Her design is so pretty, she looks so elegant and at the same time looks both futuristic and art deco. And look, her armbands have a piano keys pattern on the inside. She is also my favorite and she has a pretty voice.

No. 114293

File: 1604696325249.jpeg (428.46 KB, 1920x1920, A7F2E500-AEA3-4EFF-9C63-31CE6F…)

I agree anon. Kaito is adorable and his fanon personality is so cute to me, I love him. I think he’s been shining a lot lately, as people are starting to get better with his vocals

No. 114297

Holy shit, god-tier taste anon! Kirari is my best girl and I'm so excited to see what imas has in store for her SSR5.

No. 114326

File: 1604721434734.jpg (700.24 KB, 1200x2000, lili-dr-art.jpg)

Don't know where else to post but I use to love her so much (I was 12)that I wanted to cosplay her
I was one weird girl

No. 114331

File: 1604726992495.jpg (654.57 KB, 3840x2160, besthorsetank.jpg)

Orisa from Overwatch. I love her voicelines, she's such a cute character.

No. 114335

File: 1604733933024.jpg (68.01 KB, 555x728, original (2).jpg)

Kinda want to be her.

No. 114337

File: 1604736249027.jpg (73.99 KB, 1316x1304, 82729.jpg)


No. 114338

File: 1604736311162.gif (2.93 MB, 480x355, 272893.gif)


No. 114339

File: 1604736389068.png (659.81 KB, 1026x755, ffa4a194ce0dfceda5431d77c99301…)


No. 114347

File: 1604746869507.jpg (560.31 KB, 1000x675, newgirl-ep622_sc5-rm_00367_hir…)

All day! Idk his episodes were always my fav.

No. 114348

File: 1604749878613.jpg (54.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

She's not from a show but the artist makes short animations featuring her and I just can't let go of her. She's so fucking cute and I love her interactions with Moonie and overall I just wish I could be her smh

No. 114349

File: 1604751901717.jpg (266.42 KB, 1849x1125, un monstre à paris.jpg)

francoeur is the cutest fucking character i've ever seen, he gives me so much oxytocin. i loved his voice too.

No. 114351

Is she based on Vivec?

No. 114352

File: 1604753540508.jpg (42.52 KB, 640x853, vivec starburst.jpg)

smhmh not everything that's yellow and blue is vivec. also vivec is yellow and blue not blue and yellow get it right

No. 114357

File: 1604759701154.jpeg (32.94 KB, 400x400, C1E0945C-7C3F-4DBA-8CF7-A39DC6…)

Agree with all these but adding Mr Jackpots

No. 114362

File: 1604762773138.png (409.97 KB, 540x428, f15fdadc-0b7c-4b1e-b63a-daab96…)

It still hurts

No. 114364

He will always be best boy.

No. 114413

File: 1604808297515.png (1.47 MB, 1920x798, cgOez3j.png)

Orisa is one of the few I really adore But my top pick is my girl Sombra. She had the best reveal and only reason I picked up the stupid game.

No. 114414

Nutcracker Barbie ……….

No. 114693

File: 1604979580972.png (211.44 KB, 360x450, Hawkgirl.png)


No. 114696

File: 1604983434257.png (78.96 KB, 534x370, Screenshot_20201109-223450~2.p…)

I could but I can't,she had so much potential than just being generic side villain from a sonic game(she looks like she could be a monster's inc character lmao I wish she wasn't a sonic character for obvious reasons why)

No. 114698

File: 1604986753874.gif (2.23 MB, 500x250, tumblr_os0f7fbdJb1u1ljrzo2_500…)

She's my favorite character on the show. Especially after her mini ego death in season 2 Such a fuckin shame there won't be a season 3

No. 114699

File: 1604987496266.gif (419.78 KB, 500x281, fX.gif)

Old school Adult Swim fav

No. 114709

I fucking love Mugen so much.

No. 114841

File: 1605124035844.png (105.21 KB, 725x453, t725.png)

AAAAAA ayrt and I only just got to these episodes. lmao that was hilarious

No. 114851


No. 114856

The Netflix series Glow

No. 114869

update us in the tv thread about what you think about the third season (and Bobby) once you finish (or whenever tbh)

No. 114930

File: 1605175559321.jpeg (252.64 KB, 640x858, 3A3787AE-C3D5-4D11-86B1-F74336…)

i love bsd dazai's characterisation so much. the contrast between his incredible talent and debilitating suicide ideation… his aloof and annoying facade… complete remorselessness for his cruelty… it all makes him one of my favourite characters to write. i love trying to get inside his head. his relationships are so fun to dissect.

No. 114952

is it worth reading the manga for him if I like psychological seinen and dislike tropes out of battle shonen?

No. 115083

yes! i also dislike battle shounen, yet bsd is my favourite manga. the character interactions and world building make up for the occasional corniness.

No. 115291

File: 1605487148153.jpg (399.52 KB, 548x822, d1q189j-e9b003f8-1999-428e-887…)

By far and away, Viral ended being my favorite character on the show.

No. 115647

File: 1605757025040.png (198.57 KB, 486x1096, 30dmc2_9_pc_principal_brah_by_…)

Nevwr thought I'd end up liking a PC jock bro character gag character from south park but I ended up loving his character evolution, how great of a partner he is to his wife and how he stands up for her

No. 115683

You brought me back. Viral was my favorite too. Time for a rewatch.

No. 115707

superb taste

No. 115919

File: 1605985237244.jpg (19.37 KB, 400x400, lilratman.jpg)

My darling son now and forever. His character development is easily one of my favorite parts about the series.

No. 115920

File: 1605985718783.jpeg (250.17 KB, 877x1280, A09FA206-54BF-4C7A-9A2C-32D5F4…)

Power is everything I love rn

No. 115933

Where is that from? Also A bit confused if its a trapbait character or a woman…

No. 115938

Chainsawman by Fujimoto Tatsuwhatever. She is literally best girl(female).

No. 116029


Great taste. He deserves the world.

No. 116599

File: 1606540353024.jpg (537.37 KB, 1200x800, rr-09660-r2.jpg)

part of me would have preferred "Diane" to stay a mystery but I love her so much

No. 116602

I will blessed anon

No. 116603

File: 1606540823474.jpg (62.24 KB, 800x533, pbotj4r0nlo7jwuegosh.jpg)

No. 116604

File: 1606540888126.jpg (60.71 KB, 373x699, 149bb77108ff05b8eabfeb1356f852…)

It's complicated. I'd rip her head off with love

No. 116612

I posted about her earlier >>106195 and I love her so much too! Kind of hate what happened in the end but it's Lynch, so what else can you expect?

No. 116636

File: 1606576334468.jpg (19.63 KB, 486x409, 2924275cb0c67431867cb3d7aec564…)

I honestly don't understand why I love him so much. He's completely normal and he could honestly be considered as a mob character in comparison to the rest of the (massive) cast. yet I would die for him.

No. 116682

He doesn’t get enough love

No. 116735

I'm glad you love him too anon, I only ever see discussion around him whenever it's ship-based which is fine for the most part, but annoying at best.

No. 116738

File: 1606643427403.jpg (284.99 KB, 960x1257, df2e3d41-b52c-4fe3-8b2d-9845e2…)

You guys are the real heroes.

No. 116739

File: 1606644068764.jpeg (224.08 KB, 1920x1080, CE1565F4-B5C3-45CE-A29B-99D69B…)

I love her. Probably sounds cringe but I have her pop vinyl and it makes me smile everytime I come to my desk to work/draw etc. I wish I got her pirate skin

No. 116740

File: 1606644255857.png (49.97 KB, 836x499, Screenshot_2020-11-29 The Boys…)

I don't understand this, I get that he's an interesting and compelling character and I commend Antony Starr's performance and yeah he's hot but the people who thirst for him are beyond disgusting

No. 116751

I fucking hate this cunt GRRRRR. The actor did an amazing job, but god, i hate this character with true passion

No. 116776

File: 1606666980251.jpg (72.37 KB, 1200x600, Thanos_MCU.jpg)

I just like him because he's evil and over the top lol. Maybe love is too strong a word? A lot of the time, when I watch superhero shows and the like, I root for the villains (picrel). Soooo yeah.

No. 116798

The bleach they're using to lighten his hair is killing his hairline. Hope the fandom is prepared for the worst.

No. 116804

File: 1606683435821.jpg (12.59 KB, 340x283, Jimmy_Hopkins.jpg)

I love Jimmy from Rockstar's Bully, I honestly think I went through a personality change when I was younger because of all the times I played and replayed Bully. It's probably pure nostalgia but tbh I have a strong fondness for a ton of Bully characters (Petey, Russell, Vance, Angie, etc.), but especially him. I stopped putting up with shit that was a waste of my time and stopped trusting manipulative people. Also the fact that he's bi added to the experience.

No. 116822

Bully was such a neat game! Jimmy was cool too. Loved giving flowers to the dudes and kissing the fat girl in the game kek

No. 118534

File: 1608085382088.jpg (227.83 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_okxlxcU3pB1r3b4roo8_128…)

Poison ivy
I love her so much,especially in her animated appearances (except in the recent super hero girls reboot)

No. 118742

Great taste. Poison Ivy is my all time favorite Batman villain. I like how she's the only female villain who stands on her own. Harley Quinn is always attached to the Joker. And Catwoman hardly counts as a villain these days.

Btw, how do you feel about her in the Harley Quinn series? I have mixed feelings about that show but I love Ivy's characterization there. She has some of the best lines. Dry, sarcastic Ivy>>>>>>>Hysterical, melodramatic Ivy.

No. 118824

Snarky and loveable
I think the show is decent
Can't wait for season 3 though

No. 118935

File: 1608361670409.jpg (81.71 KB, 682x1024, sal.jpg)

No. 118953

File: 1608395577967.png (206.81 KB, 534x331, sal-impractical-jokers-punishm…)

a-anon, could you really love tonight's big loser?

No. 119173

File: 1608592637126.png (572.29 KB, 984x936, GLaDOShd_Portal_2.png)

I love her so much and her savage comments always made me laugh. I find her darling and I wish I could hug her

No. 119177

yes agreed GlaDOS is great

No. 119203

File: 1608618801530.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.07 KB, 539x534, a4bae941b7ecc86f7e8f109af3d6c6…)

anon. I could love him if he let me.

No. 119227

File: 1608647404078.gif (2.29 MB, 268x245, tumblr_psdqym4uc61rdibb3o1_400…)

god she's so perfect and beautiful, i would literally die for this woman. not to mention she's got the best fashion taste

No. 119229

File: 1608647654468.jpg (51.95 KB, 640x894, q9p_Kha-Ia3M1KCf7eMvB_7HBBVkoT…)

d-double date, anon?

No. 119535

Lmao I think I've watched every single impractical jokers clip on youtube

No. 119536

File: 1608961779241.png (173.34 KB, 270x375, Kyoko_-_Anime.png)

Kyoko Mogami I liked her stoic determination coupled with her over the top personality

No. 119580

File: 1609011248190.png (554.74 KB, 807x846, dblp3t6-f57be25b-9094-4c2f-a92…)

I will never stop loving space raptor husbando.

Same, anon.

No. 119624

File: 1609095794652.jpeg (113.27 KB, 828x836, 4FCEAFEB-5634-4673-8BF3-FDF501…)

I want him as my husband. I also kinda have a thing for Shane don’t judge me

No. 119625


No. 121004

File: 1609672701306.png (93.77 KB, 640x246, tumblr_58ffa2dabec0ddf4e1cabef…)

i'd love to be in a polycule with all of them

No. 121057

File: 1609719337141.gif (2.97 MB, 268x179, tumblr_pdoii11jh81vdxsheo7_r1_…)

I love Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore show because she's lovable and hilarious.

No. 121061

File: 1609722212061.png (3.4 MB, 2560x1440, ScreenshotWin32_0443_Final.png)

>perfect voice actor
he's perfect if you mod in some texture for his shiny ass skull

No. 121075

File: 1609734459487.jpg (19.9 KB, 720x400, e9f3e510367860230a653528a551b6…)

I love him
Another reason to watch The Spectacular Spiderman

No. 121079

literally the same character, starting to think anons got a type

No. 121080

I like Kylo Ren and Catra as well so I definitely have some screws loose.

No. 121097

File: 1609759858806.jpg (33.69 KB, 360x450, Jung_Jae-Heon_S1.jpg)

I'd die for him

No. 121099

Anon, we’re the same person. For some reason Christian sword artist is the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.

No. 121136

File: 1609795487132.jpg (28.71 KB, 780x410, unnamed (3).jpg)

I've never watched a Korean tv show in my life but I'm considering it because of this image. Heart eyes, motherfucker.

No. 121176

File: 1609865489044.jpg (37.28 KB, 360x450, Jayhun.jpg)

He's such a great character in the webtoon. The adaption definitely did him justice.

No. 121325


I have a lot of criticisms of The Return but I loved these guys lol. They were so much fun and definitely one of the highlights of the show

No. 121327

>I have a lot of criticisms of The Return
NGL, I really wanna hear it!

No. 122040

File: 1610654113262.png (436.69 KB, 669x678, swkotor2_2014-12-31_17-05-12-2…)

I often feel like Kreia is the best female character ever created. She has depth, convictions and philosophy, she's not sexualized, she's not driven by any traditionally femininine bullshit like motherly love or romance. She has this "to kill a God" drive which is usually something male-coded in stories.
I noticed that even moids call her the best character in Star Wars universe, regardless of sex. On one hand, it pisses me off because it seems like you need a literal granny for men to focus on the character traits of a female instead of her looks, but on the other hand, I struggle to find another female character with that amount of depth and badassery. So I can't really tell how people (but men especially) would react to a similar character but younger.

No. 122041

I forgot to mention, also no "rape victimization gives me depth" trope that female characters often endure, especially in utter trash like GoT

No. 122047

Kreia really was one of a kind.
I think KOTOR2 was a little too deep (and unfinished) for a lot of people to notice.

No. 122711

File: 1611014779408.jpg (231.26 KB, 1072x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

Loved this manga only because of her.

No. 122722

File: 1611019448450.jpg (283.95 KB, 550x733, Rock.Lee.full.1862767.jpg)

He's such a little dweeb…but his rescue and pledge to protect Sakura in the chuunin exams really warmed my heart. What an awesome guy.

No. 122723

File: 1611019552805.jpeg (74.18 KB, 750x750, E4559D48-517F-446E-96B0-C22FA0…)

i know every weeb hates fairy tail but personally it’s one of my favorite shows and this character is my favorite she’s just had enough of everyone’s shit and is underrated

No. 122756

why do you like it so much anon? genuinely curious. I shipped natsu/lucy like hell when I was in middle school but stopped reading around the timeskip

No. 123668

File: 1611596734083.png (50.27 KB, 217x498, Valerie_Gray.png)

I always liked Valerie over Sam (Sam is an overrated try hard pick me anyway)plus I really like how her name is similar to mine

No. 123752

File: 1611632482822.jpeg (65.76 KB, 750x1000, 6A0AC451-E517-45CE-AD22-0A38C1…)

I love her so much, I can’t even listen to sad songs of her like rolling girl because I just want her to be happy.

No. 123804

File: 1611664688273.png (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 1dobuwqf7hh11.png)

controversial take but i personally think he is adorable

No. 123805

I used to find him annoying but he's grown on me

No. 123848

File: 1611675944129.png (215.32 KB, 373x399, f92baec2415988bc7ff61787816a31…)

Awful, but unfortunately I relate to her nonsense.
It was nice to see someone who pushes everyone away work through it and have a happy ending, even if it was unrealistic because she went way too far way too many times.

No. 124741

File: 1612007884310.jpg (99.05 KB, 609x609, 5675675686787.jpg)

Jesus I have a thing for autistic/bipolar FBI agents

No. 124744

wonderful selection, you are only missing the cutie from Deadly Premonition

No. 124772

File: 1612026189834.gif (1.23 MB, 500x278, tumblr_pp6cg1zsdm1qe3aixo3_500…)

fucking Mahone, the best part of prison break. I need to rewatch season 2

No. 125887

File: 1612435603735.jpg (56.56 KB, 800x450, daily-lives-of-high-school-boy…)

I love them all but Hidenori is my favorite

No. 125896

Hell yeah to my bois Mulder and Coops. I used to follow DD's Instagram but he has aged BADLY, very BADLY. And he's a terrible singer but somehow he tours and always has people attending (I'm sure they are fans of him as an actor, not as a singer). I also follow Kyle McLahlan and he's awesome, still handsome as ever, and likes to post funny pics (sometimes of him as Cooper).

tl;dr follow Kyle's IG pls

No. 125909

good taste

No. 125952

File: 1612449413420.png (1.59 MB, 1022x1142, 168F546B-7B5F-42A8-B79E-F9E20C…)

don’t watch one piece like that and his character design is repulsively unsexy to me, and yet… all I wanna do is protec this grumpy doctor baby

No. 126757

File: 1612814773102.gif (406.93 KB, 495x269, d8qtoyv-43170f86-ec8f-4193-9c8…)

i rlly relate to ash a lot and i just love love love love him a lot

No. 126761

Same! I love him so much
Now I wanna watch it again

No. 126774

This reminds to rewatch this year. I want spin-off of the girls so bad lol

No. 126942

File: 1612914820744.jpg (122.14 KB, 1000x791, will_graham.jpg)

>autistic/bipolar FBI agents
may I also add pic related to your list anon ?

No. 126982

File: 1612928540652.png (1.03 MB, 1916x1076, 0t1rms.png)

Why must I fall for recurring characters?

No. 127223

File: 1613045361804.png (287.31 KB, 382x600, tumblr_422bb771140f0e5d3dfcda2…)

I love him so much, he is not a stuck up "doesn't know how emotions work" type despite being a genius and his heart is gold despite the occasional playing pranks on friends

No. 127240

Is this anime Albert Einstein?

No. 127286

pretty much

No. 127328

Einstein's cheating lying ass can only wish he was as pure as Senku

No. 127387

File: 1613092250863.jpg (60.96 KB, 424x640, 59ea38fe6f13203b93b91f51069d88…)

i love nana "hachi" komatsu so much. i know she's an obnoxious, annoying, coddled, superficial, spoilt brat and she can be the absolute worst at times, but i feel like yazawa made her just for me. it feels reassuring to see a character resemble you so much on a show, even if that resemblance means accepting your own rotten nature.

when you watch or read Nana of course you wanna be the cool, independent, punk Nana Osaki, but as much as i'd love to resemble her the truth is i'm a Hachi at heart, and i know that if i were in Hachi's situation i wouldn't be any better than her. i think she can be extremely selfish and shitty at times and deserves most of the backlash she gets from characters like Jun (the same way i get scolded by my own friends when i'm being a moron), but i also think most of her shitty behavior comes from a place of naiveté and overall being super coddled her whole life, something i myself still struggle with today. her being such a brat and making all the wrong choices only makes me root for her even more, like i want to see her grow past her immaturity so she can finally #thrive.

sorry for the walltext i just have a lot of feelings for hachi

No. 127388


100% Hachi needs more appreciation, anon. She's such a realistic, complex character that's more relatable in her experiences with men than Nana O is (though I still love her & Ren) to a lot of us.

No. 127402

File: 1613097150427.jpg (87.4 KB, 640x715, Annie_and_Armin.JPG)

My favourites

No. 127405

File: 1613098434217.png (696.96 KB, 720x583, 20210211_204605.png)

I couldnt choose one but I love those 3 men.Despite them sharing much in common physically their differences in personality is what makes them so charming. Also Kazuhira because he's gone through so much I wanna give him the world.

No. 127419

I was gonna post Armin too. Especially after he got promoted to Commander, I'm so proud of my boy. Honestly probably my second favorite of the scouts and I loved seeing how much he's grown throughout the series.

No. 127425

I adore Hachi. Her flaws make her seem like an actual person, they aren’t cute moe “flaws”. She does dumb shit an actual 20 year old girl would do. I’m so disappointed that the manga went on eternal hiatus just as she was growing up and coming into her own strength.

No. 127427

File: 1613114220728.jpeg (50.8 KB, 460x607, 392DF48F-AF1E-43EF-81F5-55BD9A…)

I love him
Everything that would make him fucking terrible in real life is endearing on a cartoon

No. 127500

Sage for ot but would you recommend watching the anime/reading the manga? I've been wanting to do so for a while and I never got around to do it

I loveee Annie and Armin. I really like the development of each of their personalities (MANGA SPOILER AHEAD) as well as their relationship (I got spoilt about that rip)

No. 127528

i'm the OP of the hachi post and by all means go for it!! sadly it's gone on an indefinite hiatus since 2009 bc the mangaka is chronically ill, but pleasePLEASEE read the manga. the anime covers most of it but not all of it, although neither is finished. please do!! it's awesome

No. 127578

File: 1613188168879.jpg (35.75 KB, 400x301, king-of-the-hill-quotes-tumblr…)

Legit one of my favorite characters in any tv show. I'd love to theorize batshit theories with him

No. 127584

i could've wrote this post, in fact i'm not sure if i did and forgot about it kek
i love aiko so, so much. she deserved so much better.

No. 127591

Even though it’s eternally unfinished it’s still my favorite manga hands down. The art, the story, everything about it is perfect to me.

No. 127758

File: 1613286212982.jpg (225.53 KB, 1434x1335, 7e35dfb297c62d6ada8f67890d98e9…)

I know a lot of people hate him, but I'm just a sucker for tsundere characters. Easily my favorite Robin.

No. 127821

Hard agree. Used to despise him especially coz he always threw shit on Tim my then fav robin, but the super sons starting releasing and he just grew and grew and grew on me and now I love him. Even if he can still be lil shit lol.

No. 128104

File: 1613432479894.jpg (17.25 KB, 294x289, tumblr_muqcoew4GV1sgxk1yo1_400…)

God same here. Such a fun character

No. 128130

File: 1613447073431.png (516.98 KB, 624x464, 4F4698F0-4284-46E6-B81D-9E5E79…)

Pure hearted himbo angel.

No. 128195

He set the bar so high

No. 128205

That man is the reason I gave up on real men. They'll never be able to come close to his perfection.

No. 128209

File: 1613500209013.jpg (494.63 KB, 978x542, robin-son-of-batman-3.jpg)

Same lol, I used to be annoyed with him because of how he treated Tim, but Morrison and Tomasi made me like him. Also, Patrick Gleason draws him really adorable.

No. 128213

File: 1613500812429.jpg (49.53 KB, 1280x720, yozora8574.jpg)

My king… I can't wait to see what shit will Nomura come up with this character. I am hoping he makes his FF13VS concept a reality with KH. I love this character and I want to know his backstory

No. 128225

>I can't wait to see what shit will Nomura come up with this character
Anon… prepare for a major regret

No. 128230

I know…. This ride will never end will it? but I still love him!

No. 128235

I'm sorry but the fact that Nomura made an obvious copy of a FF protagonist out of spite because he was kicked out for taking forever is kinda pathetic. He could have made him a little more different, or he could have let go and made something else.

No. 128238

im sorry for being OOT but can you shed more light on this?

No. 128240

File: 1613511124784.jpg (57.82 KB, 734x510, 9cc86755eb3652c7734b5861c24884…)

I know Nomura is fucking insane, but its that thing that has me craving for more… I don't know I really like Yozora as a concept, I am a clown.

No. 128255

File: 1613517546769.jpg (47.57 KB, 500x500, ae4da70a61feeee8c64a584f6880f3…)

I claim this child as my son

No. 128263

File: 1613519561006.jpg (41.97 KB, 500x268, toki.jpg)

I want to protect.

No. 128332

So in a few words, Yozora looks very much like Noctis from FFXV.
Most likely the reason for this is Nomura being salty about being replaced by another director in the early stages of FFXV development to focus on the Kingdom Hearts titles and finish at least those. FFXV development began in 2006 while it was still called "Final Fantasy Versus 13" and was a spinoff of FFXIII, and Nomura was its director. Nomura couldn't decide what to do with the game's story and took several years to make very little progress, the game was almost trashed but then Square decided to put Tabata in charge to do something with it. The game was finally released as we know it about 10 years later, but characters and story ended up being different from what Nomura had intended. So now him making Yozora a clone of Noctis feels like he hasn't gotten over not being able to finish FFV13 and wants to do it his way through the Kingdom Hearts series.

You know what anon, that's fine. We're all clowns when it comes to our favourite characters. We're all a big circus.

No. 128542

File: 1613616497497.png (65.82 KB, 1577x2399, Blue Diamond.png)

My heart has a soft spot for her and I've never even seen the show, only clips with her in it.

No. 128544

File: 1613616666271.jpeg (97.14 KB, 1024x788, Ginger Snaps.jpeg)

Samefagging but my heart also aches for them!! One of my fave comfort movies. I love them so much.

No. 128546

File: 1613617132602.jpg (71.41 KB, 235x300, Bobby Hicks.jpg)

Last one is Willem Dafoe as Bobby in The Florida Project. When I think of him I feel warm and comforted.

No. 128548

I love him in that movie. I liked Hayley even though she was troubled she was a good mom and loved her daughter. That movie makes me sad.

No. 128550

File: 1613618120763.jpeg (114.18 KB, 600x1185, EADA5D85-75C5-4F0A-8375-68E007…)

Blue pearl and Blue diamond are the only cute characters of that shitshow. I love them so much, if only they could’ve been at a better show with a serious plot.

No. 128806

Same. She did everything she could for Moonee even though the decisions she made were not the best. I wanted good for everybody in the movie. God my heart.
Honestly I would love a show centered only around them.

No. 128850

File: 1613853693276.jpeg (67.76 KB, 425x531, BB76E479-AF90-4636-847A-0184F0…)

The main characters from the criminally underrated 1999 film ‘Dick’ are so adorable and funny, and I love their style. I am in lesbians with Kirsten Dunst.

No. 129746

File: 1614390448130.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2999x3999, A0C30E83-FCA2-4B02-8FD1-EF5B3C…)

I love the way she thinks, I went into that manga thinking I would either cringe or laugh, but all I got was this based girl.

No. 129770

god 60s fashion was good

No. 131202

File: 1615178753657.jpeg (157.27 KB, 749x1060, B7A9BE41-91A0-46A1-8D4D-351E0B…)

I love her, I wish I could get some merch of digi charat, but I think I might be late to the party.
>tfw never got to see digi charat cosplayers during my early weeb years

No. 131223

which manga,anon?

No. 131231

That’s just senpai’s dick or “ Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko”

No. 131407

File: 1615285964796.png (1.53 MB, 851x1473, jesse.png)

Jesse Pinkman. One of my favourite television characters of all time. Gatorade me, bitch.

No. 138080

File: 1618767634863.jpg (91.92 KB, 1280x720, rolo.jpg)

Suddenly remembered my son. I care him.

No. 138108

baby. baby boy

No. 138123

I remember hating him along with a plethora of other fans but I don't exactly remember what all the Rolo hate was about. I think a rewatch is in order before I call your taste shit.

No. 138350

File: 1618882034803.png (447.37 KB, 570x750, 52220098_p0.png)

ngl i still stan this hoe

No. 138381

File: 1618905765143.jpg (100.79 KB, 748x1001, constableodo.jpg)

You were too good for Kira. Too good for anyone in that show.

No. 138386

File: 1618907364663.jpg (96.25 KB, 596x441, bd1d4abec328dd92c69f13493c864a…)

Blackwargreymon. He started in me my love for angsty villains dressed in black.

No. 138439

File: 1618927241513.png (270.98 KB, 1280x715, rider.png)

simply loving the concept of an average joe cycling to save the day with a tokusatsu suit on

No. 138484

File: 1618946429223.jpg (54.57 KB, 750x903, 64f2770c9216899af5b8de7c2fa388…)

odo was like the data of ds9. he was different and people liked to point out that he was different all the damn time. it made me love them both so much more. i just wanna protect them from their evil siblings.

No. 138741

File: 1619060124320.jpeg (328.49 KB, 434x850, FB314FC7-4DD4-49B0-AAF6-32FA1F…)

max x caroline is basically just jade x tori in an alternative timeline. really liked these two characters

No. 138756

File: 1619073760453.png (1009.08 KB, 690x1178, C0C1E336-8C0D-4835-8CD6-D7042C…)

This autistic doll game stole my life, but this character. Seeing Slavic characters in media always makes me happy (especially when they’re presented in a positive light). It’s annoying how hamplanets call her an Aryan, cottagecore tard wife, because apparently that’s all Europeans are known for kek

No. 138772

File: 1619090925020.jpeg (266.01 KB, 1920x1200, 77413DCC-5380-42B2-8503-93DA2B…)

Such a kind, selfless man who always tries his best and is an optimistic little puppy in the body of a HUNK! Also, his Crisis Core design somehow looks better than his FF7 Remake one.

No. 138779

File: 1619091353972.jpg (370.24 KB, 960x960, Gekkan.Shoujo.Nozaki-kun.full.…)

This dork. Love him.

No. 138784

ohh I forgot about him he's a good one

sweet babey

No. 138798

Really hated how his Crisis Core characterization had nothing to do with what was hinted about his personality in the original FFVII (except for the playboy part). SE pulled that honor obsessed, puppylike Zack out of their ass. I could never like him for that reason. Plus it just seemed fake as fuck to me (like pretty much everyone in Crisis Core, Angeal and Genesis being the worst offenders)

No. 138835

I like him because of the OG but I feel the same about Crisis Core. A fun game but holy shit, they all were annoying, Genesis guy takes the crown though.

Maybe the remake treat Zack right this time.

No. 138846

i had forgotten about him ! tsundere boys are top tier

No. 139907

File: 1619678100912.gif (962.15 KB, 500x258, EpKv.gif)

I love this cute dorky nerd with all my heart. I want to make fun of him and protect from everything him at the same time

No. 139911

File: 1619679865288.png (479.09 KB, 636x900, oiks!.png)

I'd give anything to be his friend. God, I love him with all my heart.

No. 139914

I have no idea what this is but she is so cute. I love her outfit so much!

No. 139915

File: 1619682861790.png (412 B, 128x128, Krobus_Laughing.png)

Not to be overly dramatic or anything but would die for him.

No. 139919

File: 1619692982918.jpg (535.74 KB, 1920x2560, arthur_morgan_by_eziomaverick_…)

i just want to hug him

No. 139981

File: 1619737804942.jpg (25.86 KB, 220x350, 220px-Glass_Mask_volume_1.jpg)

Maya from the Glass Mask because she's a sweetheart.

No. 139982

Identity V, they had persona and dingdangrompa skins! So sad I missed it.

No. 139990

Ooh good taste nonny, an underappreciated classic. I loved this show/series and really appreciated how it focused on Maya's growth as a person and actress, not just random melodrama and love triangles. Though I'm ngl, even though it's problematic due to the age difference, I enjoy her and Masumi. He was always supporting her in the background and never really expected anything in return. Nice that their relationship wasn't the main crux of the story though.

No. 140000

File: 1619746917532.png (304.35 KB, 960x498, d67.png)

I love to take him to the movies

No. 140002

File: 1619747475360.jpg (120.07 KB, 1280x720, farmerswife.jpg)

queen of inner child healing and getting that farmboy dick

No. 140009

File: 1619758172425.jpeg (72.36 KB, 650x650, A4577499-EEC0-472F-93DD-05299D…)

I love this stupid fuck.

No. 140013

omg. maya really does need protecting, she's too pure for this world.

No. 140351

No. 140359

File: 1619986895855.jpg (31.13 KB, 452x452, nendoroid-orochimaru-naruto.jp…)

He was my husbando for a solid 8 years, still my fav character from the manga, I even got picrel for Christmas. I pretend Boruto doesn't exist because he was uwufied and the gender crowd unfortunately flocked to him. Peak Orochimaru was during his fight on the bridge against Naruto imho.

No. 140366

I hate the fact that I love him too with all my heart

No. 140400

File: 1620018015618.jpg (290.01 KB, 1429x2034, uno_yu_ji - 113561263849325773…)

My god I love this edgelord.

He's brave, he's cute and handsome, he's cool, he's strong, his powers are awesome, he's quick-witted and cunning, he's got a good heart beneath his rough exterior, he's led a terribly unfair life and chose to fight through it despite his hurt, he's inspiring to me and he's also all alone in the world. I want to be there for him. He deserves love and happiness! I'd dedicate my entire soul to making him content, happy and relaxed in my arms.

He's helped me through bad times, he's given me motivation to improve myself, he's there for me in my heart when I feel all alone. I genuinely want to spend the rest of my life with him.

No. 140401

File: 1620019832330.jpeg (89.48 KB, 838x1200, 3167482A-9992-49F3-92C8-4C2E27…)

mr villain’s day off. wholesale MC wholesome manga.

No. 140402

File: 1620020056267.gif (4.64 MB, 640x356, 161564.gif)

I love my man grievous

No. 140436

File: 1620061836253.gif (719.51 KB, 500x420, tumblr_1bf320904d12f2da213b68d…)

She was my first Ghibli crush. I thought 'I'm going to like be her one day '

No. 140440

I love him but I love the rangers more

No. 140504

File: 1620087965943.jpg (62.94 KB, 550x1050, 36941460_p6.jpg)

i don't care for boruto but i liked that oro of all ppl got a happy ending tbh

i always thought he would have been a cool female villain so i dont mind that he got more androgynous, too bad about the uwu krew claiming him tho

No. 140743

File: 1620299916880.jpg (1.2 MB, 2631x3500, alyssa-teotfw.jpg)

Alyssa Foley from The End of the Fucking World.

No. 140744

Had a huge crush on her and thought she had the coolest life.

No. 140991

File: 1620488313370.jpeg (12.71 KB, 273x185, 7527962F-C421-4370-8227-A5F70F…)

Bad quality photo but I love Dr. Melfi and I wish she was onscreen the entire show.

No. 141051

The most based character on the show

No. 141095

File: 1620586058333.png (5.79 MB, 2180x1448, Andrew-Scott-Fleabag.png)

just finnished the show, already miss him ( and all the characters )

No. 141101

File: 1620588192003.jpg (53.17 KB, 890x681, Ejm87VTXsAMPkUI.jpg)

Ryoji, I loved his character so much. It's been like 10 years and I still haven't gotten over the whole ending.

No. 141117

all persona 3 boys are top tier

No. 141170

Theo best boy!!!
Also, maybe an unpopular opinion, but I actually liked Yukari. I think she was well written and a nice friend. So was Junpei, felt nice that in a self insert game there was a guy we could just be friends with, no romantic undertones. Especially when he defended FeMC when she was being perved on. Based Junpei.

No. 141281

Lol, i thought this wws rickety cricket

No. 141407

File: 1620788743069.jpeg (113.25 KB, 1001x751, 2626E0F9-65E4-4A9E-87A0-6C1E82…)

I really did and reluctantly still do adore this stupid fucking idiot and I’ve always loved haruhi. It’s actually retarded how much weight these characters managed to carry in my life for as long as they have. I hate zoomers notions on shit but the uptick in fanfare over the anime they’ve caused recently might actually, possibly grant us a second season. I sound negative but I bought the manga box set and have rewatched the anime so many times. I never wrote in the memo pad because I wanted to keep it forever. I couldn’t bring myself to read the last volumes because I didn’t want it to end, and because of that I’ve only read volume 18 once. But I love these two and their story so much. I’ll always be happy for them. Even if they’re not the best written ones in the world, they will always be my #1 pair of characters. I really cherish them.

No. 141411

Based. I think what I really liked about this couple in particular is that Tamaki is a rich, good-looking bishie but instead of the normal shoujo manga trope of the hot unobtainable guy being an asshole, it was pretty much the complete opposite. He came off as a lovable golden retriever tbh. Haruhi is also ridiculously based. Most down-to-earth protagonist I've seen in the genre and she's GNC and smart. Don't let the enbies claim her.

No. 141415

Fight off the enbies with tooth and nail, god why can't we have our female characters who are GNC without that making them "not women" it's so depressing.

No. 143661

File: 1621677241994.jpeg (168.27 KB, 1296x2048, 2F02A011-E49A-43A7-9A03-E1E1FC…)

And I don't feel bad about it at all.

No. 143664

I think Junpei and Ryoji suck but, Theo a best.

No. 143665

the original gaslight gatekeep girlboss

No. 143667

Savage, anon. But people will bend over backwards to stan for the most heinous male characters ever written so I'm not that bothered.

No. 143673

Regarding Junpei being just a nice friend-
That would be nice… but i wanted to romance him so bad on my first playthrough. Idk i just think hes cute and sweet.

After that it was Shinji for life. What a sweetie.

also why did they make one of romance options Ken? i get that its supposed to be one sided but its so weird.

No. 143706

File: 1621700869077.png (547.06 KB, 588x602, bkajkfjkdh.png)


No. 143709

>why did they make one of the romance options ken?
Ken's essentially shota bait. It's once sided because most sane people know how creepy it would be if you could actually date him.

No. 144447

Never read or watched this but have always wondered if this character has a serious anger problem or is on steroids? What's his deal…

No. 146176

:((emoji use)

No. 147432

File: 1623140162872.jpg (755.35 KB, 980x1748, _monoma_neito.jpg)

He's literally the most based and funniest character in the entire series and the only people who hate him are class 1-Afags. Everything he says is absolutely correct.
tl;dr explosive powers=explosive personality. MC claims he used to be different before the power developed.

No. 147443

Thanks anon. Still seems insufferable tbh. Take some xanax. Stop yelling literally all the time. Damn.

No. 147615

File: 1623257618239.png (177.79 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static__2048_v2.png)

Love my girl Monomi, or rather Usami. Fuck the almost entire cast for treating her like shit even before they had any reason to doubt her. I wanted to monokuma punch them for trashing the straps Monomi gave them! They should all have died bullying the most wholesome creature on the godforsaken island

No. 148639

File: 1623916941190.jpg (79.13 KB, 800x600, 7fb8c9df4c3429bf0f83f74ab0b4fc…)

I love this stubborn dumbass.

No. 148645

Same, she is one of the best female characters of all time

No. 148654

Glad to see this bumped instead of the comfort character nonsense thread btw.

No. 149133

File: 1624163543405.jpeg (76.32 KB, 1280x671, doppio-and-diavolo-1216594-128…)

I genuinely would take a bullet for Diavolo/Doppio, Diavolo's yearning to be anonymous and doing anything for it is actually interesting to me. He is extremely selfish and he even only trusts himself (Doppio) to the point where he has basically crafted a whole new person to trust that is just an extension of himself. Araki you beautiful bastard thank you for my food.

No. 149752

File: 1624576619303.jpeg (102.45 KB, 602x452, DA97CD19-CCD5-4B25-8399-E51F07…)

Yagami is the second best character in the entire series and best male character hands down. He did absolutely nothing wrong and deserved to have a happy life. He was never a piece of shit, he was never evil. As for Lelouche, he’s an inglorious bastard. But his devotion and determination for something better to the point where it ruins him is admirable. Light is undoubtedly worthy of being loved by viewers everywhere, and both are the true crème de la crème of 2006 and general mid-00s shonen. But really I’m convinced you can’t speak highly of light yagami enough. He was an absolute visionary. His passion and his strength, his own willingness to die are all signs of a true hero. It’s probably obvious I enjoyed these series as an immature vigilante-wannabe youngin’, but even through adulthood I find Light worthy of praise.


No. 149805

You have to be 18 to post on this site, anon.

No. 149811

Light is anime supreme gentleman
except volcel cause he gets a willing hot girl and still prefers sperging out

No. 150796

File: 1625220780873.png (8.3 KB, 320x145, 1111.png)

I've been going insane for the past couple years. Why is he so endearingly fugly

No. 150809

File: 1625232378251.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, rin grilled meat.png)

I love Rin from yurucamp. She is the best character, hands down.
Don't know it you like animu but have you read the War's Unwomanly Face manga? It's an adaptation of the historical book of the same name about women in the soviet army. I would recommend it even if you don't like manga, it's very respectful, no gross shit that usually comes with the medium.

No. 150810

Light did everything wrong and that's why I like him. Seeing him break down in the end was so incredibly satisfying, probably one of the best parts of the series.

No. 150814

File: 1625235615380.png (719.49 KB, 750x600, DD0EC0C2-4278-4690-8B5F-4FF5D3…)

I love Gin, I would do almost anything to be his big sister and protect his smile

No. 150850

File: 1625250576440.jpg (133.55 KB, 1920x1080, DUgFVNwXkAALJq0.jpg)

I'm gonna sound like a turbo autist but god Rin is really one of the best and I've been inspired to be more of a 'solo camping girl' because of her. I really do want try camping, and eventually try solo camping one day. I love how she's independent, and the first episode of the second season that showed her struggling on her first solo trip almost made me cry because we rarely get to see the trails and tribulations she went through to be the self sufficient and smart camper that she is in the present day series. I really like how comfortable she is with herself and preferring to be by herself as someone who used to not even like going on shopping trips by myself. It's nice to learn how to enjoy solitude and your own company. I'm also partial to Ena because she has a dog lol.

No. 150883

File: 1625266835452.jpg (829.94 KB, 1440x1828, 240c0e7ca9780da28644f48deb3bd2…)

It's not autistic at all, yurucamp was such a gem to me. I was so surprised by how great of a character Rin is, like you mentioned, I really love how independent she is. I was honestly shocked by how much I ended up relating to her personality.
Also, it's crazy how much this anime ended up influencing people(me included) to go outdoors more, and I have actually been saving money recently to get some better equipment for my trips.
Anon together we can be lolcows official Outdoor Activities Club, I wish you good luck and safety on your solo camping!

No. 150944

Never thought I'd see Jagar Tharn in a thread like this lol.

No. 150948

File: 1625323843416.jpeg (42.02 KB, 852x479, 1B17190F-AF03-42A7-A7D8-8DEFE6…)

i would literally fall on a sword for emil from nier gestalt/replicant.

No. 151379

I think I'm more like Nadeshiko in the sense that I'm definitely a little airheaded and get really excited about new things very quickly, but in that same vain, I'm also very inspired by Rin just like she is too lol. Nadeshiko's solo trip was so cute, I hope she goes on another one!

And thank you anon, I hope you'll have many fun and safe trips yourself! I'm excited for the day I get to buy my own gear, but for now I'll save up hehe. I'd like to do one of those anime pilgrimages and visit all the spots featured in the anime/manga but I also want to take the time to explore all the equally amazing nature spots my country has to offer too. Youtube has been recommending me lots of camping vids and one day recommended me this vid!

No. 151642

File: 1625770903449.jpg (3.53 MB, 2112x1452, poopyjoe.jpg)

I love Miss Pauling, she is such a dork badass, but not an annoying forced cute nerdy not like other girls trope or the cool badass chick who must wear revealing clothes to show that she's not just a fighter but a hot woman too; she is just a badass and a dork.

No. 151643

I remember reading the tf2 comics after expiration date came out and being impressed with the characters. She was def one of my favorite ones.

No. 151713

File: 1625814457381.jpg (12.68 MB, 6082x8613, Ultimate.Madoka.full.1317357.j…)

She is my daughter.

No. 152000

File: 1626071103247.jpg (568.1 KB, 3500x3500, wM7S61tofG0hcUOtTOfHrXLyjPPhgh…)

Depressed mahou shoujo girls are best girls.

No. 155982

File: 1629046924889.jpg (220.88 KB, 721x1024, kram.jpg)

This is Kram from the manga My Girlfriend is a Dinosaur. (misleading because none of the dinosaur girls are actually anyone's girlfriends) She is an ankylosaurus and she has no friends because she swings her tail when she is happy but it has a huge boulder at the end so she breaks everything. I love her I want to be her friend.

No. 156095

File: 1629136271410.jpg (21.89 KB, 221x500, chamber-bigcostume5.jpg)

I honestly don't understand why put him in the New Mutants if they're not giving him any screen time at all, he deserves better

No. 156104

Many of the X books have casts that are way larger than average right now, but I think Hickman is the one who liked Chamber. He stopped cowriting New Mutants a while back so we're doing this dreary Shadow King/let's shit on Gabby storyline instead.

No. 156117

File: 1629145502172.jpg (55.3 KB, 554x623, mcgonagall.jpg)

I don't lke how they did her character in the films but I will always stan McGonagall

No. 156121

why didn't you like the movie version?

No. 156123

It feels they removed a lot of her badassery. I loved the way she's sharp and rational and not afraid to call out bullshit. The grandma in the films just isn't as cool

No. 156208

Anon, where have you been all my life. I love Maggie Smith, but I totally agree, her McG lacks the harsh edge that makes the character special. I revisited the series for the first time as an adult this year, and I'd totally forgotten how she doesn't suffer fools at ALL, to the point that she's kinda the mean teacher, but also the one who's totally justified in being so. She reminds me so much of every old woman I've known who's reached that point of just not having it in her any longer to pretend she doesn't know what she knows, and if people think they're a bitch, so be it. And I love how this contrasts with her actions, which show how upright and even loving she is. I totally forgot about the moment in DH when everyone thinks they're seeing Harry's dead body, and he hears McGonagall scream and he thinks something like "it was all the more shocking because he didn't think Professor McGonagall could scream like that," and then she's one of the first people to hug him after he kills Voldemort….ughhh, ty for giving me an excuse to sperg about my Harry Potter reread anon, lol, the number one thing I came away from it with was falling in love with McGonagall again.

No. 156209

File: 1629176259132.png (469.33 KB, 800x700, Ea-ppYRVAAE2_lx.png)

There's so many villagers I absolutely adore though Marshal and Raymond takes the cake for me. I love them both equally.

No. 156215

Joining you anons, I really loved her in the novels as a kid. She was so much fun! Loved how she always had a reply to everything (in a good way). I think she was also younger than the movies are portraying her (though it doesn't matter that much unless you are crushing on her!).
So many Potter characters (if not everyone) are pale shade of themselves in the movies (Ron being a super loser instead of a snarky friend, Hermione taking all of his funny lines from the book while being insufferable, it goes on). I only liked Snape for being a sad goth wizard instead of fucking ugly caricature of a man and Luna for having her crazy toned down (controversial take, but her behaviour in the books made me feel like she was written from the POV of a bully that tries to act humane to the fucking insane kid that believes in stupid bullshit). Always thought film-only potterspergs are crazy for missing out on the definitive version of a story they love so much.

No. 156327

Completely agree anon. Wasn't there a HP TV-series planned? I'd be cool to watch one where the casting choice is more true to the books.

No. 156372

Oh man, I totally agree the movie characters are a pale imitation. Wrt to the TV series and fave characters, I reaaaaally hope we get a better Harry. I don't blame Radcliffe tbh, it's just…rereading the books made it clear to me how much of the HP series happens over the course of normal school days, and that leaves so much more room for characterization, especially for Harry. I'd totally forgotten what a sarcastic little asshole he can be, which stands out so much more than I remembered against like, the twins and Ron. But it all happens in scenes the movies don't have room for! I really hope that changes in the show, I want a complete recreation of Harry fucking dragging Dudley to hell in the first chapter of OotP.

No. 156577

File: 1629325895941.webm (2.78 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback.webm)

I don't care if Pupa is Baby Yoda 2.0, the shtick works on me every single time. It doesn't hurt that Pupa is also genuinely fucking hilarious, I just love watching his shenanigans so much.

No. 156594

File: 1629336395921.jpg (101.77 KB, 750x580, tumblr_59845c7311a72bad51e75fe…)

I think perhaps some scenes are kinda lewd.

No. 157486

File: 1629845528250.jpg (371.85 KB, 800x658, scarlett.jpg)

It's not love, but pure simping. I find her fascinating.

No. 158958

File: 1630779661051.jpeg (31.5 KB, 650x653, 31AFB988-92C5-4575-861B-3DC098…)

Don't hate her, please.

No. 158959

File: 1630780037142.jpg (36.79 KB, 359x404, aDgd6ZG_700b.jpg)

How could anyone?

No. 158963

She deserved fucking better than retard Eren

No. 159420

File: 1631066618732.png (341.24 KB, 467x419, him.PNG)

Him and Morticia are based

No. 159421

File: 1631066955540.png (598.63 KB, 1280x705, billyxlayla hug.png)

I have been deadly drawn to Billy Brown since I was like 4 years old. I know he is THE pissy incel character but I can't help it.

No. 159425

File: 1631070990588.jpg (46.77 KB, 225x350, 9qrdOEp.jpg)

Chiri is cute.
She reminds me to a girl a know irl, I want to get her into Sayonara zetsubou sensei, so we could watch it together…

No. 159885

File: 1631314251337.gif (979.05 KB, 500x281, m5h32ghscM1r8tm83o1_500.gif)

i love her. unhinged queen

No. 159901

You just reminded me that Odo fucked that goo lady. At least Data didn't fuck Lore.

No. 159902

File: 1631326193123.jpg (215.88 KB, 708x1105, ILIKEYOUBETTER!.jpg)

And Ayumi for kicking that one girl's ass who ruined Maya's career

No. 159937

File: 1631349591736.jpg (33.54 KB, 352x568, clem.jpg)

Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead. I just want to protect her. She's so damn cute and my favorite character.

No. 160185

I thought her breakdown in front of the mirror was THE DEEPEST SHIT when I was a kid…and then I rewatched this year and it's STILL a fucking killer scene. What a great character. I'm so impressed ATLA managed to portray her as both awful to Zuko, who the audience is completely on the side of, and as a tragedy in her own right.

No. 160562

File: 1631739931892.jpeg (527.6 KB, 844x1200, 48A704DC-EDF5-45A0-AD8D-DF9482…)

I loved Luna Khan, this manga is shit, but I loved her even if she was just a comedy relief type of character, I just wish she could’ve been shown fighting more because I love how the artist draws her moving fluidly.

No. 160592

File: 1631750881627.jpg (50.13 KB, 210x156, 20201111_171126.jpg)

God fucking bless you Brak

No. 160596

Based taste

No. 160599

File: 1631754469150.jpg (143.57 KB, 1280x708, tumblr_00f96bda2abb319f6e56ea8…)

ayrt, i also recently rewatched some of ATLA and was surprised at how well it holds up.
azula is an excellent villain and exactly my kid of female character. i liked how competent they made her.
toph is also based af, i like that they made a female character who fights like a brute, is confident and very good at what she does, and is totally unapologetic about who she is

No. 160821

File: 1631921476753.jpeg (155.33 KB, 1920x1080, 13155FF5-02CD-4CD5-887A-70DA22…)

I… have grown to like her a lot in the remake.

No. 160891

Why do you like her, anon? I found her more tolerable in the Remake, but I'm still uncomfortable with her character and fanbase.

No. 160915

Agreed. She seems like a pick me and projects onto Aerith her insecurities. If you like him just say it. Don’t get mad at other people for shooting their shot like Jesse

No. 160931

And Aerith was so goddamn nice about it, she deescalated when she noticed Tifa being jealous (not saying she gave up on Cloud because why should she? but she tried to be tactful about it). It gets even more fucking weird when you know her backstory with Cloud. Her ignoring Cloud when they were teenagers because he was the weirdo outsider kid and she was the popular girl, and promising to only give him chance when he becomes a SOLDIER superstar Then he comes back and she's all over him while he's rude and uncaring. WTF
About Remake, I've seen people criticize Tifa for being a bitch when the matter of saving Aerith came up. I don't remember that part of the game, so I guess I need to rewatch it on youtube Maybe someone remembers the part and can enlighten me?

No. 160995

Not that anon but I love both Tifa and Aerith, but I love Aerith 10x more.
She's so much more loveable in the remake. Completely outshines every other character to me.

No. 160996

I don't think Tifa was ever a bitch about Aerith, I'd say she even likes her. Tifa clearly gets a little jealous over Aerith sometimes but I do believe they're friends and she cares for her despite wanting her to be less close with Cloud.

No. 162310

File: 1632932996630.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2055x1339, F51D7988-87B7-4BB6-8AD1-2D9BF9…)

I still love them all.

No. 162590

File: 1633108315665.jpeg (63.33 KB, 720x900, 4A5F032F-D337-4691-B217-76631E…)

I could never hate him. I think he's very easy to sympathise with.
His EN voice actor really brings the pain out… he's just grieving, grieving because of something we did. Of course, Adam wanted to die. Maybe he was even happy when dying because his curiosity was a big part of his character. I wish we could have told Eve that. Even if he wouldn't listen, because maybe it would help his pain a little. Especially 2B, who could maybe understand Eve's grief since she had to 'lose' 9S over and over again. He just wanted to play with his brother, that's all he wanted and needed. Eve needs a hug ;-;. I'd play with him. Grief is a powerful thing.

No. 162611

File: 1633118650313.gif (876.17 KB, 457x280, tumblr_cc77fb51ad8e9fc89300e56…)

fuck them kids
-yoshitaka mine

No. 162612

File: 1633118724391.png (842.47 KB, 1280x720, cdfdb518481be2e96980f2fbe7870f…)

Constantly swinging from "I could fix him" to "I could seduce Adriana and cuck him".

No. 162616

File: 1633119490679.jpeg (56.69 KB, 1280x720, 4900B136-9BBE-40C1-BBD7-0F7C51…)

and his Twin Peaks counterpart, of course.

No. 162618

He beats adriana, you're better off running away with adriana instead of trying to fix that druggie

No. 162619

I keep thinking this game was a fever dream

No. 162622

God, I swear the first second I looked in the picture I saw fucking James Hurley and I was viscerally disgusted
Well, your fever dream got a sequel last year

No. 162634

File: 1633127609650.jpeg (340.57 KB, 1859x1329, 1C9C4291-83D1-4E7E-B2CC-F2B0CB…)

around the world with willy fog was my favourite kids’ show, i always watched it coming home from preschool. it wasn’t the most interesting show but it’s cozy and kid me thought that it was the best thing ever (& that everything else was trash). the episode where they rescued the princess was my favourite.

i was in love with this character though, like for real in love. i already posted him in childhood crushes thread but that doesn’t cover the extent of my feelings. i look back on him with immeasurable fondness and nostalgia. my dad drew all the characters for me, and i still carry the laminated drawing he made of this guy in my notebook. i’ve rewatched this show a couple times and when he’s on screen i always get a fluttery feeling. he’s such a memorable and funny antagonist, his ridiculous tantrums just warm my heart. yeah this is totally autistic blah blah WHATEVER I LOVE HIM ik you are only supposed to post your art in the art thread but i couldn’t find any good screencaps

No. 162638

Ew, no James Hurley. He’s the worst. But I can totally see the resemblance between him and York now you point it out.

No. 162641

File: 1633129264266.jpeg (2.55 KB, 159x119, pobrane_1633129265229.jpeg)

I hope I haven't ruined York for you, he's a cutie. Who knew that his forehead is another TP tribute! My brain interpreted that shot of him as this specific shot of James lmfao

No. 162834

File: 1633301212306.jpeg (36.15 KB, 736x460, DCDFE479-709F-4017-8688-4C4445…)

Such a good and underrated girl.
I'd be the 'Christa' to a girl like Ymir any day.
So many people misunderstand both her and 'Christa'.

No. 163042

Marshal was my first camper so I have a huge soft spot for him. Love that twink.

No. 163172

File: 1633583847877.gif (2.81 MB, 457x640, tumblr_p3wu0zBFhR1vtj7ngo1_128…)

So lucky of you. Marshal is such the cutest marshmallow.

No. 163181

5 days late but ily anon, i wish i had your passion. your art is adorable, too!

No. 163199

File: 1633606639303.jpg (22.15 KB, 480x319, gil-grissom-csi.jpg)

I loved CSI when i was a kid, and i wanted him to be my father.

No. 163363

File: 1633674756277.jpg (15.81 KB, 250x250, regill-companion-pathfinder-wo…)

I fell in love with this lawful evil gnome hellknight and his amazing voice.

No. 163479

File: 1633751778200.jpeg (788.27 KB, 1284x1268, 4F5556E1-DAE8-43C0-9C44-01F921…)

They’ve been posted but I love them so much. My comfort characters

No. 163723

I wanted to be him when I was a kid because I loved bugs. Rewatched CSI recently and realized he's just too much of a gary-stu for my taste, it's too bad.

No. 164113

I wanted him to be my father, now I want him to be my daddy.

No. 172020

i don't even know where to post this here we go. i used to hate solas from dragon age but now that im sitting down to play dai again i think ive actually fallen in love with him.
like i used to find him so smug and obnoxious but now i just… find him cute and like listening to him talk, it's weird. any other solas anons here cause im pretty sure most people dislike him

also i still hate sera and vivienne, there's no redeeming them

No. 172023

Amazing taste anon!

No. 173797

File: 1639489516186.jpeg (100.82 KB, 1024x724, BF32D9B9-5FFD-40FF-A953-1D30F1…)

I kneel to Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, the One true King, Unifier of Fódlan, Slayer of those who slither in the dark, bane of the Mad Empress.

No. 173895

No. 173915

Pictures like this crack me up, did just one person order these cake slices for herself or are they for several Dimitri fangirls?

No. 173917

File: 1639572981223.gif (1.98 MB, 720x404, Xxl7yG.gif)

i still cry about him
too bad only like 4 people total watched wakfu up to the point where it got good

No. 173918

>she doesn’t order different slices of cake for your husbando in case he doesn’t like some of them.
He needs the energy that the cakes gives to him, nonnie, and you can just, you know, take the picture and put the slices of cake in the fridge.

No. 173928

When does it get good anon ? I only saw parts of it as a kid but I would like to watch it again one day.

No. 173929

Nice setup anon, the Dimitri teddy bears are so cute.

No. 173933

Woah holy shit you made me remember one of my childhood crushes wtf
Are you also french or was it on tv in other countries?

No. 173944

File: 1639588409963.png (398.31 KB, 537x612, Nox.png)

the biggest turning point for the show is likeee episode 15 of season 1. the biggest hurdle is getting past the couple of episodes after the first, up until maybe 8? some of them are so bad but its worth sticking around. its a lot like ATLA
i remember it airing in italy, i revisited it on netflix though because i played the mmo a lot when i was younger.

No. 173945

omg i remember catching a few eps of this show as a kid. i loved the intro so much. maybe we could re-watch it in it's entirety together?

No. 173946

id love that nona! its still a french show though even if its 7+ so i hope its not coomcoded enough to scare away farmers kek

No. 173949

I never managed to get into this show (or anything made by A kama for that matter), the artstyle pissed me off for some reason, sorry nonna.

No. 174015

File: 1639621876191.gif (1.9 MB, 498x280, bismuth-blush.gif)

I love her sm, i like her voice and personality, she has so much charisma too

No. 174017

File: 1639622063197.gif (4.2 MB, 671x377, tumblr_0618ee2c34055b5626944a2…)

also her, i'll never get over Jasper she's gorgeous, the amount of fanart i saved back in the day was not healthy

No. 174025

File: 1639628391227.jpg (66.19 KB, 700x922, e6fd81586b21b11b5b7e20f9728edf…)

Not really a specific 'character' per se, but I love Toxel more than words. I recently got pokemon shield, as soon as I got this baby I immediately replaced my starter with him, that's how cute he is to me. Easily the best thing to come out of Sw/Sh.

No. 174026

File: 1639628696240.jpeg (539.03 KB, 1242x971, 1F71267A-FD26-4AB1-94D4-BA4CE3…)

Couldn't tell you why, but he's my favourite.

No. 174037

File: 1639638615516.gif (9.86 MB, 540x500, Tumblr_l_716182469160504.gif)

I just binged this and never before have I rooted so hard for a character who is such a horrible human being. This guy kills people for some really petty impulsive reasons, but he's so goddamn charismatic and motivated, I can't help but love him. This must be how people in cults feel about their leaders kek.

No. 174041

I tried watching this show but the episodes were an hour long each and I kept getting bored and couldn't follow the plot

No. 174042

I know people say this about a lot of things anon, but Black Sails is one of those shows that gets better the further you go. Basically the show has to get the whole finding-the-treasure business out of the way in season one before it can get to the more interesting stuff.

You don't have to keep watching it if you don't like it though, I'm just giving you my two cents.

No. 174519

File: 1639927836130.png (24.32 KB, 299x168, PTbwJfB5fywAAAAASUVORK5CYII.pn…)

Fenneko supremacy
>"Some idiot is always shitposting on SNS, I was bored so I found a selfie in his post history, I zoomed in on a shop sign reflected in his eye to figure out his address. He was totally freaked out! Funny right? hahahahahaha"

No. 174521

File: 1639929426018.jpg (114.23 KB, 1200x675, kassandra.jpg)

why'd they have to make her so hot

No. 174532

she would totally browse lolcow

No. 174573

File: 1639947242596.png (148.83 KB, 798x1250, thebae.png)

i would die for shinsou

No. 174595

I seriously love her, I was trying to clip that exact quote from Netflix earlier but Netflix doesn't allow screenshots. That was such a farmer thing to say.

No. 174779

She was the anon who found Corpse.

No. 174851

File: 1640055670352.png (402.52 KB, 853x720, 383839202020.png)

>Getting more piercings every time she's upset


No. 175014

I love Fenneko,she would be a mod here lol

No. 175241

File: 1640228703402.jpg (28.03 KB, 404x600, jesse.p.jpg)

I know people like him are the scum of the earth IRL but he's pretty cute and part of me wants a bf who gets emotional for the both of us.

No. 175832

File: 1640551998799.jpg (210.43 KB, 1654x2048, bb3e356792f71011777302b43d1f23…)

I love these two, maybe not as a ship, but I think they are neat together.

No. 175834

Whitty walked so they could run. But they're still cute, probably some of the best modded characters after everything went to shit.

No. 175835

File: 1640553146033.jpg (79.91 KB, 500x500, FNF-Ballistic-Whitty-but-Samue…)

Whitty was great too, I even remember when he was the only mod and hardest character, the week date was pretty cute too. It really sucks that most of the best mods are getting removed or changed. Goodbye to Starlight Mayhem and the Amor mods too, I'll miss them but keep playing the songs on my phone

No. 175868

File: 1640567116228.gif (64.96 KB, 240x384, The_dude_sings.gif)

I never looked into mods after Agoti, I feel like there was just too much low-effort shit and then FNF mods got over saturated for me. I used to sub to Flippy so that probably didn't help.

Pic related is the best canon character though.

No. 175871

Godly taste, I love him! Don't worry too much about the newer mods tbh. After most mods got/eventually will get purged there hasn't been a lot of interesting ones. Fever Town, Suicide Mouse and a few others are pretty nice, but a lot of the new mods feel very half made and key-smashy. And I really wish that the Learning with Pibby ones could stop

No. 175872

File: 1640570770939.png (4.07 MB, 3030x3030, 1720342_toffiestars_senpai-n-l…)

That's precisely why I don't like mods anymore. They all feel like they have to go super fast to be the next Ballistic or Shaggy. Even the latest week with Tankman felt super forced with how fast it was.

Sorry to sperg more about Senpai, but pairing-wise I think these two are interesting. I was surprised to see how much fanart there was with them; I really like it, lol.

No. 175880

File: 1640581338168.jpg (329.9 KB, 1080x1920, 793ffc142adf3a62dd0ba716f479b7…)

Tesla was my ride or die and then this bitch came along… SHES SO FUCKING CUTE and I cant wait to see what she contributes to the story

No. 175883

Why is she ugly

No. 175923

Seconding this. Genshin Impact designs are the ugliest fucking things I've ever seen

No. 176168

File: 1640753387154.png (182.44 KB, 792x1008, 1D088F39-7526-4CBE-9FDA-ECCFD9…)

I have such a soft spot for her.

No. 176169

File: 1640753752410.jpeg (522.29 KB, 505x714, ED5D6B24-4049-4EE4-A9BD-A1912C…)

I love her. And of course I love Beatrice too, who wouldn't?

No. 176178

God she's the only reason I finished SU

No. 176236

File: 1640805963024.jpg (92.42 KB, 814x1596, 3f9ygz1sejb31.jpg)

My depression witch princess!

No. 178492

File: 1641802154623.jpeg (94.43 KB, 650x546, 18704BE1-3E50-4076-974A-BE91CA…)

Rewatching Eureka Seven and I really should not love Anemone as much as I do.

No. 178508

File: 1641813739565.jpg (94.42 KB, 1280x720, wife.jpg)

No. 178693

File: 1641874773948.jpg (476.97 KB, 2332x2879, 7755c6be26d4b3593c853febbec47a…)

best boss!!!

No. 179569

File: 1642304757307.jpg (29.77 KB, 401x606, 61z8HsUXO6L._AC_SY606_.jpg)

This is what peak vocaloid performance looks like she doesn't really have a characther

No. 179575

File: 1642305214359.jpg (20.64 KB, 480x360, telefrancais.jpg)

Je suis un anana

No. 180065

File: 1642560566168.jpg (14.54 KB, 256x400, 296203644-256-k628660.jpg)

>loves arepas
>colorful design
I like this lad a lot

No. 180075

File: 1642563065564.gif (1.96 MB, 498x280, i-understand-you-antonio-madri…)

Antonio too he's so cute, i would die for him

No. 180084

He was my favorite character from the movie as well. He had the coolest power. Plus he was super sassy.

No. 180086

File: 1642571175978.gif (1.21 MB, 498x280, camilo-madrigal-maribel-madrig…)


No. 180088

File: 1642574636176.jpg (17.92 KB, 250x425, 84ba84eb83e16eba6be432e18c5518…)


It's so painful watching the characters with the most potential being ignored and being defeated for stupid reasons while Pearl and co. are allowed to be terrible for multiple seasons.

This was going to be my first pick but you beat to it. I'll add the reason why I like Kreia is because she actually thinks about the real ramifications of the force and being a force user instead of the "religion" we're told about from day one. That's something I personally relate to; most people choose the ideas that match their beliefs instead of looking at things as they are, then they complain when reality didn't create a messiah to champion their ideals. Also, the idea that the force effected the existence of whole societies on a political level and the force users willingly allowing genocides because their religion told them too opens up a whole room of possibilities that unfortunately Disney is never going to take.

On that note, I think Atris doesn't get as much credit from the KOTOR community. It's true that her crimes in the larger scope of things is truly terrible. However, the blame falls on the Jedi and not her. She was blinded by her code and therefore couldn't see all the possibilities that were in front of her (just like Kreia). Outside of that she's actually very similar to Kreia in terms of the ability to manipulate and her angry outbursts when she sees someone doing something stupid. It's sad that the game wasn't complete because they had a lot more planned for her especially in her relationship to Kreia which would help verify this to the larger fandom.

No. 182114

File: 1643395096046.gif (127.21 KB, 250x140, Oswald_idle.gif)

No. 182129

File: 1643399551491.gif (336.54 KB, 540x540, tumblr_0326b9c6ab1bfec0c918fac…)

Samefag, he's very cute and I love his design, simple but charming

No. 182196

File: 1643431066937.png (534.19 KB, 473x693, Seto_Kaiba_-_Duel_225.png)

even tho he's an asshole he's my confort character it makes me laugh how silly competitive he can get lmao

watching or reading yugioh just makes me feel safe idk maybe cuz he was my favorite since I was a kid

No. 182197

File: 1643431489277.png (344.76 KB, 395x544, A2C1EE31-806B-4385-8897-EBE686…)


No. 324540

File: 1696096911657.jpg (2.64 MB, 2410x3479, 620500.jpg)

>inb4 edgelord

No. 324613

File: 1696124520516.gif (1.09 MB, 498x281, dark-gathering-dark-anime.gif)

Cute, gives absolutely zero fucks, and has some rad shoes.

No. 325043

File: 1696298772000.png (566.13 KB, 1020x1200, 16961612358881.png)

I love her and her brutality, she's finally getting animated, too.
Real excited for it.

No. 325214

File: 1696398723851.jpg (91.89 KB, 736x736, f9d4767538fba0986969d6c03ec53a…)

A depressed father who becomes insane after the death of his youngest child and is envious of his best friend's successful marriage and family life.

No. 325215

File: 1696400152359.jpg (56.73 KB, 736x736, fbc24335d56e4240b4693ec12107f2…)

Ah, another Williamfag. How do you do?

No. 325225

File: 1696405400172.jpg (193.06 KB, 551x870, Hello my sweet nonita.jpg)

Hi nonnie! Are you excited to see how he's portrayed in the movie?

No. 325235

File: 1696409947324.jpg (198.25 KB, 503x600, 1460594318081.jpg)

No. 325247

i love you nonna

and him

No. 325248

File: 1696423296718.jpg (199.13 KB, 1500x1688, t25b808sxph81.jpg)

Might be an unpopular opinion, but a part of me wishes they casted William Dafoe as William Afton. Still, I think Matthew Lillard also suits the role, so I'll be there.

No. 325256

File: 1696430237054.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.98 KB, 763x709, William_Afton_(1974) (2).jpg)

I wanted to see him play him too! Comic William looks too much like him, I'm sure Matthew will do amazingly I just can't unhear his shaggy voice everytime he talks It seems like it's gotten stronger over the years kek

No. 325444

File: 1696516573553.jpg (123.67 KB, 980x654, Radio-Times-Baldurs-Gate-3-Kar…)

meow meoww MEEEOWWW

No. 325445

Yes yes yessssssssss

No. 325446

What does the meowing mean? I see it a lot but I don't speak zoomer.

No. 325447

Good taste

i think its kinda like with how people bark when they see a hot character?

No. 325448

And why do they bark?

No. 325454

there's a song called "bark like you want it" that's used in a lot of thirst edits on tiktok

No. 325456

Thanks anon.
Kek wtf are these lyrics
>Bow wow, bow wow, gimme my dog chow
>Humpin' yo' leg, this doggy don't beg

No. 328046

File: 1697638404606.jpg (79.1 KB, 1000x563, alpha as fuck.jpg)

Her. I thought she was cool when I was a kid still do and I want to be her. She is the silent heroine, you know nothing of her beside that she has a sick portal GUN and she's tenacious as FUCK. I enjoyed placing the portals in a way that would allow me to admire her form. Look at her.. Based stance. Based resting face. Based gun.

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