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No. 92743

What are you reading ?
What have you read ?
Who are some of your favorite authors

No. 92744

I have been getting into cheap Amish Romance books from Amazon, despite the often atrocious covers they're not that bad and actually very culturally sensitive and often sweet

No. 92745


No. 92774

I don't read this genre often, but I've liked a few courtney milan books. I've noticed tons of them are set in Scotland. What is it with middle aged american ladies and Scotland?

No. 92780

Americans have this concept of Scots being "noble brutes", it's why the accent is used for those kinds of characters in cgi kids films. Combine this with the way films only show the countryside and it gives these women a false hope that that Scotland is full of castle-dwelling strapping ginger men in kilts that do traditionally manly things like throw logs and get their hands dirty but will still defend your honor.
It's like how britaboos expect England to one big Victorian boarding school full of foppish gay boys and crumpets.

No. 92782

I feel like the covers are one of the things that turn me away from romance novels. They're all cheesy same-y, just with different costumes. With so many being made I guess it makes sense. I should probably read the plot blurbs first, and find some good review sites to find authors to look for.

>Also that dude in the thread pic looks like a friend of mine and I don't know how to feel about that.

No. 92783

Outlander probably helped popularize it. (Is that set in Scotland? Haven't read it myself)

No. 93065

File: 1590636854288.jpg (28.85 KB, 300x450, 89_Braveheart.jpg)

anon these women know scotland isn't actually like this, that's why these romances are always set in the medieval period, however even then its often not historically accurate and often portrays scots as they are from braveheart
most likely explanation but outlander had some historical accuracy, Jamie isn't a blue face paint wearing Pictman, he's a proper soldier in Eighteenth century Scotland, which is comparatively not that far back

No. 93511

File: 1590713643000.jpg (99.66 KB, 726x575, Sandemo.jpg)

I used to read finnish version from this series in highschool. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_the_Ice_People

I liked the witchcraft theme very much.

No. 93570

I don't read romance novels but this is intriguing, do you have any recs?

No. 96074

Does anyone read Chinese web/light novels? They have pretty developed culture of sexy vanilla romance.

No. 96076

Lol, those books were ridiculously popular in Poland in mid to late 90s. I read them in high school a while ago until volume 30 or something, when the plot became a bit too absurd for me. It's kind of a comfy read tho, if you're in the mood to waste some time.

No. 96083

was it just Poland? I had no idea, thought they're just popular in general. I remember signing on the waiting list in my library bc they were constantly rented out. Such an entertaining series, even with all the absurdity.

No. 96099

File: 1592232568344.jpg (84.36 KB, 465x637, cole2.jpg)

Precious Heart Romance is a company that publish these kind of books, sadly i have never read one but wanted to name drop them. they used to have a tv show here, iirc usually airs weekly either on a sunday or saturday afternoon with each episode on a different story. although, their popularity died down since wattpad (even before wattpad become mainstream, i think) took over in popularity and demand with live actions movies or series.

there also known for photoshopping celebrities into their covers from american actors to kpop singers.

No. 96122

File: 1592260608260.jpeg (42.16 KB, 310x499, D3AF73A8-9A16-49F0-A491-0DFF9F…)

I'm too lazy for anything intellectually stimulating, so I read a ton of genre romances from my library's overdrive. My favorite premises involve the heroine and hero initially disliking or distrusting each other.

Some regency favorites:
>Then Came You, Lisa Kleypas
>School for Brides, Cheryl Ann Smith
>Never Deceive a Viscount, Renee Ann Miller
>Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, Julia Quinn

Other recs:
>The Escape Diaries, Juliet Rosetti
>Vamps and the City, Kerrelyn Sparks
Sparks' Love at Stake series is pretty fun for vampire romances.

No. 96131

I’m guessing Anita Blake counts but I didn’t get that far into the series to where it gets really dirty. Really enjoy the setting and its lore though.

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