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No. 77731

Thread for unpopular opinions regarding movies, series, books, games, animation, music, celebrities, so on and so forth.

Opinions about politics, ideologies, philosophies etc goes in the /ot/ thread.

No. 77734

That one haim album aged like fine wine

No. 77741

File: 1583264504559.jpeg (27.37 KB, 414x400, images (65).jpeg)

I think Jotaro is actually really cute and has a subtle character growth in SC, but you have to be paying attention. It doesn't justify being rude to his mother, though (even though he mostly calls her an old hag, it's still rude af)

But I do agree that he's way too OP and Star Platinum's main ability is to advance the plot lmao

No. 78366

Fire Emblem Echoes is fucking shit and anyone who positively compares it to Awakening or Fates probably only watched a let's play of it on youtube. The only positive things I have to say about it is that the music is good and Berkut is such an entertaining piece of shit and his English VA is so into the role that his scenes are ok. Anyone who praises the English voice acting overall for not being absolutely shitty is retarded too.
>Amazing! We got a complete product that wasn't botched by the voice director and his shitty headcanons or American memes! This deserves an Oscar!!1!
No, fuck off.

I also do not trust anyone who says a game is utter complete shit and when asked why their first and often only answer is "because the story is bad", unless it's a visual novel. This applies especially to FE Fates which had really good gameplay in the two original versions and MGS2 which didn't even have a bad story in the first place.

You're correct.
>But I do agree that he's way too OP and Star Platinum's main ability is to advance the plot lmao
I'm sure that's why he becomes less powerful in later parts.

No. 78408

File: 1583716639519.jpg (166.25 KB, 1543x1529, 1572925159218.jpg)

It amazes me that people still praise Edelgard and act like her ending is the best for Fodlan when the other routes prove that Rhea is just a scapegoat. Her winning the war turns Fodlan into a playground for the Adrestian nobility that sucked up to her enough, and doesn't solve any of the real problems.
She's not even fun as a misguided villain because her fans are constantly talking about how the other lords are horrible and stupid just to make her look better.

No. 78410

reading music/film reviews or even worse basing your opinion off of them is absolutely retarded

No. 78415

I can't stand people obsessed with Edelgard who only played her route and think that Dimitri and Rhea are absolute monsters for being violent when defending themselves because of well-written PTSD while Edelgard colonizes an entire continent and is responsible for the torture and death of a bunch of people but it's ok if it's for a greater cause. I played CF after AM and was disappointed to see her written as a kawaii waifu after the timeskip when she was such a cool, stylish and vaguely mysterious antagonist in AM and before the timeskip in CF she and Hubert were so obviously evil they were at least entertaining. I don't even dislike Edelgard but she could have been so much more interesting.

My own unpopular opinion about 3H is that it's badly written and even developed as a game overall. It's like the developers wrote a cool "might makes right" villain based on previous villains in the series, made her a teenage girl, saw that FEH makes more money than the real games because people spend money and orbs for the cute girl units and decided at the last minute to make her cuter and more marketable. Don't get me started on the mole guys and how shitty Byleth is. And there's the fact that despite having 4 routes they have the exact same maps most of the time, and only CF tried to give different goals in the repeated maps. People who were shitting on Fates for selling its vastly different base game versions separately and praising 3H for not doing it with its 4 routes that are 80% similar at best are retarded. People who shitted on Corrin for being their own character and only a self-insert for gameplay purposes but are praising Byleth for being well-written are so retarded I wonder if they actually played the game and didn't just read a bunch of headcanons on tvtropes.

No. 78417

I like reading movie reviews when I'm trying to decide what to watch. There are only so many hours in a day but so many movies to see, and I'm not spending 2 hrs on something that's been universally panned. Likewise I might reconsider watching something with a premise that doesn't appeal to me if it's being highly praised. It's not foolproof but it's helpful.

Music reviews, I definitely don't see the point of. Music is a sensory thing, either something sounds good to me or it doesn't and it takes zero analysis or intellectual consideration to come to that conclusion. And since a song takes 3 minutes on youtube, it's not saving me time either.

No. 78422

film reviews are fine imo if you find a reviewer whose taste aligns with yours. seconding what >>78417 said about music reviews though, recommendations from friends and family is far more valuable.

No. 78423

fuck I knew I shouldn't have read any of the FE:3H posts in this thread kek, I played through AM first and I'm a couple months from the timeskip in CF. I had high hopes for Edelgard. At least I can still take joy in recruiting everybody and beasting out my units.

No. 78424

File: 1583732456597.png (694.17 KB, 900x882, 1565891700358.png)

Be prepared to feel really bad for Dimitri and Rhea, they're literally just defending themselves against a self-righteous invader with a savior complex.
I think CF is only enjoyable if you play it first and truly believe that Rhea is an evil beast, Dimitri is delusional and obsessed with Edelgard for no reason. Oh, and you need to invade the Alliance and Kingdom because they're Adrestian clay, after all. What's more progressive than revanchism?
The sad part is that we could have had a really good bi girl option with Edelgard, but her route just makes her look like a lovestruck teenager obsessed with Byleth for no reason. You don't ever question her decisions or ponder about the morality of her actions, like her using TWSITD to spread chaos across Fodlan, turning crestless people in demonic beasts, allowing Jeritza to murder people for her, turning a blind eye to Hubert's evil actions. You never dig deep with her. The writers just expected you to be satisfied with a cute blonde girl drawing pictures of you. She really feels like she was meant to pander to straight guys most of the time.
You can tell the writers were getting inspiration from the chaos routes from SMT games, but the happy ending in CF feels completely unearned. CF's tone also feels weirdly cheerful.

No. 78430

Sorry, I should have hidden spoilers.

>I think CF is only enjoyable if you play it first and truly believe that Rhea is an evil beast, Dimitri is delusional and obsessed with Edelgard for no reason.
Either that or if you see it as the villain route it starts as before the timeskip. I made sure to kill Claude, Seteth and Flayn because the story makes more sense this way and even Edelgard and Hubert tell you it's for the best if you do that. And try to get a gameover in the chapter where you have to rescue Flayn or try to kill Dimitri before Dedue after the timeskip to make sure you can see how much of an asshole Edelgard really is. I would have loved her to be as much of an asshole as Hubert because it would have been a fun route this way.

>CF's tone also feels weirdly cheerful.

I've been told she's basically a badly-written Arvis because she's female!Arvis but with half of his storyline removed. I've never played FE4 but basically he does the same shit as her and after a long timeskip it bites him in the ass really hard. CF isn't a bad route because at least its maps are a bit different from the other routes but it feels unfinished when it comes to the story.

No. 78450


also i can't fucking stand most of the popular reviewers on letterboxd

No. 78491

The real unpopular opinion is liking Edelgard over Dimitri

Also I actually think that Edelgard’s Path is the best of fodlan but you need to pay close attention and read her support

Second best path is Claude, would have been first if we didn’t get God-Emperor Byleth

No. 78500

File: 1583815744664.jpg (206.15 KB, 903x1063, 1565894306030.jpg)

This game has broken my brain, I can't remember the last time I felt the need to argue with someone over a video game's plot. But her endings subtly imply that her version of Fodlan is going to turn into a hellhole.
This French guy on tumblr had a good post about it:

She's very popular, though. You can't even browse through twitter without seeing endless shitty takes about how she's the only one revolutionizing the country, while Claude and Dimitri are just useless centrists.

No. 78502

>The real unpopular opinion is liking Edelgard over Dimitri
I think they're both equally and very popular. Not sure I'd call that an unpopular opinion except if you're very active in fandoms online I guess. I think CF is so half-assed that the more I payed close attention to supports and cutscenes, including ones that are easy to miss and alternative cutscenes, the more I think Fodlan is going to be even more fucked up because of Edelgard in CF.

>would have been first if we didn’t get God-Emperor Byleth

Byleth is fucking shit, IS shouldn't have listened to the people who bitched about Corrin having a set personality and set relationships with the other playable characters because their ego got bruised by not being able to play as an OP manly dragon god knight who fuck waifus left and right. Silent protagonists can work very well in so many games but not in 3H at all.

No. 78503

on one hand, byleth makes the story worse

on the other hand, i get to be the ideal otome heroine and marry dimitri

No. 78582

I liked Howl's Moving Castle better than Spirited Away. Both are great, the first just resonated more with me. Idk, maybe if I had seen Spirited Away as a child…

No. 78588

I don't think Spirited Away is that good of a film and compared to Howls, Howls Moving castle is much better imo

No. 78604

Howl’s is so good and comforting. Spirited Away scared me when I was young

No. 78629

Yes, I'm not alone in this. I made a similar post about this on here years ago and no one agreed.

Though tbh I'm torn between
>Princess Mononoke
>Valley of the Wind
>Howls moving castle

I think depending on mood my fav switches from one of these from time to time.

I kinda miss the old ghibli films, if anyone likes Valley of the Wind check out the manga like it is so much better, the film is like 1/5 of the story.

it goes places.

No. 78693

the first half of howl's moving castle is an amazing movie, but the second half is kind of bad.

No. 78736

No. 78741

File: 1583968462929.png (858.59 KB, 1000x540, howl.png)

i just thought the pacing got messy and the anti-violence themes were muddled and poorly handled, compared to a movie like princess mononoke. i don't know, i just think the first half is pure magic, but the plot just runs away from him.
howl is such a charismatic character though, pretty much everyone falls in love with him a little bit while watching the movie. so i understand.

No. 78742

nta but the script is a mess, the whole war issue resolution is anticlimatic. It feels like too much of a book got cut (or changed) and the resolutions are weak/and or confusing.
I've seen the movie when it came out and I remember being shocked at how uneven it is.

No. 78754

Green lighters and editors get a bad rap. They're known for 'editing out this cool twist' or 'rejecting this super cool movie idea', but for every fanboys dreams they ruin they prevent 20 crappy ideas. They have the hardest jobs because they have to deal with god complex artists. In fact all the good ideas they do reject often suffer from 'sounds like a cool concept, but was written out badly'. I'm not saying they're always right, but editors are villinized way to much by people who know nothing about the industry

No. 78763

I fucking hate glitch techs
The latest cartoons I seem to tolerate would be The Harley Quinn series and alien news desk show

No. 78780

I enjoy harley quinn but the series can be really hit or miss at times and I really can't take Harley seriously with her outfit

No. 78852

me too anon.
howls just resonated with me in a way i can't really describe, it touched my heart. it's a near perfect movie to me. the main characters are so lovable despite their flaws, the animation is incredible, and the pure love the characters eventually show for each other makes my heart feel so warm. i could watch it over and over

No. 79087

I realized I don't like the show friends. I used to love it when I was a kid, I thought I still loved it but now I'm realizing it's probably just nostalgia.

No. 79089

Either that or you tastes just changed with time.

No. 79113

I don't particularly like Ghibli movies, especially Miyazaki's, there's something about the animation and the character design that pisses me off, I don't know why. I'm kinda wary about people who can't stop raving about these movies (the inevitable "did you go to ghibli museum?" when you mention your trip to Japan), although I agree with what everyone said about Howl's, I found it way better than what is generally said about it, whereas Spirited Away grossed me out.

I also don't like Tomie, every story is the exact same (but that can be said for a lot of Junji Ito's stories), random people fall under her charms and they get killed gruesomely, but for some reasons, it's his most famous and beloved character.

No. 79121

I think Howl’s Castle is overrated, there are a lot of plot holes and I don’t like how they changed the novel’s characters. Not because they are deeper in the novel, but they just look so plain and boring in the movie.

No. 79149

I think Howl's a good movie but the book is way better. The characters have more personality(Howl is a nasty bitch and Sophie doesn't take his shit).

Kakyoin from JJBA is overrated and no one would give a shit about him if there weren't memes about milfs or if he didn't want to sleep in the same room with Jotaro. Tumblr fujos have to make up shit tons of headcanons(mostly self-insterts) to justify finding him a good character.

No. 79157

The book was absolutely garbage. The movie doesn't deserve this.

No. 79160

This is actually the first time I see somebody sharing my opinion about Kakyoin, thank you for posting! I think a huge part of his mischaracterization comes from that fucking CLAMP doujinshi that caught on for whatever reason. Fujos love to paint him as this sensitive and shy boy, but actually he is a pretty big asshole that's mostly useless (gets killed twice, gets wrecked at video games despite being a neet, unable to properly communicate with teammates…). He also has imho one of the least memorable stand design and power (tbf a problem suffered by most part 3 stands, but at least Silver Chariot or Magician Red look cool).
As for popular JoJo characters, I can't stand Narancia either, I always thought he was an annoying little shit.

Speaking of CLAMP, I think most of their mangas are bad, they are good at chara design and story premises, but they are atrocious at narrative art and dialogues, and their stories always evolve into convoluted messes or they never finish them out of laziness. I don't even think they are still popular, I've never heard young anime fans talking about them.

No. 79173

clamp is terrible and i cannot for the life of me understand why so many women like them. all of their mangas have some kind of weird pedo/creep shit in them or dumb drama that bring the works down.

also utena is shit and kunihiko ikuhara is a hack. fucking fite me. all the stuff he directs turns into watered down "protecc the pure lesbians" fanservice shit.

No. 79175

it's because clamp also fujopanders with blatant queerbaiting and gullible yaoifags eat it up

No. 79230

>clamp is terrible

No. 79232

I like Utena, but I agree that Ikuhara is a hack, Yurikuma was one of the most insulting anime I've ever seen. His obsession with lesbians is very creepy, would not be surprised if he was exposed as a sex pest. I don't get when people say his animes are deep and tackle important subjects, they are super pretentious and riddled with nonsensical metaphors.

A Silent Voice is only emotional schlock and does nothing to bring awareness to deaf people, Shoko does not have her own agenda or inner voice, she's just the agent of redemption of the MC, and every character is there to suffer for dumb reasons.

I'm also not very fond of Kyo Ani, there animes are a lot style and no substance to me, Violet Evergarden being the prime example, this series is a chore to watch with the overblown animation and visual effects.

No. 79238

Utena is the only good (amazing even) work of Ikuhara as he was working with other people on it. All his other animes are crap. I remember having high hopes for Mawaru Penguindrum and was shocked how bad the series ended up being.

No. 79242

Utena is really shitty anime, can someone explain what is so great in that anime?

No. 79243

>also utena is shit and kunihiko ikuhara is a hack

Ikuhara's wife is also a hack. I cant stand sailor moon and it's 'ROMANCE.' Utena as a series is awful and i remember watching it in 2002 and never understood the hype then or now

No. 79245

what? Naoko Takeuchi is not Ikuhara's wife, who the fuck do you mean? There is no info on wikipedia about his family

No. 79252

My bad if i got that info wrong!! But my opinion still stands on Sailor moon being garbage

No. 79257

I know you will not change your opinion, but since you asked… but people love Utena for well-written characters, great portrayals of abusive relationships and smart critic of gender roles (which was honestly unthinkable in the 90's anime). The dialogue is well written and the script flows in a way that resembles 'normal' movies and TV series and not anime with it's cringey cliches (except for scenes when it's laughing at them, like Nanami's oldschool shoujo manga villain antics). The weirdness is also enjoyable.
Utena probably is not an anime for you and that's fine, what animes do you consider good though? I'm curious since Utena is in my top 10, along with similar stuff. You probably have a very different taste, so it's interesting.

No. 79263

Naoko Takeuchi is actually married to Hunter x Hunter's author

No. 79309

File: 1584416456929.jpg (54.55 KB, 354x500, 91JpscNDeaL._SY500_.jpg)

Sabrina the animated series is a far more memorable,funnier superior series than the Owl House
I got fairly odd parents vibes from it.Charming,likeable characters too
I love that Sabrina herself isn't an obnoxious "I'm so quirky and different look at me"type of protagonist like Luz,Sabrina knows she's different (a half witch) but she doesn't childishly show it to everyone (like Luz)not to mention she learns a lot of responsibilities and lessons throughout the show plus it's the only girl show with the best slapstick comedy
I can't believe Sabrina is 12 yet she's much more mature than Luz her self (14)
I wasn't disappointed with a single episode,I had lots of fun watching it,I hate how underated it is.

No. 79364

Dunno if you watched it on mute but the music direction is pretty fantastic.

No. 79466

Oh yeah, that too! Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku is iconic and Rinbu Revolution has forever been a bop. I love that song. Personally I am not a fan of the 2deep4u lyrics of the battle themes but it doesn't change the fact that the music is great.
I wish there were more anime like Utena and Evangelion when it comes to exploring psychology of broken people (especially in a weirdass setting, though it's not a requirement).

My unpopular opinion is that typical shonen manga/anime sucks and I can never understand how people get roped into wasting hundred of hours watching paper thin characters fight each other. It's all so painfully boring!!! I hate how people expect you to care about at least one popular shonen series.

No. 79473

Unpopular opinion: Banana Fish is hot garbage. The anime starts out interesting and is honestly a breath of fresh air compared to what was airing at the time, but then the show jumps the shark when the main character becomes the super-intelligent, fan-fiction-esqe gary-stu. Additionally, a lot of manga readers have criticized the show for cutting important elements of the story so MAPPA can cash in on the fujo market, and I can agree that the show puts more emphasis on the fake-gay relationship then the actual motif of the show.

No. 79475

>My unpopular opinion is that typical shonen manga/anime sucks and I can never understand how people get roped into wasting hundred of hours watching paper thin characters fight each other. It's all so painfully boring!!! I hate how people expect you to care about at least one popular shonen series.

That's not really an unpopular opinion even though it's still popular, people are always shitting on battle shounen. It's rarer to see anyone give it credit for the writing at all beyond saying it's fun if you turn your brain off. I think battle shounen tropes and cliches are effective at creating emotional investment in a cast over a long period of time, which allows for slow and steady build up to particularly exciting, hype moments. Usually in fights, true, but ultimately it's aimed at young boys so that makes sense. That said, it's a small and insular genre so it has a few good series and many mediocre rip offs.

No. 79478

I have a huge "normies get out reeee" mentality, so whenever an adaptation of some of my favorite mangas (Devilman, Houseki no Kuni, Vinland Saga, Dorohedoro…) get announced, I always get anxious because it's going to draw in obnoxious new fans, mostly twitter fujos and genderspecials. Most of the time, the adaptation is subpar, but these people always refer to it without even checking the original manga. Look at the state of the current JoJo fanbase, all because of the anime. That's why I'm kinda glad when an anime adaptation is objectively bad (Berserk, Kingdom, Terraformars), it keeps these people at bay.

Likewise, I think FMA Brotherhood is a terrible adaptation with garbage direction, art and voice acting. It's the most highly rated anime on MAL, but it's only thanks to the story and the characters that are directly lifted from the manga, everything else is on par with any generic shounen anime. I don't like the 2003 anime either, but at least it's visually pleasant to watch.

No. 79481

>That's not really an unpopular opinion even though it's still popular, people are always shitting on battle shounen
Loving shounen crap like Naruto, Bleach or Boku no Hero Academia is literally the most basic weeb thing, so I do believe that my opinion is unpopular, thanks. People unironically love those and in my opinion nothing of value would be lost if the genre disappeared altogether (of course the same could be said about most manga, but this is how much I don't give a fuck about the genre).

No. 79482

If 50% of people love something and 50% hate it, neither is an unpopular opinion. Opinions like yours are everywhere on any platform where anime is discussed.

No. 79489

I wouldn't say it's 50 to 50, but maybe weeb opinions are different in your country. I see shounen being universally loved by pretty much anyone who is not into niche anime. It's like a mandatory watch.
You are expected to watch this shit and love it if you like anime or manga.

On another note, Shinkai is an overrated hack and Your Name was especially terrible. The only good thing about his work are the graphics.
Tatami Galaxy is boring as fuck. It would work much better as a movie.

No. 79490

I think 5cm per Seconds is worse than Your Name (which I found okay but not a masterpiece either), everybody says it's an emotional love story, but I'm just seeing two lethargic idiots unable to move on from their middle school crushes, it does not even manage to be sad because of how unrelatable it is.
My main pet peeve about Your Name is how none of the protagonists realized the years were different, I refuse to believe that they never saw any full date anywhere (like at school, on a newspaper or on tv).

No. 79497

Thank you, anon! I knew she was married to some famous shonen dude, but couldn't remember which

No. 79498

File: 1584544893086.gif (6.06 MB, 639x462, siren-disgust.gif)

>I have a huge "normies get out reeee" mentality, so whenever an adaptation of some of my favorite mangas (Devilman, Houseki no Kuni, Vinland Saga, Dorohedoro…) get announced, I always get anxious because it's going to draw in obnoxious new fans, mostly twitter fujos and genderspecials.

I'm similar. I'm a big devilman fan since the late 90s and i knew it was be ultimate cringe when netflix released the remake. I actually did really enjoy it, but the fujos coming out from it were the worst…

No. 79500

Almost every normie likes dbz, even if they arent into anime, so i'd say most people like shonen, even if it's a shit genre for the most part. I think mainly because it caters to men and men usually have trash taste in anime.

No. 79505

Never watched Crybaby because the edge looked too tryhard (and I'm a big edgelord) and the redesigns put me off (Ryo being the worst offender), but these new fans are what convinced me this anime wasn't worth my time, with them lecturing people with discourse like "don't call Satan hermaphrodite because it's a transphobic slur uwu".

No. 79509

>don't call Satan hermaphrodite because it's a transphobic slur uwu".

god, i hate the new gen fans so much. Crybaby wasnt too bad. it followed the manga more directly, but i'm always gonna be salty the original anime was never finished. and let's not talk about the awful live action movie from japan, haha

No. 79575

Thanks for reminding me of this show anon, I'll have to download it sometime.

Also that pic made me laugh because they're all standing in the exact same pose. It makes them look like deviantart OC's kek

No. 79582

This. I've had multiple mangas ruined for me forever, I've read some of them years before they got an anime adaptation and suddenly the anime brings in the worst fandom imaginable. Like you I let out a sigh of relief whenever the adaptation flops and doesn't catch on. As for JoJo, my friends used to be deep into it well over a decade ago and the fandom was nothing like the trash heap it's at the moment. Literally unrecognizable.

Related rant: I'm also a Twitter fujo myself but I'm an oldfag and the next gen extra woke anti-fujo movement makes me want to jump off a building. Probably not an unpopular opinion here but then again I've seen spergs in various threads parroting parts of this narrative so..
>H-how dare you ship this 17-year old with a 19-year old!!!!! don't you know this CARTOON CHARACTER who literally looks like he's 28 is actually 16!!! fucking pedo!!
>the OTHER fujoshis are mean straight staceys fetishizing homosexuals but I'm allowed to do it while using derogatory slurs because I'm a trans he/him faggot pixie prince i'm so gay!!! uwu
>Above statement said by a person who only consumes BL created by women, never even so much as glancing at the stuff actual gay men create while still bitching about women creating BL
>This character called the other character stupid/they have a size difference between them!! Shipping them is glorifying and romanticizing ABUSE you bigot!!
>ummmm they're childhood friends so that counts as incest you know… block and report
>Uses the highly outdated term "yaoi" unironically as a "slur" to refer to everything they don't like personally and thus see as morally wrong

I remember someone going on a full ass meltdown in some thread yelling about how some cow was transphobic for calling Satan a man and that's probably in my top-10 lolcow cringe moments.

No. 79588

File: 1584610907192.png (261.21 KB, 500x739, tumblr.png)

Purity spirals isn't unique among yaoi fans, you should see the epic spergouts about castlevania on tumblr now. Surprisingly superdiverse show with a ton of characters of different ethnicities, super cool black characters, LGB characters. But all of it is bad and racist because one black character was a slave once.
And look at this childish tantrum where demanding everyone to block fans of an evil female character. Meanwhile no one is demanding fans of evil male characters to be blocked. Really sexist and making a mockery of the real issue of racism etc.

Had to vent about it. I feel like being sane is an unpopular opinion on tumblr.

No. 79590

Jesus, could you imagine this kind of post 10 years ago with the gaming fanbase (of course you can't, it would have never happened)? Once again, we are proven that a mainstream "anime" drives dumb fans like moth to a flame crosses fingers so that Tumblr/Twitter never discovers WH40K

Old fujos are fine, I was really talking about the new ones who have to make characters fucking a political statement. No, shounen protagonists not ending up together is not homophobia and a proof of the author being oblivious of his own work.
I'm sick of purity discourse as well, and I'm not even part of the most "deviant" part of fandoms, I don't even like yaoi. Incest disgusts me, but I'm not going to wish ill upon people who like ships like that, the vast majority of them do not condone incest IRL.

No. 79591

File: 1584612436129.jpeg (36.25 KB, 640x360, 51EEC557-76D4-4767-A8D2-048C59…)

I love apex legends/bloodhound is my favourite character. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that, but I’m not at all pressed they’re canonically non binary/I think it kind of adds to the character in a way since we have literally no idea what’s under the mask.

What I’m worried for however, is that one of the devs mentioned we’ll be getting a shit ton of new law later this year. I should be excited, since a lot of it is centred around my favourite character, but I have a feeling it’ll be the classic ‘yeah let’s completely erase this awesome characters mysterious last/their origins and focus on the fact that they’re LGBT by making some big convoluted story about their past and coming of age with gender struggles etc etc’.

Hope this doesn’t sound spergy, it’d just be something I could totally see them doing to get brownie points. Especially if they make a special skin for the law drop; catch a bunch of teenagers dropping ridiculous amounts of money and lining the pockets of EA once again with their one actually decent game.

No. 79592


Sorry for double post, i’m super tired and my own bad spelling was bugging me

No. 79593

Based Lenore. My favorite new character

No. 79595

I feel like warhams fandom is so trashy, doubt tumblr can ruin the overhyped so epic bro xd neckbeard community

No. 79616

File: 1584632425933.jpg (93.87 KB, 599x844, e57ed8431093bdedbc168759a4426d…)

they do realize this is cartoon, right? It's not even accurate to the game or characters.

>v But all of it is bad and racist because one black character was a slave once.

Isaac wasnt even black in the original ps2 game and i'll never understand why they made this choice to do that or go the slave route. it's cringe

No. 79617

>Old fujos are fine, I was really talking about the new ones who have to make characters fucking a political statement. No, shounen protagonists not ending up together is not homophobia and a proof of the author being oblivious of his own work.

I agree as a fujo from the early 2000s. It reminds me of the insane shit that happened in voltron. people treat cartoon characters as a real representation of gay couples and it's honestly super offensive. I miss the older livejournal days before tumblr when it wasnt this mainstream or messy. You could ship whatever and not get death threats from underage fans

No. 79618

Remember how we were young and used to all ship YGO and YYH characters… …

So do I. We weren't great, crazy maybe. But. We also didn't send death threats to creators if our two characters didn't end up together or send CP to people on tumblr to… combat… CP…

New Fujo's are the absolute worst form of trash.

No. 79621

Oh yeah. YHH Hiei and Kurama were my first ship back in the day. I don't understand the death threat thing. Why do it? Why force a creator to change their shit to cater to YOU?

I honestly blame the age of tumblr for all of this. It got really bed closer to 2009 and 2010 when all the special gender identity and bullshit starting coming into fandom. We always had shit like mprep, but we didnt have special trans non binary garbage like this. I was actually reading Gremory Park a week ago and someone asked if Rami (the obvious feminine dude) was trans or non binary and i visibly cringed.

No. 79625

I'll take 10000 Goku/Vegeta omegaverse mpreg fanfics over a single trans headcanon story, at least back in the day people were upfront about their fetishes and did not pretend it was deep or political.

No. 79626

I don't mind the inclusion of trans and NB people at all but these young ones forcing their head canons is way beyond me. And let's forget you are terrible if you disagree cause it's obvs canon. MPreg has always been a thing, like you said, but why does out BL need ABO vaginal or vaginal anything to justify it? They need to go read sex pistols. Go read Pataliro.

A friend of mine has the theory that ABO and some Trans fics are written by cis women who want to fully immerse themselves into X characters like Keith or Giorno. I can honestly see it, too.

No. 79627

File: 1584634560670.png (305.05 KB, 786x617, ESeHNn_UwAEWuqG.png)

I actually think the Netflix version of Isaac ended up great, he is very interesting character and has really cool scenes in S3. But instead of being happy about the inclusion of a complex cool black character all the tumblr idiots do is the complain about the character anyway and calling the show racist. It's almost like they don't actually care about issues like racism they just want to whine about something, anything.

We have also gotten to the point where it's impopular to state that it's okay to enjoy fictional villains and morally grey characters.

No. 79636

Entrapta os absolutely overrated, I don't get the hype.

I do love Scorpia, though.

No. 79640

Why didnt they just MAKE a cool black character then? I actually dont mind Isaac, but why take an existing white character and turn him black? It's so much more creative and genuine to go another route and make a new guy. I digress. I think netflix Castlevania is a shit show, which started off okay but you can tell that it's done with an american audience in mind.

No. 79641

I hope this trans trend ends along with covid19. I am so sick of trans headcanons and other gross shit

No. 79644

People are definitely going to have even less patience for trans crap when there are real things to worry about.

No. 79649

I used to ship the fuck out of YYH characters, now I'd be called a pedo because they're all 14-15 years old despite looking like ripped Chippendales dancers. I really pity all the 16-year old girls of the current generation who can't even ship MHA characters together without being called out as pedos or 21-year olds being called groomers for being cordial to minors in a completely platonic way. Back in my goddamn day people were head over heels about Kuroshitsuji and none of them grew up as a sick pedo going around eating preteen souls.

This. I hate how now you have to represent a political ideology or spread out your whole personal history to the kangaroo court of the internet if you write a fic with even the slightest traces of things that can be considered problematic.

No. 79651

There is a small (but very vocal) part of the Dark Souls fandom that insists that Gwyndolyn (a man who was raised as a woman) is a trans woman and that the devs are transphobic because he got killed in the third game (which is kinda dumb to single out his death since everybody dies in DS). Of course, none of the characters or the lore in-game refers to him with female pronouns, and it's pretty obvious when you read between the lines that he was forced to do it and didn't like the experience. Still, the troon fans insist he is a transbian icon and get super vicious with anybody who disagrees, and then they wonder why nobody likes them and wants to listen to them.

No. 79657

Oh boy, never played DS but this sounds a lot like the Danganronpa Chihiro discourse. I don't know how people latched onto Chihiro being an uwu transgirl even though he only posed as a girl to avoid bullying and admired Mondo for being a cool tough guy and wanted to be like him.
All trans headcanons are inherently cringey but if you're gonna do it, at least make it not completely conflict with canon. I remember seeing on Tumblr a lot of people HCing that Danny Phantom was totally a trans boi because he didn't want to take off his shirt at the pool or something like that. It's stupid especially because Butch Hartman is a diehard Christian and would never put tranny subtext in his fucking children's cartoon but I mean, whatever. People can think what they want. But when it comes to characters like Chihiro, Naoto from P4, or this Dark Souls character… did you motherfuckers even read the source material or do these idiots just go feral whenever they see anything to do with characters being forced to crossdress due to societal pressure?

No. 79658

Great, now I wanna re-watch Castlevania and feel like a rebel because I actually enjoy Isaac and Lenore's scenes.

No. 79664

These "girl"dick suckers need to gtfo my fandom.
>His sister Yorshka constantly reveres her older BROTHER
>The Reversal Ring in Darkmoon Tomb (his old boss area) explicitly says it only "causes males to perform female actions and vice versa", it slightly alters your posture in game, does not actually sex change you or your voice (hm…)
>Text repeatedly says that he is a male god that his family raised as female, no 'he truly is a girl with 9 feminine trouser snakes' or other such crap
>His DS3 expy Prince Lothric has a very similar body model (identical face, different textures), same voice actor, nobody questions his male status

kek tho the irony that they would latch onto the lastborn of Gwyn who basically trooned him out for being 'hideous', 'sickly' and inferior his other son Chad literal Thundercock

No. 79698

I bet these idiots have never PLAYED dark souls. Gwyndolyn is one of my favorite villains for that reason. he's interesting and never once (in such a lore based game) did they ever go 'omg he's actually a woman' It says everywhere he is a male moon god raised like a woman but that doesnt make him trans, ffs

Obsessed with his sister? Yes. Wanted to protect her? sure. but that trans shit needs to gtfo from the souls fandom. fucking hell

No. 79699

The tumblrtards cant grasp the fact that some characters are crossdressers in relevance to their story. Chihiro's is pretty sexist. He didnt want to be seen as a male so he wouldn't get picked on and thought he was too weak, but once Mondo taught him that was bullshit and they worked out together, he saw himself more as a man. Never once did he say 'only use she/her' pronouns to the cast . The trans shit came entirely from the tumblrtard fans

No. 79704

I mean they basically DID make a new guy. It's not like they kept him the same and made him black for woke points, they made a new character and named him Isaac to make it clear to fans that they don't intend on adapting CoD Isaac. I think it's one of the better ways to go about totally changing a character in an adaptation. If they named him something else, fans would be holding out for the appearance of Original Isaac.

No. 79730

I don't understand why some people would support the Kim family in Parasite. The "Eat the rich" meme kind of falls apart when you can see that they're completely merciless to other people who are just trying to survive. Also, when the son starts grooming a high school girl for no reason (other than to prove he can to his friend who implicitly said he couldn't, I guess).
In the end, the only reason they ever had to turn against their bosses was anger that they'd never be able to reach that level, stepping on others. The movie itself is good for showcasing how the nature of capitalism turns people into monsters, but when it comes down to it, the only people who weren't complete shitbags were everyone in the Park family (besides the husband), and maybe the original housekeeper.
I also hated how the Kims trashed the living room that didn't even belong to them. Disgusting entitlement.

No. 79744

I agree. You can feel empathy for the Kims but I don't think the actual intent was to make people root for them. I mean, I was almost screaming at the manipulative shit they did to get the other workers fired

I agree the overall message is really about how greed and capitalism separates society. The Kim family aren't honest; the only people that can move up the ranks have to be dishonest or cheat the system in some way. Like it says, the Parks are friendly and naive because they're rich, not the other way around.

No. 79745

I do wonder, the grooming goes mostly unaddressed, at least it wasn't shunned to the level I had hoped. Unless I missed something?

No. 79803

I don't care about Nintendo games and I hate how they are pushed onto us as the best games ever. I hate how they rehash the same licenses since the NES, and I don't like their new IPs either, every single game looks too cookie cutter and harmless. I'm not saying they should be edgy, but the way Nintendo absolutely wants to present themselves as family friendly is obnoxious.
Their fans are the worst, they always rave how "other companies want to make profit, only Nintendo makes fun games", which is dumb since I always had fun on the various PlayStations. Nintendo also has a lot a shady practices (games never discounted, online shop unavailable, autistically pursuing anybody who makes any kind of fangame…), but they never call them out on that. Let's not forget the unavoidable "Nintendo won E3!1!", yeah, I guess if you like Mario, Zelda and Splatoon.
I'm seeing everybody hyped for Animal Crossing, which I don't get at all, it looks incredibly boring.

No. 79804

I find it interesting that this is considered an unpopular opinion nowadays since it used to be the popular opinion among 'gamers' in my country for the longest time. People would laugh at you for liking AC as it's not a real gamer game aka FPS or action-adventure one. If you somehow bought a Nintendo console instead of Playstation or Xbox, people you were the butt of every joke.
Funny how things change.

No. 79805

I guess the tables must have turned, or it depends on which corner of the internet you go, but on Tumblr and twitter, they are extremely popular.

No. 79818

I agree to a degree with you, especially about the part about Nintendo being extra autistic about protecting their IPs and rehashing old content (plus having a history of fucking over 3rd party devs), but it's sort of apples and oranges kind of a thing. Nintendo games are accessible to a lot more people than what other studios produce so it's comparable to family board games vs hardcore tabletop RPGs, there's no point in fighting which is better because they serve a different purpose. So they're rightfully championing in a field that doesn't have much competition and I salute them for many innovative products they've pushed out instead of stagnating with the generic dual shock controller + powerful machines other companies are doing.

No. 79850

>every single game looks too cookie cutter and harmless
The very few times that's not the case everyone loses their shit so I can see why they're not trying too hard to change things. People were sperging about Zelda Twilight Princess at the time for being edgier, and Fire Emblem Fates was rated for 15 or 16 years old and above in Japan and had several characters with backstories straight out of Drakengard and the Western localizations butchered the game even in terms of gameplay (several DLCs never got released) so 3H is way less explicit. Although I think they want to change that reputation slowly but surely which is why they made Bayonetta a Nintendo series when there was an opportunity.

>games never discounted

I hate that shit so much. I like some Nintendo games a lot but since they do that shit and recently started adding more and more DLCs I almost always wait so Ii can grab cheap second hand copies. If it weren't for 3H being a bit less than 45€ on amazon I wouldn't have played it, and now that I did I still think it was so half-assed that it should have cost even less.

No. 80490

I find overly meta stories annoying. I just do not care.

No. 80517

Yes, same. I found those scenes kind of uncomfortable as I went through similiar things. But it wasn't addressed at all so I suppose it wasn't supposed to be seen as negative? But I don't think that is the explaination because as said, his friend pointedly said how he trusted him not to get his hands on her, and yet he does it. So I would like to think it was a negative aspect of the character? But he also goes on the whole spiel about how he loves her. Kinda iffy.

Has the director said anything about it?

No. 80520

Twitter doesn't do shit about the roving groups of retarded underages and their "fandom moms" going around harassing fanartists. Fanexus couldn't come sooner, if they manage to ban all the ship war baiting fags id be really happy. Fuck, I'm a pretty much exclusive m/f shipper and I've never seen this much sperging in my life. Who's idea was it to let children into fandom spaces?
Also, voltron was and still is a mess. Death threats sent to pretty much everyone in the show including VAs and holding leaks hostage all because of ships. People are still seething about sheith and klance to this day. It's impressive, voltron fujos are indeed a new breed of retarded. I hope they stay contained in that horrible little show forever.
I never thought about it that way. I just saw it as part of the chaos that everything was already going to shit, and i assumed the scenes were so horrific they didn't need an explanation. Like you were just supposed to look at them to gasp at the audacity of it all. Now that I think about it, i get the feeling that it was a little under addressed.

No. 80533

Fat and anachan white girls like kpop because they see Koreans as human versions of dating sims

No. 80571

Firefly/serenity sucked. I don't get the hype around it.

No. 80572

I enjoyed Firefly for the character dynamics and dialogue, they were very fun to me. But I'm really into westerns, so that helps.
Serenity felt like a completely different franchise though, they wrote everyone OOC (or outright killed them off) to justify a needlessly dark plot that made no sense. This is what happens when fans demand a mini-series/movie sequel, the Farscape mini-series was shit too.

No. 80604

I wish there was a better way to filter out underaged fans tbh. They’re so fucking obnoxious. I’m so tired of seeing them trying to role play in comment sections and harassing people over ships or gender identities.

I hope so too anon.

No. 80611

File: 1585212038852.png (254.11 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200326-093809.png)

Ramuda has an absolutely grating voice and hypmic is for masochists. Also surprised mods on app sites don't delete meme reviews.

No. 80612

>I hope they stay contained in that horrible little show forever.
The already moved on to My Hero Academia and destroyed that fandom too. Who knows what's their next target.

As for why kids exist in fandom spaces, nowadays all the interaction happens on Twitter. It's a big ass hub containing every person in the world and it has only limited interaction and a character limit that makes it easy to take tweets out of context. Back in the day we had Livejournal communities and forums dedicated to certain fandoms and the platforms required you to integrate and to articulate your points in longer posts, on Twitter (And Tumblr for that matter) you can just hop in anywhere you want to spew shit all over the floor with your 100-character hot takes and then block everyone/private your account when you're losing the fight. It's bound to be a disaster. Especially when the offending party is a 16-year old borderline autistic mental case with stunted emotional skills and a lot of parroted PC discourse.

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