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No. 75606

Anyone else notice that mikayla is a terrible friend to victoriasnooks and is also a huge hypocrite??

No. 75607

Reminder that @mikaylaxdavis is a terrible friend and a huge hypocrite :) who also blocked me when i confronted her instead of replying to me and having a civil conversation:)
Ya know its funny trying to beg the world for sympathy for a bad experience youve had in the past while actively ignoring the fact that youre friends with an ex of someone you claim to be the best friend of fully knowing all of the shit shes been through.
Its even funnier sending out angry tweets bc your friends are hanging out with your ex-roomate who did you dirty, but a few weeks before hand you were partying it up with your best friend's ex, the same man who publicly tried to take her kids away..
The same man who let it be known he was gonna legally battle your bff for custody of their kids, and your bff tweeted that she couldnt afford a lawyer to fight back. He also forced her to move out of the house they had together…
..and once the house was back up on the market for rent/sale he tweeted about wanting to "buy his house back." Then a short while after tweeted to his hundred of thousands of followers that his ex, your "best friend", was a gold digger and never actually loved him.
But you have the nerve to publicly be his friend and actively tweet out how youre such a "good friend" and how "loyal" you are and how nobody should ever "upset" your friends, while you stood by and never once defended victoria against her ex or her ex's tweets.
Everything may be deleted now but I remember. Other people remember. He publicly shat on victoria and you stood by and did NOTHING. Dont you dare tweet about how great of a friend you are when you are as bad as they come.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 75608

Literally who, anon go the fuck to sleep.

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