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File: 1579057054636.jpg (571.58 KB, 945x1199, Μ's_Final_LoveLive!__µ'sic_For…)

No. 72234

Discuss cute girls, games, and their music without interacting with gross men! This is mostly for Love Live, Bandori, and Idolm@ster, but similar and related franchises are more than welcome.

Some questions to get us started:
>What games are you playing right now?
>Who is your best girl?
>What is your favorite song?

No. 72235

File: 1579057657628.jpg (108.31 KB, 1024x659, kirarii.jpg)


>What games are you playing right now?

idolmaster, but i used to play ensemble stars and bang dream!
>Who is your best girl?
kirari moroboshi. pic related. i'm using all my free pulls on the memorial gacha so i can hopefully get enough lunar shines to ticket her
>What is your favorite song?
the ankira?! song is very cute, but i also love palette

No. 72243

What's the easymode way to get into the games? I love cute girly anime and idol music but I'm clueless about the games. Tbh I didn't even realise this stuff was so heavily focused on the games until recently.

No. 72244

What's the appeal? I'm a sucker for moe yuri bait shit but the idol premise kinda really tests my suspension of disbelief.

No. 72247

Have you tried any Project Diva games?

No. 72261

File: 1579081717498.jpeg (58.64 KB, 400x400, 692897B5-B1B7-49F2-8188-9A95E9…)

>What games are you playing right now?
All Stars! It's really fun, honestly. I love unlocking outfits for the girls and switching out girls to fit different songs. I'm really excited for Mega 39s too, honestly.
>Who is your best girl?
Am I referring to You Watanabe or the anon reading this? You'll never know.
>What is your favorite song?
Lately I've been listening to a lot of Muse. Day Day Day by CYAron never fails to make me happy too.

No. 72277

File: 1579092028190.png (346.98 KB, 1282x722, Hibiki_TD_SSR3.png)

>What games are you playing right now?
Mostly Idolmaster (both million live and starlight stage) but recently I downloaded love live allstars after haven given up on SIF because of how boring it got in comparison to other idol games

>Who is your best girl?

pic related

>What is your favorite song?

Honestly none of them lol. I don't really play for the music and most of it sucks, imo. Million live does have better songs than starlight stage though

No. 72287

What is the appeal of those games? Is it plot or 'spending time' with moegirls?

No. 72288

They're rhythm games. I'm sure you've played a rhythm game in your life before, no? Like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution or whatever. That's the main appeal. Plus you get cute anime girls in cute outfits doing cute dances.

No. 72319

File: 1579111175524.png (177.45 KB, 512x720, 799NicoCleanURIdolized.png)

I'm surprised to see so many All Stars players since there's no EN server yet. You guys are definitely making me want to play it!
Just pick one and download it? There are a lot of FTP mobile games.
It's definitely not the plot lol. I love rhythm games and the cute aesthetic makes me happy.

No. 72323

File: 1579112845372.jpg (36.89 KB, 300x420, sumire-usuta-148029[1].jpg)

>What games are you playing right now?
T7S (tokyo 7th sisters) mostly
>Who is your best girl?
i really like sumire. i picked her when i started playing because she dresses like me, but she's super cute
>What is your favorite song?
probably a toss between precious remainder by SiSH (sumire is in that unit) or PRIZM ♪ RIZM by WITCH NUMBER 4. most of the music is by livetune so the production is really good.

No. 72337

File: 1579122200982.png (1.43 MB, 1136x640, 6t23Iqk.png)

>What games are you playing right now?
I've been playing All Stars! It's nice to see that some others are playing it too. I love that you can unlock cute outfits really painlessly through events. The event cards are super easy to get and the outfits are great for the most part.
>Who is your best girl?
Hanayo is forever best girl
>What is your favorite song?
I fell in love with the new QU4RTZ subunit song preview Beautiful Moonlight. It's so cute! I hope it gets added to the game soon after the single releases.

I'd like to ask my fellow SIFAS players:
>What do you think the best and worst outfits in the game are?
>Which MV do you like the most?
>What outfits and songs would you like to see added to the game?
>Do you like the gameplay or do you prefer a rhythm game like SIF?
>Which NijiGaku girl(s) do you like the most?

No. 72338

I haven’t been able to get into an idol game since LL. I really want to play im@s but my understanding is that it requires a console and it’s an ENG version has never been released. When I first started playing, my favourite was Eli, but now it’s gotta be Nico. She’s easily the most iconic (nico nico nii, hit or miss girl), and the funniest. I love how much of a brat she is, but also her softness towards her younger siblings.

No. 72340

you don't need a console to play idolmaster. some of the older games are on xbox and ps3 iirc but they're all mostly on smartphones now. if you have an android you can download qooapp and get the japanese games that way. if you have an iphone just make a new apple store account that's located in japan.




No. 72379

File: 1579164305764.jpg (575.27 KB, 1280x960, wp02_1280 (11).jpg)

Is Love and Berry considered an idol game?
I love this game, I wish they continued with the series.

No. 72417

File: 1579187745093.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1304x795, AD6F8338-BF57-41A5-863E-792E93…)

Happy Hanayo day anon!

>What do you think the best and worst outfits in the game are?

Best? Pic related. I like it so much I'm seriously considering making it myself so I can wear it… lol. I also really like Kanan's yukata(?) outfit! I put my You in one of the 9th anniversary outfits and I think she really suits that. I have so many aaa. I don't have the names memorised, sorry!

Worst? I'm not sure what their names are, but the Muse red outfits and the current Aqours set that's out. You know what the latest Dia SR is wearing? I just think they're boring and not nice to look at.

>Which MV do you like the most?

I like the Subunit and Solo MVs the most, because group MVs are too much for me to focus on and I haven't unlocked matching outfits yet. I like focusing on just one/a couple of girls, and making my own subunits lol.

>What outfits and songs would you like to see added to the game?

Just more solo and subunit songs!

>Do you like the gameplay or do you prefer a rhythm game like SIF?

Very unpopular opinion, but All Stars' gameplay is more fun than SIF's is to me. Why? I don't exactly know!

>Which NijiGaku girl(s) do you like the most?

Setsuna, Ai, Rina and Kanata so far! Can't decide who my best Niji girl is yet. Maybe Rina.

How about you, anon?

No. 72537

File: 1579237493473.png (1.22 MB, 1136x640, HKa4sgT.png)

Happy Hanayo day!!

>What do you think the best and worst outfits in the game are?

I agree that this Kotori's outfit is the best in the game so far! Other than that, I think the matching Eli/Hanamaru and Nozomi/Chika UR outfits are really pretty.
For me, the worst are probably the very awkward looking Kotori and Honoka UR outfits from the first event. The card illustrations were so beautiful, but the 3D modeled dresses look pretty bad imo. I'm glad most of the outfits have been great since then though!
For SR outfits, do you prefer pre-existing song outfits (like most of them have been) or original designs (like the Nijigaku animal SRs)? The song outfits are definitely boring, but I found many of the Nijigaku animal SR designs to be really tacky. Many were cute though!

>Which MV do you like the most?

Since I love taking cute screenshots, solo and subunit MVs tend to be the best for that!! I think the cyaron MV is super cute, and meccha going is also adorable!

>What outfits and songs would you like to see added to the game?

I really want kokuhaku biyori desu!, or any of the duets! I would like to see HPT outfits too. I also really hope that the daily songs and 2nd Nijigaku solos will eventually get MVs instead of being stuck with 2D forever.

>Do you like the gameplay or do you prefer a rhythm game like SIF?

I think both have their merits! I really enjoy the teambuilding aspect of SIFAS. I probably prefer SIF's gameplay overall, but the game itself is so stale and outdated that I don't bother playing it much anymore.

>Which NijiGaku girl(s) do you like the most?

I love the N girl trio of Emma, Kanata and Shizuku! I have also gotten very attached to Rina. They're all super cute!

No. 72552

File: 1579246617129.jpeg (298.38 KB, 1476x2084, AE3E3424-F47B-4581-A15C-EF7799…)

I prefer original designs! I love most of Niji's outfits so far, like Ayumu's pink dress and Shizuku's blue dress. I wish there was an option to remove accessories somewhat. I love Maki's snow halation outfit, but I just hate the hat! I wish I could remove it. And I totally agree that the animal outfits were tacky. I think Shizuku's, Kasumi's and Ayumu's animal outfits are nice, but the rest are awful, especially poor Rina's.

You sound really nice anon! I'm glad that you're enjoying SIFAS. I also love taking cute screenshots and CYAron's mv! So cute!!

No. 72894

What is the game play for SIFAS even like? The videos I found online didn't make it look really fun, but I want to like the game- especially if it gets a WW/EN server!

The LL duets are so pretty. I still find myself humming Glass no Hanazono all the time.

If you like LLSIF you could try Bandori or Revue starlight which are by the same company, although the latter isn't a rhythm game. There's also the new LL game in Japan that you can get through QooApp.

No. 72899

Fucking yes project diva games are bomb
I didn't like the recent one for PS4 though, I felt that there were way less songs and each song had a static stage to them instead of a PV.
I did like playing the challenges though. Also hype for the mega mix enlgish port coming later this year.

No. 72902

File: 1579545649675.png (1.31 MB, 1136x640, jeAAqE9.png)

Even as someone who enjoys the game a lot, I would say the gameplay in SIFAS is pretty dull.

It isn't a rhythm game like SIF. There's a "rhythm game" aspect, but it's pretty minor and not challenging at all imo. You can use autoplay after you clear a song once, and you'll probably use it most of the time after that. The focus is instead on team building and trying to clear "appeal chances" throughout the song. Songs can have special disadvantages/advantages that you have to build your team around. I do think the team building aspect is pretty fun, but it can get old really quick. Thankfully there are "skip tickets". Once you S-rank a song, you can use them to collect all exp/rewards/event points/whatever that you'd get from playing the song without actually playing it.

To me the main appeal is definitely collecting outfits and watching the MVs. The MVs are really nice and the outfits are very cute. The game has also been super generous so far, which is something that I think probably keeps a lot of people coming back despite the kind of boring gameplay. You can get a lot of cute outfits from just playing in events, plus we're about to get 9 free 10-scouts starting tomorrow, for example. The gacha rates are also really kind at 5% UR, and the card art is beautiful.

I think if you're looking for a fun rhythm game, this isn't going to be the game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy team building around various obstacles or just like LL characters and watching them dance around in cute outfits, you'll probably like it!

I'm really looking forward to it too!

No. 72903

I liked X because of how great the tracklist was, bonus points for almost all those songs actually being new even if there weren't very many of them.

I'm not excited about mega39 because the song list is utter shit and it's all old. Its like a switch port of future tone only they took out all the good songs. And the joycons make rhythm games unbearable… Don't think I'll be buying it. But I'm happy they finally added that graphic filter to the whole game rather than just ura omote lovers, the character models looked sooooo ugly in some of the super old pvs from future tone.


No. 72978

File: 1579618355429.jpeg (347.28 KB, 828x875, 68D10B0E-73C8-4DDE-A345-92816F…)

Maybe wait until WW release, because the game seems to be getting some pretty big updates soon.


No. 73035

File: 1579659525025.jpg (228.07 KB, 1020x1200, DdQlAakVwAASd6_.jpg)

Damn I regret not visiting /m/ more often.
>What games are you playing right now?
I'm into im@s only so far. Theater days is my main, Starlight Stage and Shiny Colors are good too but I'm a casual player.
>Who is your best girl?
Miyao Miya. My love for her knows no limits, honestly. I also like Nakano Yuka.
>What is your favorite song?
Jireru Heart and Hitomi no Naka no Sirius are amazing, and not only because I'm a MiyaP. Most TD original songs are great so it's hard to pick lmao Hanazakari Weekend and Melty Fantasia are good picks if you wanna get into the music. SS has been a hit or miss lately but I agree with the KirariP from earlier, Palette is a catchy and cute song, I loved Furachi na Canvas and I can't wait until it gets ported to SS.
Sorry for the double post, I clicked "new reply" too soon.

No. 73173

>What games are you playing right now?
None. I've been in a funk lately. I do like the beat games because of the songs but they were repetitive for me. I used to play im@s but we had to get rid of the XBox recently (and tbh thats has been a long time). I kinda want a fun adventure game with idols but not sure if they exist. One like Dragon Warrior would be ideal.

>Who is your best girl?

Hoo boy, I do have alot. My absolute faves are Takane, Ranko and Azusa from im@s, Nozomi, Umi and Kanata Konoe from Love Live, Ranka Lee, Lynn Minmay and Sharon Apple from Macross, Athena from KOF..I'm sure there's more but these are my absolutes.

>What is your favorite song?

フラワーガール , ラ♥ブ♥リ♥, Mythmaker, 隣に… 今井麻美, 風花, ラブノベルス, 乙女式れんあい塾, もぎゅっと“love”で接近中!, DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE?

No. 73210

File: 1579775831652.png (4.49 MB, 1792x828, B7B47974-6BC4-4CF9-A732-DD92E1…)

Kanan has been so good to me in All Stars, I have all of her URs now!
She's shot up to second best Aqours Girl to me (first is You, always You)

No. 73223

Is Idolmaster worth getting into?
The sexualisation of the cards and, of course, not understanding Japanese makes me hesitant. I don't know anything about it other than this song being the objective best song in the game. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

I adore SIFAS, and played Bandori for a good year but lost my account and didn't really connect with any of the girls anyway.

No. 73227

bro have you ever even heard any other im@s songs

No. 73228

No. 73236

They're not singing about hamburgers so not as superior srry not srry ai loveu hamburger

No. 73255

File: 1579812093763.png (128.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1289idolizedTransparent.png)

I always love when girls come to me.
I hated Rin when I first downloaded LLSIF but she was my first, second, and third UR and I just had to fall in love with her.

No. 73260

File: 1579813273846.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1391x778, 866514C4-6269-46DD-A92D-BC10FB…)

I used to dislike Rin, but lately I've developed a soft sport for her because I adore her solo song.

Anyway look at these beauties wow I love the Aqours 3rd years

No. 115721

File: 1605813023725.jpg (570.34 KB, 1800x900, 20201114_170840.jpg)

>What games are you playing right now?
Love Live All Stars
>Who is your best girl?
Rina Tennoji
>What is your favorite song?
Snow Halation , All Rina Solos

No. 115827

File: 1605901839075.png (1.11 MB, 1136x640, 4790EBF5-6505-4A45-B0FA-3AC09C…)

Hey LL fans, when and how did you discover the series? Are you a fan of the series as a whole, or just select groups/girls? What are your feelings on each of the “generations”?

No. 116117

File: 1606151728347.jpg (98.52 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)

'Bout to go on a full on sperg out here but I'm so passionate about LL lmao…

>What games are you playing right now?
Love Live SiF & All Stars
>Who is your best girl?
Nico Yazawa number one trash idoru kween. Closely followed by Mari Ohara, Kasumi Nakasu & Kanata Konoe.
>What is your favorite song?
Jump up HIGH!!

I was auditioning for a maid cafe group in late 2014/early 2015 and everyone was gushing about it at the time so I downloaded SIF and started playing, then shortly after watched the anime. I wasn't too fond of Sunshine!! when it first released thinking that it was just kind of a poor rehash of the same concept/chika was way too much like a honoka clone for me so I assumed the same of the other girls too and it took me a while to actually give it a watch, but I ended up calling in love with Aqours too. Then in 2019 I started a job at a v small anime/video game shop and found out my coworker was obsessed with LL too and that just kind of enabled my addiction, and we would gush about it at work for hours, share memes and updates about the franchise we'd seen online.

I love the franchise as a whole and love all the groups, subunits and Seiyuu. I do have my preferences/favorites and some girls are definitely low-tier/annoying for me, but I feel like none of the groups would be the same if any members were missing. I use to not be as into the seiyuu side of the fandom but I've been getting deeper and deeper into it, the fact that the seiyuu's do interviews as the characters and as themselves and perform all the choreography/wear the costumes live is definitely one of the things that make the franchise unique to me.

The diff generations of girls/series definitely gives the series as a whole a kind of…legacy feel? I really like seeing the dynamic between the seiyuus, seeing the torch being passed from μ's to Aqours and then to Niji gives me a super warm feeling.

No. 116163

File: 1606201254098.jpg (491.2 KB, 746x758, You-Pjs.jpg)

I love You. That is all.

No. 116165

File: 1606202915978.png (4.87 MB, 1907x3390, 1572827368863.png)

>What games are you playing right now?
None currently because I've been so busy
>Who is your best girl?
Iori but Yukiho and Yayoi also are up there in my favorites.
>What is your favorite song?
Probably My Song or Do Dai

No. 118066

File: 1607730247208.jpg (135.25 KB, 640x800, Eo0TRClVoAE7u3l.jpg)

I've been playing Ensemble Stars!! Music and goddamn. I don't know jack shit about Japanese, but I don't care at all. I only came here to see pretty boys dancing to eurobeat cheap songs.

But how do people play in Hard/Expert mode?????? I'm so confused, I feel like an old grandma, I can't register all these dots flying on my screen, I always panic and FUCK UP THE COMBO AAAAAAH. I can't even clear the songs…
Be honest, anons, am I a lost cause? I've been playing for 4 days, maybe with time I'll get better…

Btw, I don't understand why the fandom is filled with SJW and tumblrinas. It's a motherfucking silly rythm game filled with anime tropes and an edgy story. Just, why? This is not Steven Universe or Homestuck, get the fuck out of here.

No. 126377

File: 1612626760415.png (2.41 MB, 1334x750, 83919F43-8350-4726-8AA3-B7BFC8…)

The newer LL mobile game is such a bore. All gacha games are money grabs, but this one doesn’t even have fun gameplay to back it up. The outfits and hairstyles they make for the 3D models look nice, but the MVs themselves are really plain. Compared to other modern idol games SIFAS is really lacking. They should have just made it a rhythm game

No. 126384

File: 1612631606584.jpg (398.03 KB, 728x1019, tumblr_07a97621219e9368cff516f…)

I've been playing Shining Live since release now but my motivation for this gave have been dying as I only come back for my best boy events (which usually coincide when he is the featured UR next set). I'm still hoping for the HEAVENS inclusion but the game is so damn slow to load and they haven't been really updating with the stories (I don't read them but you get new songs with them). So far along with LoveLive SIF it's the onl idol game I am playing, I dropped Bandori and A3 and LoveLive AS is on hold until I "end game" my SIF account (gotta love those bond x3/x5 events).

>Btw, I don't understand why the fandom is filled with SJW and tumblrinas.
Something something Arashi

No. 126513

>Something something Arashi
I like Knights and all but I honestly wish Arashi didn't exist because of the amount of sjw tumblr types who have become interested in the game only because 'canon trans rep uwu'. Hardly any of them even read the stories and some of the stuff they believe because a friend of a friend said so it's clearly true and problematic don't even make sense. I held out for a while after the fandom started getting really bad, hoping the game would be cancelled in their circles because the main scenario writer has written incest in other works and it's very clear with how he writes his sibling interactions here. Nope, they just keep ignoring that to shit up the fandom with lengthy google docs callout posts about people who ship things they don't like or hating on translators for daring to say things like 'I block people who harrass others over Arashi's pronouns'. Sorry for the rant, these people have their fingers in the fandom of every game I play and mostly I can ignore it but the enstars fandom does my head in.

No. 126609

Hiiro (especially) and Rinne are cute. I can't into the game anymore but I love them both

No. 126628

I prefer the gameplay of LLSIF, but I really love the models and story of LLAS. I like Nijigasaki a lot!

No. 134971

I feel Wai Wai home meeting are way worse than Silaf. More songs but locked in paywall no thanks.

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