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File: 1574408247420.jpg (704.52 KB, 1160x820, 20254444_p0.jpg)

No. 63798

Haven't seen a Touhou thread in the catalog so I made this. What attracts you to the series? Who's your favorite character? Played any games recently? Post fanart, music or whatever.

No. 63870

clown piss

No. 63897

File: 1574435558048.gif (502.29 KB, 500x280, gapbitch.gif)

I like the gap bitch. She could probably murder me and I like that in a woman.

No. 63992

File: 1574496854371.jpg (302.92 KB, 900x1273, gf6owldanfm21.jpg)

The absurd amount of songs and pvs made by fans got me interested. Pic related is my fav. Kind of weird but the last thing I've attempted was Highly Responsive to Prayers but never got really far. Any recs for a starter?

No. 64000

ive never played touhou or any other kind of bullet hell game, but i used to love their fanmade content (esp nerd music lol)


No. 64001

(really embarrassing to listen to this now)


No. 64002

only in japan


No. 64298

I think I'm the opposite of many touhou fans because I don't care about the characters or story. I only play the games.
It was my first bullet hell game and it took me so long to just understand how everything worked.
I've 1cc on normal touhou 7 to 16 EXCEPT 11 I don't know why this game hate me.

Touhou 1 to 5 are not really played, you can start at 6 (first touhou on Windows) if you care about following the story then continue on to 7 etc. The best game for a starter is 10 though. It's prettier, easier and there is no gimmick for gaining lives/power/points so you can focus on not dying.

No. 64299

Same, anon. SA is really hard, to be fair. I've never CC'd SA on normal either. I believe SA normal is the equivalent of like PCB hard….

No. 64300

I'm glad I'm not the only one !
In all the other games it's at stage 4 that it gets tricky, stage 1 to 3 are usually pretty simple. But in SA ??? Stage 3 is so difficult. There are a few Yuugi's spell cards that I always have to bomb because I just can't clear them.

No. 64305

File: 1574700542789.jpg (145.98 KB, 1066x1428, a21dec7e0ead241cf9339a8148c556…)

i like the gameplay over everything else, personally, but i've become more invested in the characters over the years (mainly due to doujin works)
my favourite is toyosatomimi no miko, i find her personality, abilities and backstory (and well as relations to other characters) to be very interesting. really is a shame she's been hijacked by tumblr and depicted everywhere as a stunning and brave trans wombyn and nothing else.
i've 1cc'd SA and am currently working on the extra stage which has proven to be a total pain in the ass

No. 65349

SA extra is fucking horrifying anon.
I've ccd all modern touhou extra stages (the newer game ones are laughable TH13-17) the newest one was absolutely broken easy it was not as broken as 16 with the gimick of the game making it virtually challengeless but it was really fucking easy compared to most extra stages.

SA is one of the only extras i've never complete the last spell gets me every time, that and 15 that game is torture I have to amp myself up to play LOLK in general because its just a painful experience.

I'm usually a hard player primarily but I dip a toe in Lunatic occasionally.
I find lunatic to be more of a bragging rights difficulty than actual fun though,
the music becomes so out of sync with the gameplay and all you hear is bullet spam it loses what makes Touhou truly great.

ZUNs a maestro the way he conducts stages and musical pieces line up juust perfectly in every game, even my least favourite games like LOLK have some rad synchronisity that really makes you want to keep challenging and replaying even the most impossible bosses and stages.

No. 65351

File: 1575285307567.jpg (73.28 KB, 495x495, mfw.jpg)

Dammit I meant to post a disappointed Reimu

No. 71783

File: 1578743374907.png (85.81 KB, 191x187, segsad.PNG)

SA extra stage anon here, progress has been made but i'm still not having much luck
instinct "release of the id" is actually the main spell i've been having a problem with, if i don't lose a life i usually end up deathbombing which throws me off for the rest of the fight
depths "genetics of the unconscious" is a complete nightmare as well, i have no idea how anyone can cap that shit
the others up until subterranean rose actually aren't all that bad (response "youkai polygraph" is easy to cap and also pretty fun) but that hasn't stopped me from panicking when i play them
did i mention i've been trying to beat this thing for over a year now?

No. 71944

Other SA anon here who couldn't 1cc on normal. I finally did it so yeay never playing SA again kek.
I've started playing 17 and >>65349 you are absolutely right this is so easy ?? I hated UFO and its gimmick so I thought I would hate 17 too. And yes, it's still not fun having to risk everything to get the spirit I need at the right time but everything else is so easy that it's not really a problem. Kinda disappointing.

My new goal is to clear DDC extra stage since it's my fave touhou game but damn…. It's gonna take me a while.

No. 71962

File: 1578889565914.jpg (1.22 MB, 1472x1728, 1826844.jpg)

i played it a lot when i was a teenager and it was a meme. it's been a long time, and these sort of repetitive arcadey games don't appeal to me anymore…

i still love the music and setting, tho. i also think the manga and novels are unironically quite good. forbidden scrollery is a really good fantasy manga.

also, yukari/reimu are otp

No. 72114

File: 1578955495857.png (462.06 KB, 700x813, komanaunndoggy.png)

im waifu trash. i have adhd and get extra overwhelmed with all the chaos on the screen. I still play the games theyre just hard as fuck for me.

No. 72172

File: 1579014874331.png (781.7 KB, 631x439, a219f9b69b1702f3c08e10149a2ae1…)

I tried to play Hidden Star in Four Seasons yesterday since I purchased it on Steam, got to the 5th stage and absolutely could not see shit behind all the flashing colors in the BGM. Moving neon backgrounds are literally the worst. I really love shmups but I wish ZUN would stop making the games blinding. It's sensory overload.

No. 72744

File: 1579403704450.jpg (107.01 KB, 571x600, Komano.Aunn.600.2094919.jpg)

hidden star is so unforgiving because it doesn't have unlimited lives/continues. legacy of the lunatic kingdom does though so i'd recommend that one over hidden star

No. 104875

File: 1597761518412.jpg (746.8 KB, 1000x943, remilia 32.jpg)

I got into 2hu in the last year or so and it's a lot of fun. I'm a newbie to bullet hells so it's pretty tough, but recently managed to 1cc easy in EoSD lol. I'm practicing to get a 1cc in normal, I can last up to stage 5 without continues but then Sakuya and Remilia's fights drain my lives.

No. 104928

I wouldn't worry about 1ccs yet, anon. You should start out by playing all of the games on easy first.

No. 104951

before trying to 1cc one game you're really stuck on you should play a little of every touhou games to see if you find one easier or more fun. You'll improve faster that way. For example I kept PCB, SA and UFO as my last games to 1cc because I either hated all the different shot types (looking at you SA) or because the game mechanics were imo awful.

No. 104954

File: 1597786001955.jpg (378.69 KB, 850x620, kaguya 3.jpg)

Thanks for the advice anons. I've cleared 7, 8, and 9 on easy too with continues, switching between games keeps things fun. Tbh I've actually found 6 the easiest so far, maybe cause I've played it most tho. The Prismriver sisters in 7 are insane, and Eirin's fight in 8 is super tough because of Kaguya's spell nullifying lives and bombs.

No. 104957

File: 1597790414647.jpg (65.7 KB, 816x1452, EHuYocUUUAAxVDe.jpg)

I remember 10/MOF's final boss spell card being unusually difficult on easy, so good luck. Then again, it's been a long time since I last played.
If you want to get better quickly, I highly suggest you use the Spell Practice mode in the games that have it (I know for sure that 8 and 13 do), use the usual Practice mode (in the games that don't - Spell Practice is better) or watch playthroughs on youtube.

Are you interested in the characters, lore etc or just the gameplay?

No. 105060

File: 1597856863907.jpg (122.03 KB, 411x392, mokou 14.jpg)

I haven't used the practice modes much yet, that seems like a good way to focus on the specific parts that give me trouble.

I found out about Touhou through the music! I thought it was incredible so I wanted to check out the series, honestly I like every aspect of it so far. I find the lore around Kaguya and Mokou in 8/IN really interesting, and the gameplay is a lot of fun too. It's cool how Touhou can be enjoyed for many different aspects of it.

No. 106185

File: 1598696678000.png (212.08 KB, 447x379, 519GE1s8gq0go1500.png)

What's your favorite stage boss anon and why?

For me, It's Reisen in Imperishable Night. Her spell cards are extremely fun to play through on all difficulties.

No. 106993

File: 1599337232497.jpg (320.75 KB, 850x637, mari and reimu 5.jpg)

Reisen's fight is really cool with how you have to navigate the bullets in unique ways. I think Imperishable Night has great bosses in general, Reimu and Marisa's fights being my favourites. Reimu's spellcards are pretty tricky with how they're mirrored and are a lot of fun to get the hang of. They're similar to Reisen's with how you have to memorise and look for the patterns in the bullets to avoid them.

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